Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, January 10, 1993 (P.M.)
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Now, when God makes a change of dispensation, notice all the things that happen: Some people do not want to walk at the rhythm of those dispensational changes, some stay in a past dispensation, as it happened with the Hebrew people and as it also happened in different ages of the gentile Church: God would begin a new age, and the people called the messenger of that new age crazy, and the people called the people who believed in the new Message and the new messenger crazy; and sometimes they persecuted them until death.

But even with all of that, God was in those age changes; they were divine changes, they were changes carried out in Heaven, related to God’s deal with the people.

But the people who did not comprehend these things stayed behind, they stayed outside of the new age, the new Message, where the blessings for that time were.

Every person who remains in an age or in a dispensation that has already passed, they remain without the blessings of God that are being poured out from Heaven for that time.

(…) Now, notice, we turned a corner: from the Law to the Grace; and we turn on another corner from the Grace to the Kingdom, to the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

Some do not understand these things and want to stay in the Dispensation of the Grace. Some go directly, when there has been a change in dispensation, that is, when we have turned a corner. Because God is not making a wall but rather a house: the House, the Temple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have seen what a change in dispensation is, we have seen that not everyone understands these dispensation changes and not everyone sees it, not everyone understands it and makes the change; but those to whom it is revealed, those are the ones who can see, the ones who can understand and turn that corner with the messenger of that new dispensation, which is the instrument of God for that change of dispensation, that is, for the construction of that corner.

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