Approaching the Presence of God

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Approaching the Presence of God

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Thursday, September 1, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon, all the ministers gathered there in San Felix, state of Bolivar, Venezuela, with Reverend Neptali Diaz. It is a great privilege for me to be able to greet you and to know that you are in these studies, which are of great blessing, all this material —as Neptali tells me— that you have been receiving from Valencia, from all this work that the printing presses are carrying out; and in all the places where they are also carrying out this work of printing there in Venezuela; besides Valencia, well, in all parts of Venezuela.

And aware that this time is a time of preparation, for there must be something that prepares us, and what prepares each one of us is: The Word.

Each individual is given the material to prepare himself for what he is going to receive; and God has left in this time everything we need to prepare us for our transformation. And always keeping our eyes on heavenly things, because, as the Sacred Scriptures say, as Jesus said: “For our redemption is very near.”1 It is very near for God to fulfill all that He has already promised; and it is in our time, it is today, it is the present; it is the time where God is fulfilling all that remains to be fulfilled.

Therefore, everything that helps the congregations that are being prepared for those promises to be fulfilled in each one of them, we are looking for the best way for everyone to receive that preparation: through the printing presses, writings, audios and in all the means there are and are to be, so that in this Work that God is carrying out in this end time, in these years that God has left us (which we don’t know how many there are, but they are few)… So let us make good use of this time, because we have only a few days, a few months and we don’t know how many years.

I wish that this same year God fulfills everything quickly; but we know that there is a time of preparation, which, we can’t leave here until everyone is ready.

That will come in a progressive manner in those days; both the resurrection and the adoption, the transformation of our bodies will come in a progressive manner also. Just as all the revelation has been progressive, so also those events will be taking place during no less than 30 (around there) or 40 days, which is a period of time in which —and maybe a little earlier— all those events will be taking place, in which God’s people are already prepared.

In other words, this is the important time, it is the key; because the final preparation that the people need to obtain those promises depends on this time.

Anyone who lets this stage pass by or… let this stage pass by and not take advantage of it: he can’t be raptured. Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of it and listen and hear the Voice of the Teaching in the Age of the Cornerstone, the final stage in the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of the Lord (which comes out from the midst of those Two Cherubim of gold and in the midst of the Two Cherubim of olive wood covered with gold), whoever doesn’t hear the Voice coming from there, which is the Voice of the Teaching under the Tent: he can’t be raptured.

But we know that there is a people that would be listening to that Voice, that would be receiving all that final knowledge to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; that people would be being prepared for that event. Because remember that the people wasn’t ready: neither the ministers, nor the brethren, weren’t ready to receive their adoption, their transformation; they would have to go through the great tribulation at that time.

But thanks to God that He has left us this time, and also aware that there was a Vision that God had to fulfill; and out of love of His Name, out of love of His elect, God then deferred the wrath. And it is not that He has eliminated it, because the divine judgment will always come upon the Earth; the judgment is already prepared; and God by postponing that day burning like a furnace, in that time of gap, spare, is the time where God then prepares His Church, His Bride; the time when it wasn’t known how God was going to fulfill all that.

We have been talking during these audios about everything that this stage entails (like this briefly), this stage that we are fulfilling, as the days go by. And we truly see how God has taken care of this stage so, so much, that as it is being fulfilled and spoken, and the Word is becoming incarnate, the closer we are to God, the closer we are to His presence.

In other words, there is this formula to each time get closer to God. And God desires that His children get so close to Him, that they resemble Him so much: that He transforms them, that He gives them their eternal and glorified body. And that is what He is doing: as the days go by God is giving us more and more knowledge, to get closer and closer to His presence, that our bodies are fused with the theophany and there we will always be with the Lord.2

It is something glorious what God is doing at this time in the midst of the people. It is something so great that many prophets and righteous ones wished to see, wished to hear, and didn’t have that opportunity; but blessed are your eyes because they see, your ears because they hear, because to us it is granted to know all these mysteries of the Kingdom of God3 and to know everything that would be spoken under Tent, under what brother Branham said: [WMB] “I long…”4 in other words, that longing that he felt in his heart, was to hear what was being spoken or would be spoken there, because he knew that it was going to produce Rapturing Faith.

In other words, if already with a sample, of what God showed through Reverend William Branham in those five occasions where the power of God was manifested, that shows that in the Last Day, in the final stage of the Third Pull, He would give His Church, His children, all that power; but not partially, but in all His fullness. He says: [WMB] “I can almost stretch myself to reach it”5 And you and I have reached it: we already have the place, we are the people, we have the ministries, we have the Message, we have everything! And we are already close to obtaining the promise.

In other words, what brother Branham tried to achieve and couldn’t, you and I have achieved it. And the crowning, the final part of that, is our transformation; which God will fulfill, because that is THUS SAITH THE LORD; and God will fulfill His promise in you and me. That can’t fail. That will hit so, so in the target, like the target is the target. In other words, we are going to get to that goal, we are going to get to the transformation.

Remain holding on to the Word. Don’t look to the side: don’t look to the left or to the right; look to the front, look to the goal, look to the transformation. No matter what difficulties and trials and struggles you have in life, all of that is God molding your character; which is the only thing we can take away from here: the character. So all things will turn and work together for good for God’s chosen ones.

Keep leaving the things that are not convenient, things that don’t reflect the sixth dimension. God is helping us and will continue to help us, “for He who began the good work will perfect it.”6 How will He perfect it?, and how will He perfect that Masterpiece that began on the Day of Pentecost until now, that great spiritual Temple of the Lord? He is going to perfect it by giving us that eternal body.

In other words, on this path that we have exited, that we have left Egypt, from the midst of this kingdom of the gentiles, that we have already left towards the promised land and we are now in front, soon to cross the Jordan on dry land, all those trials, all those struggles, will always work together for good.

In other words, the one who has received the Lord doesn’t look at all these things to get discouraged, but to gain more strength. That is why he said to him: “Be strong and of good courage.”7 In other words, it will not be easy, but God will be with us and God is with us.

In other words, we can’t look at these situations to be discouraged, but to be more encouraged and to have more strength. And aware that there is a fight against – it is not against flesh and blood humans, but against principalities and powers, and we are also aware that there are also angels watching over us, guarding us and helping us so that we can obtain the victory.8

So, onward; and in this time of preparation, ministers gathered there in San Felix, San Felipe, Venezuela, and in all places, always keep the congregations aware of everything that is happening in this end time; without taking your eyes off the promises, and how God is fulfilling everything, so that you don’t miss it and don’t miss what God has already promised since ancient times: the Old Testament and also from the New Testament, what John the Baptist, Jesus, the apostles, the seven angel messengers spoke; the Reverend William Branham and the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ William Soto Santiago spoke more clearly; all that, always keep the congregations in expectation, because great things God will do already in the end time in the midst of the Church, which is the resurrection and transformation.

But before that comes, we must be taking advantage of the time in these studies that are done during the week and also on Fridays and Sundays, and Saturdays (when they are study days on Saturdays) and also the days that brother Miguel also has these studies, which are of great blessing for all the people of God.

And the things that you already see that are not convenient, that are already things that reflect the fifth dimension: leave it!, and leave it as soon as possible. Lest you find yourself in the end with something that will be an impediment to receive the promises and blessings of God.

Remember that in one hand is the blessing, but in the other hand is the divine judgment; and we all want the blessings; but remember that judgment always begins at home. So let us fix our house, our home, our bodies as a spiritual temple and also physically our home, our life and everything, because we want to receive God’s blessings.

God will continue helping us, God will continue showing us how we should be before His presence; because remember, the presence of God is always in the midst of His people; and we know how the presence of God is in His people, how God always visits His people.

Therefore, in that visit that God is having today in the midst of His people: let us listen to all the things that God is doing today, in the present time, and let us take advantage of that Voice, that Voice of Teaching, that Voice that is helping us, bringing everything we need to obtain the Rapturing Faith.

And many times we listen to other things, even within the same group, which you should examine and if it is not according to the Word, and if it is something that brings divisions and discord and debates: leave it! Get out of all those places where what there is is discord. Remember that this is individual. Here there is no group that makes little groups on one side and on the other trying to…: “I have this, I have that”; no; it is one with God.

And many times they use those groups so (that several people get together), and there they start to comment and talk; and instead of being a blessing… Although many times it helps, because important material is distributed, but other times they are used for other things that don’t edify the believer at all. Others stay in a group where they are already openly against the Divine Program, and they say: “I am going to stay there to see how they are doing,” or “let’s listen to see what they say.” They are doing the same thing that Eve did; she looked and what she did was a little glance towards the world, she paid a little bit of attention to Satan, and there the enemy grabbed her. Don’t lend an ear to those things.

That, on Saturday we are going to possibly be talking about some things that happened there in Eden and how one can fall just by a little glance, can be trapped and then to get out is difficult; and can also (without realizing it) be an instrument of the enemy.

So if you are in things where what is being talked about is negative things, why would you be there? That doesn’t edify you and wastes your time. Better focus all the cannons (let’s say) to “one with God”: That is the best chat (let’s say) that you can have: God’s and yours: two.

And in the congregations, when they have this type of groups, as long as it is in harmony. I am not against that, that they make groups to send messages to each other and everything (I say it in general); in groups that have already told me…, asking my permission if they can leave a group that speaks negatively. To begin with, I didn’t tell them to get into groups; each one is an individual and can do with his life what he sees convenient, you have free will; examine it by the Word and there you can see if it is convenient or not.

I myself am not in any of those groups; so you can start there, by taking my advice. But I’m not against that. On the contrary, many times they are of great help and they take advantage of this mechanism that in this time (one of the many that there are), God has allowed the children of God to have access to. But remember: there will be none of that in the Millennium and in eternity; in other words, soon we will be getting used to not having to depend on any of it.

And always have in your congregations the screens, the satellites, ready to receive everything that will be happening from here, from Cayey, Puerto Rico.

Well, this talk has been like this among family as we always do; and remember that we do it with much love. I do it with sincerity of heart, because I love you, and I wish that all of you together with the congregations are prepared for the transformation; that is the desire of my heart; and I know it is your desire for your congregations that God has allowed you to pastor.

May God bless you, God keep you. Thank you very much, Neptali, for this opportunity that you allow me to greet you and all the ministers gathered there. And always praying for our brother Miguel Bermudez Marin, that we always cover him with your prayers; and thus, in fellowship always with him and with all the ministers, we will obtain the Great Victory in the Divine Love.

So pray very much for this activity tomorrow Friday, and Saturday and Sunday, where we want God to continue helping us, and God to continue showing us everything we need to know; that we have it in books, written in books, and we also have them in the messages.

In other words, everything is a…, as an audio that I said recently (I think it was today): We have everything condensed for: in a short time God will be having and is having this revival in a short time, which is of a certain time already established by God; and from one moment to another this stage in which we have begun will be closed.

So let us take advantage of this stage where we are, to prepare ourselves as ministers and also the congregations, for the transformation.

May God bless you and God keep you all; and thank you very much for your kind attention, all of you who will be listening to these words of greeting that I have offered you at this time.

And we always have in our heart and in our mind, and our gratitude to God, for having sent us this powerful Message that will prepare the Church-Bride to be transformed and raptured, in our beloved brother and friend: William Soto Santiago.

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