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Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

…and they were apparently still; apparently nothing was happening, and it was the greatest moment that was happening. Because Joshua could have said to them, “Come everyone; if he already said it – Moses promised the promised land, look at it there!, let’s cross over.” But no. There was a waiting time, but something was happening in the people.

Some of them could have started up and gone that way “to see if we can cross it.” Imagine, Joshua with a bunch of people there putting up with everything; but God held them [inaudible], surely. We are going to know that story.

But something happened there that later moved the people to achieve the success of passing. It was not to get there and [inaudible], “We’re going to pass now.” Something had to happen there: and it was sanctification; for which the Ark couldn’t go forward with a people that were all… in things, the path couldn’t be opened; all that had to come out from the midst of the people so that then Jordan could be opened.

And death, the great tribulation, is not going to touch us; that is why it opens up and we are going to pass on dry ground. But it is because of something that has to be happening in the Church.

It is not simply to be listeners of the Message that the messenger brought us, but to put it into practice. Because anyone can say:

—“No, it’s that He brought the Message.”

Yes, sir.

No, it’s that he… in that Message is that you…”

Yes! But there is something there that we can’t say: “We sit…, let us sit there in the congregation every Sunday, because the Message is the one that was given and let us sit there. And every Sunday we come and listen there; and that’s it.”

That was what the people had been doing with Moses; but that didn’t lead them to the promised land. Something else was missing in addition to what the people had already been receiving. They had everything (let’s say), but putting into practice was missing, to make it a reality in these bodies.

Because everybody thinks: “No, that is already given; when I already have the new body…” But they continue with the same anger, resentment, hate, the… all the things; the murmuring. As long as that is in the people, nothing can happen. You see? All of that has to be removed.

That is why you see the people among many… And that has to be said, because it is happening. You see many…, on one side with some things, others with other th-…, others attacking, others saying: “That can’t be. My messenger is this one.” Others saying: “I don’t believe in anything but – but him.”

But what kind of attitude is that? If what you have to do is to stay still. But the part when I said: [WMB] “the silence.”1 Apparently God doesn’t answer, but it is the most important time that is happening; this is it. It is when God’s presence is there the most; because He is going to take His Bride. Therefore, He has to be present preparing His people.

We can’t say that “it is that when he comes he will do everything.” It can’t be like that, because then it would be a people without the guidance of the Holy Spirit; which is, in the midst of the people of God, who is a prophet. Otherwise, the people perish,2 because they have no leader; some have an idea, others have another idea, and there is no fixed direction. And it is the direction that God already had in His Program.

And that silence in Heaven, when He opened the Seventh Seal, since no one knew what it was… Nobody here knew what it is either – what it was. —“No. It is this.” Well, you can’t say what it is, because it wasn’t spoken and it wasn’t written. So no one can say, “That can’t be.”

How do you know that this can’t be?, if you don’t know what it is.

Therefore, you have to see God work, in order to see what is the fulfillment of the Seventh Seal in the Tent Vision.

No one can say: “Is it not that” or “It is that”; because you have to see it first: what is happening.

—“Aha! Well, it is that.” He already identifies it.

And he who says it is not, can’t either, because he has to see it by the Scripture.

And if he sees him doing the things that had to be done in the Tent Vision, how can he say it is not?

If he has no base to say that it is not…; well, if you don’t know, and it is not written! See?

[Brother: Nobody knows].

Nobody knows. We have to wait for them to see. That is why today I was saying that [WSS] “the Word comes first, and then the miracles.” But when the miracles come, then they are going to go back: “Oh, my!

Look at something: They come knocking on the door; when the Bridegroom came to take the Bride; but they came knocking on the door.

And what is the Door?

[Brother: Christ].

It is the manifestation of God, you see?

There is always a door. But the Door will already be closed, to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

In other words, those are the ones that have been there all the time, but at the end they will realize it; and when they go to knock at the Door, which is the manifestation of God there, He will say to them: “I don’t know you, I don’t know where you are from.”

Gee!, and that is the saddest thing, because they are people you have known for years; but maybe the ego, the pride, what they have trampled on for years; becau… Now they have to:

— “Oh, it can’t be!”
— “Oh, my, that can’t be it!”
— “Well, it is so.”

Many have been surprised by the simplicity of God. They always stumble over the veil of flesh. But since he is one from among the group, He makes it even more simple there.

But you see? God can’t fulfill anything other than as He has done in the ages; it must always be through an instrument, it can’t be otherwise. But it escapes from them [sister: by the simplicity] by the simplicity.

But when they will already see the fulfillment, already vindicated, of the miracles, there they will: “Gee!, if I had…” Then, going back, to prepare themselves, they will not be able to. And you can already see that everything has been very fast.

Look!, the teaching that we have, the knowledge that we have now, we were never going to receive it if we continued like that!, because this was the way.

Look at all that he kept!, that he had written and never spoke! Because it was for this time.

If that was kept, then we would stay here; this generation would pass and nothing would have happened. But it had to be spoken this way – like this, that way: Teaching, so that the people would obtain the Rapturing Faith.

It wasn’t (and you can hear it a lot…), it wasn’t as the Message is being given now, the Rapturing Faith; that is, in the videos.

A person, a congregation, can take brother William’s Message and place it: 100 years listening to it, and they will not receive the Rapturing Faith.

Let them stay listening to it!, because the moment will come:

—“Wait! But, what happened?, and the rapture?
—No, it already happened.

You see? Because they didn’t obtain the Rapturing Faith in the way God had already predestined to give it; it couldn’t be any other way.

And God’s way is: through a human mouth. And no other way, there is no other way. It has to be this way. Like it or not (let’s say) [laughter].

But we continue forward; one can’t …

When he told me:

— [WSS] “Many will rise against you; but God will help you.”

And I would say to him:

— [JBP] “You will not leave me alone, right?”
— [WSS] “No, I will be there.”

And I thought he was going to stay. But he has been more attentive than we ever imagined!

[Brethren: That is so].

He is there.

[Brethren: Yes, amen].

One sees the way… It is his books! And who knows them better than he does?

[Brother: Exactly].

That is why you see that it is him. When the Scriptures are brought together, and one goes here and there; and I: “It is you, William; because it can’t be another.”

[Sister: That is right].

And how… You remember towards the end he passed that writing there that Gabriel needed help at a time of the change of the kingdom of Persia…, over there. And who helped him? Michael. That is why this reinforcement at the end is from that mighty Archangel Michael.

When that opens up completely…, then it is going to be something tremendous.

That is when the Kingdom of the Messiah will come into existence. Because if it was by divine creation, by spoken Word, that Creation was… created (today we spoke it, I believe); it is also by the spoken Word that the destruction will come into existence; but it will also be by the spoken Word that the Millennial Kingdom will come into existence.

And he says there that it is: [WSS] «Elohim».

Imagine! Because it is the very presence of God in His people.

[(WSS) «The destruction of the world by the spoken Word of Elohim»].

That is why the churches have to be ready and prepared for that manifestation.

And sometimes one says: “The ear pulls.” Well, those ear pulls have to be said so that the people…

[Brother: Reacts].

May God grant that we don’t have to go through harder situations; but this, as far as I can see, will also have to be fulfilled, those days of Ananias and Sapphira; so that they may know and realize it. And especially the chosen ones: if there is someone who is still a little bit…, that will shake him more, and he will realize that it is the presence of God that is there. Because without that, it is not possible to move on to that other part, to that other stage.

And it is going to start in the Church itself: where healings and things are going to be happening. And there the denominational world is going to see: “Wait a minute.” The word keeps spreading…; and that is where all those people will come. But for that time we have to be ready, we have to be prepared.

And we have to… Sometimes when you do a rehearsal of things: you practice (let’s say); that is how that stage is going to be: The Church is going to see that environment that… is going to be something common.

He said: [WMB] “Divine healing will become a common thing among the people.”3

—“Ah right, bring him over here.”

That will already be very normal. You will see, let it start.

—“Do you need some-…? I will give it to you in the name of the Lord! You may be healed.”

[Brethren: Amen, amen].

“Look, I have something here…, a pain in my leg, and I can’t continue helping you anymore.”
— “Done, be healed, and keep on working.”

You see? They are going to be things that are going to be something normal; because it has to be a healed Church. We can’t obtain the eternal body like that with afflictions.

That may come long before that denominational world comes. We have to be ready, prepared; because we are going to be of great help to those ministries there at the end.

If you compare a handful of people: 100, 200 people (let’s say), versus 50,000, 60,000, 70,000, what is that! That is something so little that it is not going to be seen.

That is why when they leave, the whole world is going to stay there, like: “What happened?”

[Brother: What happened here?].

—“And these judgments?”

But there is so much one could truly talk about. All the blessings God has for us!, and in such a simple way. It is that very simplicity that causes so many people to stumble. They stumble over the Stone. And the Stone is always Christ. It is Him in His manifestation that God has, in a simple way.

Well, let’s keep going.

[Brother: Thank you for the dessert!].

Well, God bless you.

1 59-0125 “Be Certain of God,” p. 7, para. 40: [WMB] “And still He won’t move, seems to set silent.” (BS #277 – Sunday)

2 Proverbs 29:18

3 Bible Study #216, 7/1/2022 (Friday), pp. 42-43 of the booklet

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