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Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

How beautiful when that is fulfilled and when he says, Gabriel says there: “No one helped me, but Michael, your Prince.”1

All that there is in Heaven, everything, everything, everything, that is yet to be fulfilled now: now you see it all being fulfilled. Even the simplest thing.

Because when he was saying: [WSS] “Help me, Benjie, help me”…; and it seems like he was talking kind of incoherently, because how are you going to help a person who is lying down? It is not for you to move them from the place; one must have a spiritual eye there.

— [JBP] “But how?… But William, how?”
— [WSS] “Help me. Help me, Benjie.”

And I remember that there is… a brother sent me… I don’t remember that I had talked about it; I don’t know if it was in December or in… from the year before last, that after I told him: [JBP] “If I have to die for you, William, I will do it.”2

And he calmed down. He stopped crying.

And it just went away, and… ([JBP] “But weren’t you crying?” I said to myself. “But wasn’t he…?”).

But now one goes and looks back: And why did I say that?! What did that have to do with the help he needed!? If what he needs is help, how can you be talking about wanting to die for him?

But God uses the prophetic vision —without the instrument realizing it— to speak things; so that they materialize, then; and already the person becomes part of the Word and part of the Scriptures.

Because who wishes to die? No one! The whole world wishes to live. But when you identify yourself with the Scriptures: It doesn’t matter, even if you have to give your own life…!

That is why when Jesus said: “Lord, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me…”3

See there was a human feeling there; because it says that the Holy Spirit left Him in Gethsemane.

In other words, if He left Him, it was because since all the sins were there in Him… Imagine, that little human spark: “If it is possible, for me not to have to go through this…”

But… And then God immediately shows Him that it must be done: “But if it is Thy will that it be done: let it be done unto me according to Thy Word.”

See? And then He comes back and identifies Himself with the Scriptures.

For He had said it before: “Unless the Corn of Wheat falls to the ground and dies…” So, therefore, He had already prophesied what was going to happen to Him. It was not something new to Him, He knew it. And if He knew it, it was because He had already identified with those Scriptures. He had to go through that process of death, burial and resurrection.

That is why when he heard those words, he surely said: [WSS] “Well, that is it! That Scripture is going to be fulfilled in the one in whom it is to be fulfilled.” Already there then the help for that change of dispensation —because it is in the changes of kingdom that those two Archangels always appear—, he already saw firsthand…

See? What is seen in visions, that Daniel saw there, when Gabriel is showing him all that, of the change of the kingdom of Persia (of the Medo-Persian [to Greece]) and all those changes of kingdom; Gabriel is showing him that those two Archangels are in all those changes.

The one who makes the change is Gabriel, but he says: “But when he needs help, Michael is there.”

That is why he said: [WSS] “Look… Santita, there is so much work and look at this body ([JBP] then says), all weak; and all that there is to be done in the Work!”

But when he sees that there is another instrument in front of him in which God will complete the Work, then he is at peace.

That is why when he was in the hospital he spoke everything he spoke to me, and he said everything he said; and then he said: [WSS] “Tomorrow come early in the morning, to go over everything.” And he was very well, speaking well, and he looked very lucid!

The next morning, tun!… he was… [WSS stopped speaking –Ed.]

In other words, see? In the morning of a new day there has to be one messenger, there can’t be two at the same time. And by that time, one would already be ministering. Two couldn’t minister.

That is why in the Dispensation of Grace, how many ministers are ministering there? Holy suppers and baptisms and everything, you see? Many. But in the Most Holy Place is only one, just one.

That is why he said: [WSS] “I am the only one. Tell him I am the only one.”

And when you repeat, then you become part of that Word, and it is fulfilled in the one it has to be.

Because you say: “But he is not ministering.” There came a time when he stopped speaking the Word. He spoke it, but it was through me.

How does he say he is ministering there? Then already on Earth that Scripture is fulfilled: that there can’t be two greater prophets at the same time, both can’t run there.4

So then one of them was ministering; already in that last race, there was that interlace: he ministered, but through me. And then the time came when only one remained.

He couldn’t minister in the Tent himself and the ministry that was going to be operating there. That is why he never got to inaugurate, to be there present for that; because it was another ministry, it couldn’t be him.

If not, then God would then break the Tent Vision: because the Angel was with brother Branham talking to him.

If he stayed there: “But wait, how is it going to be?” He had to go before; be out of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision when he was in that manifestation there. It had to be that other ministry, and to that other one that was being spoken to.

When he sees there what he saw, and he knew what the Angel told him there and all that, that is when he said: [WMB] “Wait, I’d better keep quiet about this.” Because if he were to say what happened there and what brother Branham heard from the Angel, and he said to him: [WMB] “You are not going to say anything about this now,”5 there would have been a lot of things arising, that the only one that knows is the instrument that God is using. And he is not going to say it either, so that there is no…

Why do you think the attack now, all of it, is focused on the instrument? Because the devil knows that by trying to attack, and hinder the Work by attacking him, what he wants to prevent is the children of God from being adopted.

What He wanted to avoid also by trying to bring forward the Sacrifice…: because many times he wanted to kill Him. If he did it before, it was not the exact day of the Atonement, so that Work would not be effective. What for? So that he would remain with Jesus. That is why he offered Him the kingdoms: “I give them all to you, if you bow down and worship me.” The two of them were going to be remain alone. “All this is mine.” And then he tempts Him too, he tempted Him to: “Throw yourself down.”6

There is a part where brother Branham, or brother William also says that [WSS] “thoughts of suicide came to Jesus,”7 so that He would throw Himself and kill Himself, you see? So that He would not fulfill the Work; because the devil always wants God to not fulfill the Work with His children.

In other words, and now that it is the greatest Work, which is the adoption, the transformation, it is going… The great blessing is coming, of course! It is a great blessing! But there is a great struggle ahead.

This is not like… It says that He wept blood. That is, He perspired until… The chemistry, the water mixed with the blood.8

It says He died of sorrow, of pain. Do you know what it is to die…? [WMB] “Not by the spear,” says brother Branham. He didn’t die by the spear in His side, by the crown of thorns on His head, or by the locks of His… that were pulled out of His beard. He died of grief, of pain. And that is a suffering greater than anything else.9

And all that was reflected, typified, to what is going to happen now; for it is a time of squeeze, it is a time where it is going to be tested… The one who is going to be adopted, that last little stretch, he is going to be shaken by many things that are going to come.

Here the devil is going to try to get in the way, attacking the… the Work; but more directly aimed at the leader and the ministers. By hurting the shepherd, the sheep will be scattered.10

And that is why he would say (I mentioned it I think on Sunday): [WSS] “When you see an attack directed towards the Tent, or a movement against the Tent and the Tent Vision, watch, for the resurrection is near.”

Because that already shows that they are going to be hitting the… the devil is going to try to hit the heart, at the marrow, let’s say. But he is not going to succeed. Victory is already assured!

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Every person should resist all negative thoughts of suicide; because it is against God’s will for a person to commit suicide. The first thing is that he does not know where he is going, and nobody will assure him that he will go to Paradise, to Heaven. Therefore, he should not go elsewhere; he should remain serving God, and when God calls him, that is the time to go to Heaven. Before that, it is not the time to go to Heaven; therefore, he goes somewhere else.

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2004-04-09 “Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures”:

[WSS] [Psalm 22:13-14] “They gaped upon me with their mouths, as a ravening and a roaring lion.

I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint: my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels.”

Here it shows us that Christ’s heart would be poured out, that is, His heart would burst. That is why when the soldier thrust the spear into Christ’s side, water and blood came out: because Christ’s heart, because of suffering and sorrow, because of pain, had already exploded; He was already dead when the soldier thrust his spear into His side.

It was the most terrible death a human being has ever suffered, because all the sins of mankind were laid upon Him.

10 Zechariah 13:7, Matthew. 26:31, Mark 14:27

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