Chat with the workers of The Great Tent Cathedral “If you don’t believe: you will not understand”

“If you don’t believe: you will not understand”

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Thursday, December 29, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

…one says Jude, and they think it is [Iscariot]… No.

Who was responsible for the body of Moses? There it says [Jude 1:9], “When they contended for the body of Moses”: the devil, Lucifer, and the Archangel Michael (who was the one who took charge there of the body of…).

[Worker (Carlos): He was the one who took him up].

He was the one who took him. Because if the devil took the body, he could imitate…, use it. In other words, he would put it somewhere to…

The devil had already identified Moses there, notice.

But look at that. Hey, look! The devil identified Moses there, because, why did he contend against the Archangel for the body? He had already identified him as the deliverer.

And look how He now takes Moses, fulfilling that part of the dispensational ministry, which was fulfilled in him also.

He has a trajectory: that dispensational messenger is born in 1940; he grows, he has that ministry there in ‘63, of that Angel (it is fulfilled in him); he comes with that new commission to open a new dispensation; but since he has there the fulfillment of an Archangel: the Archangel Gabriel, he also comes announcing the good news, both of the forerunner and of the one forerun.

[Worker (Carlos): And who kept that body?].

And who kept that body?

But look, then… Let’s finish there that part that he has been appearing to all the messengers. He has been…, that Archangel has been ministering since…, that Angel has been in the midst of the human race since the Garden of Eden.

But look how he comes and appears to brother Branham (he is already identified, we have already identified that it is him)1, he comes and speaks to him there in the Ohio River, he speaks to him and tells him that: “Your Message will forerun the Second Coming.”

As he also appeared there to Zechariah and to Elizabeth: that the child to be born would be like the forerunner coming with the spirit of Elijah in his third manifestation.2

Here he appears to him and he appears to Mary also, who is the Church-Bride, represented in the Church-Bride.

But he comes, he begins his ministry in that spiritual field, as it was there. Back then he didn’t come in human flesh, but it was in that spiritual sphere that he appeared to them. Here he appears to the Church in his earthly body, and he comes and tells them everything that is going to be happening during all this time; the same as he did there with Mary.3

But it also has the fulfillment of the dispensational messenger —because God is the one who operates the ministries— but in that spiritual realm.

He takes the Church up to that rapture there (from Laodicea, he takes them out), all in the spiritual realm; but when that comes to be fulfilled here in the literal realm, physical: it is now. Because they say:

“No, well, now they are saying that he fulfilled it in the spiritual realm.”

Well, hah! Why aren’t you transformed yet? If it had been in the literal realm, well, then you would have been transformed and raptured by now. Now that is being fulfilled.

But what happened? They were already identifying that veil; and God comes and takes it away. And who does He leave in charge of his body, and let him do whatever he has to do?

That is why what we have is so great. That when one is already breaking it down well…

It is the same thing that happened with Abraham: Elohim was there with His Archangels Gabriel and Michael. And in this time God has made known to us all that mystery as in the days of Abraham. It says there as in the days of Lot, but in the days of Abraham Elohim, Gabriel and Michael were there.4

But there the devil almost identified…, or identified him! Because after he died he was… And took his sight away, let’s say, at that time, from what God was doing; and Joshua was able to do the work.

• Although there were struggles there in that – before entering the promised land, there were their…; because the elders said: “If God is with you as he was with Moses, we will follow you; we will…”5 They always had that… like that doubt, that is…:

“Well let’s see. Wait.”

[Worker (Carlos): Seeing to believe].

“Well, let’s see.”

And they stood arm in arm with Joshua. But surely many said: “No, no, no. Until Moses comes back…”.

Though he had said to them there: “Joshua will pass the people over into the promised land. You will not pass them over.”6 But perhaps many didn’t believe that, because maybe someone else told them; maybe Joshua himself said it to them:

—“Look, they told me that I…”

(Because you have to put it this way in the common).

“No, not to me. Not until I hear it from Moses…”
“Wait a minute! Moses is gone. And now? He didn’t say.”

[Worker (Elmer): That happens with everything. There, they send you something and: “No, until he tells me, I’m not going to do it (you understand?), I’m not going to believe”].

Aha, exactly. That is… It happens in the simple things; in workplaces.

[Worker (Elmer): In the workplace is what I mean].

“Until So-and-so tells me to do it, I’m not going to do it.”
—“But he himself told me to tell you.”

[Worker (Elmer): That’s right, that’s right].

[Worker (Carlos): “Let him give me the instructions”].

And so it must have happened back then at that time. Surely Joshua:

— “No, he told me to do this.”
“But I just… Where is that?! Did he write it on stones, somewhere?”

But when they saw the works that Joshua was doing…, then afterwards, they realized that it was God through him.

• But already the enemy, that part, that hard blow that he was going to give: he didn’t give it, because He took Moses [the Archangel Michael]; and even so, after he died, he tried to take Moses’ body.

Here they were already identifying… the devil was already identifying who our brother William was; and surely he could already hinder the Work of God as to what he had to carry out. 

Because he couldn’t fulfill something that had to be fulfilled —now later on— in the one who would have the ministries of Moses and Elijah. If the devil came to identify him, that he was the instrument of God at this time: he could have gotten ahead and do something that had to be done later.

Like how many times they wanted to kill Jesus! But it wasn’t the time for the Sacrifice to be made.

And now, the devil was already waiting for…: “Wait a minute. This is probably him. Let me see how – what I do around here, let’s see if I can catch him.” But God in His Plan, in His Program, wasn’t to allow him to identify him and already – and there he…; let’s say, what they were going to do with the ministries of Moses and Elijah. That is… That, there is no way to escape that… that is going to be fulfilled.

But that is interesting: that of who was in charge of Moses’ body there, and who was in charge of the body, here, of our brother William. And there one can already identify those characters in a common way.

• It is like when I said recently7: [JBP] “How could Sarah start doubting and laughing, incredulous at what that Character who was there said?” She could have said: “Imagine, if that is God in the flesh!” This revelation wasn’t (it seems) clear to Sarah, because she doubted.

There you see, then, that the body they had was something so… Two kids – three kids arrived there; all… with dust on their… See? Something simple. You read it now and you know that that is Elohim, and you have reverence with those Characters that… There you read: “Wow! Elohim there!”

Uh-huh, and if you had been there, would you have been represented in Sarah or Abraham? Because of the way they revealed themselves to them: it was something simple.

[Worker (Carlos): Well, that can happen like what you said right now: that you went to a place… and because you took your mask off; in the future, when that person sees].

“Truly, I had actually seen it.”

[Worker: “Look, yes! I had seen him”].

[Worker (Carlos): Mhm, uh-huh, just like that].

Yes. See? These are things that God is fulfilling, but in a common way. They expect… they expect that… See? And the same thing from there is repeated. And it was repeated in the time of brother Branham: “No. He must be the one coming” (the group). And look, they are still waiting for him.

[Worker (Carlos): Still].

And how many years have passed? And likewise the group here that hasn’t gone up to that stage where we are now: they stay there in the types, in the figures; they repeat the same thing too: they stay waiting for something that is not going to happen the way they are waiting for it.

Of course he is going to come! There is a part where he says that [WSS] “I will see him in the resurrection,” brother William. A little while ago I read it: [WSS] “I will see him when he resurrects” or “I will see him…; and there we are going to talk,” he says.

In other words, there is something tremendous there, regarding that part of people not seeing the fulfillment and having the part of the Word, that is, it is the letter, but not the Word fulfilled. They still see it there: written. And when it is being fulfilled, since they believe it in the way they are thinking (which is in a character): There the Word escapes them; and there remains the belief and faith based on something dead; not on something alive. They stay there, and there it leans to the denomination.

As soon as the messenger is gone: they denominationalize; why? Because just as the messenger died, so his belief dies, faith dies; faith is based on something dead (look how [tremendous]…!), not on something alive.

God is a living God.8 God can’t base Himself… His faith (in the person), God can’t base it on something that is dead. He has to base it on something alive.

• What is alive now? The revival that there is now. That joy!

That last revival, brother Branham says, [WMB] “Will another time come? Will another revival come?”9

And then he says in another part: [WMB] “It will be a revival that will sweep the world, a Message that will sweep the world, will shake the whole world.”10

And everybody was focusing on what was happening in brother Branham’s time or brother William’s time. And yes, it was fulfilled too! Because the Scriptures have multiple fulfillments.11

But when he says: [WMB] “A short Message”… look at all that this Message has done… Which is the same Message! There is no other Message here; the Message is the one he brought. All that he has done, in how long?

[Worker (Carlos): In one year].

In one year (say), all that it has done. That is exactly where that Scripture is fulfilled: [WMB] “A short revival.”

We don’t know how long. He says in one part that [WMB] “the revival lasts three years and then dies”; but brother Branham had said that [WMB] “we have been 15 or 20 years, and it hasn’t been denominationalized.”12

In other words, when the messenger is there, it is difficult for the people to be denominationalized: because the messenger is there. That is why he would say, [WMB] “Three years, and there hasn’t been a denomination.” 

Now they are saying: “Oh, he is gone, and it has been three years…, and that is a denomination; because after he died, three years…”

What do you know about the date when the revival begins after the messenger left? And even more when there is a promise!; because that is fulfilled when there is no longer another messenger there to start.

There is always an interlace between one and the other: when that other revival begins with that other instrument.

And those who remain are the ones who are denominationalized. The one who says that the other is the one who is in a denomination, well, he is the one who is denominationalized, because they are staying with something dead: The Message is still alive, but the faith is based on someone who is dead.

God is a God of the living, and God always works in living people.

In other words, all that of the revival that is happening on a rapid, large scale is very interesting. Because we are based on the promise of the Seventh Seal, which is the one that brings the Rapturing Faith; we are not based on anything else, but on the fulfillment of that.

And to obtain that Faith, one has to believe. It says (what I read on Sunday)13: [WSS] «you have to believe to understand»; but if you can’t believe to begin with: you won’t be able to understand what God is doing.

That is why the believer is always a believer. Well, believer uh?; because he always believes, he receives what God… Doesn’t understand it? “God is going to open my understanding somehow.”

[Worker (Carlos): But he says: “Amen”].

But he says: “Amen”; and then God works around that and works. But if to begin with he says: “That is not so!” well, then, how are you going to…? Let everything happen.

And I search (I think in the search bar [browser]), I don’t know if it has happened more than a hundred times that I said: [JBP] “If you don’t understand, shut your mouth.” Since… I think it was the same December 25th, I started there. Why? Because that is the key.

What do you get out of saying: “I don’t believe That is false. That is from the devil. That is this, that is that.” How does it benefit you? It creates roots of bitterness and negative things inside you. Wait! Keep quiet!

And in the end, if it wasn’t, then you: “Look! See? I was right”; but if it was: “Oh, thank God I didn’t speak.” You see? There are two things…

As he said to… he said to, who was it? To Nicodemus? Or Gamaliel:

“Look, Theudas came out and a Judas (Theudas, at that time), with a movement: many people followed him, then he vanished. If that is not of God (speaking of the disciples, who were in those days with that revival of…), if that is not of God, it will fade away; but if it is of God, lest ye be fighting against God.” [Acts 5:34-39]

What was he saying to them there? “Shut your mouths! Wait! If it’s not from God that is going to go away. Let it be.” But if it is of God… ouch!

To mess with a God who is fulfilling His Program…

• It is like one: you are building a site; someone comes in and tries to…: the architect and the engineer get angry: “Get that one out of here, what he brings is discord to the workers.” But it is something that…

God then sends in that end time those harvesting Angels to then separate, to gather the wheat. That catch of the 153 is very important14; what brother Branham wanted to catch; what brother William also wanted.

He gathered everything, but the time to pull up the tares wasn’t at that time; that is why he left them all close together. He even told me many times: [WSS] “Keep them close. Give a little something to this one, to the other one; keep him close, keep them there next to each other.” See?

Wasn’t Judas close to Jesus all the time? But there came a time when Jesus told him: “Whatever you have to do, do it.”15 He was no longer close to him. There came a point where what he was going to do, He wasn’t watching… God was seeing him, He knows all things! But He didn’t have him around to see what he was doing.

And here He has kept them all close; but haven’t you noticed that there has come a time when they have begun to move away? And it is a little difficult to give them their little things, and: “Come over here. Give him a little call, give him this…” 

He used to tell me: [WSS] “Keep them close; otherwise, they can do you a lot of harm.” But that is true up to a certain time.

Now, how are you going to…? If not, to begin with, they don’t believe in that; well, that part is fulfilled there: where they are over there thinking and saying things perhaps in their mind, in their heart, against the Divine Program. That is fulfilled too.

Then Jesus is left alone with His disciples; and then it is there that they take the supper. Because Judas didn’t take the supper.16

• And now, the Supper is being taken…, that spiritual food is being taken by: the chosen ones who are going to make the rapture.

The others, although they are sitting there, since they don’t believe it: they are not eating that Food that prepares them to receive the Rapturing Faith and the adoption; as the food that He gave them there, prepared them to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the Day of Pentecost. But Judas wasn’t there.

And now, although there are people still inside, sitting there…; but they are not receiving what God’s chosen one says “Amen!” to every word.

Because those are the ones who are preparing for that time of adoption, that time of the Rapturing Faith, and those days where, when the strong squeeze comes, and whatever is going to come comes, and the great depression and everything: they have the tools —they— to be like an Adam, to be like a Jesus; to be like a Joshua himself, who said… he didn’t pray!: “Sun, stand still! Moon, also stand still!”17 Because there was a need there.

And if he stopped the sun and stopped the moon, isn’t one now with that Word going to…?

What did Joshua have there? Everything that Moses had left them.

And what was Joshua showing there? That he believed all the Word that Moses had left him, or that Moses had told him at that time.

And in that time of squeeze, we are going to see now’s preparation: that it was worthwhile to hold on to all of that until the end, because we are going to have the elements in us to speak the Word.

And since Faith is based on the fulfillment of the Seventh Seal, which is the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels, and that person believes it, what does he (that person) have in his heart? The Title Deed.

By having the Title Deed: nothing is impossible for him! They are little messiahs on Earth,18 a great Army that God will have on Earth before the reinforcements come.

Before those of the sixth dimension come, He will already have His Army here, also, with that power that Adam had, brother Branham in those five manifestations, Jesus; in other words, they are prophets. That is why he says: “May all the people be prophets.”19

And here many are saying: “We don’t want that. No…”

How are you despising what God wants for the people? If what God wants is for you to be like Him! And what is being given is something that is going to produce that. But because they don’t understand that God always works through a veil of flesh, that is where they stumble. They see the great promise, but the fulfillment to get there and the tools that are being given to get to that promise: they can’t receive it.

• You can be in a supermarket or in a hardware store, and you need a lamp to finish your project; but the one who is charging you there:

“No, I’m going to wait for someone else to come and charge me, because this one, I don’t get along with him.”

But you need the lamp, so that they will give you the last construction check…; they will give you an award, maybe, because construction is something you have never done…

It was 5:00 in the afternoon, closing time: you were left with the little lamp, which apparently you knew it lights, that it has light…:

“Look… Well, everybody get out, because the store is closed.”

And you left empty-handed.

You had the type (let’s say) of the light, because you knew you had the lamp; but because you didn’t go through the cashier and there pay the person who was there, because you didn’t get along with him: you didn’t take it. You ended up then going out in darkness. You didn’t come to reality; aware that that light, by taking it and placing it, was going to turn on; but since you didn’t like the one who was going to charge you…

These are different examples that one can talk about.

You see? You have the Message. You know that there is the Rapturing Faith. They know that there, the Thunders have to be spoken at this time. But they have to see first the one they are waiting for, who went away, and: “No, he has to come and he has to give me that. I have the Message.”

The rapture is going to come, the Door of the rapture is going to close, and they will be left with the Message. That Light is not going to enlighten them to see that which he said there: [WMB] “There is a man that can turn on the Light.”20 [WMB] “When that squeeze comes, don’t be afraid. There is a Light coming that will take away His Bride.”21 They are not going to be part of those who are going to be taken away by that one who turned on the Light.

In other words, they end up with the Message, only with the Word. And what good is it to you to have the Word in letter, written, and to believe in something, if you don’t believe the promise through which God is giving it to you?

To believe and obtain the theophanic body required believing in the First Coming of the Lord: a man; and you had to pass through that Door.

To believe and obtain the glorified body: it is required to believe in the Seventh Seal and its fulfillment.

If you believe one part (as we say here): “Don’t get dressed, you are not going.” You have to believe the whole fulfillment of the Seventh Seal, which is the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels; and that is where the mystery is so locked up, that nobody expected it was going to be that way.

They could say: “This one is imitating, that one is…,” but they are going to realize (in a little bit) in reality Who is the one who is there: which is not the veil of flesh: it is God who is working in the midst of His people.

But He can’t do wonders and miracles before, because then anyone will believe!

That he stands to preach the Seals (let’s say), the opening of the Seals again, bringing the Rapturing Faith there. Even believe… well. And the other thing: it is not scriptural. Because the Third Pull is not going to be and is not a public spectacle.22

It is something simple, that even: now look where that is also being fulfilled. That God locked up and kept that mystery; and the way He is making it known is something locked up, that nobody knows Who is working behind there.

The opening of the Word, which is the most important thing, God is hiding it in a little wooden room: and in this case it is an earthly body; because wood means ‘humanity.’

In other words, God is enclosing that mystery within a veil of flesh. No one is realizing Who is working, bringing that Word.

When the fulfillment of the miracles is going to come: there is not going to be a public spectacle either! They are going to say now that he has to stand there; he in his glorified, adopted body. They say:

“No, it has to be – he’s going to be adopted, and that is why he is going to be preaching to us.”

Because you read to them: “There will be preaching.”

— “Oh, yes, that is him in his body…”

That is not scriptural. He can’t show up there doing and fulfilling that.

Didn’t He open the Scriptures to the Emmaus walkers? And they were with Him, it was Himself!23 So it will be later on to the chosen ones when everything is already…: “I knew that it was He who was behind that veil.”

It has always been Him, because it is His Message. It has never been someone else. It has always been the Message that he has brought.

The fulfillment of what He promised. Everything is being fulfilled to a T,24 but in another veil of flesh. It is simple. They stumble with the veil of flesh. As it has always been in all times.

The time where there is more sadness and more (let’s say) disappointment is in this time; because people that one thought they would understand that…; so that you see that it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth.25

And you see children now: they understand more than the same (some), than the ministers themselves, and they already know how to identify everything well. They don’t have that problem of… Young people, also adults. Many who have told me: “Look, I was… I was cast aside, and now look. Such pastor, who was more, you know, than me, doesn’t believe; and I do.”

That is something great for me. See, they value, appreciate: “How God opened my understanding!”

Others: “But I can’t see it, I don’t…”

It is because to you…: you haven’t been predestined to see it. And if you are not going to see it, then keep quiet; because you are going to one of the two. You better be one of those who are of help to the Bride, and not be one of the unbelieving and stumbling; for that section is already written in the Book of Life, and can be erased. That is where danger comes in and the person runs the risk: of having his name erased.

And if he is erased, then what good was it for him to come to this planet Earth? There is a part that says: “It would have been better if he hadn’t been born.”26 What good did it do him? And that is where sadness comes for us: people that we have known for years, and they are lost. And others that we will see later, but that will be after the Millennium: in the final resurrection, there, if they come out well, then…; it depends on how God has seen them…, how they will come out in that Judgment.

• And this year will also bring years of much joy and many things…, but also a year of much sadness; because in addition to what has been happening, there will also be things that will come, gradually, physical things: of people who were well…

Because now people have departed with some situation, because of something, and God also fulfilling that number that is there that has to be completed. He can’t appear there to do the judgment there if all those who are going to be resurrected are not there; He has to appear when they are all there.

And since judgment begins at the House of God,27 and the House of God is His Temple, well that is what is happening now, which is those days of Ananias and Sapphira being repeated again.28

And they will say: “When that time comes.” That time is already here, those days of Ananias and Sapphira are already happening; but then, later on, physical deaths will begin to be fulfilled, out of nowhere. As it happened with Ananias and Sapphira: they had no situation there [previous illness], and they fell. And so things will begin to happen.

Because that fear that it says there: “And great fear entered into the Church”29 (something like that), when that happened, because they are events that were not expected by the Church.

Someone may die:

“And what did he have?”
“Yes, he had such thing; and they took him; and look, no…”

See? But when something happens and you know that the person was well and suddenly he left; and when they search and check: “It’s just that they don’t know of what.” There: “Wait a minute…” And then you know who it was… Because someone who is a believer can depart to complete that number; but there also has to be something that is fulfilled —of people— to be able to enter that fear in the Church, and to realize…: “Look.”

When someone departs like that, who had something, then one…: “He was already…,” right? But when he departs in a different way, there moves… one quickly: “Hey, wait a minute. That seems to be something like…”; because we are going to be feeling all that. And you see that one departs and: “Hmm! Wait a minute, there is already something here.”

And all that is going to be spoken. We don’t know if it is from the pulpit or from the office. Because Peter said: “You will fall here,” and to the other one he said: “Just as they took the body [of your husband], so will you…” See? He had to speak the Word. He spoke judgment there, and she died; for since everything is by spoken Word…

And all that… Look, that person that he put there,30 is going to die due to a situation; and when that already happens, there we are going to know why. And today I testify that this is going to be so.

[Worker (Carlos): Amen].

And already there, well, one goes to look and says: “Whoah! Wait a minute, there is already something here…,” because it is written, and in his own handwriting. So, when that happens, there is already something that will be moving. For me that will be a very big sign.

And the thing is that, this year, I don’t remember if it was in October, around… October, or end of September; possibly it was when… I think it was September 10. After that weekend, I spoke, and I said it there: [JBP] “Lord, of this, may she die already so that the Scriptures may be fulfilled.” And if that was spoken, and God takes it into account that it was spoken, then it was already spoken! That was around September, around there. And this year possibly that will be fulfilled.

Because the people must already be focused and have all their energies in preparation. We are still now like little kids: the “give and take.”

“I gave you.”

And you see that the other responds with another: “I give you.” “No. I gave you.” “I give you,” “I gave you” “I got you,” the “give and take.” We are like little children: the “give and take.”

As we mature, the Sun ripens us, and all that of childish games, hand games, that… We are maturing, and we have to start leaving that behind. To not waste time and energy on that. If they want to go on, let them go on; may God have mercy on them; and one can go on. But this ‘give and take’ has to be left behind; we have to focus on the promises.

Didn’t it happen in…? Notice that whenever there is something that happens, a disaster or something, a calamity, the people unite. Didn’t it happen in [hurricane] Maria?, that many people:

— “Look, you know what? I didn’t talk to So-and-so, and there, look…, he brought me such thing, and he talked to me, and…”

Always in difficult situations like this, the people unite.

And when people you love depart, these situations like this…, even more so! It will start to awaken that… “Oh my! Wait a minute, what do we have in front of us?” 

There is a part that says: “That happened, and then the people walked straighter.”31 It is already: “I better stand still, lest the same thing happen to me.”

In other words, God always warns. And there is a subject that he said, [WMB] “Warning before judgment.”32

They [the prophets] come with blessing, but they also come with judgment. And as one said: “But show me to believe! That…, come on, show me! Show me, if he said he was going to do greater works! Where are the greater works?” They are seeing them in the face every day that it is preached, but what they want to see is physical miracles; followers of signs and things.

Later they are going to see them, but they are going to see them too late. This stage has to be first; it can’t be skipped. After they see: “Oh, he was really there.”

— [WSS] “And I left it – I left everything to him. All that work I did I left him to share it with you… And I took out the little recordings (because everything is being recorded).
— “Look, what comes to me…”
— [WSS] “By turning your back on this, you were turning your back on me. Look over here: when this was given to you, you looked down on it; and in your heart you said this and this and this. Look, he came to you, he called you, he sought you out, he did this to you, he tried to get you to come around; and you turned your back on him. You were turning your back on me.”

That is how he will say. And straight to the great tribulation; because they can’t go anywhere else: either you go to the rapture or you stay on Earth. There is no middle ground here.

• And if you search through the Scriptures and the promises, what you have to see is… the same thing that Peter did there, when Jesus said that hard word to him, that brother Branham says, [WMB] “So you mean to tell me that He said that on purpose?” “Yes sir. So that all those hucksters and all those people who were following Jesus for signs and because He gave them food would go away.”33

And He was left alone with the disciples: “And what, are you also going away?”34 And Jesus was there angry. And Peter: “I know that my…” Peter surely said: “Wait a minute. That one over there, that one has nothing; that one has nothing either.” He said to Jesus: “But to whom shall we go? We don’t understand many things, but You have the Words of eternal life. You are the only one who is bringing the promise that Isaiah spoke, that Jeremiah spoke, that Malachi spoke.”35

In other words, he identified himself as a believer; even though he didn’t understand many things that Jesus was talking about, but: “Well, this is the only One who is going to take us.” And now, You…: “To whom shall we go?”

[Worker (Carlos): To whom shall we go?]

To whom shall we go?

“Oh, no. That’s not it.”

Then, who shall we go to?

“No; we have to wait.”

Wait for what? You are waiting for the bus when God is about to launch the rocket into the air; you are out of station.

[Worker (Carlos): And the bus with the door open and they don’t see it].

And he is there waiting:

— “Come, come in, sit at the table!”

They are not to sit with Him at His Table.

But the chosen one, of course, will say: “To whom shall we go? You alone have the Word. That which I am hearing, I hadn’t seen it that way!”; well, there is something!

And don’t think that many of those who are not with us don’t pick up their book at night.

They will pass the video when they are… they will be seeing themselves watching, to then tell the congregation about things. The same thing that happened at that time with brother William starting; and they would listen and then they would come and preach saying that it was theirs. Of course they are looking! And they know there is something there; but they don’t like the way God is bringing it:

“No. I don’t like that character.”

• But all those little things. That of…, that of…, at the beginning, that we talked about the one who took charge of the body of Moses: it is very important; because one is already putting the picture together and identifying the characters, and seeing Who God is using, and what is happening in the midst of the Church.

And since the days are the same days of Lot and Sodom, there must be the same characters that were there: Elohim, Gabriel and Michael; there can be no other scenario than that.

Destruction was coming, but there was also the promise of a promised son there. And the promised Son now in the Church is the fulfillment of the Second Coming of the Lord in His stage with the Angels. It’s just that everything is so…

Everything is there! But if you don’t believe it, we come back to the same thing: if you don’t believe, you will not understand.

So something he says: [WSS] «If you don’t believe: you can’t understand», something like that he says. I believe that I have it in the… in a picture.

In other words, if you are not going to… if you don’t believe, you are not going to be able to understand and comprehend, you are not going to let God open your understanding of the Scriptures. The first thing is to believe.

It is good to put: “If you don’t believe…” I don’t know if I have it in the picture. I had taken a picture of that notebook, that he wrote that part there of… I think I have it in this one.

There always has to be a basis for faith to be based on that.

I don’t know, that… Look at it here (look how fast):

[WSS] «If you don’t believe: you will not understand».

We are going to give today’s talk that [title]: “IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE, YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND,” was what he wrote there in the notebook.

[Worker: It’s good].

Today is what? Thursday, December 29 of this year 2022.

(If you didn’t take out your cell phone…) [Laughter]

[Worker (Carlos): Now I don’t know what to do].

We talked about a couple of things there…

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