Chat with the workers of The Great Tent Cathedral “Looking at the new Mercy Seat”

Looking at the new Mercy Seat

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

…in that Mercy Seat, God forgives them; and then a new people begins, entering to a new sacrifice. They already come to be part of… They are no longer covered but they are taken away. By being taken away, God no longer looks at the Earth for judgment; because the time of Jesus was to annihilate the world: there was no perfect sacrifice, because they were covered.

By God coming and taking that Blood and placing it on the Mercy Seat in Heaven, then, when God looks upon the people, He looks at them through the Blood of Jesus, and no longer destroys the human race; but now becomes part of the construction of that New Temple.

Now, if God builds the temple of Moses, builds the tabernacle of Moses, the temple of Solomon, what does He build it for? For Him to dwell in the midst of the people and to have a place to place the blood. He places Solomon’s: the same thing.

But then at the time of Jesus there is already One greater than Solomon, and He begins to create a Temple. He is up in the Throne of Intercession, heavenly Temple of God, Most Holy Place, making intercession; but He comes creating a Temple of human beings, of living stones; but that Temple has to be concluded at some point: that part of the Outer Court, Holy Place, Most Holy Place.

And in the Most Holy Place, what has to be in the Most Holy Place? Well, there must be the Ark of the Covenant, the Cherubim, those Two Cherubim of olive wood covered with gold, the Rod, the Manna, the Mercy Seat that is there.

But then wait, what is missing? There must always be Blood.

Then God comes…; and that is why He says that after the Church is finished, He finishes building the Temple, what is missing? The presence of God in the Temple.

Every temple must have the presence of God. There can’t be a temple without…

In the construction of a house, the owner of the house has to be in the house. Therefore, the presence of God must be in the Church, in the Mystical Body of believers; because that is what He built it for, to be in the midst of His people.

Didn’t brother Branham see the Pillar of Fire coming down there?1 Because if the Pillar of Fire descended there… see? Because there the Temple… God is working in the midst of His human Throne, therefore, He has to now dwell in the midst of those little thrones.

And from the most holy place, which is the little wooden room there, represented there, that is where God will then begin to impart everything that is going to happen.

But before, He is already here, on the throne of each individual, beginning to reign; and that other Mercy Seat which he says there, that he wrote: [WSS] «Another Mercy Seat is coming»2

Because He has to have a Mercy Seat in all His temples: He had it in the tabernacle of Moses, He had it in the temple of Solomon, He had it in Jesus. But what did Jesus do? Whoosh! He went to His Temple which is… heavenly: there He did (for two thousand years and a little more) the Work of Intercession in that Temple.

But another one is coming. Where is that other one? “No, it can’t be like that.” But another Mercy Seat is coming; and it has to be a Temple in effect, and it has to be a Throne in effect.

It can’t be in a human temple that has departed, because where God is going to dwell is on the thrones that are here on Earth.

He can’t come, show everything to brother Branham, and the people who are there (who hadn’t yet been transformed and adopted) go in for God to give them the fullness. And where are the mistakes of those people? Because don’t think that everybody is perfect now. There are always mistakes that are made day by day. But faith must then be based on that Mercy Seat.

And it sounds very crazy or something that is impossible of one…; but those are the divine laws. And if the person doesn’t tune in, to align himself with the divine laws: he will be left out of all the benefits that believing in that Mercy Seat that is there has.

That is why when he raised that snake on the pole, everyone who looked at it was healed.3 It is always to look at something, to believe in something, to have the foundation on something.

And if He is no longer at the Throne of Intercession, what are you going to be looking at the Throne of Heaven? Heavenly things become – are the type and figure of here.

This morning I was reading a part where he was saying that: [WSS] “We can’t ignore the types and figures.” They always remain in effect because they are the things that are showing us what you are living at the moment that God has placed you on Earth. What you are living is what has already happened in types and figures.

Now more so! All those types and figures become reality. What the Mercy Seat is, what the Cherubim are, what the Shekinah is; all that becomes reality in our time.

And believing and having the foundation and faith in that Mercy Seat, gives you the security and gives you God’s mercy to stand firm until you reach your adoption and transformation: believing in the promises that God has through that Mercy Seat. Because He is not in Heaven, where are you going to look for mercy?

And that part is what Christianity… will be looking for mercy in Heaven; and that is why they will not be receiving what we are going to receive, because they will be knocking on the wrong door. They will be knocking on the Door of Christ, when Christ is not there. They have to knock on the right door, but when they knock on it, it is closed; there they realize that they don’t have…

They go there: “No, it’s not here.”

They go here: “But the Door is closed. What do we do now? Give me some of that.”

— “You go get it.”

Even those from inside; but they will not be able to have that opportunity to receive what we receive, because they didn’t believe in the promise that God was giving through that Most Holy Place, that Mercy Seat that is there in the midst of the people.

To obtain mercy now, it is required to believe in the fulfillment of what God is doing; there is no other way. A person can’t believe in something that is neither scripturally, nor in His Program. Believing in the promises that He has, based on the person’s faith, is that he will obtain the adoption; without that, the person stays behind.

And the healing, notice, of the body, if you don’t believe it will come… Where is it that it says: “He shall arise with healing on His Wings”? In Malachi.4

Well, the eaglet, the eagle, we are already here to take flight, what do we have to do? Flap those Wings: of Moses and Elijah; which are the ones that are bringing us healing from within, to leave in the rapture and leave this place. He comes with healing in His Wings, health.

[Worker (Eliomar): Amen!].

[Worker: And salvation].

And salvation; He doesn’t come for anything else.

He comes… we have to… (later we will look it up), that he says in another place, in Ezequiel5, or in…

“When the wings are flapped,” see that they…? All the feathers that are there start to come out to be shed, to take flight.

And if you look at a nest, there is a point where the eagles don’t put, they don’t… it is left as if with rough spots.

[Worker (Blanco): Yes, because they take away the commodities].

They take away his comfort, so that he can hardly stand up…

[Worker: To take flight].

So that he can take off and…: “Fly. Upwards, because you don’t belond there.”

And they are removing us from all those things of the world, because we are not from here; that is why He said: “Keep them, Lord. They are not of the world as I am not of the world.”6 And that is where God takes us out: by those Wings, which we must flap as individuals.

That part of the Mercy Seat, when we are able to understand it well, what the Throne of God means in the midst of the human race…; because everything is there.

It was all during the Dispensation of Grace in the midst of the people, but how? In the heavenly Temple, and there the people were clean. God looked: “I see them without sin,” the believer. But once He comes out, where do we go to look for mercy?

Then the person, you see that is lost. Even the believers themselves who realize that something has already happened, but they don’t believe in what God is doing, they are (what?) disoriented…, they don’t know what to do…; they start trying to flap their wings, but they don’t have wings, because… they don’t know what to do. And this unconformity… Maybe they even feel let down, because they don’t see what… See? Because there is something spiritually inside that moves them to think that there is something. But since God does it now in a, let’s say, human way; and does it in the midst of the people, and does it with those of the people, and God does everything there…; for God always fulfills things in the midst of the people.

[Worker: Mm-hmm].

He doesn’t do it, He has never done it, any other way. It is always through human beings.

That other Mercy Seat, identifying it, there it gives you the certainty that you are leaving this place. There is nothing else that the person can have that can make him do the rapture, if it is not through that other Mercy Seat; where he has the revelation, the Manna; the revelation that brings… the Manna that brings the revelation; has health, healing.

See when brother Branham says that…, he told a person: [WMB] “Go, your faith has healed you.” Many times: [WMB] “If you believe that I am the prophet of God, go and be healed.”7 See that there is always a foundation? And possibly right there they weren’t healed, it was later on.

[Worker: Further on].

Did you see? What was coming? That time of trial. But that, the overcomers’ testing time hadn’t come at that time yet. There was a time of trial first.

The testing time for us to be transformed, the total healing, is this short time. God already gave us the healing. He promised the promise that we are going to be transformed. But the testing time is this one. Will you continue to believe in what I am telling you? Will you continue to believe in this messenger? Will you continue to believe that he is a prophet?

Because it is always on the foundation of something tangible. That is, it is no longer something that you can imagine. It is God in the midst of the people!

It is not something that you are expecting it to be with…: a Pillar comes down there and you go there to see it and everything… Brother Branham saw it, but many of the people there surely didn’t see it.

Since God works in the midst of the people, at a certain time, many are surely not seeing that it is the Pillar of Fire that is there working. He was, it says He was there in the Tent already; and then He went down to the little wooden room.8 They are looking for It to come down to the little wooden room, and they have It already there working.

In other words, in order to make a line and enter the little room! it is that those people have faith that if they enter through that door they are going to come out healed. There is already something that is going to make them move to stand in the sun, rain, water (we don’t know how that time is going to be), but they are going to stand in line. And if they are going to do it…

Although there is going to come a time when it is not going to be required (let’s say) for them to be healed… But yes, something will move them to stand there.

Now, the elect, who is going to be transformed: that one is really going to have that time of trial. Let’s see if when he comes, you are going to do as Peter did: “No, I don’t believe in him, I don’t know him.”9 In other words, they represent those who are going to… Peter didn’t get lost, he was a type and figure of those who were going to go through that; because they were believers.

Moses struck the rock, and because of that they are not going to say… it represents those who are going to crucify the Word in this end time. That doesn’t mean that Moses was lost; it represents those who will be lost.

But at that time of test, there Peter… It was hard to see his Master! How they were going to deliver Him, to crucify Him. He remembered, surely, when Jesus told them: “The Son of Man will be delivered in the hands of sinners, He will be beaten, He will be crucified.”10

— “No, nothing like that is going to happen to you.”

They thought that no… Well they thought He was going to – was going to restore the Kingdom there at that time: “Will you restore the Kingdom of Israel at this time?” That is why He said: “It is not for you.” But they did know what was going to happen to Him, and when they saw: “Gee,11 look, they are really going to crucify Him.”

“And you talk like them.”
“No, not me! Not me! No, how could it be…!”
“But you used spend time with Him.”

There is always a testing time, because the one who is going to be transformed: wind, earth can be moved from him, and no matter what happens he will always be believing. That promise is not for just anyone, it is for the believer: that no matter what happens…

“Ah, well, we are going to annihilate you too.”
 —“Well, annihilate me! I’m going to resurrect very soon.”

Because, what good is it for him to be in good standing with those of the world, if afterwards he is going to lose all the inheritance and all the blessing of God? This on Earth is nothing compared to all that we have, the blessings that we have.

But that faith that we are going to obtain in its maximum expression, is when we understand well that other Mercy Seat.

If there is forgiveness of sins by believing in that Mercy Seat when the Blood was there, and there was spiritual healing in our bodies: obligatorily there must be healing in our bodies, and God transforms us by believing in that other Mercy Seat.

And it sounds like something impossible for the human mind; but if it happened spiritually: it must obligatorily happen physically. God must obligatorily honor His promise.

How was He going to fulfill it? Now we are seeing how. And now we are also seeing that Throne in which God is manifesting Himself to fulfill that: “One of your brethren (one of the Family).”12

He is not going to choose someone you don’t know, He has to choose someone from the Family. But always, sometimes, the little one is the one that was kicked aside, and they pushed him aside, and didn’t…

And didn’t they have David there among the sheep? Surely when he came in he must have made a mess of everything there; for they were all well clothed, and he came in… and the stink of sheep and cows and everything… with mud and everything, that… See? God doesn’t even look at beauty, nor… Surely when… even on the table he must have left a mess there, because…

These are things that if you think about where this boy comes from, we who know about cows and bulls and animals and… you always arrive home all stinky and full of… Surely there must have been the brothers there: “But how is it that he is going to choose this boy? And I just now gave him a knock on the head because he came in here.” [Laughter].

In other words, it is something (many times, or most times) inconceivable to the human mind: that God could fulfill something so great in such a simple way, and in people who are so simple. Look where He chose to fulfill His Program: in Latin America and the Caribbean. A simple people, of humble people. Not people, um, neither foolish nor dumb, no. They are… we are very intelligent; but in their own way they are simple people. And that is where God is pleased to fulfill His Program and to have that other Mercy Seat, in the midst of the people.

If He had it in the midst of Israel, there with the temples (the tabernacle and Solomon’s temple)… Then in Jesus. He left, the… got lost… Now He has to have a Temple among the gentiles also, where to put His Mercy Seat, His presence.

And then, already there, that stage of the Pillar of Fire that he saw descending there, that is another stage in the Divine Program, that already…, already there would be something at a level where we…

That is why you see that there, when he sees all that is going on, and the direction there is and everything, there is no mention of the wise virgins. All that movement there is of foolish virgins, and maybe one or two unbelievers (it is not known if there are a little bit more); there may be plenty of the 144,000 around there.

But the wise ones, for that time, God already has them in a certain way so that when they leave, they will go unnoticed. He didn’t even mention anything about that group.

Almost… if you look at the other narratives, that people is already prepared; surely it is at a certain stage already, that they can even walk around without anyone knowing they are there.

There are a lot of things that are going to be happening there, that when we see them: “Hey, look at how it was!” That is why He says to him: [WMB] “You’re not going to say anything about this”; because then they are going to try to do certain things that need to be done there before, to see, and so that when it comes out they say: “No, not like that… Ah, that is just another one doing the same thing.”

But there is a mechanism to get to that. That Pillar of Fire already there, that is when another very important stage will begin, that… One keeps trying to say a lot of things; because everything that is going to be happening there, in some way (in one or another… [study]) has to be spoken.

That is why many times something is spok-… today something was spoken, and I don’t know if you noticed; because everything that God has to work among the people must be spoken; because it is a time of the spoken Word; therefore, something can’t happen without it being spoken.

When it is spoken, automatically, at some point, it has to be fulfilled; because it was spoken. It doesn’t matter the moment, wherever…; after it is spoken by the person who has to be spoken by: that will happen.

[Workers: Amen!].

For example, one simple thing we have talked about: Who believes in the Mercy Seat back in the time of… when the Dispensation of Grace was open, at that time all those who believed in that obtained the new birth.

All those who believe in this Last Day in the fulfillment where God’s mercy is: will be transformed.

That has already been spoken! It was spoken for a long time, of course; but by speaking it now, and saying it and placing it in the Mercy Seat where it will produce that: once it is spoken, God automatically has to fulfill it.

“No, he already talked about it before and it had to be fulfilled, because it was already spoken.”

But on what basis was it spoken?

One must know how to speak it at the right time; that is, not to know how to speak it by saying that that one spoke it wrong or another prophet spoke it wrong, but to speak it… Let’s take away the word to know: speak it at the appropriate, correct moment by the right person, and based on the place where they have to look and believe it is right; because if not, it will not produce that.

If they remained looking at the Mercy Seat in the heavenly Temple, that wouldn’t produce the transformation; what it produces and produced was the new birth.

Looking at the human Mercy Seat: that will produce the transformation. There is no other way to produce that.

But yes, it is something… that detail of… detail? Huge detail! Of…, believing in that and everything that is going to happen in the Tent, all those events and everything, the moment comes when God’s chosen is already 100% secure; and it doesn’t matter if he loses it afterwards, he already has record of, that faith, where to base it.

Because the Hebrew people, once they see that too, they say: “Wait a minute, let’s go.”

There are many things that were spoken – that brother William spoke, that you hear them and:

“Wait! But they were not fulfilled.”
“No; when he comes, he fulfills them.”

But all that he spoke had to be spoken, so that it would later have scriptural foundation and would have spoken prophecy, so that it would now be fulfilled.

• Brother Branham was even there… Do you know what it is like for you to go all the way to Cairo…? And do you know where that is? ‘Very close.’ And the ticket was ready to leave for Israel… “No.” Why did He move him to go? But isn’t he a prophet? That is why you see those of brother Branham’s group: “No, he has to come back again. If he said: ‘We’ll ride this trail again’; he is the one that is going to come.”

And you saw many of those of our time pointing at them and saying: “But these people really are…! How can they wait for a man who left, to come back again to fulfill that? Yes, look at him here! This is the man who is going to fulfill this! Here he is! And they are still thinking about that.”

And then later on: “Hey, that group is still waiting for brother Branham, bendito13! And we are already here with the fulfillment of that promise; and them wasting time there, instead of being here with us.”

They weren’t given that opportunity either, to have a part. God didn’t allow them to have a part in building the Tent. And you notice… If not, they would have done…, only brother Branham’s group would have done everything. But He didn’t allow them; and left them without seeing the fulfillment of the… in other words, the realization of the construction of the Tent.

And you see that everybody: “But… Hey, but look, poor brethren, they didn’t see God’s manifestation! That mantle that Elijah left, they didn’t see it in brother William”; because all that represents and has multiple fulfillments. “See, how they couldn’t see that it passed to the one who is with us. Hey, poor brethren!”

And the same thing is happening to them now, to the same ones who criticized in the time of… when brother Branham left, who criticized those who stayed with brother Branham’s Message. And now the same thing is happening; and now why don’t they do the same thing? “No, that can’t be. He has to come to fulfill it.”

The same ones who criticized that: that God couldn’t come in the same body of flesh in which He was, now they can’t…

“No, no, it is impossible for it to be like that, he has to come to fulfill it.”

But he is in your midst!

“No, I don’t believe that.”

The human being always… pulls it to his own convenience, and God is not here to please anyone either. How He is always fulfilling it, He will always fulfill it until the end. It always has to be a veil of living flesh, it can’t be something…

Look, Jesus arrived on the scene, He was resurrected, He was with the disciples. Was it Jesus who preached on the Day of Pentecost? It wasn’t Jesus, it was Peter.14 The Work went on: it was God in Peter, Jesus in Peter.

Paul: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”15

In other words, do you see that God always follows His Program?

He could have let Jesus in His glorified body continue the Work. And why didn’t He do it? Because God doesn’t do things in His Program like that.

If it were so, we would still have an eternal Adam preaching in all generations.

They had Adam: Well nothing, was Adam of no use? Well, now we are going to have a Seth. Or they had a Noah, who was saved from the flood, well God then gives an eternal body to Noah, and Noah is the one who is… now, in all time; that generation died and Noah is still alive. No!

The generation died, God took away the messenger, that generation is gone: he sends another one!

But since it is an inconceivable Work to the human mind; and now that it is more inconceivable that God now fulfills it in the way that… many thought it was in a way; and no, now it is not in that way; now it is in the way God has always done it.

“It just can’t be that way.”

That is the way it is now.

That other Mercy Seat in the midst of the people is the one that is imparting mercy for God’s elect; but they don’t realize that that Throne is of judgment. And although there is mercy in the midst of the Church, the Throne of Heaven is as Throne of judgment. And those angels who are holding out for divine judgment not to come until the 144,000 are sealed: it is because of that.

It is not because… If you notice in Revelation 5, after He takes the Book, He opens those Seals in Revelation 6; but if you notice, in Revelation 7 that Angel already comes to seal the 144,000, which is the Angel with the Seal of the living God. 

See that the Seals, after they are opened there, is that the Angel seals them.

There is a part where he says that the Seals will be preached again.16

And all this that is being talked about, that he has been writing for so many years, from so many studies, things that I…: [JBP] “But why didn’t you say this?” But he would speak to us, for example, about… “on His garment and on His thigh,” and who knew that was a Covenant?17 But if he had explained this to us it would be easier for us. See? And other series of meanings that he never read.

I have looked up the studies on a certain subject and I see the message, and I: [JBP] “But if you had written this, why didn’t you say this in the message?” No. It was to say it now; that mystery opens now.

And that is what many are turning their backs on: they are turning their faces away from the Lord, the One who is giving them the Title Deed in their hands.

I mean, it is like when you are going to give a plate of food to a person and he takes it out of your hands and throws it at you; and that is disrespectful, that is… How do you feel if you are going to serve food in your house? Imagine God.

That is why when he says: [WMB] “They were in meetings like this. They knew well the punishment that awaited them,” they knew the preaching that was being given, what every person who didn’t receive that was going to receive. See? Because: [WMB] “They knew the punishment that awaited them. They spurned God’s mercy for the last time.”18

Now, when you despise something it is because it was offered to you, you were given the opportunity. They can’t say: “They didn’t say anything to me…” No. You were given the opportunity by all the means: satellite, radio, books, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, what more do you want?! It’s almost being given to them chewed up, that it’s a matter of swallowing it. And what they do is they spit it out; and they come back and they do like the dog: they go back to the vomit.19 They don’t even have reverence for that which is being talked about.

But we are more than blessed, that we have been believing, holding on to that Word, to that promise, which was the way we didn’t think:

“But Lord, You had it in Your plans like that… And I thank You for opening the understanding, the Scriptures to me. And for me to be and to be part of that Program, and to see it and believe it. I do not understand some things, but Lord, You are going to help me to believe them, to understand them, to continue forward; because what I want is to be transformed.”

[Workers: Yes, Lord! Amen!].

And then one continues forward.

Are you going to wrestle with God? Like the one who said: “Look, didn’t Theudas and Judas (that’s a leader) rise up, and take many people and vanish away? Leave that movement alone. If it is not of God, it will be undone. Now, lest it be of God, and we be found fighting against God.”20

In other words: “Be careful with that group, lest we find ourselves fighting the Divine Program.”

And more so now! That… Look, something we have been seeing during all this past year (and we have talked about it), but something has to come to the Church for that reverential fear to come in, and for it to come in… more than it is! We can’t say that it is not, because there is a people that is aware. But to come in… how does it say there? That the people had more fear (something like that) when what happened to Ananias happened to him.21

And the time may come (not that one wishes it to happen)…, as brother William said: [WSS] “I would’t like for the squeeze to come, but because the people have not entered into desperation, the squeeze has to come.”22

And if in order for the people to be ready, death must begin to come in the Church, with people, that they then say:

“And what did he die of?”
“It is not known what he died of.”

Because, surely, when they took Ananias and Sapphira, they checked: “But this man was super healthy. He had some condition around there, but they had it controlled with such thing. It’s just that it’s impossible for him to have died.”

So that…, and when we start talking about why, there they can see. The one who was a little wobbly, that…: there he will straighten up. The one who needed a little push to (let’s say) affirm himself more because he didn’t understand some things: with that he will understand them. They will all be very clear; because that is what will show, perhaps in the final part, where God is the one who is in the midst of the people.

The gentile, the chosen one from among the gentile people, doesn’t need miracles, because it is a believing people. But, as far as we can see, that click for the people to realize is needed.

Because if after Peter’s preaching on the Day of Pentecost, after all that movement that took place there: cloven tongues and everything, and… of fire, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit; and they began to speak, and the people in different languages understood them (it was that time when they came to Jerusalem, and there were from different places, from different areas where they spoke different languages); and they listened in their own language what those men were speaking. And then Ananias and Sapphira came and did that?

See? That there is something that even the human being… Or they weren’t in the activities regularly (because they were known people), or they didn’t have that belief that what was happening was happening; they weren’t realizing that the Holy Spirit was there.

Because if you see all that…; and those were visible things, because before chapter 5 of Acts several things had happened; or they didn’t know it, or they knew it, but why did they keep tempting the Holy Spirit? There the people realized, later on, that God was in their midst.

And here the same thing is going to happen: they are going to realize that it is God who has been aaall this time that we have been without brother William, they are going to realize that it is God who has been in the midst of His people.

God is not going to abandon His people, He is not going to leave them there in a ship without a captain. There has to be a Guide, there has to be that divine guidance; and the divine guidance always has to be through a messenger.

There is no way for you to guide a people (in the spiritual, divine part), a people that is on Earth, unless it is through a messenger. It has to be through a messenger that God always guides His people, His Church.

And when that happens, then there the people will get in desperation; because now, we still are too comfortable.

Now, look to see who is desperate. You can say: “I am desperate.” But the day to day goes on, the people haven’t entered into that desperation. But all that has a purpose, because it is that testing time.

The test can’t come when God vindicates something in His final manifestation: the test has to come before, to then [come] that vindication, that is going to happen to those who are going to begin to die.

The last plague in Egypt was death; and the last plague that is or will occur (and may have already begun): spiritual death, names being blotted out of the Book of Life; and then physical death. That was the last plague over there. It comes to be then represented in something physical, as it was represented in Ananias and Sapphira there.

And there is already going to be a time of sadness for many. But one is aware that it wasn’t because of [lack of] preaching, nor was it because of [lack of] warnings spoken to them. Rather, every time they were spoken to they mocked more, and said more terrible things against God, against His Spirit, against His Church; because it is not only with us as individuals, or with me as a person, or with Miguel, or with… but it is against the Holy Spirit.

Blaspheming and all that: now it is unforgivable.

And just as when He said to them in that parable:23

“We also did such thing and…”
“No, I don’t know what age you are from. I don’t know you.”

And so I will say to everyone who has blasphemed and spoken against this stage. I will not stand up for any of them. Because I will be called to an account for the group, and of those I will say: “Lord, I don’t know them; so send them straight to the great tribulation.”

Each messenger is responsible for the time in which God has placed him and responsible for the group.

Too many opportunities have already been given, to come at the last minute to —still this 2023— continue speaking blasphemies and not even have reverence with the Word. Already at this point it is very difficult for a person to obtain transformation. And if he departs, we are going to see him after the Millennium. God is not going to have a person like that in the Millennium, He’s not going to give him that opportunity to go into the Millennium.

Even in the Millennium, look, in the Millennium there will be no disease. And you may say to me: “But how can there be no disease? How do you know that?” Because the devil is going to be bound; and the only one who is the owner of diseases is the devil.

Therefore, the only thing there is going to be is that judgment of the child at 100 years old: the 100 year old sinner will be cursed24; because surely they are going to do…, if they do things against the Kingdom of God and they are going to do things against the Program that God has there – because people are going to be born…

Remember that living people will enter the Millennial Kingdom and it will be a normal world; but God can’t have sick normal people in His Kingdom. The Kingdom is a Kingdom of peace, and what disease brings is sadness; that is why there will be no disease.

They will be people very… And if there is something missing, that came in from the great tribulation and they enter the…, and God at that time through His Church, in His Program is to restore some leg that was lost in the great tribulation, well it will be restored.

Aren’t weapons then converted into working tools?25 Well, if the weapons, which is something… are turned into working tools, are we not going to restore a foot, an arm, to someone who is…?

That is already going to be something so common; because there is already going to be a place that had already happened, where they entered through one door and came out through the other healed; but by that time there will no longer be a need to enter through a place and come out healed, but the chosen ones, by divine direction are going to say: “Look, in that place there are several people who are like this and like that; heal them.”

But there will be no diseases as such, there will be no sadness. Why? Because it is a Kingdom of Peace. And if it is a Kingdom of Peace, the devil will be locked up.

Don’t you see that it is after the Millennium that he comes out? There he will deceive; and that evil will enter again to those people who will be deceived, who are the same who were in the end time, who attacked the Church of the Lord. That is why they are resurrected at the end. Those are the ones he is going to deceive: they resurrect and the same thing happens. They are of the same… of the same (it sounds harsh, but), of the same ilk. Yes, yes.

What does ilk mean? Because that’s a saying of…, of the same (it could be) filth, or I don’t know.

[Worker: Like father, like son].

Like father, like son. But ilk has been used, I don’t know if here… it must be species; I don’t know if it sounds harsh.

[Worker: Of the same ilk, the same species].

But they are deceived by the same seed they have from the enemy.

[He is shown a search from the phone –Ed].

“Negative character,” look. Ilk is something of a negative character. “People of very diverse ilk.” It has several definitions. But look: “negative character.” The only one who is the negative here is the devil.

And that is who he’s going to deceive. That is that also… Notice that the person who doesn’t go to… doesn’t accept or believe: dies; automatically falls into that group over there; there he is going to be judged; and let’s see how he comes out in that judgment; if he comes out well, then he obtains eternal life.

Surely there are certainly some levels of the way he has done it; but if he crossed the line: there he will not have a chance.

But if he was deceived here: he will automatically be deceived there too. And there must be people who are deceived, so there he is part of that group.

This year, I hope God will shake the Church [W: Amen!], so that she will be prepared for everything that is going to come. [W: Yes, Lord].

And if death has to come in the Church, of some people, then let it come; because somehow the people have to realize well, in their hearts, that it is God who is in our midst [W: Yes, Lord], that it is Him [T: Amen]. And if that has to happen, what we are talking about right now, then let it happen.

[Workers: Yes, Lord. Amen.].

We don’t want it to happen; but if it has to happen for the Divine Program to continue and for the Work to move forward and be… Everything will happen in its time! But as far as we can see, there is already something…, I don’t know; some brothers in Latin America have told me that they are even tired of asking for someone who is still mortifying them with certain things.

Look, sometimes: “I don’t know if that is wrong, but I even feel like not praying for him.” We can’t spread that, because that is not right; one should pray for the relatives and for everybody. But there comes a time when the same thing that happened in the heart of brother Branham happens: [WMB] “I don’t even pray for America anymore.”26 So, if the prophet felt that way, surely, there will come a time when that will also happen with some people.

We do pray for Latin America, and we desire Latin America to become part of the Millennial Kingdom and not be destroyed; on the contrary. But that was reflected in brother Branham also. Look, there came a point where God also told Moses: “Do not speak to me any more about this matter.”

He always reaches a limit of patience.

To Saul, when Samuel told him… God told him: “Weep no more for Saul.”27 He was a human and he felt love for Saul, he loved him as his son; but God went up to that point, period! And many times one has to be, not blunt (let’s say), but… God doesn’t go with lukewarm cloths, and even less in this time.

Sometimes it hurts us, because they are our family, but this is individual: one with God. And… Lest you put your hand in for someone, and God is working there in certain things that we can’t put our hand in, but rather continue preparing ourselves as an individual.

Because you lend an ear to those things and what it does is that it slows you down; instead of helping you, what it does is that it slows you down.

“Are you going to talk to me about something?”
“Aha, but if you are going to talk to me about something that is for you to try to convince me of what? You don’t have to convince me of anything!”

Cut it off!

Or others are the other way around: they don’t talk to you. “Well, if you don’t want to talk to me, then don’t talk to me.”

You go on, not even trying to go looking for him to…

—“If you don’t want to talk to me, then don’t talk to me.” You go on with your life.

In this final stretch nothing can stop us, not even a family member; one has to focus on one’s preparation.

This doesn’t mean that you are going to kick out your wife or your husband or your son, so that… No. You look for a way around it, and in the common part of the family or in what is done; but in the spiritual part, if they don’t want to: “Okay, then we don’t discuss the subject,” and things are handled humanely; but in that part, you don’t get involved with them. Nor does one say: “You don’t want to talk to me about it? Then don’t talk to me; I won’t talk to you then either.”

He has been given the opportunity; it doesn’t mean that one is not giving him the opportunity to do it now; but if they continue to block his… are you going to continue wasting energy and strength in something that…, then let it go, this is already individual; this is not for me or for that one or for the other one.

“Ah, I didn’t believe because the pastor didn’t believe.”

This is not like that; that is individual.

“No, that the pastor is putting Miguel and he is putting the Studies, and he is putting everything, the transmission and everything, and he is doing everything; but he doesn’t believe.”

But stay there, because if he is – well, the pastor is placing…

“No. But he has told me here or he has told me there that, that no; he is waiting for brother William; but at this stage, he is doing that because everybody does it; or because he wants to please the congregation, and so that they don’t leave him, well…”

Well, stay there. If you are receiving what you need, then stay there; don’t judge him.

Because there are even situations like that; don’t believe that there are not situations like that: that the whole people believe, and he is not believing; or, there are occasions where at the end the pastor comes in.

Or there are other occasions the other way around: that only the pastor believes and the group he has: doesn’t believe, and they even make his life impossible, to remove him, they make his life impossible and everything.

There are different cases in Latin America.

And what has produced all this? The Word. The Stage we are in. That when you speak of “stage,” you must say with propriety: It is not a mere stage; it is a dispensation that is in the midst of the Church, that has been established (let’s say) —it is being established, but it is established—, and the things of that dispensation are being worked.

Whoever finds himself out of place, will not stay inside; he will go back again. As it was said yesterday: They cleaned the house, they swept it, they spent all that time at the beginning, of removing certain things from our life to prepare us for the adoption, the transformation… Because they are aware that something needs to be done.

Why do you think there are some who still don’t believe…? They are not painting themselves, or they are not cutting their hair, or they are not keeping spiked heels. Why do they do it? Because they know there is a process to get there. But that is ABCs. But when they go into doing things and to fulfill things, like believing in that Mercy Seat: “No. I don’t believe that”; because there is something that moves them, that they know there is a process by which you have to get to that perfection.

And that is where they come, they sweep the house, they leave it all clean clean, swept; but it is empty, they don’t fill it. And the one they themselves took out comes and finds it empty and brings seven more demonic spirits, worse than the one that was there. And then they remain in Nicolaism, Balaamism, and they remain there in that seventh age in which God is no longer there. They become worse than they were! They should have stayed as they were, it was better.

That is why in the Dispensation of the Kingdom, there enter the kings [W: Amen!], the priests, [W: Yes, Lord], the overcomers [W: Amen!] Not just anyone enters there.

And you see them (the people when they write), even that letter I see it with smiles; and the faces of those who are receiving this time all this, with such a great revival, you notice it in their faces! And you notice it also when they write: “We are joyful, happy!” I already see their smiles… I see them happy, and I see a full set of teeth there laughing. [Laughter].

However, you see that other group, which makes you sad, it makes you… They have rather let us down; because they don’t even make us sad anymore. They have let us down, and then until the end-… until this hour, they are not able to pass.

And since there is no revival there: what there is there is sadness and the way… When it is a time of revival, of joy, of happiness, Year of Jubilee! And you see that they look like… and they are all crestfallen; or if not, walking as if they were robots, and they don’t look at anybody. And there you realize that even in the physical aspect they show that they don’t have the final revival, that they don’t have the joy of the updated Year of Jubilee, in the updated Fiftieth Year of Jubilee in us.

And when we see congregations, brethren, people, happy; and we talk about this and we talk about that, and we rejoice, and we read again here: “Look what… here brother William wrote this. How tremendous! Now I understand what that means!”

There you see an overcomer [W: Amen!], there you see someone who is going to obtain victory [W: Amen!], and you see with your own eyes those kings and priests who are going to be there.

[Workers: Amen!].

In other words, we have to see ourselves here first, so that when we are there: “It was worth it to hold on until the end! Because here we are now reigning. Here we are at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.” [W: Yes, sir!]

In other words, all the blessings that God has for us, first God allows us to feel them in these bodies: having that joy; because in the new body, we will not feel this joy there.

But for us to feel this joy in these bodies, aware, knowing that we are the overcomers, that from among so many people in the world one has understood and has seen His Program! And even if he doesn’t understand something, but…: “Lord, but this is You! It has to be You who is here; because You can’t leave us alone!” “That boy, I see him kind of…, kind of odd how he talks, or this or that, but he is saying something that I need. [W: Aha, amen]. Let me keep taking that and eating it. It’s the Word, it’s not going to be bad for me. It’s the Word of the messenger that he brought in the writings. Rather what it’s going to give me is vitamins. Let’s feed on that.”

But many who haven’t believed, what they are left with is eating things that bring them evil; such as: hatred, poison that someone else says to them; because all those words that are spoken, even if they use the same Message —as they are treating it and it has another intention—, what that food that they are listening to produces is: discomfort. It is not going to produce for you what that Word that was spoken produces when it is spoken and placed in the right way.

To take a message from brother William, of brother Branham or of the Bible, and with that try to fight against the Divine Program: it is trying to put poison in a food and give it to the person to poison him.

The same Word that gives you Life, vitamins and everything, is the same Word that can poison you.

And you see how they enlarge themselves: “Look what he said here, you see that is wrong?!” And they enlarge themselves, and you see that… And what is growing there? Hatred, poison; because that is the intention of that Word that they give to them.

And for that reason they will give an account, because there they say: “No, because he who adds to it and takes away from it.” Yes, but they have also forgotten one part: he who adds hatred and poison to the Word, they are also adding things to it!; and he who takes away the substance of the vitamins of that Word, also!

You can’t add hatred and poison to the Word that was spoken, and try to give it to a person and have that Word carry that intention. What it is going to produce in that person is: discomfort, hatred, resentment, and he will not even want to…

And one says: “Wait a minute! But why did that one look at me well yesterday, and today he looks at me and turns his face away from me?” He must have heard something. You see? It is always the Word that goes hand in hand with blessings or with hatred.

And it is —everything28— that other Mercy Seat that is in the midst of His Church, where the ministries of Moses and Elijah are, those Two Olive Trees, of olive wood covered with gold in the midst of the Church, where God has had in this time His presence.

• They have the way to believe in that Mercy Seat, to be adopted and raptured: It is by looking at the Mercy Seat, looking at the other Mercy Seat.

Looking at the other Mercy Seat: that is where the Key is, the Key, the Door, to enter the new eternal and glorified body; as was the Mercy Seat of Heaven, that when we looked at it we entered the new birth.

And to enter through that Door of that other Mercy Seat, of that new Mercy Seat: we are going to obtain the eternal and glorified body.


[Workers: Amen!].

That would be the subject of the talk.

• That of Blanco wasn’t recorded, what we talked about; maybe we talked a little bit more there. But…

[Worker: Did you deliver?].

[Worker: No, because there it didn’t…].

But there were things there. Later we will place it.

[Worker: You can hear it very low].

But it’s… Everything that God is doing…

[Worker (Eliomar): To hear about the walls – of the wall, that they wouldn’t go to the wall to…].

Ah yes, the Hebrew people… Oh, because what we were talking about was of the Hebrew people, [W: Yes]; because the Hebrew people, when they see and realize that that worship is no longer on a wall there literally, but that…

Like the evangelicals, who want to take the Hebrew people, and you see that they don’t, don’t, they never have that success. And they don’t want to know about the evangelicals, because what they want is to bring them into the Dispensation of Grace; and they are not going to enter the Dispensation of Grace.

But there always has to be a place of worship. But the place of worship, they didn’t obtain it with Jesus when He was there, neither did they obtain it at the time of the Dispensation of Grace with the Mercy Seat in Heaven, the Blood there, and Him being there in the midst of the Two Cherubim, in that Work of Intercession. They didn’t receive that worship either.

But they have to come now in this time to receive that worship through the Mercy Seat that God has on Earth; and there they will really believe. And when it is spoken to them, it will no longer be something spoken in the intellect, it will be something spoken in the heart. From heart to heart it will be spoken to them, and they will understand, they will comprehend that there is a place of worship.

“THE ONLY PLACE TO WORSHIP TODAY,” “GOD’S ONLY PROVIDED PLACE OF WORSHIP,” are the topics that brother Branham preached.

In the Dispensation of Grace it was the Throne of Heaven in the Most Holy Place, where Jesus was. Now it is in the human Throne: in the midst of the Church, where they will see; that is why they will say: “But this is the one we are waiting for!”

They can’t say… stick them into the Dispensation of Grace and look at the heavenly Throne and say: “But this is the one we are waiting for!” No, they can’t say that.

One: He is not there; what they are going to find is an empty Throne. That is why the evangelicals don’t have the key; because they will focus them on a Throne that will be empty.

The final ministry will focus them to where God is, where God’s presence is, which is the Most Holy Place of His earthly Temple, His Mystical Body of believers, which He has been building, which is already complete; and there God is in their midst, in that new Mercy Seat, in the midst of human beings, in the midst of the Church of the Lord, where those Two Cherubim of olive wood covered with gold are, with the great help of those two Archangels that are in those kingdom changes.

• This comet that is passing by now is a very, very big sign for humanity. Something has to be happening on Earth.

Like when he spoke in “THE TWINS OF GOD,” and he spoke also in a preached message, of Halley’s comet (around ‘85), he spoke there something very important; that… if he spoke about what happened with that Halley’s comet,29 bring it here and exactly the same thing is happening in this time; and there was a generation there that ended: 85, 86.

That is why he preached there: “THE BREACH”30; he preached “FACING THE JORDAN,”31 ‘87, January, around there; “A GAP OF TWENTY YEARS”; he preached “THE WORD MADE FLESH”32; and now it is that all those messages have a faithful fulfillment or a complete fulfillment.

Now you read those messages and now you understand all that; how it was spoken there what “THE WORD MADE FLESH” is, what is that difficult hour that will come. But it is the most glorious hour that God is going to fulfill in our midst, which is the resurrection and that transformation of ours; which has a testing process.

Every overcomer has to be tested. And we are passing this test stage with Magna Cum Laude [W: Amen! Yes. Lord], we are passing it with “Perfect.”

And some little things that we don’t understand, that is where the Teacher gives us a little help. “And I give you a little push over here, so that…”

The points that sometimes the teacher gives you; well, the Teacher is giving points today [Workers: hehehe, Amen! Thank you!], to help us keep that faith growing, and to keep on perfecting ourselves.

Because God doesn’t want anyone to get lost! He came to look for what He already redeemed to perfect them, in their earthly bodies as well; therefore, not one of them will be lost. And if we have to give a little point to someone to pass “Perfect”: we give it to him. [Laughter].

[Worker: Thank you, Lord].

In other words, everything God is going to do for that chosen one to be transformed: even forgiveness of sins. As Jesus was told there:

—“How can this one come now to forgive sins?”33

For it was God who was there! He could do it!

But what is easier: to make him grow an arm that wasn’t there, or an eye, or a leg, than to say: “Your sins are forgiven you”? It is easier to give him a leg; but to forgive sins, that is something of God.

Here they can put on a prosthesis, they can put a false eye, a bionic arm, that breaks sticks and everything; but look for a doctor to see if he can forgive sins.

There is only one Divine Physician: He is the one who can forgive sins. That is why God’s mercy at this time is in those ministries. And a little point that has to be given to someone, it is given.

[Workers: Amen!].

That’s a great thing… great. And that is where one more: that doesn’t entitle one to be now…

But more (on the contrary), there is more caution and more fear, because “because grace abounded much more…,” Paul says so (I think it is): “Sin abounded much more, grace abounded much more,”34 something like that. But we are not going to take now, to take that, to have a life of sin; but rather: to become more and more tuned and more tuned. And if it was done this way, then: “God, help me to better correct it,” and every day correcting, correcting.

[Worker: Yes, Lord].

You and I weren’t the same a year ago. If you look at yourself in the mirror, you say: “That…,” or a portrait of last year, the year before, the year before…; because we can’t say that since last year we are correcting ourselves; every day since we were born: our parents correct us, even our wives also correct us: I correct her, she corrects me. And in our daily life we are corrected day by day.

But now more, you look at yourself, and: “I am not the same as the one I was before.” And for the better. You say: “If I were to continue as I was…” or “If I were to do what I thought I would do and didn’t do it. Thank you, Lord, that you delivered me!” But thanks be to God that He has delivered us and we are here, preparing ourselves for the promises that He already said He was going to fulfill in each one of us.

[Workers: Amen!].

If the promises that God said that He was going to fulfill them in us at this time, were for a people that was going to overcome and that was going to be perfect: well, the process will come when it will come to that. It can’t be impossible. It is possible.

It is possible for us to be in these bodies and be perfect; because God enters into a Temple that is perfect.

What happened to Aaron’s sons? They went in with strange fire and died.35

God doesn’t allow in His Temple things that are outside of holiness; therefore, there has to come to a point where we reach that total perfection, that we can have what Paul saw: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for you.”36

He saw things that are what we are going to see: that dimension open to be able to obtain that theophany that is there, which is what will transform us. That theophany is going to merge with this body, and there we will be transformed; and that will never be detached.

Now we are detached in body and theophany. But those angels that encamp around us, when they enter: that will never go out; that goes inside and remains sealed. And then that stage, which is from 30 to 40 days, will be something immmpressive [W: hahaha, amen!], something glorious.

But looking at that Mercy Seat: there we will not have any failure to arrive. That is the key. Those are a couple of little points that you have been given to be able to continue forward. [Laughter].

We don’t know how much more we have left. Let’s hope it’s not much. But everything will depend on the people: that the people are ready, that the people are prepared, and that they are waiting and crying out for it. Because the Work continues, and you see that it will not stop for anything.

This year is going to be something – a very important year, too. Something that is going to be happening in the midst of the Church, and that we are going to see how advanced we are in the Divine Program, as to all that God will be doing; but everything is going to depend on the people.

When he told them to “march,”37 even though it was seen that they got their feet wet, it was time to march. They couldn’t stand still.

—“No, wait, let me go here for a little while.”

No. He had already given them that time there, those days there to sanctify themselves, and then he would say: “March.”

We are in that time of waiting: of waiting, of preparation, in quietness; arranging the backpacks, the bags, sorting everything out, removing things that we don’t need to take with us to cross.

Or as when one is going to cross a place: “Wait, this is too heavy for me, let me take it off; let me take the essentials to have a lighter walk.”

We are in preparation to soon start.

And once this starts… This is picking up speed; which many are already staying behind.

Everything has been brought in one way, as it was that night…; for the world is in darkness, but there is Light for the elect. But that night, what was it? They ate the lamb in haste, they had to eat it all quickly.38

We are in that time now: eating the Manna in a hurry: and one doesn’t come out, that the other one comes out39, and another audio comes out, and another audio comes out, and another one and another one; and when you come to see: you have had a knowledge that you have never had in your life, in no time, as we say.

There has been such a great knowledge that we thank God because He has allowed us to understand; He has allowed us to receive, to understand, all this mystery so great that He had it hidden, that He said to John: “Do not write,”40 [WMB] “Do not speak of this now, hold it back (it says in The Seals), they will stagger over It.”41

If “they will stagger over this” it’s because it was something that was going to make them stumble.

[WMB] “Don’t say it so… hold it, it’s going to be talked about when they have a need to know.”

Stumbles are going to happen, but there’s a need in us: and that is to leave.

And now is the time, now is the necessity, now is the time of trial, now is the time that the people have to be in that testing part to overcome.

That makes us more than blessed, it makes us privileged, that we have entered into His Program, to be part of that Program, and to take hold of that new Mercy Seat [W: Amen]; to take hold of that place of mercy, which is the foundation of our faith to obtain the transformation.

Without Blood there is no sign. There has to be Blood applied, there has to be the Wine, the Oil. There has to be all of that (that was reflected, typified) in us. And that produces the stimulus, which is the revelation.

But all that has to be in the human throne of each individual; and it has to be placed in the midst of the Church as a spiritual Temple, in that new Mercy Seat, to believe in that; and to see God there: “They have the revelation; which, through that revelation has to produce the transformation of that body. So, because they have all the elements there: I am going to transform them.”

And there the Glory of God will be manifested in the midst of the Church, in the midst of that Most Holy Place, which the Glory of God was in the temple of Solomon and in the tabernacle of Moses, and on Mount Transfiguration, that the Glory of God was there, at what moment? At the moment when Jesus was going to be adopted.

The Glory of God always comes down in the place where the elements are in place for that promise to occur: the adoption.

And what was there? Moses and Elijah. And notice that Jesus wasn’t there yet – He hadn’t been crucified, He hadn’t shed His Blood; but the ministries were there.

And how could it be possible that He hadn’t shed the Blood and the ministries were there, and He was adopted? Look at the great power that those ministries have!

If it happened with One, it will automatically happen with those who are in the midst of those ministries, God working through them, for the adoption of His children. He must obligatorily adopt them; because they have already identified the ministries, they have identified the work that is being done, they have identified the Message, and they are saying:

—“This is what I need for the adoption! Well, I can’t let go of these Wings that are bringing me healing, health. There is no way I can let go of this!”

They will not let him go, because they saw that with One, with our elder brother, it happened; so then it must also happen with us. What was over there? Moses and Elijah. What is here? Moses and Elijah. Then I will also be adopted!

[Workers: Amen!].

We will automatically be adopted, we will be transformed; because if it happened there, it will happen here. And the Glory of God, of course, will descend. And they saw only One, Jesus was left alone.42

A single Voice; which is the one that will go forth from there, already speaking all the things that will be spoken, because there was preaching43; in other words, they continued doing what they were doing.

If there was preaching, calling and all that, it is because the Word was already being preached, the Word was already being spoken; and therefore, then there…

When brother Branham says: [WMB] “I saw the Pillar of Fire go down there, and then come down…”44 Notice that many times brother William places that brother Branham, when he says: [WMB] “While our brother Branham takes a few moments of rest”45; notice, [WSS] that represents —brother William also says— that brother Branham is in the sixth dimension.”46

And that lapse of time, notice, it looks like it’s just so close together. So when he sees the Pillar of Fire come down there, and then he says: [WMB] “And then the Angel and I went down to the little room,” from that time to the time that could have happened, we don’t know how long it is.

In other words, all that, as it has been happening, we don’t know since when that Pillar of Fire is there, in the little wooden room; and then the Angel comes down.

There are many things, that one has to see from different angles to place oneself in the position and see everything that is going to be happening.

And that comma, for example, or the “and”: “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance.”47 How much passed by? Two thousand years, or more. So a comma or an “and,” one doesn’t know how long it is. It may be from the moment: a second, a month, six months, a year; we don’t know how long it is.

That is why when Aaron’s sons went in, they thought that (let’s say) God wasn’t there; and then… There is a part where he says that it looks like they were drunk or something.48 So they thought that was…

And here they think (speaking in rice and beans)49 that entering church…

Not only in Puerto Rico: but everywhere:

To enter the church and not agree with that; and that they may think, feel in their heart negative things; that is counted to them as to the sons of Aaron; because God’s presence is in that place.

It is where we go to worship God, glorify His Name, listen to His Word; and to one enter to minister in that place with strange fire: thoughts and things, actions contrary to what God is doing: that is counted to them as the sons of Aaron; because one is entering the place where God’s presence is.

That is why I tell you: we don’t know when that is already in there working; because it is in our midst! It says that the Pillar of Fire was there, and then it went down to the little room.

But if He was there inside the auditorium, He is somewhere.

[Workers: Amen!]. [Laughter].

Everything is simple; but since God fulfills it in such a simple way…; when it is spoken, you put it as something so great…

And already there the sons of Aaron were surprised. Then when… We don’t know where they are, but they surely said…

Well, if the… if the rich man there knew… Notice, he was in hell – or in the fifth dimension (hell is lower), and there he understood; because he said: “But, then if you can’t do that, then send somebody to tell my brothers so that they don’t come here.”50 In other words, there was a knowledge there that he had.

Even those who are going to be there, look, they knew or he knew that mistake that he made while he was still alive, that he could have made: to believe in… to leave everything! And follow Jesus.

In other words, the knowledge, the decisions and all the knowledge that we have, if it is not applied in the time in which we live in the Divine Program and one focuses it on holding on to the Message, God’s Program and His Work: you cannot leave it for later. Afterwards, there is no opportunity to say: “Wait a minute. Now I believe.

But that part when they enter the temple, there to the most holy place… Notice that they passed through the outer court, they passed through the holy place, and they died in the most holy place. They pass from the Law, they pass in the Dispensation of Grace, and they continue with the little joke, and they pass in that place of the Holy Place and nothing happened to them: “Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, hip hip hooray.” And they go into the Most Holy Place trying to do the same thing they did in the Dispensation of Grace; and there they fell to pieces.

They can’t act as they did in the Dispensation of Grace and think that they are going to come out well.

And so it is also physically: to enter a church with that intention, with that negativity and all that; that is counted as strange fire.

You are not going to worship God with strange fire. You have to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.51

[Workers: Yes, sir].

And all that is told to all those people who enter… It’s better if they don’t come! Because if they are going to enter with negativity and with thoughts, and then with actions and things to a place where God is worshiped. Look, they better think about it before they enter that place.

All those things, many times… “This one is speaking things that are not – he has no love, or he has no…” But they forget that God is a consuming Fire.52 They forget that there is a Program and nobody has to do whatever they want. God has a Program and we have to be governed by that Program. And since it is the Divine Program, no one told Him how to do it.

“No, that I told him… I have to tell Him that, why did you do this or that?”

And who are you to come afterwards to tell God how to do things? Job is the one who says: “Who was His counselor?”53, something like that.

No one was His counselor. He was pleased to fulfill everything at this time as He already has it in His Program, as He has it already destined that another Mercy Seat was to come, a new Mercy Seat.

[Workers: Amen!].

• To the group where Jesus says: “Where the dead body is, there will the eagles be gathered together.”54 And that is the Word, the dead body is the Word, the revelation; that is what God is bringing to us.

And what is He doing? Gathering them, taking them out of the seventh age, bringing them up to the Cornerstone, the Eighth Age, where what happened on Mount Transfiguration is type and figure, where the adoption of Jesus took place.

Because it’s up on the mountain where that happens. Down below they are trying to bring out a lunatic,55 a spirit that a person had, and a ruckus; and they didn’t have that adoption environment.

The environment of adoption is up here [W: Amen], at the Top, on Mount Zion [W: Amen]; where the challenge will be happening; which is the challenge of the victory that is going to be obtained from the test, our great test to obtain victory. In other words, it is the final challenge.

The challenge was there on Mount Carmel: first challenge56; second challenge on Mount Transfiguration; and third challenge: Mount Zion: the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, relevant to this end time, which is in the eighth stage, the Golden Age, the most glorious stage of all stages, the stage of the overcomers, where they are receiving the new Mercy Seat [W: Amen!], where they have received God’s mercy for the last time; which is God’s mercy extended to the people who are still on this Earth, who have to have something to hold on to.

How Jacob took hold of the Angel, who knew that Esau was coming after him, and said to him: “With this blessing I will be able to fight with Esau and defeat him.” And notice that he defeated him with love. First he sent him his sons, then he sent him… and there he defeated him; because it is the Victory in Divine Love in this end time.

[WSS] «Tent =…», or [WSS] «Little Tent ([JBP] he wrote) = Divine Love»57, or Victory in Divine Love.

Where is that going to be? Here, where the challenge will be brought, and where the test of the overcomers will be taking place; and that test is taking place.

Every overcomer has to be tested.

Everyone who is going to be adopted has to be tested, to pass that test; so that the adoption can come later.

“The overcomer.” The word says it: “The overcomer.” There is no: “The possible overcomer,” the “maybe over-…” No. It is THE OVERCOMER.

That is why it says: “He that overcometh shall inherit…,” “he that overcometh,” “he that overcometh.” See? Because it is the overcomer who will receive all those blessings, all those rewards that Revelation says (from 2 and on, and chapter 3) that he will receive in this end time.

The Rod, which is [WSS] «the Word, the Scepter»58, see that it is not only passed to the messenger of this end time, but it is passed to the chosen ones.

It is not to leave it there, it is also to give it, to distribute it; and let each one have… [WMB] “They are little messiahs,”59 he says. Didn’t he say: “Ye are Gods”60?

Imagine, if with One all that was done, how much more with many adopted children of God? And we are going to shake this world, we are going to leave it upside down. And we are going to leave it in confusion, as it has never happened in all the time since Creation was created. We will shake this world and they will see that He is not a Lamb, He is a Lion.

And there the devil will get a tremendous blow; but there he will know Who God is. If he hasn’t known Him: there he will know Who God is in His final manifestation as Lion of the tribe of Judah, King of kings and Lord of lords, but already in a Reclaiming Work; the Work that He promised since before the foundation of the world, that He wanted to do with Adam.

But we carry all that God wanted to show to His people, to His Church: Healer, Savior, merciful, clement; and we carry all of God’s attributes.

Each individual, by being part of God and having that representation of Him: we have all those attributes in us.

Or why are we going to judge even the angels? “The saints shall judge even the angels.”61 Because we are going to have everything that God wanted to show in the midst of His people from Creation through now: We are going to have all those attributes.

We are going to know how to discern, we are going to know… Each one of us is going to have all those things: to be like Him. To be like God is something that doesn’t fit in the human mind; but it does fit in the mind of an overcomer. Because we have such a big heart that all the revelation and all that Title Deed is molded for each one; in other words, it fits exactly in each heart.

Each one has… it can be small (like William [Bermejo]), or it can be big like Muelo. Muelo’s heart and his are the same: it fits the same Title; it will not shrink because he is small.

Whoever doesn’t know, because there is no video here for… Whoever doesn’t know, but William (here) Bermejo is small and Muelo is a little bit bigger; but it can also be a little boy and it can be a big man, and the Title Deed fits in the heart of each one of them.

There is no size for the Word of God to enter and penetrate and be there in the heart of every child of God, chosen of God, who in this end time will be preparing in this time of testing, in this time that God has allowed us to have.

A glorious time! The time of the greatest revival that in the history of mankind has ever happened!

A time of joy, of gladness, of happiness. We are not crestfallen; we are with our heads held high, looking towards heavenly things, and crying out for that moment of adoption; because that is what we are preparing for: for the adoption.

The others look down, downcast. We look up; because that is where we are going. We focus and look to the heavenly things, so that they may be the ones that help us in this time to continue preparing ourselves for the adoption, for the transformation of our bodies.

“LOOKING AT THE NEW MERCY SEAT.” There we will obtain the victory, there we will obtain that objective of the test; which in the end is: the victory, to overcome; we will overcome.

There is a song that says [they all sing]: “I shall overcome, for He is with me.”

See? We are overcomers, because He is with us in that new Mercy Seat. That is why we will overcome: because He is with us, in our midst, working in simplicity, simple.

If it was simple back then, it is simpler now! Because what God does in a way that the human being expects it to be great: the greater man expects it, the simpler God fulfills it. So simple that it will be overlooked by many. [WMB] “Watch,”62 says brother Branham, because it will be so simple, it will be so humble, that it they will miss it.

But the overcomer is not going to miss it. That one is with the Binoculars on tight, and there’s no way he’s going to miss those ministries.

Once they have identified him, there’s no way he’s going to slip out of their sights. Like a good shooter, he has him well adjusted in his sight: “This one will not escape from me.” And they will not let go of the Angel of the Covenant, the Pillar of Fire until they are adopted, transformed.

[Workers: Amen!].

Every overcomer will take hold of that, and he is going to obtain the victory.

Just as the Overcomer at the end of time will give the victory: that messenger that God has at this time will also give the victory to all the elect.

And you are hitting the mark [W: thank God]. You will be obtaining the victory, because it is the new Mercy Seat that you are looking at.

[Workers: Amen!].

[WSS] «another Mercy Seat is coming»63. How beautiful when he wrote it there!

Now where is it? If there is another Mercy Seat… he wrote it!

So look for it! It must be somewhere!

And when you find it…

[Worker (William Bermejo): I found it!] [Laughter].


And by finding it we can say: “I found God, I found the Pillar of Fire, I found it. And I’m not going to let you go.” On the contrary, the promise of the book of Quotations will be fulfilled, when he says: [WMB] “When that persecution comes, don’t be afraid; there is a Light…”64 And what is the Light?

[Worker (Eliomar): Here we have it!].

[Workers: Amen. Glory to God].

The Pillar of Fire! That will take us, rapture us. [WMB] “She will not go through the tribulation,” brother Branham says. In other words, that Light is the one that each one of us are following. That is the guidance, that is the Light in the midst of the people, that is the Light of the revelation.

That is why when something is spoken, the chosen one, the overcomer immediately says: “Amen!” [W: Amen!] “That glorious message on Sunday! That glorious message on Monday! Or on Wednesday, that talk.” Why? Because they are those dewdrops that are seeing those rays of Light arriving and penetrating them, where they will soon be absorbed in the rapture.

We are those little dewdrops that tremble when the Sun rises. And the Sun came out, but powerful: so powerful that it is scorching nicely [laughs], that rich warmth, to obtain the full maturity of an adopted son and daughter of God.

It is a time to mature, it is a time to be before the Sun ripening, to obtain the adoption.

Those who get up early, and the other who is lying down (either the wife, or a schoolmate, who sometimes share rooms), turn on the light, because they have to start, what does the one who stays who doesn’t have to get up early do? He immediately covers himself, because the light bothers him. Some don’t mind; and others: they turn around and tuck themselves in, and want more darkness.

And we: we have uncovered not only the blanket, but we have removed the pillow. That is why he says in one writing: [WSS] «Look at the things above…». And he says… (Not that we are not going to sleep): [WSS] «and remove the pillow – and remove the…», he says something like that.

[(WSS) «From earthly things, to the things of God. Wake up, lift your head from the pillow and the bed».]65

[JBP] We do desire those Light rays more. “And if you want the sheet, take mine if you want it; I don’t need it anymore.”

So looking at that new Mercy Seat: let’s continue forward, we are going to reach the goal. God is not going to let us down, because we are on the right path, looking at the right place and believing the right thing: believing the promises of God, LOOKING AT THE NEW MERCY SEAT.

Today is Tuesday, January 17, of this year 2023. And we are in the west of The Great Tent Cathedral; and it is in the west that God is fulfilling His final Program. And then He will return that same Sun to the East, to Israel.

God bless you, God keep you all.

(That is Muelo’s dessert).

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