Chat with the workers of The Great Tent Cathedral “The stages in the fulfillment of the Tent”

“The stages in the fulfillment of the Tent”

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Monday, December 26, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

That water… Did you see that about the rivers?

[Worker: Yes].

5 streams is grace. How he says that the… what is his name, the one that… the man? Did you see he was a worker? He goes down… He pours water into the recipient, and the water goes down through all the ages.1

That is why in Zechariah, where it says that he pours through a tube of oil, in two olive trees, and from there the oil comes out:2 The Holy Spirit.

And how that Fountain of Water descends towards the ages; but there comes a time when honey is poured into it. And the honey, how… see that when the honey goes down it starts to halt?, it slows, it slows, and holds back… That means that the Holy Spirit was coming out of each age, in each age, in each ag-…, coming out, coming out. And that is the one that is retained above. That is the one that sealed there the… seals, crowns —the Church—, crowns her with Love.

But they had part of that Love, because the Honey came down. And there she said: “Will it come down over here? Will it come down here?” But God was holding it back.

Of course, the messenger was dying, he sealed the… with the group, until he reached the top: brotherly love, which was the part of brother Branham. And that is why there, in Revelation 10, he places there: [WSS] «Honey = brotherly love»3, in the seventh age, representing the Cornerstone but in the seventh part, where the water was going to stop running in our time; and water is the Word.

God was also finishing each stage in our time, He was going to reach the seventh age with brother William: brotherly love; and then, in the Cornerstone, which is where we go up: there the Honey remains, which is sweet; but it is going to be the greatest battle there will be; that is why it is bitter in the belly, because it is the struggle that the ages didn’t have. They had it in portions, but the greatest struggle and the greatest battle is in the Cornerstone; that is why it is bitter in the belly.

It becomes the Word, when the messenger speaks: it is sweet. They had that Honey in their mouth, because it came down; but there came a point where the one who eats it… They didn’t have that in the belly. And maybe in portions, representing this time when the Book is eaten: “Made my belly bitter.”4 And where does that happen? Now.

That is why brother William had to come back too. One of the things was: he had to deliver the Scepter. When it was talked about… I was saying in January, February, that he…; and since before (2019 when he departed; 2020), I was saying that he said: [WSS] “I have the Title.”5

And God was working among us and showing us, as He did with brother Branham and as He did with brother William.

Brother Branham wanted to run away from the ministry. Many times he tried to kill himself… when that happened to him, that his wife died, and the daughter.6

Brother William also: he didn’t know what was going on in his life, he thought brother Branham was the fulfillment of everything. See? God was showing him.

And so it was also talked here about brother William, that he had the Title, and everyone was focusing on him. But God kept opening the picture.

Notice that from the time Moses died until the time they entered: they were detained. There was a time of… There was there… the elders were saying, “Well, if the God that was with Moses is with you, we are with you.”7 Did you see? There was like a little struggle there. Don’t think it was that easy.

Yesterday something was spoken, that anyone could say: “No. Moses took us out, and it has to be him. Surely this is happening, the same thing that happened when he went up the mountain: he was there for 40 days. Let’s wait for him.” And all that, don’t you see that it is happening right now? Many brethren are saying that he is coming back again.

And that time there… What happens is that the Bible doesn’t detail it that much. The Bible couldn’t detail the content from the Seventh Seal.

The Seventh Seal comes from Genesis, says brother Branham.8 And if details were given, the enemy was going to know how the end was going to be, and he was going to try to adjust the attack: “Oh, well then…, if it is not Moses, let me…; and it is not William; let me raise somebody around here, who looks more or less like him”; and the attack would have been another way.

But since nothing was said. There were no details of that struggle in the time of Moses and Joshua, there was none of that… those details that they were there saying whether or not Joshua was the one that was going to enter them.

Those who received him had already identified him by the trajectory he had, and they already saw that there was something in him.

And the other thing: they had already anointed him; surely that was spread all over the… Well, imagine how many millions were there. They were two million? Something like that. Although many died later. But at that time when he was anointed, you have to see how many were there more or less.

They knew something had happened; and they saw it as something normal, because Aaron’s sons were anointed too, and…: “Oh, that is something normal.” But those who were watchful: “Look, no wonder such a thing happened.”

Didn’t the same thing happen when he sent Miguel, who said: [WSS] “Go and anoint him”? Miguel says: [MBM] “Never in the history of my ministry had I ever done that.”9 So there was something there.

And there is a part where he writes that…, something like that about Aaron; he speaks of the mouth of Moses; but Aaron represents somebody important.

And Moses when he says to him: “Tell him to anoint…” We are not saying that, let’s say, that…, because he writes [WSS] «Moses and Aaron, type of the Two Olive Trees». I haven’t read that, right?

[Worker: No].

In these days I was reading it: that Moses and Aaron at that time is type of… And Zerubbabel and Joshua also. And it says something else: they represent and reflect, they were reflecting the Two Olive Trees.10

In other words… Look at Aaron’s position there, how God places it there. Although he did what he did, but he was the mouth of Moses. God’s mouth was Moses, and Moses’ mouth was Aaron.11

But that part is interesting: of how the people there, in those 5 years, were preparing themselves to, (let’s say) to stand firm with the leader. After he comes and tells them to enter: “Well, sanctify yourselves, tomorrow we are going to (or in 3 days, I think it was), we are going to enter.”12 But first there was a battle first, in identifying the leader.

It has always been like that. Because for you to enter a place there has to be a porter who tells you: “Let’s go in where he says.” But if you don’t believe in the porter, you will try to enter through another place, expecting the same thing that the one who is there will give you, but you will try to enter through the window.

And here are many that are coming in through the window, trying to come in through the window; and there, by trying to come in through the window, when they come in…; that is why he says: “You see them sitting there with you.”13

When the King appears, he says: “Wait a minute”; those Two reaping Angels start to take out. “Wait, you are not here, you don’t go here. You entered through the wrong door,” even though they are still sitting there.

It is fulfilled here, not there at the Supper. And that is what is happening, and the same people don’t realize it. Those who are being removed don’t realize that they are already outside.

And another thing: When he came back, notice that he was two years – a year and something; I believe he didn’t reach two years; he was in part of that time; and he also had to leave the Title, the Scepter, that is where the final gear of one dispensation and the beginning of another one was.

But the time, look, the time that John…, that is why he says that [WMB] he would be a forerunner of the Messiah, in some parts; that [WMB] Elijah would come forerunning the Messiah14; and in another part he says: [WMB] “Elijah will present,” or “he will take them to the Messiah.”15 But since God is the one who operates the ministries: He can operate it there in the person, He can operate it in the next one.

When John was in prison, he couldn’t do anything from there.16 He could speak, send to ask questions; but Jesus was already ministering. When… and he was trapped there, he couldn’t do anything, he was in jail; at that moment it was: jail.

And brother Branham when he had the accident, he was trapped in the car without moving, he couldn’t do anything17; he got to minister the Word in certain things, like putting his hand on his wife, she was dead, he revived her there; but he was trapped18; and the one that was ministering standing up was Joseph.

And brother William was trapped in that body unable to minister; just like… going out of the house he couldn’t do, he couldn’t minister, from there limited; but there was somebody that was ministering.

Look at what a tremendous thing! How all those events were being reflected and typified in that which was to come. And how seven stages are traveled…

Look, back there at the end of the Law, John reached a certain place to present and foreshadow. In the time of Grace, brother Branham was in the seventh age to foreshadow. But both of them came to a point where they were arrived and weren’t able to do anything: trapped in a… in the systems of the world, for example: jail; brother Branham in an accident.

And you go to the Dispensation of the Kingdom: seven stages are traveled, and in the seventh that Archangel Gabriel comes announcing…: [WMB] “You announced the First Coming, you will announce the Second Coming”; he comes as a forerunner [(WSS) «will forerun»].19

And you say that and then they are on you; but he also fulfills that: trapped also with this kingdom of the devil that introduced death there in the…, and he was trapped in that body there. When he often said: [WSS] “So much work and look! Look how… as I am,” he said; imagine. But it was the same thing: he was repeating exactly the same thing.

There it is a little bit more explained, let’s say, this one… broken down. (That was just now, look!): What a tremendous thing!, how everything at the end of every dispensation the same thing happened. And at the end of the Dispensation of Grace… Remember that the Dispensation of the Kingdom has that interlace in those seven stages; and that is why the baptisms came back, you see? It was restored.

In the seven ages they started with baptism, they stopped baptizing and brother Branham restored it. In the Dispensation of the Kingdom it started with baptisms in 74, baptisms were stopped, it had some stages, and at the end who restored it? Elijah restoring, who is the Archangel Gabriel.

But you see? One cannot focus: “No, it is that this one, the ministry is there.” God is the one who operates the ministries and He can operate them when He wants and desires.

—“No, that they say now: a sixth Elijah.”

But, it was him the one who wrote it there!20, it wasn’t me!

—“That they are now coming out with…”

I didn’t come out with… it was him! And they don’t realize that they are battling with the same Word; they are battling with the same one they say they believe.

And of course, if you look at it a certain way… Didn’t he recently put?, I read that he places it as age number 9, in the Pyramid21, if we count the apostles.

There is another place where he says, he counts Jesus, counts Peter, counts Paul; and when you come to see, it becomes now 10. As you see there the number 10: Enoch, of the generation22

You see that you…? You can’t limit yourself! to…, you can’t limit yourself to numbers and that it has to be like that. God is infinite, and He can… He places everything and puts it into the form that He already has it in His Program.

But if he didn’t return…, why would he say: [WSS] “The people are not ready”? Because if God was to fulfill everything when he left… That is why he said: [WSS] “I couldn’t present myself alone at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and let the people go through the great tribulation.”23

Look at his love for the people: he asks for more time, it is granted to him…; what wasn’t granted to Moses back then. But since he was the one who did what he did, it wasn’t granted to him; to him, to brother William it was. In that case, he fulfills that part of Moses.

He was born in 1940; well, dispensational messenger: 1940. All the Scriptures have multiple fulfillments. It wasn’t for him… The Divine Program was for him to be in the entire dispensation; because the Second Coming wasn’t to be crucified. And neither was it going to be a death…, Although that had something that was going to happen later on with the Two Olive Trees, but it had nothing to do with the fulfillment of that death that Moses reflected back then smiting the rock.24

If he stayed alive, to understand the mystery of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels was going to be… Number 1: God doesn’t have two greater prophets at the same time. And since what is going to happen to the Two Olive Trees is going to happen, and that wasn’t what was going to happen to him (that type and figure), then, God comes and has to take the messenger away. And then those ministries are left alone (which is what is going to happen). But he had to come back to leave him the Title; and then everyone is eating that Title.

And the bitterness…, because they are being…, it is no longer leaving it there. And it goes out and leaves through the little box that is up there; that, we retain it in each one of us.

That is why when they go to say:

—“Give me some of that,” and they start to knock.

And one says:

—“No. Go and get it yourself. I don’t want to be left without it. I am not going to give you that Honey.”

Look how it is being sealed in each little box, which it is us; because we are Temple of God. He is pouring that Honey; and we don’t let it out from here.

The foolish virgins will also want some, but no. And many of those from here will later be, when they see all that… the product, the result of what we ate: they have to see it, they have to see how all that will be shown later in a great way in the little room; but we as a little room, as a temple, will also have that power.

—“All that was for that to happen and I didn’t take advantage of it! Give it to me!”
—“Go to the books, go away.”

There will be no more time.

The time where God has given us to eat of it quickly is now. Like when they were eating the lamb in the night: they had to eat it in haste, death was – it was coming.25

And the world is now in darkness; and we have to eat this fast, because the great tribulation is coming. Something is already going to come up, from one moment to another, that is going to produce that squeeze, but we already have to have that Title Deed in us completely.

You cannot say:

—“No, I already had it since the seventies; he already gave it to me.”
—“And why are you still with that body?”

One can’t limit the things that God is going to do with us as elect, limit h to our interpretations. You have to let God work in our lives, and not be stingy with God in His Work, putting yourself as if you know more than God.

God forgot this last stretch, and now we have to wait for Him (!). He is the one who is waiting for us! He has always been ready.

He had Moses ready there already to deliver the people. “No, wait a minute, Moses… Just a moment. They are still very comfortable there. When they cry out, I will listen.” And so it was. God had the man ready.

But it is not because you think you know more, because you have more knowledge of the Message, and you are going to say: “No. That is not so.” He is automatically despising the Divine Program.

Such a great Work that God has done, and at the last minute: God forgot to finish the final stretch (!), the most important stretch of the Divine Program.

—“Let’s wait then for him to come again and tell us; and stand there and preach.”

That is the way everybody believed. Then God would have to… There is a part where he says: [WMB] “God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah,”26 something like that. You have to look at the whole context, because it’s a tremendous thing.

If God doesn’t fulfill something as He has it in His Program, then He would have to go to the past and look for all the occasions where the same thing happened. They would still be… if that were so, they would still be there in front of the… before the promised land, they would still be there waiting for Moses.

One can’t get stuck in the revelation, nor can you get stuck in the Divine Program; because it all goes on. And this part of going up and going out, see, yesterday we read it: [WSS] “The Third Pull is the calling of the 144,000, and the calling of the elect to go up to the Cornerstone”27; he says something like that. See where also that Scripture has fulfillment, because it is a call of an age that has already ended.

If the messenger left, then there has to be another step, there has to be something else that God has to be working.

And the Cornerstone, which is the Golden Age, which is the age where all that Honey is being poured, which is the content of the Book: whoever is not receiving that in the jar, or in the…, let’s say, in… he said [WMB] “a little stone box”; whoever is not receiving that there, therefore, is despising nothing more and nothing less than what will give them the the Rapturing Faith.

And since he stays in the seventh age: there is nothing there. What is there then is…, he says that [WMB] “the seventh age is Satan’s throne,”28 something like that. Yesterday we didn’t have it at hand to read it, but from there is where he reigns. He always goes up to there, he can’t pass, he doesn’t go up.

In other words, from there the next thing that he will receive in that jar are interpretations, ideas; and that is all that the devil is going to be putting in his mind. And there are the people who start attacking, and will attack the Work. They are not realizing that they are fulfilling the Scriptures.

Because, if you notice, there has to be something that God is doing; but there also has to be a people, or some brethren, or a group, that is attacking that. Period. And they are not seeing themselves reflected in that.

They see a joyful people, with a revival; and they are upset. And you see them all with that anger:

—“Urgh! Urgh!”
—“But why are you like this? If it is a time of happiness, of rejoicing, of joy. We are leaving here very soon, and you are fighting because it can’t be like this? Oh, so you don’t want to leave?”

In other words, they don’t realize that they are fulfilling the Scriptures. And when we see that, it makes us sad…; because they are people that we appreciate, that we… As I was telling Axel a little while ago: it makes us sad to have even met them. Many of them were born with you, spent time together, but at the same time…

Like when he would say to me: [WSS] “If you see that they don’t talk bad about you…,” because I would – I went:

— [JBP] “Look, they told me such a thing.”
— [WSS] “Relax.”

Then later, it seems that he was already so… that I was telling him…

[WSS] “Look, Benjie, the day they don’t talk about you: worry; something’s wrong.” [Laughter].

And oh, dear! I calmed down. Now it’s: “Wait a minute, who…? Did you speak ill of me?” In other words, as brother Branham told us: [WMB] “Everything is fine, Billy: the Message, the messenger…; but there is something wrong: there are many people following this Message.”29 But wait a minute! But aren’t there supposed to be many?

That is, we, it should fill us… Look, it sounds harsh, it sounds harsh, but it fills us with joy that these people are fulfilling those Scriptures. And it is hard to say it, because… If not, then we would have to worry, because wasn’t that what was in the Divine Program? That they would rise against the Work of God. And when one sees that: “Well…, we are doing well.”

That is why, if one could speak a little bit more…; but I can’t. That is what the Angel said to brother Branham: [WMB] “You are not going to say anything about this to anybody.”30

There will be no imitation, there will be no manufactured people, either. If one could talk and give them, show them a little more, that would be, imagine: there would be a line of people here asking for forgiveness. If they knew just a little bit more, there would be no time… In fact, we would have to be here…, people coming from all over. From all countries!: There would only be forgiveness activities; if only they would realize what is happening.

But since that is a stage. When people come and all that, it is rather for people who are already predestined to give their lives in the great tribulation: they will come repentant, they will come looking for what the foolish ones came looking for there (the sleeping virgins); but they were people, as brother Branham says: [WMB] “of good heart.”31

We are going to give them time for them; not these ones. God didn’t even…, even though He had them there all that time, see that He didn’t make time for all of them? There was no mercy for any of them!

They had it there, they had it there in the… they had the Delicacy in their mouth, and what they did was spit it out and throw it away!

That is tough. We were almost giving it there… Look, even mashed, because see that what God has given us is something so great, that we don’t even have to…

One said: “Hey, and you had…?”

—“He already answered me in the one from Friday.”

And it is already… And it is as if God is placing Himself in the heart of each person that cry to know; and then… That is not just here; in different places. And that one asks for something, the other one cries out for something; and in some message it comes out.

—“Look, Benjie! I was thinking these days: but, then, how will it be? And bam! Cleared up.”

You are almost getting that Food almost digested there. In other words, it is a matter of swallowing it. And many spit it out, as they spit the Word there: Jesus. In that time where they grabbed his beard, they took off his hair, they spit on Him32; and that represents all those who spit and try to take His beard off —in that type, typology—: despising the Word of this time.

That is why they will not be given time, opportunity, for them to come to the line of prayer there to ask for forgiveness. Unfortunately, there will be no time for them then. They are, as I would say: “Pieces of flesh walking, because they are already spiritually dead.”33 It is sad to say, but it is so.

Because they have done a lot of damage. And they still have much to do! Because they have to fulfill the whole Scripture. They have done a lot of damage to the people in this time, and God is not going to have mercy on any of them; because they haven’t seen, they haven’t identified, where the Word is, where is the Word.

That is why if they are shown a little bit, there one would place oneself in that part where he writes (and they believe): [WMB] “Then we would have to resurrect those of Sodom and Gomorrah and ask them for forgiveness.” They didn’t know the Day of His Visitation.

And now many haven’t understood the time of Visitation. Now they are not going to be given the opportunity of standing in line, nor of prayer, nor anything. But that is how it is in the Program, and one should continue firm.

And many things are still going to hurt; but this is as he said yesterday34: [WMB] “it is individual.” When they brought that to brother Branham: [WMB] “Brother Branham, they said that if one is a believer and is married, and the other is not a believer: none of them make the rapture, because they are both the same flesh.” See how there in that part (let’s say) God doesn’t…, or how He breaks it (let’s say). See how it has that fulfillment there of…: [WMB] “No. It is individual. It is written…” He goes to the Scripture: “One shall be taken from bed and the other shall be left.”

And there is another part where he says that one…; when it is like this, it can literally be fulfilled, but also at a distance, that are people that know each other; something like that, there is a part where he says.

Because all this is now individual. No “because So-and-So or So-and-So says this, therefore I will believe.”

The different branches that arise when a messenger dies and goes to another stage: those same leaders are the ones who are diverting the people when they don’t want to follow the divine guidance. And he is the one who (let’s say) with a group of people on one side… Even though it is individual in that form; by coming and becoming denominationalized, without noticing, they start to point backwards that the denomination is here; and they don’t realize that it is them.

Because by stepping out of the branch that gives and pours that Water of eternal life, in other words, the Word, where it flows…; when they are cut off and become a branch outside: that is already denominationalism. And he comes to be —the leader— responsible for that group. It becomes another denomination with a leader.

In our time, God has given us the freedom of: each one as temple of God; that is why it is individual. The devil tries to make organizations, and God delivers us. Each individual entering through the Door. And everything is so simple that people: that is what blinds them; they are “blind guides of the blind.”35

But it is so great what we have been allotted, that now not even one here should be paying attention to none of that. And I say it again: it hurts us, but didn’t God tell Samuel there? (I think it was): “Cry no more for Saul.”36 In other words, it comes to a point where God says: “Enough.” In other words…

He also said to Moses: “Speak no more of this matter to me.”37

There are things that one must continue forward; not to pay attention to and follow. Leave them there in that mess. 

It is a time very… in the way that God is doing it, no one expected that everything was going to… It surprised the whole world. 

But the elect were not going to be surprised: they knew, and know, that there is a Program; and it doesn’t matter who (as we were speaking) God would choose from one of His redeemed to fulfill it: We were going to follow Him38; because it is the fulfillment of the Word what matters.

And the Third Pull, since it was something that wasn’t written… In a certain sense; because it was written in his books; because there are many things there that he left written there to be open now. 

I was telling them yesterday at home: “If a minister was to get a hold of that, he would start to benefit from that…”; because, did it not happen when the Name, there? They knew it, and they placed it for their own benefit.39

If they were to get a hold of everything that is written there, number one: some could – have spoken openly about things… It wasn’t going to be like that, it wasn’t the person, but if it were to happen, this would have been a… Imagine! But since God was careful…, that it was in the indicated moment and the indicated person, the indicated place, to be bringing all that while God is opening everything. 

And if you look for the one from the 25th (which was yesterday), the one from last year, and you go to one from August or October: see how everything has been growing. 

And there is a conversation with a person (they sent it to me, a screenshot), that on the 26th of December he wrote to me [2021]: “How tremendous everything that was spoken there!” And I wrote to him: [JBP] “There is much I could say! (Something like that), but let’s go little by little.” Since the 25th! And see how… All of this is registered because it is already… And there God hadn’t opened the whole picture for me. But see how God went guiding everything…, there with the struggles, with the battle.

The same thing that happened in the seventies, 74, the battle that was there… hard. I remember that I was small listening to Julio that would say to him: [WSS] “Do you remember, Julio?” (William said to Julio), that he wanted… And he (William) told him: [WSS] “No, not like that.” Because he got in the car, and trying to…, I don’t know if he had the bullet on the top and it went off, and that was where he blew his finger off. That is why Julio had his finger, this one, crooked to a side there. But it wasn’t the way, that wasn’t the form.

The same as those who are going to let themselves be used, the ones who are going to do that.

But that of that time, he told him: [WSS] “Let him, the Word will take care of that.” And see how… It was a big struggle for brother William that time.

In the beginning of a dispensation there are always struggles. And notice that now, hasn’t there been a struggle?, mainly with the leaders. The people wanting to receive hit and many are there holding it back. [WMB] They neither go in, nor let anyone else go in, the leaders.”40

But all this time has been a time to test people: to see what is in the heart. And we don’t know yet how much further we still have to go; because there are still hypocritical people inside: there are still brethren, ministers and everything; people who are there just to stay there, and others for some type of convenience; but time will tell.

They start to say: “My Lord delays,” and they start to hit his servants. See how that Scripture is fulfilled there: “My Lord delayeth his coming”41; that is how they will tell him: “No, brother William is not coming, wait.” And without noticing, since he is delayed, for them, well (and they don’t know that he is already among them)…, and he takes a while, then they start to attack and to speak badly; they start to hit their servants. Servant because it is a brother.

That is why on Sunday when he says (and there is a part)… to them; brother Branham is referring to those who help each other; but that story is very… If one details it, when he says that: [WMB] “No, I don’t get along with this one because of this, because of this, because of this, because of this, because of this; but let him go outside and someone does something to him, (he says): that almost breaks your chest.”42 Why? Because he is part of you!

Even if that love is waaay at the bottom, way at the bottom; but there is that spark that burns you and it tells you: “Let them mess with him, because I…” But here, in the Church, in the House of God, he breaks him to pieces! “No, not this one…; I don’t like this one, no…”

Everything is becoming so clear, that for that reason sometimes one says: “But it is impossible that they can’t see it.”

See, that message from yesterday… That is clearer than water! And even then they still don’t understand it. Because as brother Miguel was telling me: [MBM] “It’s just that if they are not going to make the rapture, how will they understand it?”

And you tell them that they are not going to make the rapture and nothing; and they say: “Ah, no. Benjie is saying… Brother William said that we are all going to make the rapture.”

Yes, but now it is the Angel that makes the segregation, which are the ministries of Moses and Elijah.

Now it is not everyone that will make the rapture; now it is those people with prophetic insight that will make the rapture. It is not everyone.

Brother William brought everyone: that great catch (big) where he started to attract the small fishes; they were all with him. But in the last pull (after the second one, in the last one), that catch is now: the big fishes.

And brother Branham wanted to make that catch. 

In part, he wanted to also make…, even though he gathered all of them, but that last pull brother William wanted to do it; but it didn’t belong in that stage there.

It was now: when it is called and it is pulled, that last pull, which is in a Tent. And it is all being fulfilled: “When that happens…” And yes, it is already happening.

The rest will be staying in denominational waters. They will not be taken from there, they will not be taken from the seventh age of the Dispensation of the Kingdom, of that seventh age; they are left there in the water, in that lake that represents – represented there where the Angel showed him.

But these others are taken and placed in the Cornerstone, in the Golden Age: where the rapture will happen, the catching away; where God will come down, the visit will come: it will be there.

You can’t wait for an age where the messenger left, to wait there for the visit of the sixth dimension. The visit is going to be is in the Cornerstone; and he who is not up there will not see it. They will say:

—“But look, look at So-and-so there.”
—“Where? I don’t see him.”
—“Look at him there!”

See? It will be like this. It will be in a common way.

—“But look, there is So-and-so! Wait a minute, look at Humberto! Wait a minute, look at Rondon! Look at Menendez!”

And when they comes to…:

—“But I don’t see them…”

They are going to realize that they are going to stay. Something will happen in that time in which that faith for them, to later give their lives, they have to obtain it; because they didn’t receive that Oil.

Surely many from here. One doesn’t desire for them to get lost, but we have to see how far the person has crossed the line: there will be no mercy at all for those. It is impossible for there to be mercy for a person who has blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

Because if a time where that stage was finished came, and God closed… We can’t detail it when it is; but yes, there is already a time that you can see that had to have happened.

Because at this point, he who still continues…: there is no way to turn back. Because this way anyone could! Those at this point will wait to see the visions and the miracles to then believe. One will not wait for the Tent to believe, in other words, to the fulfillment of that.

Even when he was coming, what he always commented: [WSS] “This is going to be too small for you.” He was already showing that it was in a future time and that he wasn’t going to be here. [WSS] “This is going to be too small for you.”

Even when he spoke there, he spoke from behind; neither… Look at the reverence and the… (let’s say) his respect, of the ministry that was going to be there. He didn’t even speak towards there. He spoke towards the brethren, to the workers, and he got down and he left.

It wasn’t him to be here in his physical body working and speaking and bringing the Teaching. But it is him!, in the Word: because the Message and the messenger are the same.43 And how he has helped us to follow that same line!

Look, one could have computers and all, but in the way that God used to bring all this Message is the same way He is using now in this final stretch: the books.

And anyone could say: “But… Hey, but that takes a long time.”

I have been a year and so (a little more), transferring all of that to a notebook: each message, each… The book of Quotations, everything that he wrote: I am almost done (I don’t have much left).

The same thing that he wrote in his books I have written in notebook; in other words that (let’s say) I have been transferring…; and it has been a year. Imagine, he has had since sixty-something. There are notes there from ‘65, imagine, ‘66, that he has been writing all those years the studies. And I am taking advantage in notebooks everything that is the book of Quotations, Ages, Seals; all the writings; since some have already been given this year; but that is…

In other words that, everything that God is doing now is the continuation of what he was doing until God said to him: “Up to here.”

And that date that he had already written (because he knew he was leaving)… after that of Argentina he already had some notes there in one of the studies. I see in one of those of “THE KING IS BORN” (I believe that it was preached here, after that of Argentina), there he had written that date of [WSS] «2017». And the one of [WSS] «2019», after something was fulfilled now in these days.

Now, we have to see that the same thing that happened with the seven days after brother Branham parted… in other words, after the accident (I correct); after the accident it was seven days later. And we have to see there…; because that is also written there, that time, what it represents there, of that death of brother Branham seven days later. 

But all of that is already… That is why he says there: [WMB] “It won’t miss not even by a minute,”44 it will not miss. “It is all exact.

Even the life of the messengers as well, one has to see: the ages, the age that – they are, where they were reflected.

Because the Archangel there, that time he said to him: “Don’t be afraid to take your wife (it was espoused was, he wasn’t married) Mary,”45 Joseph was 45 years old.

—“Come, don’t be afraid to take her”: Don’t be afraid to take the Church.

There is something tremendous here. He never spoke of Joseph, descendant of David; but there he represented what happened there when I was 45 years old, with him. Which was in 2019, when he left. Gabriel’s last appearance at that time, like that, was to Joseph.

He went to Zechariah first; but he had told him something, something had happened with Elizabeth. He had appeared to Zechariah, then to Mary (when he was in the seventh age); then he appears to Mary and lastly to Joseph, and he leaves.

And there, when he was there in those days, brother Branham says…, it was there where he wrote that Joseph was 45 years old.46 And on that date I was 45 years old, when he told me certain things in the hospital. See how everything is fulfilled? They are types and figures that come to fulfill over here. 

And the same, more or less like this. Leaving me the Church-Bride where that Son was going to be born, through that one who was leaving that ministry there. That whole picture that happened there is something very tremendous.

That is why he would say: [WMB] “The Bride is with child to give birth to that Son.”47

And God already had that Son, he had been born, he had already been there with them, he had a trajectory and he had everything.

And now, these next dates are important, because at the age of 50 brother Branham visited Paradise. In other words, something is going to move around those days. 

And we have to remember that the calendars are 5 days and a quarter [¼] behind; and we also have to add the 9 months in the womb. He has all that there.

In other words, when you come to see, everything goes (as we say) pulling, shortening, shortening; and when you come to see: When is the cycle of the 50th Year actually starting? Possibly, it is not needed to wait for the year 2024 to enter the 50th Year (Whoah! I said the date); but, that is, to be that age (because you can calculate it, you know when I was born); but it can be before, something…, as it can be after! One doesn’t have, you can’t, you can’t adjust yourself on dates. But we have to be very vigilant and see, be on the lookout, as Elisha was with Elijah:48

—“Look, they are going to take your lord.”
—“Shh, be quiet! I know. I was watchful. Don’t distract me.”

Why? Because the one who was going to give him that double portion was going to leave; therefore, you have to be on the lookout for Elijah to receive that double portion. And the elect have to be attentive to those ministries so that he will give them the double portion of the eternal body, that is, that second part.

He can’t… Are they talking over there? “Shh!… leave them alone!” Don’t listen to him. See? Keep focused and keep looking at the ministry, because at any moment something could be happening.

We are going to be watching how things are going to move; but since everything is in the same interlace. In… that if a… the storms? It is normal for a storm to occur; the earthquakes? They are also becoming something normal. And how everything is going to be like that in the midst of something normal; but it is God working in the midst of all that to take His Bride.

Before that we know that a series of events are going to happen. But there is something that hasn’t been talked about of when it is that something happens; and they are thinking that it is at a certain time, and they are going to realize later that it wasn’t as they had thought. In other words: to place the pieces in the place where it goes, that corresponds to God; to the believer: to believe them.

But there will be many surprises as to how things will be fulfilled. The people are already preparing, receiving the Rapturing Faith. They leave, and: “Wait a minute! But isn’t there supposed to be a rapture?” It is going to be something so like this, as we say, subtle, how all is going to be happening.

Being on the lookout for Elijah there, depended on Elisha getting that double portion. He receives it. That is where in that (in that there of the boys), when he told them what he was going to do, look how he immediately went and did what Elijah did: he struck with the mantle.49 In other words, what he did was to begin to open the Word. The water represents the Word. Exactly what Elijah did was continued by Elisha: opening the Word.

What has been happening now? Opening the Word, opening the Message, making known these hidden mysteries, which is what has and contains the Rapturing Faith, the Faith of Transformation.

But since God has it that way in such a simple way: they overlooked it, it was missed by those who thought it was a certain way. They stayed with the types and figures, and they didn’t move on to reality, they didn’t move on to what it was that he spoke of. They came to be followers of emotions and of…; not followers of the Word.

—“No, I believe what he brought.”

If you had believed what he brought you would be believing now at this time.

The stage of segregation is the most important stage for the elect; because it is where the chaff is taken from you, you are presented to the Sun to ripen; and there can be nothing that gets in the way of that Sun from ripening you. That is why all the things that get in the way for one to ripen as wheat, one must remove it.

To think of such a short time of happiness compared to a glorified and eternal body? It doesn’t… it is not business! Let’s say.

Not saying: “No, I do this, I’m going to go on doing my worldly life, I’m going to go on doing this, this; and yet I’m going to be transformed.”

No. There must be a time of preparation. Didn’t the last one at the last hour enter at the Cross? In fact, he got there first.50 In other words, God left a time for that: to correct everything, and to set our sights, not on earthly things, but on heavenly things.

There is a part where he sa-… I took a picture, that he said that: [WSS] «Look at heavenly things…» (where was it?) Look at it here! He’s talking:

Luke 21

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

[JBP] And he writes there: [WSS] «From earthly things, to the things of God. Wake up, lift your head from the pillow and the bed».

That is, of earthly things; of… he is not saying that we shouldn’t go to sleep, but… Even that! Let nothing hold us back, but let us continue on to the goal for which we have been brought to this point. And it is to continue, it is not to get stuck; it is to continue towards that goal, which is transformation; it is to follow the Ark, it is to follow the divine guidance.

It is not following a man. We are not following a man here. We are following God in His Program. It is what He promised; and He is not going to let us down.

Now, if we turn our backs on Him… and we think we know better… and we say and fight with the same Word (because that is what they do). What does the devil do? What did the devil do there with Eve? “No, he didn’t say you are going to die; pray to God to open your eyes and give you more understanding.”51 See? He used the same Word.

— “It’s just that he said he was going to fulfill that, he said it was him, he said there were no more messengers.”

Just like this I… And you are… A brother told me: “Look, you are with them for a little while, and a little bit more and you believe”; because they have a persuasive way and way of…

That is how the devil is: he is very astute. The most persuasive man is the devil. And he has such cunningness! To take the Word; and when you look…:

—“But is it the Word. Of course it is!”
—“No, that he says there are no messengers.”
—“Yes, of course.”

Up to that point. Because He has one in the Cornerstone.

—“No.” Because since they don’t go forward, they think it is as far as they say.
—“It is just that he said in eighty-something…”

There is an excerpt that they are putting a lot: that he asked the Lord if there was anybody else. At that time, of course there was no one else!; because the Seventh Seal, the mystery of the Seventh Seal wasn’t going to be revealed to him.

If the Seventh Seal had been opened to him there, and he preaches it, he makes everything known: The first thing they were going to do was to cast brother William aside; and they were going to start looking for who that other man was.

The Seventh Seal couldn’t be spoken openly; and what he did was that he sealed it there. And everybody said: “Ah, well, that is him then. Let’s stand still.”

Those who do that don’t know the struggle that was there, the battle, at that time. And they are going to find themselves like Dathan, Korah, and Abiram: against the messenger of the time in which God has placed them now; that they have passed (just as the seed passed there in Noah’s ark)52, they have also passed from that age and they are here. They are going to realize that they are the ones who are hindering the Divine Program; and that is where the Angels make that separation. That is where it is fulfilled: the harvesting Angels will now take out the wheat [the tares].53

It couldn’t be done in the ages, because they could pull up… by pulling up the tares, they could pull up the wheat. Now it is that this segregation is being done.

Because notice that the first one who does the little pull — and that pull after…; there he is ready to fish, and he pulls it to catch it— it is God with the Word.

And on the other hand, there are the tares; because brother Branham says in The Ages that [WMB] “the tares will be bound; and when that happens, the rapture will take place.”54 In other words on the one hand it is God gathering the big fish, and on the other hand the enemy to the tares; and all this is also reflected within the Church.

You see how the groups are already joining together. Look, that one goes…

Brother William said so many times to connect, have antennas and have everything; and ministers are not putting now: “We are not going to connect, we are not going to listen to anything”; against what the messenger spoke of.

And they might say: “No, it is that later when that happens then we are going to connect.” Tremendous responsibility that minister has put on himself by taking that people to the great tribulation; he is preparing them for the great tribulation.

And then they will call the minister to account. Woe to that minister! And to all those who have thrown to the floor the word of brother William, that he said: [WSS] “Have the antennas, start preparing now.”

He even said that the devotional was going to be followed from there.55

It is not that they are going to do it from now on; you can have your devotional. That gradually comes in. Surely as there will be some pauses, and… Let’s leave it; but all that is going to come in by itself. But if even that is going to be followed, how are you going to take away?

—“No, because I don’t like the one that is there.”

Now! They give you a car and: “Oh no, I don’t like it because I don’t like that color.”

There they give you the opportunity to prepare, and at the end: “No, because since I don’t like the one over there; his way is… Everything I know about him!”

Well you have to be careful, because if you start to take out the things that that person already cast in the Blood when there was an opportunity…; and the only one who has those files is the devil. And the person has the way to take them out: with the sense of memory; he takes them out, he exposes them; and then when he goes again to return the file:

—“Wait a minute! But the door of this… Look, open it for me! I’m going to put away this file that I just took out of there.”
—“Um, no. The door is locked.”

And when the police come they find you with the…

—“And where did you get that from? That doesn’t belong to you, that belongs to that office. What are you doing with that?”

Tied hand and feet and to the great tribulation.

In other words, there is no way after going to the Throne of Intercession to turn that back; because that is the only way there is to return that to the devil. The only way there is to return sins that belong to the devil was Christ.

And the elect know the way —in this time— how to make God help them in this final stretch: because mercy is in the Two Olive Trees.

There is always a way; but for that one who doesn’t believe in that… how will he go…?

—“No, I am going to go to the Throne there to ask for forgiveness.”

Because to begin with, they are so arrogant and so close-minded that they say: “Since I…” They think, it seems, the… as they say, ‘the Queen of Sheba.’ “I can expose all that, his mistakes, because it was him, it wasn’t me.” No, now they are in your hands; and God will demand that blood as He demanded from Pilate the Blood of Jesus.

That of passing it on (we read it)56 … No, that is going to come back to you again.

And in this time there is not going to be a way for you to return them there; because you say:

—“No. I put them there.”
—“No. It came back to you.”
—“And why?”

Because the Throne is already of Judgment, He is already Judge; there is no way.

The devil is… in this time, he is a person who doesn’t like to be exposed (as we read it)57, he doesn’t like to be exposed, in other words, to be discovered. And how is he being discovered? By the actions he is doing through human beings.

That is why I was telling you58: [JBP] “It is not against the body, it is not against the person; it is against the spirit that is in that person.” “Powers of wickedness (so it says, something like that), of the kingdom of wickedness.”59

They don’t realize that they are being used by the enemy in this time; and so they say:

—“No, I don’t like ‘this one’, ‘this one’ has many defects.”

And who has told you that he has defects? Have you checked him well? Who are you to say if he has or not?

You have to be very careful, because you are going to run into the same person that Sarah ran into there, and she lied to Him: with Elohim.60

It is a time where God is looking at the Earth no longer through the Blood, but through the Binoculars: which are Moses and Elijah. That is why it is only where there is mercy, for the elect who accept it; because God looks at them through the two of them. Just as He looked at the Earth through Jesus, and didn’t bring divine judgment.

The world deserved the great tribulation a long time ago; but because of Christ on the Throne of Intersession, He looked upon the Earth through the Blood. And now, by not being there, He looks at the Earth, but when He looks it is like when you put on binoculars and you are going to be looking at what it focuses on. There may be a lot of things going on here, but when He looks, He focuses on the elect and says: “Wait, I am going to protect these. They already have that Blood on the lintel applied.” But it is through them that He is looking at them.

They may say: “But I also have the Blood, because I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, I accepted Him and everything.” Yes, but that part was when He was going to leave the Throne of Intercession. And you can’t say that… you get up in the morning and you go to bed in the evening, and something always has a root or something, of evil, for which one has to say to the Lord: “I didn’t mean to do it.” We are in these bodies! That is what still proves that we are in these bodies!: because we fault.

Now, how is that mechanism? How do we do it, so that God keeps looking at us clean? The Blood is in the Church, in the elect, it is in us; but it has to be seen in a way. And the way God sees it now is through the Two Olive Trees. And if you don’t believe in the Two Olive Trees: then you don’t have the Blood applied.

That mystery, when it is thus… opening up, you have to follow that to look for many places where it speaks of all of that; we can elaborate: how it is that one is clean before God, still being in these bodies.

If you don’t believe in the Two Olive Trees, that is the… [WSS] «Moses and Elijah: he who receives them, receives mercy»61: the last mercy of God, for the last time.

That is why he says: [WMB] “They had sat in meetings like this. They were preached to and told all that was coming. They knew the punishment that awaited them. They had spurned the mercy of God for the last time.”62

In whom? In Moses and Elijah. In the Two Olive Trees. In the fulfillment of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels in that final stage, which is the fulfillment of the Two Olive Trees.

Everything is simple! For the one who understands it, who receives it, because he is chosen. The one who is not: he will not receive even if it is shown to him… Well, they will believe when they see the miracles happening there; but there will not be an opportunity any more, then there is no way to come back and say: “Now I believe.”

The same thing that happened at the time Jesus left the Throne of Intercession will happen: God takes away the Church, and then He takes out those ministries in a certain way; and when He looks, then the judgment is already there; because the elect are no longer there, for which He is still protecting this world.

A lot of things were said there… grumf! But God will continue to help us. God will continue to give us strength. And one of the things is: taking care of us; especially here: in the mind; that is where the biggest battle is: here; where that black dog and that white dog are fighting. Whoever you feed the most, that is the one that is going to obtain the victory. That is represented in the dog, there in the Indian, that he set that example.63

In other words, the elect of God, no matter how much of a struggle he will have or has: God is going to give him the victory; because it is already prophesied, it is already… We have come this far to overcome. We haven’t arrived here to get to the edge and stay there.

If he says that victory is assured! If he says that Christ will overcome them! Well then one has to know that this mighty Army, we are part of that Army, and that we are already overcomers!

What we have to do is to put ourselves in God’s hands: “Lord, You are going to give me the victory of this one. I am going to get out of this situation, because You told me that I am an overcomer; therefore, You are going to help me.”

I’m not going to sit in a corner: “No, Lord, I am not going to be able to get out of this.” Please! If He is telling us that you are an overcomer, it is because you are going to overcome!

You can’t get discouraged for anything! And even more so now, in this final stretch.

Look, sometimes when one was running to hand over the baton to the other, that final stretch was the fastest (of those who ran relays; I ran many times), and one was tired; but at the end one would get strength from I don’t know where, and one would go straight to give that push to the…

In other words it is when sometimes one is more…, well, he says there in “BLASPHEMOUS NAMES”: [WMB] “Where it seems more weak…”64 And the Church will be at a point where it appears to be very weak. That is fulfilled in the messenger, and also in the Church, and in the individual.

When it seems that he is already weak, that he almost can’t bear it: there God vindicates him and crowns the ministry. He will crown us with the eternal and glorified body. When it seems that the devil has her cornered —the Church in the squeeze— God crowns her there!

That is why it is: “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved: this one will be transformed.”65

May God bless you, God keep you; and thank you for being here these little moments.

I also believe that Andres Cruz had an activity this week; he asked me for a greeting right now. I think Andres can use that greeting for these days he is going to have activities; and also brother Miguel, who has activities; and so during the week they can listen to this talk that we have had here; that since… about 4:00 in the morning I was with something I wanted to talk to you all, that: “If only there was a little moment to talk about certain things.”

And Axel calls me at six twenty-something, and I: [JBP] “But this guy doesn’t know that we start at 7:00. Why is he calling me now?” And he calls me, that he had to tell me something. And I told him: [JBP] “Well, let’s go over there.” Remember that these are things… then we are going to see them in history. Then Blanco arrives, and what did I say to Blanco? It seemed that he was going to the pick-up truck…

[Worker (Blanco): I was going to park the pick-up].

And I told him: “Stay, wait.” I was anxious for Axel to finish… [Laughter] But it was good, because he held me back. Look how things are: he kept me there for about half an hour; but it was good for me to wait for the guys to arrive. In other words, see how everything has…?

If he hadn’t called me, I would have stayed up there; and maybe I wasn’t even… I was stud-… I was going to study to send my greetings to Andres. But the way it was spoken here, I think it wasn’t going to be the way I was going to speak there. I was going to be more…, I was going to be more restrained, and like more… There are times when God allows… But… but if it is so, these things are not spoken.

Like when Jesus was talking with the disciples, when He told them… They would go over there, and then the guys would say to him: “Well, Jesus, show us the parable of the wheat and the tares. Give it here.” It is for God’s children, that is, the elect, those who would understand the parables and the prophecies and all, and would receive them. “Neither cast ye your pearls before swine,”66 but they are given to the elect.

And it is sad to know that many don’t receive this Teaching. And there it sounds ugly, but that is…; it is not for them. And it happens many times… A boy once told me:

—“Look, it gave me so much pain to see that he took the message; and there were the books of Teaching there; and the way… as if despising them.”

And I:

—[JBP] “Don’t worry, don’t pay attention to that.”
—“But it hurts me, because it is a person that you…”
—[JBP] “It is like that.”

Despising it, he didn’t take it. He is turning his back on his adoption there. He is turning his back on the messenger himself; not even out of respect that his writings are there.

We are not forcing anyone to take the book; but no one can say that he wasn’t given the Food and he wasn’t given the Rapturing Faith; no one. Because it is being placed on satellite, it is being placed on the radio, it is being written, it is on audio, it is on Telegram, it is on every media out there! And they don’t want it…

—“No, I don’t want to…”

And another one that:

—“I don’t want to be contaminated.”

Look, that Word will ring in the ears and in the brain and in the heart and in the marrows, to every person who has uttered those words. Because “the Word is the one that discerns the intentions, the marrows, of the heart, and divides everything,”67 it says there.

In other words, he is saying that that Word is a poison: he is blaspheming the Word of God, and placing it as something of the devil, placing it as something that harms him. Because the only thing that could harm the body, that could contaminate you: is a poison or something bad.

Look how he is placing the Word, the Rapturing Faith, the Title Deed: They have it for garbage, for…! There is no forgiveness in that; but there is no forgiveness! And that person deserves the worst!

Do you know what it is that God gives you what Adam had, and you despise it!?

No. No, there is no way of irreverence and responsibility that they have as…, and mean to their soul! Because at least if they would keep quiet… they would have hope; but they start talking. They think they are gods too, because…, and they think they are the greatest thing there is.

And when God sees that…; that…; I don’t know what is going to happen to those people. Something good is not going to happen to them.

But also those who so shall offend one of these little ones68: all of them will also have to give an account. All those who drags them away too, and takes a few with them: also.

The things in this time will be spoken clearer and clearer. Many things will hurt us. That will provoke anger (that they don’t believe); but… Things are going to be spoken more and more clearly. They will start to say: “‘This one’, but look how he talks like that.”

And there will be nothing that will be hidden in terms of the identification of people, of who each one of them is.

That preaching of “THE TRACE OF THE SERPENT,” has already begun. No one has noticed. “THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT,” “THE TRACE OF THE SERPENT,” all that which brother Branham was going to preach, they think it is in one message.

Everything has been coming up because the line of the serpent, which is also represented in that golden calf: all that is being opened; and it always ends up in human beings.

He destroyed the golden calf, strawed it upon the water, and then the people drank it.69 The golden calf will be destroyed with the ministry of Moses and Elijah.

Every doctrine and everything outside the Word of God will be destroyed, grinded up.

I believe that it is written; all those little things will be spoken. And when he comes to see: “Wait a minute! But if… brother William was going to speak there, he was going to preach about the golden calf.”

Back up, all that has already been spoken.

The serpent’s trail: all that has been spoken about.

Exposing names: brother Branham said; [WSS] «I will have to expose names»70, brother William writes. I wouldn’t want to do it, but I have to do it. And the exposing of names has already started.

In other words, when you come to see: that Word may be being fulfilled…; because a word can’t fall to the ground, that a prophet has spoken. It has to be fulfilled!

And look where all that is being spoken: in a Tent.

There has been talk of names, there has been talk of segregation, there has been talk of wheat, tares; there has even been talk that the one who sits next to you can be a tares. All that has been spoken.

And the person, you see that people gnash their teeth when they are identified. The ones who are always fighting against the Work of God because – they are identified. And since the devil doesn’t like to be exposed, oh! That is when he takes advantage; but he takes advantage to attack to try to say that no, that it is not so.

But God is going to help us, God is going to give us the victory.

And I take advantage and… (I know that not everyone is here, but) all that you have done this year for the construction of the Tent: May God bless you greatly, and this next year may He continue to use you also greatly in favor of the Work of God here in Puerto Rico, in everything that needs to be done in favor of the Church as His instruments, to serve Him in all that manifestation that is going to come in the midst of the people of God in this end time, in favor of the Church-Bride, of the foolish and of the 144,000.

May we be a people that will be arm in arm with the final ministry, so that God may fulfill in our midst all the promises that He has already predestined to fulfill them. 

May we be His instruments for His service.

May He help us from everything that is contrary to the Word: may He remove from our thoughts, our minds… When any thought enters that is contrary to the Word of God: may He remove it from our lives, and help us.

May He strengthen us more and more to follow the Word, to follow the Ark.

And may nothing get in our way in this end time to continue in this joy, in this revival that God has allowed us to have; in this final revival to obtain our adoption. May nothing get in our way to obtain it. May nothing get in our way to obtain our transformation. May nothing get in our way to obtain the Rapturing Faith.

May You, Lord, be in our lives always, as You have been so far; and may You continue to guide us.

And may everything we do from now on be by Your guidance, as You have done so far.

And, Father, may You also soon call the 144,000: may they see You in the midst of the Church working.

And that if this year, Lord, it is in Your plans that all that will be fulfilled, where You showed brother Branham all those miracles and wonders, then, before that time comes: Prepare us! Because we don’t want to get there unprepared. That what is lacking in our lives, may You help us to achieve that perfection in these bodies. For we will achieve perfection in these bodies; because that is why we will see You working. Allow it, Lord.

Take care of this little Fold; and also in every country, in the different places: Take care of them, Lord!

In Your Eternal and glorious Name, as Son of David, King of kings and Lord of lords, William, in this Reclaiming Work. Amen and amen.


God bless you greatly.

The subject, the subject that we can place there can be: “THE STAGES IN THE FULFILLMENT OF THE TENT,” and there it brings it all together.

“THE STAGES IN THE FULFILLMENT OF THE TENT,” or… of the Third Pull had been placed.


Because the stages, all, in the Tent Vision, are consecutive and so fast, as it happened in this dispensation, in all these years: that the stages were consecutive. And in this last phase everything is consecutive and fast.

In other words, the Cornerstone now, everything that takes place in the Most Holy Place is something that happens all in one moment, but in stages. Look there when he entered the most holy place and did certain things, but he did them at that moment: different stages, but at the same moment.71

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I looked in the back seat, and my sister Sarah was lying there, just moaning. So I came back to Dad, and he was so caught in the car to where he couldn’t move. His left arm was in the door, and the metal was just jammed in up on it. His left leg was wrapped around the steering wheel. Most of his body, his head and shoulders, were projected through the windshield, just lying on the hood.

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