Choosing the Kingdom we will serve

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Choosing the Kingdom we will serve

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

…and if thus all the rewards of the ages are fulfilled in the Overcomer… He said it (I read it recently)1, which comes to be: That of an overcomer of this second age: he gains that one and gains that of the previous one; the third: he gains the first and the second and the third; the fourth: he gains the fourth, but gains all the others; fifth, sixth, seventh…; the eighth: he gains all seven, plus that of the eighth.

But likewise in the spiritual field this is gained; and likewise in the literal, because we are going to reign: the thrones, we are going to have the New Name. We have the New Name, but we are going to… All that… “sit with Me in My Throne,” the hidden Manna; all that.

And so it is also in the field of the kingdom of the gentiles, in the kingdom that is now ruling, the kingdom of darkness; that happens in each stage of that kingdom: each time it receives that spirit of each stage change (that kingdom) until it becomes the mark and image of the beast already. See? All of the most diabolical things are fulfilled in this time.

And in the individual: they also gain all those diabolical spirits of each age; it goes up and up and up and up, in that scale of stages, until those seven spirits come to incarnate in the person, in that place where the revelation of the Second Coming of the Lord, the revelation of the Son of God, is supposed to have entered. Then those seven spirits enter, and they become… those seven spirits become the… part of the seed and the trail of the serpent.

Because the trail of the serpent, and the place where the serpent got into, was the place where there in the Garden of Eden he got into and introduced himself into the human race.

In other words, just as the devil got into the serpent’s race in the place where the soul was to go… the serpent got in. It was a place that was clean, empty. And there, since it was empty, the devil came and got in there.

And the person, once he cleans his temple, sweeps it and everything, and doesn’t fill it with the Holy Spirit, with the revelation of the Second Coming of the Lord: what gets in there is the throne of Satan; because that is where —in Laodicea, which is the seventh age— he reigns; and he takes all the seven spirits of the seven ages, he enthrones it there, and it becomes then a human throne of Satan.

Just as the human Throne of God, which is the Tree of Life, the Title Deed, is enthroned in the heart of every chosen one, in the place where it is clean; but it is filled with the Tree of Life, the Title Deed.

Now, the human beings, those who don’t receive the Second Coming, the fulfillment of the new Mercy Seat: what they do is that the devil comes and enters in that seventh age; because it is the age of the throne of the devil, of Satan, where he reigns.

And there comes to be fulfilled the Scripture of those seven spirits that he brings; or the one that was there, that finds it empty, and then he brings all the others; and then he makes his kingdom there, in the heart of that person. In the place that God prepares for Him to sit, then the devil comes and sits down.

It is like a “musical chairs” (is it “hot potato”?): he runs, runs, runs, and sits down. The one you let sit: that is the one who will rule your life, that is the one who will reign for the rest of your life on Earth. Either God will reign for eternity, or the devil will reign in that heart until he takes you to his kingdom and there wait until you are judged.

Each one will have on his throne and will have the future of the one who sits on the throne of your heart:

If it is the God Creator of the Heavens and Earth, well, you know that He is the one who is going to rule you for the Millennium and eternity.

If it is the kingdom of darkness, the devil, there in your heart, he will take you to his kingdom; therefore, what you will have is eternal death, you will cease to exist.

Each one of the kingdoms will pull you to the place where the representation of the one who is seated on the throne is.

1 63-0825M – “How Can I Overcome,” p. 30, paras. 155-160

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