Greeting to brethren gathered in Chile

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Greeting to brethren gathered in Chile

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning to all the brethren who are connected through Zoom, gathered in Chile, from different places and also from other countries, today Wednesday, January 25 of this year 2023, along with Reverend Patricio Lara and other ministers, brothers and sisters.

It is truly a blessing to be able to greet you this early in the morning, and ask the Lord for His blessings upon all of you.

We are living in a very, very glorious time, the time where what was spoken by Reverend William Branham and by our precious brother William Soto Santiago is being fulfilled, which is the time of preparation for adoption, the time where God is fulfilling His Word, His promise, that He would be giving us the Rapturing Faith.

Therefore, it is the greatest and most glorious time of all times.

And without that preparation, without the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, there is no adoption of His children, there is no resurrection and there is no transformation. Everything depends on this stage.

Because the Rapturing Faith is what we need in order to obtain those promises; and the dead in Christ can’t be resurrected either.

In other words, they are also waiting for this stage to be fulfilled, in the part that corresponds to us, those of us who are alive, so that then they can be perfected and return to the Earth, take bodies and be transformed as well in eternal and glorified bodies.

In other words, a transformation will come to those who will be resurrected; because they will not be resurrected in their bodies that they had while they were on this planet Earth. In other words, they will also come to be transformed; because they, when they are resurrected, it is not that they will be resurrected in those bodies that they had, but they will have that eternal and glorified body that God promised for all believers in Him, both for those who have departed and as well for those who are alive in this end time.

And we thank God as well, because He allows us all these technologies that are at our disposal to use them in favor of the Work, and that are a blessing for the elect of God; as is this way of Zoom, that they use there in Chile; and many places are using this way as well, to meet and to be listening and watching all this Teaching under Tent, which is what is preparing us for these events, and thus we can be prepared for our adoption.

The way they also use in other places is in the homes, where they meet at a certain time and also listen to all this Teaching, and read it when it is written; and also through activities that are done in the different countries.

In other words, in different ways, these moments of fellowship are used to study all that is being given to us by the Lord in this Teaching under Tent.

And thus we don’t have to be doing studies (as our brother Miguel said on Sunday), preparing, looking for excerpts here and there, and preparing studies to give to the congregation, but that is already being given from the place where God already said it would be done.

That part of the Studies God already had it in His Program.

Anyone could say: “No, I have been doing that for years,” or: “I have been telling the people such and such a thing for a long time,” or: “I have been saying that for a long time; it is nothing new”; well, look, you are putting yourself as Theudas and Judas, who went ahead and took a lot of people, and it vanished.

Because the enemy of God always does that, he always tries to get ahead to get in the way of the Divine Program, so that when the correct thing comes, they say: “That is the same thing that So-and-so did”; in other words, he is placing himself in the position of Theudas and Judas, in the position of an instrument of the devil.

And we shouldn’t do that; but rather, we should be following the real thing. If there is a counterfeit dollar, somewhere there must be a real one.

And the studies that they prepare like this to listen to, is not that they are preparing studies; because many perhaps are misinterpreting the way that you can’t have studies; but when it is said that “you can’t have studies,” it doesn’t refer to these meetings that are done like this to listen to the Bible Studies that are being given; but rather it refers instead to be trying to form this same work; and, to make things worse, to go against it; to use studies to fight the Divine Program.

That was what our brother Miguel was referring to. And perhaps some excerpts that we read on Sunday as well, refers to all that the enemy of God always tries to do: to do something that looks like the true thing. And what that does is that it confuses the people, and also diverts them from receiving God’s blessings.

But these meetings like this, which are done both live (going to the congregations and also to the homes) and also through WhatsApp and through Zoom, and all these ways where they connect to listen and read these Bible Studies that are being given from The Great Tent Cathedral, are a great blessing, because they are already made; and that is what prepares us for our adoption.

And they are not preparing studies of excerpts and all, to fight; rather what they are doing is going over what has already been given.

Therefore, we don’t mean by that, that you can’t look for excerpts to abound in certain topics, because all that helps us for spiritual growth; but to start looking for excerpts to fight against what God is doing, and trying to divert the people from what God is doing at this time, that is not right.

But to find excerpts that talk about different topics and that reinforce us more in all these topics, well, of course!, that is very, very good.

So I congratulate you for always taking the time to have these studies through Zoom, that when one says: “To have these studies through Zoom,” it is not that you are doing studies, but that you are studying from the Studies; that is, you are listening to and reviewing the Teaching under Tent.

I congratulate you all. And I also congratulate you that soon you will have the visit of our brother Miguel Bermudez Marin in your country, in Chile; which will be a great blessing, as it has always been, the visit of the apostle Miguel Bermudez Marin; may you have good fellowship with each other, as you have always had; and may his visit be a success (the visit of our brother Miguel) there to your country.

The meetings that he always has (which I think they told me there that it will be a Saturday, that is, it falls on Saturday) it is good that everyone attends; just like in all the countries that our brother Miguel goes to, it is also good that they go; because those meetings, besides listening to all that God will give us through him, and also to listen to the Bible Studies from The Great Tent Cathedral, which will be given, it also gives us the opportunity to have fellowship with each other, as they had there in the upper room before the Day of Pentecost.1 In other words, it is always good to have fellowship with one another.

So, may God bless you, and may the presence of the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin there in Chile be a great blessing, in these next days that are ahead, where Chile is included in this visit that our brother Miguel will have.

Well. Thank you for this opportunity that you allowed me. I didn’t want to take the time that you already have in the mornings to review all these Studies that have been given, but I am just giving you these little words that I wanted to give to all of you gathered there in Chile and other countries that are connected through Zoom.

May God bless you, God keep you.

God bless you, Patricio. Thank you for this opportunity that you allow me also to greet you here; and all the brothers and sisters, ministers, fellow ministers; and fellow brothers and sisters of the Mystical Body of believers of this end time, of the Golden Age, the Age of the Cornerstone.

And onward!, holding on to the Word, to the Ark!, which is preparing us for our adoption.

May God bless you, may God keep you, and may you continue having a day full of great blessings from our heavenly Father.

God bless you greatly.

1 Acts 1:13-14, 2:1

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