Greeting to the church “La Voz Celestial,” in Valle de Aragon, Edo. de Mexico

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Thursday, August 11, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon, missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and his wife Ruth Bermudez, and all the ministers, brothers and sisters, who are gathered there in the congregation that Reverend Abner Benjamin Mayorga Guiterrez pastors, the church “La Voz Celestial,” in Valle de Aragon, State of Mexico, today Thursday, August 11 of this year 2022.

It is truly a blessing and privilege to be able to greet each and every one of you; and to thank our heavenly Father for sending us at this time His Angel Messenger: William Soto Santiago.

We are living in a time in which there is only one hope for mankind (which is the subject that Gerson passed on to me, which you were going to be talking about today), and that only hope is the Second Coming of the Lord.

In the book of The Seals, brother Branham says there, from page 80 to 81 there, he says that when this Angel would appear there in Heaven, he says that the time… [WMB] “He will say that the time would be no more.” But after that event the half hour of silence comes in; and he says to notice that there are things that were going to be happening during that half hour of the Seventh Seal [PAGE 96]:

209 You wait till we get in the Seals. ‘And time shall be no more.’ That’s right. That ‘half hour of silence.’ Watch what takes place in that half hour of silence, when that Seventh Seal, next Sunday night, the Lord willing.

In other words, when that half hour of silence begins, things must be happening here on planet Earth in the midst of the Church of the Lord.

For which we have to be with our spiritual eyes wide open, so that we don’t miss the preparation, what we need to obtain the Rapturing Faith, the Faith of Transformation.

Because if he is already there telling us that things are going to be happening, and that we are going to be seeing things happening during that half hour, then we have to watch what things he would be doing on Earth in those days of the half hour of silence when it begins.

So, we have to see, in the midst of the Church, that revival, that would awaken to such and such a high level that it would raise to such a high level the faith of the believers in the Age of the Cornerstone, so that they would obtain the Rapturing Faith. Something has to produce that. Something has to be happening in the midst of the Church that will produce that. And that will be the only hope that mankind will have.

So be with your spiritual eyes wide open; and may God continue to open our understanding, the Scriptures, and may we stand together in the Upper Room, in the Age of the Cornerstone, preparing ourselves for our transformation.

Already tomorrow Friday, in the evening study; and the words that for sure brother Miguel will ask for that closing of the meeting that he always has; and also Sunday’s study: We hope that God there will continue opening to us all that we need; and faith increases to soon have it at that level of rapture —as Elijah had it, as Enoch had it—, so we can obtain that promise of changing our bodies to eternal and glorified bodies, to be able to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Anyone who doesn’t have that body will be able to go there. So, since we have all been invited (of course, we know they are the chosen ones), the chosen ones will be preparing themselves and will be receiving all that knowledge to obtain that eternal body, and go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Those who are not invited… It is like in the feasts, when someone is not invited, they say to one: “Hey, you are a buzzkill” because… or they do things so that the one who wasn’t invited doesn’t go; and there is always one or another (those who have not been invited to the feast) who do things… as they already know that they are not going there, they try to (let’s say) boycott the going or the preparation, so that those who were invited can’t prepare to go.

But we still, even though we see all that, we go ahead preparing ourselves, and thus obtaining everything we are obtaining, which day by day is becoming incarnate, because it is around that Word that we are going to obtain that Rapturing Faith, that Faith of Transformation.

So it is a people who are waiting in the Age of the Cornerstone, getting ready to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. They are waiting for us.

So onward in this preparation, in this time of preparation, which is the only hope that mankind has and also the only hope that God’s chosen ones have.

May God bless you, God keep you; and thank you very much for this opportunity that you allow me to send this greeting to each and every one of you. God bless you, brother Miguel, greatly, and all the ministers there, and brothers and sisters.

Good evening.

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