Greetings from the LGCC grounds

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning. Greetings to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and to all the ministers, brothers and sisters, who are watching us at this moment through this little video that we are preparing today, Wednesday, July 13 of this year 2022.

It is truly a blessing and privilege that the Lord has granted us to live in this wonderful time, where…, as our messenger William Soto Santiago used to say; who brought the Message of the Age of the Cornerstone, which prepares the Church-Bride to be transformed and raptured. And we have been given that privilege and that blessing: that he has called us with that glorious Message; and now we are in this end time, in which he is preparing us for our transformation.

This section of road is the one that connects the northwest part of the auditorium with the northern part, which is the road that adjoins this area on the north side of the land; and also at the other end it is going to be connected in the same way, by another road. In other words, all the land will be connected to the different streets that adjoin The Great Tent Cathedral.

In the front part there are some gates to be finished to, then (once they are installed), there we will continue with the connection to the main road; and then the entrance will be ready. These are the details that are missing in that entrance. And then continue with the wall along the front fence, which is the one that will continue towards one of the ends of the sides (which was left up to a certain point, but after that it will continue).

Here, this side of the land, is the side where the west side adjoins, which we are also preparing for parking and different facilities; because it is going to be a time when we need all that space. He told me: [WSS] “All of this is going to be too small, Benjie; it’s going to become too small for you.”

In other words, all the surroundings of the Tent and all the lands that are close to it, everything will be full; because it will be a time where people will seek God more; and also there will not be time (let’s say) to go to work, because due to the condition in which humanity will be in that time, and that spiritual hunger, and hunger and thirst for God, and so much need that there will be in those days, everyone will want to be here.

And it will be like that in every place!

That is why the storehouses will be filled; because in every place, too, that hunger and thirst in humanity will exist; and they will seek God, and they will also —because of all the conditions that people will have— they will also be impacted by everything that God is doing and will be doing here in The Great Tent Cathedral.

That is why the miracles would be international miracles, like when brother Branham spoke that his wife’s tumor was removed from a distance. See? Since there was that distance, she didn’t have to be where brother Branham was; in other words, it will be like that also at this time.

And I wanted to read an excerpt here, to share with you a very beautiful excerpt; and it is a promise that is going to come, and God will fulfill it in our time.

In the message “DESPERATIONS”

(Let’s look over here… I’m looking on the phone, where I’m going to read to you.

We are going to have this view over here, from here, so that… or a little bit more over, here.

Sorry for the… it’s not… we are doing it here LIVE.

Or over here, so you can see the area where we are working).

On page 33 [p. 29 in Eng.]…

That is where the… that is the second truck; the third truck is already emptied; there are about five or six more trucks to go, because it’s about 80 to 100 yards that are going to be poured today. That is one of the lanes. That is…, there are two sections of that width that you see there.

The levels were removed, the bolts that are being used for the joint where the other floor, the other road, will be connected, and so on, until the final part is connected.

Here in the message “DESPERATIONS,”1 page… already at the end of the message, he is relating that occasion when that woman had the dead child, and she wanted to get to brother Branham. You already know that story, but I wanted to read just a little bit here, where he says:

[144] And they lined up about three hundred ushers there. And she’d go right under their legs, and jump right up on top of their backs, and run with this dead baby, and fall down among them. Didn’t make any difference to her; she was trying to get there. She was desperate. God had spoke to her heart, that, “The God could give sight, could give life.” Oh, my! She was desperate. ([JBP] I’m reading here on page 33 of that booklet) Something was burning in her.

145 Oh, sick people, if you’d let that burn in you for a few minutes, and watch what happens, that kind of a desperation. The God that could heal this little boy the other night, could heal that lady with cancer, heal this man, and do this, Miss Florence Nightingale, oh, the tens of thousands! He, that, undisputable evidence; raising the dead, and healing the sick, and everything else. If He is God, can do that; He is God yesterday, He is God today. Get desperate, then you’ll get something done.

146 Then, in that desperation, she kept rushing. I said to Brother Jack Moore, I said, “She don’t know me. She’s never seen me. She don’t know who it is up here on the platform. That little Catholic woman, now, couldn’t speak a word of English, so then how does she know who it is?” I said, “Go on down, and pray for the baby ([JBP] brother Branham told brother Moore), and that’ll satisfy her, and she’ll go on.” Said, “And it won’t cause…” It was just constant roar down there. She would jump up, and everybody would be screaming. She’d run right over the top of their shoulders, and fall right down among them.

[JBP] “She would jump up,” that is, she was hopping, jumping over the shoulders, over… There were so many people that she could keep going over all the people.

[146] She would jump up, and everybody would be screaming. She’d run right over the top of their shoulders, and fall right down among them. She would gain a few feet, and then they’d try to put her back out; and here she’d come right between their legs, holding this baby, upsetting ushers and everything else. Didn’t make any difference, she was getting up there. She had to get there! It don’t make any difference what it was, she was going to get there. Had the minister…

147 Now isn’t that just a story like the Shunammite woman? Only, that wasn’t thirty-five hundred years ago. That was about three years ago, or four. See? They can be the same thing tonight. When the same desperation rises, will throw love and faith…

[JBP] Remember that the victory that God will have at this time is the Victory in Divine Love. And he writes in one part that: [WSS] «The Victory in Divine Love is in The Tent».

And in another part he writes: [WSS] «The Divine Love, little room».

In other words, it is in that manifestation of the power of God, in the fulfillment of The Tent Vision, where faith and love will be.

Did you see how beautiful? Those two words will be at their peak there in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision: FAITH AND LOVE.

Because faith will be elevated to a very high level; and love, because we are in the Age of Divine Love, and it will be the Great Victory in Divine Love.

[147] …will throw love and faith…

([JBP] We are waiting for when the… the other trucks are arriving; that is why you see that they are halted a little bit… But now they take the opportunity and put something, maybe in their stomach, to have some breakfast; but that is why they stopped, because the other trucks have not arrived yet).

Well, we continue here:

[147] …will throw love and faith up there to the battlefront, to claim what you want, because it’s a promise of God that you can have it. That’s exactly right.

[JBP] And brother William writes: [WSS] «In desperation you obtain the promise», so you read it there: [WSS] «In desperation you obtain the promise».

[JBP] And we turn to page 34, it says [PAGE 31]:

148 I turned; me, the minister, or the evangelist at the place. I turned. I felt sorry for the woman, but there’s no desperation. See? I turned and thought, “Well, Brother Jack will pray for her, and that—that settles it.” I turned around. I said, “As I was speaking now, faith…”

And I looked out there, and there was a vision. I seen a little baby setting there, a little black-faced, Mexican baby with no teeth. It was laughing at me, setting out there. I said, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute.” Her desperation drove the Holy Spirit to change my subject, change my eyes and show me her baby setting there. That sent the Spirit back.

[JBP] Notice something so beautiful there, and those words, where he says: [WMB] “Her desperation drove the Holy Spirit to change my subject, change my eyes.”

May the Holy Spirit help us and encourage us to change our heart; and help us to change all our thinking, all our actions, and everything, to the way God is thinking.

May it be soon, God’s thoughts completely in our mind, our being, so that God can then work as He is going to work here right now, when that happened there, when that happened there to brother Branham.

That sent the Spirit back. I said, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Bring me the baby.”

Here she come with a little, wet, soaking, blue and white blanket, a little, dead form about that long. She fell, with a crucifix in her hand, or a rosary, to say these “hail Mary’s.” I told her, “Put it up, that’s not necessary.”

And she come up close to where I was, and she scream and holler, “Padre,” which means, “Father.”

I said, “Don’t say that. Don’t say that. Do you believe?” And he said it in Spanish to her, did she believe. “Yes,” she believed. He asked her how would she believe. She said, “If God can give that old man his sight, he can give my baby the life.” […]

Why? The desperation set in on a little mother’s heart, crying for her child, that had seen God do… heal a man’s blind eyes, and knowed He could raise the dead baby.

149 Desperation! “When thou seekest Me with all thine heart, then I’ll hear you.” See?

150 The Kingdom! “The law and the prophets were until John. Since then, the Kingdom of Heaven has been preached, and man press into It.” You don’t just stand around and say, “Pick me up by the collar, Lord, push me in.” You press into It. You get desperate, between Life and death.

[JBP] And on page 35 (a little further on) it says [PAGE 32]:

[152] Yes, sir! Something happened. She got desperate.

153 Let’s be desperate about this; between death and Life.

154 If you can’t get desperate, don’t come through here. If you are desperate, come here and watch, you—you’ll get it just as soon as you get here.

155 Let us pray. In desperation watch for the Kingdom of God, It’ll come upon you.

[JBP] On the back he writes, referring to page 29, he says: [WSS] «When desperation is about to receive something, then the slightest contact makes faith possess it».

From page 33 is: [WSS] «When desperation falls upon the people … to claim what you desire».

Notice how on the people, both on the individual and the people, that desperation has to fall: [WSS] «…to claim what you desire». That is, what we desire is our transformation, that is why we have to enter into that desperation.

It goes on saying here… Already in prayer, there our brother Branham says:

156 Our Heavenly Father, I pray Thee in Jesus’ Name, be merciful unto us, Lord. And start in us a desperation. O Lord God, have mercy upon us, I pray, and let the people seek Thee tonight with desperate hearts. We know You’re here, Lord. You’re the same yesterday, today, and forever.

157 And now may these people who has the Token, that they’ve passed from death unto Life, they’ve changed from the old worldly life to a new one. They have. The Blood has been applied; and, God, give them a Token sign. May they take that Token in their hands, them that’s sick, say, “I am a purchased product of God. I am in Christ, and in Him is no sickness. I am in Christ, and in Him is no sin. I am in Christ, and in Him is no unbelief. I renounce everything that the devil has told me. I take my Token that my…‘He was wounded for my transgressions; He was bruised for my iniquity; the chastisement of my peace was upon Him; and with His stripes I was healed.’2 And I now hold the Token, that God has recognized me, that purpose, Person, purchased by the Blood of the Lord Jesus. And I hold the Token of His death in my hands, because He has raised again, and I am His and He is mine. I go with determined faith, that from this night on, I believe God, and I’ll be healed when I get there and meet the requirements.”

([JBP] Do you see how there are requirements to be fulfilled?).

Because, the last Words that fell from His lips, was this, “If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover.”3 Grant it, Lord. May a desperation set in, for I ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

[PAGE 38]

[181] God bless you. Pray for me. I’ll pray for you. And, remember, keep the Token applied, and be desperate to press to the Kingdom of God.

[JBP] And we, that is what we ask: May the Lord grant and may that desperation come down, may it come down to the people; and so that each one of us may obtain what each one of us needs. We claim what each one of us needs, and that is our transformation.

May God bring down and descend that desperation in the individual, in the believer, as well as in the people.

In the book of Quotations it says, on page 26, paragraph 216, it says:4

216 – “[4] …that has been promised would come into existence in the tabernacle here, before we hit the tent. Well, now, as far as I know, there was nothing no more than just…Just soon as I went in there…”

[JBP] Brother Branham tried several times to fulfill the Tent Vision; it was his desire, his longing. And when he put his wife in there… (he doesn’t narrate it here, but in other excerpts he narrates it), but here he only says what happened when he did that, to see if what he saw in the vision, of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, he would… that, that after the first and second pulls, that Third Pull he could see it there and God could fulfill at that time that part that he saw there in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

216 – “Well, now, as far as I know, there was nothing no more than just… Just soon as I went in there ([JBP] that is, to the little room over there, in the tabernacle), the Spirit of the Lord came in, and It just started discerning the spirits, and telling the people of their troubles ([JBP] See?) / And today, in the interviews, the Holy Spirit was wonderful, today. And it seem like that maybe it’s just going to continue on for a while, until that tent comes in…”

[JBP] See? That stage of discernment was the final stage that he – that God was developing through him. This was in 1958.

[9] …for a while, until that tent comes in, up under the same ministry that I’ve had ([JBP] notice that, it’s something important). Because, in the interviews today, there were four great outstanding visions took place, in the interviews. So, seemingly, maybe, I will continue on until that maybe the tent starts, or wherever it is He has chosen to begin to declare His Name in a new way. But when It does, it’ll be just as perfect as the others. It’ll be just… ([JBP] that is, first pull and second) And I’m trusting to God that it will be greater than the others ([JBP] than the first pull and second pull). Not because of—of our ministry, but because of the sick and needy people. There’s such a need in the land today!”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The Name = in the Tent».

And on page… on paragraph 16 (I didn’t write the page here in the photo I took of this little part here, but it’s paragraph 16), it says… This is the part I’m reading, on page 16 of the…

(There is the other truck, that is number 40… 4, that is 40 yards with that one).

It says paragraph 16 [Quotations, PAGE 3-A]:5

16 – “264 Just think, your—your glorified body is right here at the tabernacle now, the Presence of the Holy Spirit which is your glorified condition ([JBP] he writes: [WSS] «Logos». And he writes: [WSS] «glorified body, the theophanic, to give charge to the physical body». How beautiful is that!). You’re glorified in Christ right now! “Those who He justified, He glorified.” And your own glorified body is standing near you right now, in Christ Jesus, to give to you a strength like a charge going into a battery ([JBP] that is why he writes there: [WSS] «glorified body, the theophanic, to charge the physical body»). The Holy Spirit is in you. It’s to charge your body to give you new strength, to heal you from the sickness that you’ve got, to make you well. ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «healing of the body»).

[JBP] And it is that eternal and glorified body that He will give us; that is, we will be completely healed from this corruptible and temporary body, to that eternal and glorified body.

May these words and these portions of the Scripture be of great blessing to each and every one of you.

And remember that with God nothing is impossible. If you have any… any difficulty, any problem… whatever it is, believe in God! And let that desperation come down to your heart, as it came down there to that woman of that dead child, and she said: “If I go to him, he will be able to speak the Word and he will be healed, and he will be resurrected,” and so it was, because she went into desperation.

May that desperation fall in each and every one of you who are listening to me right now; and may you take hold of that Word and believe…; those who need to be healed, believe that they are healed, because it is a promise. And each one of us what we have to do is to make that claim and ask for it; and so it will be with the new body that each one of us will receive.

Let us enter into desperation and let us claim that body, that God will soon give it to us, because it is a promise for each one of us.

Believe with all your heart. And may that desperation that enters into your hearts produce healing, or produce all that you need at this time; and may the Lord help you to continue serving Him and preparing for your transformation and rapture.

And may those theophanies that are next to us, to each one of us, that Angel that encamps around those who fear Him and defends them, may that theophany be working in the life of each one of you.

And that… as our brother William wrote there: [WSS] «glorified body, the theophanic ([JBP] that is, that theophany), to give charge to the physical body».

That, while the time comes, the moment of the transformation, may that Angel that encamps around each one of the chosen ones, recharge the battery, the batteries of this body, while the new one arrives; and may he recharge them in such a way that soon we will have a healthy Church first spiritually, and then healthy physically; so that —when the eternal and glorified body arrives— we will have that spiritual house ready, healed of all hatred, all resentment, all malice and all things contrary to the Word; and that our physical body will also be ready to receive the new body.

May God grant each and every one of you, and me too, that desperation to come down, and so we get that battery recharge. May that glorified theophanic spirit recharge our battery to continue serving the Lord and continue being prepared for our transformation.

Thank you very much for this little moment that you allow me to send this little greeting, this way, a little informal; but the Word of God is so beautiful and so sweet that there is no specific place to speak it.

May God bless you, may God keep you, and may these words be a great blessing for each and every one of you, as they have been for me; because that is how I learned how God recharges our batteries: using our theophanic body, that angel that is beside you, and me too.

May God bless you and God keep you. And continue to prepare yourselves for the transformation.

1 63-0901E “Desperations,” p. 29, parras 144-147

2 Isaiah 53:5

3 Mark 16:18

4 58-1003 – “Looking At The Unseen,” para. 4

5 54-0103M – “Questions and Answers #1,” para. 264


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