Greetings to the brethren gathered in Peru

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Greetings to the brethren gathered in Peru

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon to all the brethren gathered there in Peru, with our brother Ronald Rios, and also those who are with our brother Toribio, and the different ministers that have gatherings there in Peru; and in the different countries.

It is truly a blessing and privilege to be able to greet each and everyone of you, wish you the greatest blessings that God has for each one of us in this end time, which are blessings contained in the biblical prophecies, which that will be fulfilled and will be materializing in this end time; and we have been given the privilege and the blessing that we are the ones who will receive those blessings being materialized in our lives.

And the one we long for so much and desire is: to obtain that eternal and glorified body that He promised for each one of us. Which will happen when God completes that investigation of judgment, which is being carried out under those ministries of Moses and Elijah, just as it was in the visit of Elohim with the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, there, before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.1 That moment was being carried out in a change of dispensation.

And every time there is a change of dispensation, and a dispensation ends, a divine judgment falls upon the human race; and that was also representing what God would do in all dispensations, in all changes, but it would be more marked at the end of time, where God would send His Angels: The Coming of Elohim with His Archangels, that is, the Coming of the Son of Man with the ministries of Moses and Elijah in the change of dispensation.

And it is at the change of dispensation, at the time of Abraham, where those Archangels came down and were doing an investigation of judgment.

Notice that in Brother Branham’s time, he also typified the evangelists Oral Roberts and Billy Graham as those two Archangels, because they were in that denominational world.2

And even more in this time, in which we are living, in this time we see more that work and that work that those ministries are carrying out; which reflected that work that they did back in the time of Abraham, and also, reflected in the time of brother Branham as well; but in this time we already see the fulfillment of all that which was shown there, which is the Sixth Seal being fulfilled, being materialized in the midst of the human race. Because after God sends His mercy for the last time to the Earth, which is brought by Moses and Elijah, the ministries of Moses and Elijah, then comes the divine judgment.

God always, before sending the divine judgment, comes the warning and comes the way and the form of escape.

So be watchful and vigilant, with your spiritual eyes wide open, because all that is already being fulfilled in the midst of the kingdom of the gentiles; which is in the feet of iron and clay, in that image which king Nebuchadnezzar saw, where he saw the Stone not cut out of hand smite that image.3

In other words, the kingdom of the gentiles will be shattered with that manifestation of the ministries of Moses and Elijah in this end time, which the Sixth Seal will fulfill.

May God bless you, God keep you. May you continue to have a happy day, filled with blessings from our heavenly Father.

God bless you and God keep you all.

1 Genesis 19:1-28

2 63-0728 “Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed,” p. 63, para. 457: [WMB] “’And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. And as the days of Lot,’ when a modern Billy Graham and Oral Roberts went down into Sodom and preached to them Sodomites, and blinded their eyes, see, with the Gospel.”

3 Daniel 2: 31-45

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