Greetings to the congregation of San Carlos, Cojedes, Venezuela

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Friday, December 30, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning, missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and his wife Ruth, and all the brethren gathered there in the congregation that Reverend Jose Pineda pastors, there in San Carlos, Cojedes State, in Venezuela.

It is a privilege and a blessing for me to be able to send this greeting to all of you, and to wish you the greatest and richest blessings that God has for us in this time; which, all of them will end and will culminate —while we are in these earthly bodies— in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

But before that time comes, where brother Branham saw that activity that was there being carried out by the Pillar of Fire, by the Pillar of Fire in the midst of His Church, before that we are in the stage of preparation; which is why it is good that all the places have soon —those that don’t have it— the antennas well adjusted, so when that time comes where things are going to get tighter and tighter, and there is no longer a way of transmission regarding the means of the internet… although there may be some places where the internet will still work at that time.

But notice that currently, yesterday, I was seeing that in the place where our brother Miguel was (yesterday or the day before) they couldn’t receive a greeting that I sent them because of the internet. Notice, and it hasn’t yet begun strongly, that stage of squeeze and the big depression that is going to enter, which they say is going to be worse than the one in the 1920s.

In other words, there are already places where it is difficult to have transmissions through the internet. But we have this ease of the satellite, which reaches where the internet doesn’t reach.

And notice how the preparation of the transmissions through the satellite, our brother William had, or already has (let’s say) since the decade of the 90’s, when they began to transmit; around 92 or 93 (maybe before that some rehearsals were done); but notice how he was already preparing the people so that, when the time would come when everyone would be connected with Puerto Rico, everyone would be ready with their antennas and all the corresponding equipment to see the transmissions from here.

So we have already seen how important it is: parabolic antennas, with screens and good sound on the premises, so that they may be up to date of everything that God is doing in His Program, in the fulfillment of the Tent.

So onward! preparing ourselves in this stage; not only with the preparation of our lives on the spiritual side, and everything that comes with the preparation of a child of God that is going to be adopted, but we also prepare ourselves with our congregations: the ministers, so that they have everything up to date; so that they are prepared to continue watching and listening; and thus, when that stage arrives, they are already familiar with the transmissions.

So thank you, brother Miguel, for this opportunity that you allow me to send this greeting, there in San Carlos, and preparing for tonight’s activity, and also tomorrow and Sunday, and for all the days of activity of next year, where we wish and ask God His blessing upon each activity.

May God bless you, Miguel Bermudez Marin, greatly, and may He continue to use you greatly in favor of the Work of the Lord in these two days left to finish the year 2022; and may He continue to use you greatly in the year 2023. And also to you, Ruth Bermudez, and also to all the ministers, and all the brethren in San Carlos and in all the countries.

May God bless you and God keep you all.


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