Greetings to the teachers in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Greetings to the teachers in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Tuesday, December 27, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Greetings to all the teachers gathered today Tuesday, December 27 of this year 2022: our sister Nelly Cruz, and also all the teachers who are in this meeting, and also Reverend Andres Cruz Gallegos.

May God bless you all greatly, and also all the Lion cubs on this day; and may God continue opening your understanding, the Scriptures, to understand everything that God is showing us and bringing us in this end time, in this Teaching under Tent, which contains everything that a child of God needs to be prepared for that event of the resurrection, where there we, by seeing them, will be transformed.

To reach that moment we have to prepare ourselves to obtain that faith, that is, the revelation from Heaven, which contains the entire mechanism and the formula to be able to access those dimensions, and thus be able to merge our bodies with those theophanies.

It is a formula that only the elect of God, the children of God will have, who will be receiving in this end time that Teaching, which is the one that will produce in our lives that Rapturing Faith.

Aware of those biblical truths and those prophecies that are being fulfilled at this time: let us keep hold and steadfast to that Word, to the Ark, which will be leading us to the promised land of the new body and to the promised land of the glorious Millennial Kingdom.

May you continue to have a happy day and filled with God’s blessings.

And to all the teachers: May God bless you greatly; and continue to give you much wisdom, understanding, to help in this very important stage all the children in the places where each one of them have been placed to help. And in the way that the teachers —depending on the age— help them, so that the children have an extension of all that Teaching that is being brought under Tent, in the way that they can see and understand it better.

And also see how our brother William Soto Santiago, he, in all those drawings and all that way in which he left it captured in his books: he has been a Teacher; and also part of those biblical schools of children, of cubs, he has also left part of the way in which the teachers can help those children using those drawings.

In other words, besides all that the teachers do to show the children all the Teaching of the Bible, of the messages, and all that (for example, the little children), and they make their drawings, their models and their things; also our brother William has left us all those forms, which we use to show the children the meaning of many Scriptures and many prophecies in the form of drawings.

So we have a great Teacher in our classrooms, which is our dear brother William Soto Santiago. That is why we value all that work that he does – or that he did in all the time he was here on this planet Earth, in all those writings, in the drawings of pyramids, of candlesticks, of little stars, of sun…, and we use all that to show the children also different Scriptures in which he made those drawings and gave us more Light of the meaning of those Scriptures.

So take advantage, teachers, this time, and take advantage of all those drawings and writings of our precious brother William Soto Santiago, which help the children to better understand the Divine Program and to better understand this stage.

So no teacher should stay behind. Don’t stay with past teachings, but with the one that God is giving us, for years! he had been doing in his books for the blessing of all of us at this time; not only of the elderly, of the young people, but also of the children and the pre-adolescents and the little cubs as well.

In other words, God had everything prepared beforehand so that in this time and this stage of Teaching: even the children will be able to grasp, are able to comprehend, the Rapturing Faith.

Look, God didn’t miss even that, in other words, so as not to make it complicated (let’s say); because those who complicate it are the older ones, the ministers, and many brethren. God made it so simple, this stage in which it is under Tent, this Teaching; God made it so simple that He even left us little drawings for the children to understand and comprehend the great mystery of the Seventh Seal, the great mystery of the Second Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels.

Because not one of them!… From the smallest to the biggest, He is going to adopt them, He is going to transform them; therefore, He had to adjust everything so that the smallest would understand, comprehend, the great mystery of the Seventh Seal that brings the Teaching under Tent.

May God bless you, God keep you, teachers, and all the ministers who are gathered there today, Tuesday, December 27 of this year 2022.

God bless you and God keep you all.

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