Greetings to the youth of Ibague, Colombia

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Greetings to the youth of Ibague, Colombia

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Saturday, September 3, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

God bless you, Erika Aguilera, children’s teacher there in Ibague, Colombia; and also those young people, youth, that by the grace of God, God has allowed you to give them cubs classes (as we commonly call them). And in these studies that you, teachers, also do for the children, young people, and those a little bit younger, are of great help for that extension of the home; which, what the mothers can’t do at home, then you as teachers do it in the time that you have already assigned in each place.

And I rejoice to see those young people so attentive to all that God is showing us in this end time, which is the stage of preparation, the stage where this preparation is not only for adults, but also for young people and children; because we all want to please God, and even more when children already have this knowledge of good and evil.

For which, one of those questions, for example, that this child asked me, which is surely one of the questions that many young people everywhere have in their minds, and he asked me that question about games…; for example, over there soccer; here in Puerto Rico, for example, they play a lot of basketball and volleyball and baseball; and in the United States too, football and different games. Over there in Colombia it is… here they call it soccer, the game of… soccer is the term that is used here, to kick the ball, that one hasn’t really been introduced here… maybe a little more now.

Well, every sport is very good for young people and for adults, because they exercise, and one must have the body well, with good vitamins. Just as one has it in the spiritual part: nourishing it so that those muscles of faith grow; so also in the physical part, well, we feed it well, with good food, without introducing vices or things that harm the body.

And one of the things that help is exercise, to exercise. Doctors also recommend it: to do some sport, and also some exercise, and to walk; and all this is good for the heart, for example, it helps several organs of the body, and to be well.

The thing about these games is that, for example: if one goes to a place where different young people from different parts go, who are not necessarily believers of the Message, or are not believers in any church, and they also go and share in these games, many times they involve arguments and fights, and regularly also things like drugs, alcohol, and all those things that are not convenient.

For example, one part where brother Branham talks about that the…, for example, he says pastors, he says like this: [WMB] “pastors or deacons, who after preaching go to a ball park, where there’s drinking and there’s people smoking and all that,”1 and there he says that is not right. See? Because it all depends on the place and how things are done; because many times, something good, the enemy comes and perverts it, and it becomes then harmful to young people or adults.

If you can do it among the youth believers, as something among yourselves, well, that is fine; but remember, as long as there is no argument or fight. Because in those games there is physical contact, many times there is pushing and shoving; and when you come to see, yourselves, young people, you know that sometimes you get angry, because “he pushed me,” and maybe it was unintentionally, or he put his leg in the way unintentionally, and then you are angry for a whole week. When it shouldn’t be like that; there should be harmony and there should be good fellowship among you, young men, and the young girls too. And when you sometimes include the girls to play, that also brings some problems, because then there is physical contact, and that is not good either.

You see? In other words, everything has to have an order and be aware that, for example, if they play that game, they are aware that somehow there will be some kind of push or stumble; and then they may even speak words that are not convenient, hurtful words; and that affects and grieves the Spirit of God. And then, one is sorry for having hurt a playmate, whom we want to have a good friendship with, because we are going to be with him for eternity in that body from 18 to 21 years old, for all eternity.

So, the things that… we can’t say that there will not be differences or some difference in something, we correct that quickly; but if we are going to do or act in a way that we know may cause something that may affect the friendship, it is better not to do it. You see? Everything has a balance; and we have to be aware of that in order to always be well, first of all, with God, and with our companions.

For example, an example that I gave recently to a mother who asked me that the girl went to a gym where many people went, that – from all over the place, from the place where she lives; and I remembered an occasion when brother William, I told him that I was going to go to the gym to lift weights and everything, and to run, and he said to me: [WSS] “That, if you can, get a little machine and do it at home.” And he was telling me that in those places, for example, they play world music, and without realizing it, it enters through the ears (as he told us in some messages)2 and that goes straight to the soul. Worldly music and all that they put in those places, which is not convenient, so that each one of us is ready for the adoption, for the transformation. All that is not to help us to continue growing to the stature of a perfect Man. So, it is better to avoid those places.

One time he said that he came to a place and there was loud music, of rock and roll (something like that), and he says he left; he says: [WSS] “I can’t be in a place like that.” And then he says: [WSS] “Well, yes I can…” That is, for example, one goes to a place that one has to go by obligation, because, for example, you have to pay the electricity or water, in those government departments or in some place that you have to go by obligation, a supermarket to buy, he is not going to stop buying and doing things because there is something like that; and that is why he says: [WSS] “If I can, I leave; if not, then, one meditating and praying to God, and singing in his mind songs, hymns,” and there one fulfills the responsibilities that we have on this Earth.

In other words, all we have to do is to find a way, to serve God with all our heart, and so God may be pleased with what we do, because He sees the intentions of our heart.3

Well, young people: God bless you; and keep on applying yourselves well, both by being responsible with your family, obeying them, and also in these classes that the teachers with much love and affection take time to help you in this extension that God has allowed us to have at this time, of teachers, to help in this stage of children, from toddlers to young people, like yourselves.

God bless you, God keep you.

Thank you very much, Erika, for this opportunity that you allow me to greet this group of young people, boys and girls, which very soon we will be meeting, whether in this body or in the new one; and we will be remembering all these tips, which He has left us through the Word of God; and we review them, we review them, and there they remain in our minds, in our hearts, until we reach the stature of a perfect Man, in the image and likeness of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, who will give us a body like His.

God bless you, God keep you; and thank you very much for your kind attention, today, Saturday, September 3 of this year 2022.

God bless you.

1 63-0707M – “The Indictment,” p. 43, para. 305

2 2016-05-22 “The Symphony of God”: [WSS] Remember that music enters directly to the soul, people don’t reason it. Sometimes they don’t even know the lyrics of what they are listening to. And especially when the music is perverted, people don’t even know what they are listening to. Sometimes they follow the rhythm and hum because they don’t know the lyrics and they like it; and that is entering the soul of the person ―either in the form of music or music with lyrics―, it enters the soul, the heart; and from there it goes out to the spirit of the person; and from the spirit of the person it goes out to the body through the senses of the body, to materialize what they heard

3 Jeremiah 17:10

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