In the Most Holy Place, there you will find Him

In the Most Holy Place, there you will find Him

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

(Third Greeting)

Good afternoon. Today, Wednesday, August 31 of this year 2022, we greet the pastors and brethren gathered in:

• Yaracuy, Venezuela, congregation of San Felipe, with pastor Yair Marquez; there is also Nahum Leon and our brother Daniel Jurado; and all those who are gathered there in this activity that they will have this afternoon. Our sister Ruth de Bermudez was telling me, that they will be having this fellowship this afternoon and they will be studying the Word of the Lord.

• And in this very important work that they are carrying out there in Venezuela, both in this tour that they are carrying out for the goals of The Great Tent Cathedral, as well as the work of the printing presses, all this beautiful work that all the brethren are carrying out in the different places there in Venezuela, in favor of the Church of the Lord, in all the places there in Venezuela; and also in all the places in all Latin America that are carrying out and continue carrying out this work of the printing presses.

• The brethren will also have this afternoon or tonight, meeting in a vigil, our brother Reverend Joel Alvarez there in Durango.

• Also, from Ecuador our brother Alejandro Ordeñana from Guayaquil; and all the brethren who are there working in this work of the printing press.

And also around here I was informed that a group of brethren from the group of brother Branham, from Guayaquil and that area, are receiving the Message and are in expectation of everything that is emerging under the Teaching of the Tent.

And brother Alejandro Ordeñana himself was telling me that he himself was there sharing with them these studies and all this Teaching, and everything that our brother William Soto Santiago has been bringing us in all these messages, since he began the ministry, pointing out in his Message the Work that God would carry out at the end of the Seventh Seal, at the end of the Work that God would crown in our time, in our age: the Age of the Cornerstone, which would all point to a Great Tent Cathedral. 

And he was telling me that everyone there, that congregation, received everything that has been brought; and many were telling him that now they were seeing and understanding everything that God is doing.

For me it was of great joy, how this is fulfilled again, as it also happened in the time of the apostles, where a group or some brethren believers in the Message of John the Baptist, then accepted and believed the Message of Jesus; and it was later on that they received it.1

In other words, all this indicates that it is already marking a very important stage, in which God will also heal the seventh age, of that group that is outside the seventh age, which represents that tumor that by the spoken Word was removed from the wife of brother Branham and she was healed. In other words, by the spoken Word, those who remain of that group, followers of brother Branham, but who belong to the Age of the Cornerstone, they have to believe the Message and have to go up to the Age of the Cornerstone and have to receive the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord, the Coming of the Lord glorified, as it was shown on Mount Transfiguration (of Matthew, chapter 17).

And there is a group of chosen ones of that age that are going to be raptured, and that group that is going to make the rapture also, therefore, they have to receive the Divine Program relevant to this time. But we leave that there, let God work in that group; because brother William in the book of The Seals and in some other messages, writes and places that [WSS] “from the seventh age there is a group that would make the rapture,” but they have to come up, of course, to our age; and God already has them predestined since before the foundation of the world.

• And also there in Ecuador our brother Andres, (Andresito, as I call him, my friend Andresito), there in Ecuador also, they are meeting to have these studies.

• Also in Colombia our brother Adair Nieto from Eje Cafetero.

• Also our brother Toribio from Peru, they were also in vigils these days and I believe they are still going to have some more, he was telling me.

• Also in El Salvador, David Escobar was telling me that they are also having studies there in El Salvador.

• In Colombia as well, in the congregation of Cartago, Valle, with Reverend Mauricio Montes.

• Also from Peru they were also informing me, with Reverend Jesus Angel Ynga, from the Selva Central. There are about 8 congregations there, which are also in these Bible studies and reviewing the entire Message of our age: The Age of the Cornerstone. Which they are very, very conscious that God at this time had to fulfill, or would have to fulfill a very, very important part of the Third Pull: which was the part of the Teaching that was to be brought before beginning to see those physical miracles. They are aware, notice, even all the way up to there, up to the Selva Central, where they have that divine knowledge, which is showing them —through the Word— that this stage is the stage they were waiting for.

In other words, all the elect of God, that we have been called and gathered with this glorious Message of the Age of Cornerstone —which calls and gathers the elect of this time and places them in the spiritual Temple of Christ as living stones, thus building the Most Holy Place—, this Message that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ William Soto Santiago has brought to us, is the Message that gives us the Rapturing Faith.

But there are things that were not yet spoken; they were only written. And they were written, and they were left there written for our knowledge; they were not left there written to store them, but to make them known.

All those things that for John was forbidden (by the Angel) to write, now at this time He writes them; and now is that they have been and are being made known to each and every one of us; because it was the time when the Church-Bride wouldn’t stumble with that.

It is not a time to let it go, as it was there, that the Angel said to him: “Let this go, don’t reveal it now.”2 But now, this can’t be overlooked: this is what you and I need to obtain the Rapturing Faith.

All that time, from 74 and on…, how he was telling us in a message that he speaks that all that was spoken there, as God was giving more light, God was —through the messenger by means of the next messages— giving more light of all that God was bringing at that time. In other words, we were not going to stay with that, but God was giving more and more light.

That is why he said: [WSS] “I tell Miguel, I told Miguel that there are things that must ([JBP] let’s say) be corrected,”3 it was the part he had said in an excerpt… Let me see if I can get it here, where he says (if not, we will read it later), where he says that there are things that can’t be placed as they are, as they are, because it would be an irresponsibility of the pastor to put it as it is spoken there in the message of that time, to put it that way to the congregation; that was – it must be revised with our brother Miguel and him; and what had to be corrected was corrected.

So we have to be faithful ministers to all that the messenger told us, and be aware that this time, in this stage of Teaching, there would be only one Teaching, which is brought and is being brought under the Tent.

In other words, it is not that one takes the messages: “And I also can, because the Message was already given and we are going to put this just as it is”; no. It requires the guidance of the Holy Spirit to place the Word correctly.

Whoever doesn’t do according to how it is already established by God through the Message, the Word brought to us by the forerunner of the Second Coming of the Lord, William Marrion Branham; whoever doesn’t do according to how he spoke it and how the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ also spoke it, who said that: [WSS] “under Tent we would be obtaining the Rapturing Faith”… The one who leaves on his own will not be following the divine guidance, he will not be following the Ark of the Covenant, the Pillar of Fire, which will take us to the promised land of the new body.

In other words, he can’t on his own guide the people. Even if he says: “I have the Message and I will place it just as it was spoken”; that is not right. Because…, and I am referring to the messages from 74 to 77 or 78, which he himself spoke and said that it had to be verified with Miguel and him; and they would correct anything that God later on gave it with more light.

So you can’t and shouldn’t place a message to the congregation as it is, just as it was spoken at that time. That is why he left us that (of the many instructions he left me), one of them was: [WSS] “Place, from Puerto Rico, the series of messages of ‘98, ‘99, ‘97.”

That is why you can see in Puerto Rico, those messages from those years are placed, because then, later on, you will see why. Surely, many already imagine or think that it is because of such or such a thing. But that, so that no one can interrupt, that is why you can see that in Puerto Rico messages of those years are placed. It wasn’t because I wished or wanted to place them, but because it was directly he who told me: [WSS] “Place those messages. And you can use…”, that is, that I could use for the studies references that have to do with those subjects; as excerpts from brother Branham, as well as from the messenger of our time.

Everything that is being done is by divine guidance. Nothing that is being done is by self-will, by human will; but, as the Scripture says: “The holy men of God spoke by divine inspiration, by inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.”4

The Holy Spirit, says brother Branham, and our brother William wrote there, that it is:5 [WSS] «Gabriel», who has access to the Book of Truth.

So look at the great guidance that we have, which the Holy Spirit left, in other words, Gabriel, left in His Church. And it is the Word, the Message, the same Holy Spirit, which is the Word; in other words, everything is One: the Word is the Word, the Word is God; in other words, if one starts to break it down, everything ends up (when one sees all that) one says: “But it is the same one!” It is still the Word, it is still God.

In other words, it is the Holy Spirit that is guiding us; and has left us all these instructions, so that we the ministers may know how we must continue to guide the people, so as not to fail, to hit the target. Because what good is it if you have the messages if you don’t know how to place the Word correctly. 

And it is through the Teaching in a Great Tent Cathedral, that all these guidelines will be imparted, all that Teaching, which will lead the Church-Bride to perfection, to transformation.

And since God always fulfills everything in a simple way, in simplicity, to many people it goes over their heads and they say: “It can’t be, but he said such a thing…; but he said that such a thing would be fulfilled in him…; but he is the one who is going to do this or that…” Well, he spoke all that, as other prophets spoke it; and much of what they spoke, many of the things they spoke were: they were reflecting what God would do later on.

In other words, not all the things were fulfilled in them, that they at their time, one sees and says: “But it wasn’t fulfilled in them!”; because they were reflecting what God would do later on, in a new age and in a new dispensation.

Everything is simple. The only thing is that we can’t, by our reasoning and on our own, look for the meaning of things, when God has already given it, and He has given that meaning, and He is making it known in a simple way.

With all these writings and all these references that he has left us, we have a clearer picture of all that each promise means; and we have a clearer picture of how to prepare ourselves and all the requirements that a child of God has to have to reach perfection, to reach the goal of transformation.

The work that you do in the printing press has always been a great blessing for the people, and very, very important. And besides printing the messages of the messenger, with all these books that our brother Miguel is publishing, with all these studies that he is doing on the topics of the Birthright, of the Third Pull, of The Tent and all those studies, which are excerpts of messages of our brother William Soto Santiago: it is a great blessing, brethren who work in this work of the printing press.

And also now it is also a blessing to place in your hands, of every child of God, of every chosen of God that has already been gathered in the Age of the Cornerstone with this such glorious Message and this work that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ did, that it may reach you…

When I just said, that I said [JBP] “to the last chosen one”; because that last chosen one (who is already inside, of course), that last chosen one who hasn’t yet received all this great news, all this good news: well, let the material reach him!, so he can also prepare himself with all these studies, these teachings, which are written, nothing more and nothing less than by the very finger of God, by the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ that He Himself has written it.

And to have, for example (it is not that you say that you are in the jungle), but, let’s say: those of the jungle: Imagine having writings there in the jungle, writings of the messenger, of the Angel of the Lord; and that you and I have the blessing of being able to help them with the printing presses and take that material there, it is a blessing! See?

Revelation 1:3

3 Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear…

But there is a blessing in reading; and to read you need somebody to print. First you need someone to speak, then you need someone to capture all that with machinery to put it into writing. In other words, it is a very important work.

And now machinery is also being taken so that all of them can be Missionary Centers, so that all of them can have a printing press. And if not all the congregations can have one, then at least the closest one to each one of them, so that they can mutually unite and continue printing all these very important writings, so that the brethren can have them in their hands.

That work also, besides our brother Miguel, of course, who is the one in charge of all that, he has also has had different collaborators helping him in that work; like our brother Andres, who is also a great strong pillar of the Work of God of this end time and all that work that he is also carrying out; and also all the ministers, all the brethren.

We also see now, in this time, besides all the work he was doing, helping the messenger, we also feel grateful to God, because we see how God is using him, our brother Bruno with his wife Lorena. You see how they are also lending a hand, helping the brethren in different places where they have never had; or if they have had, they have been “archaic” (let’s say), which are old, obsolete machines, now they have the opportunity to have a modern machine. Well, he has had, God has blessed him, and he has shared this with the brethren, sending them these machines so that they can print, have this facility to print in the different countries.

There in Venezuela, I think that they also sent some machines as well, which are the ones they have been using; that… A little while ago I also gave a greeting for the machines that were able to pass,6 also with his help and the ministers also from the United States, who are also hand in hand in that work that he is carrying out, and also all those who are in that work of the printing press.

See? God is using countless brothers, ministers and collaborators, and sisters as well, so that this Work of this end time may be a fast Work; because it is a fast Work that God is carrying out; so that all the people of God who are already gathered, have already been sealed with this glorious Message, may have the opportunity to prepare themselves. See? There is always a moment of preparation, there is always a moment where God fulfills what is yet to be fulfilled.

For example, look here a little detail that he writes next to a Bible study, the Bible study “THE FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS.” In this Bible study he writes a lot of very important things, but for example one of them…, this was preached on Sunday, September 23, 2012, and notice what he says here… He placed there in an excerpt of the message “RECOGNIZING THE DAY AND ITS MESSAGE,”7 an excerpt was placed there, and a part says:

[62] And He said, “They would separate, each family, and would cry and weep, for days, like a family that lost their only son.” Remember, that feast of Trumpets was to do that. “To weep, mourn for the killed Sacrifice,” and they had rejected It. 

63 They’re in their land. They were scattered, blinded, and now gathered. And it was all under that Sixth Seal, their Seven Trumpets…sounded to gather them together, the Sixth Trumpet. The Seventh is “that Great Trumpet,” as we had last Sunday ([JBP] Because last Sunday he preached “THE FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS”). The Sixth Trumpet sounded under the Sixth Seal ([JBP] See? All six Trumpets sound under the Sixth Seal). Just like our Sixth Seal opened, everything at the same time; only, theirs all sounded at once; where, we been two thousand years in the pentecostal feast.

[JBP] And he writes on the side:

[WSS] «6 Trumpets».

[WSS] «7th Trumpet remains, Revelation 11:15-19».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Notice how he writes there that there is still to come. And you may say: “But wasn’t the Trumpet supposed to have already sounded?, wasn’t it supposed to be that with that Trumpet the elect were already called and gathered?” Remember that the Scriptures have multiple fulfillment and multiple revelation.

And where would we find God working, God showing His Church the things that He would be revealing to His people in this end time? From age to age God has been at the corresponding stage through His messenger.

It is like a writing that He also left us, for example, in the message “THE HOUSE OF GOD TODAY,” preached on Sunday, June 16, 2013, here in Puerto Rico, he wrote on the back:

[JBP] And he wrote on the back: [WSS] «Jesus lost three days to Joseph and Mary, but when they returned to the temple, there He was speaking the Word with the doctors of the Law. Return to the Temple of God, the Church, after the three days (or ages) Luther, Wesley and Pentecostals ([JBP] after that, come back after that); there we will meet Jesus, as He was found His First Coming; for it is His Temple, to His Church, that He will come and reveal Himself, there you will find Him».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Where is it that at the Last Day Jesus would be found? On the fourth day; in other words, we find Him in the Age of the Cornerstone and we find Him in the messenger that God has sent at this time, our dear brother William Soto Santiago.

But remember that our age: The Age of the Cornerstone, is an age where seven stages run, and the eighth stage is eternity. The stage… the last three stages that we would be living in this time (let’s say), that… type of Joseph and Mary… Jesus was lost. Put it that way and see the beautiful picture.

But at the moment we don’t see Jesus with us: “But what happened?, where is He?” Well, He is in His Temple, He is in His Church; and He would reveal Himself in His Church. There you will find Him. There you will find Him, where you left Him.

Brother Branham in a place in The Seals, says: [WMB] “Look for Jesus where you left Him,” something like that it says in The Seals… Look for it there in the concordance, and look for that part, that [WMB] “you are going to find Jesus where you left Him.” In other words, it is in this last stage of the Age of the Cornerstone, of the spiritual Temple of the Lord, which is His Church, in the culminating part: which is in a Great Tent Cathedral, that you would find the Lord, teaching in this end time all that Teaching to the Church-Bride; which is a Teaching that was already prophesied by Reverend William Branham in a Great Tent Cathedral. There the Lord would be teaching His Church everything they would need to obtain the Rapturing and Transformation Faith.

Everything is simple. God has made everything in that simple way at this time, so that each and every one of us, the elect of God, would understand the Work, the Divine Program that He would be carrying out at the end of time; but all that is only for the elect, those who would be receiving that Teaching for Rapturing and Transformation Faith.

But you can also see that it says that this stage will be for the foolish, and it will be for the lost, and it will be for Israel; in other words, everyone will be impacted by this stage; but first it is with the elect.

During that Teaching, those ministries will be there making that separation; in other words, it will bring the separation between the groups, which will be identified, each one as an individual, in which group he belongs; each one would be placing himself, without realizing it, by his works, in the place that corresponds to him.

And the Hebrew people will see that glorious manifestation already when that stage is being manifested in the culminating part; and there they will see and say: “This is the one we are waiting for.”

They are waiting for a living man; brother William says in one part: [WSS] “they are waiting for a living man, not a dead man,” but a living man of this time, a man of this end time; where the Spirit of God will be manifesting through His Church, and will be showing the great wonders of Revelation 11, and will be fulfilling countless Scriptures, which will be fully fulfilled in this end time.

Partially fulfilled in past times and also in our age, some Scriptures have been partially fulfilled; but in this end time, at this stage where we are, the Scriptures that haven’t yet been fulfilled will be fulfilled in all their fullness.

So God bless you, God keep you; and onward in this very important work that you are carrying out in this work of the printing presses, to have in the hands of the brethren, to have the writings of the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ; writings of the Holy Spirit through human flesh, in that way that He did it, that one would say: “How I wish I could see, read, the writings of the prophet!” Well look, we are having them in our hands!; but since it is such a simple way, even in that we stumble, some stumble, even in that some stumble: “No, it can’t be like that.” On the contrary, they say: “How can he think of teaching private things of the prophet? How could Benjie even think of doing that?” Well, it didn’t occur to me. That is already a Divine Plan, of God. This is not an occurrence.

So all those who think like that, you better say: “Hey, it is truly God working, God truly loves me; because He is letting me see God’s thoughts, He is letting me see that intimate part of God, the Word, down there in the depths; He is letting me see it in His writings. And I am receiving it! I thank God: Thank you, Lord, because I didn’t see it, but now I see it! Forgive me, Lord, I didn’t know it was that simple.” And God then moves and sees your heart and sees if there is sincerity; and already God in His Program will work with you according to how He has already seen you since before the foundation of the world.

So, whoever is in that position, then, ask God to help you, and that now you will be more hand in hand; and if he wasn’t before, he was a little withdrawn, or he didn’t help, but rather he talked, well, now he should be one of the most who works to take more advantage; and since he hasn’t read much: “Well, now I want to read even more, to catch up.” You see? And God sees that intention in his heart, and God sees that there is sincerity and God sees that he – that person wants to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and He helps him to continue forward; of course, if he is one that is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, God will help him.

Now, if he is one that is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, well, even more so! That one, as brother Branham says, who says: “That man is worthy…” or brother William, who said, [WSS] “he is worthy of mercy,” because he is written in the Book of Life, and his name can be erased. But when he realizes that, that person will say: “Wait, then I will make more effort, I will be more prepared for when I will have to give my life for the Message and for the messenger.”

So God already has everything in His Program, God already has it mapped out; God already has the life of each one of us, already destined since before the foundation of the world. It is not time to argue, it is not time to fight, it is not time to debate. It is time to prepare: each group is going to get prepared, each individual is going to prepare for what he is going to receive.

So onward! All the ministers always united with our brother Miguel Bermudez Marin, hand in hand, in common agreement with all this work. And also to the congregations, make things easier for them, so that they have access to the literature. Don’t set high prices, expensive, so that the book is more expensive than what they may have to eat, or what they may have to pay for their house or food, or children’s studies, or everything.

The value of the Word is priceless, we are aware of that. But we also have to be aware that there are brethren who can’t afford it, and we can’t put an expensive price on it; and the brother who wants to have a booklet, “we can’t give it to him, because he can’t buy it.” That, what our brother William has always told us, that it is a voluntary offering, that the brethren should give with all their heart; and not force them to pay for something; because the Word is not for sale.

So, the brethren be, those who work in the printing press…, the ministers who are in charge of all those missionary centers. And if they don’t have it: give it to them, don’t demand that they buy it, because you will give an account for that; and you are preventing that person from continuing to prepare himself for his transformation. 

God is somehow going to help them get it. So, find a way for them (the brethren) to have it; and we know that there is an expense of electricity, paper, machinery, maintenance, in all of that, but God is going to help you. God is going to open the doors and He is going to help you. And maybe a brother can’t give anything, but one gives for 10, or one gives for 20, or 5 give for 500 people; and maybe one or two brethren can’t even give enough to buy their booklet. So better let it be a voluntary offering.

There are places where it seems that they are already established like that: a defined price and that is it; but try to make it comfortable for the brethren, so that they can have their literature.

I was talking with our brother Miguel and our sister Ruth, through our sister Ruth, telling me how to do it on weekends or per week, in order to print the little volumes weekly; and I will be talking with Julio Angel also, to do it that way. And for those who want to print the thick volume, wait for the end of the month; and maybe put some section so that those who want to print per volume, can print it per volume; but it will be placed weekly.

For example, today, this would be for August; but, for example, starting this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, already on Monday we can take out that little booklet of those three messages, or any other greetings that may be given, but it would be this weekend. Then on the other weekend a booklet would be taken out for that weekend. And so on and so forth (let’s say) 4 per month. And this way it is more practical for the brethren. Always looking for the welfare of the people.

So all together we are going to get there. Don’t worry, the goal is already assured. Now we have to get together to focus the cannons for our adoption, for our transformation, because we already know that we are going to obtain the victory; but now we have to be people, instruments of God to reach that goal, that victory; and be instruments to achieve it, not instruments to disturb.

So we are going to reach the goal.

God has called us with this powerful Message, and He has brought us together with a purpose: to be equal, His image and likeness; look what God desires for us. And then He has a great Supper for us, we are all going to be there.

Brother Branham says that [WMB] “it was a long, long table,” he defines it like this. He says that: [WMB] “It was a long table by thousands… long, long”; and he says that: [WMB] “The King will come forth and wipe away every tear from the eyes of the children of God, and will say: ‘Enter into the Joy of God, which has been prepared, into the Kingdom of God which has been prepared for you, since before the foundation of the world.’”

So, onward, a great Supper awaits us, a great Supper awaits for each one of us, which is: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Thank you all very much for this opportunity that you allow me to send this little greeting. And we can give to this talk that we have had today… Let’s see here in this writing, that he writes there: [WSS] «in the temple»

We can name it “IN THE MOST HOLY PLACE, THERE WE WILL FIND HIM.” That would be the subject for this occasion: “IN THE MOST HOLY PLACE, THERE WE WILL FIND HIM.”

And that, it comes fast to our mind what he said: [WSS] “There you will see me again.”8

God bless you and God keep you all. And we thank God for sending us at this time His Angel Messenger, William Soto Santiago.

1 Acts 19:1-7

2 Revelation 10:4

3 MM 1997-08-07 “The Sun and the Rain in the fertile land” (VI Promotion of Ministers):

[WSS] Now, in the messages that came at the beginning, I told Miguel: “In these messages remove this, because there is already more light on this; and therefore, we can understand this better with these other messages that have come later.”

And that is why you will find that there are messages (for example, from ‘74), that were edited; and I myself, with Miguel, eliminated certain things; and at some moments I also added some little things that would give more light. And you should have them in that form. And you shouldn’t take the tape of a past time, where there wasn’t so much light on a certain subject, and you shouldn’t take those tapes to take out on your own a booklet as it is there, without having been checked by Miguel and myself.

You shouldn’t do that; because some people who have done that, have done that and it has been counted to them as a bad intention against God’s Program; because they have taken it to say: “But look, here it is said this way in this form; therefore, we are going to stay with this as it was said here, and we are not going to accept what was said after that in relation to this.”

There they get stuck, and there they are left with problems before God, because they are then placed (themselves) in the presence of God as rebels, who are against the Divine Program and the Light as it is spreading and increasing.

Now, we can see that anything that was said back in ‘74 or ‘75 or ‘76, and then more light came through the messages, that well, I have told Miguel: “This, when we take a booklet out of this recording, we check it and make any correction that needs to be made, so that you have that message according to all the light that we have today.”

So that is why there were some messages that we edited for the benefit of all the Mystical Body of the Lord Jesus Christ.

4 2 Peter 1:21

5 Bible Study #211, 6/12/2022 (Sunday), p. 17 of the booklet

6 Study “Receiving the quickening power through the Teaching under the Tent,” 8/16/2022 (Tuesday), p. 3 and 4 of the booklet

7 64-0726M – “Recognizing Your Day and its Message,” p. 12, paras. 62-63

8 Sunday, August 13, 2017. Cayey, Puerto Rico. 08:25 a.m. / Compilation of messages “For the Sake of the Chosen,” p. 5 [WSS] When you see that prophet messenger of the Seventh Seal, you will be seeing the Coming of the Lord with Moses and Elijah fulfilling the prophecies of the Third Pull in the Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral; and there you will see me again. I love you very much. God bless you. William


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