It is according to the Vision

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It is according to the Vision

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Sunday, December 4, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon to all the brethren gathered there in the congregation “La Jerusalen Celestial,” congregation that Reverend Samuel Garcia pastors, today Sunday, December 4 of this year 2022; that they are gathered in these works that they are carrying out in the auditorium, in this place that they are building; wishing that soon everything will be finished, and thus it will be a place of great blessing to continue preparing the children of God to obtain the adoption; which God will be fulfilling in this end time in the midst of the people who are receiving that Teaching, that Word being brought under the Tent; which is that Rapturing Faith (which was spoken by the Reverend William Branham in The Seals that the Bride would need in order to obtain that Faith in the end time) which will be taking us to such an elevated level that, by seeing that dimension open in our midst —the sixth dimension—, by seeing them, we are transformed.

In other words, those dimensions —as we were seeing today— will be materializing here on Earth.

And notice, if the fifth dimension is being built here, and it is opening in the midst of the human race in a way that human beings don’t realize, and that they are being part of that dimension; so also God with His children: He is preparing them to also have that opening of the sixth dimension in their midst; and thus, in this end time, in these final days, to see that fight that will take place between those two dimensions, that greatest battle ever fought; but we know that the victory is for each one of us, it is for His children.

And when we have that Rapturing Faith completely, that is when God will be working in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision; in that stage, which, when it was shown to the Reverend William Branham —as we were reading in that part where brother Branham was seeing everything that was happening— by that time the judgment in the sixth dimension had already happened, because the Angel was already there with him, and was standing with him, there in the sixth dimension; because he tried to come down, but he couldn’t; in other words, he was still in the sixth dimension.

But we see there that that Angel was no longer the Voice that only he heard, but that he was already physically there, in that dimension, that Angel; the same Voice that spoke to him of everything that was going to happen. In other words, the Voice of that Angel was showing beforehand to the messenger that the judgment was going to come in the sixth dimension.

The same Angel that told the Church the things that were to happen at the end of time, is the same one that then shows there, to those who are there, the things that were going to happen, before they came to this planet Earth to take bodies again and appear to each one of us.

In other words, the same way that God was using in all times, and that He used in the midst of the Church, so He is using it there also, in Paradise, in the sixth dimension.

And while that was happening there, before the Angel told him: “Look at all that is happening there,” and showed him how things were happening at that moment of the Vision, of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, at that stage of that activity; before that, that judgment was happening in the sixth dimension. And he was telling us that if the messenger entered, the group would too.

So, if Saint Paul’s group entered…, brother Branham would say: [WMB] “I preached the same thing as Paul.”1 And he would go in with his own; in other words, each messenger was going to enter with his people.

And at that stage, in the sixth dimension, when that was happening, something would also be happening on Earth. And we have been told that that is: The days of Ananias and Sapphira.

And those days, we have been seeing that it has been materializing in this end time, in these final days, that stage, which is the Word that has produced all that which we also saw in the days of the apostles, where it was the Holy Spirit in the midst of the apostles. And brother Branham was telling us that the days of Ananias and Sapphira were going to be repeated again.2

And those who are waiting for that time to come, haven’t realized that those days are already here; because we are already in the last phases of the Seventh Seal, the last phases of the Third Pull; and one of those is that stage.

Because we couldn’t enter the stage of being adopted without first being tested; without first seeing ourselves in the mirror of the Word, and see if we were going to be adopted or not; where everything would be being manifested by each believer. And the attitude that they would be assuming before the Holy Spirit in this end time, is what would count —it is like the final test—, what would count if the person is adopted or not. Because even if he has been from the beginning, if he doesn’t pass this last test, he will not be adopted.

And Paul’s group could say: “If Paul enters, we enter with Paul.” And as the message said today: that those who didn’t want Paul, then Paul couldn’t say that they were of his group. So it is in every time, and in this end time, where the Holy Spirit is working in the midst of His Church.

And those who are not receiving that manifestation of God in the midst of His Church in a Great Tent Cathedral… At the end he will be able to say: “This group was with me until the end.” And remember that it is the Holy Spirit; and the Message and the messenger are the same. So he will be able to say: “Those who are with me and have received all this Teaching: we are going to enter the promised land of the new body.” But also, those who have rejected that Teaching and have rejected the Holy Spirit manifested in this end time, in the final stage or phase, the stage of adoption, he will also say: “I don’t know you, I don’t know what age you are from. I don’t know where you are from, I don’t know you.” Because if they reject him, he will also reject them.

In other words, it is a very decisive time, where each one is assuming the position and is assuming the place where it will correspond to him during that time where God would be rapturing His Church; which, those who don’t receive that last Teaching, that last part: they wouldn’t be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; because there they have to go with the glorified body.

And if they don’t receive that Teaching that gives the Rapturing Faith —which produces that new body, around that Word—: they will have to stay to go through the tribulation. But they are going to realize; they are going to realize that they will have to give their lives then for the Message.

So we are on the side of the Holy Spirit, we are on the side of the promises, we are on the side of what God promised that He would be fulfilling in this end time.

And although the way and the form wasn’t as we expected, but it was so and it was in the Wisdom of God, that it would be that way; and we say to Him: “Amen! We believe it, Lord. As You fulfill Your promises, so we believe them.”

So onward; holding on to this very important stage, not looking right or left, but always looking at the Ark, the Word, looking at the promises; and having all the places ready.

And there you have that blessing: that you are building that place, which: Let’s get to work!

The same in all the places that have these constructions, that are expanding, preparing for that stage that will soon begin, already with everything that was being shown to Reverend William Branham.

Onward!, with courage, with enthusiasm, so that soon, you do it as soon as possible, so you have everything ready; and also have the screens ready, the equipment ready and everything, for the transmissions that are being carried out from here.

As he said in the one of “IT WILL BE ACCORDING TO THE VISION,” where he said that: [WSS] “Even the time will come when the devotionals will be accompanied from here.”3 In other words, whoever is not connected: will not be receiving all that blessing from there.

Because God will fulfill everything according to the Vision, everything will be according to the Divine Vision. It can’t be otherwise.

It will not be because we want to do it or fulfill it in the way that suits us; it will be according to how God has already programmed it and has determined it since before the foundation of the world.

So, my brethren, may God bless you, God keep you; and united in that effort of that place there, in El Paso, Texas, that you are working in that construction: May you soon have it ready, so that God may continue working in your midst for the blessing and preparation of all the brethren who are gathered there. And thus we are all connected with everything that is being done from The Great Tent Cathedral in Puerto Rico.

May God bless you, may God keep you all; and all those who are also gathered today in different countries.

May God bless you all greatly.


1 The Seals, “The Fifth Seal,” p. 378, paras. 400-405

2 65-1212 –“Communion,” p. 8, para. 60 / 62-0118 – “Convinced Then Concerned” p. 42, para. 329 / 60-0518 – “Adoption #2,” p. 37, para. 205

3 2016-01-03 “IT WILL BE ACCORDING TO THE DIVINE VISION”: [WSS] The fulfillment of that vision will fulfill the Third Pull, which will be the stage of the Word, where the spoken Word will be bringing great blessings for all the people of God; not only of the country where the Tent Vision will be fulfilled, but for all the countries, all the nations, all the individuals that will be listening and seeing everything that will be taking place in that place; and they will also be accompanying the songs that will be taking place in that place.

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