Looking at Christ in the Second Coming we can overcome

Looking at Christ in the Second Coming we can overcome

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Saturday, September 17, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

(Second greeting)

Good afternoon. A greeting to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, and all parts of the world where you are gathered today, Saturday, September 17 of this year 2022.

Receive my greetings for all of you. Excuse me for not mentioning you by name and by place (because it would take us some time), but you all know that this greeting goes to each and every one of you.

And I thank our brother Miguel for giving me this opportunity to greet you (in this little greeting), since all that each one of us wishes is to continue receiving all this Teaching; which is very, very important for each one of us as individuals, because we know that soon God will fulfill the promises in our midst; because this is the time of the fulfillment of the promises and prophecies that have been spoken; and those promises are for us.

We are God’s chosen people, who have been called and gathered by this powerful Message of the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ William Soto Santiago, and He has placed us in this position in this end time to receive those promises.

We are at the right time, in the right place and with the right Message. And in the time where God will fulfill those promises, He will give that Faith to each one of us to obtain them; because without faith it is impossible to please God.1

Faith is revelation. Brother Branham says that the rapture is a revelation.2 And that revelation of the rapture is what each one of us is receiving.

As our brother Miguel was telling us last night: [MBM] “The one who is going to be raptured, the one who is going to be transformed and raptured, is the one who needs That.” The one who is not going to be transformed and raptured, he doesn’t need it; he is not going to give importance to That, because he will not be a person who is working to leave this Earth. Each one will be fighting for what he will receive.

So we are also in these activities (as our brother Miguel says) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, which are the days we are taking advantage of; although during the week some meet…, which is fine, the only thing is that during the week, well, there are some who find it difficult; and that is why, we try to leave the activities that are already scheduled, so that, on Fridays and Saturdays with the minister meetings, and on Sundays, we can all be in fellowship.

Because one may have a meeting during the week and maybe someone can’t make it, and then it becomes difficult for that person to go; and maybe, many times they can say: “Hey, you are not interested in coming to meet on a Tuesday,” for example; but they are not seeing that maybe the person doesn’t have that facility to go, it is difficult for him, and then certain problems arise in the congregation, which is not convenient. In other words, we have to look for the most comfortable part for the brethren, and make it easier for them on the days that are already scheduled.

There will come days, there will come a time when it will be, as our brother William says: [WSS] “Every day,”3 but that, we can’t try to produce it on our own, but God will already show us when that will be.

So at least, the days that… I’m not saying that you can’t gather. The ones that are doing it can do it, as long as the brethren can and have that facility; but we make good use of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. And during the week, if there is any audio of a greeting, then it is sent; and then it automatically arrives to the person’s cell phone. And if not, he looks for it somehow, and he also receives that greeting, those words of greeting, either from our brother Miguel or from myself, to each brother or sister.

So that is why these activities are very, very important, those on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, because here (in these activities) we grow more and more, we increase more and more our faith, which is what we all desire: that we reach the stature of a perfect Man.

Brother William says in the message:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, June 3, 2012
Cayey, Puerto Rico

We are in a very important time, where we have to be aware, up to date, in the Scripture, in the Word of the Lord, so that our faith may not faint, but continue to grow more and more, until it becomes the perfect faith; to such a degree that we can be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Some have called it “rapturing faith,” “faith for transformation and rapture,” as also the Reverend William Branham commonly called it.

Therefore, it is important for our faith to continue to grow here, in the soul, as we hear the Word of God; that is how faith grows: based, founded, upon the promised Word of God.

For every promised Word of God the person conquers it with and by faith. To believe for salvation, it is faith here in the soul, in the heart; to believe for the salvation of our relatives, that faith must also be here, fall here, and remain believing that God will do for our relatives, for our family, what we ask: that they will receive salvation.

How will it be? How will God do it? God will take care of that. You give a Bible to them, send them conferences, and so forth, so that when they hear the Word the faith of Christ may be born in their heart, because we all want our relatives to obtain salvation and eternal life.

Faith…, or faith is revelation; and therefore, when that revelation comes, and you grasp it: you have faith —you have received faith and have faith— for what you are looking for, either for divine healing, or your salvation or of your family, or whether it may be other blessings; because there are no limits to the blessings of God, if you believe it.

“All you ask the Father in my Name, I will do,”4 says Christ our Savior. Believe it with all your heart and God will do it.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] What is it that we have done in all these years: we have given literature to our relatives, we have given them a Bible (see?, as our brother William says), and we ask God that God works in their lives. In other words, the faith that each one of us has will work in favor of our relatives as well.

And that is one of the five manifestations of God’s power, which God showed to Reverend William Branham, which was the salvation of sister Hattie Wright’s children. In other words, there will come a time when our relatives will also have that opportunity.

We already claimed them, and we ask God to give them eternal life; for all that we love, they said to our brother Branham: [WMB] “All those whom you love, God will give them to you.”5 So we pray for them, so that God will also give them eternal life. It is our inheritance, part of our inheritance.

And there will come a time when the person who will also be receiving the benefits of that stage, will not need to have that faith at such a high level that the elect will have; because look at what it says here… Because the Third Pull will impact all mankind; and there all the groups that are living at this time in the midst of the human race will enter: from the Bride, the foolish, the unbelievers and the 144,000; all will be impacted by the Third Pull.

And already that Third Pull is being impacted in favor of the elect, of the Bride, of the wise virgins, who are the first to receive the benefit of the Third Pull in its fulfillment.

God is doing it in such a simple way, that the world is overlooking the great blessing that the Church-Bride is receiving in this end time; which only the elect of God, the wise virgins, will be receiving the impact of the Third Pull, of that Teaching under the Tent; because it is for them the promise of the transformation and the rapture.

As our brother Miguel said last night, that the Rapturing Faith will only be received by those who are going to be raptured. A person who is not going to be raptured and transformed, will not be interested in this stage, he will not be giving it, being careful in this stage; because it is a stage only for the elect, only for those who will be transformed and raptured: which is us, those who are taking good advantage of this time.

Because that Third Pull will be impacting, first of all, the Bride; and that is what God is doing in this time in which we are living.

But there will come a time when that Third Pull will also be impacted towards that group of the fatuous, foolish or sleeping virgins. And also to the 144,000: when they see God manifested in the midst of His Church, and see that manifestation of the power of God in Her midst, they will say: “But if this is the one we are waiting for!”; in other words, they will also be impacted by that Third Pull. And the lost, who no longer have the opportunity.

By William Soto Santiago
Sunday, January 23, 1977
(Tent Service)
Cayey, Puerto Rico

There is a time coming when there will be no need for a person to have a certain degree of faith in order to receive things. “What did you say there?” There will be a certain time where perfect faith will be operating in such a way that even, people who are going to receive the benefit, will not have to have as high a degree of faith as would be required at another time for that person to receive that benefit; but just with the person that God will be using to do that, the faith that God will have placed in that person will be enough for the benefit of other people who don’t have that degree of faith.

(…) The fulfillment of the Tent Vision, in the aspect of divine healing, will be so great and so powerful…; because there will be no need for even the people who will need that miracle, there will be no need for them to have that high faith. Why? Because of what it says there: Because the instrument that God will be using, God will give him faith at such a high level, He will raise his faith to such a high level, that the faith of that person will be useful for others. That is one of the secrets of divine healing in the Tent Vision.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] That is one of the secrets that will not be openly talked about, how that is going to work, and how that is going to work when that is in full fulfillment in the Tent Vision, when brother Branham saw people coming through one side of the door and coming out… entering with some disease or physical condition (missing arm, a leg or being blind, or being deaf or mute), and coming out healed through the other door. That mystery will not be made known so that no imitations will arise, and so that the Divine Program will come to a faithful fulfillment, to a final fulfillment, without interruptions from the enemy.

Right now the enemy is all lost, because he lost the Word, he lost the Word. He was (as we say) tracking him; in other words, he was watching where he was going from age to age. And see how the messenger would leave, and then he came at once and entered [the enemy] into that age and denominationalized it, and death came; because that is what the enemy always wants: the enemy of God, the devil, wants every age where God is manifested to rather be death, to end in death.

And that is what He has been doing from age to age: God sends His messenger, gives His Message, gathers the elect, takes His messenger away, and quickly there the devil comes in and tries to sweep away all that is left; and then sends death to those who denominationalize; because denomination is death.

But that will not happen in our time.

We have read that he wrote that [WSS] “in the end time that will not happen, because God will leave the ministries of Moses and Elijah”6; therefore, those ministries will not allow the Age of the Cornerstone be denominationalized.

He goes on to say [“THE BREACH”]:

[WSS] (…) Now, look, look: Faith at that high level, so that it can work for others, even if others don’t have that kind of faith, look at where he has to stand ([JBP] look at where he has to stand). Then look at where the one who has to stand will stand so that that Perfect Faith can operate in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision for the literal miracles; the literal miracles that are to happen according to the Tent Vision. Where does he have to stand? Says:

([JBP] And here he quotes from brother Branham):7

219 I’m your brother, standing as your brother, an intercessor (intercession for others), trying my best to hold you before God. And I’m standing here right before the White Throne now (Where? Not Throne of Mercy. The Great White Throne), and staking that…pointing my finger to that bloody Sacrifice there, and speaking through His Name that it’s done. It has to happen , and it has to happen. (What is that? Divine Healing by Reclamation. Do you see? And from where? From the White Throne). You know it’s happened. I know it’s happened, so do you know it’s happened, and it’s so.”

[JBP] And brother William continues to say:

[WSS] (…) The Faith that Moses and Elijah will have, will be enough to do everything that needs to be done; and then those who need something to be done, don’t have to worry if they have too much or too little faith. The only thing they will have to do is to know where is that Faith that has to operate so that what they need to occur will occur.

And now, here I am going to read it to you.

Even for salvation, notice, for salvation, for healing, for everything that God is going to do: The Faith that will be in Revelation 11, will do everything that has to be done, even to bring the plagues.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Notice here in the message “HOW CAN I OVERCOME?”, says our brother Branham, on page 36 in the English book, and in the Spanish book it is 34 (because he used the English book, but he had the Spanish book inside; and in the English book it was the one that he marked all and wrote it); but I will read, of course, the Spanish book, and the paragraphs all agree. Well, in this one that I am going to read (which is 34 in Spanish) it says:8

169 On that Easter morning, when He rose out yonder [WSS] «in the morning», and Job’s body no more than a spoonful of ashes, he was waiting. He was that elected Group. He rose from the grave and entered into the city, with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job. Oh, my! Amen. For, they looked for such a Person.

[JBP] Remember that Jesus went through that place where they were waiting and brought them. Just like those who are waiting for the Second Coming of the Lord, they are waiting for Him, to arrive there, and bring them here to Earth. Everything is parallel to what happened two thousand years ago at the First Coming of the Lord. He goes on to say:

170 “And to those Who look for Christ the second time,” that can overcome the things of this world, by His grace, to come into Him, and shut your eyes to anything else but Him and His Word, “He will appear the second time in Glory.”

“For the trumpet of God shall sound, the dead in Christ shall rise; those which are alive and remain shall be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, be caught up together, to meet Him in the air.”

171 Whether I’m a spoonful of ashes, or whether I’m living when He comes, it matters me no difference. Amen. Doesn’t matter, because I’ve caught the vision. The veil rolled back, and I see Him. One that could stand, and put His hand upon me…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] See where we read here that that ministry of Moses and Elijah have a place where they have to stand… Let’s see here where it is that we read it [“THE BREACH”]:

[WSS] Then look where the one who has to stand will stand so that that Perfect Faith can operate in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision for the literal miracles; the literal miracles that are to happen according to the Tent Vision.

[JBP] And here he says:

[171] The veil rolled back, and I see Him. One that could stand, and put His hand upon me… a sinful man, and upon a holy God. And He is my propitiation. He is the Word that I stand for. “In the beginning was the Word.” He is the Word that I stand for. “In the beginning was the Word.”

[JBP] Remember that that happened there… That is why he says: [WMB] “Whether it’s made a spoonful of ashes, or whether he was alive, that wouldn’t make any difference”: that miracle will happen; both the miracle of the resurrection that will literally happen…, because we who will be transformed will see it: by seeing them we will be transformed. And That One will stand; in other words, He will stand in the position that He has to stand in order for that to happen. The same thing that happened there, where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Job, and all those of the Old Testament, came and resurrected, and appeared to many there in the city of Jerusalem.9 It says:

[171] He’s that Word, and He represents me, There. Amen. And I’ll scream it, as long as I have breath, “He is my Resurrection and my Life.” And all other grounds are sinking sand. All other grounds are sinking sand.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Looking at Christ in the Second Coming we can overcome».

See how it is that we overcome in this end time: by looking to Him at His Second Coming.

And we continue here reading, where we stopped, here in this message “THE BREACH”; our brother William says:

[WSS] Then, notice that in the Millennium faith will be null. Why? Because it will be the positive. So then, notice, when God does something, for you it is a miracle, and by faith you receive that; but for God it is a natural thing to do that. See?

Then, what for the children of God through the Church ages, were things that they received by faith, were things that were not understandable: for the elect group of this end time will be natural things: natural in the spiritual realm, because they will understand, they will know the spiritual realm and the way they are made.

[JBP] Look at all the knowledge that each one of us are receiving, because we would understand and know all those things that would be happening in that spiritual field; that is, we are the only human beings that being alive we can look and see all those that are going to be resurrected. And that can only be done by a chosen one that has that Faith at that high level; and, of course, we can see then the way they are going to be done. He goes on to say:

[WSS] (…) So, always examine yourself, take a good look at yourself, and do a complete check of everything; and if you forget things, you better write them down, so that when you go to fix something, you don’t have to go several times. Imagine, we are eager to finish ([JBP] How many are eager to finish? Everybody. We are already eager to get out of here, we are eager to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; but He waits for us: He waits for you, He waits for me), so that the other phase that is coming, well, begins; but if it begins with the people being wrong before God, the Lord has blessing in one Hand and judgment in the other; and then it depends on how you are.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look at what it says here in the message “PERFECT FAITH,”10 it says on page 16 (I don’t know if we have read this piece, but I want to read it here; it says):

97 Now, you must believe what you ask for. If you are a believer, recognize yourself as a believer. Recognize that these things are for you.

98 If there’s condemnation in your life, straighten that first. See?

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Straighten our life with God first». Do you see how important it is?

[JBP] And here he also writes: [WSS] «Recognize your position, recognize that these things are for you».

[JBP] And on this same page 17 at the bottom, it says:

103 If you’re afraid when you come by the prayer line, “Maybe I just haven’t got the faith sufficient”; it’ll never happen, don’t worry. See? But if you know it’s going to happen, it’ll happen. See? See, it’s a substance of something. Job had a fear that these things would come upon him, and they did. [WSS] «What you fear, that comes to you». If you have a fear that your disease is going to leave you…or won’t leave you, it won’t. If you have a faith, that it will.

 104 You ask any medical doctor. The first thing he’ll try to get you to do, is to have confidence in the medicine he’s giving you. If you haven’t got no confidence in it, you better leave it alone. See? Sure! What is it then? It’s faith that does the healing; it’s faith that does it all the time.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «It is faith that heals».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «What you know is going to happen will happen».

[JBP] He goes on to say [P. 16]:

105 Peter, he was doing all right till he got scared. The Word told him, he could walk on the water. He was scared first, he thought it was a—a ghost, and he said, “Lord, if it be You, bid me come to You on the water.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Peter feared».

106 Said, “Come on.” ([JBP] and he writes big at the top): [WSS] «COME ON… Today is the same» Now, that’s just the same as James 5:14, same as Mark 16. The same God said It, said, “Come on.” And so he started walking. He done all right, got down out of the ship, started walking on…

107 There was a storm on the sea, you know; great, whitecap waves, bigger than these hills around here [WSS] «18 feet», the foam breaking on top of them; terrific, maybe fifteen, twenty feet foam, the whitecaps breaking. And that was a terrific thing for him to ask, “If it be You, Lord,…” See, He looked like a…there looked like a shadow or a spirit. He said, “If it’s You, bid me come to You on the water.”

108 Jesus said, “Come on.”

109 And he stepped down, said, “It’s the Lord, I’ll just walk.” But when he got his eyes on the waves, he got scared. What come in his mind? First thing, he…“I’m going to walk because the Word said for me to walk.” And the next thing, he looked at his…well, he looked at his symptoms; he looked out there and seen how big them waves was, and he got scared; and when he did, down he went. See? What he feared, happened! What he believed, happened! When he believed he could walk, he walked; when he believed and got scared, in his belief, then his substance left him. See? He still professed his faith, but he didn’t have the substance. The substance would have went right over top of that whitecap and went right on to Him, see, if he has the Perfect Faith. See? But he didn’t have it. He thought he did. He did at first, he was willing to venture right out, “Why, the Lord told me to do it, it’s got to happen.” So he just steps right down out of the boat, and takes off. He never thought about the—the—the—the waves, how contrary they was. He never got that in his mind.

110 Now, when you get to thinking, “Well, now wait. And, you know, I’ve been sick so long, I…” Stop! You just might as well go back to the boat. See? See? But when you quit thinking about that,…

[JBP] And then he writes: [WSS] «Peter heard, believed and walked».

[JBP] And then, he writes below: [WSS] «He noticed the waves, feared and he drowned».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] So what we should do is the first thing he wrote: hear, believe and walk forward. He writes: [WSS] «Peter heard, believed and walked», which is what we are supposed to do; and we should do: hear, believe with all our heart —what we don’t understand, we will understand later on— and keep walking forward, to where He says to us, “Come! I am the way, the truth and the life; come; come.”

See? And to walk straight to God, walk in that Path that He has provided for us, has allowed us to see, has allowed us to understand; and has placed us in the most wonderful time, where the fulfillment of the Tent Vision is already being fulfilled in this spiritual sphere, in the sphere of the Teaching, in the sphere that the Rapturing Faith is being obtained so that soon that event of the resurrection will occur; and with that faith that we have so high, at that time to be transformed and then to be raptured, after 30 or 40 days.

In other words, it is that Teaching, the one that God is giving us, which we are taking advantage of at this time, hearing, believing and walking.

Look at what it says here in this message: page 12 of the message “SPIRITUAL FOOD IN DUE SEASON,”11 it says:

[61] Yes, sir.

62 The prophet had been so long in the Presence of God, the prophets of the Old Testament, or any time, when they live in the Presence of God until they become the Word, their Message is the Word Itself. And, remember, he said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD.” And when those men had those messages from God, and they become so wrapped up that their own thinking…It might have been against their thinking, they might not have been able to—to see it right. But they was speaking the Word of God, “THUS SAITH THE LORD.”

63 “There will not be any rain till I call for it.” Oh, what a statement! He had been in the Presence of God and been vindicated so perfect. And, remember, that also follows Amos 3:7, “The Lord God will do nothing until first He reveals it to His servants the prophets.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The prophets / There will be no rain».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «The prophets become the Word».

[63] Said, “There’s not going to be any rain fall!” He first…

64 They laughed at him, they thought he was crazy, “That fanatic!” But, see, he had THUS SAITH THE LORD that it wasn’t going to rain. And, God, before he did that, He revealed it to Elijah His servant. And he was a vindicated, proven prophet, so the people ought to have repented.

[JBP] See how in each time the people have to be ready; they have to be ready to, when that prophet comes with the THUS SAITH THE LORD, to be ready to receive the blessings that God has for us; because… Later on we will finish reading what our brother William says there; but let’s finish here: page 12 (at the bottom) of the message “SPIRITUAL FOOD,” it says:

[64] But, instead of that, they laughed at him, said, “Oh, we got plenty of rain! The reservoirs are full. The rivers are running good.”

65 The Bible said that, “There was not even dew for three years and six months.” All the brooks and waters dried up, everywhere.

[JBP] And he writes: 

[WSS] «Rain — the Teaching».

«Dew — the Reasoning of the Lord».

[JBP] And above that he writes: 

[WSS] «The Teaching and Reasoning of the Lord to proclaim the Name of the Lord. Deuteronomy 32:1-4».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And we are going to read Deuteronomy 32, from 1 to 4, because it is the Scripture that he places there; and look at what it says:

1 Give ear, O ye heavens, and I will speak; and hear, O earth, the words of my mouth.

2 My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass:

3 Because I will publish the name of the Lord: ascribe ye greatness unto our God.

4 He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.

[JBP] See: “as the rain and as the dew,” in order to proclaim the Name of the Lord. See there, that is why he writes: [WSS] «The Teaching and Reasoning of the Lord to proclaim the Name of the Lord».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say [“SPIRITUAL FOOD”]:

[65] That wasn’t that man, that was God speaking through that man.

[JBP] He writes: [WSS] «3 and a half years = », and there he writes what those three and a half years of that drought meant at that time, that there wasn’t even dew.

And we are going to leave that part alone there, because there is a great revelation, which corresponds to that time of the Third Pull, where there are certain things that shouldn’t be spoken, so that (the enemy) doesn’t have the tools and makes imitation.

And he writes here: [WSS] «Drought for 3 and a half years, God spoke it through a man».

[JBP] He goes on to say:

[65] That wasn’t that man, that was God speaking through that man. That was the “I” it was. We always know. So he…

66 We find out that when a man comes, sent from God, ordained of God, with the true THUS SAITH THE LORD, the message and the messenger are one and the same. Because he is sent to represent THUS SAITH THE LORD, Word by Word, so he and his message is the same.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the Message and the messenger are one».

67 A denominational man under denominational auspices, he and the church is the “one.” A theologian under theology, made by some denomination, he and his message are one; church of theology, a theologian. It’s correctly.

68 Then when a man comes with THUS SAITH THE LORD, he and the Message is one. And when Elijah come with THUS SAITH THE LORD, he and his message became one. Just as Jesus, when He come, He was the Word, Saint John 1. So the Word of God and the messenger of the age was the selfsame thing, all the time. That’s right.

69 Jesus was the Word that was prophesied of. He was what the prophets said would happen, “A virgin shall conceive and bear this Child.” Way back in the beginning, God told them, said, “The woman’s Seed shall bruise the serpent’s head, and he’ll bruise her heel.” All these prophecies had been given. David crying, all the rest of the prophets down through the ages, speaking of Him. He was that Word manifested! Hallelujah!

70 Now do you see where I’m trying to get to? I spoke with you pretty plain this morning. Don’t you see the authority of the living God in the living Church, the Bride? The sick are healed, the dead are raised up, the cripples walk, the blind see, the Gospel goes forth in Its power, for the Message and the messenger are the same. The Word is in the Church, in the person.

[JBP] And there he draws the Cornerstone with the ages and a star (not the Star of David, but a star).

And to finish here in the message where we paused, it says (I’m in the message “THE BREACH”):

[WSS] If you are ready to receive blessing, then you will receive blessing; but if you are ready to receive judgment, then what you will receive is judgment. Haven’t you noticed that God has given us this time to prepare ourselves to receive blessing? Take advantage of it! Because when it is over, then it will be too late to receive blessing, because judgment will already be pouring in.

[JBP] And notice how, in this time now, it is being marked and it is being fulfilled exactly what happened at that time, in that decade when he was preaching this series of messages. He says:

[WSS] (…) Everything is going to be fixed, of course. It is better for you to fix things, and not to have the Lord fix them for you. It is better for you to go to account with the Lord, and not the Lord call you into account. See? So it is better for you, from the inside out (from here), to know who you are; because the Lord is pleased when one knows one is nothing, that one is a failure from the beginning.

When you think you are something, that is when you have problems with God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] So see how he is showing us there that we must have everything arranged, always examining ourselves, always doing that complete checkup, so that God’s blessing may come, because that is what each one of us needs; as he says: [WSS] «Straighten our life with God first», see?

And that is the stage we are in now, which is a stage in which we thank God for allowing us to have this time to fix everything; and, at the same time, to be receiving this Teaching so great and so powerful, which is the one that will produce that Rapturing Faith, that Translation Faith.

And how are we going to overcome at this end time? “LOOKING AT CHRIST IN THE SECOND COMING WE CAN OVERCOME.”

Those have been these words of greeting of this little Bible study that we have talked about here, and we will place this subject that he wrote next to it: [WSS] «Looking at Christ in the Second Coming we can overcome».

May God bless you, brother Miguel, may God keep you; and all the ministers who are listening to me at this time.

May God bless you and keep you all.

1 Hebrews 11:6

2 65-1204 – “The Rapture,” p. 13, para. 65

3 2006-04-23-2 “Words of greeting”: [WSS] Maybe there will come a time (I think) that at some point or from some point onwards we are going to be gathered every day, every night. Well, the way things are going, they are getting better every day, and maybe in some places they are going to have activities more often during the week: one, two, three, four, five. And up to how many activities? Up to eight activities or nine activities, because on Sunday you can have two; and on Saturday you can also have up to two.

Therefore, perhaps up to nine or ten activities during the week, at some point in time; because when this stage fully arrives: The Third Pull, that will be so big that people will not have to be invited, but in order to find a seat they will get up early, if it is during the morning; and if it is during the night they will arrive very early to secure a place.

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