Preparation of the area where the new water tanks of LGCC will be placed

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Monday, July 25, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Greetings to missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and all the ministers and all the brethren.

Today Monday, July 25 of this year 2022, we thank our heavenly Father for: at this time fulfilling the promise of sending His Angel Messenger: William Soto Santiago, the fulfillment of the Seventh Seal, the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord with this such glorious Message that contains the Rapturing Faith, and contains all the revelation that each one of us needs to soon be ready and prepared to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

We are in the northern part of The Great Tent Cathedral (of what I was telling you about yesterday and in some previous videos). We are now preparing the part of the pad where the tanks go, that is, the floor where the water tanks that were acquired will be located. There are already two here, there are two tanks, and two more are coming today.

These tanks are stainless steel, they were painted; what we are going to do is wash and condition them. The other two that are coming are also stainless steel; each one has a capacity of ten thousand [10,000] gallons; and we already have 4 or 5, installed in one area (4), and we also have in another area.

In other words, in the areas of the Tent grounds, we have cisterns in each area, water tanks, to store and have for the utilities of the bathrooms and everything related to the cleaning and maintenance that it requires…, besides other things, it also requires the liquid, that is, it requires water.

There is already a well, a driven well, where it is working… it is already working, in two of the areas of the land. Here we are at the drilling of the third one (today they are going to continue drilling). They have already found (as they call it) the first vein; it is about 200 feet or so (later, when the personnel arrive, I will be asking them more or less how far it goes down); he… I think he is going to go down about 300 feet.

After they drill, they then put the casing where the pump will be inserted inside, to suck the water from this well here, from this area on the north side of the Tent.

The pump is supposed to be in place by Wednesday. We hope that everything goes as they already have it in the itinerary. (Although I have to verify; I am waiting a little while to call them, because today is a holiday here, and he agreed to come today but we don’t know if they have it off, it seems that they haven’t remembered or didn’t remember that today was a holiday. They are possibly coming, possibly they will continue tomorrow; that is why I am going to call them later).

But just so you know that this other well is already being drilled here; and so we are going to have this area that is being prepared here, with these water tanks, to also store water. In other words, we are going to have water towards the – to inject water on this side of the Tent; and also for the lands on the side, which is where we are preparing the roads; and all that land there on the side, we are also going to lay pipes there, so that all the lands of The Great Tent Cathedral have this so appreciated liquid that is water.

Yesterday we listened to the messenger how he talked to us about that too, about the importance of water; and there are several writings that he also left us, about the importance of water (of course, of food and everything).

Because we are not on this planet Earth to stay here and retire here on this planet Earth, but our longing and the Lord’s longing… After God has allowed us —by His choosing— to be the chosen ones of the Age of the Cornerstone, to have come at this time, to have known His messenger, to have received His Message, to have received the First Coming: Christ as our Savior (which has produced in us the new birth), the next thing is to receive His Second Coming (which we have received); and with that Rapturing Faith, the Faith of the Seventh Seal, the Faith of the Thunders, is the one that will produce our transformation.

That is God’s purpose, that is the purpose of each one of us: to leave here; but as we are on this planet Earth we have to prepare ourselves, because what is coming is something great for the Church and at the same time, in those days, there will be shortage of many things. If there is a hunger and thirst to hear the Word of God, that is also reflected in the material part.

That is why he always told us: [WSS] “Prepare yourselves, be prepared, not to wait for that moment to start preparing yourselves.” Anyone would say: “No, but we are going to be transformed, there is no need. I am going to be transformed, I don’t need to prepare myself.”

Well, remember that there are going to be some difficult days; that we have to be realistic, and we are not going to expect that our family to be in need. Although during that time we are going to have that power in each one of us, that the need is going to make… one of the things: the need is also going to make faith continue to grow. In other words, there will come a time when we will be able to hold on only to the Word and we will be able to create.

In other words, something great awaits us; but we also have to do our part and be responsible with our family: preparing ourselves, as much as we are doing now in the spiritual part: feeding ourselves and keeping our spiritual body healthy and ready to receive our transformation, we also prepare ourselves in the physical part for everything that is going to come.

But God already has all that in His Program outlined; and the important thing is that we are the actors of this great Divine Program, which at this time is in this stage of preparation for each one of us to be ready to receive those promises.

May this week be a week of great blessing; and may God bless our brother Miguel, all the ministers and brothers; may He watch over us from all dangers and keep us always watching the heavenly things, the Divine Program relevant to this time, in what God is doing today.

We can also see that already this stage, which God has allowed us to have, is the final stage. We can’t still be thinking: “No… but, we have time”; or perhaps thinking as we thought 7, 8, 10, 20 years ago. No. We have to be thinking in the present; God is a God of the present. Therefore, we can’t say that everything will remain the same, or that everything that happened will always happen or will always be happening, when it is not so; because God has His Program and He goes from faith to faith, from glory to glory; and His Program is being fulfilled as the minutes, seconds, days, years go by, and He goes on fulfilling everything that is outlined in His Program.

In a construction, just because a person likes the part of the footing or the part of the second floor, of the flooring, he is not going to stay all the time —once he lays the foundation— looking at the floor, the footing, and saying: “Since I like this area of the construction, I am going to stay here; I am not going to move on to the other one.” You see? You keep on building. Although you like those stages, you put up the walls, you put the roof, but you don’t stay there.

It is very good to see the building, that shell, raised; but as you finish that auditorium, that house, that construction or whatever you are building, you see that it is more and more beautiful. First you see a few rods raised there, that looks ugly; and you may like that: “Ah, I like that area”; but as that construction is being raised, you see the purpose and the beauty captured in a blueprint, which is the completion of that auditorium or that house or that building.

You finish the structure and see the painting; then you put the windows… And there one says: “I like the windows, the area of the finishing of the windows and doors; and this is as far as I will go”; but remember that all the details are still missing, such as the kitchen, the bathroom tiles, the floor tiles and all that.

Some people say: “Well, this is as far as I go, this is a good stage”; but remember that there is still another one missing: the water has to be supplied so that it runs through all the pipes that were installed, and then the electricity is also missing; in other words, the two important things are still missing.

The Water, being the Word that runs through that building… And if we look at it: it runs through the body, through our being, that Water; that Fountain of Water of eternal life runs through our being. And then the light! When he says, brother Branham: [WMB] “When the persecution comes, don’t get scared. There is a Light, said He would catch His people away.”1 Do you see the importance of the light? That is, God has reflected His Program in everything.

And we are now in the time where that Light, which is the Pillar of Fire, which was seen there in the Tent Vision: we saw it there working those miracles and wonders; and that same Light is the one that will rapture us; that same Light, which is the Pillar of Fire that introduced the Hebrew people to the promised land, is the same Light that will take us to the promised land of the new body.

So let us continue from stage to stage, passing them; and in this one, we are going to pass it with victory. It is a stage of preparation, of testing; it is a stage in which each one of us will be transformed after passing it; and thus be found faithful to the Lord: that we have been good children, who have followed the teachings of the Great Tutor, the teachings of the Master, so that soon each one of us will be adopted; and be —after 30 to 40 days of shaking this world—, be raptured.

So onward serving the Lord with love, with joy and rejoicing; knowing that the revival, that this last revival that God is producing in the life of each one of us, is to produce in each one of us: the adoption.

May God bless you, may God keep you; and may this week be of great blessing for all the Mystical Body of Christ and the ministerial body of the Lord.

And so let us grow in this week more and more, in all that we need to be prepared, to be ready to receive that great visitation that God will allow to become a reality in our time, which is: the resurrection.

That visit that… we will be able to access that dimension in such a common and normal way… Like when in the time of brother Branham, that he from time to time…, brother William wrote in a part, and he says that: [WSS] “brother Branham from time to time visited them.” So it is going to be something so common among us, to be able to access that dimension…; which, for those who are ready, they are going to access.

Just as for those of this world: who will be seeing all those things of the fifth dimension, which will be opened here; so each one of us will… If in the kingdom of the evil one, He will allow them to see that kingdom – or that kingdom will be opened to them; how much more the Kingdom of God!, which will allow us, the children of God… how much more will He allow the children of God to see the Kingdom of God, to see the sixth dimension.

In other words, there are great blessings that God has for us at this time; which, already by predestination will be received by each one of us: the elect of God, those who are unanimous and together in the Upper Room of the Age of the Cornerstone, and say: “Amen.”

And there are some who will say: “I don’t understand this for now, but I believe it.” And that is the position that every believer must have: “I don’t understand it very well, this stage, but I believe it,” and says: “Amen”; because he is God’s seed, he is God’s chosen predestined since before the foundation of the world.

No wonder the Angel said to Daniel: “Go Daniel, seal up things until the end, until the end of time” [Daniel 12:4]; and he also says: “(Already at that time) the wise shall understand [Daniel 12:10].” In other words: “Don’t worry, the wise shall understand.”

And I thank God that in this time there is a wise people, there is a people that says “Amen.” And some who haven’t clearly understood all that, God will continue to open their understanding, but they are also saying “Amen” to all that God is doing at this time in such a simple way, that later we will say: “But, how can it be that God fulfilled all that this way?” This is how the Divine Program is, this is how He has already predestined it.

We are not one to say to God: “This is not the way I like it. Let’s change that way, because that is not the way it was.” Well, we were all surprised how God was going to fulfill the way in which He was going to close this stage in the midst of mankind, He was going to end it this way: in a way of the common people.

May God bless you, God keep you; and I reiterate again: May this week be of great blessing for all the sons and daughters of God.

Firstborn of God, chosen of God: We are going to arrive!, we are going to arrive to the promised land of the new body, we are going to arrive to the promised land of the glorious Millennial Kingdom; there is no doubt about it. That is THUS SAITH THE LORD.

1 63-1229M – “There is a Man here that can turn on the Light,” p. 50, para. 279


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