Seeing the Deity behind the veil to see the Vision

Seeing the Deity behind the veil to see the Vision

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Friday, July 15, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning, greetings to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, and to all the ministers and to all the brethren who are gathered in different parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, and in the whole world, those who are gathered today. Today is Friday, July 15 of this year 2022.

We thank our heavenly Father for living in this wonderful time, so glorious, where we will see with our own eyes what the Hebrew people saw there in the wilderness, which was the Glory of God being manifested in the midst of the people; we are seeing it in the form of the Word.

But we have been promised that the Glory of God, the Pillar of Fire, would be inside a little wooden room working great wonders and miracles, of which we will be seeing the result later, when the people come out through the other opposite door where they entered; in other words, we will not know how that will be happening, but it will happen.

The Glory of God, the presence of God, is always a great blessing for the people of God; but the Glory of God in every age and in every dispensation, always, in the midst of the people is veiled, it is revealed.

Like when the Hebrew people there saw and were in that time when the people said: “Let not God speak to us, but better, let Moses speak to us, let Him speak to us through Moses”1; because that is the way God always speaks to His people: through a human mouth; because human beings are God’s partners and God always uses human beings.

And God at this time has brought us from His Glory, in other words, from His Word revealed through His Angel Messenger: William Soto Santiago, in whom God veiled Himself, revealed Himself, and fulfilled all the Program that God had from His Mind since before the foundation of the world, to fulfill the Coming of that powerful Archangel in the midst of the Church-Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ; the first occasion in which God sends a dispensational prophet in the midst of the Church of the Lord. It has been such a glorious manifestation, where the culmination of that manifestation will be in a Great Tent Cathedral.

Now, the part of the fulfillment of all that teaching of the final part of that glorious ministry, would be in a way that many wouldn’t know how it was going to happen.

Everyday God is opening more and more our understanding, the Scriptures, everyday He is speaking more clearly, because it is a time of seeing face to face, without having to speak in (let’s say) parables or in mysteries or things like that; but it would be speaking face to face, openly.

All this would cause believers in the Lord, believers that God has placed or would place at that time, God’s chosen ones; it would produce in them a very, very great revival; but it would also produce other types of revivals in people who also have to fulfill those promises. Promises that are fulfilled by the elect to receive the Rapturing Faith, and promises that are also fulfilled by those who will not believe, they will say: “It is not so.” But that has to be so, it is a biblical reality.

But this wonderful time is a great blessing for the elect, which God has allowed us, to have in such a simple way that God is fulfilling everything that was shown in the Old Testament, in the tabernacle built by Moses and in the temple built by Solomon, and also by all the prophets, and also by Jesus, and also by all the apostles, by Saint Paul, by all the messengers of the ages…; and also by the Reverend William Branham, who was the one who spoke the most of this time, of this final stage, of which he shows there that the Glory of God would be manifested in a Great Tent Cathedral. 

And everything will start simple, everything will start in a simple way.

And at the end, he said, brother William, that we wouldn’t know if at the beginning or in the middle or at the end, is that everything will already reach a culminating part.

As far as we see, it will already be at the end, because we have already begun; and the beginning is exactly as he had said: first the preaching, first the teaching stage, which is the part we are in now, you see? But God fulfills everything in such a simple way.

He said on many occasions there in the Book of Quotations, in different messages he wrote: [WSS] «The Tent, the teaching».2 In other words, everything that is being fulfilled now and is being seen, is the fulfillment of the Word of a prophet.

For example, that part where he spoke that in the Tent would be the Pillar of Fire, that the Tent, where he saw, he saw there the…, there was preaching and all that; we are now living it.

Many are still waiting for that to happen; yet it is already happening right under their noses, and some don’t realize it. But the wise will understand, the chosen ones will already be seeing the Glory of God being manifested in that Great Tent Cathedral; and they will be enjoying, rejoicing, and taking advantage of the time, preparing themselves for the transformation.

Every human being on this planet Earth will be preparing for what they are going to receive; and the elect of God are taking advantage of the time, preparing ourselves, for the transformation, for the rapture. And all this is produced by the Word, the revelation that God is bringing in the midst of His Church in a simple way.

I wanted to read you a little bit here, from the message “THE MIGHTY GOD UNVEILED BEFORE US,” page 21, it says…

It says, on page 20 of that message, “THE MIGHTY GOD UNVEILED BEFORE US,” it says:3

132 Now we find, God, all ages, has had skin on It. He, God, has been hid behind a veil.

133 It just reminds me of a—a little story that happened down in the South. And so there was a Christian home.

[JBP] I think we read this once, I don’t remember; but look how beautiful this story of brother Branham, and how he concludes with this story:

133 It just reminds me of a—a little story that happened down in the South. And so there was a Christian home. And then in this Christian home they believed God, and they—they thought that—that God protected them from all troubles. And, which, He does. And they had a little Junior, a little boy about seven or eight years old. And— and he went to Sunday school and was a very fine little lad. But he was scared in a storm, especially when lightning was flashing ([JBP] in other words, if there were noises, lightning, thunder).

134 And I told this to a man, the other day, when this piece had come out about this man being healed. This same minister said, “They make a god out of you, Brother Branham.”

135 Well, he was a critic, so I thought I’d just kind of break it off, just a little bit. Not to hurt, you know, but just kind… I said, “Is that too far from the Scripture, to be that?” See? I said, “No, it isn’t,” I said, “because Jesus called prophets ‘gods.’ See? That’s right, ‘God.’”

136 And they say, “Well, you people try to take the place of God.” That’s not too far out. That’s exactly what it is. That’s exactly. God manifested in flesh, just as He promised.

137 This little family, we find. I told him this little story, which come to my mind just now. That, one night it come up a storm, and mother said to Junior, said, “Now, you go on upstairs, son, and go to bed.”

Said, “Mama, I’m scared,” he said.

“Ain’t nothing going to hurt you. Go on up and go to bed.”

138 Little Junior laid up there, and the lightning flashing around the windows. And the little fellow got so nervous, he’d stick his head under the cover, and he could still hear the—the lightning, or see the lightning flash on the windows, and—and hear the thunder roar. So he said, “Mama!”

And she said, “What do you want, Junior?”

Said, “Come up here and sleep with me.”

139 So she come up the steps, like any good, loyal mother would. And she came up, and she took little Junior in her arms. And she said, “Junior, mother wishes to speak to you just a moment.”

Said, “All right, mama.”

140 Said, “Now you must bear this in mind. We go to church, constantly. We read the Bible. We pray. We are a Christian family. We believe in God.” And said, “We believe that, in storms and whatever goes on, God is our protection.”

141 He said, “Mama, I believe every bit of that. But,” said, “when that lightning is so close,” he said, “I—I want a God with skin on It.”

[JBP] And brother William writes: [WSS] «I want a God covered with flesh».

[JBP] Page 21 [PAGE 19]:

142 So, I—I think, not only Junior, but all of us feel that way. When we get together, when we pray one for the other, God with skin on It.

143 And we find out here that God has always had skin on Him. When Moses seen Him, He had skin on Him, look like a Man. When God was behind the curtains, He had skin on Him. And God, tonight, in His Church, is veiled in His Church with skin on It. He is still the same God, tonight. We find that.

[WSS] «God with a veil of flesh».

144 But now, as ever, the skin veil is what catches the traditions. They just can’t believe that that is God making them people act like that. See? It’s because God is veiled in His Church, in skin, skin on It. That’s right. He is hid from the unbeliever, and revealed to the believer. Yes, sir.

[WSS] «they stumble in the veil of flesh».

145 Now, when their tradition veil, of traditions of the elders and the Word, is broke through, oh, of course, today, then comes in plain view, we see Him, Deity again veiled in human flesh [WSS] «Veiled Deity» ([JBP] Brother William writes). Hebrews 1 said so.

146 And also Genesis 18. You remember, God was a Man, stand there, eating, and talking with Abraham, and told what Sarah was doing in the tent behind It.

147 And Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the Coming of the Son of man.” Deity veiled again in human flesh! Now, remember, Jesus didn’t say, “When the Son of God is being revealed.” In Luke the 17th chapter, I believe, and about the 20th, 21st verse, somewhere along there, He said, “And when the Son of man is being revealed.” The Son of man, back in—in—in the Church again, revealed in human beings; not Son of God, but the Son of man again, back in His Church again, in the last days. We find that He promised that in God’s promises.

148 We notice another thing, in the Old Testament. I have the Scripture here, in Exodus. That, the old badger skins, what did it do? It hid the Glory of God from the people. The badger skins; even people couldn’t see It, because it was a skin that held It. The skin was… The Glory of God was behind the skin. 

[JBP] But notice what it was that prevented the people from seeing the vision: it was the skins; in other words, in this time and in past times, the veil of flesh that God uses or used in different stages, ages and dispensations.

[148] It, because it was a skin that held It. The skin was…The Glory of God was behind the skin.

149 And now the Glory of God is behind your skin. That’s right. And the traditions don’t see It. It’s inside the veil, where His Word was.

[JBP] In other words, the Word of God is within all these veils of flesh that God has placed from age to age; because the Word, being revealed, we become the Word made flesh, we become the Glory of God in each of our being.

And brother William writes: [WSS] «the Glory of God hidden by the veil».

And the Glory of God would be being hidden behind the veil, and many wouldn’t see the Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral, wouldn’t see it in fulfillment since it’s beginning – it has begun; but blessed are those who have seen behind the veil and are seeing from birth, from infancy (brother William uses that word in the book of Quotations, I didn’t take a picture here); it is a ministry that begins from its infancy.

And the blessing is that there are chosen of God, children of God, who see the Glory of God behind the veil, and have been enjoying those blessings and the fulfillment of that Vision since its beginning. Blessed are all those who have been seeing the Vision being fulfilled behind the veil.

Behind the veil is the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ. In other words, those chosen of God, those firstborn of God, would be at this time, nothing more and nothing less than watching the Glory of God being manifested.

And that desire that all the elect in this time would say: “I want to see (as they saw there in the time of Moses and Solomon) the Glory of God descending, and I want to be watching and seeing the Vision being fulfilled”: Blessed are all those who have been seeing, and fulfilling God’s desire in their hearts.

For just as they are doing now, who are receiving the Glory of God, in the time of Moses and in the time of Solomon they would have also been people who would have seen the Glory of God being manifested at that time.

Those who were not seeing the Glory of God being manifested, and those who were not understanding and seeing the Vision in every time, through the messenger that God sent in every time, in every age and in every dispensation, well, in this time (if they wished to live in that past time) they would be doing the same thing that they are doing now.

In other words, they would say: “In the time of Moses I would have believed in Moses, I would have believed in all the Work that God was doing with Moses, and then with Joshua; also in the time of Solomon I would be doing the same thing.” Well, do you want to answer that? You look at what you are doing at this time, and exactly what you are doing at this time you would do at that time as well. 

If at this time you are in favor, that is, believing that the Glory of God is being manifested, and you are seeing the Vision being fulfilled from the beginning in a simple way: at that time you would be doing and fulfilling the same.

And if you are not believing and you are saying: “No, that can’t be so”…; brother William speaks about it in some messages, he says that many will say: “No, that can’t be so”; and instead of praying and being arm in arm, you are fighting and trying to convince people not to believe, and questioning, and speaking against and all that, well, exactly the same thing you would do in the time of Moses or in the time of Solomon. In other words, the same thing is repeated. But, for that too, they are all ordained.

And each one of God’s elect will not be looking at that, but will be looking behind the veil and receive all that God is giving us, which is the Glory of God in Word, in revelation, which is the first thing; first comes the Word, the revelation, and then the miracles.

In other words, when the miracles and everything begin, the elect of God will be ready, they will be ready, because they have eaten everything; and then we will see and we will have those tools, that Key to be able to access that dimension, to be able to see the resurrected ones; they will appear to all the elect.

And we also saw that He spoke to us that, as a testimony to the people that will remain, there will also be something there, a Work; but we will leave that for those days, where it will also appear to those people that will have to give their lives in the great tribulation.

That was spoken by brother William in one of the messages that we placed recently, where he says that: [WSS] “they will appear to the relatives… we will appear to them and we will tell them that they have to give their lives for the Lord in the great tribulation.”4 In other words, it will be a Work that will also be done at that time.

But meanwhile, now we enjoy this glorious time looking behind the veil, looking at the Glory of God, looking at the Vision being fulfilled behind the veil.

That is something so glorious and so wonderful, that we have no words to express to our heavenly Father all that He is doing; and we truly feel very, very privileged in that the Lord has allowed us, at this time, to know all that is being spoken of in a broader way; in a way where we can understand many of the mysteries (that we hadn’t seen) through all these writings that, truly, have been of great blessing to each and every one of us.

Remember, God fulfills everything in a simple way, and many overlook it; and when we are already in the fulfillment of everything, they will say: “Hey, I wasted all that time; instead of being busy reading, and in all these studies, and taking advantage of the time. I took advantage of time (rather) to prepare myself to stay.” Because everyone is preparing for what he is going to receive.

So we will always strive to prepare ourselves for the rapture, to prepare ourselves for transformation. Let there be no unbelief in the mouth of each of us. Let what we express be love. May what we express be all that God, the wonders of God, is doing; and may our ears be ears to hear, to receive, the blessings that the Lord has and will have for each and every one of us. 

To be deaf ears for those who speak negative things, and especially for those who criticize, who fight against the Work of God at this time; but for them…, we have to leave them alone, because God also has His share for them. So, each will receive what he is fighting to receive.

So let us not argue with anyone or debate with anyone; rather, what we do is to pray for those people. We may say that we even feel sorry for them; but they are people who are also predestined by God for that work.

So…, because many speak to me: “Brother, here and there (but…), this happens, they say this, they say that.” Don’t focus on those things; that is a waste of time. Focus on preparing yourself and continue seeing behind the veil, seeing the Vision fulfilled in our own eyes. Everything is being fulfilled there, in front of us.

Well, God bless you, God keep you. Thank you very much for this opportunity to talk about these little things among… among Family (as we say). And may God continue opening our understanding, may He continue opening the Scriptures, and may He continue giving us everything we need to soon be transformed.

Here we are laying the other stretch of road, the one on the side (it was prepared); and then we will continue preparing all the others, until we finish this part of this stretch of road in this area; and thus we will have all the roads that will be built around The Great Tent Cathedral, in all the lands and access roads to The Great Tent.

For today… I take this opportunity to inform you that today’s activity will be at 6:00 p.m., Puerto Rico time; and so we will be preparing for that activity. And also tomorrow Miguel has… I believe there is a meeting; and the one on Sunday. 

We will always be praying for those activities: May God always bless us and give us everything we need, and may we grow more and more in the knowledge of His Program.

May God bless you, may God keep you; and may you continue having a happy day and of great blessings from our heavenly Father.

And we thank God that He has sent us at this time His Angel Messenger, with all that the messenger has left us, and all these instructions. And the fulfillment of all that we are living, in our own flesh; and everything is to a T,5 as it was shown in that Vision, which is now being fulfilled behind the veil.

But for those who manage to see behind the veil the Vision: they will be rejoicing and receiving the blessings that God is imparting on His people at this time and in these final days.

May God bless you and God keep you all.

1 Exodus 20:19

2 Study “The Tent and Teaching,” Jun/14/2022 (Tuesday), p. 6

3 64-0629 – “The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us,” pg. 18-20, para. 132

4 1997-09-07 “The Mystery of the Blood of Christ,” page 16

5 to a T: [short for to a tittle]: to perfection [Source: Merriam-Webster]


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