September 11, 2022 Activity

Bible Study for September 11, 2022

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Sunday, September 11, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, September 20, 1997
(Second activity)

Chinandega, Nicaragua

Scripture: Revelation 8:1-5


[Rev. Jose B. Perez] We read in the book of Revelation, chapter 8, which is the Scripture that our brother William Soto Santiago used there as a foundation for the topic we have for today: “THE MYSTERY OF THE SEVENTH SEAL”: the mystery of the Second Coming of the Lord.

1 And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

[JBP] And the Scriptures that he writes to the side, are: [WSS] «Rev 11:19, 15:5».

[JBP] And Revelation, chapter 15, verse 5, says:

5 And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened:

[WSS] «Matthew 17:8» ([JBP] he writes that Scripture for reference as well).


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Reverend William Branham says that the gentiles will take the Gospel to the Jews as the Jews brought it to the gentiles. And what does that indicate? If it is Moses and Elijah who will go with the Word to the Jews, and the gentiles will take it to the Jews, then these ministries will appear first in the midst of Christianity, even if we don’t identify them…; but the wise virgins, remember, will identify those ministries.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And he quotes that from page 30 [p. 36 in Eng.] of the book of The Ages:

Now, when is the Gospel returning to the Jews? ([JBP] and above “Gospel” he writes): [WSS] «of the Kingdom» ([JBP] and this happens… he writes): [WSS] «before the rapture» When the day of the Gentiles is finished. The Gospel is ready to go back to the Jews. Oh, if I could just tell you something that is about to happen right in this our day ([JBP] that is, the gentile day, he writes): [WSS] «the gentile day». This great thing that is about to happen will carry over to Revelation 11 and pick up those two witnesses, those two prophets, Moses and Elijah, turning the Gospel back to the Jews. We’re ready for it. Everything is in order. As the Jews brought the message to the Gentiles, even so the Gentiles ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Moses and Elijah» will take it right back to the Jews, and the Rapture will come.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah. The Rapture».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say [Bible study]:

Even though the foolish virgins will not identify it… Although there will be a blessing for the foolish virgins with the opening of the Seventh Seal in the manifestation of the Third Pull, of which Reverend William Branham spoke about.

[JBP] That is on paragraph 1057 of the book of Quotations, where he speaks about that paragraph, and says: [WMB] “the Third Pull is for the Bride, it is for the Church, and it is for the lost”; and for the 144,000. And he tells us there that [WSS] “the wise virgins are the ones who will identify that ministry”; and the foolish virgins will not; but they will receive a blessing in that stage.

[Bible study reading continues]:

Now, the ministry of Elijah and Moses are those who are going to take the Gospel to the Jews. How is the Gospel of the Kingdom going to be for the Jews? That is something that is being left alone for the time being, so that people don’t visit them and divert them from the Divine Program.

The Jews will recognize Moses and Elijah, they will recognize the Two Olive Trees, they will recognize these ministries. They will know that it will not literally be Moses but a prophet like Moses, a dispensational prophet, a greater prophet. And the ministry of Elijah will be – and Elijah coming for the fifth time will be a prophet like Elijah, where God through His Holy Spirit will operate the ministry of Elijah in the Last Day.

And the Seventh Seal will be in the same way. Just as the Sixth Seal is Moses and Elijah, the Two Olive Trees, the Seventh Seal is the Coming of the Lord to His Church. And we are not going to explain that until the Third Pull, until the Third Pull comes in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision. That is where the whole mystery will be completely opened ([JBP] it is in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision), and Christ will work through His Spirit in the midst of His Church all that has been promised.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In the book of Quotations, on page 128, paragraph 1144, it says:1

1144 – “176 The Seventh Seal hasn’t opened yet, you know. That’s His Coming.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «7th Seal = the Coming».

«It has not been fulfilled or revealed».

[JBP] And further down, right there, on 1145, it says [Quotations]:2

1145 – “189 Notice the loosing of this ecclesiastical spirit. Now twenty years later, after that war, we see the loosing of the ecclesiastical spirit. What under? The Seventh Seal; the Seventh Trumpet to the Jew.

190 Look at the moon darkening out. Where under? See it drawn out, the Son of man being drove from the church ([JBP] he writes): [WSS] «the moon = the Church».

191 What is it? Joining in with the ecclesiastical bunch.”

[JBP] And there he tells us, he writes: [WSS] «7th Seal = the 7th Trumpet».

«The ecclesiastical spirit is unleashed against…».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say here on page 2 of the study [Bible]:

But just to give you a clear picture… I know that some, when that time comes, will say: “But that is what I believed, I knew that!” The words to that person will be the same words that Christ said to Peter, “Flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”

It was said… Reverend William Branham also said, “I am building a platform for someone else, let him come and stand on it.” He also said, “I am building a platform for my Lord.”

If he is the forerunner, the one forerun will stand on the platform that he prepared for him, the biblical platform. Everything he said about the Coming of the Lord preparing the way, it will be based on what the forerunner said there; and all the Scriptures of the Bible will be there, based on everything that the Bible says that is what the Holy Spirit said through the Reverend William Branham, the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ, and of which the Holy Spirit gave us more light of those promises of the Second Coming of Christ.

(…) The Seventh Trumpet is the one sounded by God through these ministries. Page 128, paragraph 1143, says [Quotations]:3

1143 – “[155] Under the Seventh Trumpet, is to Israel (remember, the Seventh Trumpet for Israel)… is to Israel the same as the Seventh Seal was to the Church.”

In plain words, since the Son of Man, Christ, comes with His Angels… and His Angels are the Two Olive Trees. And those Two Olive Trees are the ministries of Moses and Elijah repeating themselves on the Last Day.

What will be for the Church-Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the wise virgins, what will be the Seventh Seal, the Coming of the Lord; will be for the Jews the Seventh Trumpet: Moses and Elijah.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the book of Quotations, page 86, paragraph 734, it says:4

734 – “[248] The trumpet of God shall sound. That last trump will blast forth, the same time that the last angel is giving his Message and the last Seal is opened. That last trumpet will sound, and the Redeemer comes forth to take His redeemed possessions, His Church, Blood-washed. / 255 But now He comes from here, at this last Seal. He no more Mediator. He is King now. / 256 ‘And even those who are alive and remain till His Coming, shall not hinder them which are asleep. For the trumpet of God shall sound, at that last trumpet.’ When the last Seal is broke, and when the seventh angel is giving his Message, ‘The last trumpet shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise. And we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them, to meet Him in the air.’”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «He comes in the 7th Seal».

«When the 7th Seal is opened the Last Trumpet will sound».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say (page 3) [Bible study]:

When the Church knows the mystery of the Seventh Seal, the mystery of the Coming of the Lord, she will be able to say: “I also know the mystery of the Seventh Trumpet, the mystery of the Two Olive Trees.”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And let’s see on page 129 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 1148, it says:5

1148 – “245 When finished, at Laodicean Age, according to Revelation 10, the mystery of all the Bible would be knowed to the Bride ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Rev 10:1-11». Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Revelation 10. Listen close now. Uh-huh. Bride, called out by the Word; Christ Himself calling out the Bride, making plain Hebrews 13:8, that He’s ‘the same yesterday, today, and forever,’ does the same, is the same. ‘He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also.’ See? Luke 22…Or, Luke 17:30, and also Malachi 4, Hebrews 4:12, all these Scriptures that’s promised, this is to be between the Sixth and the Seventh Seal, and the Sixth and the Seventh Trumpet. […]

[246] Remember, all Trumpets sound on this Sixth Seal. The Sixth Seal finishes the mystery, under the Sixth Seal, just before the Seventh is opened. […]

250 Notice here in Leviticus, 26 now, the order of the Scriptures. After the long period of pentecost, which ends in the calling out of the Bride, the Bride is called out by a servant. The Rejected, next, to be known to Israel, the feast of the Atonement.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The 6th Seal finishes the mystery».

[JBP] And on 1149, it says [Quotations]:6

1149 – “[264] From the seventh angel’s (messenger of the Seventh Seal) Message in Revelation 10, was the Seventh Seal ([JBP] What is Revelation 10? The Seventh Seal. He writes it at the top): [WSS] «the 7th Seal = is Revelation 10», to the Seven Trumpets, between those two times…

265 O God, how can we say This, to make the people see It?

266 It’s between that Sixth Trumpet, and the Sixth Trumpet and… The Sixth Trumpet and the Sixth Seal sounds at the same time. And between the Sixth Trumpet and the Seventh Trumpet, there is a prophet to appear before the Gentiles, to call the people back to the original pentecostal Doctrine; and the two witnesses of Revelation 11 appear to the Jews, to send them to Jesus, while the Church is being taken up. All of them, prophets! Amen! The Word of the Lord cannot be broken. It won’t be a denomination! ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Moses and Elijah». Do you see it?

267 Read in your Book here and see if that between the Sixth and Seventh Trumpet isn’t injected in there, let the Jews being called out between the Sixth and Seventh Plague, we come over to that hundred and forty-four thousand (you remember that?), which was between that. Do you remember? Between the—the—the Sixth, the Fifth Seal and the Sixth Seal…Between the Sixth Seal and the Seventh Seal, there was a calling out of the hundred and forty-four thousand. You remember that? Now there is where these trumpets come in right there…”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The call to the Jews = is between the 6th and 7th Seal, and between the 6th and 7th Trumpet».

[JBP] And look at 1150. It says [Quotations]:7

1150 – “270 And at the same time… Now, as soon as this Church (the Bride) is drawed together, She is taken up; and that mystery of the Seventh Seal, or the Seventh Seal, the mystery of going. And the Jews is called by the mystery of the Seventh Trumpet, which is two prophets, Elijah and Moses.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah = the mystery of the 7th Trumpet».

[JBP] And on page 85, paragraph 722, it says [Quotations]:8

722 – “29 This Seven-Seal Book is revealed at the time of the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10, now, if you’re marking it down. Let’s turn to Revelation 10, just a moment, so you’ll get an understanding before we get into it. Now, this is at the end time. For, listen:

‘…I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow…upon his head,…’

30 If you notice, that’s Christ, see. Cause, He, in the Old Testament, was called the Angel of the Covenant. And He is directly coming to the Jews now, for the Church is finished. See? All right.

‘…and his face…as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:’

31 You remember that Angel in Revelation 1? Same thing. Angel is a ‘messenger.’ And He’s the Messenger to Israel. See? The Church has been raptured, see, now, or fixing to be raptured. He comes for His Church.”

[JBP] This is on page 57 of the book of The Seals, there the translation is more… But it is so I can read to you here what he wrote:

[WSS] «Revelation 10: The Mighty Angel is the messenger to the Jews».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And that excerpt that we read there in the book of Quotations, and look in The Seals, there when he speaks:9

[29] This Seven-Seal Book is revealed at the time of the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10, now, if you’re marking it down. Let’s turn to Revelation 10, just a moment, so you’ll get an understanding before we get into it.

([JBP] And there he speaks what I read to you).

[JBP] And at the top he writes: [WSS] «Rev 10:1-11 = Rev 11:3-7, 11:15-19».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say (I’m on page 3) [Bible study]:

As it was on Mount Transfiguration, where Christ was showing the order of His Second Coming. They appear there: Christ glorified, and Moses on one side and Elijah on the other side; that is the order of the Second Coming of Christ. He comes with His Angels, which are Moses and Elijah, the ministries of Moses and Elijah repeating themselves.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on page 42 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 345, Reverend William Branham tells us; he says:10

345 – “227 Matthew 17, all right: ‘…after six days Jesus take Peter, James, and John… in a high mountain apart, And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.’

228 He was transformed. What did He do? Passed Hisself into transformation, over into His coming day. […]

[229] They taken Jesus up on the mountain…or He taken them up, and He was transfigured before them, transformed. His raiment shined like the sun in the middle of its strength, and there appeared unto Him Moses and Elijah. What form is the Son of man coming in now? And first, will appear, will be Moses and Elijah.

230 Now, notice, before Jesus returns to the earth…Now, this is a little ahead of time, but the Spirit of Elijah will return back to the earth and turn the hearts of the children back to the father. The Bible said so. Jesus saw him here, the apostles saw him here, the order of the coming of the Son of man glorified. He’s to be glorified and coming back. The first thing, before they saw Him, was what? Elijah. Then what? Moses; Israel returning yonder, the law-keepers. And then the glorified Son of man. Hallelujah! Do you see the order of His coming?”

[JBP] And there he writes: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah = the Coming of the Kingdom».

[WSS] «The Coming of the Son of Man glorified».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say [Bible study]:

We will speak more clearly about this subject on another occasion, since Reverend William Branham said that it wasn’t convenient to speak… He was told not to speak about certain things of the Third Pull and what he saw in the little room. And this is because the enemy tries to copy everything that the Church-Bride carries out. That is why sometimes you will find people coming out trying to imitate what God has promised that He is going to do. And the enemy does all that to deceive the people, so that when the real thing is done, the people say, “That is the same.”

But Reverend William Branham said: “Of this there will be no copy, of this there will be no imitation.” ([JBP] And so it is: There will be no imitation of what is going to be happening in there. Of that, neither Reverend William Branham spoke of it, nor did our beloved friend William Soto Santiago spoke of it, neither will I speak of it). There can only be an imitation when people already know about what is promised and they start trying to imitate what is to come. But this mystery of the Seventh Seal the enemy doesn’t know.

The wise virgins will know it fully at the corresponding time: in the fulfillment of the Vision of the Great Tent Cathedral that Reverend William Branham saw, where the Holy Spirit will be working, the Pillar of Fire will be there, the Angel that accompanied Reverend William Branham will also be there; and not only Reverend William Branham, surely the messengers of the different ages will also come; but above all, Reverend William Branham will be there.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on page 84 of the book of Quotations, it tells us, paragraph 718 (halfway through the paragraph):11

718 – “[379] …just to show you the simplicity of God. And that calcium, potash, and everything, when—when…Everything that’s in you, of materials, only makes a spoonful. That’s right. And what that does, it breaks on back into spirit and life. God just speaks, and the Rapture will come. It ain’t going out there, and the Angels come down and shovel up the graves, and get out an old dead carcass here. What is it? It was born of sin, to begin with. But, a new One ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «theophany», made in its likeness…”

[JBP] And there he writes: [WSS] «God speaks His last Message. They will hear the Voice of the S.M.» (the Son of Man).

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say [Bible study]:

It’s because for the full fulfillment of the Third Pull, the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the transformation of the living will have to occur, will occur.

How long will The Great Tent Cathedral that was seen by Reverend William Branham be in operation until the resurrection of the dead and the transformation of the living occurs? We don’t know. But whatever time it is, compared to eternity it will be very short, and compared to Christ’s time until now it will also be very short. But what has been promised by the Lord will happen.

It is up to us to be ready, and to prepare for the Lord the things He said to have ready for His Coming: the people, and what He needs to have physically for His manifestation.

Look, the Scripture said that the Messiah would come on a donkey, on a colt the foal of a donkey. The one who raised that colt, who had a donkey and that colt was born, that donkey…, perhaps all those who had donkeys also wanted to have donkeys, mules and donkeys, thinking: “When the Messiah comes, I want to have a colt, a donkey, that no one has ever sat on it.” Just as all the Jewish mothers desired to be instrument in bringing forth the Messiah. And you see, God provided Himself with that donkey using a man who had that little animal, and the mother of that little animal; the Lord needed it and there it was available for Him.

For the Last Day, according to what the Reverend William Branham saw… Remember, everyone desires and believes (and it is normal) that Christ in Holy Spirit is in their church, in their congregation; and that is correct. And for the Last Day there will be a Great Tent Cathedral, in which Christ will be manifested and will give us the faith to be transformed and raptured.

([JBP] Where is Christ going to be manifested in the Last Day? In a Great Tent Cathedral. Giving us what? The faith to be transformed and raptured).

And it doesn’t matter which country people are in: they will see it through satellites, through the Internet, through television; and they will receive, wherever they are, the faith to be transformed and raptured. They will not have to go to the place where the Great Tent Cathedral is that Reverend William Branham saw. There will be those who are from that place and some who will be visiting on some occasions, and those whom God continues calling to give them salvation and eternal life.

But those who are in other countries will be able to stay in the country where they live; and from there perhaps they will see everything that is happening in that place so clearly, through the television screen.

Therefore, there is no need to worry. If people live in another nation, don’t be thinking: “I’m going to the place where the Third Pull is being fulfilled, in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.”

It is important to understand these things in order not to lose the thread of divine revelation. Because the person who loses the thread of the divine revelation enters into fanaticism; and instead of helping, what he does is harm; and no one is interested in having a person or persons who are interrupting the Divine Program, who are causing problems. Therefore, it is important to understand these things and to know that each person remains in his place, and there he will see all that God is doing at that time.

Each minister is responsible to have the best possible equipment for them to see everything that will be happening. So every pastor, every minister, is called to have the best for his congregation.

We are in a time of great expectation of what God has promised and in what God has promised.

We know that the great tribulation is near, which will be the time span of three and a half years, which corresponds to the second part of the seventieth week of the prophecy of Daniel, chapter 9, verses 21 to 27; but we don’t have to be afraid of the great tribulation.

When the great tribulation is taking place, the believers in Christ, the wise virgins, will be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb with Christ, in the dimension of God, the heavenly Father’s House, the seventh dimension. So there is no need to be afraid of the great tribulation.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, March 30, 2014
Cayey, Puerto Rico

We also have the promise, that there will be a full manifestation of God in the midst of His Church, just as there were temporal manifestations in His Church, from stage to stage, from age to age, where the Holy Spirit manifested Himself through a messenger and made a reality what was promised for each age.

For our time there will also be an angelic visitation, and there will be a full manifestation of Christ in His Church, to crown the Divine Program, and thus crown the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And thus complete His work with a Golden Seal in a Golden Age, which corresponds to our time.

It will be the greatest angelic visitation that God has ever carried out in the midst of the human family; because with that visitation He will give us the faith to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. With that visitation He will reveal to us the mystery of the Seventh Seal, the mystery of the Second Coming of Christ, which is the greatest mystery of the Bible. To such a degree that Jesus said that no one, not even in Heaven, knew when the day and hour would be. The day and hour of what? Of the Second Coming of Christ.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message, in the book of Quotations, page 85, this paragraph here of 726, it says:12

726 – “[69] The Bible… You’re putting your Scripture down. Ephesians 4:30, said, ‘Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed until the Day of your Redemption.’ Hold that word, ‘redemption,’ see. Until the day that the Book of Redemption has been revealed, and the Redeemer comes to claim His possession! […]

[70] Seal signifies a ‘finished work.’ And when the Seventh Seal is broken, the mystery of God that’s sealed in these mysterious Seals is finished. Until the day that Seal is broke ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Until the Day of Redemption, until the day of the opening of the 7th Seal», and then it’s revealed what’s on the inside of It. […]

75 Now notice, now, this Book is sealed. And—and you are sealed, with the Book, until the Day of Redemption.

[76] Now, 8, Romans 8:22, to begin.

‘For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.’

77 Oh, my! Oh, my! Don’t that make us old folks feel good? It ought to make us all feel good, waiting for this hour. We understand this will take place at the first resurrection.”

[JBP] He writes: [WSS] «The adoption = the redemption of the body».

«Sealed until the day that the 7th Seal is opened».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say (page 6) [Bible study]:

(…) Therefore, the full Coming or manifestation of the Son of Man, for the Last Day, His final manifestation, will be in the West. That will be what the Jews will see and say, “This is the one we are waiting for!” And that is where we are going to leave it.

And I don’t know if we will have to wait until the time comes of the opening of the Seventh Seal, which the Seven Thunders, the Voice of Christ, will open to His Church in this end time, in the Third Pull, to give us the faith to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look at what he says here on page 166 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 1478. He says:13

1478 – “[108] The very Creator, and the very Creator Himself, when He raised up Lazarus from the dead, He said, ‘Think this not strange, for the hour’s coming that when all that’s in the grave will hear the Voice of the Son of man, and shall come out.’ The very God that said ‘Let there be Light,’ said ‘The Voice of the Son of man would wake those that are in the grave.’ It has to happen in its season. […]

112 Now, we notice here that in Luke, the—the 17th chapter, and the 30th verse, that He said, ‘In the last days, that the Son of man would reveal Himself as He did just before Sodom and Gomorrah, and the same conditions would exist.’ (…) Now, watch, the Son of man was revealed to Abraham’s group, as a Man, a Prophet in a form of human flesh, a ordinary Man with dust on His clothes, and Abraham called Him “Elohim.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The Voice of the Resurrection».

«The Resurrection: the Son of Man».

[WSS] «the Message sounding, preached» [JBP] He also writes on the side.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in this message “THE REPROACH FOR THE CAUSE OF THE WORD,”14 page 2. Look here, on page 2 and 3, a few paragraphs of each. It says:

[8] And something has been—been made known to us, up home, of a vision, that I must follow it out. And it’s kind of a…It’s kind of, seemingly, would be kind of rough… […]

[18] They had to be there at ten o’clock. And the wife wondered why she couldn’t get in the bedroom. […]

19 Now, I have had many things to happen in my life, but I never had anything like that.., […] and I was in the vision. But I was talking to my son, Joseph. ([JBP] He draws a Star of David next to it) […]

20 And I—I looked up. And kind of in the shape of a pyramid, standing before me, was little, small birds […]. And they were, up at the top, on the limbs, there was a… may say, three or four. Then, next, next limb had maybe eight or ten. And down at the bottom, had fifteen or twenty.

21 And they were […] beaten, and looked like they were trying to talk to me, saying something. And I was in the West, seemingly around Tucson, Arizona. And the birds were looking East. […] And they, the little birds swiftly left, flying eastward.

22 And when they did, from that came a larger bird, more like doves, with a pointed wings. And—and—and they […], flew eastward.

[…] 24 And no more than the second group of birds come by, I looked to the West. And looked like in the form of a pyramid, like two on each side, with one in the top, came five of the mightiest Angels I ever seen in my life. Such a terrific speed I never seen.

[JBP] Remember that this was preached in December of ‘62, and then in “IS THIS THE SIGN OF THE END, SIR?” where there he spoke more clearly of what was happening after that day of February 28, 1963. God gave him beforehand what was going to be happening in those coming months.

[24] Their heads back, and Their pointed wings, just sailing quickly! And the power of Almighty God struck me, in such a way, till It lifted me plumb from the ground […]. I could hear Joseph still speaking.

25 […] …a great roar went off ([JBP] And he wrote): [WSS] «the Thunders», way in the distance, to the South. And when I was lifted up… […]

[27] I heard that explosion, […] I thought, “Well, this must mean that I’m fixing to be killed, see, in a blast of some sort.” […] Cause, there he is, still talking, thinking I’m there. I can hear him. It wasn’t that.”

28 Now, this is all still in the vision. It wasn’t…See? It was in the vision.

[JBP] And a little further on, on page 3, it says [P. 7]:

44 I thought, “This may mean now, when now this vision leaves me, that I’m going to be killed by an explosion or something.” […] Then I heard Joseph down there, saying, “Daddy?” Thought, “No, if that’s it, it would have took him, too.”

45 Then Something said, “You…” Remember, I’m waiting, watching for a Message that I always looked forward to, something.

46 And the vision, the other day, you know, as I had here not long ago, telling me about what was going to happen, how I was preaching in, from the sun, into this place. And—and then He said, “Now remember, the second climax is yet to come.” I thought, “There will be a Message.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Elijah preaching from the Sun».

[JBP] And draws a pyramid, the ages on the bottom; and on the pyramid, inside he writes: [WSS] «Sun».

[JBP] And also: [WSS] «Matthew 17:1-7 and Malachi 4:2».

47 Remember my Message here? The opening of that capstone, where, those seven voices and seals that’s not even wrote in the Word of God. Remember? And it took me into that pyramid.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the book of Quotations, on page 7-B, paragraph 72, it says:15

72 – “29 And you know, I had a vision not long ago, a few weeks ago, that I [WSS] «Elijah» was preaching from the sun, and I had a great audience And it will come to pass. And I was preaching, and my audience was a—a—a cathedral in the forest ([JBP] It was a Tent in a forest). And the sun that I was standing in was shining down on many places. I had two climaxes to make ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «4th Elijah and 5th Elijah», and I was showing them about Divine healing, about visions, and how that God had promised, and everything. And they was rejoicing.

30 But then, when I got down to make my first climax [WSS] «4th Elijah» ([JBP] he writes), was to tell them that all these things was the Word.”

[JBP] He writes at the top (in paragraph 72): [WSS] «The two climaxes of Elijah».

«The Tent in the forest and the Sun».

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The evening Sun – Elijah».

[WSS] «The Morning Sun – Moses and Elijah. The 2nd Coming».

72 – “[30] And when I got to say that, everybody got hungry. I do preach awful long. But they got hungry, wanted to go get something to eat, and they started going away.

31 I said, “Wait a minute. You haven’t heard. See, I want to tell you where it comes from. It’s the Word, the Word.” And when I started to say it, talk it back about the Word, and how it was done by the Word, everybody left. Well, that’s the way it’s happened. Hmm. When I stand there, the Scriptures come to me, in the vision setting in a chair, about nine o’clock one morning at my home.

32 And then, you know, our Lord, when He was, His young ministry, when He was healing the sick and everything, that young Rabbi from Galilee, He was a great fellow. But one day He begin to get down on the Word. And when He got on the Word, the people walked away. The seventy left Him. And then He turned and said to the twelve, “Will you go also?” Hmm?

33 And then I happened to think in my vision, ‘Yes, that’s right. See, I got another climax [WSS] «5th Elijah», a great climax I’ve got to make. See? But the [WSS] «4th Elijah» sun’s shining bright now. But the evening shadows will be falling after while. They’ll all be coming back again. Then I’ll make this other climax.’[WSS] «5th Elijah» I raised up my hand, said, “Glory to God. I won’t have to study no more, because my commission in the beginning was stay with the Word, and I’ll stay with that. And then when I start again ([JBP] he writes): [WSS] «5th Elijah», I’ll just background what I’ve said, and then wait for this climax.” And I thought, “I mustn’t forget it.” And I come out of the vision. I don’t know what—what text I had. But there’s another climax coming, um-hum, just as sure ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «in Moses and Elijah».”

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «Another climax is coming, the Sun falls and the night comes».


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, April 13, 2014
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Every year, and many times during the year, we remember the entrance of Christ to Jerusalem; and thus we don’t forget that important event, which should be a teaching so that we don’t make the same mistake that was made during the First Coming of Christ when He was rejected. And Christianity must have knowledge of this historical part so that it doesn’t make the same mistake that Israel made two thousand years ago.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] There is a place here in the book of Quotations; on page 106, paragraph 923, says:16

923 – “[105] And that’s what I want to speak on to the Church this morning, the hidden mystery of God that He had in His mind before the world ever began, and how that it’s unfolded itself right down to this present hour that we’re living. See? Then you will understand clearly then, you see, on, I believe, what is being done.

[106] See, God has this all to Himself. It’s a secret. And that’s the reason there was silence in Heaven for a space of a half hour, and seven thunders utter their voices, and John was even forbidden to write it, see, the Coming of the Lord. That’s one thing He hasn’t revealed yet, of how He will come, and when He will come. It’s a good thing that He doesn’t. No.

107 He has showed or revealed it in every type that’s in the Bible. Therefore, the entire Bible is the revelation of God’s mystery in Christ. Hum! The entire Bible is an expression of one goal that God had, one purpose He wanted to achieve in the entire Bible. And all the acts of the—of the believers in the Bible has been in type, an expressing what God’s great goal is, and now in this last day He has revealed it and shows it.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Silence 1/2 hour».

«The Coming of the Lord = Moses and Elijah. How and when will He come, was not revealed».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And it goes on to say [Bible study]:

Reverend William Branham said that the Coming of the Lord will be simple; therefore, we expect something simple to human sight, but great in the sight of God. And it will be God fulfilling what He promised to carry out in this end time.

This is how we will recognize Him: by Him fulfilling every one of the promises He made for this end time for His Church, and then for the Hebrew people. No one else will be able to fulfill those promises, of the things that have been said that Christ at His Second Coming is going to carry out.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And now, let’s read what we were going to read a moment ago: on page 10 of this message “THE REPROACH FOR THE CAUSE OF THE WORD.” It says [P. 21]:

158 Now we find out here that, these people, they was trying to manufacture something; Hagar and—and Sarah, […] help God to make His promise come true. […] There’s no way, at all, of doing it. […] God’s Word is going to happen, anyhow. You’ve just got to stand right on the Word, and say, “It’s this way,” and keep the Word. […]

159 Maybe Abraham’s friends… […] …said, “Well, father of nations, how many children you have now?” […] Scoffers!

160 Now, haven’t you seen the time? Haven’t we seen it, when sometimes that we prayed for something, it didn’t happen?

161 “Here sits an old man,” they say. “He’s blind. He’s deaf. […] Go over there and heal him, you Divine healers. […]”

162 Do they realize it’s that same devil that said, “Come off the cross” […]. Turn these stones into bread, […] …tied a rag around our Lord’s eyes… […] and said, “[…] tell us who hit You […].”

163 Well, you knowed He knowed who hit Him. He could have turned those stones to bread. Or, He could have come off the cross. But what would we be today if He had? See? They don’t know the program of God. […]

165 What did Abraham? […] “Why, here you prayed for So-and-so, and they didn’t get well.” ([JBP] That is, they tell him: “You prayed for these people here, and they didn’t heal”).

166 That doesn’t matter. If I pray for ten thousand tonight, and ten thousand die in the morning, tomorrow night I’m still anointing the sick and praying for them. God said so […]. God promised it. I believe it. Certainly. Don’t make any difference what they say, still. But, they’ll scoff. That’s the reproach of the Word.

167 Abraham, standing on God’s Word, finally It was fulfilled. Oh, my!

[168] …and the reproach of barrenness, first. She was nearly a hundred years old. She was ninety, with the Word of God that said she would also be princess, a mother of this child. And she and Abraham, barren ([JBP] he had two against), but yet they never doubted that Word, one bit. But they had to stand that, first. And then, hallelujah, God kept His Word […]: Isaac was born. “And his seed is like the sands of the sea or the stars of Heaven.” See? God always answers His Word. Yes. Barrenness first, then Isaac.

169 Zacharias and Elisabeth, likewise, […] and could write out on his slate, and said, “An Angel met me, told me I’d bring forth a child […] I can’t talk no more. I’m dumb. I will be dumb till the day the baby is born. But there’s coming a baby, and he’s going to be the prophet of the Highest. He’ll introduce the Morning Star. He’s a forerunner of the Messiah.” […]

[171] Such a reproach, till she hid herself for several days. But he stayed with the Word. Oh, my!

172 Refusing popularity, refusing popular opinion, refused the polish of the day, and the styles and things of their day. They refused it. They refused to walk with the crowd of unbelievers. They refused the things of the world. They had to do it, to stay with God’s Word. They had to do it.

173 So is it today. You separate yourself from everything but you and God. It’s not what the church does. It’s what you do with God. See? It’s you, as an individual. Yes.

174 But look what God gave him. When Jesus Himself come, Zacharias was gone, Elisabeth, too. But when their son came in the wilderness, with THUS SAITH THE LORD, Jesus said, “There never was a man born of a woman as great as he is.” Amen. What? She suffered the reproach of barrenness. She stayed on the Word, and delivered such a son.

[175] …there’s not a race of people in the world as many as the Jews. “Like the sands of the seas or the stars of the sky.” What had happened? It happened in the minority, one child.

176 Now you see where I’m going. One child, that’s all it took. It took one child to shake the nations and point to the Messiah. Took one, obedient. That’s right. God just needs one man. That’s all He needs, somewhere He can have a voice. That’s all He wants, to get one man in His control. Oh, how He loves to get one man!

[JBP] And look at what brother William writes: [WSS] «The Tent Vision».

[WSS] «the little room».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look at where that line follows. Let’s read a little more of some of the notes. Look at where all this takes us. On page 25 it tells us, in paragraph 207, it says [Quotations]:17

207 – “[210] We’ll pray for them emergency cases.

211 But then, after about a couple of nights, I want to start in on my new ministry, and I want to take them back here in this room. Because, you know the vision. How many remembers the vision? Sure, you do. Of the little tent in the room.

212 Now, I’m going to take Meda in with me, on the first night, on account of sending women in.”

[JBP] He writes: [WSS] «the 3rd Pull, the Tent and the little room».

207 – “[…] But it’s a ministry that I can’t let be known to the public. No one will ever duplicate this. You see? No, sir. No. I know it’s right on the merge now. I can just look like just reach out there and take a hold of. It’s laying right there.

213 Last night I was dreaming just before I got up this morning, Brother Neville. I—I was dreaming a dream. And I thought the ministry…I don’t know what I was doing. But, whatever it was, oh, you talk about things taking place, I never seen such. I woke up just a crying, a praising.”

[JBP] And also on page 54, paragraph 464, it says [Quotations]:18

464 – “[150] Because thou has chosen the narrow path, the harder way; thou has walked of your own choosing.

Now here, now this man, now watch how it’s wrote, you can see it’s wrote in—in foreign words.

Thou has picked the correct and precise decision, and it is MY WAY.

Bless God! “It’s My Way,” He said.

Because of this momentous decision, a huge portion of Heaven waits thee.

He had never heard about the vision, you see, of this; you remember the vision.

…huge portion of Heaven waits thee. What a glorious decision thou has made! See?

This in itself… Now here is, from here on, I don’t understand.

This in itself is that… (big parentheses around it)…which will give and make come to pass the tremendous victory in the Love Divine.

151 I don’t know what that means, ‘this will make come to pass.’ Perhaps in the little tent ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «12 x 20» ([JBP] that is, the little room. [WMB] “the little tent” there he is referring to the little wooden room), one of these days, sitting back yonder, He’ll make it known.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «little Tent = Divine Love».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «In the little tTent, the tremendous Victory in Divine Love».

[JBP] Look up to where, everything that leads us (some of the ones that are there), it takes us to that man who is under the control of God, where He will place His Voice. Look at 5-A, paragraph 40 says [Quotations]:19

40 – “[101] Look at me just a moment. Disturbance in the audience…?… I’ll be glad when I get my little room to myself. They’ll only hear through a microphone then.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the little room and the microphone».

[WSS] «The Tent and the little room».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And also… Let’s continue further on. It says (I’m on page 7) [Bible study]:

That is why Christ said: “Watch.” Watch for what? For the Coming of the Lord for the corresponding time.

All the time God’s people have to be watching for the Coming of the Lord: that it doesn’t pass over them as it happened two thousand years ago to the people of that time. Because whoever overlooks it: loses the blessing of Christ that He has for His people for this end time.

In the works that Christ was doing when He entered Jerusalem, He showed by the works who He was. He said: “If you don’t believe in me, believe the works; for they bear witness of me.”

What were the works He was doing?

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And notice in this same message: on page 18 of “THE REPROACH FOR THE CAUSE OF THE WORD,” it says [P. 36-37]:

[290] So do they today, too. Just accept it. That’s the next thing.

[291] She said that. And He… You know what taken place. Oh!

292 All that would suffer for the same Word, He died for that cause. […] All the other had had little dips, but here was the fullness of God, in Him. The same He is today. Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.” […]

294 He never wrote one word. Why? He was the Word. […] The Words that had been wrote, He was the manifestation of that Word. […] He didn’t have to write nothing. He was the Word, this written Word made manifest. […] He’s the same today, yesterday, today and forever. He is the Word, Word made manifest. You say, “Is that right, Brother Branham?”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Jesus was the manifestation of the written Word».

[WMB] “He didn’t have to write nothing,” [JBP] says brother Branham there.

295 Watch Jehovah stand back there and blow a streak across them waves like yonder, and make a road for Israel to walk through.

296 Watch Jehovah in flesh, say, “Peace, be still.” When the waves was beating the banks… […]

297 That Jehovah that could stand yonder and sprinkle a few dewdrops out, let it fall to the earth and be made bread, to feed a people.

298 He stood and took five fish, or, five biscuits and two fish, and fed five thousand.

299 He was the Word. Amen. Amen. He’s the Word, and He ever will be the Word. And for me and my house, we’ll serve the Word. […]

300 Oh, my! Yes. Bear the reproach of the Word. There’s a reproach goes with the Word. Stay right with the Word, and bear the reproach. Let’s pray.

301 Jesus, as the other night, Lord, I cried, “O Jesus, what will You have me do? What can I do, Lord? Seeing these things, and knowing the hour that we’re living”… […]

302 I pray for my little church here [Bride], Lord. I think of the little birds in the vision, the things that has been; and the other birds, which were great things. […] But when them Angels stepped in […] The little messengers has been wonderful, Lord, but I believe that there is something just fixing to take place. Let it be, Lord. Mold us and make us after Your way. We are—we are the clay. You are the Potter.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say (page 7 at the bottom of the study) [Bible]:

What were the works He was doing? To fulfill. Fulfilling what God had promised that the Messiah would do at His First Coming. Those works were the ones that bore witness to who He was.

That is why He said: “Search the Scriptures, for they bear witness of me.” They are… [John 5:39]:

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”

Therefore, the Scriptures being fulfilled under the ministry of Jesus bore witness that Jesus was the Messiah; for no one else could fulfill those Scriptures. It was God in and through Jesus fulfilling His promised Word, His promises for that time; so it will be for this end time.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In the message “A TRUE SIGN THAT’S OVERLOOKED,”20 page 18 says:

89 He said, “I’ll give Israel a sign. Take this stick; turn it into a snake. They won’t listen to that, then put your hand in your bosom, pull it out, heal yourself of leprosy, then they’ll believe it. And then, if they won’t hear it, take waters out of the Nile down there, pour it upon the dry land, and all the waters will become blood.” That was a national sign. The people will believe it. When, ([JBP] and brother William writes beside it): [WSS] «Rev 11:1-14, 11:15-19» them that’s ready to receive it will believe it when they see the sign of God moving, but the nation has to have something different. So, He give it all a sign.

[Bible study reading continues]:

Therefore: “Watch and pray that you may be accounted worthy to avoid all these things (divine judgments that are going to fall upon the Earth, in the great tribulation), and to stand before the Son of Man (to stand before the Lord at His Coming for the end time).” [Luke 21:36].

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look here… Let’s read something there where Reverend William Branham speaks to us in the message “WORKS IS FAITH EXPRESSED,”21 where he makes reference when he was in that vision and heard… he thought he was going to die, but he says: [WMB] “It can’t be, because I can still hear Joseph.” And that later he…

Remember that Joseph, brother Branham’s son, is type and figure of the Second Coming of the Lord. So has our beloved brother William Soto Santiago told us in repeated messages, [WSS] that Joseph (in other places says: ‘a minor prophet’) represents the Second Coming of the Lord.”22 The entire family of brother Branham is a reflection, his wife represented in the Church and the congregation there as well, his children; God reflected there everything that would be happening in our age: The Age of the Cornerstone.

And look at what he says here in this narration… It says on page 37 of this message “WORKS IS FAITH EXPRESSED,”23 it was preached on November 26, 1965, that is, almost a month from his departure, from having the accident. It says:

239 Pardon the expression, or the testimony at this time, just before closing. I remember that up here in “Twin City,” I think Brother Brown and them was with me; and I was taking the life of Joseph, in the Bible. And I read that Bible, there was a man there was nothing against! Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all of them, had something against them, but not Joseph. What a man, a perfect man, a perfect type of Christ! ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Joseph».

240 When I read that, I just got to crying, one day, in my little ol’ hotel room. And I went over in the closet where I had my clothes hanging, pulled the door together, and I said, “God, I want to thank You for a man like Joseph, a man who once lived on the earth, a—a man in flesh like I am, a man that could believe You and take Your Word.” He was hated of his brothers. He couldn’t help being spiritual. He saw a vision. He could interpret dream. All of them hated him for it. He couldn’t help that, that’s just what he was.

241 See, it just wasn’t to the others. They ought to have loved him, but instead of that…When he told them, sometimes things against them, “Oh,” they say, “here comes that dreamer.” See? And they hated him without a cause.

242 I said, “Why did they do that?” And yet that man never moved, he stayed right there. See? I said, Thank You, Lord. O God, thank You for such a man.”

[JBP] And he writes… underlines that sentence.

243 And right then the Holy Spirit revealed to me, said, “You’ll have a son, and you’ll call his name ‘Joseph.’” I got up from there and thanked the Lord [WSS] «Joseph».

244 Becky, setting back there, had just been born about a…she was about a year old. She was a caesarean [WSS] «cesarean», that runs in my wife’s family to be caesarean; ’cause they don’t unhinge like the woman should, the bones are solid like a man, and she had to be cut from her mother. And the doctor told me ([JBP] that is, when Becky was born, Rebekah), he said, “Brother Branham, don’t you never have another child by this woman.” Said, “Her womb is as thin as a balloon.” He said, “You’d better let me tie those tubes ([JBP] that is, to operate her).”

245 I said, “No, I wouldn’t… don’t think about doing that, ‘Doc.’ ([JBP] that is, doctor)

246 He said, “Well, you—you—you’ll…She shouldn’t have another child.” Said, “You’re going to ruin her,” said, “she’ll die.” Said, “We had an awful time there,” ([JBP] that is, in that surgery, in that birth) said, “you just… she just did come through.”

247 And then the Lord told me I was “going to have a son” and his name would be called “Joseph.” I never scared about it. All, many of you, remember. [JBP] And at the bottom he writes: [WSS] «the Joseph = Christ».

248 I went forth, announcing it, “I’m going to have a baby; his name is going to be Joseph [WSS] «Joseph». How many remembers it? Sure! All around, over the country, everywhere, telling people, “Going to have a baby; his name is going to be Joseph.”

249 Just the same as that little boy was raised up, in Finland, from the dead. Brother Jack was right there when it happened. Told you, two or three years before it happened, “There’d be a little boy,” how he’d be dressed, where he’d be laying. “God said so!”

250 “How is it going to be?”

251 “I don’t know! But it was revealed to me that it was going to happen!”

252 It was revealed to me, “I was going to Arizona, and there I’d meet seven Angels. And they would tell me, and, oh, a Message that I was to preach.” And that was the Seven Seals. It happened! How many remembers me saying that? The tapes and things recorded that. And it happened! Magazines, everything else, took the picture of It. That Light there in the air, they can’t even understand It yet. There it was.

[JBP] In other words, he is showing how, the times that God showed him that something was going to be happening or that something was going to happen, then God fulfilled it; He was giving him evidence of things that were already happening by the Word of the Lord. And so it was going to be with this son that God promised him.

253 I remember calling Brother Jack and asking him about that, Christ being standing there, and Brother Jack said, “That’s in His glorified state.” See? I love Brother Jack. He’s one of the best theologians I know of, but I just couldn’t hit it just right.

254 I was standing there, I said, “Lord, how is this young Man here,” I said, “with hair like wool?”

255 And He said, “He is wigged.” Watch in the book, before it ever happened, I said that. And that day when that happened, It went up. And then you turn that picture sideways, if you’ve got Look Magazine or Life Magazine, turn sideways. There He is, just perfectly…

[JBP] He is referring to this cloud that he had so, and he says that when he turned it, there; that is, when he turned it this way, the face of the Lord is looking towards the Earth).

[255] …Hofmann’s Head of Christ, looking right down where I was standing ([JBP] that is, if you place it like this, it is looking down; if you place it like this, there you can see the face of the Lord); there It is in the magazine! How many’s ever seen It? Course, you’ve all seen. There, looking right back, proved exactly the revelation was correct.

256 Why wigged? Why, the old English judges, the Jewish judges, used to wear a—a—a wig, they do yet in England; when he’s…that’s supreme authority, he wears a wig. And that showed Him standing there, wigged by Angels’ wings, He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the Supreme Judge, and none other but Him. He is to look upon as Alpha and Omega. And there He was a young Man, no, or more, thirty years old, wearing a wig of white. Showing that He was Supreme, God, “The Father has committed all judgment unto the hands of the Son.” Hallelujah! The revelation is never wrong! Speak It anyhow, no matter what it sounds like, goes right with the Word.

And I remember, four years later, my wife…

257 We knew we was going to have a baby. Everybody said, “Is this Joseph coming?”

258 I said, “I guess it is, I don’t know, but I’m going to have Joseph.”

259 When it was born, it was Sarah. Then a man called me up, and laughed in my face ([JBP] scoffers are always present), he said, “Say, you know what? You meant Josephine!” (The man died. The man died.)

[JBP] That is what happens to the scoffers: spiritual death, and then physical death.

260 I said, “Sir, I said, ‘God told me I was “going to have a son” and I would “call his name ‘Joseph’”!’”

261 There was three people that had left a certain denominational church and come to our church, and heard me saying that. When Sarah was born, they said, “Huh! He’s a false prophet.”

262 I said, “Wait a minute, ladies, I never said when, neither did God say when. He told me, was ‘going to have a…’ He was going to…told Abraham, they was ‘going to have a Isaac,’ but Ishmael was borned in between that time, but it didn’t take It away.” I said, “God said I’d have this boy and he’ll call his name ‘Joseph.’”

263 The doctor said, when he come up, he said, “Reverend, I’m going to tie those tubes now.” ([JBP] that is, they were going to operate on her). Said, “I…”

264 I said, “Don’t you do it!” I said…

265 He said, “Well, you might get married again and have that boy yet.”

266 I said, “I’m going to have it by her! God said so!” I couldn’t read it out of the Bible ([JBP] that is, it wasn’t written) but it was wrote on my heart by revelation, by faith; God said so! Didn’t want to stagger at the promise of God through unbelief.

Some of them said, “You meant ‘Josephine.’”

I said, “I meant ‘Joseph.’”

Doctor said, “She can’t have another baby.”

I said, “She will have another baby.”

267 Four years passed, finally she was going to be mother again.

[JBP] [WMB] “Four years,” remember that on Friday we spoke about the fourth watch; and that is the fourth stage, the fourth watch, where Jesus appears walking…; and there it also speaks to us about the Word, because waters represent the Word, which is the Age of the Cornerstone.

268 Then a woman, (a false prophecy sent forth across the country) ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «a false prophecy» writing words, said, “Now Meda’s going to die, during this time, because I was sent to lead Bill.” And it said that “He won’t listen to me ’cause I’m a woman, and God’s going to get even with him now by killing his wife.” ([JBP] That was the false prophecy that they sent written).

269 I said, “God sent Jesus Christ to lead me.” See? And I said, “I’m led by the Spirit.”

270 Poor little Meda. We had a nurse that had been healed there in the meetings, you all know Mrs. Morgan, and one of Mayos’ nurses, the worst case of…well, she’s on the record, “dead,” about twenty years ago, of cancer, “sarcomas cancer,” in Louisville, right on the Baptist hospital record. She’s nursing in—in Jeffersonville, in the hospital, now. She’s been there for all these years, ’cause God said “She’d live.”

271 And, so, Meda loved her, and she said, “I want Margie come with me, Bill, I don’t feel like going to the hospital.”

272 I said, “Don’t make…We love Margie, but Margie’s not our God, Margie’s our sister.” And I took off up to Green’s Mill. She’d got me all tore up. Course, I love her. And I went up to Green’s Mill.

273 And she said, “Bill, do you think I’m going to die?”

274 And I said, “I don’t know, but the baby is going to be born, anyhow. You’re going to have a Joseph.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Meda = the Wife».

275 She said, “Is this him?” ([JBP] that is, she was already pregnant).

276 I said, “I don’t know, Honey. I can’t say, but God said he’s ‘going to have Joseph,’ and we’re going to have Joseph. I don’t care what anything says, we’re going to have Joseph. For, the same God that’s told me all these revelations, told me that, He never failed on others and He won’t fail on that.”

277 I went up, the mill, to pray. And I started there. There stood that Light hang between two trees, said, “Go back to your, were, to the Book.” I went back to the—the Bible, and while it, and been laying in my car, and when it did, the wind had blowed it over to where Nathan was setting, and David, said, “Go tell My servant David, I took him from that sheepcote, from feeding those few sheep of his father’s, and I made him a great name like the great men.” (Not all the—the greatest name, but just like great men; never made him a Billy Graham, but a…give him a name, you know.) Said, “I done that, but,” said, “I can’t let him build the temple ([JBP] speaking of David), but his son…”

278 And just as soon as It said, “His son’s,” oh, my, there it was.

279 I said, “Joseph?” That’s right.

280 Right down the house I went. And there, the little fellow, so big, she coul-…(big ol’ boy) she couldn’t hardly walk, going out through the field. I run, throwed my arms around her, and I said, “Honey! Joseph is coming. Joseph is on his road.”

281 Anyone knows, with cesarean, you can’t let the baby drop. That night the baby dropped, the water broke, everything else.

282 Next morning, at seven o’clock, we went over to the hospital, the doctor said, “Oh, mercy, goodness.”

283 I kissed her good-bye, said, “Honey, it won’t be long, Joseph will be here.” ([JBP] Remember, Joseph represents the Second Coming of the Lord).

And he writes: [WSS] «Joseph = was born at night and without cesarean».

[WSS] «Meda = the Church Wife».

[JBP] And again writes: [WSS] «Joseph = the Lord in the 2nd Coming».

283 I kissed her good-bye, said, “Honey, it won’t be long, Joseph will be here.” Right up the steps she went, like that, on the operating table.

284 A few minutes, the nurse come down, said, “Rev. Branham?”

285 I said, “Yes, ma’am.”

286 She said, “You got a fine, seven pound, three ounce, boy.” ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «7 pounds with 3 ounces».) [3 kilos 100 grams].

287 I said, “Joseph, son, welcome.” Yes, sir! Why? Why? What is it? It wasn’t written in the Bible that would happen ([JBP] like what he said to John: [WMB] “Write down nothing of this; I will reveal it the day in which they have need to know”24), but the same God of the Bible that revealed it to Abraham, we didn’t consider the deadness of her womb, the impossibility to be that way. You don’t stagger at the promise of God through unbelief, but you give praise to God, know that it’s got to happen! I don’t care what doctor says, everything else will come in all kind of a way, but don’t you believe it, it’s a lie of the devil. Yes, sir, true. Faith goes about, together with works, to create the promise. (Let’s hurry.)

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «faith and work creates the promise».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And we are going to see another place here in the book of Quotations, to have all those Scriptures that he had there or part of them. Remember that we are in the subject “THE MYSTERY OF THE SEVENTH SEAL.” Look here on page 9, let’s see what it tells us there, from the book of Quotations, paragraph 79:25

79 – “[23] [Blank spot on tape. Brother Branham dedicates babies—Ed.] …a—a little closet, way yonder in the northland, You promised this child to me. Father, may Your blessings rest upon him. Joseph, my boy, I give you to God. And may your life be a blessing. May you be a prophet, Joseph. May God’s grace rest with you ([JBP] and he writes above: [WSS] «Joseph = dedicated prophet». May the God of your father, the Lord Jesus Christ, ever bless you, make your life a blessing to others. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I bless him. Amen.”

[JBP] And on page 104 it tells us, paragraph 901, it says [Quotations]:26

901 – “[296] My prayer is, ‘God, hold me together. Hold me together, to preach the Word, stand on that Truth, until I see my boy, Joseph, old enough, and filled with the Holy Ghost; I can take this old wore-out Bible, lay It in his hand, say, ‘Son, carry It to the end of your life. Don’t you compromise on It.’

297 I thought maybe Billy would preach the Gospel. God never called him. But I believe, Joseph, even the little mean boy that he is, I believe God has called him. That’s the reason kids can’t get along with him, he’s a leader. And I know that God has called him.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Billy and Joseph. One called to the ministry: Joseph».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] I remember when… after… at that time he sent brother Miguel to pray to be in charge of the congregation; and after that brother William tells me… he had a notebook, and he wrote Billy’s name, he wrote: [WSS] “William Perez (Billy),” and he wrote several names like that, sporadic, and tells me: [WSS] “Choose a co-pastor.” And I told him: [JBP] “But, William, who am I to choose who is co-pastor? It is better that you are the one…” And he just laughed. And I said: [JBP] “Look, the first one you wrote there, that was the first one you thought of.” And apparently it seemed like something, let’s say, inconceivable; because Billy, he stuttered a little more. And I said: [JBP] “If you thought of that one, well, then I have no problem with him, brother William.” He tells me: [WSS] “Then it is him! He will be your co-pastor.” And if you notice, he reads better than I do; when he reads, he even has better hearing than me.

And so it was that Billy also became part of this ministry which wasn’t our choice, but it was the prophet himself who indicated it. And that… as God allows brother Branham to also have… because Billy was a great help to the ministry of brother Branham, Billy Paul; and also allows him to have a son.

And also here in the ministry of our brother William Soto Santiago, the fulfillment of that part of the Seventh Seal, of that Angel that was different from the others; He also allows that from where he was born, from where the ministry was born also has two sons spiritually that have those qualities and that are called the same: Billy and Joseph. But for God there are no coincidences.

And look here another place. I think we have time to have part of this picture; because there are some things there that we are going to leave for when they are being fulfilled. You are going to see and say: “Truly…,” in other words, it is a confirmation of what you are already believing.

Look at 5-B what it says there, and what brother William writes below. In the book of Quotations, paragraph 51:27

51 – “[2] I had the privilege, a few moments ago, talking to my wife and my little Joseph ([JBP] and he writes above): [WSS] «Joseph = type and figure of the Coming of Christ», the little boy who I believe that God will let take my place when I’m finished in this life.”

[JBP] And look, he draws the ages, places an arrow where he says: [WMB] “when I’m finished in this life,” he places an arrow towards the seventh age; and places Joseph’s part towards the neck, the part in between (that separates from the Cornerstone), places Joseph there.

And he writes at the bottom: [WSS] «It is the same as with David’s son: Solomon, in whom Christ was reflected as King. And Joseph takes the place of the 4th Elijah and continues with the Message, but he can’t take the place of the 5th Elijah, not him».

[JBP] That is, yes: another will take the place of the fifth Elijah.

And there he writes: [WSS] «Seals – 399», which you already know which questions it is: that he is asked…[WMB] “Is the Elijah, who comes to preach to the Jews, the same Elijah…?”

Let’s see how it is that he says it. Page 399 [p. 471 in Eng.], question number 11, it says [The Seals]:

Question 182. Is the Elijah, who comes to preach to the Jews, the real man who lived on the earth, or will he be the spirit of Elijah in some other man?

([JBP] And in the answer, he says):

[148] I’m inclined to believe that it will be anointed men, of their spirit. Because, see, he says, “Does not…on Elisha? Does not the spirit of Elijah rest on Elisha?” See, “the spirit of Elijah.” And he done just like Elijah did, see.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “ADOPTION #4,”28 already at the end, on page 186, says… Another one of the places where he makes reference, it says:

220 I want to raise my little boy back there, Joseph. I want to see him in the pulpit, when I can take this Bible…when I get to a place I see Joseph in the pulpit preaching as a—as a young man filled with the Holy Ghost, anointed with the Spirit of God upon him. And I believe he’ll be a prophet. The day when I—when I—when I saw him six years before he was born, you remember me telling you he was coming. Remember what I called him, right there at the side of the altar, not knowing what I was saying, dedicating babies, I said, “Joseph, thou art a prophet.”

[JBP] And further down he says:

224 I can look at the time Mama, Meda, I call her, my darling, see, she’s…we’re getting old, see her hair turning gray, and see us going away, fading away.

225 Rebekah, I’m so grateful for Rebekah. Her music teacher told me the other night, said, “My, if she keeps that up, Brother Branham,” says, “it’s hard tell what she’ll do.” ([JBP] that is, that she was a good prospect in what she was learning to play). See, going on in music. I want her, and I want… I want Sarah on the organ, Becky on the piano, I want Joseph in the pulpit.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Rebekah, Sarah, Joseph» and a Star of David.

226 When I can see that happen, and me and Mama can stagger in, me on my old cane, some night, come down along the road, and I can look in there and see my boy standing there anointed with the Holy Ghost, preaching this same Gospel. I want to take this old Book, and say, “Son, here It is, It’s yours. You stand with It, don’t you compromise on one Word. You stay right with It, honey. Don’t you, don’t care, I don’t care who’s against you, who’s again’, God will be for you.

[JBP] He told me those same words: [WSS] “It doesn’t matter who is against you.”

[226] “God will be for you. You preach every Word just the way It’s wrote in There, and Daddy will see you across the river.”

[JBP] He goes on to say:

[226] I’d like to reach around and take her in my arms, my wife, and cross over Jordan.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the river» and he also draws a Star of David. And there he continues to relate, at the end of this message.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And also look at what it says on page 7-B, which is something that will happen soon. It says on page 7-B, paragraph 61, it says [Quotations]:29

61 – “[15] When I see that great ransomed church of God come together, as one great unit, I’ll close up the Book, then and pass It back to my son, Joseph, and say, Billy, ‘Carry it on, son.’ My other children, my sons, ‘move on now, and just stay that way.’ The Millennium will be on when that takes place.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Joseph and Billy, and the Millennium».

[JBP] And that is the message “FROM THAT TIME.” We have to find that message, because there are some things that he wrote there. So we have to find that message.

But notice how he says: [WMB] “The Millennium will be on when that takes place.”

And we are already going to finish this little part here that remains. We read page 8 [Bible study]:

Therefore: “Watch and pray that you may be accounted worthy to avoid all these things (divine judgments that are going to fall upon the Earth, in the great tribulation), and to stand before the Son of Man (to stand before the Lord at His Coming for the end time).” [Luke 21:36].

Everything is going to be simple. We will see Him fulfilling what He promised to carry out in this end time; we will see Him sounding, playing, the Last Trumpet ([JBP] There when he read: [WMB] “Joseph speaking,” and he wrote: [WSS] «the Thunders»); we will see Him opening the mystery of the Seventh Seal; we will see Him fulfilling every promise He has made for this end time; and then we will see Him transforming all of us in this end time: that will be the greatest sign.

But before that, we have to believe all the promises that have been made for God to fulfill in this time, and see them as they are being fulfilled.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] May God help us to believe, always, in the promises He has made for this time, which will soon be fulfilled, such as the full fulfillment of the Tent Vision, where the resurrection and transformation of our bodies will take place.

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As Joseph came to the wife of the Reverend William Branham, our Joseph will come, Christ to His Church which is His Bride, His beloved Wife, Christ’s Wife or Christ’s Bride; and I can’t speak to you of that more clearly, because the mystery of the Seventh Seal would be opened and it shouldn’t be opened yet.

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