September 2, 2022 Activity

Bible Study for September 2, 2022

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Friday, September 2, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Wednesday, October 15, 1997
(Second activity)
Lima, Peru

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:45-54


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Friday, September 27, 2013
Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

And the question is: What about today? Today the seven messengers of the seven ages have already left and seven stages of the Church have already passed, and the last messenger of those seven stages was the Reverend William Branham, who had wonderful experiences, as Saint Paul and Saint Peter had; and he heard the Voice of God, which spoke to him, guided him, and he did the will of God, what God wanted him to do; to such an extent that on one occasion He showed him a Great Tent Cathedral, and he wanted to do it; He showed him in that Tent everything that Christ is going to carry out in the fulfillment of that heavenly vision.

He tried to materialize, because it has to be the messenger in the time that is going to be fulfilled, with the people that will be united to him and the ministers that will be united to him. He had many ministers who loved him and worked in the Work of the Lord, according to how God was directing at that time.

And since the greatest thing, the greatest manifestation in the midst of Christianity, is going to be carried out in the fulfillment of that heavenly vision, he wasn’t rebellious to the heavenly vision; that is why he wanted to materialize, to materialize that vision.

God always uses people to materialize what He has promised, because God doesn’t work if it is not through human beings; just as God doesn’t work if it is not through Christ, and Christ doesn’t work if it is not through His Church. Therefore, in the midst of His Church this heavenly vision will materialize.

(…) And for this end time, there are great blessings for the believers in Christ, in the materialization of the heavenly Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral, where he saw the Pillar of Fire that accompanied him; which had accompanied Moses and which had descended upon Jesus when He was baptized.

He also saw the Angel that accompanied him; he saw inside that Great Tent Cathedral a small wooden room, and he also saw that there was preaching, that there was praying for the sick ([JBP] See? It was being preached; that is, there was a ministry there doing that work), people receiving Christ, and so on; but he was in the air. Which shows us that he was higher, in another dimension ([JBP] that is, the sixth dimension).

He wanted to go down, put his feet on the ground (as we say), but he stayed up until the moment the Pillar of Fire moved over the little room. And then the Angel was still with brother Branham, and then the Angel and he went to the little room.

There he saw a name or heard a name; that is why the Angel says to him: “Do you remember the name you were looking for when you went – when you had the Tent Vision in the little room, the name you were looking for?” Then there is a very important name there.

Then he says: “What I saw there, I will take with me to the grave.”

Also the Angel told him that that was the Third Pull; and the Third Pull is the stage of the creative Word being spoken; of which an example was given in five cases that Reverend William Branham mentions, where the power of God was manifested by the creative Word being spoken by Reverend William Branham anointed with the Holy Spirit.

The case of the storm, to which he spoke at the Lord’s command and the storm went away.

The case of the resurrection of a little fish.

The case of the storm, that is: it shows absolute power over nature, which the Two Olive Trees, Moses and Elijah, will have.

[JBP] Also…, there he continues to speak and he doesn’t speak of the others, but we also remember of the tumor of the wife: that by the spoken Word, at a distance, she was healed; and when the doctor was already going to touch her…, because he said, [WMB] “Before the doctor lays his hand on her to operate on her, let it be taken away,” and it was so.

And also the case of the salvation of sister Hattie Wright’s children, also by the spoken Word, shows us the opportunity that our relatives will also have.

And also the creation of squirrels, which was one of the five manifestations of the power of God by the spoken Word; which, the squirrel represents the revelation, the Manna, which by the spoken Word that revelation will be brought to the people, the spiritual food that we need; which, in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision will be given to the sons and daughters of God, to obtain that Food that each one of us need to obtain the Rapturing Faith.

It goes on to say [Bible study]:

(…) And now, where do we find ourselves at this time in the trajectory of the Holy Spirit in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the trajectory of the Church of the Lord on this Earth?

We find ourselves in a time parallel to the time of Jesus and His apostles, we find ourselves in an Age of Cornerstone, for which there are great promises. And the promises for the Church, which couldn’t be fulfilled in past ages, such as those of which Saint Paul speaks to us: of the Great Voice of Trumpet or Last Trumpet for the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the transformation of the living, of First Corinthians, chapter 15, verses 49 to 58; and First Thessalonians, chapter 4, verses 11 to 18; and Philippians, chapter 3, verses 20 to 21. Those promises will be fulfilled in the Last Day, in the golden stage of the Church, which is the stage of the Cornerstone, Age of the Cornerstone ([JBP] And it was the topic that we gave to this afternoon’s talk, it was that topic).

(…) The Light, two thousand years ago, arose in the East, in Jerusalem; and for this end time, the evening Light is in the West. That is why when we speak of supper, we speak of the evening time; and the evening time corresponds to the American continent.

And now, for this time there will be people who will not be rebellious to the heavenly vision that Reverend William Branham saw, to which he wasn’t rebellious either; and he wanted to materialize that vision, but it wasn’t for his time; he saw in advance what will happen in the Golden Age of the Church, the Age of the Cornerstone, where there will be ministers and congregations, churches, that will not be rebellious to that heavenly vision.

Reverend William Branham, in 1964 and ‘65 said that there was one thing, a vision that hadn’t yet been fulfilled, and it was the Tent Vision; but it will be fulfilled. And there will be the manifestation of the Third Pull, where Christ will be fully manifested.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] That is in the book of Quotations, in paragraph 1068, where it says:1

1068 – “138 Now, that great gift! Others I’ve tried to explain and say how it was done. This can’t be explained. Just wait. It will not be in operation so perfectly now. Wait till that Council of Churches brings on that persecution, that’s when it will happen. That’s the reason I come back among you, to pray for the sick. I have never had but one thing that He ever told me in my life that I know that hasn’t happened yet…”

[JBP] There at the bottom he writes, when he says that [WMB] “That’s the reason I come back among you, to pray for the sick,” and he writes: [WSS] «Elijah prays for the sick again».

1068 – “[138] I have never had but one thing that He ever told me in my life that I know that hasn’t happened yet that some sort of a building or a tent where there will be a little building setting and I’d have to go into that and pray for the sick. That hasn’t happened yet as far as I know. That’s the only thing that I know.”

[JBP] In other words, Elijah’s ministry would be in there. Anybody could say, “Oh, he said he’s going to be in there praying for the sick.” But remember he had said he was in the sixth dimension, that is, in the air; he didn’t say directly “in the sixth dimension,” but there when we read, that he was doing – trying to come down, and he couldn’t. In other words, it wasn’t him the one that was in there; it was the ministry that was in him.

And he, that is why he writes: [WSS] «Elijah prays for the sick again».

1068 – “[138] …that some sort of a building or a tent where there will be a little building setting and I’d have to go into that and pray for the sick. That hasn’t happened yet as far as I know. That’s the only thing that I know.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «what is missing = the Tent».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «the Tent and the little room».

[JBP] And it also says at the top: [WSS] «The Tent = is what hasn’t been fulfilled» and a big Star of David there.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say [Bible study]:

That is why the golden stage of the Church, of the Age of the Cornerstone…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Let me see something here, so that… when he wrote there the Star. In today’s study, there is a place when we were reading about “IT IS THE RISING OF THE SUN,”2 on page 49, where he says that [WMB] “the Son comes up,” and today, just now sending the photo to Julio Angel, I used the magnifying glass there and you will see that in that part there he writes: [WSS] «Sun» (very small), and he writes above: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah», and below it he draws two small Stars of David, so that this remains in the study and also spoken; because he says:

[330] You say, “Must I be Methodist? Baptist? Pentecostal?”

331 Just wait. The Son comes up ([JBP] and where it says “the Son,” he writes below it): [WSS] «Sun», we’ll see where we’re at. He is the Word. Wait till you see the Word manifested, shining across the Seed, the wave Sheaf, we’ll see where we’re at.

[JBP] And he places there those two little Stars of David, and above: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah». (So that it remains in that study, and now it is also recorded in this one).

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say on page 4, there [Bible study]:

That is why the golden stage of the Church, of the Age of the Cornerstone, corresponds to the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ; parallel to the most holy place of the temple built by Solomon and the tabernacle built by Moses.

That was where He appeared, where the light of the Shekinah, the Pillar of Fire, was; it was the place where only the high priest could enter, and it was where the hidden manna was and Aaron’s rod that budded and the tablets of the Law. It was the most important place.

And if you look at the temple that Solomon built, for the east side was the outer court, and for the west side was the most holy place.

And so it is that Christ has been building His spiritual Temple, His Church. It began in Jerusalem, in the East; He moved from Israel to Asia Minor with Saint Paul; then He moved to Europe with five messengers; and then He moved from Europe to North America with Reverend William Branham.

And now the big secret is: Where has the Holy Spirit, Christ, moved to in the midst of His Church, in His Work, in His trajectory?

He who knows where the Holy Spirit has moved to after Europe, would realize that He went to North America; and from there would come the Message for the whole Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and there the seventh Church age would be fulfilled.

And he who knows where the Holy Spirit has moved to after North America, will know what age we are in and the promises relevant to our time, and what is the Message relevant to that Age of Cornerstone; and he will be waiting for the promises that the revealed Word will be making known to us, which will be the same ones that are in the Bible.

[JBP] That is the Message brought to us by the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ: William Soto Santiago. That is the Message that has called and has gathered the elect. That is the Cornerstone Message. There is no other Message, there is no other messenger that brings the knowledge of the things that must happen soon.

Just as the Message of that first exodus, which was the Message that Moses brought, everything that in that dispensation was to be fulfilled in the midst of the Hebrew people, revolved around the Message of Moses. When Moses’ days ended, the one who continued the work, which is the Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Covenant, in those days, after Moses left, it was Joshua with the Message of Moses.

Joshua didn’t bring a new Message; it was the Message that had already been brought by that dispensational prophet: Moses. And with that Message Joshua introduced them to the promised land; God already had that man ready for that work.

[Continues reading the Bible study]:

There can be no contradiction. They are also amplified in the messages of Reverend William Branham, through whom the Holy Spirit spoke to the Church.

Therefore, we are not rebels to the heavenly vision that God showed to Reverend William Branham. We believe those visions and we work towards their fulfillment every day of our lives, until we are transformed.

Not only until we see the Tent Vision fulfilled, but until we are transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

After that, how will the work be carried out when we are transformed? We will see that when we have the new body.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Bogota, Colombia

Therefore, all the people who will be kings and priests and judges in the Millennial Kingdom of Christ, have to be taught in the Divine Program; to know, know and serve Christ all the days of our life in the perfect will of God, to then be adopted, to be transformed…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in a writing of our beloved brother William Soto Santiago, he tells us… For we all desire to do the perfect will of God, because that is what God says to His children: “Be perfect, as I am perfect.”3 And He shows us by His Word how each one of us should conduct ourselves, reflecting the sixth dimension.

And look here how in these notes, for example, in this one, it says… And this is already speaking to those elect that are already sealed.

[WSS] «All those that have been baptized will notice a heavenly feeling…».

[JBP] Remember the topic, “THE MYSTERY OF THE NEW BODY,” that is, that is where we are going; but in order to get there, there are some requirements. We all want to do those requirements, because we all want to have that new body.

[WSS] «All those that have been baptized will notice a heavenly feeling, in which they will desire to do according to the will of God in all things of their lives, and Christ will make known to them His perfect will in all the things of their lives. And they shall cease, the women, from wearing pants and provocative clothing, and shall dress modestly; for this is the will of God. They shall leave face-paint, earrings, etc.; thus shall the Spirit of Christ guide them; everyone already separated from all sin. “Be ye holy, for I am holy,”4 says God».

[JBP] And this is in the handwriting of our brother William; that it, you will already have it there. Look how he was already leaving all that written.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look at another quote that he places in the message “IT IS THE RISING OF THE SUN.” There is something there that we should look at carefully, and it is the occasion that brother Branham’s mother had a dream; it is on page 33 of the message “IT IS THE RISING OF THE SUN.”5 It says:

231 Now look. How can you say that that Spirit dwells in you? Though you done everything that you thought was right, here is your evidence whether you got It or not. If the Spirit that was in Christ is in you, It also quickens you to the Word, for He is the Word. And if it, contrary, quickens you away from the Word, then it isn’t the Spirit of Christ!… care what you done, until That moves you in the Word. “My sheep hear My Voice, and they shall live by every Word,” every Word! ([JBP] he draws a Star of David there). I was talking on that the other day.

232 My own mother, she’s gone on now, and she was a very odd woman. And she was, you know, about a half Indian, and she was odd. But in there she was a person that didn’t dream. But I don’t think… She only had four or five dreams, all of her life. But every time she dreamed a dream, it was true. She had a dream, it was true.

233 I remember one time when I first started preaching, many years ago. We was living right up here on the road ([WMB] “when I first started preaching.” [JBP] and look at what brother William writes there a little further down), right just above here. I was preaching right here at this church. And she dreamed a dream, that I was standing here by the side of three steps [WSS] «the three steps». And I was standing, preaching to everybody, that they must walk up these three steps before they hit the highway. And on the highway is a little pearly-like white line, run right into the—the—the doors of Heaven, to the pearly gate. And that pearl had been stretched out to the top of these steps. If that ain’t my Message exactly today; [WSS] «1» justification, «2» sanctification, «3» the baptism of the Holy Ghost!

[JBP] And he makes a drawing of the pyramid, and he writes: [WSS] «1, 2, 3», in Luther’s part, Wesley, and in the Pentecostal stage, Pentecostals, or brother Branham’s stage; but he writes: [WSS] «1, 2, 3», the space, and the pyramid above.

[233] And I was saying that a person has to come by these three steps, to be able to walk that highway. ([JBP] see, there is a path to get there,where does it say there?), to the Doors of Heaven). And said that…

234 There was a lady came by. Now, you know what kind of shoes people wore thirty-five years ago. There was a lady come by, had on a great big pair like they wear today, spike-heeled shoes. And she come by. And I said, “Wait a minute, sister. You can’t walk that highway with that.” ([JBP] and he writes beside it): [WSS] «the heels» And I said, “You—you, you can’t do that.”

235 And she said, “Ah!” She said, looked around at the rest of the women, said, “Don’t believe him. He’s a madman. See? Don’t believe him…”

[JBP] And we have already been talking about this for a few months now, and we still see women wearing spiked heels in church; but, since they have free will: each one acts as he feels in his heart. No one forces you to reflect one dimension or another; each one reflects the dimension he or she wants to reflect.

[235] …I’ll show you I can be justified, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost, and still walk that.” And she… I just let her go ([JBP] See? He didn’t start fighting with her: [WMB] “I just let her go”). Couldn’t do no more about it, couldn’t stop her. And she jumped up on the highway. And she looked back at the sister, said, “See, I told you!” She started to run up, and she…

236 You know, as the Bible said, in Isaiah, 5th chapter, that they would have “outstretched necks.” They have to; they’re pitched over, see. “Mincing as…” They have to, have to twist, “Mincing as they go, making a tinkling with their heels; see, the daughters of Zion in the last day ([JBP] That is, they twist with their…).”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Let’s read that chapter 3 that he writes there: [WSS] «Isaiah 3:16», he also makes reference to Isaiah 3, and so we have that Scripture there, too; because all this is very, very important for the chosen one that is going to be adopted.

Chapter 3 of Isaiah, verse 16, it says:

16 Moreover the Lord saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:

17 Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will discover their secret parts.

18 In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon,

19 The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers,

20 The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings,

21 The rings, and nose jewels,

([JBP] those rings that they use everywhere: on the tongue, on the belly; they use rings in all places now).

22 The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins,

23 The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails.

24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «because of the radioactivity».

[JBP] See? All that is already judgment for all those, all those people who use all that; because by that time they no longer have a chance.

That is why the time is now: to fix ourselves.

25 Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war.

26 And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say here [“IT IS THE RISING OF THE SUN”] [P. 30]:

237 And she started up that highway, just as hard as she could run. And, after a while, the road got narrower and narrower ([JBP] it became smaller each time). She started reeling, mincing like that, and off she went.

238 And mother said… [WSS] «Vision of the Bride».

[JBP] Let’s… And a little before, when he is speaking of: [WMB] “Mincing as they go, making a tinkling with their heels; see, the daughters of Zion in the last day,” and brother William writes: [WSS] «I preached that in 1962 – 1963».

[JBP] In other words, look at how around those years, brother William began to preach, and how now we are in that parallel stage to that time; and that is something you should be very alert to, because it is a cycle that is being repeated again.

[237] She started reeling, mincing like that, and off she went.

238 And mother said [WSS] «Vision of the Bride», “The horriblest screams that I ever heard in my life, was that woman falling into those flames and smoke, going down, down like that.” Said, I “turned around and said, ‘See?’”

239 She just obeyed everything but one Word, see, everything but one Word ([JBP] See?). Sure, Pentecostal women can be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost, and then fail. Absolutely.

[JBP] See? By one word. She had everything. You may say: “I have the Message, I have everything,” but by one word, fail.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in another of the studies that I have here… He, in this same study of “THE WORLD IS FALLING APART,”6 where brother Branham says:

[172] And come back in our churches, look like a bunch of Jezebels, looks like a bunch of I don’t know what, corruption. Remember, your outside expresses your inside. No matter how much your testimony is, your life speaks louder than your words.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Jezebel».

«The exterior expresses the interior».

[JBP] And I have another over here, where he says, he writes:

[WSS] «Every woman reflects in her life the dimension to which her spirit belongs».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And he spoke to us in… Let’s read this one, which is the volume of “The Church,” of the message “A DECEIVED CHURCH, BY THE WORLD,”7 of this booklet, which is from “The Church,” on page 84 of this little book, it says:

40 A man or a woman in Italy, in France, in Africa, in any other nation, that’s ever born again of the Holy Ghost, don’t do those things. They won’t wear those clothes. They won’t act like that, because they’re of another Nation Whose Ruler and Maker is God. We’re from Heaven. The spirit that’s within you, motivates your life ([JBP] What motivates an elect of God? The Spirit from which we came, where our representation is). If you are an American, you’ll do as the Americans do. If you are French, you’ll do as the French do, and criticize the other one. But if you are of God, you’ll do the way they do in Heaven, because your Spirit comes from Above and It controls you.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the Spirit motivates the life».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In the message “GOD’S POWER TO TRANSFORM”…

Because notice that there are some places where we had read, several studies before,8 where he said that [WMB] “we have to learn the ABCs, first.”

And he talks about it here; because in a drawing he made, he placed: [WSS] «the mystery of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit». And he makes a circle (I don’t know if you can see it there, so you can see it too, although all this is going to be in the study; but this is how we do it as they do it in schools: they show it).

And he writes in there: [WSS] «1» inside, which is the soul, «2» which is the spirit, and «3» which is the body. But he also writes: [WSS] «a – b – c».

So that, in, from the soul, the spirit and the body, we have to correct; in those three stages, in those three forms in which the human being is —as soul, spirit and body—, in all three we have to learn the ABCs. And then algebra, which are the deepest things.

Look, on page 49 of this message “GOD’S POWER TO TRANSFORM,”9 it says:

257 Say, “Why don’t you teach them great things, how to be this?” Just start with your ABC’s, and then we’ll come to algebra. See? Just start learning, “which is your reasonable service.”

‘I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your body a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.’10

258 You just do “your reasonable service,” God will take care of the rest of it; see, just to reason things that you can reason out yourself and do. Isn’t it not…Isn’t it unreasonable for a woman to strip herself down, and go out here and act like that, when the Bible condemns it? Isn’t it unreasonable for a man to throw hisself into such a dogma as we have today, and all this stuff here, and all this seminary stuff, and stuff like that, when it’s absolutely contrary to the Word of God? See?

259 Isaiah’s lips, he was just an ordinary man of unclean lips. He said, “Lord, I’m among unclean people, and I got unclean lips. Woe is me because I’ve seen God.” And an Angel come down, got the Fire, Holy Fire off of God’s altar, and transformed his lips; from the lips of a wandering man, to the lips of a prophet with THUS SAITH THE LORD. God’s transforming power!

260 A hundred and twenty fishermen, and—and little old sellers of purple, of women, and those gathered themselves in an upper room and closed the doors, some of them not enough education to sign their own names. God transformed them from fishers, to fishers of men; from men and women of the streets, to saints of God, immortal. The transforming power of God! [WSS] «120 in the upper room» [JBP] he writes there.

[JBP] May that One also —Angel with that Fire—, touch our being, touch our entire being, as He had done it with Isaiah.

On page 21 of this same message “GOD’S POWER TO TRANSFORM,” 22, 23 and 24, but we are only going to read from 24 (you can later read the other pages). Page 22, says [P. 17]:

116 And now in the last church age, we find here that they’re naked again, and don’t know it. But it’s not the Holy Spirit veil. It’s the veil that Satan slipped over Eve back there… [WSS] «Eve – the veil»

[JBP] And on the other side he writes: [WSS] «H.S.» (Holy Spirit).

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «Satan»

[JBP] because of the veil that Satan placed. Says: “the veil of lust.”

[116] But it’s not the Holy Spirit veil. It’s the veil that Satan slipped over Eve back there, a veil of lust, the lust veil. They are so filthy till they don’t know that they are naked, our women on the street, with shorts on, sexy dress.

117 Someone sent me a piece in the paper the other day, of this new dress that they’re going to wear, I think, fourteen inches from the hips, or something. And I wonder if our—if our women folks does realize that that is a lust veil?

118 Now you—you would say, “I can prove, before God, that I am innocent of any adultery to my husband, or I—I…all this.”

119 But still, at the Judgment, you’re going to be called an “adulteress.” The Bible said so. Jesus said, “Whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her, hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.”11

[JBP] And on page 23, paragraph 120 [P. 17]:

120 “Blind, naked, and don’t know it!” Not them poor little women out there; there is nothing I got against them. It’s that evil! And the system of the church seems to fail to recognize it or stand against it; let them bob off their hair, wear make-up, and shorts and things, under the name of Christianity. What a horrible thing it is! See, they are naked again, in Satan’s Eden, and knows it not. They don’t know it ([JBP] he writes): [WSS] «Satan».

121 I believe I see, perhaps, looking across here, the swimming pool, that women out there now. If that woman only realized that what she is doing, but she doesn’t know it. She is naked. Her body is sacred. She strips off the clothes that God clothed her with, with skin, for this generation. She constantly cuts it off. She is naked, under the word of “civilization, higher education, better civilization, higher ethics.” Let me be sure that this soaks in. It’s all of the devil, and will be destroyed at the Coming of the Lord Jesus. It’ll be destroyed, every bit of it. There won’t be one thing left.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «it will be destroyed».

[JBP] “Not (as they say), you must be open minded. Now, all these things are allowed.” [WMB] “Higher education,” as he says there. There is a place where he says that [WMB] “education and all that, all that earthly education is of the devil.”12

122 And, oh, friend, across the nation, as you are listening to me here in Phoenix, think of those things! You are here subject to them. Now, Jesus said that, “They would deceive the Elected if possible.”

123 The first spirit was a…first veil was a holy veil, Holy Spirit, and she wasn’t supposed to look out of That. But when—when Satan begin to talk to her about knowledge, she just had to take a little peep at the world.

124 And that’s exactly what her daughter, the church, has done. You have to see, you have to dress like some movie star, or young men have to act like Elvis Presley or—or Pat Boone ([JBP] he is a singer from that time, as there are nowadays as well; that is, they are identified with that type of movements, of singers, which are from the fifth dimension, inspired by the fifth dimension), or—or some of those people, under the name of religion.

125 Pat Boone is a Church of Christ. Elvis Presley is a Pentecostal ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Elvis Presley and Pat Boone». Two demonized characters that’s throwed the world in a worse chaos than Judas Iscariot did at the betraying of Jesus Christ ([JBP] he places them worse than Judas Iscariot). They don’t know it. Them boys don’t know that. Nothing that I have against those—those boys, men, it’s the spirit that’s motivating it.

126 Just step over on that side one bit, let that creeper just get one little hold around the shuck of that corn, one time, watch what takes place; the corn is gone. Oh, yeah, it’s done got him. And that’s the way it’ll do it. It’ll do it every time. Eve had to take just one peep at the world.

[JBP] And he continues on down there, in that message, how there he is showing in that topic “GOD’S POWER TO TRANSFORM,” showing all that the Spirit of God gave him in this message.

Let me see if I find this other one… (on page 32), because here he writes on the front: [WSS] «civilization, human wisdom and education is of the devil [and science]» he writes as well.

[JBP] And look at what he says here, on page 32 [“GOD’S POWER TO TRANSFORM”] [P. 24]:

164 O Lord, keep me under the Rock. Yes. In Ephesians 5:26, the only one way you can get through that Rock, that’s, “Washed by the waters of separation by the Word.” That’s right.

165 Now, don’t let this devil spray you with his education. No, no. It’ll kill the influence of you. Don’t let the devil take that, “Well, I belong to the church that my mother belonged to, that my father, my grandmother.” Don’t let the devil spray you with that. The Bible has already said, on the Seven Church Ages, and things there, it’s all gone to seed! That’s right. The whole thing is corrupt. The whole thing is a putrefied sore. Don’t let him spray you, say, “Well, it’s higher ethics. We are more educated than we used to be in old days.” Don’t you let the devil put that over on you. I’ve showed you his whole program of civilization, education and science. He’s got it right into the church, and don’t you listen to that. Keep your head out of them old dirty televisions and things!

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «devil of education».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «Program of civilization, education and science – of the devil».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It’s not that now you are going to get into taking the children out of school, because education…, brother Branham says there that; no. There is a commitment that we have to educate our children.

But remember that you, as a parent, have to help them and show them what is right and what is wrong. The children of this time and the youth, are in a very, very difficult time, very hard; but you, parents, pray to God; and see that in the Word of God there are tools to help our youth, our children, so that they understand. Because they were born in such a difficult time; but with the help of the Message, of the Word, God will help you to guide your children and that they know the biblical truth, and know that although they are in this world of sin, in this corrupt world there is that opportunity to stay away from all that, and reflect the sixth dimension; because you have to tell them that there is a promise and it is: that we are going to have a new body, an eternal and glorified body where there is no sin.

Therefore, parents have a great responsibility; and the children’s teachers also, who teach the classes; it is also an extended help for the parents, help for the children, so that they also know and are aware that that veil that Satan puts in front, with the help of the Word, of the Message, they can see and can identify when they are things that are against the perfect will of God. And that there is a reflection in which the human being is going to reflect while he is living here on this planet Earth: either it is the fifth dimension, or it is the sixth dimension; and to one of the two places the person goes.

That is why one must show them that there is only one way: and that is the way to the sixth dimension, to the presence of God, when we are transformed, at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; and that way is: to do the perfect will of God reflecting the sixth dimension.

And there are countless messages that our brother William has spoken to us about that: how to reflect the sixth dimension, and how to help our children, our youth, to show them that there is a biblical truth, as to the fact that it is not as they say now, which is: “We are in a more advanced civilization and we have to accept everything.”

Like teaching (I had it around here, but we can read it tomorrow), like already teaching in schools about the same gender. Even one bathroom for men and women. All of that is wrong.

And all that, the children of the believers in the Lord —who are chosen and the children too— should know it, they should know it, so that when they go to school, they know how to identify all that and don’t mix with all those things that are contrary to the perfect will of God. Because what we want is that we and our children are preparing for the transformation, away from all those things of the world.

He goes on to say… We stopped in the… [Bible study]:

…to then be adopted, to be transformed and from then on to be physically eternal also, and to have all the power of God manifested in us; but always keeping the divine order.

In other words, during the time when we already have the new body, each person will not do what he wants to do, but will be under the direction of God, under the order relevant to that phase of each elect; for that time we will be more obedient and we will be more within the will of God.

Any person who doesn’t understand these things, could say: “When I am transformed I will have all the power and I will do whatever I want to do.” No, there will be a direction.

And that direction will come from the Throne of Christ for the whole Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in that glorious Millennial Kingdom of Christ; because Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church is the Bride in the Millennial Kingdom; Christ is the King and the Church is the Queen.

And the Queen, the Bride, can’t do what she wants; the Bride is obedient to her Husband (as all wives must be).

Now, we can see that already as children they can know these things; and already the girls understand that when they grow up and get married, they will be obedient, they will be subject to their husbands, and they will work together with their husbands in the Work of Christ; and they will marry a person, a young man, believer in Christ.

They are not going to make an unequal yoke, as unfortunately some people have done, and that hasn’t been in the will of God; therefore, they have to abide by the different problems that come to them. And pray to God, and pray for the husband; not to leave him; but, since they got into the problem, pray for the husband so that Christ may save him, so that Christ may have mercy on him and also bless him.

Saint Paul says: “What do you know, woman, if you can save your husband?” That is, if the love and mercy of God manifested towards you, it can also reach your husband, and God have mercy on your husband as well.

It also says that it is important that they remain united to their husbands, if they married husbands who were not believers, so that the children may be holy.

Now, if the problem is very big in the marriage, you have to discuss it later with the minister. But the recommendation is that they stay married, because, Saint Paul says that the woman, if she separates or if she gets divorced, she can’t remarry; the man is still responsible for that woman. God will hold a man accountable for his wife, even if he is divorced.

So young people should know what their responsibility is when they fall in love and plan to marry.

Well, all these things are important to know so that we walk in the perfect will of God all the days of our life. In permissive there will always be problems, in permissiveness we will not be pleasing God fully, but only in part.

Well, it is very important to know these things; and you, teachers, it is very important for you to know these things.

Now, any marital situation, that corresponds to the minister to take care of; you should not be commenting with each other.

Marriage, people shouldn’t be talking to other people, but go directly to the minister, so that they can see how to solve any marriage problem.

We all want to serve Christ in the perfect will of God. So don’t keep the problems, but solve the problems; and may Christ have mercy on all of you and also on me ([JBP] and also of myself).

In order for you to have a broader picture, it is good that you get the message of Reverend William Branham: “Marriage and Divorce,” and there you will have more detailed information about marriage and the divine laws for marriage.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Because what we all desire is the new body. We all desire to have that eternal and glorified body that He promised for each and every one of us. And that is why we are in this time of preparation, in this time where God is sanctifying His people to cross over the Jordan on dry land, to cross over the Jordan on dry land to the promised land of the new body, and thus not see death.

Time parallel to the time of Joshua. This time is the parallel time to those five years that Joshua spent after Moses’ departure. We don’t know how many years, months or days, hours or minutes or seconds we have left at this stage we are at.

Remember that he placed there some question marks (up to a certain place); but there is a time, as there was in that first exodus, as there was in the second exodus and as there was in the third exodus; because it is also a time of testing: whether we are to serve God or not.

In other words, all these things, it is for our own good, it is for our own good; and already that time, from what we see, is going so fast… because God already has a Program for this final stretch, which will culminate in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision fully, where the Reverend William Branham saw the things he saw there. In other words, we are getting closer to that moment.

Let us make the most of this time. Let us correct everything that still needs to be corrected; and not keep the problems and not keep the situations, but fix them, so that we are prepared for the next thing we are going to obtain, which is: our adoption, which is very close; but we have to be prepared, we have to be ready.

And surely it will start with, some ahead while they are preparing, and then there, all that time will be helping, in some way he will be influencing that environment, and they will be fitting in, and it will be…, Because, when he said: [WMB] “watch how the resurrection moves,” he says: [WMB] “in that time of Tent.”13 See?, that there is a time where, at least 30 to 40 days, those events are going to be happening. And possibly before that, there will bethat intertwining already, because everything is always intertwined; and we don’t know how long it will (in time), before that, all those things happening.

What corresponds to us is to be prepared, to be ready, taking advantage of this glorious time.

And any problem that there may be, talk about it with the minister; as our brother William talked about it in these final words that I read to you in this study.

And now we leave this subject: “THE MYSTERY OF THE NEW BODY,” the body that we are waiting for.

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