The Age of Cornerstone, the Coming of the Lord

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The Age of Cornerstone, the Coming of the Lord

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning. Greetings to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, who is already there in Guatemala, and we desire for God to bless him greatly in these activities that he will have this coming weekend; and may we all grow in the knowledge of all that God is fulfilling in this present day, in this age: The Age of the Cornerstone, and in this dispensation: The Dispensation of the Kingdom; and also use all the ministers who will be there; and to all who will be listening to these activities: May they be of great blessing for all of us.

Today Wednesday, November 9th of this year 2022, I wish to share some portions of Scripture, which corresponds —to each one of us— to see them in the Light of this time in which we are living; because it is a time where we are in the part of adoption, the part where we are being prepared for our adoption.

So, all the things that are happening have to matter to us, because our adoption depends on all of those things. Everything that was happening there on Mount Transfiguration had to do with the adoption of Jesus. Therefore, countless events that would be happening at the end of time, that would be fulfilled prior to that adoption.

And in the book of Acts it tells us a story (which we all know), and that story tells us how in the time of the apostles many weren’t aware that it was the Spirit of God that was working in their midst.

Look, to read you some excerpts…, and to take this study as a study to meditate and to see how important this time is for our adoption, and to identify who is the one who is working in our midst, and thus hit that zero mark.

(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Friday, July 5, 1996
Bogota, Colombia

And if anything, well, Miguel and I talked. And in whatever God allows us or allows me to help you in all the work, I will also be together with Miguel arm in arm with you working in the Work of God.

And whenever Miguel invites me to accompany him on the trips and be with you, well, I will be accompanying him in… Let’s say 90 or 99% of the time, I will be accompanying Miguel on the trips he invites me, and thus I will be sharing with you what God gives me.

Remember: work in mutual agreement with Miguel, and appreciate the advice that Miguel always gives you; because if God has placed Miguel by my side, it is because he is the best that God had to place by my side in the ministry. And I thank God for Miguel, for he has been faithful in all that God has given him to carry out in His Work, and he will continue to be faithful in all the Work that lies ahead.

[JBP] In other words, every minister is called to be united, arm in arm and in mutual agreement, with brother Miguel.

So let us always work… I also, I always agree with Miguel, even for my birthday, it is not me who is preparing the birthday, but Miguel.

So God has placed at my side a person whom I can trust and for whom I thank God, and I ask Him to bless him and use him more and more each day in His Work; and use him to keep you united in divine love working in the Work of the Lord.

I don’t wish, at any time, that the time comes when this part, for example, of Ananias and Sapphira, let’s say, is fulfilled; and that the judgment begins in the House of God in that way being spoken, and that some of you will be affected and that some word will be spoken against some of you; rather I wish that there will always be words of blessings that God will place in my mouth for each of you.

Let us work united. We have always worked well by being well united.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look at what happened there, that our brother William makes reference to on that occasion. In Acts, chapter 5, it says:

1 But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession,

2 And kept back part of the price, his wife also being privy to it, and brought a certain part, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.

3 But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land?

[JBP] You see, Peter knew what Ananias had done; and yet he didn’t warn him, he didn’t tell him: “Look, what you are going to do is wrong. Look, don’t do this, don’t do that”; he didn’t tell him anything, but he knew what he was doing.

4 Whiles it remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God.

[JBP] And there he draws a Star of David.

5 And Ananias hearing these words…

[JBP] See, that is why brother William says there that all that, he says that he doesn’t desire at any time for that time to come for that part to be fulfilled, that time of judgment of Ananias and Sapphira, that he makes the reference, [WSS] “that the judgment begins with the House of God that way, like so, being spoken.”

5 And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.

([JBP] In other words, they were listening to Peter there, and that which had happened).

6 And the young men arose, wound him up, and carried him out, and buried him.

7 And it was about the space of three hours after, when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in.

8 And Peter answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so much?

[JBP] Notice how he knew, before they came to him, he already knew what they had done. And even already seeing what had happened three hours ago, that he had spoken the divine judgment upon Ananias (because that was judgment that fell on him there), he didn’t warn Sapphira (his wife), he didn’t say anything to her, “Look, you are coming with this, and your husband just died because he lied to me. Don’t do this. Look, go, fix it…; or go, get the other part and bring it to me; don’t do that thing you are going to do, lest the same thing happen to you as your husband, as Ananias.” He didn’t say anything to her; he went along with it.

8 And Peter answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so much? And she said, Yea, for so much.

9 Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? 

[JBP] See, who was it that they were lying to there? It was the Spirit of the Lord.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Doesn’t it say that in First Peter? Look at what it says there in First Peter, chapter 1, verse 10:

10 Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you:

11 Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.

[JBP] And notice there, what was in them? He says:

11 …the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify…

[JBP] In other words, it was the Spirit of Christ that was there in Peter. And there they tempted the Spirit of the Lord.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It says [Acts 5]:

9 …behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out.

[JBP] Notice, he also spoke the Word of judgment there.

10 Then fell she down straightway at his feet, and yielded up the ghost: and the young men came in, and found her dead, and, carrying her forth, buried her by her husband.

11 And great fear came upon all the church, and upon as many as heard these things.

[JBP] And there he also drew a Star of David.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And notice that they (as far as we can see) didn’t realize that the Spirit of Christ was working there in those days, even though they were very close to them. As for example, in the case of Elisha there with Gehazi… Look, in Second Kings, chapter 5, verse 20, it says:

20 But Gehazi, the servant of Elisha the man of God, said, Behold, my master hath spared Naaman this Syrian, in not receiving at his hands that which he brought: but, as the Lord liveth, I will run after him, and take somewhat of him.

21 So Gehazi followed after Naaman. And when Naaman saw him running after him, he lighted down from the chariot to meet him, and said, Is all well?

22 And he said, All is well. My master hath sent me, saying, Behold, even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men of the sons of the prophets: give them, I pray thee, a talent of silver, and two changes of garments.

23 And Naaman said, Be content, take two talents. And he urged him, and bound two talents of silver in two bags, with two changes of garments, and laid them upon two of his servants; and they bare them before him.

24 And when he came to the tower, he took them from their hand, and bestowed them in the house: and he let the men go, and they departed.

25 But he went in, and stood before his master.

[JBP] See, the same thing happened. Ananias and Sapphira stood before Peter there, that is, before the Spirit of the Lord. And here they were before the Spirit of the Lord who was also there in Elisha.

25 But he went in, and stood before his master. And Elisha said unto him, Whence comest thou, Gehazi? And he said, Thy servant went no whither.

26 And he said unto him, Went not mine heart with thee…?

[JBP] See, there Elisha also knew, he was aware of what Gehazi had done, and he didn’t tell him: “Look, what you did was wrong, you shouldn’t have done that”; rather he went along with it; rather he asked him a question so he could answer him himself, and he lied to him.

That is why we have to be very careful to whom we are talking to in this end time, because it is always a simple way, and you might think: “Oh, if that is So-and-so, I can tell him that…, I’m used to talking to him like that, and he always believes what I tell him. And the other one and the other one.” “Or to brother Miguel, I always tell him such and such, and he always believes.”

Be very careful with this time, and to whom you are telling and thinking that you are going to do well by lying to him, because the Spirit of God is in the people, among the people.

And as leaders were placed there at that time, as for example Peter, in whom was the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Christ; also at this time things must be spoken clearly, because we have this great character of God —that God has placed in our midst, together with the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ: William Soto Santiago—, this great apostle of the Lord: our brother Miguel Bermudez Marin, which perhaps some…, many have understood well (because it is like this, many; all of us have understood that great position); but others have taken it very lightly; and they haven’t realized, perhaps, they haven’t realized that the Spirit of the Lord is in the midst of His people; and they think or continue as they have been doing all these years: with lies and things; and there will come a time when there will be no more opportunity. And how he said: [WSS] “I will no longer be able to put my hand in for you.”1

And many perhaps are used to lying to brother Miguel, and that is very, very delicate. The same to the ministers: some minister that somebody does or say things…; or some brethren, because we are not to be lying to each other; that is one of the things that is not right.

And that, the things that have happened to these people who have lied, it hasn’t been good. He says:

25 But he went in, and stood before his master. And Elisha said unto him, Whence comest thou, Gehazi? And he said, Thy servant went no whither.

26 And he said unto him, Went not mine heart with thee, when the man turned again from his chariot to meet thee? Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants?

27 The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.

[JBP] You see, it is very important that we know these things, because there is going to come a time when this will be in full fulfillment; because that stage is entering; and we could no longer say there is an opportunity to fix it, but it would already be the divine judgment that would fall. And we have to speak it (these things) so that you are aware of all these biblical truths that were in that past time fulfilled, and they were showing what God would be doing in this end time as well.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “TAKING SIDES WITH JESUS,”2 on page 51, look at what it tells us here:

249 Like, “That blind boy,” said, “this was done that the works of God might be made manifest.” See? See? He knowed what was going to take place. Sure, He did. All right.

250 Now, the predestinated, when they seen His Scriptural signs, knowed that the Word vindicated the works, or the works vindicated the Word, that the Word was right. They were predestinated to see It, and they were right in line to see It, and they got It.

Then they said… After they seen they couldn’t get nowhere.

251 Because the people was predestinated to Eternal Life, they was going to find It. That’s all. “All the Father has given Me will come to Me. And all that comes to Me, I’ll give Eternal Life and raise him up at the last day. There’ll not be one of them lost.” Amen. I’m holding right to that.

“Not by works, not by deeds, not by power, not by might; by My Spirit, saith God.” Not what I done, what I am, or what I will be; but what He is. And I am in Him. And whatever He is, I’m part of Him. Amen. I’m saved because I’m part of Him. And, He, He is God. And I’m part of Him, being His son ([JBP] and he draws a Star of David). That’s right. So ain’t what I done, what I will do. It’s what He has done. That’s my trust, right there. All right.

252 So they seen they couldn’t get nowhere. I’ll skip a few of these Scriptures here. They seen they couldn’t get anywhere, with Him.

So, you know, the next thing they had to do, to try to get Him off the field, they went and said to His brethren and His mother, “You know ([JBP] he is talking about Jesus), He is awfully tired. You should take Him off to one side, for a while.” That bunch of hypocrites! They just didn’t, the thing, it was, they just didn’t want to get, the thing they didn’t want to do… They wanted to get rid of Him. It wasn’t that they thought He was so tired. They’d like for Him to work Himself to death.

[JBP] Look in this same message, a little bit before…, he is talking there… on page 41, he says [P. 35]:

188 They want to say, “The days of miracles are passed,” and—and so forth. Let them go ahead and say it. But let us do the service for the Lord.

They hated Him because they were jealous of Him. That’s the only reason. They were jealous.

They were trying to destroy His influence before the people, the same as they’re doing now. They, if they can just in-…destroy the influence of the Message before the people, then they’ve got the thing whipped. That’s right. Because, why did they try to do it? Because He was against all their creeds and all their church doctrines, and everything that they believed in, and called all their—all their faiths and so forth. He was against it all. And they hated Him because He didn’t barge in with them.

[JBP] And that is what he is talking about here later on, this series of events that occurred under Jesus’ ministry. It says, he goes on to say (page 52) [P. 43]:

[252] But every time He went out, the miracles started pouring, the Word of God went forth. I, wouldn’t I like to hear Him stand up there that day, on the sea coast, when He called Simon Peter, and said, “Follow Me!” Would I liked to got on a chunk and set down there, left my nets, and left my fishing pole, Brother Crase, and set down there, lean back against a chunk and listen to Him preach when He got in that boat! Oh, my, my! Would I loved to have heard Him when He said that, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and heavy laden. I’ll give you rest.” Amen. I’d like to heard Him say it.

253 They tried to get His mother and them to take Him off the field. They said, “Well, you know, He’s—He’s overworked. I believe you better get Him off that way.” Any way, thing, to get rid of Him, that’s all they wanted. Yes, sir.

254 Again, the many that went with Him, just to find a place to trap Him. Did you know that? [The brethren say, “Amen.”—Ed.] People followed right along with Him, just to find a place. They give Him, one day, a penny. And they said, “Rabbi…” Before they give Him the penny, said, “Rabbi, we’re Jews. We know You’re a great Man of God.” Oh, that hypocrite! See? Yeah. “We know You’re a great Man of God. Yes, Sir, Rabbi.” They was walking right along with Him.

[JBP] See, although they were walking with Him, they were a bunch of hypocrites: They didn’t really know who He was. He says:

[254] They was walking right along with Him. “Oh, good morning, Brother! Oh, we’re so happy You’re over here in our country! Oh, we’re so glad to see You! We are really for You, teeth and toe nail, Brother. If You’re going to have a revival, we even might cooperate with You.”

[JBP] Look, this is exactly what we see in our days.

[254] See? What they’re trying to do is set a trap for Him. See?

255 They said, “Now, we know that Thou art a great Man of God. You don’t fear favor of no man. You fear nothing but God. And we know that You are bold. Oh, You’re fearless with Your Message! We know You’re a great Prophet, ’cause no man could do like that and be fearless with His Message in a days like this, unless He was a Prophet of God, knows where He is standing. So, we know You don’t respect person, no man. Rabbi, You’re a great Man. We’re Jews. We’re right with You, Brother. We sure are.

256 “Now, Rabbi ([JBP] See? After they do it, brownnose3 him, as we say, now they come), is it right to pay tribute to Caesar?” Oh, that bunch of hypocrites! Huh!

Wait. The Holy Spirit was with Him. He was the Holy Spirit. See?

[JBP] See, the same thing that happened at the time of Peter. What was there? The Spirit of Christ. It was the Holy Spirit that was there, at that time of the apostles.

[256] He said, “You got a penny?”

Say, “Oh, yes, yes. Yeah. I got a penny, yeah, I do.”

Said, “Hand it to Me.” Said, “Whose inscription is on that?”

Said, “Caesar.”

Said, “Then give Caesar what’s Caesar’s; God’s what is God’s.”

257 Setting a trap for Him, professing to be His friends. Seemed like no one could understand Him. They would travel with Him a little while, then get disgusted with Him, and leave. They would say, “Oh, well, we thought, we thought surely…” Even the disciples said, “We thought surely this was He that was going to…” Till, even John sent out, asked Him, “Are You He, or do we look for another?” See? Oh, what a life He must have lived, see, and knowing that!

[JBP] See how he was already being pointed at for the life He might have had before, before He began that ministry.

[257] …and knowing that! But He had one purpose, one purpose: do the work of God. Many went with Him, just to find a place to trap Him.

258 Now, I hope it’s not sacrilegious if I say it’s the same today. Many come in and follow the meeting, just to find a place, see you pray for somebody.

259 Here, not long ago, a certain sister that goes to this church, was at another church where God was making everything happen. And this sister said to the other sister, said, “You know, that man that could pray for the sick,” said, “must have a—a—a very victorious life.” And said, “He must just be able, his family, everything, be healed at a [Brother Branham snaps his finger—Ed.] spoken word, like that.”

And the other lady happened to be from Jeffersonville. And I’m sure that nobody has to know, but what Jesus said, “Among your own people,” you know, “your country.” That’s right. That’s the reason I… It may be that right now, coming close, it may be a change of time, you see.

And he said—he said, “You know what?” Said, “Not one of his kids can have a sniffle, ’less he takes it to a doctor ([JBP] she was saying something to someone who was from Jeffersonville, that is, from brother Branham’s congregation).” A poor, degraded, deluded thing like that, see, see, a woman that just wanted to throw off.

[JBP] In other words, saying that with all those revivals and all that that brother Branham had in his ministry, which was a victorious ministry in everything, and that when he spoke and did all those campaigns of divine healing and all that, and people would be healed, she said: “Well, if that is so, well, when his children get sick or some family member, surely he speaks the Word and they are healed.”

And then she comes and she speaks to discredit, and then she says: [WMB] “See that if there is one of the kids, he comes and has a sniffle, he quickly goes and takes him to the doctor,” discrediting that ministry. He says:

[259] …see, a woman that just wanted to throw off. Said, “When his children get sick, he takes them to a doctor.”

260 Anybody that’s sensible will do the same thing. Yeah. People can’t understand that medicine is sent of God. Why, brethren, if it’s not, it’s of the devil. Sure, it is. God is where medicine won’t reach. Certainly. Medicine is of God. “Well,” you say, “I know a lot of doctors just…” Oh, yes, and I know a lot of preachers is the same way, too. It’s not the man that’s handling it, it’s what it is. I know a many men is handling the Word of God, don’t believe in Divine healing, don’t even believe in God. Right. But they handle It, just the same. There’s many of men out there with medicine, and surgery, and stuff, that denies God and everything else, but there’s a many one that believes Him too. So if it helps people, it’s of God. I don’t have to…I don’t have to take that car and ride home tonight. I can walk if I want to. But God made me a car, so I thank God for it. All these things come from God, but use them sensibly. Don’t go insane with them. See?

261 The same thing, so, that, that’s it, you see. Just trying to find something, to this young convert, to blight their name, the name of—of the works of God. See? They wanted to blight it. “Every time a child gets sick, one of his children, he takes them to a doctor.”

Sure, I would. Then if the doctor can’t…I’ll ask God to help before I go there. Then if the doctor can do nothing about it, then I’ll take him up a little higher. Uh-huh. That’s right. Yes, sir. Oh, just the same today, they’re trying to find a trap somewhere.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look where it is going to be placed (let’s pause here, because look at something here), where is it that there is going to be that complete healing; because where we are… In other words, on this planet Earth (if we put it physically), on this planet Earth we have no future as we are; we need to leave here and go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, to the seventh dimension, in other words, a higher place.

But to get to that place, the Church has to believe, she has to find her position, that is, she has to position herself in the place to obtain that complete healing: to obtain that eternal and glorified body, that is, to obtain that means of transportation to go to the seventh dimension.

On page 37, paragraph 311 of the book of Quotations,4 it says:

311 – “34 Now, notice, then the Coming of the Lord Jesus is so close at hand until the Spirit from way down in here…just barely justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Spirit, and now right into the time of the coming of the Headstone. The Church has got to be so perfectly like Christ until Christ and the Church can unite together, the same Spirit. And if the Spirit of Christ is in you, It makes you live the life of Christ.”

[JBP] Look, whose Spirit is in you? The Spirit of Christ. That is why we have to take care and respect one another, because it is the Spirit of the Lord that is in the midst of His people.

311 – “[34] …It makes you live the life of Christ, act the life of Christ, do the works of Christ. “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also.” Jesus said that. See? Now we’re going to have, we got a ministry coming that’s just exactly like the life of Christ. What does that ministry identify? The Coming of the Lord. […]

[36] Look at the Lutheran church under justification ([JBP] he writes above): [WSS] «The Age of Cornerstone, the Coming of the Lord», coming just so freshly from Catholicism, look at it moving. Then look at Wesley coming a little closer, into sanctification, weaving into the Scriptures. Look at right in between, the Wesley. Then the next thing come in was the Pentecostal age. And the Pentecostal age with the restoration of the gifts, the spiritual gifts. Now, look at the age coming now right up to the Headstone. See what I mean? The Coming of the Lord, the made known. God and all creations is waiting for the church to positionally find its place.”

[JBP] And he writes there, on the side: [WSS] «Cornerstone», and a drawing of the Stone with an arrow towards the Cornerstone; that is, it is “the age that is coming,” the one on top.

And there in that age that we are in is where we are going to obtain that healing of our bodies, which will happen in these last days.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And he goes on to say here, in “TAKING SIDES WITH JESUS” [P. 45]:

262 He knew them, but notice, He never rebuked them. He went right with them. Uh-huh. He does the same thing now. He goes right along with them, shows them His mercy, that’s right, though they do altogether against Him.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He knew everything they had in their minds. Because, for example, look (let’s stop here again), look at the book of Luke… or Matthew. Let’s go to Matthew, look at what Matthew says, chapter 3, verse… this is John the Baptist speaking, the forerunner of the First Coming of the Lord, look how in his days he also knew what they were thinking, because… Verse 8 of chapter 3 of Matthew, it says:

8 Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:

9 And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones ([JBP] and he writes there): [WSS] «of the sinners» to raise up children unto Abraham.

[JBP] You see, they were thinking that they had Abraham as their father and they had everything of Abraham, and they didn’t want to receive John at that time either; even though they had the Message and all those Scriptures of Abraham, Moses and all the prophets, that was of no use to them.

There is a part that we have read on other occasions, let’s see here… there are two portions, let’s read these two portions, since they go with that part there, that they… There is another part also where He told them… or it was Abraham, when the rich young man told him to go to his brothers so they would not go through what he was going through, and Abraham said to him: “They have Moses and the prophets,”5 something like that.

In other words, they were (let’s say) as if they were very sure, that since they had the Message of Moses and Abraham and everything, they didn’t have to receive the Message of the forerunner of the First Coming of the Lord, and the Message of the one forerun of the First Coming: of Jesus. They were very comfortable and very calm with all that.

(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, October 28, 2000
Lima, Peru

Now, we have seen that when people are organized, they make their denominations, that branch dried up, and its end is to be cut off. It is a branch, then it becomes a denominational branch; it is not connected to Christ. And Christ says, “Without me you can do nothing.”

But they can show that they are doing many things, but they don’t belong to the Mystical Body of Christ, they don’t belong to that pure Bride of Jesus Christ. Therefore, they can do many things, but they are not producing the fruit of sons and daughters of God for the age in which they are living.

Because the fruit comes through these branches that the Tree produces; not branches that human beings produce, not branches that human wisdom produces, not religious sects or denominations or religious organizations, but through each branch born from the trunk, which is Christ.

And it only has these branches: first age, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and then the eighth, the Age of the Cornerstone, which is an eternal age; the others had their time and gave their fruit, and now the only one that remains is the Age of the Cornerstone.

All fruit that comes in this end time, for people who will be alive, will have to be through that branch. This is the branch that produces sons and daughters of God in the end time. Therefore, don’t try to affect that branch with human ideas, interpretations; because whoever does so will have problems before Christ; and I will not be able to help you.

[JBP] And there, that is one of the many times that he tells us that there was going to come a time when he wasn’t going to be able to help you, if you inject ideas or try…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look here, let’s read this other one (which we have also read before)6, where he tells us about certain things that were corrected.

(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, July 5, 1997
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Well, now, notice how this mystery of the New Name would be revealed in the Last Day, in the Age of the Cornerstone, in the opening of a new dispensation; and it was said in 1974 that that name would be revealed in the Angel of the Age of the Cornerstone.

All that was said back in that time, and countless things were said; and whatever was said at that time, that wasn’t correct, is removed in the publication of that message. I said to Miguel…, we check it [that message] and I said to Miguel: “Don’t place this or this either, because now there is more Light on this and on this; therefore, that shouldn’t be placed there”; because for that time it wasn’t known who was the Angel Messenger of the Age of the Cornerstone and of the Dispensation of the Kingdom; that came later on.

Therefore, that message when it was published was updated in the Light of all that God had already given when that message was published.

And anyone who takes that message (whether on tape or transcribed) and uses it as it was given, and uses things that were not yet clear, and uses them to mislead the people, will be responsible before God; and I will not be able to tell him anything else but that his name will be removed from the section of the Book of Life; because he can’t be in the section of the Lamb’s Book of Life if the person insists on being against setting things right and working in union with the other ministers. Therefore, his name will be removed from that section of the Book of Life, because he will be using a message or he will be using a few messages to lead the people astray.

[JBP] And that… he is going to be held accountable for all those people that that minister, or those ministers, have done to mislead the people. They have already been told that they can’t do that, and they are still doing it. But that person, already with what he tells us there, that person is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life; because a person that is written there doesn’t do that.

That is why people have to be careful. When the time of the adoption is getting closer, many are already realizing that they are people who belong to the group of the sleeping virgins, they are virgins; but that section is very delicate, because their name can be erased: they have to walk very straight, more straight, let’s say, they have to be more careful.

We all have to be very careful; but they, because their name can be erased, have to be more careful.

And many are already realizing which group they belong to. Let them look at themselves and see the works they are doing; and see in which position and what those were doing at the time of the First Coming of the Lord, and what those who were against the First Coming of the Lord were doing, and what those who were in favor were doing.

In other words, when you identify yourself in the Bible, and see that the same thing you are doing now was done there by a group of people or a group of people who joined together to fight against the Divine Program, and you are doing the same thing: well, you already know that you belong to that group.

Everything is simple, everything is clear, and now even more. Each person is going to be identified —he himself— in which group he belongs, by his works; and those who also join those people, also automatically identify themselves with that group; because, even if they don’t say anything, also, as they say: guilty is the one who orders to kill as well as the one who kills.

In other words, all those who identify themselves, you see how the groups are gathering, and they are already forming which group they belong to; and all this is the same person who does it.

That is produced by the Word that is being spoken, and when they identify themselves with that Word: many identify themselves as those who are being prepared for the adoption; and others, when they hear that Word, they don’t like what is being spoken, they don’t believe it, and then with the same Word, they then place themselves in the position of those who placed themselves in ancient times against the Divine Program. It is by their works: “By their works ye shall know them.”

He goes on to say [“WORDS OF GREETING” (MM)]:

[WSS] So, see that whatever has been spoken, which is not completely correct, will be corrected as we go forward in the Divine Program; but that is to be corrected by the messenger through a message that he preaches: then it is corrected.

[JBP] And so many things that he spoke at that time have been corrected. And at the end of time, already at the end of his ministry, notice that the messenger spoke a lot of things to us, certain things; even the Name, and he corrected us himself; but it wasn’t in the way that many expected, and there came the stumbling block.

It is not in the way you want it to be fulfilled or to be spoken all that God – every Word that God is going to speak to the people, in the way you ask or want. It is in the way that God has already predestined since before the foundation of the world.

And all that he spoke to us: as those changes of dispensation, when they happened from the first dispensation to the second, from the second to the third, from the third to the fourth, from the fourth to the fifth, from the fifth to the sixth, from the sixth to the seventh… There when he spoke to us of all that, of that dispensational interlace being here with us, but not being preached on a pulpit, see how that which he says there, that [WSS] “would be preached in a message by the messenger,” see how it is fulfilled in a way that nobody expected it.

Everything he spoke there… For example, when he said that baptisms were going to be stopped, and it was said that baptisms were going to be taken away, notice how everybody stopped doing baptisms; there they believed it: “We are going to stop doing baptisms, yes.” They believed God’s way and form for that to be finished.

We eliminated the Holy Supper: “That too, we are going to believe that, because that was the messenger”; but they are not seeing the way God was doing it: it was through the mouth of a messenger, it was the Sword being passed to another.

Now, when the Name was also spoken of: “Oh no, wait (some said) no, no, that can’t be”; but then for some things they did believed the way provided by God, and for other things they didn’t.

See, he who is an unbeliever is still an unbeliever, no matter the way God shows him to believe in what God is fulfilling at that time. But the child of God, he who is of God, hears the Voice of God; and the mouth of God are always His prophets.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look here another part, another place, where it says that… Let’s see here if I find here (not to read all this)…:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Friday, July 3, 1998
Fusagasuga, Colombia

It is good that what we have spoken today, since it has a lot of things, Miguel, it is good to keep it, because there we touch on things that if they run could bring a squeeze before time; and we want to have already gathered all the chosen ones, before the squeeze comes to us. And we don’t want a confrontation before the time.

I rather want to be transformed, and I believe that none of you would like a confrontation or a persecution or a squeeze, being in the mortal, corruptible and temporary body; although it may be possible that being still in the mortal, corruptible and temporary body the squeeze comes, and there in those days comes the resurrection and the transformation.

But we are going to continue working and to carry out the work that gives us the green light, after that work is finished, the green light for our adoption. Without that work there is no adoption; and beware of that temptation that is pointed out there, both here and in all countries.

Well, Miguel can speak to you. I will always leave Miguel. As what we talk about here is recorded, and what Miguel, almost never is recorded, because Miguel can take care of the ministers: of talking and advising them in these aspects; so that they beware of the mark of the beast, of the image of the beast, beware of the temptation that comes and all those things, and take care of their congregations so that their congregations can enter, all of their congregations, in the adoption.

[JBP] Look at the responsibility that the ministers have with their congregations, everything that it covers; from showing them messages (what we read a little while ago, a few minutes ago), of all those things that we had to correct with our brother Miguel, and…, because later on more Light was given; as well as all that is going to come from that mark of the beast, which, the people of God have to be well aware, well prepared. And notice, if you give them a food that doesn’t have the Vitamins, and doesn’t have all that knowledge so they don’t get that mark of the beast: they can take the risk of getting the mark of the beast, all that group; and the guilty one of that is the pastor, is the minister.

That is why everything has to be with the Message relevant to the time in which we are living, and to place that Message in the way he already spoke to us there: that if there was something that needed to be corrected, it would be corrected.

And already in this time everything is being spoken as it has to be spoken, all the elements are being placed so that the son of God is ready for his adoption; because that was what the ministries of Moses and Elijah were speaking there to Jesus on Mount Transfiguration.

And what was the result of what they were doing with Jesus, of all that they were speaking to Jesus, what was the result? The adoption of Jesus. And that will be the result for the children of God in this end time who would be listening to the ministries of Moses and Elijah speaking to every son and daughter of God about going to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. All that would be taught in that ministry under the Tent, of Teaching; which that new ministry would be being manifested, a Third Pull ministry.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look, notice page 35 of the book of Quotations,7 it tells us something there… Let’s read it also this excerpt here, paragraph 291 and 292, it says:

291 – “188 Now I’m wanting to see that happen. It’s going to be the attitude of the people towards the Message. See how she said it? She said just the right thing. It’s what you say, that does it.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «3rd Pull = speak».

And he also draws a Star of David there next to it.

And he also writes: [WSS] «the right thing = say it».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on the 292 of the book of Quotations8 (from the page 35), says:

292 – “[211] The other morning up there, when I was sick with that throat condition, I seen Jesus standing before me, and He told me that the ministry is already confirmed to me.

212 Now what is to take place, I don’t know. But, one thing, I have to lay aside the other, to step out on this.”

[JBP] And below it says (on this same paragraph):

292 – “214 I don’t know what He’s going to tell me along the line. I’m going to try to feel for that super anointing. I don’t know what will take place.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «He saw Jesus. The new ministry. 3rd Pull».

See that it is in the Third Pull, under this new ministry, in which the sons and daughters of God will be prepared for adoption, for our transformation.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say there [“GIVING AN ACCOUNT FOR OUR BRETHREN”]:

[WSS] Remember that whoever enters into that temptation and falls into that temptation and joins with all those things, then there is no adoption for that person; and… because that is death. And if they don’t flee, the people who are in that congregation, and they go to another congregation, also already hinder them, hinder them for adoption. So…

Let’s leave Miguel here.

Miguel will talk with you calmly in these days and in the days to come; and Miguel and I will also be talking, but without recording, to help you all; not only you here, but in all the other nations; because we want everyone to enter.

My desire is that everyone enters. I don’t want anyone to miss the blessing of the adoption. I love you all, no matter what problems you have had in life; I love you all, and I love all the brethren in your congregations: those who are here and those new ones who are also coming; and I want all of you to be adopted.

[JBP] See, for that is the desire of God: that none should perish, that all should come to repentance.9 But remember we are already in a new dispensation, we are already fully in the Dispensation of the Kingdom and Age of the Cornerstone; therefore, things there are moving as it was in the days of the apostles; they are apostolic days again (we have read it before)10, which brother William writes: [WSS] «Apostolic days being repeated», something like that; because they are the days where the Spirit of Christ is in the midst of His Church; in the midst of His Church, in the midst of the ministries of Moses and Elijah working in the midst of the Church, which are the days again of Ananias and Sapphira.

And these are days that although one knows many things that will be happening to certain people, one has to keep quiet; because that fear that entered there on that occasion in the Church, when Ananias and Sapphira happened: that a great fear came to all those who were hearing that, all those who heard that; I wish and ask God that that fear also enters (if it hasn’t entered yet), that that fear enters the Church.

Because a series of things will be happening in the midst of the Church, so that those who don’t walk straight: walk straighter; for them to realize that it is the Spirit of Christ that is in the midst of the Church, those who think that He is not, those who think they are alone and that they can only just flow, or that they can only be guided with the Message, that they alone can take the Message and that is enough; and they haven’t realized that the Spirit of Christ is in the midst of the Church working, and everything is being fulfilled to a T.

So when certain things start to happen, remember this greeting that I am giving you today, remember that I have told you and that I told you: that this was going to be happening.

And as our brother Miguel once said: “Now anyone would say that Benjie starts talking so…” For example, he used to give the example that the only place of spiritual food was the Tent, that was where he was – brother Branham saw that Bread of Life behind the curtains. But that is a biblical truth, and we are saying what it is!

That is why it is not that one is trying to become great; it is because God is the one who is doing everything and is fulfilling everything, and the great one is Him.

He is the one who is materializing, fulfilling, everything that He already spoke through the forerunner of the Second Coming of the Lord; and He also spoke to us through that powerful Archangel who was in the midst of the Church-Bride, in the midst of the spiritual Mary, in the midst of each one of us, bringing us that glorious Message; that Message which is the one that contains everything we need to be transformed.

But that Message has something there that is not written; and that is what is being spoken now at this time: messages of brother Branham, messages of the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ; and everything is being brought now to the Teaching under the Tent, in this simple way that God had already ordained since before the foundation of the world; and that is what will produce the adoption, the transformation.

Apart from that, no person… who doesn’t listen, who doesn’t receive all this Teaching: None will be able to be adopted. And it is better to speak it clearly so that later they don’t say: “They didn’t say anything to me.” I have been telling you for some time now.

So all those days are going to come.

And you see, there will come a time when there will no longer be that space of time we have now, to take advantage of all this Teaching.

How many things we have learned in such a short time; things we hadn’t seen. And one reads them now, and one says: “No wonder! Look how… Look at what this Scripture means! Look here!, look there!” And there is so much Bread, so much Food, that one doesn’t finish speaking an… reading an excerpt with a writing, when another one appears with another writing. And so much Manna that God is giving us!

See how God in this time, where it appeared that we were alone, that we had no more Food, that we were or were going to be hungry; it was when God had the Bread of Life, that hidden Manna; it is when there is more Food in abundance.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Let’s turn (now to finish here)… In the message “TAKING SIDES WITH JESUS.” On page 54, where we stopped, it says [P. 45]:

262 He knew them…

I already read that part there… Let’s read it again:

262 He knew them, but notice, He never rebuked them. He went right with them. Uh-huh. He does the same thing now. He goes right along with them, shows them His mercy, that’s right, though they do altogether against Him. Why? Because He loves them.

[JBP] That is why he said in a message in seventy something, that he said that one would be very sad to have known them; because they are with you, together for years, and many of them we have known since they were born, and one has always (let’s say) known them; and then that they are going to cross the line and get lost…, he says: [WSS] “It would have been better not to have known them”11; because one loves them, and one doesn’t want anyone to be lost; and one seeing them in that entanglement they have, and in that hatred, and in that way of thinking, and in all those things they scheme: this, that…

And one sees all that, and one knows that the end of that kind of people is the same thing that happened there to that servant of Elisha, and also to… in the days of the apostles… Although there is a message that brother William says that [WSS] “we don’t know what happened to Ananias and Sapphira, but that is already something… God with them.”12

We don’t know if they will be lost, or we don’t know if they don’t have that opportunity of resurrection at this time, in the first resurrection, and that they will be resurrected after the Millennium; because a person that is a bother in the Divine Program and that brings some problem to the Work, and that God takes him away, don’t think that that person will be with us again in the first resurrection; that person will come after the Millennium.

We don’t want the troublesome ones in the Millennium, they will be there after the Millennium. It is there after the Millennium that they will be resurrected, because they can’t be resurrected before the great tribulation, which is when the dead will hear the Voice of the Son of God and will rise.13 They can’t be resurrected in that resurrection, and for something very simple that we all know: Remember that there is going to be a judgment before.

It is impossible that if he leaves here, and God takes him away so that he doesn’t get lost (let’s say), and so that he doesn’t hinder the Work of God; and God takes him away; it can’t be that that person will come out of the judgment well. He will return after the Millennium.

Not so with those that God is already calling and gathering since before the foundation of the world: The names that have to be there in the sixth dimension. Those types of people, in other words, those brothers and sisters, those people will resurrect, they will be with us again, because they will be witnesses of the resurrection. They can’t all stay, because afterwards, how are we going to know that the resurrection took place; some of them have to go beforehand to fulfill that purpose. That is already predestined by God.

But someone that God takes away because he is hindering the Divine Program and because he is doing something that is not in line with the Work of God, and so that then he doesn’t continue (let’s say) to obtain judgment; and rather God then takes him away, and He already determines the future of that person; but one thing we are very sure of: he will not be resurrected in the first resurrection. They will already be in the second, which is after the Millennium.

In these days we can talk about all this in a little more depth, since there are some excerpts and some quotes where we can talk more about this: about the people who are composed of those who will be resurrected, and about the people who leave here who will not be resurrected in that resurrection, but are those who will not come out well in that judgment and will remain until after the Millennium.

He goes on to say [“TAKING SIDES WITH JESUS”] [P. 45]:

[262] Because He loves them. And He went with them.

But they’re always ready to call on Him in a case of emergency. They want Him then ([JBP] See? In other words, if there is a case of emergency, then, yes). They want… They’ll make fun of somebody, of shouting. They’ll make fun of somebody preaching Divine healing, say they don’t believe in it. They just haven’t got sick enough yet. I’ve heard a many one.

263 A woman, dying, just as I run up the steps, when I was preaching right here. And the man standing right there at the door, calling to me. She had walked by. She lived up the street here, and had a cow out there. And she said, “If my cow got that kind of religion that Billy’s got, I would kill the cow.” In less than an hour from then, she was stricken and taken to the hospital, a beautiful young woman.

And I rushed out there. Her husband was Catholic. And they sent for me. “She is dying. And she went…Her eyes went to swelling out. She said, ‘Call him. Call him. Call him. Call him. Quickly. Quickly.’”

264 And her brother run up and stood there at the door, and waited and waited, and he kept motioning for me. And the place was packed full of people ([JBP] in other words, they were giving signs to brother Branham in that activity, so that he would go; in other words, the brother of that young lady was giving a sign to brother Branham. It says: [WMB] “The place packed full of people.” The activity, where they were having the activity). And after while, somebody come around and put a note on—on the desk here. It said—said, “Someone is dying in a hospital.”

And I believe, Brother Graham Snelling, I said, “Take my place till I go.” And he would just stand up and lead singing. He wasn’t even called, and to—to preach, at that time. He come up to lead singing.

[JBP] You see, the song directors are always placed to lead the hymns, not to preach; that is not the business of the song director. The song director is to lead the singing.

He in a… here it is, in 118, he had it marked, this part here where he (brother Branham) said, paragraph 1049 [Quotations]14:

1049 – “[186] And have a song leader, no matter who it is. And don’t let them stand up and say, or carry on like they’re a preacher, see. Let them stand up there and lead songs, that’s their business. 187 It’s the pastor’s business to preach. […] [189] …let your last song here, let your last song, see, be the pastor’s call.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the devotional leader, do not preach».


[264] And I went out and got in my car, and rushed out there. And just as I go up the steps, she drawed her last breath. And, of course, the bowels and kidneys, everything, act. And I run in there, and they done covered her face up, and steam coming up around like that ([JBP] that is, the bad odor). And that old nurse standing there, she said, “Brother Branham, she screamed her last breath for you.” Trying to make it right, but it was too late then, you see. Yeah. Too…You can sin one time too many, you know.

265 And she kind of had…deep in her face. She had auburn hair; a real pretty woman. And her—her bobbed hair was all bushed out. Great big brown eyes had pushed out, and just half closed. And the freckles on her face had got in such a way, such strain, till they just stood on out like little bumps all over her face, and her mouth was open. And I walked over there and looked at her.

And there her husband stood there, and said, “Billy, here is what it was.” Said, “I am Catholic. I want you to say a prayer for her, ’cause she’s gone to purgatory.”

I said, “What?”

266 Said, “Say a prayer for her.” Said, “She’s gone to purgatory. She passed by your church about two hours ago, and said, ‘If our cow ever got your kind of religion, she would kill the cow.’” See? Said, “Say a prayer for her.”

267 I said, “That’s too late. She should have purged her soul here, not till she gets somewhere else.” See? That’s right. Oh, yes.

But we always want Him in the time of distress. People, I’ve heard them say, “I don’t believe in God.” Let him hurt himself right bad, once, see the first One he’ll call on.

268 Even His disciples, one time when they were in a storm. Though, when they saw Him, they were a little bit afraid of Him. They didn’t know just exactly what It was. They said, “It’s a spirit.” And they cried out ([JBP] and he draws a Star of David). But, yet, all hopes for being saved was gone, so they invited Him in. Yeah. There, always, whether you’re a little suspicious or not. When all hopes is gone, you like to invite Him in. Yeah. They took Him in, because they had a need of Him. That’s right ([JBP] and he also draws a Star of David).

269 You know, I’ve often wondered, sometime, maybe that’s why the storms come on. Did you ever think of that? He set up there and watched them till they had need of Him, and then He come on the scene. So, we can see our need of Him now. We see that the storm is coming, brother. Let’s take sides with Him tonight. Take sides with His Word.

I—I—I quit here.

270 Let’s take sides with Him. Let’s us, you and I, brethren, join up with Him, tonight. The storm is coming. And don’t wait till the little boat is sunk. Let’s take Him into our little bark now.

You might look off and say, “I can’t understand all these things, Brother Branham.”

271 See if we say anything but what’s in the Word. See if there’s anything there but what He promised to do. It might look a little spooky to you, sometime. You think, “Oh, my. I can’t understand That.” But there’ll be a day when this life of yours is leaving. It—it won’t look so bad to you then. When you know, yourself, you got to turn back to the God that created you, you’ll want to take Him in then. Let’s take Him in now, before the storm gets any worse than what it is.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look here, just to finish this little talk, where he tells us in the message “THE SEVENTIETH WEEK OF DANIEL,” on… page 19 of the message “THE SEVENTIETH WEEK OF DANIEL,”15 in paragraph 80, he says:

80 He said, “I understood by books that Jeremiah, my brother, many, many years ago, prophesied that Israel would stay down here seventy years. And that time is about fulfilled.” And he made hisself ready. And he called a fast, and he sanctified himself, and when…ashes and sackcloth, and put it upon his head, and went to fasting and praying, to understand about what day they were living in.

81 And if Daniel, the prophet of the Lord, could consult Jeremiah’s books, and bring him to such a place; that even Israel coming out, all of them alive, was coming out of Babylon, to go back to the homeland, would cause him to fast with sackcloth and ashes. How much more ought it to do to the Church of the living God, to know that time is fading out and shall be no more; and the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the great Millennium ready to set in! How can we spend waste-less time, gambling, swimming hole on Sundays, no time for the Lord? Just run down… If the pastor speaks on something another that you don’t like, you get up and go out. And if the—if the church holds too long, why, you—you, you’re—you’re dissatisfied. Look at our condition. Look what we’re doing.

Compare our lives with that prophet. One man, in a complete kingdom, with no church to go to, and none nowhere else to go to. It was tore down and burned down; his city, his people was captive. Sixty-eight years! Sixty-eight, sixty-nine, seventy; he had two years left.

[JBP] See how at that time, how brother Branham says there, and he brings it in this time, how even [WMB] “when the pastor (he says there) talks about something that you don’t like, you get up and leave”; or also saying that the service lasts too long, you are then dissatisfied with all that, because you don’t like it to last too long.

He writes there to the side: [WSS] «the 2nd Coming of the Lord, the Millenium», so that you have it in that paragraph that later will be printed, and place there on the side what he wrote: [WSS] «the 2nd Coming of the Lord, the Millennium».

In other words, take this stage and make the most of this stage, because the time will come when you will not be able to obtain it —this stage—; it would be too late.

In other words, many times many people don’t like it; others don’t enter when one is talking, and enter later; others get up and leave.

Take advantage of this time, because later there will be no opportunity to listen to what is being said in this stage under the Tent. It is a unique experience! Don’t despise it. Rather, treasure it, and be prepared for your adoption.

All those who are doing so, and who are taking this adoption stage seriously, I will tell you the result: You will be adopted! You are going to obtain that eternal and glorified body, and we are going to leave this Earth shaken, as brother Branham says there: [WMB] “Fill a few vessels, and shake this world; leave it in confusion”16; and then we are going to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Because that is what Jesus obtained on Mount Transfiguration listening to Moses and Elijah, who were preaching to Him, they were talking to Jesus, to the One that was going to be adopted.

May God bless you greatly. And in this talk that we have had right now, as a talk of exhortation, a talk in which we should meditate, because those days of Ananias and Sapphira are already in the midst of the people; in other words, it is already in those days, in this form in which it is entering. And then we will be seeing things that you know are going to happen and you can’t do anything about it; you have to let it happen.

And I don’t have to be…, for example, like Elisha there, he didn’t have to be telling Gehazi, “Look, Gehazi, the Spirit of the Lord is upon me; and I saw you, and He showed me that you were doing this and this.” The same with Peter: Peter didn’t have to be telling them: “Look, the Spirit of Christ is upon me; don’t do this, this or that may happen to you.”

They kept quiet, because by that time they should have had respect for the leadership that God had at that time; and they had to know and understand —by revelation— that it was the Spirit of the Lord that was working in their midst.

They continued their life as if it was… as if nothing had happened; they didn’t have that revelation, the revelation of in whom God was working at that time. They didn’t have that faith, it wasn’t based on anything; in other words, it was based on earthly things.

And the Rapturing Faith is based on the fulfillment of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels, it is based on the fulfillment of the Seventh Seal, which is the Second Coming of the Lord; in that Faith is that it is based; in the sons and daughters of God of this end time that will be adopted. In that Faith is that we are all based, which is the Coming of the Lord.

In this subject that we will place here, in this talk: “THE AGE OF THE CORNERSTONE, THE COMING OF THE LORD.” That is the topic, because it brings together all that we have spoken on this occasion; which I hope you will meditate on in your homes, with your families…

And may that fear that entered there…, not of fright, because we – the children of God are not afraid. Rather it is to be aware that it is a Divine Work and that it is God in the midst of His people, which we have to be aware that God is Love, but that He is also a consuming Fire.

So I hope this talk has been of great blessing, and help you all to be aware of the time in which we are living: The time of “THE AGE OF THE CORNERSTONE, THE COMING OF THE LORD.”

May God bless you and God keep you all.

1 Bible Study “A Message of Separation,” 8/6/2022 (Saturday), pp. 35-37 of the booklet

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11 1977-12-25 “The New Temple”: [WSS] It is probable that we know so many false anointed ones at this time, and that we know that they have already crossed the line; but that we love them so much that, just to know that they have crossed the line, gives us such a strong pain in our hearts that we wish we had never known these people; we wish, rather, that we had never known that these people existed.

12 1976-12-26 “God Judges the Heart”: [WSS] Now, I don’t know whether Ananias and Sapphira were lost or not lost, that is a matter between God and them. Who knows if they were lost or who knows if they were not lost, they were part of the group. / Volume “The Squeeze,” p. 49 / Bible Study #193, 4/10/2022 (Sunday), p. 20 of the booklet

13 John 5:25

14 63-1226 – “Church Order,” p. 37, paras. 186-187, 189

15 61-0730M – “Gabriel’s Instructions to Daniel,” p. 16, paras. 80-81

16 61-1119 – “Perfect Strength by Perfect Weakness,” pp. 47-48, para. 365


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