The definitive victory of the Church

The definitive victory of the Church

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Saturday, September 10, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and all those there in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, in the congregation, in the new auditorium, the congregation that is pastored by Reverend Francisco Guerra, in the dedication of that new auditorium today and tomorrow. It is two days of activities that they are having there, together with our brother Miguel Bermudez Marin and his wife Ruth and all those who accompany him; and all the ministers who are there from different places and also brethren from different places, and also the congregation there present in the topic “The definitive victory of the Church.” That is the topic that they are developing in these activities that they have for the dedication of the new auditorium there in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, the auditorium “In Victory.”

May God bless you greatly and may God greatly use the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin in this dedication of this new place to worship God and listen to the prophetic Word of this end time, which God has brought to us through His Angel Messenger William Soto Santiago; and has given us in this time of preparation, this time to be ready to receive our adoption, our transformation.

May God be in that place; and that when you cry and pray to God, God hears you; and also many of the people that are around, may they also be impacted with that place and obtain eternal life; which they obtain by receiving the Message, the Word, and thus escape from the mark of the beast.

Because this is a time where the Church-Bride is being prepared, but it is also a time where the foolish virgins will also be receiving blessing, because the Third Pull is for them also; and their part is to obtain eternal life and not to receive the mark on their foreheads or on their hands, the mark of the beast; so that they give their lives, and then they can be resurrected after the Millennium and enter eternity.

And also that in that place all those who will be prepared, listening to all these messages and all this Word that is being brought, may they be prepared for the transformation. And also in all the places, as in this place there in Ciudad Victoria, may you also be preparing for this event, may all those who are in this stage of preparation, be prepared and ready for the transformation. That is my wish for this new place that is being inaugurated today and tomorrow in Ciudad Victoria.

• And also in the different places there in United States, that have a meeting today there in the northern United States, with our brother, Reverend Joel Ortiz, ministers and also children’s teachers, and all the brethren from different places in the northern United States, and ministers also.

• And also there in the congregation that Reverend Geovanny Sobuleto pastors, there in “El Viñedo,” the congregation “El Viñedo.” “El Séptimo Sello” in Barcelona, which our brother Jesus Barrolleta is also there, there in Venezuela, and everywhere in Venezuela.

• Also in Ecuador, there in the meeting that they have of all the national ministers, in Santo Domingo, there in the congregation of Vicente Celi; and also those who are from the congregation of our brother Reverend Andres Señudo, and he also who is there; and also our brother Francisco Martinez, who is also there, from Quito; and all those who… ministers from Santo Domingo and from all the places in Ecuador that are in this meeting there at the national level gathered today; also our brother Antonio, Reverend Antonio also, and all the other ministers that are gathered there.

And also… let me see if I don’t miss someone, because there are many who have informed me that are gathered. If I don’t mention some of them, I apologize.

• Also Alejandro Ordeñana who is also there, and I think he is going to have some meetings with some brethren from brother Branham’s group, who was also telling me.

And all the places of…

• In Peru also, a meeting they have there with our brother Ronald Rios.

• Also our brother Toribio, who has had meetings these days.

• And also in Santa Cruz, there with our brother Cristian Jessen, with our brother Joel Ortiz, Ramiro Rios, Marcos Barrios, and all the brothers from Bolivia who have had activities in these days as well.

• And also there in Panama, our brother Ariel had some meetings there also in the Indigenous Regions.

• Also in Chile our brother Patricio Lara, and also with all the ministers there in the south, our brother Jose Hernandez.

• In Brazil our brother Oswaldo Natale in São Paulo.

• Also in Rondônia, in the north, and in all the places there in Boa Vista and all those places that have also greeted me in these days.

• In Santo Domingo also.

• In Spain, and with our brother Gustavo, and with all the brothers there in Spain.

• And also in Central America. And in all the places!

• Colombia also, who have been meeting these days as well.

May God bless you greatly this day (and excuse me if I didn’t mention someone, but you know that there are so many; that I would have to spend all day mentioning names and places and countries, because everyone wants God’s blessing and everyone wants God to bless them). And so it is, so God is going to do it: God is blessing us through His Word. So to all those I didn’t mention, may God also bless you, and may God help you all (and help us all) to continue preparing for our transformation.

We are in a time where God will give us the victory, because it is already prophesied; and it will be the Great Victory in Divine Love, it will be the Great Victory that God will obtain over the beast, over the kingdom of darkness.

It will be like the victory that Jesus obtained at the crucifixion, where anyone could look and see a defeat, but it was the greatest victory that Christ in His First Coming carried out in favor of the children of God, in favor of the Divine Program. With the death of Christ there on Calvary’s Cross was the victory over Satan, because He took away the keys of hell and death; in other words, He obtained a great victory.

And at the end of time, in this Last Day, Christ will obtain in His Second Coming, the Great Victory in Divine Love; because the kingdom of the gentiles will be taken away and the Kingdom of the Messiah-Prince will be established, where the capital will be Jerusalem; and from there the entire planet Earth, the entire universe will be governed. In other words, God will have great promises in the midst of the human race, and most especially in the midst of the children of God, which will be in that Great Victory in Divine Love.

And it will be in the fourth watch, it will be to the fourth watch, which we were seeing last night in some excerpts that we were seeing; which showed us how it is that in the fourth watch the Lord would be appearing walking on the waters: which are peoples, nations.

And we also saw how that represents the Word: He will come walking on the pure Word, the Word of the Gospel of the Kingdom, which will bring the Faith to be transformed to all the sons and daughters of God. And it is in the fourth watch that the divine judgment will also come.


Look at what it says here, in an excerpt here in the message “WORKS IS FAITH EXPRESSED,”1 it says on page 52:

334 But remember, the Elected, predestinated, foreordained covenant, Abraham and his group, got a Messenger, too. Uh-huh. Watch what He did. He gave them a sign that the time was near for the fire to fall.

[JBP] And brother William writes: [WSS] «The next day, at dawn (4th watch), judgment would fall».

«The next day = on the next millennial day — 7th millennium.

on the other dispensational day — 7th disp.

on the other day of the age — the 8th — the Stone»

And he makes a little drawing of the Cornerstone.

[JBP] It goes on to say:

[334] Now, it’s fire now we’re looking for, atomic fire, the wrath of God.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Atomic fire = the wrath of God».

335 Now, that Messenger did something. He spoke about a woman that He had His back turned to, and told her—and told her she was doubting what He was saying, told her her conditions and what was going to happen. Is that right? Did He say that the Son of man would reveal Himself in the same way in that day? Well, do you believe that’s the Truth? Well, here stands a woman,…

336 And in the invisible union of the Church, the Bride to Christ, that Messenger is here now, which is Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

337 Now, He only speaks through His prophets. The Bible said so! “He never does anything but first He makes it known to His prophets,” Amos 3:7. He always has done it. He never changes His pattern. See? And the prophet can only speak, if he’s true, what God tells him. Is that right? That’s true.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Rev. 22:16, 22:6, 1:1-3, 4:1, 10:1-11, 11:3-7, 7:2, 11:15…» (and on).

[JBP] They are Scriptures that show us how God would always be working through a prophet. In other words, all those Scriptures and all the work, the works that God would be fulfilling —through those events that would be taking place—, He would be doing them through a prophet.

And look how he writes on the side: [WSS] «God only speaks through a prophet».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And it tells us on page 22 of the message “JEZEBEL RELIGION.”2 (This excerpt is in the book of Quotations, on page 53, paragraph 462). And let’s see here what it says in the message (that is, in the booklet), and let’s see what he tells us there. From page 21 he is talking about this man-made system. He says:

93 I know you say, “That’s my denomination.” Brother, you’re wrong! John came as a one-man system to introduce a One Man: Jesus Christ. And the Elijah will not be a system, it’ll be a man, Jesus said so. It’ll be one man that’s anointed of the Holy Ghost. And he won’t introduce any three or four gods, he’ll introduce One: the Lord Jesus Christ, ’cause his Message will shake the Pentecostal children back to the Faith of the fathers again.

[JBP] He is speaking of the fourth Elijah, forerunner of the Second Coming of the Lord; but remember that the Scriptures have multiple fulfillment.3 He says:

94 You remember, brother, if I say these things to be nasty, I need to be at the altar. I’m telling you, “THUS SAITH THE LORD!” If God hasn’t vindicated I’ve told you the Truth, around the nation, around the world, then tell me where the mistake was. I’m telling you the Truth! Get back to God, quickly! Get out of these systems, ’cause the Bible said in the Book of Revelation, that the Roman Catholic hierarchy was a “whore,” and she was a “mother of harlots.” What is that? Churches, systems.

95 And where did the Methodist church, where’d the Lutheran church, come from? Where’d the Methodist, Baptist, where did all organizations come from? God never did organize a church. Catholic church said they begin back there, “Jesus organized the church.” I want—I want the page in history, or the page in the Bible. There never was an organization for three hundred and six years after the death of the last apostle, then they formed the Nicene Council and made an organization. And when Luther came out…he was a great man of God, but as soon as he left, that little group of people went over and formed another organization. Then the Holy Spirit went out upon John Wesley, he never organized anything, but after he left then they organized. Then the Holy Ghost come in with Pentecostals, and they went out from the Methodist. And what happened? Then they organized.

96 But there’ll be a one-man system come forth with the power and the anointing of Elijah ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «a one-man system», to fulfill the prophecy. Hallelujah! He’ll shake it. And, remember, he prophesied to them, and prophesied, and told them all the things, and God worked with him [WSS] «5th Elijah». But his final Message was attacked on the White House. Uh-huh. When John came, his final Message was attacked on the White House of that day. Elijah’s final Message, when he walked down that road that morning [WSS] «in the Dispensation of the Kingdom» ([JBP] remember that that is on the fourth watch) after being in the Presence of God [WSS] «in the Most Holy Place» out there, walked down that road with old hairs all over him, his bald head shining, the whiskers blowing ([JBP] there he is referring to, speaking of Elijah in the days of Ahab), them little, old eyes was gleaming with the glory of God. That stick in his hand ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «the Word» and his feet just as steady as ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Moses and Elijah»

[JBP] Look at how he, in the first Elijah, is reflecting here the ministry of Moses and Elijah —which would be the ministry of the Two Olive Trees of Zechariah, chapter 4, and of Revelation, chapter 11—, how those two ministries would be and what those ministries would be doing, at the end, at the end of time.

[WMB] “And his feet just as steady as,” and he writes: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah». And remember that the feet are of bronze: and that is divine judgment.

[96] …and his feet just as steady as they could be. What’s he doing? Walking right down from Samaria into the presence of the White House, and saying, “THUS SAITH THE LORD!” Fearing nothing. The churches had turned him down, the people had turned him down, so now he’s giving his final attack, upon the White House.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The White House and the Gospel of the Kingdom» and a Star of David.

[JBP] And he writes the Scriptures: [WSS] «Rev. 10:1-11, 11:3-19, 17:8-18, 19:11-21».

97 Then what happened after that? Listen! After that attack, his voice became quiet, nobody heard him no more. God called him off the scene, said, “Elijah, you’ve done made your Message known to all of Israel, they know It. Now come up here in the wilderness, get away from them, separate yourself ’cause I’m going to do something. I’m going to show them what it is to turn My Message down.” What set in? War, famine, starvation ([JBP] and Brother William writes): [WSS] «weakness».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Now, let’s go to the book of First Kings, in chapter 19, verse 1, it says:

1 And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword.

2 Then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to morrow about this time.

3 And when he saw that, he arose, and went for his life, and came to Beersheba, which belongeth to Judah, and left his servant there.

4 But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.

5 And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.

6 And he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baken on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again.

7 And the angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.

8 And he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And notice here (we are going to read from one to the other), in the message that we are reading “JEZEBEL RELIGION,” it says [PAGE 19]:

98 THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, “Watch what’s coming! Watch what’s going to follow! There was a famine, there will be a famine!” Oh, maybe not for bread, but for hearing the Word of God and His Truth. All the churches will socialize and go right on into it just the same, just like they’ve already been swallowed up with it.

99 What did Elijah do? He found a hidden spring, way up in the mountain where he got some Water of Life, Divine revelations from God as he sit up there under the power of God. The revelations being a little hidden spring, while the rest of them was famishing.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «He found water of life on the top of the mountain = revelations of God (the 7 Seals), the 7 Thunders».

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Rev. 22:17, 22:1, 21:6, 22:1» (he also writes it again).

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And notice where he found those revelations: in that little creek over there hidden. And notice something here in the message “THE SEAL OF GOD” (this is from the book that there are two: “THE SEAL OF GOD” and “THE MARK OF THE BEAST”). In the message “THE SEAL OF GOD,”4 page 40, it says:

85 Father God, they are Yours now, sealed into the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit dealing with them. Now, I pray that they’ll—I’ll meet them in the morning…

[JBP] [WMB] “In that morning,” remember it’s the morning… he is referring to the fourth watch (what we have been talking about). And he, in the message “THE RAPTURE,” he tells us that [WMB] “the rapture will happen from 6 to 9 in the morning,” which corresponds to the fourth watch. He says:

[85] Now, I pray that they’ll—I’ll meet them in the morning on that bright shiny shore yonder ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «the resurrection / on the river bank», when all sorrows have drifted away. Won’t it be wonderful, Father? Joy bells ringing, all the hearts light singing, it’ll be a glorious time. They’re Yours. Now, I pray that You’ll keep them by Thy grace until we meet at that river that morning ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «river».

[JBP] Now, notice something here: He writes on the front of that message, he says: [WSS] «We will meet on the banks of the river in the glorious morning», which is… He writes: [WSS] «pg. 40», which is this page 40.

[JBP] And above, in the part where he writes: [WSS] «on the banks of the river», above the word the [WSS] «river», he writes: [WSS] «[in which one?]», in the form of a question, as if asking: [WSS] “in which river?”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look at something here. I imagine that you are already seeing where God is taking us in this tremendous thing. Look, in the book of Quotations,5 in paragraph 638, which is on page 74 (and we are also going to see on page 135, but let’s go first to page 74), it says:

638 – “[4] That the Lord Jesus woke me up the morning that the cornerstone was to be laid, about early, about six o’clock. […]

5 And I remember that morning when I had wakened up, and laying in the room, in the upstairs right here on Seventh Street. Something said, ‘Rise up to your feet.’ And I got up. And I saw, as it was, a great place, and it was like a—a—a place where they would…a river [WSS] «a river» run in the valley [WSS] «a valley». And I got down there to the river ([JBP] he writes): [WSS] «river» ([JBP] again) and I understood it was a place where John the Baptist [WSS] «Elijah» had been baptizing the people, and they had turned it into a hog lot.”

[JBP] Remember, up in this valley, there is a place called “las lechoneras.”6 Those who have come to Cayey know that up there there are those restaurants where they sell pork food; and the whole river, from the mountain, passes behind all those places and reaches here, up to the valley; and it has become very polluted; but of course, with the treatments and the pumps and all that of filtering treatments, they do the best they can to serve water to the community, to the people.

638 – “[5] And I was very critical of it, just saying that it should not be done.

6 And while I was there, there was a—a Voice spoke to me and took me up, and I noticed this tabernacle in just about the state it’s in right now. But there were…”

[JBP] This, when I was reading it on one occasion, he, just like this he interrupted me and told me: [WSS] “Look, wait a minute: remember that up there in the mountain and on the way to that area of the mountain, of that part, there are restaurants that sell pork food, and there is a river behind,” and he was telling me just as I am telling you, so you know more or less the conversation I had with him, when I was – we were reading this portion of the book of Quotations. He says:

And when I was telling him:

638 – “[6] … and took me up, and I noticed this tabernacle in just about the state it’s in right now.”

[JBP] He said to me: [WSS] “You see? He… Let’s say, Benjie, that he was down there, there in that… in the river; and from there he goes up (because there is a little hill there when you go up there) and you see above the plain where the Tent is.”

He says:

638 – “[6] But there were so many people till they were just packed all in, in the tabernacle, in this condition, about the state it’s at now. And I—I was happy, standing behind the pulpit, saying, ‘God, how good You are to give me a tabernacle.’

7 And, at that time, the Angel of the Lord spake to me, and said, ‘But this is not your tabernacle.’”

[JBP] And he writes there: [WSS] «A valley, a river, and a tabernacle».

[WSS] «This is not your tabernacle».

[JBP] And he writes a question: [WSS] «Whose is it?».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, that tabernacle, that place that he refers to there, belongs to someone else: to the one who will be working in that place; in other words, it will belong to someone else who will be ministering there.

And that river, he represents it in that which he is speaking there of divine revelations, revelations from God that Elijah was receiving there on the mountain, on the top of the mountain; which represents that water that he was drinking to sustain himself. And notice how he puts it: that it is, he places it that it is revelations from God. In other words, he places the Seven… Seals is (I was able to read there): [WSS] «…the 7 Seals…».

I said: “Ages,” but it is, it says: “Seals.” Later we correct it there.

[WSS] «He found water of life on the top of the mountain = revelations of God, (the 7 Seals), the 7 Thunders».

That is, it seems that he wrote over it; but it is: [WSS] «the 7 Seals and the 7 Thunders». That is: The Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, on the top of the mountain. See how on the top of the mountain is where Elijah found that stream?, and he went and drank from that stream. And how he there says that [WMB] “God, let me in that morning, let us meet at that shore in that morning.” And he places: [WSS] «resurrection».

In other words, that is why you saw in some places where we read before, in past studies, where he said that: [WMB] “Look how it moves…” [WSS] «The Tent = resurrection».7 Look at all that surrounds this place of The Great Tent Cathedral.

How all that brother Branham was speaking at different times, and everything indicated and pointed to that place. God was focusing all on that culminating part. Which the greatest thing was going to happen first: which is the revelation, the Word being brought in teaching, in the form of teaching; and then the resurrection and the transformation.

Look at all the important prophetic events involved in the Vision of the Great Tent Cathedral: the valley, the river, everything is in the same train of thought; and it is also in the territory, it is with the people, and it is with the ministries that God had already appointed and predestined since before the foundation of the world. That is why it couldn’t be anywhere else, that is why it had to be on an island; and that is as far as we can go, identify the place, because we already know the place.

But there are things that as we are seeing them, in terms of their fulfillment, as they are fulfilled, God will continue to vindicate the place where brother Branham was placed in that vision.

In other words, each thing that is going to be fulfilled, each thing is going to hit the target, and each thing is going to vindicate that this is the place where God showed Reverend William Branham that specific activity.

But as that moment approaches, God will vindicate more and more that place, and the people, and the ministry; because everything is (let’s say) a single package, a single package in English (I don’t know if it is said this way, but when one speaks of: “That is a package,” that is, a single package). All set in one place, of group, of people and ministry as well. And God is going to open all that mystery to us as they are being fulfilled, so that imitations don’t arise.

He goes on to say here where we paused… or let’s look it up quickly where we said, to read something here also: On page 135, which he talks to us there also about the resurrection (there are several excerpts here that he talks about that), in 1202 he says [Quotations]:8

1202 – “58 Now, the first thing happens when we’re resurrected… / But those who are—are sleeping in the dust will be awakened first, and they’ll… these corruptible bodies will put on incorruption in the rapturing grace of the Lord. And then we’ll all get together. And when they begin to get together ([JBP] Remember: [WMB] “See how the resurrection moves”9), then we which are alive and remain shall be changed.”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And that is why there he, in that which we read about… [“THE SEAL OF GOD”]:

[85] Now, I pray that they’ll—I’ll meet them in the morning on that bright shiny shore yonder…

[JBP] And further on, he says:

[85] Now, I pray that You’ll keep them by Thy grace until we meet ([JBP] that is, we will gather) at that river that morning.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] I continue in the book of Quotations:

1202 – “[58] These mortal bodies will not see death, but just of a sudden, there’ll be like a sweep go over us, and you’re changed. You’re turned back like Abraham was, from an old man to a young man, from an old woman to a young woman. What’s this sudden change? And after while you—you’re traveling like a thought, and you can see those then who are already resurrected. Oh, what a hour! Then we’ll gather with them and then be caught up with them to meet the Lord in the air. […]

[61] Yes, the Church will all be together, but after, after the resurrection and the Rapture has set in.”

[JBP] And he writes above: [WSS] «All shall be together».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «Resurrection and rapture».

[JBP] And he writes here at the beginning of the paragraph 1202: [WSS] «We shall gather». There has to be a place then, to meet. [WSS] «The resurrection and the transformation (also, here he writes it too) and the rapture».

[WSS] «Traveling like the thought».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say here where we left off in First Kings, he says (I go to verse 9 of chapter 19):

9 And he came thither unto a cave, and lodged there; and, behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and he said unto him, What doest thou here, Elijah?

10 And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts: for the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.

11 And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «1st.» «mighty strong wind / Luther»; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after [WSS] «1» the wind an «2» earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

[JBP] And he writes next to it: [WSS] «2nd.» «Earthquake / Wesley».

12 And after the earthquake a «3» fire; but the Lord was not in the fire ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «3rd.» «Fire / pentecost»: and after the fire a «4» still small voice.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «4th.» «Still small voice (and a pyramid) the Cornerstone».

13 And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, What doest thou here, Elijah?

[JBP] And he makes a drawing of the pyramid and the last three stages: [WSS] «1» «2» «3», which is: Luther, Wesley and Branham (that is, Pentecostals). And he writes above on the Cornerstone: [WSS] «4».

14 And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts: because the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.

15 And the Lord said unto him, Go, return on thy way to the wilderness of Damascus: and when thou comest, anoint Hazael to be king over Syria:

16 And Jehu the son of Nimshi shalt thou anoint to be king over Israel: and Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abelmeholah shalt thou anoint to be prophet in thy room.

17 And it shall come to pass, that him that escapeth the sword of Hazael shall Jehu slay: and him that escapeth from the sword of Jehu shall Elisha slay.

18 Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him

[JBP] And those seven thousand represent the 144,000 who will be sealed by the Angel.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And it tells us in the message “WHAT DOES THOU HERE?”10, it says on page 15 (that is from the message “WHAT DOES THOU HERE?”):

121 What hearest thou? You know, I think that we’re so interested in listening so close to all the things of the world, and things like that, we can’t hear that little, still small Voice.

[JBP] And he draws a pyramid, and writes: [WSS] «Rev. 4:1, 22:6, 22:16».

122 We hear our pastors say, “Just join the church, it’ll be all right.” We hear some of them say, “Just speak with tongues, it’s all over.” Some of them say, “Just shout, it’s all over.”

123 You can’t hear that little, still small Voice that places Something rich and deep in the life, makes you what you should be.

124 A wheat doesn’t bear wheat because it’s on a vine or on a stalk. A weed also is on a stalk. But it takes the life in that vine to bring forth wheat. The waters that fall on it will water both of them. They’ll both rejoice in it. They’ll both grow in it.

125 Men and women can grow up, shouting and praising God, speaking in tongues and belonging to the church, dancing in the Spirit and paying tithes, and still not be, in their heart, that still small Voice of God’s rich, deep love [WSS] «agapao» ([JBP] and makes a drawing of the pyramid, and writes): [WSS] «soft Voice».

126 “Though I give my body to be burned as a sacrifice, and have not love, I am nothing. Though I give all my goods to feed the poor, I’m still nothing. I have faith to move mountain, I’m still nothing. I—I—I do speak with tongues, as men and Angels, I’m still nothing.” See? It’s that still small Voice that speaks down in your heart [WSS] «soul», that changes every attitude, makes the nature different, and you become a new creature in Christ.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The soft Voice for the soul, for the most holy place», and he makes an arrow towards the Cornerstone.

[JBP] And on page 16, he says [PAGE 17]:

134 And help this church, Lord, that they shall wait upon You, and renew their faith, and renew their strength, mount up like wings of eagles. May they be listening, Lord, not for the noise, not for the shout, but be listening for the still small Voice.

[JBP] And he makes a drawing of the Cornerstone, he writes: [WSS] «4» inside. And he writes: [WSS] «Eagle», and [WSS] «soft Voice», pointing to the Cornerstone.

135 Lord, in a few days, I’m climbing into a cave yonder, to wait. O God, help me, Lord. Blind me, and deafen my ears, from the things of the world, for popularity, or for fame, or for any vain thing that this world could offer. Let me stay there, Lord, till I hear that still small Voice.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On Sunday we will be speaking something very important, in one of the quotes that will be read from… And the writing of that quote, you will see something of that Voice, which will be fulfilled in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision; that moment that brother Branham speaks of the Voice will be fulfilled there; and it will be already fully, already at that moment, that fulfillment; but before that it will be fulfilled, it will be fulfilled already in a way in which we will be hearing and seeing what God will be showing in the opening of the Seventh Seal opened to the public.

In other words, the opening of the Seventh Seal completely, the opening of that which brings the Rapturing Faith, the Faith of Transformation —which is brought by the Thunders—, that will be in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, in the fulfillment of that stage of Teaching; which we are already fulfilling. It is not something that is going to happen, but: it is happening, and we can’t let it escape us.

What the trajectory of the full fulfillment of the Tent Vision, what will lead to that full fulfillment: we are already in that intertwining, in that path towards that event; because everything begins in a progressive way and in a simple way as well. Because when God is going to do something great, He does it in simplicity, simply; and when He is going to do something greater, He does it in an even simpler way.

It is like when…, you can see there something that happened, for example, when Jesus was lost to them (that was when He was 12 years old), they find Him in the temple; and then, after that, we know nothing more about Jesus, until 29 and a half years old, around 28 to 29 and a half years old, where we find Him already starting a ministry or the messianic ministry for which He had been sent.

And then we find Him (after those 3 years) already being adopted on Mount Transfiguration, and having a Work of 6 months already adopted, to be able to give His life on the Cross and to be able to take it; in other words, that is why He says: “No one takes My life from Me, I lay it down of Myself, that I may take it again.”11 In other words He had to be adopted to do that work.

And so also in the end time there will be that lapse of time of… 15 to 17 years; if you count from that day or that moment when Jesus was 12 years old until the moment when He began His ministry, it was about… (12 years more… until 29, let’s say, 29): 17 years that were not known or there is no record (later we will know it) that history of that time that is not recorded in the Bible, that time of Jesus’ life. And everything will be the same, because everything will be parallel to the First Coming of the Lord.

And there will be a time, more or less, around 17 years, where that time, after that ministry will be… because the part will have a beginning… (let’s see how, so we don’t have to give maybe some date) but it will have a part where it begins, and then those 17 years are marked, where, if we place there that date of 2019, where from there (let’s say) backwards, you can take some date; and also, after that there will be an intertwine; because there, when the 29 and a half years of the beginning of the ministry of Jesus are fulfilled…

Notice that God fulfilled everything exactly to begin that Work of the first part of the seventieth week of Daniel’s prophecy, that is, those first 3 and a half years; which still remains 3 and a half years that correspond to the Hebrew people (the second half, the second part of the seventieth week of Daniel’s prophecy). In other words, there He marked the beginning of those first 3 and a half years, and its culmination was at Calvary’s Cross.

But here, this intertwining of when this ministry fully begins, it may begin – it may have begun – it may begin (I’m not going to give you that date)… let’s see… Because we can’t base on… Our faith is based on promises and it is based on the fact that God is going to fulfill everything. In other words, we believe no matter what. If it is tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, a year from now, 20 years from now, we believe that God is going to transform us.

Now, there are a series of events that we must be aware of, so that we don’t overlook what God is doing.

What God is doing with us is helping us, He is taking us by the hand, so that we don’t have to believe and obtain that faith by things that we are being pressured to believe, but by revelation, by faith. But there are dates that are there and they have to be spoken, so that later it remains as the history of everything that was being fulfilled.

And since we are talking like this in a way… among friends; because we are all friends, we are brothers, then we talk like this in this way. In these types of activities, it is good, this type of activities is good, because we can talk like this: familiarly.

And if you see the beginning of those three and a half years of the great tribulation (knowing that date), we would already know, from then backwards, how long that ministry would be, at the moment in which it will already reach that culminating part that the life is taken away. But already in that culminating part, that ministry would already be adopted, as it happened with the First Coming of the Lord: That ministry of Jesus was adopted before fulfilling the reason for which or the Work for which He had been sent; He was…, He was already adopted to do that work.

And for the end of that ministry: the ministry of Moses and Elijah, at the end, it will already be an adopted ministry, which will also be able to say: “No one takes my life from me, I lay it down of myself to take it again.” And there all those promises and prophecies that are there in the book of Revelation will be fulfilled, and very especially in Revelation, chapter 11.

The fulfillment of that time —after the biblical story, when we see there already Jesus beginning His ministry—, after that date of 2019, God may already be working in that year, and in the other year, already looking for that ministry to be prepared, for God to fulfill (at some point) that part of the beginning of that ministry; which, in God’s time, may be happening in a lapse of time to leave hidden the exact beginning.

In other words, it will be something that will be intertwined with the Work that God is carrying out, with all that He has promised in the midst of His Church; which is the promise of a Great Tent Cathedral in the midst of the Church of the Lord. And at the same time that God’s people are preparing the place for that glorious manifestation, God is also preparing a man to fulfill that promise.

And God will be working in a simple way: He will begin in a progressive way, showing the people, first of all, how He was making this dispensational intertwining, and how this new dispensation began. In other words, he will come on the foundation of the Word, he will come walking in the Word, showing the people this change of dispensation, showing the people that the elect are together, showing the people that we are already in a new dispensational day, showing the people that we are already in the fourth watch.

In other words, as the people are preparing something physical for God, God is preparing a man —spiritually— to fulfill the Work that God already predestined since before the foundation of the world. “For the Lord God will do nothing, except He reveal His secrets to His servants, the prophets” [Amos 3:7]. In other words, God will be preparing a man, so that as God is preparing the place, the children of God are preparing the place for that fulfillment, God is also preparing His man, so that he will reach the point where everything is ready, and then God will fulfill that day exactly.

But there was already a trajectory coming before, and that ministry was being intertwined with everything that God would be fulfilling physically; where we already see, there in that place, where people were coming in with one arm missing and the arms being created, people on stretchers, people on crutches; all that we will already be seeing in all its fullness, that ministry working in favor of all those in need; because humanity will already be – is already in great need!, but at that time there will be a greater need in the world; because brother Branham said in the book of Quotations: [WMB] “There is so much need in the world,”12 and everyone will desire to receive the benefit of what God will be bringing through those ministries.

But before, the first benefit will be obtained by the elect: bringing to them —that ministry— the revealed Word, bringing to each one of God’s children what is needed to obtain that Rapturing Faith. Therefore, the first healing that God will do to a human being will be the healing of the whole body, giving us that glorified body. Those are the first human beings, which is the Bride of God, the elect of God of the Age of the Cornerstone, where they will obtain the benefit;, they are the very first ones that will obtain the benefit of that ministry under the Tent: they will obtain the benefit of total healing, complete healing, healing of soul, spirit and body; because it will give us an eternal and glorified body.

We already have a theophanic body there in the sixth dimension, representing each one of us there. But that healing will be complete!: God will come and give us that eternal and glorified body, and there He will be giving us the benefits of the Third Pull, the benefits of healing; not only of an arm, not only of a foot, but of the whole body; in other words, an eternal and glorified body.

Then those who are in those days, who will have the benefit of healing to already enter and face within the great tribulation everything that is going to come, they will already have the benefit of an arm, a foot, sight, ears (when they are mute they can speak); in other words, all those benefits will already be received by the world. And that will be so that when the great tribulation comes, they will already have that benefit to then give their life for the Message, to give their life for the One who brought them that opportunity; because God sees their hearts and sees that they are good people; those are people who love God and believe in Jesus Christ. In other words, they will also know the mystery of the Second Coming of the Lord.

So at that stage, in which God will be showing those great signs and wonders, it will already be a time where the world will see that glorious manifestation and also the Hebrew people. The Hebrew people will say: “This is the one we are waiting for. What is he doing there?, what is our Joseph doing there?” And he will show them the Former Rain and the Latter Rain; the Latter Rain because they will see it, they will receive it, they will believe; but he will show them what the Former Rain was, what the First Coming of the Lord was. And all that will work together for good for the Hebrews also.

Yesterday we were also counting those dates, the three and a half years after the departure of the messenger (which was yesterday). Many were still counting that it was today; but those computer calculations and so on, were telling me that they don’t count March 30, but they start counting on March 31; but if you take a calendar, and let’s say that we do it archaically, we do it manually, and you start counting one by one all the days: the 1260 days fall yesterday.

So something big happened yesterday (already in the night for today, for today), in the Divine Program; because these are stages that close and others open.

It is also in the month of October, I think this year it falls on the 4th or 5th, around, of the Day of Atonement; it falls around (they were verifying for me) the 4th or 5th of October. In other words, this whole month of September, the month of October, are very, very important months in the Divine Program; and in the spiritual part God always works; and for the children of God many blessings are poured.

Let us be in expectation of everything. God fulfills everything in a simple way.

Now, we don’t know how long the beginning of this ministry has already taken, or is in that intertwining; because one thing is already marked: and that is the beginning of the great tribulation. In other words, starting the great tribulation, we already know, from then backwards, how long it is, and we would also know how long or when it would begin.

Remember that there are some days of intertwining, where… For example, God said: “120 years and I will destroy the Earth”13; He said 120, but then some more days passed.14 See?

The same on the Day of Pentecost: 10 more days passed.

The same on Joshua’s day also several years passed.

In other words, we must see it according to the prophetic calendar and according to the Divine Program, so that imitators don’t come trying to imitate; or if they know the day, then that day comes and they make an an imitation, which can deceive even the elect in that respect; because in many things there are also imitators, who try to mislead the children of God, the elect; but the elect will not be deceived.

That is why the elect are and will always be based on faith; on faith, in the promises; and it is by faith that they believe; and it is by faith that they fight and stand firm until the transformation. They don’t need dates. They need to know that God promised it and that He will fulfill it; and that each one of us believes it; that is enough for us.

But we say these dates so that you will have a clear picture of how God goes in the Divine Program. We don’t base our faith in the ages (in the ages we have as years), or in dates of time; but we base our faith in the promises, which is the important thing; so that we don’t enter into fanaticism. Fanaticism spoils the blessings of God.

Never lean to fanaticism, never do it. Like in the book of The Seals (you can look there), which says that [WMB] “by fanaticism they spoiled that of Elijah,”15 something like that it says. See? You can’t get into fanaticism.

Well, we are going to round up. I left – we left maybe some little things there, but we will leave that for another occasion where… We are going to read here then, to finish, here on page 16 that we left off in the middle, in the message “WHAT DOES THOU HERE?” [P. 17]:

[134] May they be listening, Lord, not for the noise, not for the shout, but be listening for the still small Voice.

135 Lord, in a few days, I’m climbing into a cave yonder, to wait. O God, help me, Lord. Blind me, and deafen my ears, from the things of the world, for popularity, or for fame, or for any vain thing that this world could offer. Let me stay there, Lord, till I hear that still small Voice. Then let Your servant come forth, Lord, mounting up, on the wings of an Eagle.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Soft Voice, Eagle». And which are those Wings? The ministries of Moses and Elijah.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on page 14-A of the book of Quotations,16 (look what it says there, to read it already at once, so that this quote remains here), paragraph 144, it says:

144 – “[36] So let us do what we can while it’s day, and someday there’ll be a… the wings of a white Eagle [WSS] «Moses and Elijah» ([JBP] writes) will come down, He’ll bear us away.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The Rapture = white Eagle raptures them».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] May God continue to bless you greatly, may God keep you; and may God continue to open our understanding, the Scriptures, to understand all that God is doing at this time; and may it not be overlooked in the way, in the simplicity that God is fulfilling it in our midst.

Thank you very much, missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin; may God continue to bless you greatly, may God continue to give you much health, much strength; and also to you, Ruth, may God bless you; and to all the ministers there in this dedication of the auditorium “In Victory,” in this topic that you have in these days: “The definitive victory of the Church.”

And there we paused halfway, on page 23, of the “JEZEBEL RELIGION,” but then we will continue reading it some other time.

In this subject that we will place here in this talk, the subject that they have for that dedication in the congregation that Reverend Francisco Guerra pastors, in this new auditorium, the subject that they have for it: “THE DEFINITIVE VICTORY OF THE CHURCH.” That has been the topic that we have also for this Bible study of this occasion, today, Saturday, September 10 of this year 2022.

It has been really a great privilege and a blessing that God has granted me to be able to speak to you; and tomorrow we will already be able to continue in this part of Teaching, which is in the Divine Program and is based on the Scriptures; because He is in our time walking on the Waters of the Word.


God bless you and God keep you all.

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