The final Revival under Moses and Elijah

The final Revival under Moses and Elijah

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon, missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, and all the brothers and sisters there in San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela.

It is truly a blessing to be able to greet each and everyone of you today, Wednesday, December 28 of this year 2022, and all of you who will be listening to this greeting of this day.

We are living in a very important time, where God will carry out all of what He has in His Program since before the foundation of the world, that He outlined; and the greatest of them is our transformation.

In other words, the greatest promise that every son and daughter of God of this end time is desiring, is longing for, is to have a perfect body, an eternal body, a body which will have no limitations and will be eternal; in other words, it will not have those problems that these earthly bodies have, instead it will be eternal and glorified.

And in order to obtain it there are countless prophecies and prophetic events that will be being fulfilled to reach that moment; such as the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

And when that moment arrives, everything that God has to give to His people for that adoption, that transformation: will have already taken place. And that corresponds to the Teaching under Tent. In other words, it will be the time where, when we are adopted, transformed, all that time of Teaching will have already taken place.

Look, in a message that our brother William Soto Santiago preached to us, he tells us there in a part of this message:

(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, October 4, 2008
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Everyone is going to hear that Last Trumpet. Without hearing it they will not be able to have the faith, the revelation of the rapture, which is the revelation of the Seventh Seal, the revelation of the Coming of the Lord.

Reverend William Branham, on page 14 of the message “Christ, the mystery of God revealed,” said: “The Seventh Seal hasn’t been opened yet, and it is very good”: speaking of that Seventh Seal, how it will come and when it will come. In other words, it hasn’t been opened to the public.

But Reverend William Branham in the book of The Seals, page 465… let’s see this one here, which has the pages in the way I always quote them, from the book of The Seals: page 466 and 467 [p. 556 in Eng.] (last paragraph):

255 Seven, God’s perfect number. Seven, just right down the row. Seven Thunders uttered straight together, like they were spelling out something. Notice, at that time, John started to write It. He said, ‘Don’t write It.’

256 Jesus never spoke of It. John couldn’t write It. Angels know nothing about It. What is It? It’s the thing that, Jesus said, ‘Even the Angels of Heaven didn’t know’ nothing about It. See? See? He didn’t know It, Himself. Said, “Only God” would know It.”

And now, on page 464 to the 465 [p. 553 in Eng.], it says:

233 Everything runs out, in this time, the end of the—of the… at the end of this Seventh Seal. Notice. It’s the end of the church age. It’s the—the end of the Seventh Seal. It’s the end of the Trumpets. It’s the end of the Vials, and even end the ushering in of the Millennium. That’s on the Seventh Seal.”

And then he begins to speak of the Seventh Seal as a rocket that is fired and has different stages.

(We are, Miguel, looking for…, let’s look for that part where he says: “It is convenient for him to increase…”) 474 (here I have it) and 475 [p. 565 in Eng.]. It says:

326 I’m only telling you what I seen and what has been told to me. And now you—you do whatever you want to. I don’t know who is going to… what’s going to take place.”

[JBP] Do you see how there he is telling the congregation there: that he is telling them the things that he saw and the things that have been told to him? But he says to them: [WMB] “You do whatever you want to.” In other words, it is the free will that each person has in believing or rejecting: Either he receives and believes the promises of God, or he rejects them.

[WSS] When he says: “I don’t know who it is going to be,” he is talking about a person.

[326] I do not know. I just know that those Seven Thunders holds that mystery. The Heavens was quiet.”

And the Seven Thunders is the Voice of the Mighty Angel, of Christ.

[326] It may be time, it may be the hour now, that this great person that we’re expecting (and now he tells us about a person) to rise on the scene may arise on the scene.

327 Maybe this ministry, that I have tried to take people back to the Word, has laid a foundation…”

That is why he says in the book of Quotations, page 162 and 157, that he was laying the foundation, the scaffold, for someone else to come up on it; laying the platform; and, of course, it has to be the one he is announcing is coming after him. He says:

327 Maybe this ministry, that I have tried to take people back to the Word, has laid a foundation; and if it has, I’ll be leaving you, for good.”

In other words, he will not be ministering again. He left and will return in the resurrection of the dead in Christ; for which the Tent Vision will already be operating and a new ministry will be there, two ministries that the Holy Spirit will be operating, which are the ministries of the Two Olive Trees.

[JBP] Look how brother William speaks to us there that he left, brother Branham left, and that he will return in the resurrection, but by that time the Tent Vision will already be in operation.

Because he was there seeing that Vision when the Angel was showing him that Vision; in other words, he was taken to that time, where he was seeing there: preaching, calling, and healings and miracles and wonders; in other words, it was already in function, and there was a new ministry operating there.

And if a new ministry is operating there, therefore, it must be the ministry that God has at the end of time, where He will be operating the ministries of Moses and Elijah; as he says here [“WHAT HAPPENS AT THE LAST TRUMPET”]:

[WSS] …two ministries that the Holy Spirit will be operating, which are the ministries of the Two Olive Trees.

([JBP] And he continues quoting from brother Branham):

[327] There won’t be two of us here the same time.”

Now, he is talking about a man.

[JBP] How does God speak in every age and in every dispensation to the human race? Through a man. And so it is in this time in which we are living. He says:

[WSS] Now, he is talking about a man. “There won’t be two here at the same time.”

[JBP] Remember this is speaking, brother William, of that time where the Tent Vision and the fulfillment of the Tent is being manifested, is being fulfilled, in the midst of the Church.

[WSS] “There won’t be two here at the same time”: it is because God doesn’t have two greater prophets at the same time.

[327] If it is (and even if it were as it happened with John in the time of John and Jesus),

[327] If it is, he’ll increase; I’ll decrease.”

He is saying the same thing that John the Baptist said when they told him: “Look, now the one of whom you testified, now more people come to Him; they come to Him and He baptizes more,” in other words, “He baptizes more people than you,” that is what they are saying to him: “Many people come to Him and are baptized.”

And John says: “A man can do nothing of himself, except it be given to him by God.” In other words, it wasn’t a human work, it was something from God.

And then he says: “It is expedient for Him to increase and for me to decrease.” Those were correct words from John the Baptist.

And now, it will be in the Tent Vision and the fulfillment of the Tent Vision where the one of whom the Reverend William Branham said: “It is expedient for him to increase” will be. That is where that ministry will grow to its fullest.

[JBP] See that it is in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision that that Scripture, where brother Branham spoke, and also John the Baptist said those same words (that “He must increase and for me to decrease”)1, notice how in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision it has its happy fulfillment; in other words, the total fulfillment of that Scripture. Because there it is where that ministry will be at its maximum – at its maximum expression, in other words, where that ministry of Moses and Elijah will grow to its maximum; God operating, through the Holy Spirit, those ministries, through the instrument that He has in this end time.


[WSS] And now, all those that have believed the Message that God brought by Reverend William Branham, what is it that they should be looking for? To the one of whom Reverend William Branham testified that will come after him, who must increase, and who will have the ministry of the Last Day, and who will come to the culminating part of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

Christ in Holy Spirit will be in the midst of the fulfillment of that promise; because it is God’s Program through Christ for His Church for the Last Day.

And thus this world will be shaken with the demonstration of the power of God in all His fullness, without limitations. And so it will be that worldwide they will see that manifestation of Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, the Holy Spirit, in the midst of His Church.

[JBP] And a little further on, in this same message, he says:

[WSS] (…) And now, Reverend William Branham received from God, in the Ohio River, when he was baptizing there, when he was baptizing number 17… That was in the month of what? June. Day 11 of June (around there or more or less). Afterwards you can look it up, and correct me if I wasn’t right, to write it down somewhere.

He heard the Voice of the Angel that came in that flame of fire, in that Pillar of Fire, and said that just as John the Baptist was the forerunner of the First Coming of Christ, he sometimes says: “You will forerun the Second Coming of Christ,” or “you are sent to forerun the Second Coming of Christ”; and also on other occasions he says: “Your Message will forerun the Second Coming of Christ.”2

That is why the Message of Reverend William Branham is so important for Christianity and for Judaism as well; it will be present showing all these things that have been promised and that were foreshadowed by Reverend William Branham; he spoke of those things.

And since on Mount Transfiguration Moses and Elijah appeared…; where there is the order of what the Coming of the Lord will be: Moses and Elijah appeared; and the promise is that the Son of Man will come with His Angels.

That is why Reverend William Branham forerunning the Second Coming of Christ speaks of Moses, Elijah and Jesus; which all will conclude as it was fulfilled there, and a Voice from Heaven, or God speaking, a Voice from Heaven from the cloud said: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” That is: “This is my beloved Son, my David,” because David means ‘beloved’ and it is written in the same way. ‘David’ and ‘beloved’ are spelled the same in Hebrew.

And now, when the disciples, who were sleepy and also fearful, come out of the vision, they see only one: Jesus.

Everything will come to that stage; and so we will see and understand what is promised that will be the Coming of the Lord with His Angels, and we will understand the Message that foreshadowed the Second Coming of Christ.

The people who will be more advanced in all these matters and in all this Divine Program of the Coming of the Lord, will be the one who will be in the stage or age relevant to this end time; in the midst of which and for which the Tent Vision will become a reality. We will be arm in arm in that work so that we may fulfill the promise of the Tent Vision.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And further on… Let’s see here where he tells us something very, very important, in the message that he preached, a greeting there to the pastors. I say “further on” because it is a special volume here that they prepared…, that is, that I have here, that they prepared in Mexico a few years ago: from 2008, a special volume. And here there are also some words of greeting to the ministers. It says in a part here of this message:

(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Quito, Ecuador

And now, for the end time we are expecting great blessings from God.

Christ is as High Priest in the heavenly Temple, in the Throne of Intercession, which is the Throne of God in Heaven ([JBP] in other words, at that moment, in 2008, he is speaking that He is still there); but when Christ is as High Priest, with His Blood, that Throne or that Chair is converted into a Chair or Throne of Mercy and Intercession; while Christ is as High Priest, under the Dispensation of Grace.

When He finishes His Work of Intercession —which will be when He would have completed His Church, when every last elect has entered His Church—, He would have made intercession for the very last one written in Heaven, in the Lamb’s Book of Life, He would have redeemed him, He will rise from the Throne of the Father and will do His Reclaiming Work; no longer as High Priest but as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, as the old man said to John in chapter 5 of Revelation.

He will already be Lion and, therefore, Judge. He will no longer be High Priest, there will no longer be Blood on the Mercy Seat in Heaven; time will already be over, time of redemption.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And there is a place that our brother William wrote in the book of The Seals, but it is the book that is black, that is the…, that is not (let’s say) edited; they prepared it in Jeffersonville, that is, there in the printing press that they have there where they prepared it (many of you surely have it). And on page 369, which is the page where this excerpt of the book that we have is, that we use (but in this book, which is like a black cover, it is 404). We have already read it, but here he speaks something (brother Branham), and he writes above this that I am going to read to you. He says [p. 435-436 in Eng.]:

[360] “They cried for the rocks and the mountains to hide them,” see, to hide them from the Word that they had laughed at, ’cause they seen Him come. “Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb.” He is the Word. See? They had laughed at the Word. And here the Word was, incarnate [WSS] «in Elijah and Moses». And they had made fun of It ([JBP] Remember that this is the version that they…, of this book of The Seals); laughed at them, made fun of them. And the incarnate Word had dropped forth!

361 Why didn’t they repent? They couldn’t. It was too far, then. So, they knowed that, the punishment. They hear It.

[JBP] [WMB] “They hear It.” In other words, if it is promised that that manifestation of the Two Olive Trees would be in the midst of His Church under the ministry under Tent: It has to be in that manifestation in a man speaking, preaching; because it says:

[361] They hear It. They had sat in meetings like this and knowed about It.

[JBP] In other words, they had real good knowledge of all that would be happening, those who despise God’s mercy for the last time to His Church; because that is what it says further on:

[361] …and knowed about It.

[JBP] In other words, it wasn’t by knowledge that they were unaware of what was going to happen to those that were going to reject; and, therefore, that they had laughed, they had mocked…; they had done all things against those ministries.

But remember that all that has to be spoken, so that the people who are anointed with those spirits of the fifth dimension fulfill those promises; because every Word that comes from God and is spoken by the prophets: all those words have to be fulfilled.

In other words, there were already people that were asking the mountains, the rocks, to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb, it is because those people already had a trajectory to cross the line.

[361] And they knowed that the things of those prophets, had predicted, was looking them right in the face, the thing that they had rejected.

[JBP] See? The same thing that they had rejected, already those prophets had already spoken it before. In other words, they already have enough knowledge of what is going to come, of what awaits all of them.

[361] They had spurned mercy for the last time [WSS] «under the Two Olives Trees». ([JBP] He also writes that there).

[WSS] «Revelation

[JBP] In the red book of The Seals, he had written there (which we have read several times)3: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah, he who receives him (or he who receives the ministries of Moses and Elijah), receives mercy».

[(WSS) «Moses and Elijah: he who receives His Message receives mercy»].

[JBP] But look here, in this one he says:

[361] They had spurned mercy for the last time ([JBP] and there he writes): [WSS] «under the Two Olive Trees».

362 And when you spurn mercy, there is nothing left but judgment ([JBP] and he writes beside it, there as well): [WSS] «the Two Olive Trees».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Our brother William continues to say here [“WORDS OF GREETING”]:

[WSS] …in chapter 5 of Revelation.

He will be Lion and, therefore, Judge. He will no longer be High Priest, there will no longer be Blood on the Mercy Seat in Heaven; time will have ended, time of redemption.

[JBP] That is, time of salvation, time of mercy. But then God sends mercy for the last time through the ministries of Moses and Elijah. He says:

[WSS] By taking the Title of Life, the Title Deed of eternal life, the Title Deed of all Creation, the Title of Redemption, already there things will change in Heaven and, consequently, on Earth.

And for the chosen ones it will be the most glorious moment of all, because after receiving the Title in Heaven: He will bring it to Earth, He will give it to a man to eat it, so that he may preach to every people, nation and tongue.

In other words, a Message for all mankind will come, but there will no longer be time of redemption, there will no longer be Blood in Heaven. That is where the ministries of the Two Olive Trees will be doing great signs, great wonders; and there the Tent Vision will be fully fulfilled, because the miracles and wonders are for Moses and Elijah.

[JBP] See that that is for the time when He is no longer as High Priest in Heaven.

And if He gives it to a man, then that man has to be here on Earth to eat that Book and preach.

It will be a quick Message, it will be a short Message that will be preached for all mankind.

And in that preaching is the preaching, the Teaching, that the elect of God will be receiving in that final revival.

When he says: [WMB] “Will another revival come? Will another time come?” that is where that Rider comes from the West on that white horse, which is the pure Word, which is the one that has the content and the revelation of the Seventh Seal —which is the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels—, to thus give them the faith to be transformed and raptured.

He goes on to say [“WORDS OF GREETING”]:

[WSS] Remember on page 166 of the book of Quotations, where Reverend William Branham says: “Will there be another revival? Will I see another time?” That is: “Will I see another time of revival?” Like the one in each of the ages, where God sent a messenger with a Message; he would proclaim it, and it came, it arrived, the revival of that age arose.

[JBP] And look (what we just talked about):

[WSS] “Will there be another time? Another revival?” He says: “From the West (there is Elijah speaking in his fourth manifestation)… a Rider will come from the West.”

So we must have our sight where? In the West. And the West is the American continent; and already in the northern part of the American continent came Elijah in his fourth manifestation, and there was the revival of the seventh age.

Another revival in the American continent, another revival in the West, can only take place in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“From the West,” that is, the next revival after the revival of Reverend William Branham’s time, and the next messenger or rider, will be from the West: a westerner; and therefore, with western garments and western manners, eating rice and beans.

That is the most typical western food: rice, beans, a little piece of meat on the side; and in some countries: chili or chili pepper, hot pepper too, and things like that.

“From the West shall come a Rider on a white horse.” The white horse of the Word. It says: “We shall ride…” And now, it doesn’t say: “He shall ride…” “We shall ride.”

And now, Elijah is not going to be left out.

—“But Elijah in his fourth manifestation has already left and didn’t travel that path together with the coming Rider!” Because Elijah in his fourth manifestation is for the seventh age and would travel that path alone. He says: “The next occasion… (in another message) The next time I see Elijah coming, I see Elijah coming with Moses, with the Rider from the West coming on a white horse.”

And he says: “We will travel”; therefore, if he is going to travel again, it is for the fifth time.

And it stays in the West, but not in the part of Laodicea or the territory of Laodicea, but in the territory that corresponds to a new stage, to a new age: The Age of the Cornerstone.

And since God is building a spiritual Temple, that Temple is reflected, represented, symbolized, in the tabernacle that Moses made and the temple that King Solomon made; therefore, there is an Outer Court, there is a Holy Place and a Most Holy Place.

[JBP] And further on… This message says a lot of important things. Let us look over here, it says:

[WSS] Therefore, there had to arise an age represented in the Most Holy Place, to be the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ, the Most Holy Place of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Last Day; where the Two Olive Trees will obligatorily be, the Ark of the Covenant, which is Christ, the Word; there will be the golden cherubim, there will be the olive wood cherubim as well, as in the temple of Solomon, covered with gold; in other words, it speaks to us of those ministries being manifested through human flesh; and gold: the Divinity, God there manifesting Himself.

All this corresponds to the end time. That is why in Revelation 11 we find it outside the seven ages.

And it is linked to the Temple; because you see, John, when he speaks of the Two Olive Trees and these things, he is first speaking of the temple there, which he was seeing.

[JBP] In other words, it is a manifestation outside of the ages. And at the end, him finishing, says:

[WSS] (…) And the feeding of the congregations: always keeping them the Food on time; and always having the biggest screen for them; and the smallest screen…, the pastor, if he has a screen to see the news or to see the transmissions, then let it be the smallest one, and the biggest one for the congregation.

And preparing ourselves for when the Tent Vision is in full fulfillment: that all those transmissions that are carried out from that place, all the congregations can have them, seeing them on the screens they have and with good audio, so that they can see and hear as if they were in the place where the activities are being carried out.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, besides having the screens to see, also a good audio to listen.

And if he is saying that they have to have a good audio to listen: it is because it will be preached, spoken, everything that the children of God in all the face of the Earth need to hear to receive the Rapturing Faith.

All that is part of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, where it will reach that maximum stage where God will crown those ministries with all those signs and miracles that the Scriptures speak to us, and also in the messages of brother Branham, and in the messages of our brother William: of everything that will be happening in the midst of His Church in the full fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

Let us keep our spiritual eyes wide open; because all that God is fulfilling at this time in the midst of His Church is what was already spoken and prophesied by God through His prophets, and it is what is being carried out at this time in favor of God’s elect.

But remember that the Third Pull is: for the Church-Bride, for the foolish, and also for the lost; in other words, it is for all groups, it is for all mankind; and also including the 144,000 Jews.

In other words, this stage impacts the entire human race; it impacts even nature: The Heavens, the Earth.

It impacts even the Heavens, because even there the Voice will be heard, the Voice for them who are there: to hear; and upon hearing that Great Voice of Resurrection, as Lazarus heard there4: they resurrect.

Because those who are in the sixth dimension will be hearing that Voice; and by hearing It, they will be receiving the call to return again to be in the midst of His people, in other words, the people of this time; they will come to that Golden Age, which is the Age of the Cornerstone, the current age: the age where He will fulfill that promise of the resurrection.

I can’t find it so quickly here; but later on, in these days, we can look for it, where He speaks that it will be the Voice of God speaking, and they will be listening to that Voice.

And then… No, I didn’t find it that quickly, but later on we will be looking for it.

Well, it has been for me a privilege and a great blessing to be able to send these words of greeting to all the brethren in San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela.

May God bless you, brother Miguel, greatly, Ruth also, and all the ministers and all the brethren gathered there this afternoon.

May God bless you all greatly.

1 John 3:30

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3 Study “At the 3rd Pull: They had to recognize Him,” 11/17/2022 (Thursday), p. 15 of the booklet

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