The Golden Age of the Cornerstone

The Golden Age of the Cornerstone

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Friday, September 2, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

(First greeting)

Good afternoon. Today Friday, September 2 of this year 2022, we thank our heavenly Father, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, for having sent us at this time His Angel Messenger: the Angel that He promised in the Sacred Scriptures to send in the midst of His Church, with this Message that calls and gathers His elect; and He has already done that work, it has been done, and He has placed us in the position of the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ, which is His Church.

And through that Message that the Angel of the Lord has brought us, we are being prepared to obtain the Rapturing Faith, the Faith of Transformation, the faith to be able to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when we obtain that new body.

That is why we thank Him for having sent us His Angel, our beloved brother and friend William Soto Santiago; we even knew him by His Name; the Name, which God has placed in His Angel, because the Name is in His Angel [Exodus 23:20-23]. And by coming in human flesh, therefore, God places His Name in that instrument that God used in this end time, bringing us all this Message, which contains the Rapturing Faith.

In other words, the content of that Message that the Angel of the Lord has brought to us, all that it contains, that mystery is enclosed therein; mystery for which there was silence in Heaven for half an hour, and that silence is produced when that Seventh Seal is opened in Heaven. In other words, when that half hour of silence begins, on Earth what that seal means and the fulfillment of that Seventh Seal is being openly made known to the public.

First it is to the Lord’s Church, to the Church-Bride, to whom He would be making known that open mystery with all the details, so that the Church-Bride receives the Rapturing Faith.

In other words, all that content of the Message that the Angel brought us, that mystery is enclosed therein, which would later be opened to the Church in the fulfillment of the Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral; in other words, it would be made known in that stage under the Tent, under that manifestation that God would have under the Tent.

And once that half hour of silence begins in Heaven, automatically on Earth something would already be happening in the midst of God’s people, in the midst of the people from which He sent His Angel. 

It can’t be in a past time, it has to be in the time and within the territory, and with the characters, and to the people that he was sent. In other words, that God sent him to fulfill that promise to bring that revelation, which the children of God, the elect of God, the spiritual Mary receives. And thus with that Message, then that mystery to be completely opened in the fulfillment of that promise under Tent; in which, the mystery would be made known.

In the message “THE KING IS BORN,” we are going to read here something, a little more about this subject, since we are all interested; because each one of us wants to be raptured, therefore, be adopted, to be transformed; we want to already leave from here; and for that, we need to understand the way provided by God, we need how God is going to be giving us that Rapturing Faith.

Because the Message already came; now, God has to fulfill the content of that Message, already in a form…, already in the real part; let’s say: in Its full fulfillment, God has to fulfill it in the midst of the Church, everything that was spoken by the Angel.

Like what was spoken by the Archangel Gabriel there to Mary, all that has to be – then we saw that it was fulfilled. Now, in the Church-Bride all that content of the Message brought to us by the Angel has to be fulfilled.

And there are some Scriptures and quotes that I wish to have here in this greeting, so that we may study all this and not overlook what God is doing in the midst of the Church; which is nothing more and nothing less than the fulfillment of what He promised. We shouldn’t be surprised by what God is doing, because it is what God has promised; and we have been waiting for this time for so long, and we already have it in our midst!

In the message “THE KING IS BORN,” it says, preached on Sunday, December 25, 2016, here in Cayey, Puerto Rico. It says…

Remember that this was after he spoke to the rabbis there in Argentina, in…, around that time, month of November; and then when he returned to Puerto Rico, he preaches this message. And an excerpt that was placed in the book “The Vision of the Great Tent Cathedral – Volume III” (those who have it there can also bookmark it) says.

I have used this excerpt in other greetings before, and now we are going to touch on it again, to see there some excerpts and writings of brother William, which we should know and have them, for this study that began a few days ago, of what is the arrival of the Archangel to the virgin Mary; and also in the mystery of the Church of the Lord: how it has emerged, since when the construction of that spiritual Temple has emerged; and also the mystery of what is the body, that is, the new body that we are going to receive.

All these topics we will be touching on in these messages that we will be listening to this weekend. So all this is intertwined, because all the Message and all the Word of God comes through the same thread of thought.

It says, page 371 of “Volume 3”:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, December 25, 2016
Cayey, Puerto Rico

And in this end time we see, throughout history, that all the people that God has placed in messenger positions, have been persecuted to death by the enemy using different instruments.

Simply because the wise men said: “Where is He that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the East,” King Herod already thought about how to kill that child; which is why the child had to be found. If he had never read the Scriptures, on that occasion he did, which he asked the scribes, the doctors of the religious field to tell him where Christ, the Messiah, was to be born. They told him: “In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it is written by the prophet.”

For the Coming of the Lord in this end time, everything was kept a secret; because if that mystery is revealed, the enemy will try to prevent the fulfilling of the Coming of the Lord.

That mystery is the mystery of the Seventh Seal, which will be opened in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, of the Great Tent Cathedral, to give the faith, the perfect faith, the faith to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

([JBP] Where would that perfect faith be given, that faith to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? In the fulfillment of the Tent Vision).

It goes on to say further on (down there), it says:

(…) The question that will arise one day will be: “Where is the King of the Jews?” And they will have the correct answer, because both Jews and Christians are waiting and seeking for the One who will sit on the Throne of David and inherit the Kingdom of David. That will be one of the things that will be revealed to the public in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

There are great promises of great blessings for the believers in Christ and for the Jews as well.

The Jews are under expectation, because they are waiting for the King heir to the Throne of David, descendant of King David. And this year, we have seen through the internet that they are very concerned; and next year they will be even more concerned and more interested in learning about the subject of the One who will sit on the Throne of David as the Son of David.

([JBP] In other words, every year they are going to be more worried and more worried every time).

Therefore, let’s pray for Israel, because they have that earthly promise that the Throne, Kingdom and the King who will establish God’s World Kingdom on Earth will sit on the Throne of David in Jerusalem. Therefore, we must also be watchful, because God has something great for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ under the New Covenant.

And some day, the believers in Christ and the Jews will say: “The King is born, the King of the Jews.” But the question, before that one, is: “Where is He?” And that question will be answered biblically in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Remember that that Angel that was showing there to Reverend William Branham everything that was happening there, He always went to the Scriptures, and He said: “It is written”; in other words, it is a scriptural messenger that was there showing brother Branham everything that was happening.

It will be all scriptural, what will be made known at that stage of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision; where, not only involves that day that brother Branham was there, but before that, a number of events that would be taking place. And we already know, and it has been answered to us that one of those events is: the Faith that would be imparted to the people of God, to the elect of God, to be transformed. In other words, that will be one of the things that will be open to the public in that fulfillment of the Tent Vision; open to us, open to the children of God who need that perfect Faith (because it is not just any faith), that perfect Faith to be transformed and raptured.

Because as Jesus said at the time when He was tempted…, He always went to the Scriptures: “It is written.” In other words, everything that Jesus also worked there in His ministry, everything was scriptural. Because He said…, for example, in the part when the enemy (the devil) was there telling Him to turn those stones into bread… Imagine, after fasting and starting to eat, there for sure that was going to fall so heavy that He could even die before His time; that is, He went to the Scriptures there and said [Matthew 4]:

4 It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

That is why every prophetic Word given by the Holy Spirit has to be written. And all that the Angel was showing there to Reverend William Branham, He said: “It is written”; in that part where He also told him about when [WMB] “a person prays in secret and his Father who sees in secret will reward him in public”1; see? He also told him about the Scripture, He told him scripturally what was happening there.

And if, at that time, it was being fulfilled… those ministries that will be there were fulfilling that prophecy, that written Word (that was written before, and there it was being fulfilled), how much more before that time there!, also everything that was being carried out through those ministries under Tent, would be being shown and would be being fulfilled scripturally.

Notice something very important here. I’m going to try to go as smoothly or slowly (let’s say) as possible in quoting for you to write down, although you are going to have it written down, but so that you can write down something here from these small excerpts that I will be reading to you; and may God open your understanding and help us to continue understanding all that God is doing today.

Look at this message “THE END-TIME SIGN SEED.”2 This was preached on March 19, 1962 . It says on page 21 at the bottom, it says:

157 [76] That’s all right if he wants to believe that. Three is the number of perfection. But what do I believe that three was? What do we believe? It was a three of perfection showing that the trinity of God (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) was made manifest in a Man, Jesus Christ, the one perfect Man. All other men had failed. Everything else had died. But here come a Man that couldn’t die: perfection, that even death couldn’t kill Him. Rose up again.

158 77 Three is the number of perfection. We all know that. Three is God’s number in His numerology. God is known by His numbers. Three is perfection, and seven is worship; twenty-four is worship; forty is temptation; fifty is Pentecost, jubilee (See?), so forth. All of His numbers, His numerals of God is perfected, is in perfection. Now, three is the number of perfection. Just before when the—(listen now close) when the little baby Christ was born, three stars went together and made the one morning star, that reflected the coming of a infant ([JBP] a child) Christ, a perfect One.

159 78 Now, what’s happened? We see a roar in the paper, across the television out across the nations, where five stars just fell in line with the world. What’s five? A number of grace. Every time those stars come, then something happens on earth. What taken place? Five stars fell in. What was it, a—a introducing of what?

Since then just look what’s taken place.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «3 Star when Jesus was born».

And have that quote there, so you may have all those Scriptures together.

It says in the message “A GUIDE,”3 which was… (so that you also note the date). This was preached on October 14, 1962, by Reverend William Branham. It says on page 18, it says:

79 When, the wise men, they didn’t know nothing about God. They were—they were magic-workers, magicians. They were over in the orients. You know, the Bible said, “We have seen His Star in the East, come to worship Him.” They were from the west, they looked east and saw His Star… or looked west, they was in the East ([JBP] now). “We were in the East, and saw His Star in the west.” See? “We have seen His Star in the East.” And, see, they were in the East. “When we were in the East we saw the Star, and we’ve come to worship Him.” ([JBP] that is, from the East they saw the star in the West).

80 I can imagine seeing those fellows getting ready to go. I can imagine one of their wives said to him, said, “Say, got everything all packed up, but where’s your compass?”

He said, “I—I ain’t going to use a compass this time.”

81 Said, “How you going to get across the mountains?” Remember, they had to cross the Tigris River and come down through the plains, and the…why, they had two-year’s trip on camels. How they going to do it? Said, “Well, ye ain’t even taking a compass.”

Said, “No.”

“How you going?”

82 “I’m going God’s provided way…”

[JBP] See? We can’t have our own compasses, our own instruments; and we can’t say: “With this I’m going to arrive, and with this I’m going to know, and with this I’m going to achieve the goal of my transformation.” One has to put everything aside and grab, take hold of the way provided by God to get there. He says:

82 “I’m going God’s provided way. That Star yonder is going to lead me to that King.” That’s it.

83 “We have seen His Star in the East, and followed It all the way here in the west, to worship Him. Where is He?” They followed God’s provided way. They got tied up with a bunch of creeds down there in a little while. They come into Jerusalem and begin to go up and down the street, these finest dressed people, saying, “Where is He? Where is He born King of the Jews?” Well, that was the head, that was Jerusalem. Surely the big church ought to know something about It. “Where is He? Where is He born King of the Jews? We have seen His Star in the East, we come to worship Him. Where is He?”

[JBP] And he writes at the top:

[WSS] «Star = Luther, Wesley, Rev. William Branham».

[WSS] «Star = messenger = Elijah, Moses, Jesus».

[JBP] And lastly, he writes:

[WSS] «Star = messenger, pastor, Angel».

And there is something very, very important there, for us to be on the lookout.

[JBP] He makes a drawing of the pyramid with the bottom part of the ages, and writes: [WSS] «East», and above: [WSS] «West».

Remember that God, when He is going to do something on Earth, He first fulfills it or shows it in the heavens; everything that He is going to do, He fulfills it in the heavens, in other words, He shows it in the heavens. And you must be in expectation of everything that has been happening in the heavens, both this year, as well as signs that have been coming for several years ago: in 39, 40 there were also signs; another great and powerful sign was that of February 28, 63, where those angels appeared to the Reverend William Branham in that constellation of angels; and all that, God is showing in the heavens what He would do on Earth.

And God, after showing that in the heavens, that sign that He shows in the sky, something must already be happening on Earth. Like at that time, where they saw that star: Remember that it had already been two years since that Star had appeared to them; in other words, it was already…, we saw in the Bible, in the Sacred Scriptures, where He was already two years old, Jesus was already two years old; but before that, God was already on the scene.

How was God on the scene? God had sent there the Archangel Gabriel; in other words, God sent that powerful Archangel long before the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord, the fulfillment of the Coming of the Son of Man in His First Coming, which was fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth. In other words, God…

Look at what it says here in the message “THE JUNCTION OF TIME,4 preached on January 15, 1956, look at what it says here, it says:

103 John came forth, claiming the miraculous. John was a prophet. The Bible said, Jesus said, Himself, “There never was a man born on the earth like him,” till that time. Hallelujah! Why? He was a prophet, the greatest there was till that time. Because, this was the greatest junction that God ever made with the devil, when their paths crossed, and there He would strip him and rob him of everything he had. Hallelujah! John was a prophet.

104 Gabriel was the Angel there ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Gabriel» ([JBP] and he also writes): [WSS] «the junction of two paths», appearing at junction time ([JBP] that is, Gabriel). Glory to God! About thirty-three years before it happened.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, before the full fulfillment (for which Jesus had come to Earth, in the fulfillment of His First Coming), on Calvary’s Cross, already in that stage of the fulfillment of giving His life there on the Cross, that event for which He came to this planet Earth, and that moment of the Cross, which fulfilled those three years of His life…; there, of course, are within the three and a half years of that ministry.

But notice how brother Branham here tells us that [WMB] “thirty-three years before,” that is, before that event, before He fulfilled that moment of the crucifixion (that is, the Work of Redemption for which He was sent in His First Coming), he says that [WMB] “thirty-three years before it happened”; and therefore, He also sent Him…

In other words, He was there 28 to 29 years before the fulfillment of that adoption of Jesus, (that is, of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry), to then, the last six months, have the adoption, Jesus, for that final Work.

In other words, the Archangel Gabriel had (let’s say) 32 and a half years before, the Archangel Gabriel, 32 and a half years before He was adopted on Mount Transfiguration.

And He was 28 to 29 years before He began that messianic ministry, that is, to begin that final stage of His age being here on Earth.

Of the 33 years, those last 3 and a half years —which correspond to the first part of the seventieth week of Daniel’s prophecy (in other words, those last 3 and a half years)—, Gabriel was there before: 28 to 29 years, already on Earth, showing Mary the things that would be happening through the One of which she was going to give birth, of which the Holy Spirit had overshadowed Mary and had produced cell upon cell and produced that baby.

Now, if we count from the date when that ministry fully started…, because it started in 63, but, notice, already in 74 there that ministry started speaking to Mary fully. And then, if you take out that date that I told you, from: 28 to 29 years of the ministry of Jesus beginning…; and also if you take there the age of Joseph, who was betrothed to Mary…

Let’s see here, let’s go on slowly so you can notice this tremendous picture.

Look, he says… We are going to finish from here, he says (a little before to mesh it here, he says):

[104] Glory to God! About thirty-three years before it happened, God started in plenty of time, to forewarn them that the junction time was at hand.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, God was there warning Mary, He was speaking to her that that junction was at hand; because He was speaking to her there and bringing her that powerful Message that He was speaking to Mary.

That is why brother Branham says: [WMB] “You announced, you sounded the Trumpet at the First Coming,”5 there He was sounding it to Mary, speaking to her all that, and all the content of that powerful Message, of that Voice of the Archangel, to Mary.

And look here, let’s see… These audios are for study, so we take advantage of them, and then we can sit down calmly and study them.

Let’s see here in the message “GOD’S GIFTS,” because it goes with this. Notice something here, “GOD’S GIFTS ALWAYS FIND THEIR PLACES,”6 preached on December 22, 1963. He says, Reverend William Branham, says… he is reading in Matthew, chapter 2, and the last one, here the last one…:

[34] “And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and… they had opened their treasures, they presented to him gifts; gold,… frankincense, and myrrh.”

[JBP] There is a part where he defines:

[WSS] «gold = deity».

[WSS] «incense = service».

[WSS] «and myrrh = death».

[JBP] In other words, there he is going to be anointed to die. There is a part here that he says it like this. But let’s read this part, he writes on the back of that page what the [WSS] «gold = deity», [WSS] «incense = service» and [WSS] «myrrh = death» means.

[34] …they presented to him gifts; gold,… frankincense, and myrrh. And being warned of God in a dream that they should not depart… they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way. 

35 Very strange here how that God, in a lesser way,… God does speak to people through dreams. I believe it. But how that God in this case used a secondary.

36 Now, a dream is… a dream, if it’s interpreted rightly, it is a same as a vision; if it’s a dream and being interpreted. God’s used it since way back in the Old Testament and down through the ages, and promised in the last days to use it again. Now, people can over eat and—and so forth and get nightmares, and it’s not—it’s not real, spiritual dreams, it don’t ring up when you—when you read it. And some of it might seem right, but yet there’s real, spiritual dreams. And we know here at the tabernacle that God gives people dreams and they are interpreted, and they come to pass, and they’re real. But it’s a secondary way of doing it. See?

[JBP] In other words, it is a secondary form, because (later on we are going to see) the first form is God through His prophets, who brings revelation to the people. It says:

37 Now, the reason it was done then, it was because there was no prophet in the land at that time, to interpret the dream. See? There was no prophet to interpret the dreams, like Joseph and—and Daniel and those prophets of old. They hadn’t had a prophet for four hundred years, and God used a dream to…for the welfare of His Own Child. He did.

38 He told Joseph ([JBP] and he is now talking about the Joseph who was betrothed to Mary), when he was “a just man, not willingly to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.” No doubt she told him the visit of Gabriel and so forth, and what he had said; but when he saw her to be mother, it—it was too unusual. You know, it just…it was something very different. And you know, that’s what’s the matter today. God does things unusual, and it’s so unusual till even just man can’t see it.

[JBP] He says next to it, when he says: [WMB] “No doubt she told him, but when he saw her,” he writes: [WSS] «Angel» [JBP] next to it.

[38] And you know, that’s what’s the matter today. God does things unusual, and it’s so unusual till even just man can’t see it.

39 Joseph couldn’t understand it, it was too unusual. He was a good man, nothing wrong with him. He was a good man, a just man, but it was so unusual. See, Joseph probably forty years old or forty-five, something like that, they claim, when he and Mary was engaged.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, notice, and you must always keep this in mind, which we have repeated on several occasions, of what brother Branham and our brother William speak, that the Scriptures have multiple fulfillments and also have multiple revelation; it has multiple meaning and it also has meaning of multiple revelation, too.

Because, notice that at that time when our brother William left (we are talking about 2019), counting from the date that he places there in several writings, since 1977, which is the time where God opened more and more, and each time more, the understanding of that new age, of that new dispensation, that there was a people and all that…

That is why he always places in the messages, in the writings that we have around there…, and some very, very important ones, which, when those dates are fulfilled, they can be spoken publicly; meanwhile, those future dates must be left alone, until all those prophetic events written by him are fully fulfilled.

But those that are already there, or the years that have already passed, we can speak about them; as for example, that time that he writes: from 1977 to 2019, for example; that date there that marks 41 years with 8 months, 8 – 10 months, because around there is… in some places he writes some more months; but let’s say: 41 years with 8 months.

If you add: 1977 and add 41 years and 8 months, it will give you around the year 2019. And that date fits exactly with what he wrote about March of that year, which was a date where God already called him.

He had called him in 2017; which, if you do the math, there are other very, very important dates there, which you can write down. And remember, we are not now taking dates to base faith on dates; rather this is to have a clearer knowledge and to know where we stand.

And for that date of 2019, if you count the date from 74, more or less, that gives you more or less the age that Joseph had, and there may also be fulfilling something of that Scripture, which there was that experience of Joseph with the Archangel Gabriel; and we will continue to see that later on.

But remember that the Scriptures have multiple fulfillments, and Joseph there is representing the Messiah in His Second Coming.

In some messages of brother William, he always briefly touched on something, and said that later on we were going to talk about that; because Joseph, we see that he exited the scene, then Joseph wasn’t talked about anymore. And remember that Joseph is a descendant of King David; in other words, he would be a descendant of King David, of the tribe of Judah, through the line of Judah, that the Messiah would come in His Second Coming also; in other words, Joseph is a type of the Second Coming of the Lord.

In other words, that event that happened there in 2019 is parallel to what happened with that meeting of Gabriel with Joseph there, when he was about 45 years old (as brother Branham says); type and figure of the fulfillment also of the Coming of the Lord in His Second Coming in the Last Day, with that manifestation and that experience that Joseph had there with Gabriel. In this end time the same thing happened; and I’m not going to talk to you a little more about that, but you already have an idea, or you already have a little clearer knowledge of what was happening there with that visit that he had (Joseph, the one who was betrothed to Mary), there at that time, which, he was engaged to Mary, and there Gabriel appears to him in a dream.

But notice something very important, because when He appears to him, look here something, he says:

[39] See, Joseph probably forty years old or forty-five, something like that, they claim, when he and Mary was engaged ([JBP] and brother William writes beside it): [WSS] «Joseph, 45 years». But here we find something that never had happened: a woman espoused to this man and yet be found to be mother! And it was so unusual Joseph was minded to put her away. But right at that crucial moment, God sent His Angel ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «He sent His Angel – Gabriel», and appeared to him in a dream and said, “Don’t fear to take to thee Mary thy wife, for That which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.”

[JBP] And where he says: [WMB] “Don’t fear to take to thee Mary thy wife,” and he writes beside it: [WSS] «get married».

40 What a newborn faith Joseph must have had when he rose up from there! See, he never had need of any interpretation, the dream wasn’t in symbols. It was right straight out,…

[JBP] Look there at everything I’m reading. It goes on to say:

[40] “Don’t fear to take Mary thy wife, for That which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.” There was no prophet to give the interpretation, so it had to come directly, right straight like that; to God…from God to Joseph. 

[JBP] And now, notice how… It goes on saying:

[40] Now… and God taken that secondarily way.

[JBP] That is, because he writes on the side:

[WSS] «Dreams, secondary way of God to speak. Through prophets is the first».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Notice how he used the secondary form to speak directly to Joseph; [WMB] “and there was no prophet there,” he says there; but it was a direct form, which God was revealing there to Joseph what was going to happen with Mary, who would be giving birth to that son.

In the Last Day, that Joseph would be receiving Mary, because in the midst of her is that God would be fulfilling the Coming of the Lord, the ministries of Moses and Elijah in their final stage. Look how the Scriptures have many meanings; because even that, God allowed it to happen that way.

Now, some may think, don’t go to say: “Hey, now a child has to be born, and from a baby, and from here we have to wait 30, 40 more years for him to be born and all that,” no; God already has him, he is already here; and he has been speaking to us and has been showing us; and now notice from where and from which angle we are seeing all this: from Joseph’s angle now, the betrothed with Mary; this is another angle.

And it is good that you know how to separate one thing from the other; and that is why I spoke to you now, I told you that: “Don’t think now that through the virgin Mary, His Church, His Bride, a son will be born”; no. He was already born, in other words, he is already grown up, he already has a trajectory; because God, His Scriptures and His prophecies are fulfilled and reflected… in other words, when He is fulfilling them, it is a reflection of what God would do later on.

Because if you look at Gabriel, He is the Archangel Gabriel, also when he came in our midst, he was also fulfilling that prophecy: there was also a planetary alignment, around 39 to 40. See? Countless celestial events occurred; there was also a trajectory, there was a Message, there was a gathering, there was that Voice of the Archangel to the Bride, there was that approach to Israel. See? All that, a whole package (let’s say), all in one… All that he fulfilled in all that, he…, if we come to look at it from the prophetic angle and from the Scriptures that had to be fulfilled: everything was fulfilled.

If you see there, he fulfilled countless things; but it wasn’t open, all that wasn’t openly spoken, but partially fulfilled; and all that he fulfilled in His Coming…, which we already have the gathering of the elect, they have already been sealed, they are already placed in the corresponding position; but; something was missing.

Where is the Rapturing Faith? Why are we still here? And then that other part, which is a silence that there was when he ascended to Heaven and there presents himself; that Angel appears on page 80 [page 95 in Eng.] of the book of The Seals, and there he makes himself known, when he says: [WMB] “And there is the Angel, there he appears. So that is when this Angel appears and that half hour of silence begins. And we will see later on what happens during that half hour of silence”; (I’m more or less saying what is on that page). See? Already after that Angel appears there, there is a series of events that would be happening with the appearance of that Angel there.

And there is another place also…, because in the book of Quotations, if you notice, when he says that there was no… The Angel didn’t show what the Seventh Seal was to brother Branham; that is a quote that was placed there in the book of Quotations. Notice here something tremendous, where he says on page 114 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 1003, it says:

10037 – “208 The Lamb took His Book when, the Seventh Seal just ready for it to be opened, the Sixth Seal. Remember, He hid the Seventh Seal from us. He wouldn’t do it. When the Angel stood, day by day, telling it, but then He wouldn’t do it on that one.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The Angel revealed six seals to brother Branham, but not the 7th Seal».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «Didn’t let him see = understand».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And we have been given to know this great mystery of the Seventh Seal in its opening.

Remember that the Seventh Seal has a beginning and it has an end. And the Seventh Seal is intertwined with the Sixth Seal, which are: Moses and Elijah; because the Son of Man comes with His Angels.

And there are other revelations, or we can say, other fulfillments of the life of Joseph (who was betrothed to Mary), which, as we see these topics, God is showing us and giving us more light of that moment where Gabriel was speaking to Mary and then to Joseph. In other words, the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel at that crossroads of time, bringing that powerful Message to Mary, marked that the time was at hand for that change of dispensation, and He sent it ahead of time.

Remember that he in several messages tells us that [WSS] “when the last elect comes in, and are sealed, the door will already close”; and we are already entering a stage, where it is already the final part of that crossroads to begin that new dispensational day. Because after 2019, as we read recently,8 that when God delivered the Hebrew people from Egypt in the first exodus, Moses was already 80 years old, he delivers them…

Let’s see here in the book of Quotations (if we can find it quickly). I didn’t have it at hand, but let’s look for it quickly here…

God always has a time to fulfill the promises in their entirety. In other words, after he delivered them, there were some additional years, which are always for the preparation of the people; in other words, it is a very necessary time for the people, because it is the time when God gives the people: to get ready, to prepare themselves.

Look, I found it here, on page 151, at the top it says:

[WSS] «1st dispensation. After 40 years it took them 5 years».

[JBP] In other words, it took Joshua 5 years to cross the sea… In other words, when Moses was already 120 years old… He delivered them when he was 80 years old, and at 120 years old then 5 years passed; and they were already in those 5 years in that preparation, ready to cross the sea.

In other words, God already had that time already in His Program. Because notice:

If you add 120 and add 5: it is 125 years, 125 years that is… if you multiply 41 years and 8 months by 3, do the math to see if it gives 125. Yes, it adds up to 125 years.

In other words, in the fourth watch or in the fourth generation (everything is in the fourth), notice how, after those three hours passed (from the hour of His Coming)…; because he, at the age of 120 years, after 120 years Moses leaves, and then that last time corresponds to Joshua. In other words, Joshua continued with that Work of deliverance, in other words, with concluding that Work of deliverance (because they were already delivered by Moses when they left Egypt, but all that is part of that exodus); and at the end it was Joshua’s turn to finish that hour of the Coming, of that hour of His Coming.

And we are going to see here something that… because, for example, if you do the math (and you should do it there and not leave it recorded here), but if you do the math with the message…, I think it was an introduction of a Sunday,9 which something of the life of Moses was spoken, put it together with this and you will see a very clear picture there of all this exodus that God fulfilled there with the Hebrew people in the first exodus.

And if you notice, in the second exodus the same thing happened.

It says:

[WSS] «2nd dispensation. After 40 years it took them 10 days».

[JBP] That is, it is always (see?) an additional time. And there he writes:

[WSS] «3rd dispensation. After 40 years it will take us ??».

[JBP] In other words, there is also a time already destined by God to do the Work that corresponds to those days.

Do you see that we don’t have much time?

That is why Joseph’s life and what I spoke to you about Joseph, is not for you to see it in the way that there it was being fulfilled, which was the birth of Jesus in Mary’s womb (which at that time was created by the Holy Spirit, which overshadowed), I’m not focusing on that; now we are focusing on Joseph’s part and what Joseph there was reflecting at that time.

We saw in these days10 the part of Mary, the virgin Mary, of that time back then, and the spiritual Mary, who is the Bride of the Lord. These are two different approaches and two different angles that we have to know how to identify. And that ministry for which it wasn’t opened to brother Branham, as we read there in the book of Quotations.

Notice where he says in the message “STANDING IN THE GAP,” which was this message preached on June 23, 1963; and this message, truly there is a great revelation here; he has it so, so marked that… All of this is something so, so valuable, that I thank God that He has done it this way, this time, how he has left us all this, to have this Scriptural foundation under Tent.

And everything is as simple as God is making it. And I am filled with joy and happiness, to see how God, through His Word, is vindicating all the fulfillment and all that mystery of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels; and I also thank God that He has a people that has grasped all this and has given it value, and has given meaning to this time; because he knows that without this time and without this preparation, we can’t leave here.

I thank God for you, I thank God because you have understood, because you are the wise ones, and because you have been holding on to those promises, those prophecies, and you are seeing them being fulfilled.

In other words, I thank God because the Work that God is doing is bearing that fruit, and He is giving you that direct Light of the Sun so that the wheat may reach full maturity.

Without these rays of Sun we don’t know where we are, we wouldn’t know where we are; we would be without direction; because God always, in each time, has to have the guidance; which God does through His Holy Spirit from age to age and from dispensation to dispensation.

That is why when it says:11 “I will smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered,” they don’t know where they are going; but when there is a shepherd… There is a message that we will read later on from there, very beautiful, “WHY IT HAD TO BE SHEPHERD,” that message is tremendous!, there you see, he says: [WSS] «the prophet shepherd» he says there. Later on we will read from there also, in some other study.

Let’s read here: “STANDING IN THE GAP,”12 page 19, it says:

77 And now after the Bible had been interpreted, completely, then you notice it opened up the top of the pyramid-like Rock. Not pyramid teaching now, not that, because I…The men who teach that pyramid doctrine, I guess they know what they’re talking about. I know nothing about it. But, however, it was in the shape of a pyramid, but the cap on the pyramid was never put on. I’ve been in Cairo and—and in Egypt, and—and the cap never did come, because it was a cornerstone, it was a headstone. In the church It was the cornerstone. In the full Church, It was the headstone. So It never did come. It was rejected, Christ. And It will come. And I believe that when It’s coming, that the Church will shape into a place, from justification under Luther, sanctification under Wesley, and the Pentecostal message will bring the Church to such a minority, and a ministry will be among those people till it’ll be exactly the same ministry that Jesus Christ did. That’ll bring Jesus and catch the whole thing away.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «ministry».

[WMB] “Catch the whole thing away,” [JBP] and there he writes:

[WSS] «Rapture».

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The Coming of the Lord».

[JBP] And further down he says:

[78] And when He come, all those virgins rose and trimmed their lamps. See? Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, whoever that’s born of the Spirit of God, shall go in that Rapture.

[JBP] And he says that… in a message he says that [WMB] “the Bride was formed by all of those, from all of them,” that is, she was taken out of all of them; the Bride is composed of all of those.

[78] I believe that the Bride will be called out during that time. I believe there will be some in the last days won’t have to taste death, but will be changed in a moment, a twinkling of an eye.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The 7 watches. Time to awaken = resurrection and transformation».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “IT IS THE RISING OF THE SUN,”13 which was preached on April 18, 1965…, he is speaking of… (we have already read this, but let’s place it here), it says:

327 Not long ago, I was told a little story about a—a fisherman. A fellow come out and hired an old fisherman to take him fishing out on the West Coast [WSS] «West». They went out that morning.

[JBP] And he draws a pyramid with an arrow from there and also writes: [WSS] «Matthew 13:47-50».

[JBP] And it tells us in that Scripture…: of the parable of the net; that is the Scripture that he places there. It says:

328 If any of you have fished out there for the salmon, why, you know what takes place, it gets awful foggy out there. I see my little brother, Eddie Byskal, down there, a missionary to the Indians out there. And we fished, ourselves, out on those coasts.

329 So this fisherman was kind of a greenhorn, you know. He went fishing, and they drifted out. Waiting for daylight to come, you know. And they—and they couldn’t hear the foghorn no more, and this fisherman got all excited, said, “Say, we’re drifting out to sea! Hey!” Got all excited.

330 He said, “Sit down, son. Sit down.” The old fisherman, quiet, you know. He knowed what he was talking about. Said, “Just wait until the sun comes up, then we can see where we’re at.”

[JBP] And there he writes: [WSS] «Let the Sun come out and we will see where we are at (and in between) [the messenger of the East]».

[JBP] And he also writes in parentheses: [WSS] «(through the East) (you are in the West)».

[330] You say, “Must I be Methodist? Baptist? Pentecostal?”

331 Just wait. The Son comes up [WSS] «Moses and Elijah», we’ll see where we’re at. He is the Word. Wait till you see the Word manifested…

[JBP] And if He is the Word, if we must wait for that Word to be manifested, and he is saying: [WMB] “Just wait until the Son comes up,” where are we going to see that Word manifested? In the ministry of Moses and Elijah; it must be those ministries manifested in this end time. It says:

[331] …shining across the Seed, the wave Sheaf, we’ll see where we’re at.

[JBP] And he makes a drawing of the pyramid and an arrow towards the Cornerstone.

[Rev Jose B. Perez] And to already finish here, where we paused in the message we were reading, of this excerpt from “The Vision of the Tent – Vol. III,” page 372, halfway, where we left off [“THE KING IS BORN”]:

[WSS] Therefore, let us be ready, for that is the mystery of the Seventh Seal, which when opened will give us the faith to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Everything is going very well in God’s Program, each promise is being fulfilled in its time; and those that are missing will also be fulfilled in the precise time for their manifestation or fulfillment.

It is a privilege to live in this time; although we have a very great responsibility, but it is the most glorious time of all times.

I have always called this end time the Golden Age, because it is the Golden Age in the Mystical Body of Christ, the Age of the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ, it is the Golden Age of the Cornerstone; therefore, it is a time for God to give great blessings to all believers.

[JBP] And a little further down, on page 373 (at the bottom it says):

[WSS] We are in a prophetic cycle where many prophecies corresponding to the end time will be fulfilled; and if we are not vigilant, the entire Divine Program will pass over us. But we want to be spiritually awake to see even the smallest detail of the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Kingdom of God that will be established on this planet Earth; where God will pour out His blessings of love, peace, prosperity, for all Israel and for all nations that will join Israel in that Kingdom.

“Where is the King of Israel?” That question will be answered in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision in the Third Pull; and the answer will include: “THE KING IS BORN.”

The good news will be that the King will have been born, and the question will be, “Where is He?” The two questions that automatically arise, “Has He been born?” “If He has been born, where is He?”

For now, it is enclosed, sealed, in the Seventh Seal of Revelation, chapter 8, verse 1; and it will be opened to all of us in the Third Pull, which will be fulfilled in the Tent Vision. And it will be of joy, of happiness, for Christianity and also for the Jews. That is why they must maintain good friendship, because both peoples believe in the same God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, that question, I believe that now with this talk has been quite clear.

We are already well advanced in all that knowledge; and as we are speaking and we are showing by the Scriptures and by the writings of brother William, all this great mystery of the Seventh Seal…, which is being opened in the Tent; in other words, here in this place under the Tent; here where I am, which is in… the place where I am speaking is in the Tent.

In other words, everything is being imparted from here, in this form that God has provided at this time, which is also scriptural. And we will see later on where that is in the Tent Vision.

In other words, all God is fulfilling it in a simple way; and there is that intertwining, that intertwining, that intertwining, in all those things, in all those stages. And in all that which the Reverend William Branham saw on that occasion, all that is going to come to that moment; but before that, an intertwining comes in all those things that he saw there. And we would already be familiar with all that would be being fulfilled at that time when he was seeing everything that the Angel was showing him in that activity.

So let us be, as our brother William says there: [WSS] “with our spiritual eyes wide open,” and watching that no detail of the fulfillment of the Seventh Seal slips from us, escapes us, of the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord with His Angels, of the fulfillment of all that God spoke in the book of The Seals, and in the different messages after the opening of the Seals, of which it has been said to us that there is all that we need to know to understand, to comprehend all that God would be doing when those promises are being fulfilled or are being fulfilled in the midst of the Church, so that we don’t overlook them.

That is why that is the volume that we prepared14 recently, of all those topics that he himself, brother William recommended us to have, and that all the ministers and brethren should have, so that when God is fulfilling all those promises and prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled in the midst of the Church-Bride of the Lord, the spiritual Mary: doesn’t pass over us; and we see it: When that Sun hits that wheat, let us say: “This is what I needed to leave here! This is what I desired! This is what I wanted! because I want… I have been invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; therefore, I accept that invitation. So give me what I need to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”

And that is what is being given to the people: they are being given that preparation, they are being given the tools to have that clean garment, to obtain that theophanic body; and thus see the dead resurrected, and be transformed.

And with that eternal body we can then go to that Supper that we have been invited to and that is already ready. They are waiting for us, they are waiting for the preparation of the elect of this end time of the age, Golden Age, of the Age of the Cornerstone.

It has been truly a privilege and a blessing for me to be able to speak to you all these things written in the messages —both the forerunner and the one forerun—, all that God has left us from this Word, from these prophecies that were spoken and written, so that each one of us may continue preparing ourselves for our adoption.

In this talk that we have had for this day, which is under the subject that we can give it here… Let’s leave it there. And then in a few minutes we will get the topic to place it before uploading it to the page.

So God bless you, God keep you. And pray very much for tonight’s activity, today Friday, September 2, and also for tomorrow Saturday’s activity, which will be at 8:00 a.m. Puerto Rico time, and also for Sunday’s activity.

And to the brethren who are gathered there in Puno, in Peru, there with our brother Bruno who is starting this trip there to Bolivia, they are there in the border with Peru; and also in all the places where he is going to go. I believe that our Ronald Rios is also there, and also Ramiro is the one who is going to accompany him there in Bolivia, in this trip that he is carrying out, giving, helping the brethren in the printing presses area. And our brother Patricio Lara is also there with a delegation from Chile in that area of Puno, in Peru, that area up there in the Alto.

May God bless him also, Patricio, Ronald Rios, Ramiro; and Bruno also, may this trip he is making be a blessing, may he continue to be a blessing in all the places he goes; since placing…, and God has given them the facility of these printing machines (placing them in each place). If it is possible in all the congregations to have and print the books, it is a great blessing.

Imagine having missionary centers in all places! That is, in all the congregations. That would be a great help for all the brethren. And if that is possible, then let it be possible; for God nothing is impossible. So, let it be possible!: to place printing presses in all places, that would be a great blessing.

And also to all those who are connected there in Argentina, with our brother, Reverend Guillermo Rodriguez, who has a pastors’ activity today. Also tomorrow morning they are going to be gathered in different places; also connected with tomorrow’s activity. And all of you who will be here today, tomorrow and Sunday: God bless you and God keep you all, on this occasion in which I have been able to give this greeting to each and every one of you.

God bless you and God keep you all.

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