The introduction for the entry into the Millennium

The introduction for the entry into the Millennium

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good evening. Greetings to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and to all the ministers, brothers and sisters, today Tuesday, July 19 of this year 2022. It is really a privilege and a blessing to be able to send this greeting to each and every one of you, since from tomorrow, and also on Thursday and Friday, you will be in meetings in different places; there in Villahermosa, Mexico Reverend Andres Cruz Gallegos will be gathered, and also this greeting goes to that activity that he has tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

So to all: May God bless you greatly, may He continue to open your understanding, the Scriptures, to continue in this time of preparation, in this time which He has left us, to be reviewing and studying the Message that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ, William Soto Santiago, has brought us, which contains everything we need to soon be transformed and raptured. It is a very, very important time.

I am going to read some Scriptures, and perhaps some that I hadn’t read on Sunday due to lack of time, and perhaps some also that have to do with Friday’s study, which is “THE MYSTERY OF THE YEAR OF JUBILEE”; so I will take advantage and read some writings, so that on Friday we will have, perhaps, a little more time to read others that, if we leave them all together, we wouldn’t have the time.

Although reading them today and perhaps reading them every day, we wouldn’t have enough time to cover everything there is in just one subject. So, as God has always helped us, I know that also in these days God will help us: today, tonight, and also on Friday and Sunday, and all the days we will be sending these greetings, and also meeting in the activities on Fridays, on Saturdays too (some time on Saturdays, the first of the month) and on Sundays.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, May 16, 1993
(Second activity)
Cayey, Puerto Rico

[Page 9] When this Book is taken in Heaven, it is fully entered into that divine cycle of the Year of Jubilee in Heaven. The Year of Jubilee here on Earth was showing this divine cycle that would open in Heaven from the moment One was asked to take that Book and open those Seals.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It tells us in the book of The Seals, on page 90 [page 109 in Eng.], says:

297 What a jubilee going on in Heaven, when that Lamb leads, leaves that intercessory box, to come here to possess His claims!

298 You know, that got next to John. He must have saw his name wrote there. When them Seals broke, he must have got real happy.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «John = the Bride».

[WSS] «Claim».

[WSS] «the name in the Book».

And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and underneath the earth,…such as…within the sea, and all that…in them, is in them, heard me, I saying, Blessings,…honour,…glory,…power, be to him that sits upon the throne, and to the Lamb for ever… (Amen! Amen, and amen! Oh!)

And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshipped him that lives for ever and ever.

299 Talk about a jubilee [WSS] «Jubilee Year 50», talk about a time, when that Lamb walked forth! See, the Book is even sealed in Heaven, the mysteries are.

300 Say, “Is my name there?” I don’t know. I hope it is. But, if it is, it was put on the Book before the foundation of the world.

301 But the first thing, that represented that redemption, come the Lamb that had been slain from the foundation of the world. And He took the Book, (glory!) opened the Book, and tore off the Seals; and sent It down to the earth, to His seventh angel, to reveal It to His people!

([JBP] And he writes in the other book here of The Seals: [WSS] «7th dispensational angel»).

There you are. Oh, my! What happened? The screams, the shouts, the hallelujahs, the anointed, the power, the glory, the manifestation!

302 And old John, who had been standing there, our brother, crying! “Why,” he said, “everything in Heaven, everything in the earth, and everything in the sea, heard me holler, ‘Amen! Amen! Blessings, honor, and might, and power, be to Him that lives for ever and ever.’”

303 Talk about a happy time, when them Seals broke! John must have looked in [WSS] «to the Most Holy Place» and seen a past the curtain of time, and said, “There is John.” Oh, oh!

304 He was so happy, till he said, “Everything in Heaven.” He must have really cried out, didn’t he? “Everything in Heaven, everything in the earth, everything beneath the earth, every creature, everything else, heard me saying, ‘Amen! Blessings, and glory, and wisdom, and power, and might, and riches, belongs to Him.’” Amen!

305 Why? When the revelation come [WSS] «the revelation of the 2nd Coming», that the Lamb, the Redeemer, our Kinsman, had come back from the Throne of mediatorial and had walked out here to take His possession. Oh!

[JBP] And there it says the hymn that he is referring to.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say, here in the message that we are reading “THE RESTORATION OF THE TITLE DEED TO THE HUMAN RACE,” it says:

[Page 9] And now [Revelation 5:8]:

“And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints (because they have prayed for the resurrection, they have prayed for their return to Earth in eternal bodies, they have prayed for the restoration of the children of God to eternal life, to their inheritance, to their Family, to their possession).

And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.”

Now see all that they are speaking or singing, because the Title Deed or Book of Redemption has been taken. From Him who sits on the Throne, Christ, the Lamb, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, took it; and now He has all the rights; now it is His turn to open that Book.

[JBP] And in another excerpt from this same message, he says:

[Page 11] Now, when He opens these Seals, we find the Work of God done in those stages of the gentile Church; and we can also see how the enemy rose against the Divine Program and used many human beings, which were anointed with evil spirits, which persecuted and even killed the children of God. And these people didn’t even realize that they were persecuting the children of God. Nor did these people realize that, in this struggle and persecution against the children of God, they were being used by the enemy of God.

Rightly did the Lord Jesus Christ say that they would persecute and kill some, thinking that they were doing a service to God.1

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “THE TRUMPET OF THE JUBILEE ON THE DAY OF THE ATONEMENT,” it tells us… We read first the book of The Seals, to have there this very important foundation here…, page 368 [pages 434-435 in Eng.] of the book of The Seals, it says:

[351] Not only here, but, the world over, the thing is polluted!

352 And the world, the nature, (God have mercy!) the whole world’s in—in birth pains. The world is trying, she is “travailing,” Isaiah said. What’s the matter? She is in…trying to bring forth a new world, for the Millennium, where all the…?…Trying to birth a new world, for a new people that won’t sin and pollute her. That’s right. She is in travail. That’s the reason the—the…We’re in travail, Christ, to bring forth the Bride. Everything is travailing and groaning. See, there is something fixing to happen.

353 And this Sixth Plague lets her go. Brother, the earthquake bursts open, and the stars shake, volcanics will come forth, and the earth will renew itself. New lava will break forth from the center of the earth. And she’ll crumble, all around and around and around, when she spins out in yonder.

354 And I tell you, one morning ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «in the morning» when Jesus and His Bride comes back to the earth, there will be a paradise of God there. That, oh, my, them old warriors of the battle, walk down through there with their friends and loved ones. The anthems will fill the air, of an Angelic host. “Oh, it was well done, My good and faithful servant. Enter into the joys of the Lord, that’s been prepared for you, like you should have had back there before Eve started the ball a rolling in sin.”

[JBP] And he writes there beside it:

[WSS] «The Bride in labor pains = The 6th Seal gives way to that, to the birth».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And it is that in the message that I quoted to you, it says:


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Friday, August 18, 2006
Mexico City, Mexico

[Page 20] There will be a civilization of peace, of love, of justice, full of happiness; we will pass through different stages in that Millennial Kingdom, but we will not yet be in eternity, but under a stage that corresponds to the seventh dispensation, the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

Then, at the end, the Final Judgment will come; and there it will be that after that Millennial Kingdom the devil will be released, because during the Millennial Kingdom the devil will be in the abyss, locked up. That is why the Millennial Kingdom will be of peace, because the devil will be bound.

But he will be released after a thousand years, and will return to disturb, to deceive the nations, and all those who will resurrect in those days who are not of the people who will live eternally; because there will be people who will resurrect after the thousand years to be judged and enter into eternal life; but there will be others who will resurrect, who had died and had been instruments of the devil in the time in which they lived; and they will again be instruments of the evil one, and will surround the City of Jerusalem to give a coup d’état to the Messiah.

The City where the Messiah-Prince will be ruling will be surrounded by armies, but fire will come down from heaven and burn them up. And after that will come the Final Judgment; and those who will be condemned will be cast into the lake of fire; and those who come out well, will then enter eternity.

Therefore, for the end of the Millennial Kingdom that Trumpet will be sounded again, the Message that corresponds to the end of the Millennial Kingdom, in the last days of the Millennial Kingdom. But for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, that Trumpet sounds at this time: it is the Great Voice of Trumpet to enter eternity. But then, after the Millennial Kingdom, at the end, it is sounded for the Earth (and also everything) to enter the eternal Kingdom of God. There will be no more time.

And the New Jerusalem will then be on Earth. And the Kingdom of God, and the heavenly Throne of God, will also be on Earth in the New Jerusalem. In other words, the heavenly Throne of God will be merged with the Throne of David, and the heavenly Kingdom of God with the Kingdom of David.

But this Trumpet, notice, this Trumpet for the Church sounds in this end time, after the Seven Trumpets, of the seven messengers of the seven Churches; this Trumpet sounds in the Age of the Cornerstone, and that is the Voice of God speaking to His Church and will also speak to the Jewish people.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “REVELATION, CHAPTER 4, PART 1,”2 says on page 34:3

186 How many tonight, in this church, that knows, my brother, that, (sister), that you’re going to be summonsed someday, whether you’re ready or not? Whether you are prepared or not, you’re going to be summonsed to meet God. That trumpet’s [WSS] «Moses sounds it» going to sound; and when it does, it’ll sound to condemnation to you, at where you’ll never live again and you’ll be tormented in a devil’s pits of hell for maybe in millions of years, or it’ll [WSS] «Moses and Elijah» summons you on High ([JBP] and he draws the Cornerstone) to meet the glorious Saints.

[JBP] And he also writes there:

[WSS] «from the Throne of Judgment = comes the Trumpet».

[WSS] «The Trumpet of the Year of Jubilee».

[WSS] «The Holy Convocation = Year of Jubilee».

[JBP] I’m reading page 34, at the bottom:

187 Just as sure as God kept His Word to Peter, James, and John; just as sure as He kept It to John the beloved, the revelator; just as sure as He kept His promise through the church ages; it’s that sure that He promised in this last days He would send down in a latter rain and would bring back the same Spirit was upon the earth in Him, the Light shall come in the evening time and show the same Power, the same signs, and everything that He did in His day He would show it again in this “open Door” in the last day.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the door».

188 Here It is! We got It right with us now, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. You’re…It’s preaching to you, It’s teaching to you, It’s trying to get you to see what’s right and wrong. It’s the Holy Spirit Himself speaking through human lips, operating among human beings, trying to show mercy and grace.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the teaching».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And it tells us in the message “WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION ON THE MOUNTAIN?”4 on page 26 of this Spanish version, it says… starting about halfway down the page (you then read from page 25), it says:5

142 And the other day, standing there, turned the picture to the right, and there is Jesus as He was in the Seven Church Ages, the white wig on, showing Supreme Deity. He’s Alpha and Omega; He’s the First and the Last; He is the Supreme Judge of all Eternity, standing there to confirm the Message of this hour. And there shall be Light about the evening time! What’s it all about? What was it?

143 I went westward. Upon that same mountain, passing up with Banks Wood there, said ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «banks of wood», “Throw up a rock ([JBP] and now pay attention to all this; something very important. May God help us to place all these Scriptures. He says). Say to Mr. Wood, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD, you’ll see the Glory of God.’”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Matthew 16:26-27».

144 The very next day, standing there, a whirlwind came down and blasted the mountains out. Rocks cut [WSS] «the elect = cornerstones» the top of the trees off ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «of the denominations»

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Let’s stop here for a moment. We are going to go to the book of Quotations, and we are going to have three places here, so that we can see this picture of what is shown there. We are going to read the book of Quotations and we are also going to read the book of The Seals, both the red one (which is the first one he had) and also the blue one (which is the last one he has, which is the one he has been using). And it says on 465 of those two books…, but let’s read first the book of Quotations, page 98, paragraph 854.

Remember, he there, in this message “WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION ON THE MOUNTAIN?” he says he threw a stone up and he says to brother Wood: [WMB] “THUS SAITH THE LORD, thou shalt see the Glory of God.”

The very next day, standing there, a whirlwind came down and blasted the mountains out. Rocks cut the top of the trees off…

[JBP] And: [WSS] «the chosen = cornerstones».

«of the denominations».

[JBP] Paragraph 854 of the book of Quotations, says:6

854 – “231 We must remember that this Seventh Seal is the end of time, of all things. That’s right. The things written in the Seven-Seal Book, sealed up, of the plan of redemption from before the foundation of the world, it every bit ends. It is the end; it is the end of the struggling world. It’s the end of struggling nature. It’s the end of everything ([JBP] that is, in this translation). / 232 Time runs out. The Bible said so. / [233] It’s the end of the church age. It’s the—the end of the Seventh Seal. It’s the end of the Trumpets. It’s the end of the Vials, and even end the ushering in of the Millennium. That’s on the Seventh Seal.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «the 7th Seal – seals the Plan of Redemption».

854 –“It’s just like firing a rocket into the air. And that rocket explodes…”

[WSS] «the introduction of the Millenium = it is in the 7 Seal».

[JBP] And he writes above: [WSS] «explodes = speaks», [JBP] in other words, he is already showing us that it is the Voice of the Lord speaking.

854 –“It’s just like firing a rocket into the air. And that rocket explodes here…”

[JBP] But look at something so tremendous, something that he writes here in the book of Quotations, there he writes: [WSS] «1. Elijah».

[JBP] And in the other book of The Seals (a small one that he has), when he is there, in that part that says: [WMB] “It is like shooting a rocket in the air,” he writes above that “rocket,” he writes: [WSS] «Christ».

[JBP] Let’s read this paragraph (we read what he wrote; and there we go over there, and we go to the book of The Seals).

I’m in the book of Quotations now:

854 – “It’s just like firing a rocket into the air. And that rocket [WSS] «1. Elijah» explodes here, and it goes up and «2. Moses» then explodes again. It puts out five stars.”

[JBP] Now, here in the book of Quotations, in that first explosion, he puts that first explosion, he writes that it is for: [WSS] «1. for the wise».

And you, if you look up what I just read to you there, that when he threw that stone up (which he says exploded the mountain)…, and the first thing when it exploded was that the chosen came out, which is what brother William writes there: [WSS] «cornerstones».

[JBP] We are going to come back here again. We are going to go slowly. I don’t want you to get tangled up either, but… since you are not seeing what I am reading, we are going to take it easy. I am going to read the titles I am going to read each time.

I am now going to go back to the book “WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION IN THE MOUNTAIN?”, where I left off there: [WMB] “Stones cut the top of the trees…” There we see that explosion that there was, where the chosen ones came out, those cornerstones; that was the first explosion there, that he wrote that it was for the wise.

That is the first explosion of that Seventh Seal: the wise.

It says, “WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION ON THE MOUNTAIN?”7 page 26 below:

[144] … about three or four feet above my head. Made three big blasts, and the brothers come running over. There was about fifteen men standing there, preachers and everything else. “What was it?” He said, “What was it?”

I said, “Judgment is striking the West Coast.”

145 About two days after that, the earthquake almost sunk Alaska. What is this Light up on Sunset Mountain in the Coronado Forest of Arizona? What is this strange thing that happened up there, that the people has been driving east from west ([JBP] that is, from America to Israel), picking up the rocks that laid around there where It struck? And every one of them, every one rock, has three corners on it, that It tore off. (The three are One.) ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Jesus, Elijah and Moses is the Cornerstone». They’re laying on desks, on paper weights, across the nation. What is this strange thing upon Sunset Mountain in the Coronado Forest?

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And here it goes on to say, in the book… I go back to the book of Quotations [PAGE 98] (I paused in…):8

854 – “Then explodes again ([JBP] there he writes): [WSS] «2. Moses». It puts out five stars. One of those stars explode ([JBP] but on the second one, where he writes “2. Moses,” he writes): [WSS] «2. for the foolish» ([JBP] that is, the second explosion) and blows out five stars from it; and then one of them stars explodes and blows out five stars from it ([JBP] and writes): [WSS] «3. Israel».”

In other words, these three explosions are:

[WSS] «1. for the wise»

«2. for the foolish»

«3. (for) Israel»

854 – “…See, it fades on out. That’s, what, the Seventh Seal. It just ends the time for the world.”

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «In the Seventh Seal are = the Trumpets. There are the Vials».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in this book of The Seals, on page 465 also (the small book that had been prepared for him there in Colombia), he writes:

234 It’s just like firing a rocket into the air.

[JBP] And at the top he writes: [WSS] «Christ».

In other words, he is showing us that that rocket that is launched is Christ, the Cornerstone; that Stone that brother Branham says there in “WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION ON THE MOUNTAIN?” of that stone that was thrown, that he threw into the air.

[234] And that rocket ([JBP], that is Christ) explodes here, and it goes up and then explodes again. It puts out five stars. One of those stars explode [WSS] «Elijah» and blows out five stars from it; and then one of them stars explodes [WSS] «Moses» and blows out five stars from it. See, it fades on out.

235 That’s, what, the Seventh Seal. It just ends the time for the world. It ends the time for this. It ends the time for that. It ends the time for this. It ends the time. Everything just ended up on that Seventh Seal.

236 Now, how is He going to do it? That’s what we don’t know. Isn’t it? We don’t know.

237 It’s even the time for all these things, and the ushering in of the Millennium.

[JBP] In other words, in these two places or three places that we read, there he shows us such a great revelation, that we can fully see what the Seventh Seal is, in those explosions; where those groups would be impacted by that explosion, which is the spoken Word. In other words, as he says there: [WSS] «explodes…».; in other words, when it explodes, when it makes that explosion, he writes: [WSS] «explodes = speaks».

In other words, those groups will be… or are impacted by the spoken Word; because the Third Pull, as it tells us on page 119, paragraph 1057 [Quotations]:9

1057- “[49] Watch the Third Pull then, see, and it’ll be absolutely to the total lost, but it—it will be for the Bride and the Church. ([JBP] that is, and also the 144,000)…”

[JBP] There, in that excerpt on page 98 [Quotations, paragraph 854], he writes:

[JBP] The first explosion for:   [WSS] «1. for the wise»

[JBP] The second for: «2. for the foolish»

[JBP] And the third for: «3. Israel»

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And so that you have… and it remains in this study of these groups, that here he is adding one more. He says in the message “MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE,”10 when brother Branham is beginning the activity, he says:

3 Good morning, visible audience and also invisible audience across the nation where we’re hooked up this morning. This gives me a great privilege to come here and to speak this morning on this vital subject. To the visible audience, it’s indeed a little confusing, because there is just in front of me is curtains, then I have to speak to the right…

[JBP] Listen to this. (In the study, you will rejoice when you have it, so that you can go over it). There is something great in all this. And may God open to you, and to me also, open to us completely this great revelation that is here.

(He is telling the audience that is not there, but for them to know what he is there seeing):

[3] … in front of me is curtains, then I have to speak to the right and to the left. And to the invisible audience, I have the auditorium to my right, and also the gymnasium to my left; and I am on the floor, with the curtains open between, making my right hand and left hand. And we’ve got overflow, this morning, through the auditorium, also the gymnasium, and also the church, church down on Eighth and Penn Street. And in the overflow places, the telephone system is taking it down to the other places.

[JBP] And he above writes: [WSS]«Four groups».

«1. Predestined — Tabernacle on the 8th = The Eternal Age».

«2. The 144,000 — Auditorium on the right = the East».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And we read, remember we read in “WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION ON THE MOUNTAIN?” page 27, that it says:

[145] What is this strange thing that happened up there, that the people has been driving east from west [WSS] «America – Israel», picking up the rocks that laid around there where It struck? ([JBP] And we know which are those three corners).

He says:

[WSS] «2. The 144,000 — Auditorium on the right = the East»

«3. The foolish — Gymnasium on the left = the west».

[JBP] And the fourth group he is placing here, he writes:

[WSS] «4. Those who do favors to the Chosen — telephone line = the four corners».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And he is there identifying those three explosions, which he told us about there in the book of Quotations and the book of The Seals, which is like that rocket that is launched (which is Christ) making that explosion: in the first one for the predestined, in the second one for the foolish and the third one for Israel.

Here11 he places it: on the right, which is the East, he places the 144,000 as the second; and the foolish, the third, he places it on the left, as the West. But we already understand that the foolish are… as it is placed here, in the West, that is, the land of America; and the 144,000 are placed there in the East.

And also… We can continue to expand on it, covering it more, in the different studies, and little by little we will see everything that is there; because there is much, much of all that (perhaps directly or indirectly) where it speaks to us of those explosions of the Seventh Seal.

And we also have to be careful where each one of us is identified in those explosions; because there is a place here, where he talks about the part that corresponds to each one of us regarding those explosions.

Of course, each one of the chosen ones —of us— we place ourselves in that first explosion that he makes, where those living stones (the stones, which are the chosen ones, those cornerstones) are cut, we are each one identified in that first explosion. But remember that from each explosion five stars come out.

We continue reading here where we paused, from this message that we are reading: “THE TRUMPET OF THE JUBILEE ON THE DAY OF ATONEMENT”; it continues saying:

[WSS] [Page 22] That Trumpet is the Final Message of God, God speaking to His people, to His Church; and He will speak to Israel; He will also speak to the foolish virgins that will be on Earth at this time.

With that Message of the Great Voice of Trumpet is that those who will be transformed, receive the faith to be transformed and raptured, in other words, taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

That is why the Trumpet of the Jubilee is so important, where it proclaims freedom throughout the Earth, and where it proclaims that everyone will return to his inheritance, to his inheritance and to his Family.

And therefore, just as spiritually we have been returning to our inheritance, to eternal life and all things of eternal life, in the spiritual realm, by hearing the Trumpet of the Gospel of Christ, that Great Trumpet of Jubilee; now, for the end time, to enter into physical eternal life, to that inheritance of physical eternal life, the Trumpet of the Year of Jubilee sounds, the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom, for all the sons and daughters of God; and the Trumpet of the Gospel of the Kingdom is intertwined with the Trumpet of the Gospel of Grace, and they are two Trumpets sounding at the same time.

That is why God also commanded Moses to make two trumpets of silver. Silver means ‘redemption.’ ([JBP] And remember we just read there that the Seventh Seal seals the Plan of Redemption). And the two Trumpets of Redemption, the two Messages of Redemption, are the Message of the Gospel of Grace and the Message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Therefore, with these two Trumpets sounding at the Last Day, sounding at the same time…; which will be God through His Holy Spirit in a man, speaking to His Church and also to the Jewish people; speaking to them with what? With the Gospel of Grace and with the Gospel of the Kingdom, making known the Gospel of Grace and the Gospel of the Kingdom to His Church and then to the Hebrew people. As simple as that.

[JBP] Look how that blast, or those explosions of that Seventh Seal, is Christ speaking to, both to the wise: the elect, the chosen, the chosen cornerstones, and also to the foolish and also to the Hebrew people. He will be speaking through that Great Voice of Trumpet.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “THE TRUMPET OF THE YEAR OF JUBILEE,” it says:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, April 22, 2007
Cayey, Puerto Rico

[Page 11] Just as in order to receive the inner, spiritual transformation, the born again believers in Christ had to be listening to what? The Great Voice of Trumpet, the Trumpet of the Year of Jubilee: The Gospel of Grace, to receive the spiritual, inner transformation, receiving the Holy Spirit, and therefore the new birth, and entering the Kingdom of God.

And now, to receive the physical transformation, all believers in Christ will be listening to the Trumpet of the Year of Jubilee, which is the Voice of Christ at the Last Day speaking to us with the Gospel of the Kingdom. The same Voice that called Lazarus out of the tomb, saying to him: “Lazarus, come forth!” and showing that He had the power to resurrect all the dead believers in Him at the time appointed by God: on the fourth day.

Fourth day: that was the day Christ resurrected Lazarus.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “ISRAEL BEFORE THE METAL SERPENT”… This was one of the excerpts that we didn’t read, but now it falls or goes with all this that we are talking about; because the whole Message is intertwined.

On Sunday we stayed talking about those cycles in the life of Moses, which were cycles of 40 years; and already at 120, when they were about to enter, because he was… he was looking at it, the land, from above (let’s say they were close); and before entering already, there at 120 years God told him that his time was over.

It goes on to say on page 25 of the message “ISRAEL BEFORE THE METAL SERPENT,”12 it says:

173 But when he glorified himself down there, instead of God, before that Rock; when God told him, said, “Go, speak to the Rock. Don’t smite It. Speak to It.” ([JBP] And brother William writes): [WSS] «For bearing our sins, divine judgment would fall on Christ at His 1st Coming». (The Rock was only smitten once.)

[JBP] And that is why he writes: [WSS] «For bearing our sins, divine judgment would fall on Christ at His 1st Coming».

174 And Moses got his temper all up, and run down there and smote the Rock. It didn’t bring water. He smote It again, It brought water. Said, “You rebels, must we fetch you water out of this Rock?” Like that, and brought forth the waters, ’cause God had to listen to that prophet because He had endued him with that power. And that broke the whole program of God’s Bible.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And here we can have this scriptural foundation of what brother William had told me, and had told us, on that occasion: that Moses had broken the Divine Program, the Program of the Bible of God. And he writes it!, in other words, we have the writing.

I had already given you that testimony maybe a few months ago,13 and now we find the evidence of that; in other words, we have the writing of what he told us.

[JBP] He writes: [WSS] «Moses and his temperament, broke God’s Program».

He continues:

175 Christ was smitten once. We speak to the Rock now, and It brings forth Its water, see. It’s already been smitten. Just speak to It, and It brings forth Its water.

176 Now, I see him that morning. Oh, when I think of this picture, my heart almost fails me. I see Moses, he knowed…God said, “Moses, tell them all ‘so long,’ your congregation. I’m going to call you up a little higher now, today.”

177 I can see old Moses standing there, that long white beard, and his hair trinkling down around his face, his old eyes dimming with tears, as he looked over his audience. How he had fell on the… How they had murmured, and how he had stood for them. He looked them all over. He started walking up the mountain. He got up the mountain, he turned back around, he begin to wave good-bye at them. He climbed up, plumb up to the top of the mountain. It was in the month of April.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And remember that around there, around that date also, at the end of the month of March, around the 30th, also the ministry of our beloved brother William Soto Santiago, God told him that until then he would be in that physical body, in that veil of flesh, he would be until that date.

And then, I had said that to get that date that they commemorate14…, because I believe that last year or this year it fell on the same day that they remember the departure of Moses; that has to be verified.15

And he writes…: [WMB] “That was in the month of April.” ([JBP] And he writes next to it): [WSS] «April».

[177] He stood and looked over into the promised land. Oh, how he wanted to go over! My, his poor old heart was breaking. He wanted to go over into the promised land with that bunch of Jews that he had led and stood in the way. And there he was, he looked over there, and the tears running down his cheeks. He turned around and waved to the people again, good-bye, their old pastor. He was going away. He waved at them like that. He looked back over.

178 And only if I could stand where Moses stood and view the landscape over! God willing, in the next few months, I want to stand on the mount there and look over where they crossed.

[JBP] And he writes beside it: [WSS] «Where Moses stood».

[JBP] And he makes a drawing of the Cornerstone, he puts the ages, in the seventh age only; above he makes the space: the breach; and he places the Cornerstone above and he makes two arrows: he puts one there between the breach, touching the Cornerstone below, and he puts the other one inside the Cornerstone.

Remember that he had said here before, before, he says: [WMB] “Moses, I am going to call you a little bit higher now.” And we know what that means.

Further down, on the same page 26, at the bottom, it says:

180 If I could stand where Moses stood, on that Rock, looking over into the promised land! He wanted to go, and he looked back to his congregation, waved good-bye at them again. The tears dropping off his long beard ([JBP] and brother William writes): [WSS] «where Moses stood». His hour was coming. His sleeves, ran over his sleeves ([JBP] but he writes above): [WSS] «tears» here, the pulse begin to come up the sleeve, an old veteran.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on page 27 it says:

183 And just as he got ready to move out of this life, he happened to look, standing by his side, there stood the Rock. Just so He’s there, that’s all. He stepped over on the Rock. The Angels come, packed him away.

[JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «on Mount Transfiguration».

184 Eight hundred years from there, there he was standing over in the promised land, by the side of Elijah, talking to Jesus. He don’t let you down.

([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Jesus, Moses and Elijah».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the book of Quotations, on page 19… Remember that there he wanted to stand where Moses stood; in other words, the fourth Elijah is speaking there. On page 19, paragraph 146 (about halfway through the excerpt), it says:

146 – “82 But, ‘Leaving that, let’s go on to perfection.’ Oh, my! Wish I had the voice of an archangel now, to bring this to a place where you could see it ([JBP] that is, he wished to have that Voice of the Archangel).

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “THE SEVENTIETH WEEK OF DANIEL,”16 in this extract that we read on Sunday, it says:17

171 Now, these two prophets, what will they do? It’s Moses and Elijah that will rise on the scene. They’ll tell those Jews their mistake. And out of that Jewish bunch that’s there now, to be the hundred and forty-four thousand, God will call by these prophets. What is it? The Spirit of Elijah [WSS] «the 5th Elijah» off of this Gentile Church, will just continue right on into that Jewish church, go right on in and call; Moses with him. Hallelujah! You see it? And he will preach the same message of pentecost, to those Jews…

[JBP] Who will call Moses with him? He will be called by the fifth Elijah.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look at what it says in the message “REMEMBERING THE LAW OF MOSES,” it says:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, June 12, 1983
San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela

[Page 10] Well, that shows us something very great in God’s Program. That teaches us that Elijah will never be able to do something so great, unless he comes with a double ministry…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And that double ministry, we read it and we saw it there on Sunday, when we saw in that message “A TEMPLE FOR THE GOD OF ABRAHAM…”, where he says:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, December 24, 2016
Cayey, Puerto Rico

[Page 5] Elijah, his ministry is manifested five times: In Elijah the Tishbite, the first occasion. The second occasion in Elisha, with a double portion; type and figure of the one who will come in the fifth manifestation of Elijah’s ministry with a double portion, a double ministerial portion. And that will be made clear later on, because the fifth Elijah will have a double ministerial portion.

There is a promise of a manifestation of the Two Olive Trees for the Last Day, in Revelation, chapter 11; and in Zechariah, chapter 4. And already with what I have told you, you can take account and realize what will be the double ministerial portion of the fifth Elijah. That is what is promised for the end time.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And it continues saying here. I am reading now from “REMEMBERING THE LAW OF MOSES: THE HEART”:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, June 12, 1983
San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela

[Page 10] That teaches us that Elijah will never be able to do something so great, unless he comes with a double ministry; because one with the other will complement each other to do the Work that God has for this time.

Elijah was a prophet who was among the Hebrews and also among the gentiles, even when he was on the run; because on many occasions he went this way, went that way, and he had no barriers. And so we see that Elijah’s life was a life full of problems, persecutions and so on. Whenever Elijah appears, big persecutions appear.

We can see that they killed one of them, they beheaded him: John the Baptist; the first Elijah was also sought after to be killed; and so we see that from the first to the last, will always be persecuted to death.

Revelation speaks to us, shows us, of the last manifestation of Elijah, where it appears that after the end of his ministry, Elijah will die, as well as Moses.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the Bible study of July,18 we read (in Volume 1) on page 207 in the message “WHO IS THAT MAN?”, it says

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, August 8, 1976
Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

Then, we find that in that ministry God will be operating, working, for three and a half years, being then the Word working through human flesh.

And then we see that after those three and a half years are over: he dies, because he is killed…

([JBP] And we skip that part there to page 208, it says):

…he dies, because he is killed, and then the tribulation begins. Do you see?

So we know, then, that before the tribulation begins there is a three and a half year blessing for God to work through Moses and Elijah, and be of benefit to the elect.

If we knew when the three and a half years of the great tribulation would begin, then we would also know when the three and a half years of the ministry of Moses and Elijah would begin.

Then, all of that will be, for the people of God, a blessing for the people of God.

For the elect: blessing; for the world: judgment, you see?

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words…, now we are not going to be looking for when the great tribulation is going to begin, to start eliminating, or to know when that time is; because remember that in Noah’s time, He told him: “In 120 years I will destroy the Earth with water” [Genesis 6:3 and 17]; and then 7 days passed [Genesis 7:6-10]; in other words, it is a time where God is not going to reveal openly when that date or those exact days are; although later, later on, we will see that everything will add up.

Just as the ministry of the Seventh Seal fell into place here on Earth, in the fulfillment – in the part and stage that was fulfilled in our precious brother William Soto Santiago; we saw…, now we see it more clearly, and we see how exactly the Scriptures, and we see all those dates, how they were fulfilled exactly to the letter.

And how we saw his ministry, which was also in a ministry of cycles: cycles of 40 years, also cycles of 11 years, also cycles of 7 years; also fulfilled His hour, the Hour of His Coming, which is 41 years with 8 months.

In other words, all that, if you sit down and begin to do the math, you will find that the date of June 2017 fulfills certain dates, fulfills certain prophecies and certain dates; and also the date of March 30, 2019 also fulfills others; because we know that the Scriptures and the prophecies have multiple fulfillments.

In other words, everything he fulfilled regarding that prophetic ministry, everything will fit perfectly with the Scriptures.

That is why (we are talking about dates and everything that God has been revealing to us through the Message of the Great Voice of Trumpet that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ has brought to us) we are now not going to start saying: “Well, there are so many years to go, or there is still a little, or there is still a lot; well, I am going to do this, I am going to do that.”

In other words, as brother Branham said (in our words) [WMB] “If tomorrow is the transformation, I will be taken, you will see me planting potatoes, if you are one of those who plant potatoes.” In other words, the transformation must catch each one of us working, with our boots on; not in a corner or on a hill, because that way it would be: “Oh, it is such date! I will come when everything is going to be in fulfillment”; no. We have to be working in the business of our heavenly Father.

And also, in this stage of preparation, you must always have in your consciousness, be aware that in Heaven there is silence; and everything that is happening in Heaven now is silence, and it is occurring more than one could have imagined. In other words, it is a Work that is being carried out so, so great that even Heaven itself became silent; there was nothing moving. Any movement —says brother Branham— could make that the enemy of God, the devil, could then bring an imitation, and there he could interfere with the Work of God.

Let me see if I can find it quickly. Page 466 [page 555 in Eng.] says [The Seals]:

252 But here is Seven straight Thunders, right in a row: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, that perfect number. Seven Thunders in a row, uttered, not…making just—just one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, straight ([JBP] He writes): [WSS] «an unknown language: in Spanish». [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit seven times—Ed.] Then, Heavens couldn’t write That. Heavens can’t know about It, nothing else, because there’s nothing to go on. It was a relaxing time. It was so great, till, It was kept secret from the Angels.

253 Now, why? If Satan should get a hold of It, he might do great damage. There is one thing he don’t know. Now, he can interpret anything he wants to, and impersonate any kind of a gift, (I hope you’re learning), but he can’t know This. It’s not even written in the Word.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] That is why some don’t understand this stage which we are living in now. And since it is a stage which is not written —as the seventh angel messenger says there—, since it is a stage that is not written, well, some who don’t understand then criticize.

There is a message that tells us something about this. Because, notice, since it is not written, perhaps that also brings misunderstandings, and perhaps they think that everything was going to be one way and it was not the way they think; but God will fulfill His Program; and He fulfills it. And He doesn’t have to please anyone either. In other words, He fulfills His Program according to how He has already outlined it since before the foundation of the world.

The elect, the predestined ones, will understand, they will receive it; and what they don’t understand at the moment, they will continue forward, and they will be arm in arm with the Divine Program that God has had in past times, and it will also be the same way in our time.

What God’s elect desire is that God fulfills the promise of their transformation; and to get there, they know that there is only one way: and that way is the Ark, the Pillar of Fire, the Pillar of Fire, which will guide them towards that promise. Because the people of God need that explosion, that burst, which is the spoken Word (as we read there). The people always need a guide; and the Holy Spirit needs a mouth.

For which, in this time, always in these changes that have taken place, of dispensations and of ages —and even more in this time, which is a change of kingdom—, there are always those struggles and those battles; but in the end God and His Program will always prevail.

And as we read there, remember that when Elijah appears, there are always those great persecutions and all those things; because they are very, very important times in the Divine Program.

It tells us on page 42 of this message: “LOOK AWAY TO JESUS.”19 it says:

352 And how many times have we seen it in the meeting!

[JBP] Let’s read this previous paragraph, because this… Let’s see how important it is or how delicate it is when we are in the meeting and the pastor, or the person who is there, says, “Let’s pray.” For example, here brother Branham says:

351 Now, if I happen to say, “Bow your head,” do it right quick, honey, ’cause evil things leave, such as cancer and diseases, and it goes out amongst the people, and gets into others. ([JPB] that is, they come out of those that God is healing at that moment; God heals them, and they go and get into other people). All that believe that, and know it’s the Scripture, say, “Amen.” [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] We find, in the Bible, that evil spirits went from one to the other, when they was cast out. And they try to find a place.

[JBP] Like those who were tormenting that young man and said (those spirits) to let them get into that herd of swine, and the Lord allowed them; and then they left and went down a ravine, that herd of swine.20

This is what the evil spirits do, the spirits of the enemy of God, of the devil, when they get inside a person: they torment a person so much that this person also tries to torment another person trying to drag him and lead him to the cliff; that is, a blind leading another blind: both would fall into the hole.21

[351] We find, in the Bible, that evil spirits went from one to the other, when they was cast out. And they try to find a place.

352 And how many times have we seen it in the meeting! People come to the meeting, perfectly healthy and well, sit there and criticize; and, a day or two after that, be found totally blind, or stricken with a cancer, paralyzed. See, because they were unbelievers. I’m not responsible for them; only for the believers. Many of them went in the institution, many years ago,([JBP] that is, mental institutions) and still there, some went to their grave, ([JBP] in other words, they are already dead) just because of being arrogant, unbelieving.

353 There is no place for an unbeliever now. It’s a place for believers. Have faith in God!

[JBP] So when we come to church, when we come to worship God, it is not to come to criticize, because look at how delicate it is.

I have always spoken to you and told you how serious this time is and how delicate it is. It is better to remain humble, to remain in reverence with all that God is doing in favor of God’s chosen; which then we also see that this Third Pull is for the foolish and also for the 144,000.

And we see there a group that are also those who do favors to the Church-Bride, in other words, “a glass of water given to them shall not lose its reward”22; and look there, today we have already seen how that group also has opportunity.

And notice, in this same message tells us (on page 34), there he is over there telling us when Pilate’s wife came… let’s read it, he says [“LOOK AWAY TO JESUS”]:23

279 Pilate looked, one time, when they brought Him. He had never seen Him before. His hands tied; blood running out of His back; a crown of thorns on His head. Pilate looked, and was convinced.

280 Because, a horse come galloping down the street, and a rider jumped off, and run over and said, “Here’s, the wife has sent you a letter.”

281 And he looked at it, and she said, “Pilate, my beloved husband, have nothing to do with that just Man, for today I’ve suffered many things in a dream because of Him.”

282 He trembled. His knees beat together. And he said, “If You are the Son of God, if You’re the King, why don’t You speak out? Are You the King of Israel?”

He said, “You have said it.”

Said, “Tell us truth.”

283 He said, “To this end I was borned.” And Pilate marveled. He…

284 All, everybody, was begging and crying at his feet. He said, “I have power to kill You, or I have power to release You.”

285 He said, “You have power of nothing, ’less it be give to you of My Father.” Whew!

286 Sir, he was convinced that That was more than a man. He was thoroughly convinced that It was more than a man. Certainly, he was. But (what?) his politics and popularity was too great. See, he turned Him down. His popularity was too great. The politics, his position in life, was too great, to accept this fanatic.

[JBP] Look how everything repeats itself. And remember he told us it would be parallel in everything. On 1058 [Quotations]:24

1058 – “[52] …so is the message to forerun the Second Coming. And John said, ‘Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.’ So it paralleled it in every way, and I know it will.”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, it will be parallel: everything that happened there in the First Coming of the Lord will be parallel to the Second Coming of the Lord. In other words, all the characters that will be involved in this end time, around the fulfillment of the Second Coming of the Lord, around the fulfillment of the Third Pull, the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, all that, all those characters there: they are the same as if they were in the time of Moses or in the time of Noah, they would do the same thing. In other words, one should look for oneself in the Scriptures and see where one is reflected there.

And as he was saying to me on one occasion: [WSS] “Benjie, find yourself in the Scriptures.” And then in another conversation, there we saw in the Scriptures where he was located and myself. And that is why later in the hospital, when all that was spoken and all of what I saw… that is why I have been telling you to be very careful in this time, and I repeat it to you again.

You may say: “Here he goes again…,” you may say as it says there: “This fanatic is coming again to speak to us…” Well, by these same words, is that later are the ones that will be placed there in a recording: “Look, here I was telling you. How many times did I repeat it to you!”

Be very careful in this time. And this is not a threat, nor is this… This is because the time in which we are living in is very, very delicate; and you must at least have that part of reverence as to what God is doing at this time; because it is so very simple, and so, so simple, what God is fulfilling and what God is doing, that very same – that very simplicity makes us not see behind the veil.

Instead of looking at the Work of God and all that God is bringing for that preparation, we are rather looking at the veil and looking for what things we can find fault in, to then sit and criticize; in other words, it is not to receive all of what God is now bringing us, to be able to continue being prepared for our transformation.

In the message… There is a part that we can also read here. It says:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, June 7, 1987
Cayey, Puerto Rico

[Page 25] We are waiting for the fullness of the Spirit; we are waiting for the spirit or theophanic body that enters into us and transforms these mortal bodies, and makes us immortal. That is the promise for those who are all with one accord in the Upper Room.

And I say to you: If any man can’t be unanimous, together: two can’t walk together if they are not unanimous, if they are not in accord.

[JBP] In other words, that is why in this time we should be as united as possible; because if we can’t agree here, how can we pretend to be there in the Millennium or eternity together; that is, the Church should be united in one Spirit, in the same feeling, so that God may work in the midst of the Church.

There are things that are hard to talk about (as I told you on Sunday), but it is a responsibility that I have, and if I don’t talk about it, woe unto me if I don’t!.25

That is why, if things are spoken, which have to be spoken… Because as he said to me: [WSS] “Many may not agree, or it will be… because the days of Ananias and Sapphira is a hard time. Remember, Benjie, they are going to be in the midst of the people; and perhaps that brings displeasure for some, for others…; but God has to fulfill His Program; you have got to move forward. But remember that there is a group that is waiting for their transformation, so for that group you have to move forward.”

[JBP] Now, all of those things, little by little, I am understanding them now; because see there, as brother Branham said: [WMB] that he is not responsible for the unbelievers, but rather for the believers. (Where did I put it around here?) Let’s see how it was, just as he said it. He says [“LOOKING AWAY TO JESUS”] [Page. 40,para. 352]:

352 “…See, because they were unbelievers. I’m not responsible for them; only for the believers.

[JBP] See? So for that group he would say to me: [WSS] “Benjie, for the group of the chosen ones you have to move forward.” And I will move forward!

It says here:

[WSS] And I say to you: If any man can’t be unanimous, together: two can’t walk together if they are not unanimous, if they are not in accord.

At the time when the Lord ascended into Heaven there were about 500; by the time when they received the Holy Spirit 120 were left.

And I ask you: Which group are you from? From the 380 or the 120?

The 380 represent those who heard the Message of the Year of Jubilee,26 the Message of the Voice of the Cornerstone, they received it with joy, but after a while they got tired of waiting, and they thought: “It is better for us to leave.” They don’t know that what they did was to come down from the upper room…

[JBP] And remember, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they left and are not coming, or that are not, rather they don’t accept the Divine Program relevant to the time in which it is being lived. At that time there they didn’t agree with those who stayed there in the upper room. It goes on saying here:

[WSS] They don’t know that what they did was to come down from the upper room, they went with the others who were lower. Lower, because when one leaves the Program that God has for the time that one lives, one can’t go up anymore; the only thing one can do is to go down, go down to where God is no longer working.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In other words, it is like the eagle. Remember that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ goes on increasing, increasing, increasing, until the day is perfect [Proverbs 4:18]: we always go higher, higher; higher; and arrive to a point where…

That is why there is a little video of an eagle that you can see… it is flying; and from behind, from above, there is the raven hitting it on the head; but the eagle, apparently… it can defend itself, maybe, but it continues its flight, it continues flying, it continues flying, it continues going up… it keeps flying, keeps going up, going up, going up, and reaches a point where the raven can’t stand that pressure up there, because only an eagle can stand that pressure; and it runs out of breath and falls down. There is a little video like that, of an eagle (it is like something of overcoming that they prepare or that they do, a teaching that they give there).

But we know and recognize that that Wing, which is the Son of Man with His Angels, will be carrying us; that He will come with healing in His Wings, in other words, He will give us that eternal and glorified body.

In other words, that height can’t be resisted by another thing, but an eagle. And that is why, what does the raven do? It doesn’t continue going up; what the raven does is that it gets knocked down, and it leaves and falls; in other words, it goes down; and God is not working downwards; what you are going to find at the bottom is a lot of confusion.

And as he once said: [WSS] “At this time it is very, very sad and dangerous to fall, because it is very, very difficult to get up afterwards.”27 That is why I repeat it and repeat it and repeat it to you: Be very careful, those who perhaps don’t understand, pray to God, pray for all the ministers, pray for our brother Miguel, pray for myself, pray for the brethren… pray.

Prayer can do very much. Prayer can take away that which you still have not seen; and you will see how God is going to answer that prayer. I tell you as a brother, that I also commit faults like you, but I know where I am standing, and I know what I am doing as well. And in the end God will vindicate everything.

All that God has been doing, will be vindicated there, in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, where all those wonders will be seen physically; and there they will realize: “Truly the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has been with them all that time. Now we see all that; now I will believe.” And look…

I will first end this excerpt here. It says here, in the message “ALL WITH ONE ACCORD, TOGETHER IN THE UPPER ROOM”:

[WSS] The 120, the true believers, remained confident in what the Lord promised them: waiting for the promise of the Father.

Perhaps the 380 thought: “If what Jesus said comes, it doesn’t matter where we will be…”; but it did matter!, because Jesus said that they had to be where He established…

[JBP] It’s not a matter of having already received Jesus, and wherever you are: “Ah, no problem, he brought the Message, we rejoice,” as he says there: [WSS] “Those who rejoiced, they received the Message of the Voice of the Cornerstone, they received it with joy, they received the messenger, they received everything…” —“I’m not interested in being there with… I don’t agree with that. Where I will be and how I will believe, that way I will anyway receive my transformation.” And he says there:

[WSS] …but it did matter!, because Jesus said they had to be where He established; and the place was the upper room.

Where the one who held the keys of the Kingdom was, those who were to receive the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost had to be there!

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the Upper Room of the Age of the Cornerstone, they must be where He who has that Rudder is, to take them to the promised land, which is the Holy Spirit in this end time, bringing us directly towards the promised land of the new body. Remember that everything is first fulfilled spiritually.

We are being prepared, we are being taught, through this glorious Message that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ has brought us, to continue in this preparation throughout this time that God has left us to review, reviewing this glorious Message that has been brought to us by our appreciated brother William Soto Santiago.

There is no other Message! It is the Message of the Cornerstone that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ has brought to us.

It goes on saying here, on page 34 [page 33 in Eng.], where we left off, it says [“LOOK AWAY TO JESUS”]:

287 Wonder how many Pilates will be listening to this, that your position in some denomination will be too great, to accept the real Lord Jesus standing in the position that He is today.

The Roman soldier, at the cross, looked on Jesus.

288 After the earth had had a nervous prostration, shook till the rocks wrung out of the mountains. And the sun went down in the middle of the day, and turned dark. The stars didn’t come out to give its light. And the earth burst forth with rocks and an earthquake. And the zig-zag lightning swept the skies; and ripped the temple veil from the top to the bottom. ([JBP] he writes above): [WSS] «the veil of the temple torn by lightning». And, the people running and screaming, they didn’t know what had taken place.

289 And that Roman soldier…

[JBP] Remember that; there it represents something very, very important with Revelation 11; where those Two Olive Trees will be there, those Two Witnesses, who will then arise, after three days. It goes on to say:

289 And that Roman soldier that helped nail Him there, had punched the sword through His heart, then he looked, but it was too late. He looked and believed…

[JBP] See? In other words, it was useless for him to see and then believe. See?, because he saw…

John 20:29

29 …blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

That is why whoever is going to see: “No, when the Tent Vision is already in place and the people come out healed, then I will believe”; well, I would like to say that it has become too late.

As well as, when, before the great tribulation, those ministries will have to go through that vision that the sister saw there in that dream, in which he, those ministries are killed28; in other words, it is fulfilling there a part in which later, when they resurrect, many will then say: “Truly the Spirit of God, the Angel of the Covenant is in that man.” And already there it would be… as it says there:

[289] … He looked and believed ([JBP] that is, the Roman soldier), but it was too late for him to believe. What he had done had sealed his doom…

[JBP] You see? That is, the actions, our actions, our attitude towards the Word, towards the Divine Program, can seal the destiny of each person.

[289] …he had run the spear through the Saviour’s heart. It was too late.

290 I wonder how many Romans today has done the same thing, and will do the same thing. You might look, someday, but it might look too late. Many of today will come in that day and be the same way. They have known ([JBP] that is, they know).

That is why there in The Seals: [WMB] “They know the punishment that awaited them, they had been in meetings like this.”29 In other words, at this time, to kill a person’s influence is like sticking a spear in him; that is why he says: [WMB] “I wonder how many Romans today has done the same thing.” He says that is like murder.

So we have to be careful at this time, not to be and not to fulfill the characters that in another time stood against the Divine Program.

I have a section left in this message: “REMEMBERING THE LAW OF MOSES”:

[WSS] …Elijah has to die and so doesMoses.

So, however that is and how that is going to move, that is not something that should concern other people; the one who should be concerned is Elijah and also Moses, who are the ones who are going to go through that.

What we should be concerned about is that God sends him and that he brings us the Word of God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] May God help us in this time that He has allowed us to have, so we can be prepared for the introduction to the Millennium, which is what brother Branham says there of the Seventh Seal, which says that at the end of the Seventh Seal brings the entrance to the Millennium. That is on page 465 [page 553 in Eng.], where we read [The Seals]:

[233] …and even end the ushering in of the Millennium.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Introduction».

[JBP] And we can give this talk, the topic: “The introduction for the entry into the Millennium.”

May God bless you, may God keep you safe; and continue having a happy evening.

And remember that this greeting, you can use it tomorrow (our brother Andres) and also those who will be gathered during this week, so we may continue enjoying all these writings that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ has left us.

May God bless you and keep you all.

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