The last one, the Benjamin of the Angel Prophets

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The last one, the Benjamin of the Angel Prophets

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Monday, November 21, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon, missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, there where you are, and all the brethren who are with you there in Mexico; and also all those who are in the different countries that today have – it is a holiday in some places, in some countries: such as Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile; some have off and others are gathered since this morning, today Monday, November 21 of this year 2022; and other places: United States, Europe…; and the different places where you are gathered today.

It is truly a blessing and privilege to be able to send these words of greeting to all ministers and brethren on this occasion, grateful to God for all that God has given us in this end time; which, we have been seeing the whole Program that God has destined for this time in which we are living since before the foundation of the world.

In the fulfillment of the First Coming of the Lord He sent His mighty Archangel Gabriel to announce the First Coming; and brother Branham tells us: [WMB] “Gabriel announced the First Coming of the Lord; he will announce, he will sound the Trumpet at and for the Second Coming of the Lord.”1

In other words, everything that has been happening in this end time is parallel to the time of the First Coming of the Lord, which would be parallel in everything; as it tells us in the book of Quotations,2 on page 119, where it tells us:

1058 – “[50] I may be building a platform for somebody else to step on. I may be taken before that time. […]

51 But I do believe, that we are so close, that I would never die with old age. Yet, at fifty-four years old, I’ll never die with old age, until He’s here. See? Unless I’m shot, killed, or something other, some way killed, just old age wouldn’t kill me, until He’s come. […]

[52] I may not do it, but this Message will introduce Jesus Christ to the world ([JBP] Remember that the Message and the messenger are the same). For, ‘As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming, so is the Message to forerun the second Coming.’ And John said, ‘Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.’ See? So, it’s, it paralleled it in every way. And I know it will…”

[JBP] In other words, when it is said that it is parallel in everything, it means that it will have all the elements and all the characters that were there for the fulfillment of the First Coming of the Lord.

And at this time, in the Divine Program, it was that God would send that Archangel, in which He was making known to the Church —which is the spiritual Mary— how the fulfillment of His Coming would take place.

And the fulfillment of His Coming would be a mystery; because that is one of the great mysteries of the Kingdom of God, which is the Seventh Seal, which is the mystery that would be opened in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

And it is something that wasn’t in the picture, which was what he spoke yesterday, in that message that we were hearing: “THE MYSTERY OF THE FAITH OF THE MIGHTY MEN AND WOMEN OF THE SON OF DAVID,” a very, very revealing message; because now one can see the different angles and understand everything more clearly with the Light that God is giving us.

And we see how He was reflecting it all, what was going to be that full fulfillment in the manifestation of the ministries of Moses and Elijah in the Last Day in the midst of His Church; which would first be in the midst of the Church.

The Son of Man would come, call and gather His elect, and they would be placed in the Age of the Cornerstone and Dispensation of the Kingdom, in that spiritual sphere; which was reflecting what would be fully a reality when He would call and gather the last elect; and the Door of the Dispensation of Grace would already close, and the Dispensation of the Kingdom would begin.

But all this has an interlace, in which it is like a relay race: the one who carries the scepter or the baton (it has different names in different places) is running; and then, when he is going to give it to the other one, the other one starts running, but he still doesn’t have the scepter in his hand; in other words, there comes a moment when both are running, but one of them has the baton (we are going to call it “the baton,” or “the scepter”; let’s call it “the scepter”), which is the Word.

And while they are both running, if you notice, there comes a point where the one who is going to give the other the scepter: there is a key moment where the two hands are together holding that baton, that scepter.

And then, when the other one has it in his hand as well…, and there is a little segment where they do it together; that represents a lapse of time.

And then the other one releases the scepter and begins to slow down, until he stops completely; but the other one goes with that momentum running, and accelerates more; he doesn’t stop, he doesn’t slow down, but on the contrary: he increases the speed, and then he goes faster; because that is the one and on that one depends the triumph of that race: the last one; and on that one depends the victory for all his team.

It is that one whose feet are on the ground, it is that one who is stepping; and that every step he takes is a step forward and ahead towards victory; which are those Feet that in the Last Day are on Earth, those Feet of brass, which are of judgment; which will be imparting that power and authority over nature, over every living being and over everything that it speaks there in Hebrews, chapter 12, which is all the structures and all the things that the human being has made: everything will be demolished.

But we have prayed to God that God will allow, for example, The Great Tent Cathedral to remain standing. And we also wish that the places of worship that God has allowed us to have: that God, if it is in His Program to leave them and that they don’t suffer so much damage, then let it be so. But God already has His Program, and He has already destined what things will remain and what will not. But our desire is and we ask God that the Tent, The Great Tent Cathedral, this place that we have prepared for the Lord, God will keep it standing, and thus enter the Millennium.

And notice, in this message yesterday, how when he comes speaking on page 12 (those who have it over there), he is reading from the Scripture of… the moment when Samuel was going to anoint one of the sons of Jesse; and the moment came when… he says [P. 12]:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Friday, October 10, 1997
Fusagasuga, Cundinamarca, Colombia

[1 Samuel 16:11] “And Samuel said unto Jesse, Are here all thy children? (Because no one else appeared). And he (Jesse) said, There remaineth yet the youngest, and, behold, he keepeth the sheep (he was a shepherd). And Samuel said unto Jesse, Send and fetch him: for we will not sit down till he come hither.

“And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to. And the Lord said, Arise, anoint him: for this is he.

Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. So Samuel rose up, and went to Ramah.”

Now, notice how someone who wasn’t in the picture, when the seven sons of Jesse were there, would be the one who would come into the picture and would be anointed king of Israel.

[JBP] See, one who wasn’t (apparently) in sight, in the picture of the human beings who were there: of Samuel, of Jesse and of the brothers. That is, although they knew that there was one there, but they didn’t imagine that this was the one who was going to be anointed as king; and he was hidden, veiled before the eyes of those who were there, even from Samuel himself!

And we see that, although he was veiled for them by God, he wasn’t veiled for the Lord: He knew, He had it hidden there. And notice how, already there we see how David was anointed.

Remember that our brother Branham on page 24 (turn to page 24)… We are talking about this message from yesterday, since there we saw many important things; and he tells us on page 24…

Because notice that all those who passed there before Samuel, who were brought by Jesse, they wanted that blessing. The same as the angel messengers of the ages: they desired that position; because each one was seeing in the Scriptures those promises, and they desired also that in them, and for their age, to receive those promises that God had for the end of time.

Look at page 24, where he tells us there [“THE MYSTERY OF THE FAITH OF THE MIGHTY MEN AND WOMEN OF THE SON OF DAVID”]:

[WSS] The seventh angel messenger once thought it was him; because he surely read in First Chronicles, chapter 2, and there he saw that it said David was the seventh.

[JBP] And also, if you notice, on different occasions brother William spoke in a certain way that he thought that he was the one that was going to be fulfilling in his physical body —the one that God gave him while he was on this planet Earth—; and he spoke…; and you find countless messages that he speaks that after him there would be no one else, that in him would be the last garment of the Lord, that in him were fulfilled the promises of those ministries operating and working in a Great Tent Cathedral, and all that.

But now, if you look for the last messages, he was already speaking more clearly there. And many times he spoke it in… not in the way he spoke before, but he was already letting us see that another one was going to come to fulfill those promises.

He would say, [WSS] “And in the one that is…,” in one of the occasions he would say: [WSS] “And in the one that God has at that time, there will be the manifestation.”

He spoke – in other places he spoke it in another way; but already there he understood that he had to leave, and that it would be someone else who would come, someone else who wasn’t in the picture.


[WSS] And any person, well, what he seeks is God’s blessing. And if there is anything in Scripture to grab hold of to receive God’s blessing, wouldn’t you grab hold of it? Well, this is how the men of God of the past took hold of it: Didn’t Jacob take hold of the Birthright Blessing to receive God’s blessing?

Well, our brother Branham was a very good, very humble, very simple man; but he was a person who understood God’s blessings very well, and what this means for the person who receives those blessings of God (which have to be in the Scripture); but that blessing wasn’t for him.

[JBP] That is why he would say to me: [WSS] “Benjie, you have to identify yourself in the Scriptures; look for yourself in the Scriptures”; that is, that Scripture that says: “Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of me.”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Let’s look for it —that Scripture— to read it as it is; that is on verse 39 of the Gospel according to John, chapter 5:

39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

[JBP] Notice, that is why he would say to me: [WSS] “You have to identify and search yourself in the Scriptures.”

And brother Branham there, he longed for that blessing, when he also said, [WMB] “I’m reaching out my hand,” or [WMB] “I am so close ([JBP] something like that) that I reach out my hand, and I take hold of it”3; that is, he grabs that promise of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, where, when he was placed there, that place was already functioning, and there were already those activities.

But he knew that before all that something was happening in the Church, in the midst of the Church; which were countless stages, which the Church was or would be going through before coming to that time where he saw that activity there, where great things were happening; and he knew that that would be the final ministry, which God would be using in the midst of the Lord’s Church.

Like when… I read also yesterday an excerpt, where if you ask a rabbi if they are waiting for the Messiah to come in a man and manifest Himself in a man from Heaven, and come to Earth, they say: [WSS] “No ([JBP] says brother William); they are waiting for a man from here on Earth.”

And that will be the manifestation of God in the midst of His Church, which they, seeing all that God will be doing in the midst of the Church, they will say, “This is the one we are waiting for”; and since he wasn’t in the picture, that is when they are going to miss —and many are missing— God’s way to fulfill that promise.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Our brother William continues saying there on page 24 of the message we are reading: “THE MYSTERY OF THE FAITH OF THE MIGHTY MEN AND WOMEN OF THE SON OF DAVID”; he says:

[WSS] Do you know that he tried to grab hold of that blessing, like all the messengers? Saint Paul also tried to grab on to that blessing, when he tried to turn the Hebrew people to Christ.

The Hebrew people can only be turned to Christ in the manifestation of Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit through human flesh at the Last Day; where He manifests Himself as Lion of the tribe of Judah, as King of kings and Lord of lords, and as Son of Man and Son of David.

And now, notice, none of the seven angel messengers was the instrument for that manifestation of Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit through human flesh, through a messenger in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

[JBP] In none of them was that manifestation of Jesus Christ fulfilled.

And look on page 22, he also tells us something there; page 22 at the bottom:

[WSS] Who is the white horse Rider of Revelation? The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, in other words, Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit.

He came in each age manifested in each angel messenger; but at no point did He come as King of kings and Lord of lords. He came in His Work of Redemption in each of the ages of the gentile Church…

[JBP] And if you notice, that in that manifestation of the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord, in that stage or phase that was in the midst of the Church, in the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels, in that first phase: He came in that interlace, at the end of that gentile dispensation, at the end of the Dispensation of Grace; therefore, there He couldn’t come and manifest Himself as the Lion nor as the Reclaimer; that is why until 2018 there were baptisms… and there were callings and there were baptisms and there was Holy Supper and all that, because that belonged to the Dispensation of Grace.

But since the Coming of the Son of Man was and is with His Angels, that second stage or phase comes to be fully fulfilled in the Dispensation of the Kingdom; although there was that interlace, where those two ministries would be running parallel in that change of dispensation: at the end of the Dispensation of Grace and beginning of the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

And there came a time when they both had that scepter in their grasp: one handing it over to the other in that change of dispensation. So there came a time —and everything is fulfilled in a simple way— in which he spoke and I was the bearer, and I spoke what he commanded me to speak. There, in that simple way, God was passing that Sword to another.

And see how all that was being fulfilled in such a simple way, that the world, the gentile world, didn’t realize that there He was intertwining and culminating that Work of Intercession in Heaven, where He would already manifest Himself in Holy Spirit in the midst of His Church under the ministries corresponding to the fulfillment of the Tent Vision: the ministries of Moses and Elijah, and of Jesus; in other words, it is the ministry that God would be operating in this end time.

And He, by having all the ministries, can operate the ministry that He desires to operate at the time that He desires to operate any of those ministries. Because the Pillar of Fire is the one that is with His people; therefore, it is God Himself:

He Himself arose and He Himself is the One who has descended; He Himself is the One who has delivered the Title and He Himself is the One who is doing the Work.

In other words, God is the one who is in the midst of His people in Holy Spirit; and that is the stage where the situation is more delicate; because there enters that stage where a word against wouldn’t be forgiven: from a mockery, from speaking evil, from… everything that is done against the instrument and the Work that God is carrying out in this end time; because it is not a human work, but it is the Work of the Holy Spirit.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It is like in a message (here we are going to look for it quickly) where he spoke something very important. That is in the message “THE ADOPTION OF THE ANOINTED ONE,” preached on June 20, 2009. There was a case there that brother William tells us, in which he shows us that to a dispensational messenger…, it is very delicate to speak against that messenger.

(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, June 20, 2009
Sao Paulo, Brazil

See, those who wanted to occupy or obtain the priesthood going over what Moses had spoken, had problems; and God testified in favor of what God had spoken through Moses; and therefore, the priestly order belonged to Aaron and his descendants, but Aaron and his descendants would be under the direction of God by means of the Holy Spirit through Moses.

In other words, Aaron’s priestly order wasn’t over Moses, but under the direction of God through Moses. That is why when Aaron and Miriam spoke something related to Moses regarding his personal life, and criticized him because he had married…, had taken a Cushite woman, God wasn’t pleased with that.

Even more, they said: “Hasn’t God also spoken through us, by us? Has He spoken only through Moses? Has He not also spoken through us?” Well look, He hadn’t spoken anything either by Mary (or Miriam) or by Aaron either, only by Moses; and Moses spoke through Aaron; for God said, “Thou shalt be to Aaron: God; and thou shalt put in Aaron’s mouth what he shall speak.”

So Aaron spoke only what Moses told him to speak; and when he did otherwise, he was in trouble with God. When he made the golden calf, Moses didn’t tell him to do that; he had problems with God.

Criticizing Moses brought problems to Aaron and Miriam too (or Mary): she became leprous; then Aaron was very afraid.

He begged Moses… See, he didn’t beg God, because Moses was God to Aaron; he begged him…, Aaron begged Moses, and then Moses was the one who talked to God; so the connection with God was Moses and not Aaron, he was under Moses’ orders. Neither Aaron nor Miriam or Mary could enter the promised land.

Now, we can see that apparently it was a simple case; but if we examine it well, when a person begins to put faults to the leader of his time…; or some faults that he has, criticize them or make them known to other people: that is what politicians do so that their contender can’t win.

Miriam or Mary and Aaron, with what they were doing, were putting Moses’ ministry on the level of what they had, when Moses was the one who put them there. We use a term for that: “They entered as additions and wanted to leave as owners.”

Like when you leave a little piece of land to a person, to build a little house there, and then he makes a problem, and goes to court and claims that it is his because he has a certain amount of time; but it was lent to him, but they are not honest, and then they try to keep what was lent to them.

Aaron and Miriam, even though they didn’t fully realize it, were —with that action— belittling Moses, and using that situation that Moses had a woman of color, of a darker color than Aaron and Mary or Miriam; using a family problem so that Moses would be at an equal or lower level than theirs; and so that the people, the people, would think that God spoke through them, and therefore, it was the same to go to Moses as to go to Miriam or to go to Aaron; but it wasn’t the same.

[JBP] And so there are people that do the same thing in all times; and in this time also. And they think that because they have been there some time and because they have the knowledge and they have the messages and they have everything, they can do the same thing.

Well, you know what? They may have all the messages and they may have everything, but they don’t have the corresponding ministries for that to be fulfilled; that which those ministries will be doing at the end of time, in the end time.

They will be able to have all the knowledge, and they will be able to know all the things concerning how it has to be in that Third Pull… as far as they know; because not everything is and was spoken, but there are many things that are hidden, that only the ministries of Moses and Elijah will know, and will not tell anyone.

In other words, they might be able to have all the knowledge, and they will try to put themselves in the same position, saying: “Me too,” or: “I too,” as it happened there with Aaron and Miriam: trying to get all that in Moses’ face, in front of the people, so that the people would see and look and say: “Oh, but this one also has the same,” or “This one also knows.” Well, he doesn’t know anything!, because, to begin with, he doesn’t have those ministries in him; therefore, that minister or those people who do that will be getting into a big problem; because it is a dispensational ministry.

And in this Dispensation of the Kingdom: How it is ruled and how it is operated is with a rod of iron. That is why we must be very, very careful in this time in which we are living.

The best thing a minister can do is: to be available, and to be arm in arm with the one who took the Scepter and is in that race to make and achieve the victory (as in that quote that we read yesterday also)4: to make that goal, to protect that man who carries the ball; in other words, to protect him so that soon there will be that change of kingdom, that change from the kingdom of the gentiles to the Kingdom of the Messiah; because that is what we want. Not to fight against each other with the One who will be fighting for that Kingdom to be established; in the Kingdom where each one of us will reign and will be.

How are you going to be fighting against the One who is going to give you the Kingdom; the One who says to you: “Fear not little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom”? How are you going to stand against the One who wants to give the Kingdom to you? You have to stand arm in arm with that instrument so that this Scripture will soon become a reality.

We have to have an open mind, a prophetic mind to understand and comprehend what God is fulfilling at this time, and not be jealous. Rather say: “If this is the man that God predestined, and now he is in the picture —before he wasn’t, but now he is—, then we are going to be arm in arm with those ministries until we reach the Millennial Kingdom that He has prepared for us.” Before, we know the promises that are coming: our adoption, our transformation, the rapture, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Look at all that God has prepared for us!

Therefore, it is a time for us to agree, to unite, and to be as they were in the upper room there: waiting for that promise. Because that promise is going to be fulfilled in the midst of the Church when it is ordained, when everything that is not useful is taken out of that catch that has been made, of that gathering that has been made. Those Angels, those ministries, will do and will be doing that separation, that segregation, so that then God can fulfill the promise of our adoption.

Notice that there they, even from the disciples themselves, Jesus separated Himself from them, and went up to Mount Transfiguration with only three of them; and He even separated Himself from the others to be adopted. Even Jesus Himself had to separate from some of them!

You see, all that represents in this end time that separation, that segregation that has to take place, so that you and I may be adopted.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say here on page 22 (where we left off) of the message “THE MYSTERY OF THE FAITH OF THE MIGHTY MEN AND WOMEN OF THE SON OF DAVID,” he says:

[WSS] And for the Last Day is that something very important will be happening, where the white horse Rider of Revelation —which is the Holy Spirit— will come incarnate, in other words, manifested in human flesh as King of kings and Lord of lords.

[JBP] In none of the ages did He come as King of kings, came as the Lion; in none of the ages did He come as the Lion. He came as the Lamb.

And in this phase or stage of His Coming, that last one that wasn’t in the picture would appear. He was not in front of the Bride, although he was out there in their midst, but he was veiled. God had him hidden so that imitations wouldn’t arise, and imitators wouldn’t arise before the time trying to imitate.

And although many, even with what has been spoken and was spoken, many have risen in different places (even from the denominations, and also from our time, from our group), thinking that they are the fulfillment of some of those promises. And some don’t realize that they become fortune tellers: they guess things. “No, I knew it was like that,” or “I knew this, I knew that”; well, he is placing himself as a fortune teller. “He guessed it,” let’s say; when God in every age and in every dispensation always has a messenger in whom He fulfills the Work with the people for that time.

And that one that God has had stored, reserved there, who was shepherding the sheep, becomes the Benjamin, becomes the last one; when He on many occasions said that with that Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ was the last one.

And you look at it from different angles: One, he thought it was in him. Then God opened the whole picture to him; but he didn’t speak everything, because he said: [WSS] “I can’t speak of this, because imitations would arise.” It was something imitable, see? And he always left it hidden.

And so that there would be no imitations, he would say: [WSS] “After this one, no one else will come.” Because that is also like that!: after that last one, who is a dispensational prophet…, which —at the time of Moses— he had to leave: a dispensational prophet.

But notice that on one occasion he wrote: [WSS] «Moses» as one, and he placed [WSS] «Joshua» as the second ministry of Moses5; that is, he is placing him as a dispensational messenger. For he who introduces into the new land of the new body is a dispensational messenger.

Therefore, those ministries have to be on Earth operating that ministry in the midst of the Church, in order to introduce them to the promised land of the new body and the promised land of the glorious Millennial Kingdom.

Everything is simple, but God had it hidden so that there wouldn’t be anyone who would imitate before time; and less being that powerful Archangel in our midst; they would divert their eyes towards those people who would arise in different places; and the Work of that powerful Archangel would then be more difficult for him.

But I thank God —and I know each one of you— that He hid from the wise and prudent…, and He hid all that even from the ministers themselves: for their own help; because otherwise, they would be placing themselves in a position that doesn’t correspond to them.

And God, in His mercy, did and spoke all that He spoke through the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ: William Soto Santiago, in that manner, in that form, so that no one would run the risk of imitating. And even so, still in this time there are people who dare to say: “I knew, I already knew that. I had already been saying that.” That person has got himself into a tremendous problem!: trying to usurp a position that doesn’t correspond to him; he would become a fortune teller.

So it is the mercy of God that didn’t open all that mystery of the Coming of the Lord, which would be fulfilled in different phases; so that when God would be fulfilling that mystery —and He would be fulfilling it in the midst of the Church— God’s elect would be focused and looking towards that ministry, which would be bringing in this Last Day, the Rapturing Faith, which would be in a Great Tent Cathedral.

And everything has to fall and everything has to be in place. All the elements have to be in place for that promise to be a reality. Our adoption, the Rapture, and all that, the resurrection; everything has to be in place.

He can’t say, “I can speak that too because I have the messages, I know everything”; but he doesn’t have —to begin with— the ministries, he doesn’t have the place either, he doesn’t have the people either.

Because, notice, He has taken so much care that the fulfillment of the prophecies be on an island, of the final prophecies; which is… I mean the fulfillment of the Tent Vision. It started on an island, and it will end on an island too.

In other words, God is carrying it out and fulfilling it according to how He had it in His Program since before the foundation of the world. But all that couldn’t be spoken openly, because they could even come to try to give a coup d’état in several places, in several islands. Wherever they saw something raised, they would then go there to try to interrupt or (let’s say) to try to remove, for them to do it.

Because the devil is like that: he doesn’t want the Divine Program to be fulfilled. And that is why God reserved it —that mystery— so that God’s Program wouldn’t be interrupted.

Notice when Jesus… the great promise of the Coming of the Messiah in His First Coming, when Herod knew about it, he was looking for Him right away; but it wasn’t to place Him there by his side or to place Him as king; rather what he wanted was to kill Him.

In other words, God hid that mystery, and even did things so that the ministry of the Messiah, of the Anointed One, would be in certain places; and He hid it, so that the enemy of God couldn’t get ahead of what God in His Program had to be carried out: which was the death on Calvary’s Cross. But it couldn’t be outside the time; it had to be at the time assigned by God. It couldn’t be at the moment the devil wanted to do it.

If the devil killed Jesus before the time, that Work of Redemption wasn’t effective; there had to be a Work, a work to be done in the midst of the Hebrew Church of that time, and thus that work as the Lamb of God be effective.

But there was going to come a point, a moment, where the enemy of God, the devil, would achieve his purpose. Because the purpose of the enemy of God is always to kill, to murder, whatever the form: from the pulpits to physically; because the devil is a murderer from the beginning. In other words, they crucify the Word in many ways: by speaking them, by actions, and all that.

And notice how Jesus spoke to them on one occasion there… Look there in Luke, chapter 9, verse 43; look here what it says:

43 And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God. But while they wondered every one at all things which Jesus did, he said unto his disciples,

44 Let these sayings sink down into your ears: for the Son of man shall be delivered into the hands of men.

45 But they understood not this saying, and it was hid from them, that they perceived it not: and they feared to ask him of that saying.

[JBP] He draws a Star of David, the pyramid and the ages.

And verse 46 of chapter 9 of Luke says:

46 Then there arose a reasoning among them, which of them should be greatest.

[JBP] Always arguing: “No, I’m the biggest,” or “I have more time, I have this, I have that.”

47 And Jesus…

[JBP] There where “which of them should be greatest,” he draws a Star of David.

47 And Jesus, perceiving the thought of their heart, took a child, and set him by him…

[JBP] A child that at that moment wasn’t in that picture; in other words, he was probably around there. And while He was talking and that discussion was going on between them, Jesus comes and grabs that child and puts him in His midst, and says:

48 And said unto them, Whosoever shall receive this child in my name receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great.

[JBP] And he draws a Cornerstone and the ages, and the arrow towards the Cornerstone.

And he writes: [WSS] «The last one, the Benjamin of the Angel Prophets».

[JBP] That is the last one. That is the one He will be sending in His Name.

Whoever receives him: Receives the One who sent him, and receives the Father; in other words, he will be receiving that manifestation of God at the end of time in the midst of His Church in human flesh, in the Benjamin of the prophets. That is where that Scripture is fulfilled again in this end time.

As he said: that in him —in the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ— is the Benjamin; and it was fulfilled there. Notice how the Scriptures have multiple fulfillments.

But that mighty Archangel there kept and locked up that mystery; and already at the end, he already spoke more clearly that he was going to come at the end of time in that ministry and that stage of The Great Tent Cathedral, where that Scripture would be fully fulfilled.

That would be the Benjamin!, that would be the least of the prophets; but He says that “the least among you, that is the greatest!”6

May God continue helping us, opening our understanding, opening the Scriptures to understand the mystery of the Second Coming of the Lord with His Angels, of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels in this end time: in that phase, in that stage where we are now living; in which God is carrying out countless prophecies, which are already being fulfilled in the midst of the Church.

And we want to see all the stages, and we want to be aware of what is happening in the midst of His Church.

Because God is doing and God will do something great; God is doing something great. I am not saying “God will do something great”; God is doing something great; and it is that He is preparing sons and daughters of God, with Food, with solid Manna, for those eagles that are eating that hidden Manna, that are eating that dead Body: “Where the dead body is, there the eagles will gather.”7

And that chosen group, that chosen remnant, is being prepared to obtain that Rapturing Faith. And thus, upon seeing the resurrected dead when that promise is fulfilled, thus being taken to the House of our heavenly Father, to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

And the last thing that these mortal bodies, that these earthly bodies will be seeing with our own eyes, with these bodies that we have now, will be that visitation that will be being manifested in the midst of the Church-Bride; because that visitation is for us.

And the last thing that each one of us will experience, of something angelic, of something divine, of something from another dimension, being in these bodies, is that manifestation of the sixth dimension.

In other words, God will allow that what brother Branham felt being in his physical body when he saw that Angel, all those nights revealing to him the mystery of the Seals, and he was revealing to him countless visions when that Pillar of Fire manifested on different occasions; and also when he went to Paradise: We are going to have that same experience being in these mortal bodies; and we will go through that experience!; because we are all going to be little messiahs,8 we are going to be people anointed by the Word of God.

And it will be something so wonderful, that being in these bodies we can see, we can look to that dimension. In other words, that will be for those who will receive at the end of time the Rapturing Faith, which is being fulfilled in each one of us, in each one of the chosen ones who have received in this end time “THE LAST ONE, THE BENJAMIN OF THE ANGEL PROPHETS.”

It has been for me a privilege, a blessing, to be able to send these words of greeting to all of you gathered in the different countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe as well.

May God bless you, may God keep you; and onward!, there is not much time left. Don’t be discouraged by anything or anyone; keep holding on to the Word, keep holding on to the Pillar of Fire, to the Angel of the Covenant, who is the only One who knows the way, is the only One who carries the Blueprint and knows what the next step is, and knows which is the way to take you to the promised land of the new body.

So, brother or sister who hears me, minister who hears me, child who hears me, young person, adult: Keep holding on to the Word, keep holding on to the Message, and God will give you the reward, which is: “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet, receives a prophet’s mercy:9 the blessings that that prophet brings, which is in this end time your adoption, your transformation.

May God bless you, and God keep you all.

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