The Light shines on the Word and brings it to life

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The Light shines on the Word and brings it to life

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Saturday, January 21, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning to all who are gathered there in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, in the congregation that Reverend Jesus Galicia Valenzuela pastors; and all the brethren gathered there on this occasion where our brother and friend: missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin is, with his wife Ruth, and all those who are there from the different places there in Mexico, today Saturday, January 21 of this year 2023; and those who are also gathered in the different countries, connected through the internet or the Amazonas satellite, on this occasion.

It is truly a great blessing and a privilege to be able to talk on this occasion about the Word of God and all that God is doing at this time; which is what corresponds to each one of us, in order to be aware of all that God is doing and all that God will be fulfilling in our midst.

Because this stage in which we are living is the stage where He will fulfill the promises that He has already made in the past, which are going to materialize in our lives; in other words, they are promises that were potentially fulfilled.

For example, in the ages: each messenger with his group was in expectation of receiving the promises that God was going to be fulfilling at the end of time, and each messenger tried to have them fulfilled in his time; and they, by faith, desired to obtain them; and they reached the part that God allowed them to reach, that is, they overcame until a certain part, and potentially (let’s say) they had the promise of the resurrection.

They, by believing that there was a promise that God would resurrect them at the Last Day, and that there was also a transformation at the Last Day, they still believed it: that it would be in their time that they would be resurrected, and that the transformation would occur in their time.

But since the apostles, Saint Paul… Notice that Saint Paul there spoke of a resurrection and spoke of the transformation, and there were still (let’s say) two thousand years left. But each one struggled and tried to have it fulfilled in their time; and they only obtained it by… Let’s say, the part of obtaining that resurrection in their days, potentially, by believing it, it was already effective for them. And the reality is that it’s going to be fulfilled in this time.

In other words, they potentially believed it here, that those promises were going to be fulfilled in their time; but since they were not fulfilled, now the reality —the real thing— is in this time.

Now, if you notice, in every age and in every dispensation God promised to give to every overcomer that promise of having that eternal and glorified body.

Because notice, when He gave the promise to Abraham: that his descendants wouldn’t be slaves there, and that God would give him the land flowing with milk and honey,1 that potentially represented that glorious Millennial Kingdom and eternity.

Because even though He promised him that, that doesn’t mean that the Hebrew people, after they received the promised land and entered the promised land, wouldn’t need any more land and that they would live there happily, and that God would fulfill everything there.

In other words, they were already going to have there that promise of a land flowing with milk and honey, in other words, they were not going to lack anything; but nevertheless, after obtaining that promise, notice, they have then gone through a lot of situations, and even the Hebrew people were almost exterminated.

But… didn’t God give them the promise there, and told them that He would give their descendants a land flowing with milk and honey, and that He was going to give them all those blessings?

Did God fail? No, God didn’t fail.

There, potentially, God was reflecting what not only the Hebrew people, but the Church, the heavenly Israel, the descendants of Abraham, the seed of Abraham who…, not according to the flesh, but the descendants of Abraham according to the promise or according to the heavenly Kingdom of God, who are the members of the Mystical Body of believers. That offspring of Abraham would be inheriting not only a land that will produce milk and honey, but a land as an eternal and glorified body.

All that the earthly Israel potentially received, the heavenly Israel receives in all fields: Both as Earth (as this planet Earth), as land as eternal and glorified body; because we receive the inheritance that the Firstborn of God, Jesus Christ, receives.

He is the heir to everything; as Son of God, as Son of Man, as Son of David…; in other words, as all those titles, everything that entails the inheritance of those titles: Jesus’ brethren receive them.

In other words, see how God reflected in the earthly Israel everything that the heavenly Israel will receive.

And every messenger in every age, notice how they got to a certain point where they were at that time of – that they were going to die, they weren’t going to obtain the test; because the test hadn’t yet come in their time to be able to overcome.

The time was required, the territory, the people was required, and the test to come. In other words, the test had to come at the time of adoption.

It was in the testing time that Adam and Eve were in; because it is that divine cycle back to Eden; where Adam and Eve were to receive their adoption, but they didn’t pass the test.

Notice, the test is passed at this end time. And we will pass it and we will obtain the victory; in other words, we will be the overcomers of the entire planet Earth; and not only of our time, but of all time since Creation until now.

In other words, we are the overcomers who at the end of time would be overcoming all that test that is being carried out in the midst of God’s chosen ones; which, that test is for those who are going to be adopted.

Now, that test is also for the foolish and for the world.

Because each test will have a result. For some: that adoption. For others: to hold on then to go through the great tribulation. And for others: to know that they no longer have a chance.

And, for example, in the time of brother Branham, when he…, God had already healed him and he says: [WMB] “Now that You heal me, will You now take me away?”2

In other words, if God there, with our brother Branham, after he potentially had that manifestation of God in those five manifestations that were distributed in his life…; because God showed what God would be doing in this end time in all His fullness.

There we saw it in part. For example:

• In the creation of squirrels, where it shows us the part of the Word being spoken (which is the most important); and that also represented food, because then he ate them (in other words, see, of food); and all that emerged by the spoken Word.

It was the spoken Word being materialized, fulfilled, in the squirrels. He said: [WMB] “I’m going to have one over there,” and it appeared: [WMB] “another one in this place,” which was a very difficult place for a squirrel to be there, and also. It was the fulfillment of the spoken Word, there being shown.

• Then the salvation of our sister Hattie Wright’s children. See, perhaps I don’t list them in the order in which he spoke them or happened; but the second one: the salvation of the children of our sister Hattie Wright; which represents that there’s going to be opportunity for salvation of our relatives, because we have claimed them and God is going to give them to us, He’s going to give us our inheritance as a family.

• Also the tumor of brother Branham’s wife: he spoke the Word from a distance, and his wife, when the doctor went to touch the area of the tumor to operate on her, it disappeared. See, divine healing at a distance also, by the spoken Word.

• And the storm. Notice that the storm, when they were there in that place, in that mountain, and that blizzard was coming, that storm; and he spoke the Word and it silenced. In other words, he had power over nature. And that speaks to us, all these events, speak to us of adoption.

• And the resurrection of the little fish, which we know represents those who will be resurrected in this end time by the spoken Word also; because it will be by the spoken Word that that event of resurrection will take place.

I was reading a few minutes ago about that also, where by the spoken Word the resurrection will come into existence. That is in the book of The Seals, page 265 [p. 314 in Eng.] it says:

[281] Now remember, before there was a grain of—of seed on the earth, before there was a sun that ever struck the earth, your body was laying on the earth, ’cause you are the dust of the earth. See? You are. God is the Contractor.

282 Now, the way He was going to do it, was reach down and get (like He did Adam) a little bunch of calcium, potash, and cosmic light, and, “Whew!” Say, “There is My other son.” See? Then He’d bring up some more, and, “Whew!” “There’s another one.”

283 But what did Eve do? She corrupted that way. And she brought it through a sexual act, then death struck it.

284 Now what is God doing? He’s got so many of those seeds down through there, that’s predestinated; so much, the predestinated. And then, at the end time, He won’t say, “Eve, come bear another child.” He’ll (“Whew!”) call, and I’ll answer. That’s all. That’s it. That’s the idea. When that last one is brought in, that settles it.

[JBP] Now notice how he speaks of something that was going to happen; and when he said: [WMB] “When the last chosen one is brought in,” and see how we can say now: “The last chosen one has already come in.” It has become a real thing.

It’s no longer something that potentially happened when he was opening the Seals, that he was talking about that He was already coming out of the Throne of Intercession, that He already took the Title, that the last one was already there and everything, and already… he was saying: [WMB] “This lays in the future.”3

See how God reflected everything in brother Branham; and how that fifth one (let’s say) (that we read) manifestation of the power of God, where that little fish was resurrected: how that comes to represent the real thing that will be happening in this end time.

And if the resurrection of the little fish was by the spoken Word of a man, and that little fish resurrected, then the same thing will happen. If it happened there with Jesus, when He said to Lazarus: “Lazarus, come forth”: it was the Word being spoken over a dead man, and that which that Man spoke happened.

And so it will be in this end time where —through the spoken Word— “the dead shall hear the Voice of the Son of God, and shall arise”4; because look, he writes there5:

[WSS] «The original Plan for the children of God, by speaking the Word». «He will speak the Word and the children appear in the resurrection».

[JBP] Now, see that it was required in every age to wait patiently for the promise that for every age and every dispensation, every messenger (let’s talk about the ones from the ages), they had to wait until the time where the resurrection was going to occur; because it wasn’t in their time that it was going to occur.

They potentially had —based on that promise— the faith. That is, they had faith based on that promise that if they died they were going to be resurrected; but they had faith that they were going to be transformed; each one in his time desired that.

Even our brother Branham, who wanted to fulfill everything in his time: he wanted to fulfill the Tent Vision; he wanted to fulfill the Hebrews receiving the Message, to convert them; he wanted to fulfill a number of events; he even wanted in the Tent: to have it, to preach about the Trumpets, the Plagues – the Vials, the Plagues and all that.6 See, but it wasn’t at that time.

He spoke of all that; and then, when he says that all has been fulfilled, but that one thing was missing that hadn’t been fulfilled: and it was the Tent Vision.7

In other words, when he realizes that God heals him, and he doesn’t have the stomach problem again, he then realizes that God is going to take him away.

He knew he had to depart, because God was showing him that there was still a stage, an age that was coming; in other words, a change of dispensation was going to come; which and in which all those things that weren’t fulfilled in him would occur. It was reflected in him; and potentially, God showed it all there with brother Branham.

Now, each one of us are going to obtain all that; but not in part, but in all the fullness; because it will be sons and daughters of God with that power that was in part shown in Reverend William Branham. But we, at this time, have to believe it and wait with patience…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look here a little part:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, March 9, 2002
Minatitlan, Veracruz, Mexico

For example, you see a house or a car for sale; and you look at it and you like the car and you like the house, and you go like this, and you say ([JBP] that is, he goes like this, he touches his pocket, he puts his hands in his pocket there): “I already have potentially (because you have the money), I potentially have the house.” Then what is missing are the tasks, the work, the mechanism, the whole mechanism to be carried out, because you already have the money.

And now, by having the promised Word of what God has promised us; and having the Seal, the Holy Spirit; and having faith… “for without faith it is impossible to please God.” It was by faith that the saints of the Old Testament obtained the promises, the promises that were made to them were materialized.

For example, Abraham: Abraham when he received the Word from God, that God would give him a son (and even the name was given to him), Abraham already had the son. Why? Because he believed God, and it was counted to him for righteousness; he already potentially had it, because he had the creative Word, then he had everything he needed already; now what was required was patience, until what God promised was materialized.

And in that stage of patience some become desperate…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] That is as it says there in Luke and also Matthew, which say: “My Lord delayeth His coming; and He beginneth to smite his fellow servants…” See, he is not in that stage of patience, of waiting, but he starts beating his fellow servants, that is, his brethren, his colleagues; which is not right.

Luke, chapter 12, verse 45:

45 But and if that servant say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken;

46 The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

[JBP] And there he writes: [WSS] «The great tribulation».

[JBP] In other words, notice that such a person is not preparing for his adoption, and his end is the great tribulation. It’s required that we have patience, it’s required that we are at this time preparing for our adoption.

Now look, it says (I’m reading here from brother William) [“SPEAKING ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD”]:

[WSS] And in that stage of patience, some people despair; as Sarah could despair, saying: “But… I already had a birthday.” And after a few years she could say. “And now I’ve turned, I have ten more years than I had at first; and I continue to grow old and the promised son doesn’t come.”

But Abraham said: “God has promised, God will fulfill it; for He is mighty to fulfill what He has promised.”

[JBP] God never lies in His Word; and He, what He promises, He fulfills. He is faithful to fulfill His Word.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Now look in the message “THERE IS A MAN HERE THAT CAN TURN ON THE LIGHT,”8 it says… on page 16 of this message, it says:

[75] Oh, how we appreciate these great things, how that the Word being vindicated is the Light of the spoken Word. See?

God said, “Let there be light.”

76 Now, what if He just said it and no light come? Then we don’t know whether it’s true or not. We don’t know whether He is all right. We don’t know whether He is God or not, because He just said, “Let there be,” and there wasn’t. See?

So then when God speaks and we see it is, then that’s the Light that shines forth, the Truth of the Word. See? There is Light and Life.

[JBP] He writes there:

[WSS] «The vindicated Word, made a reality, is the Light of the spoken Word. That is the truth of the Word: the Word fulfilled».

He continues saying:

77 All natural life comes by His spoken Word. And the sun is His spoken Word. He said He created a great light in the heavens, for the day, and a lesser light for the night. See? And all natural life has to come by God’s spoken Word.

[JBP] Look: “…all natural life has to come by God’s spoken Word.”

That is why “the dead shall hear the Voice of the Son of God, and shall arise”; what we read there in the book of The Seals, that he says it will be by the spoken Word.

And that Word has to be in flesh in order to be spoken; and it has to be made flesh today.

[77] A flower cannot grow without the light of God’s spoken Word shine upon it, for the sun is, the s-u-n, is the spoken Word of God, when He said, “Let there be light.” See? It’s God’s spoken life. And no matter how much people try to—to say this, that, or the other, it still remains the same. You have to have that sun, so life, natural, can only come by the spoken Word of God.

78 And spiritual Life, Eternal Life, can only come by God’s spoken Word of Life.

[JBP] Now, look here how the elect of God will have… (and we can go in parts), look how the children of God will be able to give eternal life to their relatives.

And one could say: “But the only one who gives eternal life is Jesus Christ, is God; He is the Way. How can it be that I can give eternal life to my relatives?” Notice, because it is the faith that you already have in that Giver of eternal life; and that faith comes to work in your relatives as well.

What a child of God of this end time has is something so glorious and so great! He has, in part, (let’s say) potentially; because when it’s already a reality that that child is adopted: all this will be a reality. They will be adopted children of God.

And if God did so many things with one…; for example, with brother Branham; with Jesus, how many things He did with Jesus! How much more with adopted sons and daughters of God at this end time? In other words, it will be something very, very glorious.

Now, this part, when brother Branham there spoke the Word and said: [WMB] “I give them to you. In the Name of the Lord,” and notice how those sons came quickly to the Feet, there, and then continued to serve the Lord. It was God’s Word in a human man.

And how we can, at this time, also have that part. And notice how by the spoken Word it will be brought to eternal life for the family members.

And you stop for a little while and meditate on that, and sometimes you think:

“Lord, my family (not all of it, because I have some here, certain people who are my relatives here)… but I have So-and-so, that other family that is over there in another town, maybe in another country; o, God, and they haven’t been able to hear the Message; and if they have heard it, they weren’t touched by the Message, because they weren’t predestined to hear it; but, Lord, that may I ask for them and may You give them to me for eternal life?

(Think about that for a moment).

That this world can’t hold them, that the kingdom of darkness can’t hold them; although apparently it has them, it has a hold on them —this kingdom of the evil one—; and one has tried to get them out of there and it is difficult. But, Lord, that by my spoken Word I may claim them and take them out of the clutches of the evil one?”

Think about it. This is something greater than we can imagine, than our mind can imagine. That you can have in your hands the decision of that person who is lost in the world, that even if he goes through the great tribulation you know that he is going to be resurrected after the Millennium and that you are going to have him in eternal life?

No… that is something so great! What God has given to us; because it’s the content of the Title Deed; and there in the Title Deed are all those blessings; in other words, we are the possessors of that. Potentially we have it, but it will be a reality very soon.

Very soon, that part where Jesus became adopted, where that Cloud of Glory covered Him, and there with Moses and Elijah (were present), and there the Voice came forth and said: “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Oh, how it will be when that promise will also be a reality in us: in you and in me! When the Glory of God is brought down to you and to me, and God there says: “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased to dwell.” Oh! no… These are promises that God has made for us.

And that by the spoken Word of an adopted child of God that things can be created, diseases can be stopped, storms can be stopped and nature can be controlled; that group of children of God that will be able to place the Word correctly!9 Think about it.

What God has for us at this end time is something great, for this stage where brother Branham saw the glorious manifestation of the divine power there, of the power of God in all His fullness; not only in part, in those manifestations of brother Branham that reflected, typified, all that would be on a greater scale at this end time.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And notice… Look, there he goes on to say [“THERE IS A MAN HERE THAT CAN TURN ON THE LIGHT”] [Page 13]:

[78] In Him is Light, and in Him is no darkness; and He is God’s spoken Light. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] God’s spoken Word, for, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” And It’s forever God. See?

And it takes the Light of God to strike the Word, to make It live. Here is what He spoke [Brother Branham pats his Bible—Ed.], now let the Light shine!

[JBP] In other words, it’s necessary for that Light of God to shine on the Word. And we, since we are part of Him, we are His Word, that Light is shining on us at this Last Day, and He’s bringing it to life in this glorious revival! That Word that He said would transform us is being fulfilled; and He’s doing it! From within us.

And it’s around that Word that Light is shining – that Light is shining on the Word: it’s emerging in our life —from the inside out— that new being, that transformation from within, to God transform us at this end time, to give us that eternal and glorified body.

It goes on to say [“THERE IS A MAN HERE THAT CAN TURN ON THE LIGHT”] [Page 13]:

[78] Here is what He spoke [Brother Branham pats his Bible—Ed.], now let the Light shine! Amen! Let the Light shine, and the Light will bring every Word to Its right position, in its season. Amen!

[JBP] See? Everything has its time.

And notice, he writes there:

[WSS] «The Light shines on the Word and brings it to life».

And brother Branham continues to say:

[78] Oh! You see, when it comes time!

79 Sometimes that grain lays in the earth, dormant, all through the—the winter, like seed, winter wheat sowed in the ground. But when that sun gets just right, oh, it’s got to live. See? And it can’t live without the sun.

And God has made promises for every age and every day. And when the Light gets right, and shines upon that, it’ll produce just exactly what the Word said, because He is the Light and the Life.

80 God’s Word comes only by the Bible. God’s Bible is the—the printed form of the Son of God, because the Bible said that It is the revelation of Jesus Christ. It’s God revealing Himself through Christ, and Christ is the Word [WSS] «Word». And it takes the Light of God to shine upon that Word, to vindicate It, to prove that God still speaks Life, Eternal Life. He speaks natural light, brings the life. Life only comes by the Light, the Word made manifest, or made flesh. When all the promises become, in the Bible, become manifest, is when Jesus Christ, the Word, was made flesh among us. God always works through man. Man is God’s subject.

[JBP] It’s that Light, the Sun of Righteousness in a new dispensational day, that is illuminating us; it’s that Light shining on that wheat; so that when that Light is right and shines on that wheat, it will produce exactly what the Word said. What will that Word produce, in children of God on whom that Light is going to shine on them hard? It will produce adopted children of God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And there Sarah… Look, our brother William continues saying [“SPEAKING ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD”]:

[WSS] Therefore, it was a matter of waiting with patience. And we are tested in that waiting stage; because there we need the patience to be waiting, to be waiting for what He promised ([JBP] Not to be beating our fellow servants, not to be gossiping, but to be waiting with patience and awaiting, preparing ourselves, for that event. He says); waiting with faith, believing it with all our soul.

Now, never think that God will not fulfill what He promised. He will fulfill it.

Some people may say: “It’s been so long already that I’m getting old; and it seems like I’m not going to be transformed but I’m going to die and be resurrected.” Well, you are dictating your own sentence; may you have… may you rest in peace.

But there are others who say: “Even if I’m getting old, I’m going to be a young man! Because Christ promised it!” For then we will see each other in the transformation; and with the others, for we will see each other when they are resurrected; when they are resurrected in their glorified bodies, for I will see them in glorified bodies.

Now, because of the spoken Word: faith remains in our souls, and we keep waiting for what He promised.

Faith for you and for me is like the money with which we are going to buy the house or we are going to buy the car. If you don’t have faith, you can’t receive, you can’t inherit, any promise from God; as if you don’t have money, you can’t buy a car nor can you buy a house, which you are selling.

[JBP] Now see how we patiently wait for those promises that God has made for us, which He will fulfill. He will fulfill those promises, because He said so. It’s already a spoken Word and it has to be materialized.

In that page we read, on which He tells us: [WSS] «The Light shines on the Word and brings it to life».

• Today I was talking with some brethren that I appreciate very much, who came from Chile; and I want to tell you this little anecdote (to finish), because there are other things that we can also touch on tomorrow; and there I was talking about all these things (maybe now we will talk about them briefly).

But there we talked about several things very… more detailed perhaps. Maybe in those talks, as we already know that we talk more like this among… more familiar, maybe.

Well, that is how it’s been, when you talk like that in… when there are people like with the workers, or like this with people talking like this. It’s like someone – you are sitting in the living room of the house and you are talking with the guests or with the family members. And so it happened this morning.

Maybe here in audios, when we record for a certain place, well, there are some things that maybe we don’t talk about them in the way one would like to talk about them in the common; but they are also going to be passed through the means; so anyway they are always going to be placed; but I don’t know why that happens when we talk in…, when we are among the brethren.

And this morning something also happened, we were talking about what an overcomer is, and why at this time we are the ones that are going to overcome; and all these things were being talked about there; why brother Branham didn’t reach that part of overcoming; and also the Pillar of Fire in the little room; and also a number of things that were talked about there.

And it turns out that it was thought that it was being recorded, but it seems that the button wasn’t pressed right and it wasn’t recorded; only those who were there heard it; and maybe some sisters who were close by, that I saw them sitting in a corner to listen, and it seems that the voice traveled, and… I don’t know if they were able to hear anything.

Now, notice… Now, this shows us that we will always have to go around with a tape recorder or something; because very important things were said there, which we will be talking about in these next days; we will see how they come out spontaneously; because they were common things, that maybe when we talk about them in this way… chatting, well, maybe it’s explained, or we talk more about common things, that can be well understood, and… we will be able tomorrow, maybe, talk about it too.

But those brethren who were there caught my attention how… For me it was a teaching… See, they listened; perhaps those who were farther away couldn’t hear well, and those who weren’t there, well, they couldn’t either.

Now, see how that also took me back to the time when Jesus was with Peter, James and John on Mount Transfiguration. Further down were His disciples, part of His disciples also there, and the rest of the world. And notice that no one knew what was going on up there; only those who were there knew what was going on up there.

And that will be fulfilled at this end time, where the world will not know that there are children of God being prepared for adoption, for transformation. In the world there is commotion and a number of things, and nobody realizes that there is a group of chosen ones around the world, from different places, who are preparing for adoption: they are on Mount Transfiguration being prepared for adoption; and nobody else is knowing and receiving this stage of adoption, except those who are present in the Age of the Cornerstone and Dispensation of the Kingdom, those who are inside the Most Holy Place, inside the veil, and are receiving all that the Most Holy Place has.

And there are those Two Cherubim of olive wood covered with gold, and there are countless things, which, the only ones who will be seeing and receiving that are those who have passed through the veil. And that veil has been opened, as we see there in Revelation, chapter 15, that what was there inside was seen; the same thing that happened in Revelation, chapter 8.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] See, in Revelation, chapter 15, where there it says… verse 5:

5 And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened:

6 And the seven angels came out of the temple, having the seven plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles.

7 And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever.

8 And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Now notice something here… I wasn’t planning on reading this excerpt, but look, it says in the message:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Thursday, May 27, 1999
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Now, we can see why Reverend William Branham tried on many occasions to preach a series of messages on the Vials and on the Plagues, and he never could. He tried, and on some occasions he said that he wished he had a big tent to take there one or two weeks, or more, or four weeks, to carry out activities where he could preach about the Plagues and the Vials.

But notice, the preaching about the Plagues, about the Vials, about all these things, corresponds to the Seventh Seal; under the Seventh Seal is that the preaching of the Vials, of the Plagues, of all these things, will be manifested, will be spoken.

In other words, under the manifestation of the Seventh Seal, which is the Coming of the Lord, it will be that all these about the Plagues, the Vials, which are to be poured out, will be made known, in other words, the divine judgments that are going to be poured out on the Earth; and all this corresponds to the Seventh Seal.

And the Seventh Seal, like the Seventh Trumpet, is the Coming of the Lord: “It will sound and the dead in Christ will resurrect first and we who are alive will be transformed.”

[JBP] Everything revolves around that Seventh Seal. In other words, the entire end time, all the divine judgments and all that, correspond to the Seventh Seal, under that Seventh Seal, or in the Seventh Seal all that; and there the Vials are also poured out.

Well, and today then… today those words weren’t recorded; they were like… I think it was a little while there of about half an hour to an hour, I think we were talking; and we were lamenting so much; we said: “Hey, but it wasn’t recorded.” But then, many of the things have been talked about, others well there they… I told them, when I left, I told those who were there cleaning, I told them:

—“Oh! I think I said things there that I shouldn’t have said like that; but they have been said,” I told them.

And they said:

—“Yes, you did, you… you already spoke them.”

But these are things that the Church has to learn about, has to know.

Tomorrow we can talk about it, because tomorrow the topic is (let’s see, here it is): “THE MYSTERY OF THE GLORY OF GOD MANIFESTED.” That was also talked about a little bit in… today. Maybe here we gave some points, and we have reviewed some little things that I talked about in that chat this morning; I thought that talk was the one that I was going to share with brother Miguel; but God already had it in His Program like this.

And see how that also… Look, if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have thought that part that happened there on Mount Transfiguration, when Jesus was being adopted, and only those who were there knew that.

Notice, we wouldn’t have had that example. Although everything that was spoken there is something that we need to know, and we are going to… Today something about that was spoken (now), like that of the Overcomer; and also something about that manifestation of the power of God that brother Branham had there in part was spoken; and the rest we will talk about in the next talks or the next Bible Studies.

Well, may God bless you, may God keep you.

And thank you very much, brother Miguel, for allowing me this opportunity to send this greeting. And may God also bless the congregation where you are, of our brother Jesus Galicia Valenzuela, and all the ministers, brothers and sisters of that place; and of the different places that are there: May God bless you greatly.

And always hold fast, with patience and faith, of the promises that God has for this time; and be prepared, united in love, for your adoption, for the transformation of our bodies.

And take advantage of the visit there of our brother Miguel, which you have the privilege and the blessing of having him live and in full color. So take advantage of the visit of our brother Miguel, who with much love and affection he goes to all the places to spend time and have that fellowship with each other there around the Word, and also learn from all that he is speaking to us; which for all of us is of great blessing and great teaching, so that we can hold on more and more, every day, to the promises that God has for us.

Not those that He has fulfilled, nor those that He will fulfill, but those that He is doing in the present, because we are…; and God is a God of the present. We rejoice in what God has given us and in what God has done with us; we also rejoice in what God is going to give us; but we are now rejoicing in what God is doing at this time: confirming…

Our brother Miguel goes, in these places, in these auditoriums, in these churches: he is confirming them all in the faith, so that they can hold on to the Word, to the promise; and the promise is: that God is going to transform us; well, they have to hold on to that. And he, in these missionary trips and in these trips that he is carrying out, he does it with much love, with much respect and affection; and he knows and is aware that there is no other hope for the chosen ones of God but: The Second Coming of the Lord.

That is why he goes and he is going to the places; and his reason is because of the love he has for the brethren that he continues in these trips, which from the beginning have been entrusted to him, and he has been faithful in all this work.

So take advantage of the visit of our brother Miguel Bermudez Marin, not only in this place, but in all the places where he goes; because it’s a great blessing that God is giving to you, to have with you the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin; for which we pray for him always: May God keep him healthy, keep him strong. Also to his wife Ruth, who has been with him also: may God bless her and continue giving her wisdom, understanding; and to all the ministers and all the brothers and sisters.

What we want and desire is: to be with patience waiting for the divine promises.


That is the subject we have for this occasion.

May God bless you and keep you all.

Thank you very much, missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, for the opportunity that you allow me to send these words to you there, and in all the places that are connected.

May you all have, or continue having a day filled with the blessings of our heavenly Father. And let’s pray for tomorrow’s activity, so that God also pours His blessings and blesses us, and the Glory of God is manifested in the midst of His people, as He has always done.

Because remember: we have the Pillar of Fire in our midst, we have the Light that is shining on the Word; and you and I are that Word, we are that good ground that is going to produce a hundredfold. It’s producing a hundredfold, but it’s going to produce a hundredfold in the field of that new eternal and glorified body: it’s going to bring it to life; it’s going to bring that eternal and glorified body to life and be a reality in each one of us.


May God bless you and God keep you all.

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