The Light to ripen our Faith

The Light to ripen our Faith

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Monday, August 8, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning to all the ministers and collaborators gathered there in Palmira, Valle, Colombia, and all those who have come from different cities and departments; and also our brother Reverend Mario Villegas there, Reverend Ivan Sarmiento, Reverend Fernando Cubillos, who have this meeting of ministers there, today Monday, August 8 of this year 2022.

And also in all the places where they will be gathered (either today or these next days): May God bless you greatly; and may these small portions that I will be sharing with you be of great blessing, and so we can continue maturing our faith (as he wrote there, in a writing in the book of Quotations), and thus be able to continue in this time of preparation for our transformation.

Yesterday we were looking at several writings and several portions, which we have been told that in this time each one will recognize and will know in which place, in which group he belongs: either the wise virgin, the fatuous virgin or unbeliever.

In other words, that teaching will be opened, which will contain, or will contain, the fruits of each virgin: the wise virgin, the fatuous virgin and the unbelievers; that teaching that will be given, in which it will be shown (by their fruits) which group each individual belongs to.

A chosen of God, a wise virgin, will always be believing the Word; in her there is no unbelief. In her there is faith, which day by day is growing until she obtains that Perfect Faith for her transformation and for the rapture.

The foolish virgin (or “fool”, as our brother William calls them) is a person who… like Thomas: they have to see to believe. And surely, in every place, both that individual who knows that he has acted in that way and still thinks: “Until I see, I don’t believe”; and also when one sees from afar that this person acts like that, automatically (look how simple it is), automatically one already identifies him.

It is not that one is going to cast them aside, rather, help him as much as possible, because he will already have to prepare himself to give his life in the great tribulation. Unless he has already crossed the line and his name is erased; which we don’t want that to happen in those people; who perhaps many of them have had fellowship with us, have worked in many areas with us, and then, at the end of the road, their name is erased. That is a very, very sad thing.

It is as he said once in the message “THE NEW TEMPLE”… he spoke it (and in others he had spoken it)… I’m going to read you this part here, where he speaks of that. Because a chosen of God doesn’t want a fatuous or foolish or naive virgin to have their name erased from the Book of Life. He says:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, December 25, 1977
Cayey, Puerto Rico

We thank God that He has been working in our hearts, so that it is not in an intellectual way that we are making things right; but it is truly repentant from the heart. If you don’t do it that way, even if you say all the things, you haven’t done anything either; because you are not repentant; and forgiveness is received by those who repent and turn from sin.

So I love you wholeheartedly with divine love. And even though you have acted the way you have acted, I still love you. I will continue with you until everything is right before God, until God gives us the blessing He has promised to give us.

It will be as in the days of Moses, that Moses went on even though his people were a rebellious people. They tried to stone him for about 10 or 12 times, but he still loved them. Even though there were false anointed ones among them, Moses continued forward; he loved even the false anointed ones. And if it is not God who says to him: “Turn away! Turn away from them!”, Moses didn’t turn away, because he loved them.

When one can feel love, divine love, even for the false anointed, that indicates that God has to do something; and that if God is not the one who works, then nothing will be done.

We also know that Jesus loved Judas dearly. And the hard thing has always been: for a man of God to love a false anointed, to love a Korah, a Judas, a Cain, a son of the devil. The hard thing is to love them.

Not because you don’t want to love them, but because you don’t want all those judgments to come to those people; because you love them, and you don’t want them to cross the line; you know that at some point they will cross the line.

[JBP] Remember that in a place brother Branham speaks that the ministry that Judah had passed on to Paul1 (something like that), I mean… You have to search well to be clear about it, but… I mean, if you look, look at the great ministry that he had, and the name was written in the Book of Life.

[WSS] You fight so that they don’t cross it, and they fight to cross it, and they rise up against you; and then, at the end, they realize the evil they did. And then you can no longer help them.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And that is like when one tries to speak and say things to help them; and many times, or on some occasions, as it happened in that case to brother William there (that we were reading yesterday): because he put his hand in for a brother, that situation happened to him there, and he almost lost his arm.

I remember that occasion. They were telling, he told or he talked with Julio, with my dad (with Humberto), (I was a little boy); and I remember: that was very hard and difficult for brother William on that occasion, when he tried to put his hand in for a person.

And it is better to leave it alone, because that way we wouldn’t be getting into something that God is allowing; that is, something that God is imparting on those people, that we don’t know at that moment if it is a blessing or a judgment; and if one puts his hand in when God has already dictated a judgment, one can also get his own, his own little piece.

In other words, if the brethren, if the people, both the wise, the wise virgins and the fatuous virgins… We are not going to talk about the unbelievers, because they no longer have a chance (let’s say); there is no way for them to be erased or removed from there, because they have never been written.

But the foolish, especially, if they knew how delicate this part of going against the Divine Program is; and if they knew that this would cost them their eternal life, to continue living, existing eternally; they would think twice to go against the Divine Program. What is at stake for that group of the fatuous virgins is eternal life.

In other words, after he passed through this planet Earth, and knew the Divine Program, knew everything… Like Thomas, he knew everything, he was in all the activities of Jesus; it wasn’t enough to see Him, to work with Him, to eat with Him and to be with Him, that didn’t help him at all, because in the end: if he didn’t see, he didn’t believe; and he is considered there (it says there) as a fatuous.

In other words, we can’t lean back and say: “No, I was with him, I worked with him, I…; he was my friend, he was there with me.” Don’t lean on that; because if you act or have acted in the same way that Thomas acted, or Judas acted, or Dathan, Korah, Abiram or Cain acted, then your name can be erased.

It is a very, very delicate time. These are just a few seconds of time that we are here on this planet Earth, compared to an eternity. And if one could do something, he would do it, so that his name wouldn’t be erased.

One knowing the whole Divine Program, and seeing how advanced everything is, and even seeing people still going on and on and on and on; and one says: “Truly how is it that a person fights to go to the great tribulation.” And one is left saying: “But it is not possible, how is it that he goes on!”

And even those people who also applaud all that; because people believe that by hiding behind a telephone, behind a computer and doing things, they believe that that… they are hidden, so God doesn’t see it or the brethren don’t see it (!).

See? All this is also helpful for each one to see in which position, in which group, each individual is; we don’t have to ask questions or anything, but with the performances we can see which group each person belongs to.

Some don’t say anything and only send those symbols of applause and things; and others with the little thumbs up and everything. Already, all those people, it is as if they were putting all that and making it all public; they are also people of that same line: they are fatuous.

See? They are already identifying themselves; because they are people who attack the Divine Program and attack everything that God is doing; because since it is not done according to the way they want it to be done, then they start to fight.

And that is how it has to be, we can’t avoid that. Right now (say), after this audio, maybe a lot of people will start to speak against it; because it has to be like that: there are people already ordained for that.

That is why I was telling them these days: Don’t try to make them believe; because already, if they don’t believe: they don’t believe; and what we are trying to do is for them to not be erased.

In other words, all those people who support those kinds of movements, that kind of action, automatically belong to the fatuous: they are foolish virgins.

This hasn’t been spoken clearly before, because before the time hadn’t come to do it, but this is the time; now is the time to know to which group you belong: if you are of the wise virgins, if you are of the foolish virgins…; and if you are of the unbelievers, you already know that you are an unbeliever. But especially now everything is being focused in those two groups. We don’t include the 144,000, because God already knows who they are.

But within the group, as he says yesterday in one part of the excerpt [WMB] “They are sitting there in the same bench with you”; and what we have to do, as he says, the recommendation is [WSS] “to work in harmony, both with one another.”

And he who knows he is a fatuous one, because of the things he has done, and let him ask God that his name be not erased, if he hasn’t already crossed the line; for let him be more prepared to give his life in the great tribulation. And then, after the Millennium, they will be resurrected.

And we will see how they come out after the judgment; because if before the Word they have taken an attitude that wasn’t correct, God will already know there; if they come out well: they will enter eternity; if not: they will be cast into the lake of fire to disappear eternally.

In other words, it is so, so delicate that one who is written in the Book of Life, because he is (let’s say) on thin line; everything depends on the attitude they have had before the Word.

And in this time it is so, so delicate, as to how God is fulfilling everything, that it is so simple, that that same simplicity makes the human being, as he tends to reason and tends to have that inclination: to try to “nitpick”…; and notice: “No, that can’t be so”; and that is where disbelief comes in. The same thing (I repeat) as happened to Thomas: a person who was all the time with Jesus, and then at the end he had to see in order to believe, he had to put his finger in order to believe (in Jesus’ side there).

And… as our brother William continues to say here:

[WSS] Then they realize that you loved them so dearly that you were trying to deliver them from hell and the lake of fire; but when it’s too late, you can’t do anything; but you still love them.

And that is a good sign, that is a sign of the Age of the Cornerstone; because that is the product of that age, that is produced by the Message for that time: it makes that divine love come out from within. And if something could be done for a person so that he doesn’t lose himself, it would be done; but sometimes they don’t allow themselves to be helped. And since each person has free will, by free will each person will be judged.

Therefore, we know, in this hour, that many things have happened in the spiritual realm, many things have happened. I have been seeing them through the Word, through what God has shown me; and I have even seen and known things that sometimes one would never want to know.

Brother Branham says: “You say you wish you had a ministry of this kind” (Brother Branham’s kind), a ministry of a prophet, and a greater prophet. He said: “You don’t know the responsibility that goes with a ministry of this kind, and that you will have to give an account for every Word that is spoken.” And one, through that ministry and that gift that is in the person, one sees and knows things that one would never wish to have known; but one knows them, and there is nothing one can do about it.

[JBP] And he keeps talking in this whole message about all that. Let’s read a little bit more:

[WSS] You know that brother Branham in his time of ministry, he knew many false prophets, he knew many false anointed ones, even from the Message ([JBP] That is, many preachers; and he also refers to many people that also thought, let’s say, that they were right, that they were anointed by God). And he had to keep those things in his heart, and suffer them in his heart, because he loved those people and suffer them in his heart, because he loved those people; knowing what was in store for those people; and even knowing of some who had already crossed the line and had no place to turn back.

So it is these days. There are things that one knows, that one wouldn’t like to know; because knowing them brings so much suffering to one that one cries, suffers, prays to God and there is no remedy.

Do you want a case? Samuel wept and cried before God for Saul. And do you know what God said to him? “Weep no more for him! I have rejected him!” Do you see? It was too late for Saul. Therefore, God scolded His prophet. And with all that, the prophet still loved Saul. Do you see?

The hard thing is for the divine love to manifest itself in each one of us, and then you meet people, enemies, and all kinds of people who have no hope anymore; and you love them and want to do something for them, and you can’t do anything. That is the hard thing; because it gives you suffering.

So you can see that the group of this time is going to know many things that are going to cause much suffering, because of the divine love in our hearts; and we will not be able to do anything.

It is likely that we will meet so many false anointed ones at this time, and that we will know that they have already crossed the line; but that we love them so much that, just knowing that they have already crossed the line, gives us such a strong pain in our hearts that we wish we had never met those people; we would like, rather, that we had never known that those people existed.

[JBP] And I had quoted that, and it was from this message that I quoted it from memory; I had read it some time ago, and I remembered that: that you love those people so much…, because you have even worked with them and struggled with them in many things in past times. And he goes on to say:

[WSS] …we would like, rather, that we had never known that those people existed. Because knowing them, we love them so much (from the heart inside) that we wouldn’t like it to be that way for them; but that we can’t do anything, and that we have to resign ourselves to reality.

So we have to be realistic, even if we tear ourselves up inside with love. We have to be realistic, even if our heart bleeds with love for them. We can’t stop loving them; but we have to be realistic and know that that is their reality.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And this is a time in which all those things will be known, which each group will be identifying itself to the place…, each individual will be identifying himself to the place where he belongs.

The elect of God, the wise virgins, they belong to that Great Theophany that came forth from God, we are part of that Theophany; and a portion of that theophany has rested in each soul of each elect.

Look at what Reverend William Branham says about that, look at the picture that he speaks there… something so beautiful. He says in the message “ISRAEL IN EGYPT”… It is a volume of several messages, and this is the topic “ISRAEL IN EGYPT”2; page 15 of this volume, he says:

92 Oh Calvary, Oh Calvary, Jesus bled and died for me! Then He tore the soul of His Own Son, separated a covenant, and He throwed the body into the ground. It laid there for three days and nights. It rose up! “For it was not possible that My Holy One shall see corruption, neither will I leave His soul in hell.” And His soul was His Spirit that ascended into hell. And He rose down, God did, and picked up His body and gave Him life. And took the body of Jesus and set it at His right hand in Glory, and sent back the Holy Ghost as a Covenant.

[JBP] He writes: [WSS] «(Holy Spirit) H.S. / Covenant».

93 There you are. Don’t fall short of that, brother. Without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you’re lost. That’s the only…You won’t have to worry about getting to Heaven. If there’s nothing in here Supernatural, the doors can’t unlock ([JBP] look at that, how tremendous!), you could walk there and bump your head against it. But if the Spirit of God is in there, the Spirit of God inside will unhinge the doors. Got to have the thing in here to unlock it yonder ([JBP] see?). That’s right. So you’re already judged just on what you think about Jesus Christ.

94 Now, here He comes, torn, riven, tore to pieces. His soul went to God. God blessed Him. And then His soul returned back in the form of the baptism of the Holy Ghost that comes into every believer, to sanctify, clean up the mind, clean up the heart, and leave a portion of the Holy Ghost in there ([JBP] that is, to leave a part of Him in every soul of every chosen one), here and there. And when the Holy Ghost is given out, that same Holy Spirit that brought the body of Jesus out of the grave, will Rapture ([JBP] See? That same Spirit is the one that is going to cry out, the one that is going to look for where it exited from, where it came from, to go back to that place from where it came. He continues saying). And that covenant has to dovetail…

[JBP] Up there we had read that He separated…, it says: [WMB] “…separated a covenant”. And here it goes on to say:

[94] And that covenant has to dovetail, as He tore there and gave the body; went back to God, and the Spirit came back to the earth. Then your Spirit will have to be the same kind of a Spirit, or it’ll miss that place going together.

[JBP] See? It has to be that same Spirit that He gave when He sent Him to Earth, to every elect of God that received Him as their only and sufficient Savior; and now He is seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, and now He is preparing for his transformation. And that same Spirit says that He will rapture him, just as He did with Jesus. If He did that with Jesus —that Spirit that was in Jesus—, raptured Jesus, well, we already have that certainty: that that Spirit that raptured Jesus will rapture us!

In other words, if you can see there the beautiful thing that God is making known to us there, with these words of brother Branham, when he tells us that: [WMB] “If with that Spirit that was in Jesus He raptured (raptured Him); and He then sent that Spirit to every child of God, to every chosen of God…”; and now in this end time, that He has sent It to every chosen of God when he has received Him as our Savior, has washed his sins in the Blood of Jesus, has been baptized in water and has been born again: that same Spirit that is in that wise virgin, in that chosen one, will rapture him!, will rapture us! In other words, it will not fail to unite, to unite where? To… where he came from. From where that Spirit that He deposited in each soul of each chosen one came from.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to see all this: [WMB] “If that same Spirit…” And I want to repeat it again, because it is a beautiful thing when you see yourself identified there. And why do we see ourselves identified there? Because we have the Spirit that He sent.

And if that Spirit, it says:

[94] …Holy Spirit that brought the body of Jesus out of the grave, will Rapture…

[JBP] In other words, if He raptured Him: He will rapture each one of us also, He will take us back to our heavenly Father’s House. If it happened with Jesus: it will happen with the chosen ones of the Age of the Cornerstone.

It was in the Age of the Cornerstone back then, that Jesus was raptured and that Spirit He then sent it; and it is in the Age of the Cornerstone here, where —that same Spirit— God will fulfill the rapture in each one of God’s chosen ones.

I continue reading:

[94] Amen. Yes, sir. Not because you make yourself, but because Something, the love of God has swept into your soul, that’s tore every earthly idol out. There it is.

[JBP] He makes a drawing of the circles; and he puts a small one, a bigger one and a bigger one. There he doesn’t write what he has written in others, but we know that the center is the soul, spirit and body. And he also writes: [WSS] «Covenant» next to it.

95 And there’s something just breathes and calls to God, it’s your soul in here calling out to the Heavenly Father ([JBP] You see? Because it is something that cries out to God, it cries out to our heavenly Father; because that is where we have come from; to that place is where we belong. He goes on to say). There you are. That gives you a faith, and you become the Seed of Abraham. You believe God’s promise like Abraham did.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the book of Quotations3 (to end this little greeting, which was only a little greeting), on page 167, paragraph 1486, it says:

1486 – “40 I believe the church is beginning to hear the Message, and begin to understand. But, friends, listen, we’ve got to lay in the Presence of the Son, we’ve got to be ripened. Our—our faith isn’t ripe. Intellectually we’re hearing the Message that God has give us, and seeing the signs that He showed us, and proving it by the Bible, it’s there, but, oh, how the church needs to lay in His Presence till it tenders up, you know, and gets sweet in the Spirit so that it can bathe down. Sometimes in speaking the Message…”

[JBP] There is a part that he talks about the Bride washing her face, something like that (we can look it up later), but I remembered when he says: [WMB] “wash”; and there is a part that (I think I read), that said something about [WMB] “the Bride washing her face (something like that).” Let’s go on:

1486 – “[40] Sometimes in speaking the Message, you get harsh, have to break it in like that…”

[JBP] Notice that: [WMB] “You get harsh…” Maybe a lot of things are hard and harsh for speaking them; but look, he says why.

1486 – “[40] …have to break it in like, because you’ve got to clinch a nail to make it hold.” ([JBP] and he writes next to it): [WSS] «nail».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It’s like yesterday’s message. I didn’t read a part here (which I left it maybe in the halfway), on [P. 55] of the message “THE COMING OF THE CORNERSTONE”; there is a part that I didn’t read, but it talks about this, where brother Branham says there that sometimes [WMB] “you get harsh,” him talking there about the way he had to preach, or one has to preach. And he goes on to say, where I think I left off here…, I have a mark in the book or in the booklet, possibly I didn’t look at it to read it, but let’s read it today:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, June 11, 1978
Cayey, Puerto Rico

The majority is not in charge, huh? If the majority of you want me to keep you happy by saying the things I shouldn’t say, and not saying the things I should say; if you think that way and want me to keep you happy and not tell you the truth, you better leave early, before you hear all the things that are yet to be said, because you will not resist them.

I will be saying whatever I have to say, whatever it takes. And when I say “whatever it takes,” well, that means: “Even if it costs me my life,” as the Scripture says.

So, it is better to die being faithful to God; and not to live being a coward and not saying what needs to be said in the time in which one lives.

So, always telling the truth, saying the things that need to be said, will always bring consequences. Look at John the Baptist, look at Jesus, look at the apostles, they were all killed. Look at the messengers in the ages how they were treated, look at the prophets of the past and look at the Scripture what it says in Revelation 11.

[JBP] That is, all that, when we talk about it: it causes religious zeal, it causes anger and a lot of things in those other groups that don’t belong to the wise ones.

Because the wise ones, on the contrary: become more firm, more happy, because they know and are aware of all those things, and they help them to know how to deal with that kind of situation and to have understanding with all of them: to treat them in a certain way and help them in what can be helped.

But those things so hard, for some who belong to the group of the foolish, for some, well, they will take it seriously, they will take it seriously and will say: “Wait, I am going to continue preparing myself; because I see that I am going to the great tribulation, well I am going to prepare myself”; like the message we were reading yesterday, that if you recognize that you are a foolish, then, when you hear all that, you say: [WSS] “Well, I am going to prepare myself more; I am going to feed myself more and prepare myself more so that I will be spiritually strong, to give my life in the great tribulation.”

But others, even being of the fatuous virgins, hearing these things, will turn against it more (if they were against, or if not, they will turn against), and will then be doing things for which their names are erased.

There are many people who have even schemed to do things that the only one who did them and originated them was: Cain, the first murderer. In other words, they come from that seed, they come with that bad intention already, of murderers, and all those bad things that are of the kingdom of darkness.

That spirit grabs them and they try to do as they did with John the Baptist, with Jesus, with the apostles, with the angel messengers; in other words, they try to… (because of that religious zeal and all those evil spirits that get into them), they try to shut their mouths, so that they don’t continue speaking all those things, which are being spoken; and the devil is exposed where he is.

And many times they fulfill their objectives; They fulfilled it in… (let’s talk about these three that he spoke of there), they fulfilled it… (or two): they fulfilled it in John the Baptist, when they cut off his head; they fulfilled it in Jesus when they crucified Him; and he says there [WSS] “in the messengers also, look at how they treated them”; and also Revelation 11 (that is, they are also going to kill them).

But all that has a Program already, God already has a Divine Program for that, but: Woe to those who become part of that!, because they will be the instruments of the evil one for those Scriptures to be fulfilled; and they will no longer have an opportunity.

So all this time in which we are living is a very, very decisive time for, especially for that group of the fatuous; it is very, very decisive: because it will depend on whether they live eternally or not live eternally.

Let’s continue reading in the message “THE COMING OF THE CORNERSTONE”, a small paragraph that remains here. It says:

[WSS] …and look at the Scripture what it says in Revelation 11.

So, if God already saw everything that is going to happen, it is better then to go ahead and say everything that needs to be said before we are too late, before the time comes when nothing can be said, and then: “Look, if I had known, I would have spoken sooner, because now there is no time.”

Well, we want to speak in every service what needs to be spoken, and thus go step by step with God’s Plan.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And all these things you can see that they have been being spoken and bringing all this as fast as possible; because already that, if he spoke it there, it is because there may come a time when they will try to silence the Bride, so that she will not continue preaching those things that she is preaching under that ministry that God has under Tent.

It continues saying in the book of Quotations… I left off at about the last sentence of paragraph 1486:

1486 – “[40] But when the Church once gets It, the Elected is called out and separated, then in the Presence of God, I know it’ll be something like the people was There [Paradise] when It takes Its Rapture.”

[JBP] I’m going to read a little bit before again, so that you can link this… where we were halfway through… I think I’d better read it in its entirety so that it remains again, because I made that interruption there in the middle to read from that message. It says:

1486 – “40 I believe the church is beginning to hear the Message, and begin to understand. But, friends, listen, we’ve got to lay in the Presence of the Son, we’ve got to be ripened. Our—our faith isn’t ripe. Intellectually we’re hearing the Message that God has give us, and seeing the signs that He showed us, and proving it by the Bible, it’s there, but, oh, how the church needs to lay in His Presence till it tenders up, you know, and gets sweet in the Spirit so that it can bathe down. Sometimes in speaking the Message, you get harsh, have to break it in like that, because you’ve got to clinch a nail to make it hold [WSS] «nail». But when the Church once gets It, the Elected is called out and separated ([JBP] See? There is a separation), then in the Presence of God [WSS] «Most Holy Place», I know it’ll be something like the people was There [Paradise] when It takes Its Rapture.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «It will be like the people there in Paradise and the Rapture».

[JBP] And he makes a drawing of the Cornerstone, he divides the seventh age there; and above on the Cornerstone he writes: [WSS] «8».

[JBP] And on the side he writes: [WSS] «The Sun to ripen our faith. The Light».

[JBP] And also, again he writes: [WSS] «The Sun».

[JBP] That is, the Light, the Sun to ripen our faith.

That could be the topic that we will place here in this talk: “THE LIGHT TO RIPEN OUR FAITH.”

God bless you, God keep you; and thank you for this opportunity that you allow me to send this greeting to all the brothers and sisters who will hear these words of greeting later.

God bless you and God keep you all.

1 1993-10-07-1 “The Birth of a Dispensation”: [WSS] That also happened to Judas Iscariot: he had a great ministry from God; but he didn’t do what he had to do correctly; he didn’t do what was right with that ministry, but he sold his Master.

But it was such a great and powerful ministry that many disciples perhaps wished they had such a great ministry. Judas Iscariot lost that ministry, and it was given to Paul the apostle, whom God chose.

Look at all that Paul did; all that Judas Iscariot could have done with that ministry. But his heart was rather set on money, and he was always looking to the Lord Jesus Christ to criticize Him.

2 53-0325 – “Israel and the Church #1,” p. 14-15, paras. 92-95

3 65-1128M – “God’s Only Provided Place of Worship,” p. 5-6

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