The original Plan for the children of God, by speaking the Word

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The original Plan for the children of God, by speaking the Word

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Sunday, November 13, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good evening. Today, Sunday, November 13 of this year 2022, I wanted to share with you a very beautiful experience that I just had a few minutes ago; because I am taking pictures to send them to Julio Angel, to place them (those of today’s study), of everything that brother William wrote; that, as you know, in the studies we place the picture of the writing. And before, well, I used to pass them to him…; because many times I already had some that I was going to read; but others, well, they came right there, and we continued reading. And it also took time, taking pictures and sending them to him before giving the study, that we preferred to do it afterwards; and thus rather have all the time, before passing, to study; and then later, calmly, I would send him the pictures of what had been read in the study, either the ones that I had already separated to read, or all the ones that came up while the study was going on.

And I was browsing… you know, when one is studying or reading. In this case I was taking pictures. I stopped on the book of The Seals, on page 265, and I started to read; from page 264 I started to read; and I came across something that I had talked about, I think it was on…, I don’t know if it was yesterday, Saturday, or it was Friday, that I talked about…, I was talking about something of a breath; that what was left would be a breath (I talked about something like that). And when I came across this, I said, [JBP] “Hey, how all that was spoken!”

And I hadn’t looked at that quote, I wasn’t referring to that quote when I talked about it that day; but I really rejoiced at seeing that. And I wanted to share with you this that I am going to read to you, that goes with what was talked about in those days. And my heart was burning right now; I said: [JBP] “I have to give this to the brethren,” because it is something that will make them very happy, as it made me happy.

And one sees how God has been helping us, because everything has to be in the Scripture, everything has to be based on the Scripture.

For the Angel… Notice that the Angel was saying to brother Branham: [WMB] “Is it not written in the Scripture…,” or: [WMB] “Is it not written: ‘When you pray, enter into your secret chamber, and your Father who sees you in secret, will reward you in public?’”1 See? In other words, it is all scriptural: the Third Pull.

Look in Genesis… Let’s read this Scripture here: Genesis, chapter 2, verse 7, it says:

7 And the Lord God formed man [WSS] «on the 8th millennial day» of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

[JBP] He draws a pyramid and the ages.

And on “living soul” he writes: [WSS] «soul».

And next to it he writes: [WSS] «the spirit, the theophany».

And he also writes: [WSS] «Adam from the dust».

In other words, that was the way, the way to come to this planet Earth: first pass through the sixth dimension, and then come to this planet Earth through that way, that form; and how God… take from the dust of the Earth and give, blow the breath of life, breathe into the nose the breath of life, and give us Life. That was God’s way of creating the human being on this planet Earth.

And look at what Reverend William Branham says on page 265 [p. 314 in Eng.], in the message “THE FOURTH SEAL” (remember that the Fourth Seal is a foretold Seal), it says [The Seals]:

280 God had His children all fortified up by His Word. And Eve stuck her neck out, said, “I believe you’re right, maybe.” And there it went. And it’s been, ever since. Then God come down, and now He’s got to…He come down to redeem those who would come down.

281 As I said, God is like a big contractor. He lays out all His material on the earth, and then He builds His buildings. Now remember, before there was a grain of—of seed on the earth, before there was a sun that ever struck the earth, your body was laying on the earth, ’cause you are the dust of the earth. See? You are. God is the Contractor.

282 Now, the way He was going to do it, was reach down and get (like He did Adam) a little bunch of calcium, potash, and cosmic light, and, “Whew!” Say, “There is My other son.” See? Then He’d bring up some more, and, “Whew!” “There’s another one.”

283 But what did Eve do? She corrupted that way. And she brought it through a sexual act, then death struck it.

284 Now what is God doing? He’s got so many of those seeds down through there, that’s predestinated; so much, the predestinated. And then, at the end time, He won’t say, “Eve, come bear another child.” He’ll (“Whew!”) call, and I’ll answer. That’s all. That’s it. That’s the idea. When that last one is brought in, that settles it.

[JBP] Look at what a tremendous thing! I rejoiced so much when I read that, because I remembered in these days (I think it was yesterday, Saturday2, or if not, it was Friday), when I said that there was going to come a time when we were already in that part of perfection. In that part I said that [JBP] “whatever is left, let it be a breath,” something like that (you have to look for it to see how I spoke it there); how that came to my heart and mind to speak it!; and I spoke that way: That only a breath would be left for God to transform us, to give us that eternal and glorified body.

And I come across this now; and look how God shows us there, through Reverend William Branham, that after the last one comes in, that will be so.

And look at how beautifully he writes there; he says:

[WSS] «The original Plan for the children of God, by speaking the Word».

And look at what he writes: [WSS] «He will speak the Word and the children appear in the resurrection».

Notice, it will be by the spoken Word that those who have departed will come to resurrection, and they will also come to be transformed and changed into that eternal and glorified body; in other words, the same thing that happened with Adam back in the beginning, will be happening when that last one has entered. And we know that the last one has already entered; in other words, we are already very close to that happening.

It will be by the spoken Word that these bodies will be changed; it will be by the spoken Word that the dead will be resurrected.

And that which we spoke these days, look at how it has had that scriptural foundation, where here brother Branham speaks that it will be that way [The Seals] [P. 314]:

[284] He’ll (“Whew!”) call, and I’ll answer. That’s all. That’s it. That’s the idea. When that last one is brought in, that settles it.

[JBP] Look at how beautiful! I wanted to share that with you. And I didn’t want to wait until I had to give you another… a greeting at some point during the week, but I wanted to talk about it already today. Because I have seen that when I receive something like this —that God allows me to see it this way: to find and see something so beautiful, so tremendous—, I quickly give it, and immediately I see how God continues to give us more and more.

So we can go into that more broadly these days: how that is going to happen in this end time; in this time in which we are no longer waiting for the last one to enter, but we are already aware that the last one is already there, and that page has already turned; and we are now in the preparation of those who will receive that breath and that transformation of their bodies; which will also happen with those who are going to be resurrected.

Before it happens in us, he says: [WSS] «He will speak the Word and the children appear in the resurrection».

That is such a great mystery that notice how God has been opening to us the mystery of the resurrection and the mystery of transformation. And little by little we are going to understand; that when we realize it, we will have our loved ones with us again. And we are going to be transformed, and we are going to keep on talking, and we are going to say: “But I have this eternal and glorified body!” And we are not going to realize it. Because we will already be so involved in the Word, so involved in that dimension, that the only thing missing will be that breath (what we are talking about these days), that breath of that eternal and glorified body.

I rejoiced very much, and I hope you also rejoice in this beautiful thing that I was seeing and reading a few minutes ago. We will continue to talk a little more about all this, how everything will be returning to Eden. As it was there, we will be experiencing what Adam experienced there in the beginning, when he had dominion over everything.

Well, God bless you, God keep you; and may you all have a good evening. And I wanted to share these little words with you; with you, who are the ones who would be receiving these promises, as I am also. Therefore, all this is made known to you, because the promise is for you —and for me too—: to receive that great visitation we are waiting for, from those of the sixth dimension; and our promise: to be transformed.

May God bless you, may God keep you; and may you continue having a Sunday full of great blessings; and may God continue blessing us all this week and may He continue speaking directly to our souls, directly to our hearts, through His Word.


We can place that title to this little talk of these few minutes.

May God bless you and God keep you all; and good night. God bless you.

1 56-0219 – “Being Led of the Holy Spirit,” p. 2, paras. 4-5; p. 6, 16; p. 7-9, 20-26 / Matthew 6:5-6

2 Study “The time of Redemption is over, says the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10:1-11,” 11/12/2022 (Saturday)

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