The Porter = the one who holds the Key

The Porter = the one who holds the Key

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning to all the ministers and to all the brethren in the different countries, especially a greeting to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, and to all those who are also in the meeting today: May God bless you greatly. It is truly a blessing and privilege that the Lord grants me to be able to send you this greeting today.

And thankful to God for having placed us to live in this wonderful time, the time where many prophets and righteous desired to live in, desired to see, desired to be in; because it is the time where the greatest promises would be revealed and would be made known, and would be fulfilled in the midst of the believers who would be living in that time; which is: this time; and the believers are us.

In other words, all that we are obtaining now is what all of them desired; and we, God has been pleased to place us to live in this time, and to be present hearing and seeing all that God has been fulfilling in our midst; which is: promises and prophecies that He had already spoken in ancient times (in the Old Testament and also in the New Testament), promises that He would be fulfilling in our midst. And we have been participants of those promises, because we are part of those promises, we are one of those promises, one of those prophecies.

Because, for example, one of them is: “The wise shall understand.”1 Only those short words are prophecies that would be fulfilled at the end of time; and those prophecies we have been already seeing them fulfilled in ourselves. We can touch that prophecy, we can say to our chosen brother/sister (who is next to us in one of the meetings): “You are that Word that is written, and you are that living prophecy, that prophecy that has come to life; that prophecy is you, and it is me.” In other words, those wise ones are us. See? They are promises and prophecies being fulfilled, being materialized in this time.

And many of the prophets and righteous, and believers of past ages and of times past, desired to be in this time, in our time, and it wasn’t granted to them; but to you it has been granted to be in this time and to know all those mysteries that God would be fulfilling in our time; and those mysteries being materialized, being fulfilled, in our midst.

Those mysteries and those prophecies and promises, some have already been fulfilled, others are being fulfilled, and others will be fulfilled later on; which, one of them is: the transformation of our bodies, which we are longing for and we are asking, we are crying out to God, so that God will soon fulfill it, fulfill that promise of transformation.

And as that time is approaching, God has been in this stage of preparation, in this stage in which God has left us, and has allowed this time…, in which He has already spoken in past times, and through the Reverend William Branham, and also through our friend and brother William Soto Santiago, our dispensational prophet messenger, who has brought us this glorious Message, this Message that prepares the Church-Bride to soon be transformed and to be raptured.

In other words, everything that God would be fulfilling in the midst of the Church, God had already spoken and prophesied through the prophets of the Old and New Testament. And this time of preparation, which is a time where the Church will reach the Perfect Faith, the Faith where it will be so high and so elevated that we will be able to access those other dimensions and thus merge this earthly body with our theophany.

There are great mysteries, which God has been opening to us; and we are understanding how all this is going to be, so that it will be something common among us to be seeing and accessing that dimension.

For example, the part of divine healing will be something common, all that will be something common among us, because there have been divine healings and there have been many miracles among the Lord’s Church, but there will come a time when it will be something more frequent and it will be something more common among us.

In other words, as we are getting closer to that moment of perfection, the more we will have that power that the Church-Bride is desiring since the Day of Pentecost until now, where they obtained the first fruits2; but as that spiritual Temple of the Lord —which is His Church— was being built, God was giving more and more power to His Church.

God never took the power away from His Church, He never took the Holy Spirit away from His Church, which is the power of God. The power of God is the Word. And as the Word has come through each messenger, God was giving more and more power to His Church.

And for this end time, for the Golden Age, the Age of the Cornerstone, the power will come in all its fullness, the power of God will come in the midst of His Church; which will reach a culminating part, which was shown by the Reverend William Branham. God, through the Angel, showed him in that vision everything that would be happening, in that vision that was shown to the Reverend William Branham: The Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral.

And notice what our beloved brother and friend William Soto Santiago tells us in the message:

(Ministers meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, September 13, 2014
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Therefore, something great is getting ready to happen in this end time, called the Third Pull by Reverend William Marrion Branham; which will be fulfilled in the fulfillment of a great vision he had, the Vision of a Great Tent Cathedral, where the fullness of Christ will be, the fullness of God, the fullness of the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself; and He will shake this world.

[JBP] Remember the Tent Vision and all the miracles, they would be at a worldwide level, international level; [WMB] “international miracles,” he says.

Let’s see if we can find it really quick here, that part, in the book of Quotations. That is on page 50 of the book of Quotations,3 where he talks about that: international miracles. It says, paragraph 436:

436 – “[68] Don’t you see how it is? The people today, how they’re, ‘Great something’s going to shake the whole world and everything.’ That’s unscriptural! No, sir. The next thing in order is the going of the Church. Read in the church ages, you see what… 

69 Now, these other things that’s to take place, is during the time of the Wedding Ceremony when the Church is in Glory. God returns back with great wonders to perform, international miracles and things, by the Jews, don’t go to the Church at all.”

[JBP] And he writes above: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah and the miracles».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] But look what he says here in the message “ELIJAH THE RESTORER,” our brother William… Because there he says: [WMB] “No way for the Church,” and apparently —as brother William says here in this message— there is a contradiction, but there is no contradiction. Look at this, it says:

(Ministers meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Friday, September 6, 2014
(Second activity)
Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

And now we are looking at page 136 of the book of Quotations4… Being that it was shown to Reverend William Branham that there will be great miracles and wonders in that Tent Vision… That is the place where it says that the miracles are for the Jews…

([JBP] Let’s see over here, where he quotes that paragraph 1208, it says)

1208 – “Question 253. Will the Bride—will the Bride before Jesus comes, will She have all power of Holy Ghost to perform miracles, raise dead, and so on as in the latter rain—or is this the latter rain for the hundred and forty-four thousand Jews? Will all ministers have this, are we, or, are we just waiting for the coming?

197 Now, latter rain, a hundred and forty-four thousand Jews, no, that isn’t… that… they won’t… that’s—that’s when Elijah and Moses… There’s where the miracles take place (miracles will take place with and under the ministries of Moses and Elijah, that is where they take place). The things that the people’s been looking for, the Pentecostals, for miracles, that’s where that’ll take place in that, under them. See, that’s Elijah’s and Moses’. […]

198 We’re just to wait on the Coming of the Lord. Just wait; keep your lamps trimmed, all filled full of oil. Pray up every hour, not every day, every hour. Just keep ready; be ready, be sweet, and watching…”

And now, the Tent Vision shows that there will be miracles. Any person may think, “There is a contradiction.” There is no contradiction.

Page 137, paragraph 1239, it says:5

1239 – “[311] This question here is this: ‘Will there be miracles done by the Bride?’ Yes, sir! It’s being done right now. That’s right! See? But don’t look for something that great, or bring the heavens and close the heavens, it rain not. That goes into the—the Jews now.”

[JBP] And we looked that paragraph up in the book of Quotations. Here he said [WSS] “page 137,” because the book he had there doesn’t seem to agree with the one he had, but it is on page 139, paragraph 1239. And that paragraph, at the top he writes: [WSS] «Great miracles in nature is for the Jews».

[JBP] And he goes on to say… quote 1236 as well [Quotations]:6

[WSS] Paragraph 1236 says:

1236 – “[261] ‘And then shall he send his angels, and… gather together his elect from the four winds, and shall… and the utmost parts of the earth to be… and to the utmost parts of heaven. …utmost parts of the earth to the uttermost parts of heaven.’

262 That’s talking of the resurrection, the translation, going up. He’ll send forth His angels to gather. Did you ever think what the angels are? Huh? Messengers. He’ll gather them together, congregate them together (see?), bringing them, bind them together from the utmost parts of the earth to the utmost parts of Heaven, the Word that was, been made manifest on earth. See? Get it? The Word’s been spoken; here It’s manifested (fulfilled).”

[JBP] And if we look for that paragraph in the book of Quotations, which he quoted there, above he writes:

[WSS] «Moses and Elijah = Resurrection and Rapture».

[JBP] And when he speaks below, where it says [Quotations]:

1236 – “[262] …bind them together from the utmost parts of the earth to the utmost parts of Heaven, the Word that was [WSS] «Elijah», been made [WSS] «Moses» manifest on earth. See? Get it? The Word’s been spoken [WSS] «Elijah»; here It’s manifested [WSS] «with Moses».”

[JBP] And below, the Scripture of: [WSS] «Rev. 7:1-17, 14:1-5».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Brother William continues saying here [“ELIJAH THE RESTORER”]:

[WSS] These are the things that are promised for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore, we have to be prepared because something big is about to happen, and it is all being intertwined in the Divine Program.

([JBP] And there he quotes from paragraph 1164 [Quotations])

1164 – “[158] Remember, that, ‘They which are alive and remain shall not hinder those which are sleeping, for the Trump of God, that last Trumpet…’ The sixth one has just sounded. And that last Trumpet, like the last Seal, will be the Coming of the Lord. ‘It shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise first.’”

In other words, the Seventh Trumpet: “And that last Trumpet, like the last Seal, will be the Coming of the Lord…”

And now it tells us that the last Trumpet, like the last Seal, is the Coming of the Lord. That is paragraph 1164 on this page 129; but 1150 on page 128 of this version, it says:7

1150 – “[270] Now, as soon as this Church… […] and that mystery of the Seventh Seal, or the Seventh Seal, the mystery of going. And the Jews is called by the mystery of the Seventh Trumpet, which is two prophets, Elijah and Moses…”

And here we had read that the Seventh Trumpet, like the Seventh Seal, are what? The Coming of the Lord. Because the Son of Man comes with His Angels.

And we will leave it there. ([JBP] Brother William says there).

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And we continue here reading where we stopped, from this message… Let’s see… I have here several excerpts; but the one I’m reading is “THE LORD JESUS CHRIST CHANGING FROM LAMB TO LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH.” He goes on to say:

[WSS] The Reverend William Marrion Branham said, “Lord, though it will be out of time, shake this world as it has never been shaken!” He says, “I know it is easy to pray, to ask like this, because it is promised, it is a promise.” In other words, he was praying, asking, according to what God has promised for this end time.

([JBP] That is why we can be asking for what is promised in the Holy Scriptures for each one of us, for this time, because it is what is promised; that is why it is easy to pray for that; that is why we should pray and cry out for those promises, because they are to be fulfilled in this time, and they are to be materialized in each one of us. He continues saying):

These are the things that the Church will see in this end time. After the seventh age, what is coming is what is promised to prepare the Church, to give her the faith to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Reverend William Marrion Branham said that the Third Pull will be for the Bride, the elect, those who are going to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; but it will also be for the foolish virgins; and it will also be for the world.

In other words, the Third Pull will impact the Church-Bride, which will receive the faith to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; and it will impact the foolish virgins also, who go out under the ministry of Moses and Elijah; and it will also impact the world.

[JBP] In that message of… (let’s see if we find it here real quick), where he speaks that [WMB] “those ministries will be the ones that will bring out the foolish virgins…” “REVELATION, CHAPTER 4, PART III,”8 page 40, which was preached on January 8, ‘61, it says there:

192 Now, in Revelation 15, the remnant of the woman’s Seed, which was the Tribulation saints that went through the Tribulation, was found (Look!) standing on this sea. And it was filled with fire, blood, red blazes licking forth, the fire of God. They had gotten the victory over the beast (Rome), over his number, over the letter of his name, and over his image (the Confederation of Churches), and had come out. And through the preaching of Moses and Elijah, those two prophets that will appear to Israel to pull out the… this group of people, those Tribulation Period saints, back in that time that’ll be brought in, was…

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah pull out the foolish».

[JBP] It is those ministries of Moses and Elijah that pull out the foolish, as our brother William tells us there in this message that we are reading, because he says… notice something here, that he also represents that ministry of Moses and Elijah in Elijah and Elisha.

Look at this here, in the book “QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS,”9 that was preached on August 30, 64 in the afternoon (there was one in the morning there, this one is in the afternoon). On page 23, it says… it was the question he was asked:

394. Will the prophet of Malachi 4 be the one to call out the Gentile remnant of Revelation 7:9, even though they go through the tribulation period?

77 No, no! After the—the Revelation 7, is where he seen the hundred and forty-four thousand sealed, and after that he saw coming up, coming back was that great number which no man could number which was the Bride. It will have…The… Malachi 4 will be finished and the Bride taken up, and the… then the… this group…

[JBP] Remember that that great number that returns for the Millennium with the Lord, is that great number that is the Bride of all… that make up all the ages and the believers of our time; in other words, it will be a great and mighty Army, that after the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, after those three and a half years of the great tribulation are fulfilled, that great number of people that will be returning to the Earth, will be those that make up the Bride of the Lord, of the ages and those of our time. He continues saying:

[77] Malachi 4 will be finished and the Bride taken up, and the…then the…this group of—of Elijah and Elisha return back to the earth for… The church to go through the tribulation period ([JBP] that is, the Church, which are the foolish), but Elijah and Elisha will not have anything to do with the sleeping virgin (they’re Gentiles); they’ll be sent only to the Jews.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Elijah and Elisha (Moses and Elijah)».

[JBP] And there we have been seeing how these ministries of Moses and Elijah are the ones that have that work of also bringing out the foolish virgins. In other words, this Third Pull, the fulfillment of the Third Pull, will impact the Church-Bride (as we have seen); and it will also impact the foolish virgins, like it continues to say here our brother William [“THE LORD JESUS CHRIST CHANGING FROM LAMB TO LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH”]:

[WSS] …and it will impact the foolish virgins also, who go out under the ministry of Moses and Elijah; and it is also going to impact the world.

Just like in the First Coming of Christ we find that when He died, after having His ministry among the living, then He went down to the imprisoned souls, who could no longer be saved, who were in hell, which also typify mankind, the world, who will be living in this end time; that although they will no longer have the opportunity of salvation, they will see Christ manifested in the midst of His Church in the fulfillment of that Third Pull.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Remember that also there, before He went down to hell and preached to those imprisoned spirits that were disobedient at the time of Noah, before that, He was there also giving testimony to Thomas,10 which represents the foolish. See that ministry working through the foolish.

And then also, before that, the Son of Man was already being revealed in His First Coming, to the elect of that time (let’s say, He is in type and figure of the Bride of this time) and He was opening the Scriptures to them.

In other words, when He was appearing to them, on no less than eight occasions, to His disciples, He was with them; many of them didn’t even realize that it was the Lord Himself opening the Scriptures to them. He was in a time of Teaching.

See, when He was, that He joined in that walk when they were walking the Emmaus walkers,11 that He joined with them, and it looked like He was somebody from there from that region, and He started… When He hears them, brother Branham, there is a place where he says (I think I read it on Sunday or Saturday),12 when he says that they were talking about what had happened to the Lord, “Hey, this shouldn’t have happened to Him; notice that this happened to Him, how they stripped Him naked, how they stuck that spear in Him, how they mocked Him,” and all that they were talking about what had happened to the Lord.

And they were also saying, “But, we had heard that they had kind of seen Him…” In other words, they were talking about everything that had happened, and also talking about what was happening, those rumors that were being heard around, that they had seen Him; and He starts talking to them and quoting Scriptures to them, how all that had to happen. See, in a Teaching time.

And that is something that we should update (everything that happened at the First Coming of the Lord), update it at this time; because brother Branham said that everything would be parallel, in other words, [WMB] “it would be parallel in everything”13; how those three groups were impacted with the First Coming of the Lord, both those who were being taught and being prepared to receive the first fruits of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost; as well as the foolish, represented there in Thomas; as well as the lost, when He descended to hell.14

And in this end time, under that manifestation that God will have in the midst of His Church, in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, the Church-Bride will be impacted in this stage of Teaching, where God is opening the Scriptures to us, He is opening our understanding, to understand all that has been promised and spoken through the prophets of the Old Testament and the New Testament, and showing us that all those things had to be fulfilled, and how to prepare us to obtain that Rapturing Faith.

And He will also be speaking to that denominational world: the foolish virgins, represented in Thomas; speaking to them also, and increasing their faith for them to give their lives in the great tribulation. They will be being prepared for that.

And also, as the fifth dimension, hell, will be open here on this planet Earth, the fifth dimension when it opens, well, those who will no longer have a chance of salvation will also be impacted.

In other words, the three groups, as they were impacted there with the First Coming of the Lord, the three groups will be impacted here in this end time.

Of course, in this end time the 144,000 will also see that powerful manifestation of the power of God in the midst of His Church; but He doesn’t come for them, He comes for His Church-Bride, which will be in this end time in the Golden Stage, in the stage of the Age of the Cornerstone, in which that Rapturing Faith, that Translational Faith will be being spoken, preached, in this time in which we are living.

This time is the time where the Dispensation of the Kingdom is being fully opened in the midst of the human race. Just as the Dispensation of Grace was opened there on the Day of Pentecost, here in the Year of Pentecost, in the Year of Jubilee, the Dispensation of the Kingdom is being opened and is open in the midst of the human race, where He would be as a Lion of the tribe of Judah; no longer as a Lamb, but as a Lion.

So that is why when he spoke to us in those messages that we read recently, that he said that [WSS] “we are still in the Dispensation of Grace,” he spoke it in that message… (we can put it there as a reference)15; in other words, He was still there as the Lamb. And now He is as the Lion: as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, as King of kings and Lord of lords in His Reclaiming Work.

It goes on to say in this message that we are reading “THE LORD JESUS CHRIST CHANGING FROM LAMB TO LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH,”:

[WSS] And the foolish virgins are also going to see what Christ will be carrying out in this end time, which will have to go through the great tribulation; but they are going to see that manifestation before the great tribulation.

[JBP] See? They will be being prepared to go through the great tribulation.

In other words, the Third Pull, in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, will be —from one moment to the other— intertwined with that denominational world, because that would already be marking an important stage in the Divine Program there, because that would be the exact hour of His Coming. He spoke about it in the book of Quotations, let’s look it up here real quick: On page 10-A of the book of Quotations, paragraph 99:16

99 – “[39] …the very minute that outside denominational world begins to receive this Message, that’s exactly the hour He’s coming. When they—when they went, the sleeping virgin realized she didn’t have any oil in her lamp. And when she come to knock on the door to get it, that was exactly when the Bride went out, when the wise virgin left. That’s right. They didn’t get in. No. And them organizations won’t come in. They won’t have the opportunity to, time the message gets around, the church will be gone.”

[JBP] And he writes… in [WMB] “around” he marks it quite a lot, and he writes: [WSS] «the wise and the foolish and the rapture».

[JBP] And above: [WSS] «When the denominational world starts receiving the Message». «Matthew 25:10-13».

[JBP] And that is what will be happening in the fulfillment of the Third Pull, which happens before the great tribulation begins. The same thing that is for Israel, for the 144,000, that brother Branham says they will receive, that is, they will see and they are – they will be sealed, before the great tribulation begins.

That is on page 359 [p. 424 in Eng.] of the book of The Seals, of the message “THE SIXTH SEAL”:

268 That’s just before the Tribulation period…

[JBP] In other words, they are called out. It says just before:

[267] They’ll wrestle with God until one hundred and forty-four thousand of the tribes of Israel are called out right there.

268 That’s just before the Tribulation period…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Whom will… who is it, that are called out and taken out? Who does that work? The ministries of Moses and Elijah. In other words, those events were promised that would happen before the great tribulation begins; as well as, before the great tribulation begins, also the Church-Bride will be prepared for the rapture.

You see, each group will be preparing for what they are going to receive; and each individual will be preparing for what they are going to receive. And the elect, the Church-Bride, will be preparing, will be taking advantage of the time —in this time of Teaching—, preparing for adoption, for the rapture, to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The other group (of the foolish ones) will be preparing themselves to go through the great tribulation; they will be preparing themselves and taking hold of the Word, of the Message, they will be feeding themselves with the knowledge that they can’t receive the mark of the image, the seal of the image and the mark, nor all that the beast will be imparting in the great tribulation, because that is death for the one who takes it. In other words, the foolish will have that knowledge and will give their lives for the Message; and the 144,000 also; and already the lost, well, they will already know that they will no longer have opportunity for salvation.

In other words, all mankind, all of the human race that is (let’s say) divided in all those groups: each one of those groups, in this end time, in this stage where we are, will be preparing for what they are going to receive.


[WSS] The Jews are also going to say, “This is what we are waiting for,” but He is not coming for them, He is coming for His Church.

([JBP] See? There he also includes the Jews. He goes on to say):

If the world is going to be impacted, shaken, by that Third Pull, in some way it will gradually come in; and for the time being, when the way is already prepared for that manifestation and Christ finishes His Work of Intercession in Heaven…

([JBP] See how the way God has been preparing it to get to that culminating part of the Tent Vision, or that culminating part of when Christ comes out of the Throne of Intercession; because look, it goes on to say):

…when the way is already prepared for that manifestation and Christ finishes His Work of Intercession in Heaven, comes out of His work as High Priest and Lamb (because He will have already called and gathered all His chosen ones in His Mystical Body of believers): then He will take, He will claim the Book sealed with seven seals, which is the Book of Life, which has the Lamb’s Book of Life section and the other section; He will take it, open it in Heaven, and do His Reclaiming Work; He will bring that Book to His Church.

([JBP] When does He bring that Book to His Church? After He comes forth from the Throne of Intercession, after all the elect have been called and have been gathered).

…He will bring that Book to His Church. For which He will have to have a ministry being operated in the midst of His Church; “for the Lord God will do nothing, except He reveal His secrets unto His servants His prophets first.”

[JBP] And that is where some people have lost that ministry, which was on Earth, in our beloved brother and friend William Soto Santiago; that is where they lost it; and there then, they already think: “No, he has to come adopted and has to come and fulfill all that, and has to stand and has to preach and has to bring us all that revelation, and has to tell us everything we need for Rapturing Faith.”

All that is being fulfilled, brethren and friends who listen to me. God is already fulfilling all that, now in the present; God is fulfilling all that through the instrument that God has at this time, “for the Lord God will do nothing, except He reveal His secrets first to His servants the prophets.” God always has to have an instrument through which He works, and it is…, as God is the God of the spirits of the prophets, He can place in a person the ministry that He desires to place and operate.

Because God, when He uses a veil of flesh, and the time of that veil of flesh is over, He moves on to another veil of flesh; it has always been like that in the whole trajectory of the human race. God can’t change that way, that form.

And it is the same thing that happened at the time of the First Coming of the Lord; but since God fulfills it in such a simple way, it goes over their heads and they fight against what God is carrying out.

And look further on how, and whom, and what will have those that will be able to have that Key to open and enter, or close and nobody enter; you are going to see something here.


[WSS] For which He will have to have a ministry being operated in the midst of His Church; “for the Lord God will do nothing without first revealing His secrets to His servants His prophets.”

Therefore, there will be a ministry in His Church, prophetic, that will be able to receive that Title Deed; and therefore, the whole Church-Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ will be receiving it automatically, which will be represented in the instrument that God will have for the Last Day; just as each age was represented in the messenger of each age, who received the Message, the revelation for each age, and gave it to the people; and therefore, the messenger with the people became the Word for that age; for each age it was so.

[JBP] And further on in this same message, in another paragraph, he says:

[WSS] I am as Joshua and Caleb said, as Caleb said, who was as strong as the day he began.

I am every day with more courage, aware that every year that passes I am one year closer to the full fulfillment of the Word of God promised for this end time; aware that it is gradually being fulfilled; and then, at the end, a summary of all that has been fulfilled and a full manifestation from God.

[JBP] What is coming and what will come at the end of all that has been fulfilled? A summary! Look at how he was already speaking to us of this time from some time ago.

And what is it that we are obtaining at this time, within this Teaching that is being spoken, imparted in the fulfillment of The Tent Cathedral, of the Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral, where it will begin with the Word being spoken, the Word being opened to God’s chosen ones? A summary of all that God has already been fulfilling; and that summary is the content of the Teaching, which is brought by the Seven Thunders of Revelation, chapter 10, which brings the Rapturing Faith.

And he goes on to say:

[WSS] I feel like Joshua and Caleb. (And you, Miguel?). So Caleb was saying to Joshua: “Let me go and conquer the mountain.” Which mountain was it, Michael? Where Abraham had dwelt? Hebron… So… He was a prince. Of the princes that went, Joshua and Caleb were…, one: prince of the tribe of Judah, and Joshua was prince of what tribe? Of Ephraim. Of the tribe of Joseph; and therefore, of the tribe of Ephraim, where the Birthright Blessing is.

That is why when speaking of the promised land and of entering the promised land with the people, reference is made to Joshua, because Joshua was from the tribe of Ephraim, that is, from the half tribe of Joseph; the other half tribe was the tribe of Manasseh. In other words, Joseph had a double blessing.

The Birthright Blessing is always double, the firstborn always has a double blessing.

[JBP] And there brother Miguel makes a participation there, he asks a question; brother Miguel says:

[Bro. Miguel: A question, William, those two men, Joshua and Caleb, are they not related to the Two Olive Trees? They went all that way together through the wilderness and went into the promised land to conquer it. They were conquerors of the promised land, don’t they have some connection with…?].

[JBP] Brother Miguel says. And brother William responds:

[WSS] In some other message I will tell you.

For now, I can tell you that Moses and Elijah, promised for the Last Day, who appeared on Mount Transfiguration, are the Two Olive Trees of Zechariah, chapter 4, verse 11 to 14; and of Revelation, chapter 11, verses 1 to 14. And Saint Peter and Saint Paul are also type of the Two Olive Trees; because Reverend William Branham says: “As Saint Peter and Saint Paul brought the Gospel to the gentiles, the gentiles will take it to the Jews” ([JBP] That is in the edited Ages book, page 30 [p. 36 in Eng.]). And in other places they say that it is Moses and Elijah who take the Gospel to the gentiles.

Now this is dessert, because we were already done; but Miguel is always looking for dessert; he has a sweet tooth, as we say. So the ministries of Moses and Elijah that will be manifested in the Last Day…

Someday we will see if one of the ministries will be in one person, one in another, one in another; or will it be in one person the three ministries: that of Jesus, Moses and Elijah. We will see that later on. And it may be before the transformation. It will be when the Seventh Seal is opened to the Church. That is when we will clearly see that mystery, because the Son of Man comes with His Angels. We are going to leave it alone there; and then we are not going to give opinions, but we are going to leave it alone.

[JBP] When will we know this great mystery of the Seventh Seal? It will be before the transformation, that is, it will be in this time of the Teaching. And he says there, how he tells us: [WSS] “we will be seeing if one of the ministries will be in one person, another in another, another in another; or it will be in one person the three ministries: that of Jesus, Moses and Elijah.”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Remember that the Lord comes with a Shout, with the Voice of Archangel and with the Trumpet of God.17 And we know that the Trumpet of God are the ministries of Moses and Elijah. And we also know that in the time of Reverend William Branham there was a Shout: “Behold the Bridegroom comes, go out to meet Him”18; and also another time there was that Voice of Archangel.

“Shout, Voice of Archangel and Trumpet of God,” that is, God is there showing in that Scripture how the Coming of the Lord would be; which was also shown on Mount Transfiguration, in chapter 17 of the Gospel according to Matthew, where it shows the order of the transformation; that is also in the book of Quotations,19 we have read it several times in these days,20 how there brother Branham shows the order of the Coming of the Lord on Mount Transfiguration; on Mount Transfiguration it was shown what would be the Coming of the Lord to His Church.

In other words, in this end time, in the time of the final ministry of God, of the ministry under the Tent, there would be revealed that great mystery of the Second Coming of the Lord, which would give the Faith to be transformed and raptured to all believers, the elect of God, the Church-Bride, which would be gathered in the Age of the Cornerstone, which corresponds to the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

And it tells us in the book of Quotations, on page 159 of the book of Quotations,21 look at something here; paragraph 1414, it says:

1414 – “[30] I don’t care how much you can preach, how well you do this, and how much you love; that’s one of the inlets to spirit. You can’t love with your body; you love with your spirit [WSS] «you love with your spirit». That’s one of the inlets. And you can love, and even love God, and still not be right. You can cast out devils, and preach, and do these things; still not be right. Jesus said so, said many would come in that day. That Word [WSS] «Moses and Elijah» settles it!”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «It is the Word that gives the yes or no», he writes that above, further up.

[JBP] Who are the ones who will say “yes” or “no” at this end time? The Word. And who is going to be the Word? Moses and Elijah.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Let’s read here what it tells us in “THE ANOINTED ONES IN THE END TIME,”22 page 47 of this message, it says:

[189] [249] What’d He say? Notice. “You workers of iniquity, I never even knew you.”

190 250 What is iniquity? Ask somebody. It’s “something that you know you ought to do, and you won’t do it.” They know that Word. They hear It. You’re listening to this tape. You’re listening to this Message. You see the Lord God say so ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «iniquity = something [that] you know you should do, but don’t»; you see Him confirm it, make it true. And you know This just as plain as the sun is shining outside, but you that’ll hold onto your denomination, hold onto those false things; you worker of iniquity!

“Oh, yes, I had great campaigns. I done this. I done that.”

Said, “You depart from Me, you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.”

191 251 “Well, the Holy Ghost fell on me.” I don’t doubt that a bit. “I spoke in tongues. I sang in the Spirit. I done…” I don’t doubt that a bit. No question to that. Oh, brother, sister, what kind of a condition!

This is a trembling time. Where we at? This Word is coming to Life now. Notice.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in this message that I’m going to read to you “REVELATION, CHAPTER 4, PART I,”23 look at what Reverend William Branham says here, he says (this is on page 19):

99 Now, after He showed him all that mystery of them seven golden candlesticks (holding the seven stars, and a white wig on, and so forth, and feet like brass, and eyes like fire, the symbols), then he heard the same Voice (Watch.) speaking from Heaven. And he looked up and he saw an open Door. Oh! An open Door into Heaven! How do you get in? By Christ Jesus, that one Door, one Way, no other way.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Revelation 8:1». And Revelation, chapter 8:1, is the Second Coming of the Lord, it is the Seventh Seal.

100 “Any man that climbs up any other way, same is a thief and a robber.” And in the parable of the one who climbed up and was at the Wedding Supper without a garment on, was found guilty, and bound and cast out into outer darkness. Only one Way, coming to the Wedding Supper. I believe I preached on it here not long ago. Whenever the bridegroom… When a man got… gets married in the old country, he has to give the invitations himself ([JBP] he himself had to give out the invitations), he has to furnish the robes himself. So when he met this man there, him sitting at the supper table… How many remembers the parable? Sure, you that read the Bible. And he found a man at the supper table without a wedding garment on.

[JBP] Remember: The one who does the separation in this end time, the segregation, are the harvesting Angels, they are Moses and Elijah.

101 What is it? The Bridegroom stands at the door and all comes up with an invitation. “No man can come to the Father except by Me. All the Father has given Me, or invited, will come to Me.” Here they come, give their invitation, the bridegroom, so that everybody will look alike. That’s one thing about good, old-time, Holy Ghost religion, it makes them all look alike. Whether they’re rich or poor, bond or free, black or white, male or female, they’re all one in Christ Jesus. And the bridegroom stood at the door and received the invitation, put the robe around this fellow, so the rich and poor all looked alike. That’s the way it is in the Kingdom of God, there’s no big guys and little guys; they’re all one guy, all one in Christ.

102 Now, what do you think when the Bridegroom come back and found a man sitting there without a Wedding Garment on? Said, “Friend, how’d you get in here?” And he stood speechless, it showed that he come some other way besides the Door. He come in a window, he come in a back door [WSS] «Laodicea». And He called him a friend, showed he was a church member, “Friend, how did you get in here without a garment on?” Now, Jesus said this, Himself. And He called to the porter, He said, “Bind him, foot and hand.” ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «the man without a Wedding garment» ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «the Porter = the one who holds the Key». And he was cast out into outer darkness where there’ll be weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. That’s Christ’s Own Words, (Right.) “He was cast out.” Because, it proved, without the Wedding Garment, he come some other way besides the Door. If he would have come by the Door, he would have received a Wedding Garment.

[JBP] See, it is required to enter through that Door.

103 Oh, listen to this! Then…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Let’s read in the book of The Seals, on page 277 [p. 327 in Eng.], look what it says here:

[391] …may the Holy Spirit come down now, the white-horse Rider, while His Spirit, Spirit of Christ, in the face of antichrist, and call His Own. Call them out, Lord.

392 May now they repent, come quickly to You and be filled with the Oil and the wine; and be changed from that denominational robe of Cain’s death, unto a snow-white robe of Eternal Life, given out by the Bridegroom. And then they’ll go to the Wedding Supper someday, in the vindicated Word [WSS] «Moses» of the resurrection.

[JBP] See? That it is required to enter through that Door, through that vindicated Word, which is the one that gives the “yes” or “no.” That is something very, very important that we must not overlook, because he is showing us there that that Porter is the one that holds the Key.

He goes on to say (I’m in “REVELATION, CHAPTER FOUR” now):

103 Oh, listen to this! Then if the Wedding Garment is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, how are we going to be represented any other way? ([JBP] How are we going to be represented in any other way, if we don’t have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, that Wedding Garment?) If the first church age had to come by the Door, Christ Jesus, be baptized into the Name of Jesus Christ, receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, to put on the Wedding Garment, how are we coming any other way?

[JBP] And he writes there: [WSS] «the Wedding Garment».

[JBP] And further on, he says:

104 All right, same Voice, Revelation 21, or, Revelation 1:10 and 13. And I want you to notice, the Voice that he heard speaking to him had the clearness of a trumpet. You know how a trumpet sounds, it gives a shrill sound. What does a trumpet mean in the Bible? War. Anytime you see a trumpet blow, in a war… in the Bible time, its sounding meant a war, either a revelation or something to take place.

[JBP] See how that Trumpet sound, and that Voice that, he says, [WMB] “the Voice that he heard speaking to him had the clearness of a trumpet,” and he says, [WMB] “that meant a war, or a revelation, or something to take place.” He goes on to say:

105 Now, he… After the church ages was over, and everything was come ready, made ready the setting of the 4th chapter here, the church ages was done. He had done left the earth, you see. Remember, the Voice that spoke to him, behind him, in the seven golden candlesticks, the work was finished. And now that same Voice was speaking up in Heaven. What was it? He had done redeemed His people. His earthly work was finished, and He was in Glory, calling to John, “Come up hither!” Uh-hum. Amen! ([JBP] We are, remember, in a heavenly age). That makes me feel like shouting on the eve of New Year. Oh, my! There you are. See, ready, “Come up here!” 

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The Great Trumpet».

«New Year = of Jubilee».

106 War! This is the setting of the great battle; the people that rejected God’s Message, rejected the Holy Spirit, the Messenger of the seven churches. The one that had rejected this Message of His grace had nothing left, but judgment was ready ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «the plagues»; oh, while He was making ready to pour out the plagues upon the earth now. “Come up hither and I’ll show you ([JBP] and he writes below): [WSS] «Revelation 11: Moses and Elijah and the plagues» what’s fixing to take place. Christ-rejecting, Godless sinners, I’m going to pour out My wrath upon them.”

107 Watch the setting. Oh, as we go down through the nights you’ll get more of it and more of it all the time. We can’t get everything in here, we have to keep referring from place to place. How that it’s going to be a terrible thing for those when the last trumpet sounds, and when the last battle is fought, when the last sermon is preached, when the last song is sung, and we stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ. You’re going to be asked, “Why didn’t you receive It? What did you do with the Life that I give you?” You’ll be asked to give a reason. What then?

[JBP] Notice… And he writes: [WSS] «The last Trumpet, the plagues fall».

[JBP] And he also writes: [WSS] «Throne, Judgment Seat».

[JBP] In other words, they will be asked why they didn’t receive It.

This subject that we have in this little Bible study, we will place what he wrote down there: [WSS] «The Porter = the one who holds the Key», “THE PORTER = THE ONE WHO HOLDS THE KEY.” He is the one who is going to give the “yes” or “no”; and there he told us they are: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah».

It has been a great privilege for me to be able to send you this greeting on… under this topic: “THE PORTER = THE ONE WHO HOLDS THE KEY,” today, Wednesday, September 21 of this year 2022.

And grateful to all who have been praying for this passage of Hurricane Fiona through Puerto Rico, which left several disasters in several areas of Puerto Rico; but thank God here in The Tent and the facilities… although there were places where it was flooded: only in the part of the other lands; because in the part where The Tent is built (The Tent as such: The restrooms, the restroom buildings and everything, and the surroundings), that was not flooded; only the lower part, the parking lot and the surroundings where the river and the creek ran, that did raise the level quite a bit, and the entire parking lot, the lower part, which are areas where they are at the corresponding levels, all that was flooded; but the part of The Tent as such, everything remained intact.

Thank God we also passed, as I was telling brother Miguel on Monday, this week, I told him: [JBP] “Brother Miguel, thank God The Tent passed another test: the floods, it also passed the test.” That is to say that it passed the wind test, of… also some earthquakes that occurred a couple of years ago, too.

Although more earthquakes are still predicted to come, which, the big one that is coming, or the one that we know is coming (which possibly is that of the resurrection), which is when Los Angeles, California, will sink to the… will be thrown into the sea, that earthquake possibly, says brother William, that will be the one of the resurrection. And let us hope that God will keep The Great Tent Cathedral standing. Or if it is only for the purpose for which God raised it, which is the purpose in which we are now: enjoying all this Teaching, and then it will be taken away, well, let the divine plans be what they are, and let it be all the perfect will of the Lord.

Our desire is that God will leave it and that it will remain forever; that it will be something to remember, of all that God was doing at the end of the change of kingdom. It would be something, like a monument, it would be something very beautiful; and we ask God that God will grant it, that He will leave it (let’s say) as evidence, that there was the place where God was bringing us all that revelation, and where God was giving us the Rapturing Faith; as a testimony of all mankind that will be living in the Millennium, and those who will already be with eternal life in eternity.

But meanwhile, I can tell you that it also passed the test of the flood; and everything is working very, very well.

We thank the brethren who have been there these days, and have been there today as well, helping; but practically everything is already in place. They are fixing some gates, some planting. The electricity is still not working, we are with electric plants, with electric generators, with plants, generators; but for the rest (some fences that fell down), we are reestablishing that as well.

But everyone is fine. The brethren are fine, thank God. Surely, one or the other, they have been calling me because they have lost something, but they are well.

And in the Dominican Republic, Neftali, the son of our brother Chamon was telling me, and Chamon also, Ramon, our brother Ramon, there in the Dominican Republic, that also with the passing of the hurricane, I believe that a pastor in one of the cities, the church was flooded, and I also believe that the house, the water took it away; but in everything else they are fine, thanks to the Lord.

So we thank all the brothers and sisters who were praying.

And that, notice that the enemy tries to give that blow and tries to take away (let’s say) earthly things; but all that is temporary; life is the most important thing.

While the enemy tries to give us a blow to break us, we take, we gain more strength, and we hold on more to the Lord, and Faith is increasing. The enemy tries to take something from us, and God gives us that strength and that power to go ahead, holding on to the Lord more and cry more to God, and enter more and more in desperation.

This shakes each one of us!, because we know that we are not from here, and we are going through this season on that planet Earth with a divine purpose, and that is, in this end time, to be in the image and to be in the likeness of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ in that eternal and glorified body; so that when that Faith is at such a high level and our beloved brother William Soto Santiago comes in his eternal and glorified body also, with those who have departed from our age, and also brother Branham with his group and all the messengers, and they come to be with us: we are already ready to be transformed.

And when we are called to an account, when we are told (as he says there), he says that [WMB] “you will be called to give a reason,” and you will be told: [WMB] “Why didn’t you receive It?”; we will be told: “Blessed are the children of God!, blessed are the elect of God, that you have received It!, you have received the full fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord,” because the Son of Man comes with His Angels.

And I thank God, we thank God that we have been granted to know these mysteries, and we have received the Sent One of God, we have received what God has promised at this time; which will bring us the Faith – is giving us the Rapturing Faith.

The others will be told, [WMB] “Why didn’t you receive It? What did you do with the life that I gave you? ([JBP] is the question that brother Branham says will be asked) You will be called to give a reason.”

But to us it will be said: “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord, which is prepared for the saints.”24 In other words, all that will be a reality for the elect of God of this end time, that we have received and have entered through the Porter, through the Door, through the one who has the Key, through the one that our brother William says there, who writes: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah», that [WMB] “It is the Word that settles it.”

And we at this time have been receiving all that Teaching, all that revelation contained in the Seven Thunders, which are speaking consecutively in our age: In the Age of the Cornerstone.

I again reiterate to all of you, for the prayers that you have been making for the people of Puerto Rico, and also to Santo Domingo, Haiti, for the passing of this Hurricane; and I reiterate that we are very well, thanks to the Lord who placed His Hand and took care of us and kept us at all times; and He will keep us until our transformation.

It has been a great privilege for me to be able to speak these words of greeting from here, from The Great Tent Cathedral, here in Puerto Rico.

And we thank God that He has sent us His Angel, His Angel Messenger: William Soto Santiago, in whom God placed His Name, the Name that we all already know, because the Name is in His Angel.

We thank God for sending us His Angel Messenger: William Soto Santiago.

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