The promise of the resurrection and transformation being fulfilled by the spoken Word

The promise of the resurrection and transformation being fulfilled by the spoken Word

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Monday, November 14, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Greetings to all the brethren on this night, of today Monday, November 14 of this year 2022.

I have been searching and studying all that we have been talking about in these days, and today’s greeting also; which we have seen how in each time God has fulfilled His Divine Program through the messenger that God has sent in each age and in each dispensation.

And the elect of that age and of that dispensation have to listen to, and have to receive, the one through whom God has sent to speak those promises, so that they may be materialized in the children of God in each age and in each dispensation that God has sent that prophet messenger, so that they may obtain —in that age or that dispensation—, may receive the promises and the promises may be fulfilled in them.

For each dispensation and for each age, God has a Program; and all of them have been coming to this planet Earth, and have received —those who are predestined to receive that messenger—, have received the messenger and have obtained the blessings that God has for them in each age and in each dispensation.

A person can’t obtain the promises that God has made in the time in which he has lived, if he doesn’t receive and listen to the one whom God has sent to speak that promise, that Word, so that the chosen ones of that time may receive it and believe it.

If you don’t believe the mouth through which the divine promises that will be fulfilled in you as an individual will be spoken: that promise can’t materialize in your life. Because it is as if Adam, before obtaining that physical body, didn’t want or didn’t want to listen to the Voice of God: he wouldn’t have come to life! If we put it in the case of…, he would have remained as dust, he wouldn’t have come to life.

And so, every person who doesn’t listen to the Voice that will bring that change of body, will remain as the dust of the earth; and so then he will have to die: “From dust you were created, for to dust you shall return.”1

You can’t obtain that change of that new body, with that dust which you were formed (though it came by a line from Eve, by sex, as it was in the beginning with Eve and Adam), thus in that way you were brought into existence; but it was from the very dust of the earth that you were created.

In other words, although the elements were used by the father and the mother, but the same were used… (atoms is it?), the same elements, to create that body.

That is why it is said: “From dust you were taken, and to dust you shall return,” every time a person dies. In other words, the person, by not believing and listening to the one who will be speaking through the breath of life, through that spoken Word, that life of that new glorified eternal body: will automatically return again where he came from: to the dust of the earth.

What has been happening from age to age, from dispensation to dispensation; because they didn’t listen to that one who would speak at that time the promise of an eternal body; that is why it wasn’t fulfilled in them; and they had (what?) to return again to dust: “From dust you were taken, to dust you shall return.” They didn’t hear the Voice.

Now, they will hear the Voice of the Resurrection; because it is also by that Voice that they will be resurrected. It can’t be any other way. It has to be the way Jesus called Lazarus (see?):

—“Lazarus, come forth!”2

He called to life. How? By the spoken Word. By being spoken, that Word of creation is materialized again by returning to a man with the Title Deed, having control of nature, control of Creation, control of eternal life, of a human being with an eternal body.

God breathed into Jesus, at His First Coming, breath of life to create a theophanic body:

John 14

2 …I go to prepare a place for you.

3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

You see? He created that theophanic body in the sixth dimension.

Just as He created it in the sixth dimension by a breath of life, so also in His Second Coming, then, by that breath of life also, He creates —by spoken Word also— an eternal and glorified body.

It couldn’t be any other way; of just listening to a Message being spoken, which although it has everything, the Vitamins and everything there, but those Vitamins must be known how to be given to the one who is going to receive that healing.

You can’t give a vitamin to a child, put it in front of him…; and you are aware that it will heal him; but if you don’t have the way to give it to him, either by injection, or by mouth…, he may take less, he may take more; and what it will do is harm him. The same medicine that is to heal him can make him more sick, or cause him another problem.

There must be a way, and someone, to take those Vitamins, those Medicines, that Message of Cornerstone, of Dispensation of the Kingdom brought to us by that powerful Archangel Gabriel, to then place well —through the mouth that has to be spoken— the final and full fulfillment of the Second Coming, which is with His Angels, at the end of time, in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, where that total restoration of the human being will be spoken, to obtain that eternal and glorified body by that breath of life, by that spoken Word.

Because He breathed into him and He said:

John 20

22 …Receive ye the Holy Ghost.

See? He didn’t just breathe: He spoke.

They waited a few days for the promise, and they believed in what He spoke; it wasn’t just listening to Him.

In other words, it is not just listening; but it is: listening, believing and waiting patiently for it to be fulfilled.

That is why now in this time we have to receive, we have to listen, all that breath of life that is being imparted in each one of us; so that when the time of transformation comes (that those who are going to be resurrected also receive that breath of life, that spoken Word, and bring them to life, to resurrection, bring them to existence again) when we see them (already having those fresh winds of the promised land): to receive then, through that spoken Word, the new body.

Everything returning to Eden, everything returning to the beginning. The human being again with the Title Deed in his hand; with the Title Deed to create heavens, to create worlds. And one of the worlds that he will create is the eternal body: an eternal world, an eternal body; an eternal Millennium, an eternity; to reign then in that glorious Millennial Kingdom of the Lord; which is soon to be established. And all will be by spoken Word.

Resurrection is established, transformation is established, tribulation is established and the Millennium is established; all by spoken Word through a veil of flesh.

The same as He has always done in all ages and in all dispensations: He has used a veil of flesh to fulfill the Divine Program; for we are God’s ambassadors here on Earth, God’s representatives, God’s mouth. Always a man.

That is the promise that God has for us at this time, which we treasure.

And we see with prophetic eyes; because it is a people with prophetic perception that would see, understand and hear the Voice of Transformation.

In other words, it would be that those in the sixth dimension, represented there in Lazarus… he heard the Voice of the Resurrection: what those in the sixth dimension will hear. And those who are alive now, will hear the Voice of Transformation.

In other words, it would be the Voice of the Lord in this end time to produce those promises, both to those who have departed and to those who are alive. And to seal the 144,000 so that they also receive the promise of the Spirit of God again in their midst.

All being established by the spoken Word. The spoken Word through the mouth of a human being, of a man anointed with the Spirit of God in this end time, to fulfill the prophecies relevant to the Tent Vision.

Today is Monday, November 14; and I wanted to record these words of… as a preamble to everything we are talking about these days. And each time we see how God is giving us, each time, more and more, as the time for Him to fulfill all that remains to be fulfilled in this end time draws near.


In other words, it would be the Voice of the Resurrection and the Voice of Transformation for the fulfillment of that promise. That would be the subject of this little talk that I recorded at this time, on this Monday afternoon, November 14 of this year 2022.

Let us be prepared, because from one moment to another something great will be happening in the midst of the Church; which is already beginning in the spiritual sphere. Because the greatest thing that God is doing is the opening of the Word, the opening of the Seventh Seal, the opening of the mystery of the Second Coming of the Lord.

As it was in the time of brother Branham: the greatest thing that he brought, while he was in that ministry on Earth forerunning the Second Coming of the Lord, was the opening of the six Seals, the first six Seals.

And the greatest thing of the Third Pull, in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, is to open the Seventh Seal, to open the mystery of the Second Coming of the Lord with His Angels. And the Angels, we know that they are the ministries of Moses and Elijah.

Let us be prepared, because from one moment to another we will be entering a stage where the presence of God will be seen with all that was shown to Reverend William Branham in that Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral.

There is no opportunity to prepare for that time.

The time to prepare, to hear the Voice of Transformation, is now. Voice of Resurrection and Voice of Transformation for the elect of God of this end time, of the Age of the Cornerstone and Dispensation of the Kingdom, which we are already living in this end time in which we are living.

Today is the Day to hear the Voice of the Resurrection and to hear the Voice of the Transformation!

May God bless you, may God keep you all.

1 Genesis 3:19, Ecclesiastes 12:7

2 John 11:43

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