The Rapturing Faith in the Teaching

The Rapturing Faith in the Teaching

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Thursday, September 1, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

(Second greeting)

Good morning. Greetings to all the ministers gathered there in the department of Tolima, in the city of Ibague, Colombia, in the congregation that Reverend Miguel Salazar pastors; and also to those who, today Thursday night, will be meeting in the different regions of Colombia, all the ministers; who in these meetings are following up on all the goals of the project of The Great Tent Cathedral, and also talk about the different needs that there are in the different congregations, such as the printing presses and different needs that the different congregations have there in Colombia. With our brother Ivan Sarmiento, who is also in this meeting, and asked me to send this greeting to each and every one of you.

And also to all who meet in different places in Colombia, and also in the different countries that have these study meetings; which are of great blessing and spiritual growth for elders, adults, youth and children also.

Because this stage, which the Reverend William Branham was speaking of on different occasions, we are living it now; it is not something of the future. This is the future, this is the present of all that the Reverend William Branham spoke, which we are now living it in our own flesh; and we are receiving it in a simple way, in a way that God had already destined since before the foundation of the world; it wasn’t your choice or mine, but God already had it in His Program that it was going to be this way.

And this stage is the most glorious of all stages, because it is the stage where from one moment to another the resurrection and our transformation will occur. In other words, it is the culminating part of this glorious stage and age and dispensation that each one of us has had to live, because it is the one where God will fulfill the remaining promises, which is the resurrection and transformation; promises that He will fulfill under that stage under the Tent; where then, after that fulfillment of the Tent Vision, there is nothing more; and after that is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

God is fulfilling what He promised. And everything He promised is being fulfilled in the right time. It couldn’t be in past times, it couldn’t be in the time of brother Branham (which he tried); and it had to be in the relevant age: The Age of the Cornerstone, with the relevant people, with the relevant territory, with the relevant messenger; and everything had to be at the time in which He already had it predestined since before the foundation of the world.

And that Rapturing Faith that Enoch obtained and also Elijah, that knowledge that they obtained, is the same knowledge that every child of God in this end time will obtain; because the Rapturing Faith is needed in order to be raptured.

And we can say: “But, everything was already spoken, the whole Message was already brought.” Yes, all the Message has been brought, all the Word has been brought; there is no new Message, but everything that has been brought has been shown in the messages; and all this great revelation has been brought through the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ William Soto Santiago, and around all that Word is that the Rapturing Faith is; but there is a mechanism, a way, for all that Word to produce in every child of God that Rapturing Faith.

In other words, anyone could say: “I only remain listening to what the Angel says, and what the messenger has brought in the messages. One Voice, one Message.” Yes, that is: one hundred percent is so, that is so. But in the final stage, the stage of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, it was spoken to us and it was told to us, that it was there that this Teaching was going to be made known.

And probably some will say: “But, isn’t it that the Message was already given?” Well, God is showing and giving more light every day of the manner and way in which He was going to be giving that Rapturing Faith; because everything has to be already written, as Jesus said there: “It is written.”1 And in one part Brother William says that: [WSS] “everything had to be written.”2

In other words, if everything must be written, it must therefore be spoken; and what wasn’t spoken: was written; and what is written that hasn’t been spoken, is now being spoken. 

In other words, everything is simple. And in all that, at that stage, in which brother Branham says that the Teaching would be given there, the Seven Thunders he also says, and all that; they will say: “Hey, but isn’t that supposed to have already happened?” God magnifies all, and now it is on a greater scale; it is already a Word being revealed, being opened completely of all that which the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ brought to us.

Like when Gabriel went to Mary, He told her there all the promises: He told her that He would be born through the Holy Spirit that would overshadow her; a child would be born, which would save His people; and He also tells her that He will reign on the Throne of David, inherit the Throne of David, establish the Kingdom and all those things; He spoke countless things to her. And then came the fulfillment of all that. In other words, that Message of Gabriel to Mary came in a condensed form; and then we saw the fulfillment of all that Gabriel was there speaking to Mary.

We have all the complete knowledge of everything that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ brought to us in the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord with His Angels, the fulfillment of the Coming of the Seventh Seal, of that Angel that was different from the rest; and that Message contains everything we need. But he didn’t speak something openly; because of the Third Pull, he was told by the Angel who showed him that vision: [WMB] “Of this you will not say anything to anyone.”3 In other words, he wasn’t going to later, the same one who told him: “Of this you will not say anything to anyone,” he wasn’t going to later, in human flesh, to tell us everything that was going to be happening at the end, after he left.

All that was going to stay hidden. And while God was fulfilling that stage, God’s elect were seeing how that stage, that Third Pull, the last part of the Third Pull, being fulfilled in the midst of the Church, which would give the Rapturing Faith.

We can’t remain stuck, we have to keep going forward, growing until we are – until we reach that perfect Man, to be in the image and likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ, in that eternal and glorified body that He will give us.

The people, when he returned, that God allowed our brother William Soto Santiago to return again in our midst…, he asked for more time, because the people wasn’t ready.4 There he gave us several tips (as we say), several keys, because there he marked a stage that was opening in the Divine Program in the midst of the Church, under a new ministry. A ministry in which it would be being operated: God, through the Holy Spirit, the ministries relevant to that Third Pull, which would be intertwined with the Hebrew people later; because all those miracles and wonders are for the Hebrews, they are for Jews.

And if the people wasn’t ready at that time and the Message was already given, then something is missing, something is missing for the Church-Bride to receive that Rapturing Faith.

Imagine, to have all that trajectory of 40 years (let’s say), or a little more, but let’s say, 40, 41 years with 8 months, which is the hour of His Coming; let’s say that we would have to listen or go through all those messages, how long would it take us!

But God had a time, which was (let’s say) the condensed, which was going to be brought to the Church, in that Teaching of The Great Tent Cathedral; under all those tools that he left; to, through that, each one of us obtain that Word well placed; which the ministries of Moses and Elijah do; well placed so that the sons and daughters of God can obtain the adoption in this end time.

And that group will come to place that Word correctly. In other words, every Word that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ has brought to us in this end time, we will be able to place that Word correctly, to have that dominion that Adam had in the Garden of Eden.

We are going back to Eden, we are going back to all that Adam and Eve lost, and each one of us is being restored to all that Adam lost. God is restoring it to each one of us in this way already provided by God, for Him to make known how to obtain the Rapturing Faith.

And that was said by brother Branham on page 212 (I think it is), that he says that [WMB] “the Seven Thunders will allow the Bride how to obtain the Faith of Translation, the Rapturing Faith.” (I think that is it; or if not, you can find what the page it is).5

[WMB] “121. And I believe that, through those Seven Thunders, will be revealed in the last days in order to get the Bride together for rapturing faith.”

In other words, those mysteries would be made openly known through those Seven Thunders; and he told us (we read it a little while ago) that he says that that was in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision. In other words, we have to look for the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, where it is being fulfilled, where that Teaching is being imparted, and hold on to that, because that is where He would be imparting that Rapturing Faith, that Translation Faith.

Well, in these days we will be talking more about all these mysteries, of which God by His grace and mercy is being made known to us in this Teaching under the Tent.

May God bless you, God keep you. Pray much for tomorrow Friday’s activity and for the activity of Saturday and Sunday, so that God may continue to help us and continue to show us all that He wants each one of us to see in order to obtain the Rapturing Faith, the Faith of Transformation.

God bless you, God keep you; and thank you very much for your kind attention.

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2 2002-30-12 “The Prophetic Word Given by the Spirit of Prophecy”: [WSS] Now, everything has to be written. Christ, for example, in His ministry said: “It is written (and He said): Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” That is why it is so important that the prophetic Word given by the Spirit of prophecy be written.

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