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The Staff = The Word

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon. Greetings to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and to all the ministers and brethren, today Wednesday, November 30 of this year 2022.

We give thanks to our heavenly Father who has allowed us at this time to stand before the Son of Man, and to be aware that from one moment to another all the promises that are yet to be fulfilled in the midst of the Church will occur; for which we are being prepared to receive them, and thus to be soon at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

This year has already gone by fast; there is one month left according to the gentile calendar for the end of the year 2022 and the beginning of the year 2023.

And we are aware that a squeeze will come…; which we already see happening in different phases and stages; as the end is approaching, we see how things are tightening in all areas; and all of that is because soon all that is yet to be fulfilled in the midst of the Church of the Lord will be fulfilled.

And as our brother William Soto Santiago tells us…; and I am going to read a little bit of this message (that on other occasions we have read it1, and perhaps some minister as well, or our brother Miguel has read from this message)…; but today we will read a little bit of some areas here that our brother William shows us many important things, and I wanted to share them with you.


(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Monday, November 16, 2009
(Second activity)
Bogota, Colombia

“…(which we already know is the Holy Spirit, the Seal of the living God, the Pillar of Fire, the Angel of the Covenant).”

In him will be the Angel of the Covenant, the Holy Spirit, the Pillar of Fire, working all those things that are promised; and therefore, the Rider of the white horse of Revelation will be manifesting through the instrument that He has at that time; and therefore, in him will be the garment, the horse and the crown of the King, and the scepter of the King; and among the people in which he will be, he will have the shout of the King, the joy of the King!

And now, let’s finish (tomorrow we already have to… we have engagements). [The Seals, p. 1342] ([JBP] And he quotes there of brother Branham):

[302] Notice! And when this Holy Spirit that we have becomes incarnate to us ([JBP] and our brother William says) (now, he is going to be incarnated again; he was incarnated in Jesus, he is going to be incarnated again), the One that’s in our midst now in the form of the Holy Ghost, becomes incarnate to us, in the Person of Jesus Christ, we’ll crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the book of Hebrews, in chapter 12, verse 25… He tells us there (in this Scripture which is placed in a study); he says:

25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh ([JBP] and he writes there): [WSS] «H. S.» ([JBP] that is, Holy Spirit). For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth ([JBP] in other words, “He who speaks to us” is the Holy Spirit), much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven:

26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

[JBP] And our brother William continues to say here…

Who is the one that is…? In other words, who is the one that reprimands? And who is the one that speaks? Brother William writes there: [WSS] «H. S.»; in other words, it is the Holy Spirit who would be in this end time speaking, not only to the Church, but also to the world.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say in this message [“THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT, THE HORSE AND THE CROWN OF THE KING (AND THE SCEPTER)”]:

[WSS] Not only Israel will have the jubilee of the King, the shout of the King, the hosanna, but the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ also, in the end time, will have this blessing.

And now, the promise is that the Holy Spirit is going to incarnate. Page 146 says [The Seals3]:

402 And at the same time that this devil falls out of Heaven and becomes incarnate in a man, the Holy Spirit goes up and comes down in carnate men.”

([JBP] That is, he comes ascending from age to age; and he ascends to the pinnacle, and there he comes incarnated in a man. Says our brother William:)

[WSS] He is talking about a man who is going to be the instrument of the Holy Spirit, of Christ in Holy Spirit in the midst of His people, His Church, and then in the midst of the Hebrew people. On page 352 it tells us the second to last paragraph [The Seals4]:

[202] And just about the time the antichrist moves hisself fully on the stre-…on the scene; God moves Hisself fully on, to redeem it all.”

[JBP] And if you look in the book of The Seals, he writes up there: [WSS] «to transform us».5

[JBP] And there our brother William says:

[WSS] “…(that is, to transform the living in Christ and to resurrect the dead into glorified bodies) See, just run, just right together. […] Cain and Abel! The crow and the dove, on the ark! Judas and Jesus!”

And Judas will be the antichrist. And Jesus, Christ, will be in Spirit veiled and revealed at the Last Day, the Holy Spirit operating the ministries of Elijah, Moses and Jesus. As simple as that is what is going to be happening in this end time.

And Christ will be the one working in this end time, but He will have —as He has always had— an instrument to work through him. And in the last instrument that He has, the last messenger, He will manifest Himself in all His fullness when He finishes His Work of Intercession in Heaven, comes out of the Throne of Intercession, takes the Title Deed, opens it in Heaven, brings it to Earth, and gives it to a man…

[JBP] It is like when he would sometimes say that he had asked God, or prayed to God, and asked God if anyone was coming after him; and he says that no one else was coming. Remember that he was speaking in that spiritual realm, where he was making known to the Church-Bride all that would happen in the Age of the Cornerstone.

Just like brother Branham opened six Seals; and he was showing the Church everything that happened in the ages in the first three Seals. The Fourth Seal he said is a foretold Seal. The Fifth Seal, part of the Fifth Seal was fulfilled, and there is another part that is going to be fulfilled later on. And the Sixth Seal, which are the ministries of Moses and Elijah, with the Holy Spirit operating those ministries at the Last Day; and thus, God would be operating those ministries at the end of the Dispensation of Grace and beginning of the Dispensation of the Kingdom in the midst of the Church.

And then, in the midst of the Church is that the Hebrew people will see them, and there they will say: “This is what we are waiting for!”; and there God will turn to the Hebrew people, where He will call 144,000 Hebrews: He will seal them. And all that happens, as our brother Branham says in the book of The Seals, on page 359 [p. 424 in Eng.]: [WMB] “That happens just before the beginning of the great tribulation.”

And the Seventh Seal, that wasn’t revealed to him; because that was the Coming of the Lord, that was the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels. What the Seventh Seal and the Sixth Seal is, that was kept secret; although of the Sixth Seal he spoke and said what it was; but of the Seventh Seal, there he said nothing, he remained silent; and the Angel told him (on several occasions): [WMB] “Of this you shall not say anything to anyone.”6

And just as he was showing the Church (that is, our precious brother William Soto Santiago), bringing us all that Message of the Gospel of the Kingdom, all the Message that prepares the Church-Bride to be transformed and raptured; all that he was bringing to His Church while he was on this planet Earth in his earthly body, that powerful Archangel: He was showing and making known everything that happened in past, present and future times; in other words, it was a complete journey from Genesis to eternity.

But there were things that he was representing there in the spiritual realm. Remember that he is a prophet of the sixth dimension, and he was in that stage where He fulfills His Second Coming to the Church-Bride of the Lord; and in those phases of the Seventh Seal there were some that he kept secret so that there would be no imitation.

And he, when he was showing us everything that would be the Age of the Cornerstone, he even told us, at a certain moment, that we were already there in the Age of the Cornerstone (potentially). And later on he told us: [WSS] “Still the Dispensation of Grace hasn’t ended”; and sometimes he also said, that [WSS] “until the resurrection and transformation occurs, that is when the Dispensation of Grace would close.”7

But all that had a time of interlace. And the world would be in a condition where they wouldn’t realize, they wouldn’t notice, that God had already called and gathered the elect of the end time, of the Age of the Cornerstone, and He would no longer be on the Throne of Intercession, and He would already be as Judge; and the world would continue the same: they would continue preaching, they would continue taking the Message; and they wouldn’t realize that there would no longer be an opportunity for people to receive Christ and be born again.

And when he was here on Earth, showing everything that would be that Age of the Cornerstone, and he told us that from one moment to another that door of the Dispensation of Grace would close: He was showing us that we were not yet, in reality —in other words, in the present time there—, we were not yet in the Age of the Cornerstone.

It would be fully fulfilled there: When He came out from the Throne of Intercession, takes the Title Deed and delivers it to a man, there is already fully fulfilled that stage where the Dispensation of Grace is closed; and God’s people are placed in the Age of the Cornerstone, in the Dispensation of the Kingdom, which would be manifesting itself in those seven consecutive stages, which are the Seven Thunders sounding consecutively by a messenger; which, when he was here on Earth, he was speaking and representing all that which would be happening in the Age of the Cornerstone.

Remember that the Second Coming of the Lord has different stages and different phases; and you have to see it from all those phases and all those stages in order to understand the Second Coming of the Lord, which in the fulfillment of that Angel that was different from the others, when that ministry began in 63 —which we saw that the beginning (let’s say) of that ministry was fulfilled there—, which the fulfillment of the Coming of the Son of Man, of the Coming of the Lord lasted about 56 years, which was with His Angels.

And of that Coming, a stage and a phase was fulfilled; but there remained a phase, a stage, which was going to be fulfilled in that fulfillment of the Dispensation of the Kingdom, where it would be proclaimed and preached that the time of the Dispensation of Grace was over, and that we would be or that we are in the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

You never heard our brother William speak and say: [WSS] “The Dispensation of Grace is already over”; because that was for the other messenger who would be fulfilling that second phase or that other stage, where the ministries of the Angels would be: The ministries of Moses and Elijah.

And everything would be spoken from a Great Tent Cathedral. And from that place the day of vengeance of our God would be proclaimed, the divine judgments that would be falling on this planet Earth during the great tribulation would be made known; and God would be fully fulfilling the Second Coming of the Lord, the Second Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels. He would be speaking openly; and he wouldn’t be speaking things, as we say: “I leave this alone so as not to open it openly so there will be no imitations,” but he would be speaking openly; even knowing that when things are already being spoken, imitators will emerge.

When he was preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom while he was on this planet Earth, and he was calling and gathering His chosen ones from all Latin America and the Caribbean, and he was gathering them; then it is that those Angels appear doing the Harvest. In other words, of all that which was gathered, in this end time those harvesting Angels would be taking out that remnant to prepare them for the rapture.

Look at what our brother William continues saying here [“THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT, THE HORSE AND THE CROWN OF THE KING (AND THE SCEPTER)”]:

[WSS] …through that man it will be manifested in all His fullness when the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is completed.

That is why what we saw in part (shown temporarily) in Reverend William Branham, that Third Pull that we saw, of the Word being spoken and things coming into creation, will be manifested in all His fullness…

[JBP] Remember that that Angel is an Angel, an Archangel-Prophet, the one that brought us (and I am going to open this parenthesis), the one that brought us all that revelation of the Book of Truth; because He is the one that has access to the Book of Truth. And He is the one that brought us the news of everything that would be the fulfillment of the Age of the Cornerstone, where that final stage of the fulfillment of the Second Coming of the Lord would be fulfilled, where that second part of the week number seventy of the prophecy of Daniel would be opening. Which happened there, in the time when that Archangel appeared to Mary, and He was telling her everything that would be happening and everything that would be in that stage of the first three years and half years of week number seventy of the prophecy of Daniel.

And then, notice something there, that He spoke all that to Mary, He spoke it to her in chapter 1 of Luke, and He showed her all that; in other words, He was preaching there everything that would be the fulfillment of the First Coming of the Lord; but in the ministry of the full fulfillment of that which He spoke to her, then He wasn’t there; in other words, He wasn’t visible; because then Mary doesn’t say that every now and then she saw Him, but then the fulfillment of what He spoke was already there: In Jesus. And she was seeing Him and watching Him from His birth, His entire trajectory, until He began His ministry and fulfilled what the Archangel told Him, which Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled.

And then, in that time of adoption, look there, those who were present were the ministries of Moses and Elijah; neither does the Scripture say that the Archangel Gabriel was there. Although we know that the archangels and all the angels are, as it happened with Elisha, who said to Him, “Lord, open my servant’s eyes, that he may see that there are more who are with us.”8 But I mean physically there, let’s say, in the flesh, there wasn’t that Archangel that appeared to Mary.

And in each study we are going to take out a little bit more from various places where it shows us the whole trajectory of that Archangel; because he was always watching over everything; but (breaking it down and talking about it in the part that is visible here) He wasn’t there after He said that to Mary; and for the fulfillment He was no longer there.

So there is something there that shows us a lapse of time where He had to leave; the same was when the time came that he said: [WSS] “I have to go soon to the House of my heavenly Father, from where I have been sent.”9

See the different angles so that everything will fit together, and you will understand and comprehend, and place in the correct position who that Archangel is, the function He had in the midst of the Church, what He fulfilled in the midst of the Church, and what remained to be fulfilled of His Second Coming; so that we will have the complete picture of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels.


[WSS] …but that time will be a time of squeeze as well.

That is why Reverend Dr. Miguel Bermudez Marin, warns you to have all in order, because the better you have things, perhaps the smoother the squeeze will be; if you don’t have them in order, the more difficult the squeeze will be.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Remember there is a message that we read it in Bible Study #253, there you can look it up on page 201 and 202, an excerpt we took out,10 says:


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, May 8, 2011
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Therefore, when you see a squeeze moving, and it is also directed against that Tent Vision, remember: that full manifestation of God is very close, the adoption of the sons and daughters of God is very close.

Therefore, we will be on the side of what God has promised, working for the project that God has promised to carry out in this end time. We will not be on the side of those who will be against, because we would place ourselves in the position of all those who stood against God’s Program in all times.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say here in the one I’m reading of “THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT…”:

[WSS] Remember that the more comfortable you are – you have everything arranged: the more comfortable you will be. It is like when you have a big, comfortable shoe (that is, it doesn’t fit tightly); but the one who bought it too tight, the squeeze of the foot will be worse. The one who has a very comfortable, loose shoe: he will feel the shoe, but the tightness will not be so strong, it will not be so tight.

In that time of squeeze is that the fullness of Christ, of the Holy Spirit, of God, will be in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ manifested; and that is the time of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision; because it is in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision where the great miracles will be, the great wonders; and it has been said that the miracles will be for Moses and Elijah, for the Two Olive Trees.

In other words, the Tent that the Reverend William Branham visited in vision wasn’t his, it wasn’t his tabernacle, it wasn’t his tent; it was someone else’s.

[JBP] That is why when I told you a moment ago that he asked the Lord many times if there would be another one coming, and He said no; it is like when Jesus said: “The prophets until John prophesied.”11 Remember that he wasn’t speaking from the place of the Dispensation of the Kingdom; he was speaking from the Dispensation of Grace.

And all of that is going to continue to be opened, so that you understand and place where everything is, so that you have the whole picture.

But for the Dispensation of the Kingdom —which is one of the stages and phases that would be fully fulfilled, when the Dispensation of Grace has ended and He has left the Throne of Intercession (which has already happened)—, that would be the fulfillment of another dispensational prophet, who would be introducing the people to the promised land.

Remember that Moses couldn’t, and he left12; but that ministry had to remain in the midst of the Church to introduce the people to the promised land.

It couldn’t be a simple guide that would be left there with two or three instructions, and he is going to guide the people and he is going to take them, he is going to prepare them. All that has been opening up, because we have discovered that it is not only someone who has instructions: It is the Spirit of God in that man, it is a dispensational ministerial spirit, the one who has to introduce them to the promised land of the new body, to the promised land of the glorious Millennial Kingdom.

And he has to be, therefore, a prophet. “The Lord will do nothing, except He first reveal His secrets to His servants His prophets.”13

And he said: [WSS] “There is no other messenger, there is no other Message”14; even where he was preaching. Later on, all that God would have to fulfill in the midst of the Church with the one He would be using in the fulfillment of the Third Pull was going to be fulfilled.

And all the time in which that dispensation was open, he was speaking there —in that Dispensation of Grace— he was showing His Church all that would be later on: in the full fulfillment of the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

It is placing things in their place. And on a few occasions brother Branham said, [WMB] “We can’t place a cow eating grass on top of a tree”15; it wouldn’t make sense. You have to see everything from the point of view of the revelation, that is, of the Divine Program, what God would be fulfilling.


[WSS] In other words the Tent that Reverend William Branham visited in vision wasn’t his, it wasn’t his tabernacle, it wasn’t his tent; it was someone else’s. When he went there, it was already made, it was working, it was being preached, calling was being made and miracles were taking place. It was a visit to which or in which he came to a Great Tent Cathedral.

But now, if it wasn’t Reverend William Branham’s, whose was it? Well, it was of the Two Olive Trees, because they are the ones that have to carry out those tasks in the Divine Program.

It is like the Hebrew people and dealing with the Hebrew people: He was there, but he was told… page 41, “Recognizing the Day and Its Message”16; so as not to read too much to you, it says:

“I said, ‘Lord, here I am, ready.’ Jumped on the plane; took the money and got me a ticket; stopped in Cairo. Said, ‘Yeah, I’m ready.’

The Holy Spirit said, ‘This is not your place. This is not your time.’ See, you get ahead of yourself.”

Let’s leave it there. It is the Reverend William Branham who says that the Holy Spirit told him that. He was getting ahead of something that wasn’t for the time of the ministry that he had.

[JBP] He goes on to say, a little bit further on in this message, he says:

[WSS] (…) …he who receives THE KING’S SCEPTER, that is the man in whom Christ will be, the white horse Rider, the Mighty Angel that descends from Heaven, fulfilling all those promises.

That is also why the Holy Spirit didn’t make known what the Seventh Seal was, so that imitations wouldn’t arise; that is why we are as careful as possible. But there are some times that some people emerge, and they see and come out imitating.

([JBP] That is, they see how things are more or less being done, and they begin to do the same. Our brother William says):

Those will be like Jannes and Jambres (Jannes and Jambres): being imitators, well, they are going to receive the same as Jannes and Jambres.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look, he writes in a study, on the back: [WSS] «Why will it [the 7th Seal] not be opened to the public until the Third Pull, in the fulfillment of the Vision of the Great Tent Cathedral, for the Rapturing Faith?».

And he himself writes the answer: [WSS] «So that imitations, personifications by the devil do not emerge».

Those who do so: They are imitators and personifiers of the devil; that is, in other words: it is the devil imitating.


[WSS] You can’t imitate what God is going to do through a messenger, nor can you imitate that messenger to try to say: “I can accomplish what that messenger is going to do or is doing.” ([JBP] they start to stick out their chest). That is trying to steal God’s ministry, position and blessing.

That is the same thing that Aaron and Miriam said, “Hasn’t God also spoken by us? Has He only spoken by Moses?” And leprosy came upon Miriam or Mary, and then Aaron was very afraid.17 And they were his siblings (!).

And if even his siblings were not allowed to say so and act to try to take Moses’ place, much less one who is not even family.

[JBP] And many times they see the divine judgment falling in their midst, and even upon them, and they don’t realize that it is the divine judgment because they are trying to imitate the Divine Program, and trying to place themselves in the position of the messenger that God has at that time. He goes on to say:

[WSS] To imitate Moses was death.

To imitate a messenger to try to take the place of that messenger, throughout biblical history has always been death.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look here, in the message “WHY IT HAD TO BE SHEPHERD,”18 Reverend William Branham says:

141 Now, and going… he was going to change nature, to make it work for them. Watch the pole, watch the serpent, watch the Red Sea, and whatever that He did, now. Look at that shepherd’s goad making a way for them to go. That stick that was in the shepherd’s hand, bypassed every bit of theology and all the things the priests had said, and that shepherd’s rod led them right on down through every impossible thing (to man). When Pharaoh tried to think that “the cataracts erupted up in the mountains and throwed the water, then made it turn it into blood,” then God rained fire out of heaven. And He rained hail out of heaven, and He—and He rained lice upon the earth, and everything.

142 What did He do? By that shepherd’s staff, not a—a textbook, not a theologian’s idea, but a shepherd’s staff! We’re coming to it in a minute; a shepherd’s staff [WSS] «the Staff = the Word», He did it. Not a—a denominational’s prayer book, but a shepherd’s staff. Shepherd’s rod guiding his sheep, making the way clear as they went towards the promised Word in the land. What a beautiful thing that is today of the Shepherd’s Staff, today, guiding His sheep to the Promised Land [WSS] «the promised land»; bypassing all theology and everything else of this world, and the things of the world, and the denominations, everything; opening up the way, and proving His Word to be the Truth; the Shepherd’s Staff going ahead.

143 And notice, that same shepherd’s staff that was guiding the sheep… Do you believe that? He certainly did guide the sheep, he delivered them out of Egypt with that staff in his hand. We could say much more about it. But to hit the highlight, he guided the sheep and sent judgment upon the rejecting of It! The same staff that become a blessing to one, become a curse to the others. The same waters (of Noah’s preaching) that saved him, condemned the world. The same staff that led Israel to the promised land, condemned those who refused to follow the prophet-shepherd. That’s right, become a stick of judgment.

Nature; notice how God speaks in His nature. If we just had time. I wrote a note there: God speaking in His nature. We haven’t time to prove it.

144 But proving later, by the brass serpent on the shepherd’s sheep-goad (that he wrapped this snake around, in the wilderness), this speaks of true atonement coming for sickness and sin.

145 That staff itself had turned into a serpent before Pharaoh, and the same Pharaoh tried to mimic by magicians. And so does the modern Pharaohs of today, and make-believers, carnal impersonators of the Message, try to mimic the same thing without knowing where it’s coming from ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «the imitators»; and throw It into some denominational something, when It’s as free from it as the air is from being penned up. Sure! But try to mimic, make a mimic [WSS] «imitators».

146 But, notice, this same shepherd’s staff eat up the other snakes. Where was them snakes at? They were rods on the floor, and there was only one rod picked up. “Both heavens and earth will pass away,” said Jesus, “but My Word shall not.” Speaks of true atonement coming for sin.

[JBP] And he writes there:

[WSS] «The staff of Moses = Christ, the Word, and eats the others».

«The magicians’ rods = human theology, the word of man, which ceased to exist, and only the Word of God will remain».

He goes on saying (I’m on page 32) [P. 25]:

147 Also, Israel’s future offered… and there where I spoke of Israel, now in the future… There they were offered deliverance from bondage of death by a prophet-shepherd. They were brought out of bondage by a prophet-shepherd with a staff. See? It was speaking of Israel’s future Deliverer, from death and hell, by a Shepherd-Prophet that we’ll speak of.

[JBP] That is when, later on, he speaks of this Shepherd-Prophet, that he writes: [WSS] «Moses and Elijah, the Shepherd-Prophet». We read it from there a few studies ago.19

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look at what it also says here in the message “TRYING TO DO GOD A SERVICE WITHOUT IT BEING GOD’S WILL,”20 on page 24, it says:

96 What did I say these things for? That it might give you a little view of the things that we’re trying to say, that God is identifying both in heavens and in earth to be right. These discernments, visions, we have plenty of impersonations, we always. But remember, before there can be a bogus dollar, there has to be a real dollar first; first has to be a real dollar, and then they’re made off of that. Just like we had a real Moses and a real Aaron, then we had a Jambres and Jannes after them. You see how it all comes? They see it and then they try to impersonate that, when there’s truly one original. That’s right. Not saying that to harm or to degrade, or misplace something, but just for Truth; to know that I…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] See, they see him and then they try to imitate; in other words, they see how the fulfillment of the Tent Vision is being carried out (we are speaking now in the present tense), and they see how it is being done, and then they stand up: “I am going to do that too,” and they start preparing everything, and trying to do the same; because it is already being opened publicly what that mystery would be, which in the past messages he never spoke how it would be.

Imagine, if he started to speak in the previous messages that another one was going to come, and that in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision this and this and this would be happening, he would be giving the Rapturing Faith in this and this and this way, how many would have stood up —even when our brother William was here— saying: “But I am a better speaker than him. I think I am the one he is talking about. I can get better Bible studies and I can prepare the people; and I can also do that”; and the people would divert the attention from the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ and would place it (the attention) to other ministers, and it would bring confusion; which is what the imitators cause: what it causes is confusion with the people.

And God, that left that so, so well reserved that he said nothing. Many times he would say, [WSS] “No other one comes after”; and: [WSS] “I am not going to talk anything about this,” and he didn’t talk anything about the Third Pull; and how many times he told us: [WSS] “So that there will be no imitation.”21

And see how brother Branham says there, when they see, what do they do? Imitate. But you know that when someone comes imitating, there must be something real, something true. And God is not going to vindicate that. Rather it will happen to them as it did to Aaron and Miriam: The divine judgment will fall upon them, that is if they continue insisting and trying to divert the people towards – and take away the attention of the people towards the attention that they should have: which is the fulfillment of what was already prophesied that the Tent Vision would be. How would God fulfill it? That is God’s business to fulfill it; and the people: to believe in what God would be fulfilling, which would give the Rapturing Faith.

No minister could and can’t say: “I don’t see it that way, it can’t be. I have prayed to God and no, He hasn’t shown me that it is so.” Well, then, you will not see the fulfillment of the Third Pull.

As he said to several of them: [WSS] “You have to pray a lot so that God will let you see the Third Pull, because you are not going to see it”; so he said to several of them. Instead of praying and asking God for it, they ask God and pray to God to look, in any form, everywhere in the Message, to try to attack that which God is fulfilling, which wasn’t spoken of and wasn’t written; because of the Third Pull, the final part, there is nothing written; [WMB] “there’s nothing to go on,” says brother Branham.22

That is why he said: [WMB] “Don’t write that, let it pass; I will reveal it the day they have need to know.”23 That is why no one could find what the fulfillment of the Third Pull would be like; for if it were so, a lot would arise doing the same thing; but of that there would be no imitation.

That…, let’s look it up for a moment, because that was spoken by Reverend William Branham in the book of The Seals (let’s see if we can find it quickly), on page… let’s see here (I was reading it in these days)… look it up here on page 386 [p. 454 in Eng.], it says:

[24] Don’t try to make yourself odd, to be a Christian, because you—you take yourself away from God. And you—you—you…

25 If you can understand it, this is that Third Pull. See? You—you should have caught that, the other day. See? So then, just remember, there’ll be no impersonation like there was of the other two. See? So, that’s as far as you—you should know now.

[JBP] See, there will be no imitation of that; and he who tries to imitate it: it is death, it is certain death. Trying to imitate Moses was death.

Look here, let’s see here…, in this other book he writes: [WSS] «3rd Pull»; that is, on that paragraph we read from 386, he writes: [WSS] «3rd Pull».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on page 391 [p. 461 in Eng.] he says [The Seals]:

[76] Now, but, you see, you can’t say those things. Best just to leave it alone.

77 And you remember the Third Pull? ([JBP] He wrote): [WSS] «Tent Vision — 3rd Pull». He said, “Don’t tell nobody.” What did I say was that? How many remembers that? Sure. Remember, standing there, trying to lace that eyelet in that little shoe, in the vision? He said, “You can’t teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things.”

78 I said, “This will be the Third Pull, and It will not be known, so help me, by the grace of God.”

[JBP] See, it wouldn’t be made known, like the First and Second Pull, in which there was imitation.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And look here in this other book, of 391 of this book of The Seals, it continues saying there where I stayed, it says:

[78] …by the grace of God.”

78 Now—now, we’re—we’re right down at the end time now. It won’t be too long until Mercy Seat will be Judgment Seat.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «Throne of Judgment».

And he writes: [WSS] «The 3rd Pull / The Tent».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] There is a part here where it tells us, in the message: “LETTING OF THE PRESSURE”24 (let’s see if it is here), on page 16, look at what brother Branham says here, he says:

86 The other day I had an experience of that, as you all know. And I thank you for your prayers. As I hunt, and fish, and shoot targets, and things, I’ve always wanted a Weatherby magnum rifle. Well, some of my friends would have bought it for me. I know people, if I’d just have mentioned it, they’d have gladly done it. Frankly, two or three wanted to do it. But I couldn’t see them put that much money in a rifle, when I know missionaries ain’t got shoes on their feet. I couldn’t do that. And Brother Wilson give Billy Paul a little .257 Roberts. And a brother, friend of mine said, “Brother Branham, Weatherby can bore that gun ([JBP]that is, to adapt it to the one that had been given to Billy Paul), I can have it done for cheap price, if you’ll let me do it for you.” Well, I let him do it ([JBP] that is to say, make that rifle with another rifle that they gave him cheaper; well, to prepare it to turn it into that one that was expensive).

87 Come back, put a shell in the gun, and went to shoot it, and the thing blowed up in my hands ([JBP] that is, the one that was prepared for him ‘homemade’ as we say) And the barrel went almost to the fifty-yard line, the bolt way back behind me. And it’s a wonder it just didn’t cut me half in two. There was about five or six tons of pressure that close to me. 88 Well, the doctor said, “The only thing I know, that the good Lord was setting there to protect His servant.”

89 Now, the thing that I’m thinking of, here is where it comes. If that would have been a Weatherby Magnum, to start with! What was the matter? There was a flaw in the rifle. The head space was bored too loose. That’s what’s the matter with a lot of us in our conversion, our head space is bored too loose.

90 And—and, now, if that would have been a Weatherby, from the very beginning ([JBP] that is, without being altered or anything else), from the very steel that was poured, to make the barrel, it would have been bored out and made a Weatherby Magnum ([JBP] that is, something original, surely that wouldn’t have happened. And he says), it would not have blowed up. But because it was tried to be converted to something that it really wasn’t, then it blowed up.

And so will every man find the same thing, that professes to be a Christian, that doesn’t get the right start from the new Birth, he’ll blow up somewhere. There’s too much pressure on it. It won’t stand it. He’ll find hisself blowed up somewhere.

91 People trying to impersonate somebody’s ministry, that hasn’t been called to it, finally it’s going to blow up. You’ve got to be ordained of God.

[JBP] Look where those who try to personify a ministry are getting in. But look at what he writes next to it – he draws a Star of David, and he writes: [WSS] «The imitators will explode, those who try to be Revelation 10 and Revelation 11».

Those who set out to imitate those ministries that God has in the midst of the Church, in the fulfillment of the Third Pull, in the fulfillment of the Teaching under the Tent: they will explode!

In other words, you can’t imitate those ministries. You are already being told what is going to happen with them; so don’t even try it.


[91] It’s got to be God, not some hand shake, some sentimental story, but it’s coming upon the basis of the shed Blood of Christ, and your faith in what God did for you through Jesus Christ. If not, you’re going to blow up somewhere. Somebody will step on your toes, and away you go. See? See, it’s a pressure building up, all the time, and soon it’ll blow up.

[JBP] They are not going to withstand the pressure, they are not going to withstand trying to imitate Revelation 10, nor Revelation 11. That corresponds to the One who is already predestined to fulfill that promise.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look at what it says in the book of Quotations,25 in paragraph 1120…, this is from page 126. It says:

1120 – “74 Like I was telling you this morning, nobody was daresn’t to follow Moses in there. God never did deal with two. He deals with one, always. No one was daresn’t to impersonate Moses. It was death, natural death, to try to impersonate him, to go in that Pillar of Fire with him. So people are not all made… You’re not born in that way, to break out into that supernatural.”

[JBP] And entering into the supernatural was fulfilled at that moment when I was with him in the hospital: No one else entered into the supernatural. So don’t try to imitate those ministries.

1120 – “[74] But God set some on the earth to represent Him, as an ambassador from Him. And that ambassador is ordained, of God, to go into the great unknown supernatural, and discern, and bring out things that the natural mind cannot perceive it. It brings out the mystery of God, foretells things that is, and things that has been, and things that will be. What is it? God, God behind skins, human skin.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «To personify Moses was death».

And below he writes, next to [WMB] “Pillar of Fire,” on the left side, he writes: [WSS] «Pillar of Fire».

And below he writes: [WSS] «God in flesh».

«An ambassador of God = a prophet».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On page 152, paragraph 1361, it says [Quotations]:26

1361 – “[189] But, notice, they impersonated after the true Word had been anointed, by the true one that God had sent; followed, secondarily.

190 I wonder if we could think for a minute. Taking the people by the hand, not long ago, about twenty years ago, and a sign showed. Boy, there was more signs all over things, and everybody…One has got it in his right hand; one has got it in his left hand; the other one smells it. See, all kinds of… And I wonder… God won’t let me tell you at this time what was really the truth, but one day you’re going to find out. That was just to make their folly manifested. That wasn’t right, at the beginning. I’ll tell you, one day, if the Lord permits.”

[JBP] See, all that, look at what he says there: that [WMB] “to make their folly manifested.” And he writes above paragraph 1361: [WSS] «The anointed Word. The sign in the hand. The personifications».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In this message he also tells us something, in the message “BLASPHEMOUS NAMES.”27 Let’s see here… on page 20, it says:

135 Now you say, “Brother Branham, do we, should we speak with tongues?” Absolutely. That’s gifts of God. But those gifts of God, without these virtues in them, makes a stumble block to the unbeliever. It’s not accepted by God.

136 This has to be first. And when you have faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, and brotherly love, then the Holy Ghost comes down and seals you as a unit, the same as He seals the church ages as a unit.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «God makes the Bride just as He makes the individual».

[136] The way He makes His Bride is the way He makes His individual; made out of same material, like Eve was made out of Adam, a rib from the side. Here is the things that you have to have first. You can’t impersonate them. You can’t imitate them. They’ve got to be God-sent and God-born. Imitation only causes confusion.

[JBP] Notice, what we are talking about just now, that to imitate… And look at what he writes there, he writes: [WSS] «Imitation only causes confusion».

That is, he will be confusing all the people and trying to divert the attention to where the people have to look. As one part, he says: [WMB] “They neither enter, nor let others to enter”28; that is, they neither eat nor let others eat; instead of focusing them all toward the promises and toward the fulfillment of what we have already been told for years was going to be happening in a Great Tent Cathedral.

That it is not being fulfilled as you have thought and thought: that is not your business! Your business is to believe it, to accept it, even if you don’t understand it at the moment; and to say to the people: “Look over there, look towards the Staff, look towards the Word, look towards the Ark, that is where that mighty Archangel who was with us pointed us towards.”

“Be it done unto me according to Thy Word,”29 Mary said. This is what the Bride has to do, the Church-Bride, the spiritual Mary, has to speak.

And tell the people, “That is so; that is what you have to look at.” Not to try to usurp the position of those ministries, because you can already see what we have read, which is: death.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say here, where we left off, of the message that we are reading from our brother William “THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT, THE HORSE AND THE CROWN OF THE KING (AND THE SCEPTER)”… We have seen (on Sunday I think it was)30, that we read… remember we read there that the top part, in chapter 10, he wrote us there: [WSS] «the scepter = the Word — the Title Deed».


[WSS] And if even his siblings were not allowed to say so and act to try to take Moses’ place, much less one who is not even family. To imitate Moses was death.

Imitating a messenger to try to take the place of that messenger, throughout biblical history has always been death.

And yet, look at Gehazi, who asked for money, silver and clothes in the name of Elisha from the general Naaman.31 The ones who without authorization do so are the Gehazis of the present time. It was for him, he kept it, see?

[JBP] See there are some in this time who say, “I believe that stage,” and: “We are going to put everything here, so you see…”: so the people don’t leave them. Those are the Gehazis; because they do that, and some…, I am not saying all, I am talking about “some” that do that so the people don’t leave them; but they are not believing anything. Our brother William goes on to say:

[WSS] So we have to be very careful how we work in the Work of the Lord, and remember that Elisha knew what Gehazi was doing, through the Spirit.

So don’t think that Gehazi was acting and Elisha didn’t know. If only… because the Syrian armies surround Elisha to take him captive, kidnap him and take him to the king to say: “This is the man that when you, king, meet with your officers, your princes and speak something, he already knows it there; no matter how far away he is, he already knows; he is watching everything as if he has a TV there, as if he has surveillance cameras there, with a camera set up here; and then he tells the king: Look, they are planning such and such a thing.”32

The antichrist believes that whatever he does in secret will not be known. The Scripture says33: “Judge nothing before the time.” (Until what time, Miguel?). [Bro. Miguel: It says it is until the Coming of the Lord] ([JBP] And our brother William says). Wherein He will make known the hidden things of the darkness…

[JBP] See how the unseen will be made known. And all this is done by the Word, the Word itself takes charge, in the Coming of the Lord; and the same Word makes everyone act, express themselves, think, speak, act the way they are, of the seed they are. He goes on to say:

[WSS] …and therefore, the hidden things of the kingdom of the darkness. All of that is going to come out.

Well, all that will be done by THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT, THE HORSE AND THE CROWN OF THE KING; through that man, Christ will carry it out; because it will be Christ in Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit through the instrument that He has, working all those things. And God will take care of him. And when the time comes for him to leave, well, it will be at the time destined by God; but it will be for three and a half days, a vacation or a little trip to Paradise.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] How is it possible that they are going to think that all the fulfillment of the Third Pull (what is left to be fulfilled), all that vision that the sister saw, of those ministries of Moses and Elijah in which she saw that vision that they will be killed…34; and how is God going to fulfill it in someone who is gone? And how are they going to say that he is going to come to fulfill it?

—“No, because he is going to come adopted to fulfill it.”

It wouldn’t be necessary for God to take care of him; because a person who is adopted, why would God take care of him?

Those ministries could say that; they could say: “Nobody takes away my life, I lay it down.” That is why when Jesus said there35: “Do whatever you have to do,” it was the time designated by God for them to do what they were going to do. No one could take His life ahead of time.

Neither will anyone be able to take the life of that instrument. But God will take care of him, God will be with him until the end, and will take care of him.

It has to be a man of flesh and bone. It can’t be someone who comes and resurrects and fulfills everything, and preaches and speaks there in a pulpit, and…; that is not like that.

And every time we speak more clearly so that you understand, so that you comprehend; but we know that only the wise, the elect, those who will obtain the Rapturing Faith, will comprehend, will understand, will receive, will believe everything that God will be doing.

No matter how much you show them, no matter how much you tell them: he who is an unbeliever will remain an unbeliever; he who is a manufactured believer will be nitpicking in order not to believe; that is, he will look for some criticism, some fault, because it is not for them.

That is why we can’t fight with people who are attacking the fulfillment of the Tent Vision (without realizing it!). Someday they will realize it, as Judas realized what he did.36 Meanwhile, he wasn’t realizing it when he went to betray Him; he was anointed by the devil. And so are the people who are against, using even the Message itself to attack the Work and ministry that God has for this end time.

But the chosen ones, they do understand, they comprehend, they believe, they receive. And what they don’t understand: “Lord, I believe it; although I don’t understand such and such thing, but I believe it; and I will continue holding on to that promise, because through those ministries is that You are going to give me the Rapturing Faith”; and they continue forward! They don’t stop, they don’t get stuck; the chosen one never gets stuck.

The chosen one was born an overcomer, is an overcomer and will continue overcoming, and will overcome! Because that is why we were born; that is why we have come, have been called, have been gathered: to overcome; because we are more than overcomers.

And in this stage in which we are now: we will be receiving and we are receiving all that God has promised through His Word. And we are growing day by day, and that Faith is increasing every day more and more, but at a fast speed.

At such a fast speed that in a moment, in a blink of an eye, we will be transformed, when we see them. It will be in an opening…, in an opening towards that dimension.

In the twinkling of an eye we will be looking, that is, from a mortal body…

Why in an opening? Because we will be opening into a dimension of eternity; we will be opening our eyes from these mortal bodies, from these dead bodies, from these bodies that can’t live eternally, to(we would be opening those eyes, the spiritual eyes) to an eternal and glorified body, where we will be living for all eternity.

In the opening of the eyes. It will not be a closing later, but they will remain open, they will remain open in that eternal and glorified body for all eternity.

In every age there was a twinkling of an eye: in a messenger an eye opened (the messenger came), it closed (died), his age died, and so on.

But at this time, with the messenger that God has in the midst of His Church, which is in the opening of those eyes —“Through my two eyes,” Samson said: “Through my two eyes, Lord”37—, in other words, through those Two Eyes, through the Two Olive Trees, it will be being opened and will not be closed!

The Most Holy Place will not be closed, rather we will be in the Most Holy Place operating, working, for the Millennium and eternity. It is from there that we will be ruling for the Millennium and eternity.

That dispensation of the Most Holy Place will not be closed, it will not be closed in the earthly body, but that glorified body will be opened, that glorified body will be opened eternally.

And all that will be made known: how those Eyes will be traveling the Earth, during the Millennium and eternity.

Through those Two Eyes God has great things for us for this time; because this dispensation in —which we are in— is the Dispensation of the Kingdom, in which we are in these mortal bodies; but it will intertwine into the Millennium, into the whole Millennium. It is a dispensation that covers the entire Millennium; and then, that which will begin in eternity. That is the one that will crown all the other dispensations, that is the eighth.

See how all of God is opening up the picture for us, and how this seventh dispensation goes all the way to the end of the Millennium; and then that eternity, which in the drawing, he drew there: [WSS] «Dispensation of Eternity».38

And look how something we didn’t understand before, we now understand. But since the Dispensation of the Kingdom is the one that is intertwining, that one that intertwined in this time; and the Dispensation of Grace culminated and the Dispensation of the Kingdom began; and the world remained the same; because it is an intertwining, which happened, and the world didn’t realize it.

Therefore, when the world realizes that there is no longer Blood in the Most Holy Place, in the spiritual Temple of Christ, there it will say to the mountains and rocks: “Hide us from the wrath of Him who sits on the Throne”39; because they will realize, through the preaching, that He is no longer as Lamb, but He is as Lion.

But that is being made known first to the Lord’s Church, which, to Her, He will give the Rapturing Faith. For the elect that revelation will be of blessing, because it will give them that eternal and glorified body; but for the world it will be for judgment. As he said there: [WMB] “For the time of Noah, the same waters that saved Noah were the same waters that condemned and drowned the world”; it brought judgment to the world.

See how in this time, the same one who will be speaking to His Church the mystery of the Seventh Seal, the mystery of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels, and opening that mystery to them, which would give them the Rapturing Faith, is the same one who will be preaching that same thing, but in judgment, to the world; and to the foolish: to give their lives in the great tribulation; and seal —before the great tribulation begins— the 144,000 Jews.

He goes on to say… let’s read it again, again [“THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT, THE HORSE AND THE CROWN OF THE KING (AND THE SCEPTER)”]:

[WSS] And God will take care of him. And when the time comes…

[JBP] There is a part where he says: [WMB] “No one could touch Moses”40; just as no one could touch any prophet which God has sent in each time, until He fulfilled the Work corresponding to that prophet in the midst of the Church, or in the midst of the Hebrew people in the Old Testament. No one could touch him, because God was going to take care of him at all times.

And that is how this ministry is, which will be in the end of time, and is in the midst of the Church working, operating those ministries. It says [“THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT…”]:

[WSS] And God will take care of him. And when the time comes for him to depart, well, it will be at the time destined by God; but it will be for three and a half days, a vacation or a little trip to Paradise.

Remember that Christ took a trip to Paradise…

([JBP] And there is a place that tells us about going to Paradise, about those three days… He goes on to say):

Remember Christ took a trip to Paradise, although He had to go through another place that wasn’t very good, where He had a battle and where He got the keys of hell and death, taking them from the devil.41

So we are in a very glorious, very important time, where we have to have our spiritual eyes wide open; also to know the biblical prophecies for the end time, to know the things that were spoken by Reverend William Branham, because he is the forerunner of the Coming of the Lord. And the Son of Man comes with His Angels; that is why he spoke of the Coming of Jesus, of the coming of Elijah, of the coming of Moses, and he spoke of the things that were going to happen.

Reverend William Branham did do a good introduction; he says that the Angel told him: “Your Message will introduce Christ at His Coming.”42 Therefore, the Coming of the Lord will be fulfilled according as it was spoken in the introduction, in the introductory Message. It will neither go out to the right hand nor to the left: the fulfillment of what has been promised will go through the very center.

[JBP] And further on he says:

[WSS] (…) May God bless you, Miguel, and use you greatly in His Work in this end time; and may God keep you living on this Earth and working in His Work every day until we are all transformed.

I wish the same for each one of you also. All being careful because a time of squeeze is coming. They will look for every way to stop the activities of the Bride, to close the auditoriums, the temples. Remember that Reverend William Branham said about that. He also said that they are going to close the one in Jeffersonville, Indiana, or they are going to try to close it, or they are going to close it (you can look it up later, Miguel).43

So with everything well arranged, avoiding problems too, so that you don’t throw mud on the other congregations. Remember that you are not the only minister, and your congregation is not the only congregation. There are many ministers and many congregations. What you do, is going to do – to influence other congregations, is going to be of benefit or harm to other congregations; and therefore, you will have to give an account to God. We all have to give account to God at the Court of Christ.

So better to do things as they are in the Word, as they are in the advice of Reverend William Branham, as they are in the Message of the final hour. And all these things, then, let them be right in all the congregations and in all the ministers also; and avoid being a stumbling block to other people.

Remember that Christ said woe unto those who make scandals or bring scandals! It is… He says: “There will be scandals, but woe to those through whom scandals come!” What else does he say after that, Miguel? “It would be better for him to die, that is, it would be better for him to tie a millstone around his neck and throw himself into the depth of the sea.” And what?, to be eaten by sharks? Better the mouth of the shark than in the lake of fire (!).

Well, but don’t any of you do that. Rather, avoid problems, and it is best; and we will always work together in the Divine Program.

[JBP] And further on he goes on to say:

[WSS] (…) We will continue to see how God is working, and we will continue to see many other things as time goes on.

I have already spoken to you many things that are very open, therefore imitators may appear…

[JBP] Notice, he was already warning us there that imitators were possibly going to appear; and so we have been seeing it: many imitators, many Jannes and Jambres; and those that are still half hidden. He continues saying:

[WSS]…and you already know that it is because many things have been spoken very clearly. And the Reverend William Branham said somewhere, I believe it is around page 471 [p. 561 in Eng.] of the book of The Seals, that the devil doesn’t know the mystery of the Seventh Seal; but he says that if he comes to know it, he would do much harm.

[JBP] What some people wanted a year or two years ago, or several years ago, and even recently: they wanted to come and ask me everything I knew, as in a good faith (let’s say), so that I would tell them. But that will not come out of my mouth. Everything will be fulfilled as the Spirit of God works in the midst of the fulfillment of this Third Pull.

Because many wanted to know where the Messiah was at His First Coming, but it wasn’t to go and worship Him; it was to kill Him.

Others wanted Jesus, already when He was born, already when He was at the end of His ministry, they wanted Jesus to tell them what… who He was: “What do you say about yourself?” It wasn’t for them to believe. If it were for them to believe, they wouldn’t have crucified Him! It was to condemn Him; because when He told them there to their face, the first thing they said was, “You have blasphemed!”44

Many are doing that and will continue to do so, when that ministry is increasingly identified as that I Am, as the Pillar of Fire in the midst of His Church. And it is not to recognize and to know that everything is being fulfilled in him, but it is to condemn him.

But the chosen ones will be recognizing Him; and every time they hear him identifying himself, they will say: “I believe it! I believe You, Lord, in Your final manifestation; because I want to be transformed, I want to obtain the Rapturing Faith.” And they will hold on to that Angel, they will hold on to that manifestation, and they will not let go until He blesses them.

See how the Scriptures have multiple fulfillments, how the Scriptures have fulfillments: one, two, three, three, four, five…, several fulfillments; and it has also multiple revelations, the Scriptures, prophecies.45

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Look at what it says here in the message “THE MIGHTY GOD UNVEILED BEFORE US”46; on page 12 and 13, it says:

80 Now, God, in… back in the days of the Old Testament, we find that after He had appeared to His people, in different forms, He veiled Himself behind old badger skins. God hiding behind badger skins, at His mercy seat. We find…

[JBP] And there he writes: [WSS] «the Throne of God in Heaven materializes in a man on Earth, and there is God’s Name manifested».

[80] We find that, how that Solomon, when he dedicated the temple of the Lord, and these badger skins was hanging there, the veil, how that He came in as the Pillar of Fire and as a Cloud, and went down behind there, and veiled Himself, to the outside world. But, by faith, Israel knew that He was back there.

[JBP] And he goes on to say (we read that recently)47… And look here further on, on page 16 of this same message “THE MIGHTY GOD REVEALED BEFORE US” (page 16 and 17), it says [P. 15]:

101 The commandments was the Word. The Word had never come to the people yet. So, the Word always comes to the prophet, and he was the prophet for that hour ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Revelation 10:1-11, 5:1-10».

102 Like, Jesus was the Word. John was a prophet. And Jesus came to him, in the water, because the Word always comes to the prophet, without failing. See? The Word comes to it.

103 So, Moses, the Word came to him, the commandments. And he had them. Now, why? Before the Word was given out and made manifest, Moses had to veil his face, for the Word wasn’t completely made manifest. They knowed something had happened, but they didn’t know what it was, the roaring and thundering ([JBP] and he writes): [WSS] «Moses. The Thunders». Till, they said, “Let Moses speak, and not God.”

104 And God said, “Well, I will do that. From this forth, I’ll not appear like this no more. I’ll send them a prophet. So he’ll… I’ll speak through My prophet.”

105 Now, if Moses, with the natural law, (as Paul, in Second Corinthians here, has revealed to us), had to veil his face with the natural, how much more will the Spiritual be glorious and veiled to the unbeliever before it’s made manifest to him! How much more would they call… Moses was an oddball. How much more will they call you, who has broke through the veil, has went into the Pillar of Fire, has come out with the Blessing! And now you are veiled. The people can’t see it. They can’t understand It.

106 “If the natural be glorious, how much more will the supernatural! If the natural, which had an end to it, was to be glorious, how much more This which has no end to it, will be glorious!”

[JBP] Look at that, how tremendous!

107 But, still, It’s veiled. It’s veiled not to the believer, but to the unbeliever. He cannot see It.

[JBP] No matter how much he bows, no matter how much he yells, no matter how much he fasts, no matter what he does, the unbeliever will not see this final manifestation, he will not see the fulfillment of the Tent Vision made a reality; he will not be seeing and will not be receiving the Rapturing Faith.

Now, the believer: he will be seeing it, he is receiving it, he is seeing behind the veil, he is seeing that glorious manifestation, he is seeing the eternal, he is seeing the supernatural, he is seeing that which has no end; because he is seeing eternity, he is seeing that which he is fully entering into, which is the Message, which is the Voice of Trumpet, which is the Seven Thunders, which would launch him into eternity!

He goes on to say [P. 15]:

[107] God always veils Himself from the unbeliever. Traditions hide It. Like they did then, they do it today.

108 That was a spiritual veil that we have now, where the natural veil was. They are vindicated by the prophet with the written Word, a prophesier, one who comes with the written Word, to make It plain.

109 They knowed the Word was there, but they didn’t know what It meant. And Moses made It plain ([JBP] a dispensational messenger). He said, “The commandment says This, and this is why.” He made It plain. And before It was made plain, It was veiled.

110 And so is it, today, veiled to the people, until It’s revealed and made plain to the people. God, the mighty God, veiled in human flesh, the Word.

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «Moses explained the written Word».

And over here writes:

[WSS] «God always hides Himself from the unbeliever».

And also he writes:

[WSS] «Before being declared it is veiled in…».

[JBP] But see how God hides from the unbeliever. And there must be people, human beings, who fulfill all those prophecies, because for every prophecy there must be a fulfillment.

If the Word says: “the wise shall understand,48 then there must be a people who understand, who comprehends.

But if it also says that “it will be hidden from the wise, from the theologians,”49 it will be hidden from the unbelievers, and it will be hidden from different people, then there must be people who fulfill those Scriptures as well. And one can already see, in their fruits, whether he is a believer or an unbeliever.

And the thing of all this is: how each individual strives to fulfill those prophecies. You see how the believer strives to fulfill that he is a believer; and you also see how the manufactured believer, made a believer, also strives; and you also see how the unbeliever strives (!). Each one strives to fulfill those prophecies, and every day they strive more and more, and try to perfect themselves in those promises, in those prophecies.

That is, I say “promises,” because for each one what is already destined for each individual will be fulfilled. It is a promise, for example, that we are going to be transformed. But there is also (we can call it a promise), that the one who is unbeliever, he will not obtain the transformation, and neither will the manufactured; neither will the foolish ones, the sleeping ones.

See, each thing…, they are going to fulfill the promise corresponding to what they are going to receive: the promise for those groups is going to be the great tribulation. The promise for the believers is: the transformation.

He continues saying (page 17) [“THE MIGHTY GOD UNVEILED BEFORE US”] [P. 16]:

[110] Notice. Now we find out that It was hid to the unbeliever, but revealed to the believer.

111 Notice, Moses had to enter this Pillar of Fire, alone. No one could go with him ([JBP] he writes): [WSS] «Pillar of Fire». It was not…it… What does that speak to us? That you don’t come into This by joining a Pentecostal group. See? He never revealed It to a group. He revealed It to an individual. And that’s the way it is today. You say, “I belong to a—a church. I—I belong to this.” But that won’t work. See?

112 And for anyone to try to follow Moses, to impersonate it, was death. And so is it today, spiritual death, to try to impersonate. That’s what’s the…

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «spiritual death for the impersonators».

113 Tonight, we’re getting into, there is raising up amongst the groups, carnal comparisons; somebody try to act like It, and live a different life; can drink, can smoke, women can live any… most any way they want to, and like the world, and stay home and watch television, and the things of the world, and still call themselves Pentecostals. They are trying to impersonate a genuine. It’s never been revealed to them, yet. When It is revealed, it’s glorious, and something takes that out of you when you walk in There. You become a veil. It’s… It just won’t work. And to impersonate It was death.

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «is death for the personifiers».

114 Moses’ veil; he was the living Word to the people. And today, the people that are veiled are the same thing. “They are written epistles, read of all men.” Not a new epistle; but the Epistle that’s been written, made manifest. It’s—it’s those who believe the Word and the promise of this day, that God is pouring out His Spirit, upon all flesh, and that is written epistles. And when a person tries to carnally impersonate that, it backfires. Your life shows what you are.

[JBP] That is, by actions. Those who say one thing and are another. And all that is coming to light, and the Staff, the Word, does it.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And to finish here it says (in the one I am reading of our brother William Soto Santiago) [“THE MAN WHO RECEIVES THE GARMENT…”]:

[WSS] So this remains with us for the benefit of all of us, to be aware of how the Divine Program is going.

[JBP] It has been truly a blessing and privilege for me to be able to speak these words to you under the topic: [WSS] «the Staff = the Word», that is: “THE STAFF = THE WORD.”

May God bless you, may God keep you; and may you continue having a happy night, filled with the blessings of our heavenly Father.

May God bless you, brother Miguel, greatly, may God keep you; and may He continue to use you greatly in His Work. And to all the ministers, and to all the brethren in all Latin America and the Caribbean, and wherever they are in the whole world.

And may God continue preparing you for your adoption. May God continue giving you the revealed Word, the Teaching under the Tent, which very soon will reach the culminating part, where God will give us that complete faith that we need, to go with Him to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

May God bless you, may God keep you all.


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