The Work in the Most Holy Place Part 1

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The Work in the Most Holy Place Part 1

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Monday, January 23, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

…But even though brother Branham went to Israel, to Cairo…, and he was told not to go there.

Anybody could say, as brother Miguel spoke in these days: “Hey, after he goes there, he says he’s going to… (he had a bunch of Bibles made) anybody would say: ‘Hey, the prophet failed’”; because anybody can say: “If he is a prophet, then he has to… the things he does, well, they all have to be when he says them and how he says them.”

The responsibility of a prophet is to speak the Word; the responsibility of God is to fulfill it. Whether it is in the minute or 40 years from now, he speaks it; and if it is not fulfilled by that messenger, then God fulfills it in another.

The prophet’s responsibility is to speak. Whatever form it has to be fulfilled in, after he speaks it, that responsibility remains, see, in the Hands of God, of the One who sent him to speak.

Our responsibility, for example, is to make the Tent, that is our responsibility. Now…, speaking in terms that one can understand, that is, in common terms; God’s responsibility… (not that we are disrespecting God, but it is the order), for God’s responsibility: to place His presence.

That is why brother Branham when he talked about that [WMB] he was coming riding in on a snow white horse and “we will ride this trail again” [JBP] everybody focused that it was him. [WMB] “From the west will come a Rider on a white horse; I will ride that trail again,”1 and everybody focused on brother Branham. And they said, “Well, he’s going to come back again.” And they weren’t realizing that it was the ministry that was going to make that ride again, but in another man.

And so it was with brother William. If you notice, the whole trajectory of his Message, everything he preached, was for him to fulfill it, everything! He even went to Israel. Indeed. Look, he went there. But he couldn’t bring them into the Dispensation of Grace, which was the Dispensation that was in effect; he had to bring them into the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

Let’s say, he had everything, there was everything there: because it was the Angel of the Lord, the Angel of Jesus, who was there in him, who is the one that operates the ministries; therefore, everything was there ready; but the dispensation for which or to which they were they were going to be called and gathered and sealed, to bring them into that dispensation, wasn’t there.

Did God fail? No, no He didn’t fail.

Because of that which Moses did then it comes now (which God already had in His Plan!), God comes now and raises up another instrument… which is still the same Angel of Jesus; and that is where, when that starts to be spoken more clearly, “Now ‘this one’ is going to start saying that he is also that Scripture.”

But it is still the same Angel of Jesus, the one that has worked in the ages; the Angel of the Lord that worked in the Old Testament through the prophets, and then became flesh; in them was that manifestation of the Angel of the Covenant. And in this time it is the same Angel of Jesus that is working, it is the same one.

And to fulfill the full fulfillment of His Coming, look how it says there that it is: “To him who overcomes I will give the Morning Star.”2

Look where that Scripture is fully fulfilled… We talked about that a little bit yesterday, to whom He is going to give the Morning Star, and it is the Second Coming: whoever is there ministering, which he says there: [WSS] “The ministry of His Second Coming,” is the one ministering there.

[(WSS) «It is the ministry of the Lord in His 2nd Coming»].3

And you link that with – when he says that the Morning Star is the Pillar of Fire.

[(WSS) «The Morning Star = the Pillar of Fire»].

Where was the Pillar of Fire descended? To which age, to which dispensation? It was there; and He went to a people who were ready, prepared.

See? There was first that preparation before entering Jordan; that the people, along with Joshua, were at this time as we are now: in quietness.

And apparently nothing is being done; but the greatest work we are doing is with ourselves. It is a work of the Most Holy Place, which is not noticed; only the person who is there is the one who knows what is going on there. Only you know what is going on in your heart, because it is you with God.

And in the most holy place everybody was outside and didn’t know what the high priest was doing in there; only the high priest and God knew.

And that is what is happening now: Only in the Most Holy Place do we know what is happening there, those who are going to cross Jordan on dry land, you see?

And that preparation that is now being performed in us, wasn’t being done before; although it was in part, potentially, in seventy-something, there was something similar; in other words, it was fulfilled there, potentially what was going to happen now in fullness. There it was carried out, if you notice that it was accomplished, but the reality wasn’t there. And what was the reality when the people were prepared, sanctified and all? The transformation.

Now it is the reality.

It is not that they were acting hypocritical there; because they did it. Many! Those who were eager for the transformation to be in ‘77. How many even took their kids out of school? There they went into fanaticism. That is why now you shouldn’t take the children out of school or anything; continue studies and all.

But see how it is now that that is fulfilled: the reality of the sanctification; and the reality will be fulfilled in full when we are transformed. Meaning, now it is the full fulfillment.

They were in quietness there.

Anyone might say: “I’m not going to wait for that; I expect it my way and I will get there my way”; and he takes a piece of royal palm fiber that is laying around (or I don’t know what was there to…), fabricates a boat in his own way and goes to Jordan…

That is not in history, but let’s make the…

Surely, if he took off to: “Ah, I can also get there; since that is the land that is… and we are ‘a stone’s throw away’4.” He jumps onto a sailing boat…; they surely didn’t even get halfway, they most likely sank; because they looked for their own way, in their way.

And so it is now. They are trying to get to the promised land in their own way; and those shortcuts… they are not going to make it. They are not going to make it from here to the corner.

It is required: where the people are preparing for the adoption, the transformation and where the Pillar of Fire is. And the Pillar of Fire is only in the Most Holy Place. He is neither in Grace nor is He in the gap, nor is He in the seventh age.

Within the Cornerstone there are many of those who have remained in that seventh age, and also in that interlace. Because remember that there is also an interlace, there is a part there that are neither from there…, nor are they from the seventh age nor are they from the Cornerstone. In other words, they were left in the middle; and they neither tell you that they are from one side nor tell you that they are from the other.

And it is the time where there the devil then deceives them; and instead of going up they come to fall again to the seventh age, where it is the devil who is then reigning (let’s say). Because it is always in the seventh age where God comes out, where then the devil gets in. He can’t go up, he is never going to go up, to the Cornerstone; he stays below.

So it is, the Laodicean Age (speaking as of the ages), that is Satan’s throne, says brother Branham.5 And if that is so there, then it also occurs in the other dispensations.

—“No, that there are no more messengers after brother William.”

The same thing was said when John. Jesus Himself said: “The prophets prophesied until John”6; and then Jesus was missing, the apostles…, a lot were missing… And they said: “No,” that there couldn’t be more than seven dispensational messengers; and if you start adding: Peter… and you keep adding; when you come to see, the numbers come out of… God already knows the numbers and why.

And another thing that… notice that when the Pillar of Fire descended there was for the fullness to come to the Church: resurrection, our transformation; but already that time that brother Branham sees that the Pillar of Fire descends… Because if the Pillar of Fire descends, that is the one that will fulfill that Scripture of: [WMB] “When that persecution comes, don’t be afraid; there is a Light that will take you, that will rapture us.”7 See? That Pillar of Fire is coming to do a work; therefore, there the transformation hadn’t happened yet, nor the rapture; but there was an adopted ministry.

And (like the excerpt I read) see how the adoption is going to start; it has an order and a sequence. Surely there will be many who will already be prepared before and will be adopted as well; because there has to be help… with so many people!

Then God will go (in those days)… and the one who is not ready will be prepared as well. And we are going to be people like that, common people, but with that power inside, walking among the people… no one will notice…

It is like when you have, within an army, spies (let’s say); but they are people who are going to be helping that ministry there; because you need —for a work like that— adopted people. See? And that is what we are here for.

Look, what God is doing with His people now, is preparing that mighty Army for that great event that is going to come, of the crowd and everything. And to give that coup d’etat —us— to the kingdom of darkness.

When you take away a kingdom, they call it a coup d’etat. The same thing he is going to want to do at the end of the Millennium. But why is he going to make a coup d’etat there? Because he remembered (surely) that this is how the kingdom was taken away from him. And we are going to give him a good coup d’etat. So much so that we are going to take away the kingdom of darkness, which is now ruling the kingdom of the gentiles; it will be taken away. We are going to give them a coup d’etat.

But how is it going to be? With adopted children of God. It has to be a powerful Army. It can’t be that God has to send angels… No. They are human beings in whom God works.

One is thinking that they come – God comes and comes to do something with angels and everything. No. God always works through human beings, veils of flesh; in other words, they will be little anointed ones. And we say “little,” because we know that there is a great one, who is the Lord; but not to minimize; but they are anointed of God!, anointed with the Word; that is the one that anoints us.

That is why all this that is taking place is so important: that is what is transforming us from the inside. Because if it was around the Word that Abraham and Sarah obtained that rejuvenated body: by elimination it has to be like that here, and it has to be the same: it has to be around something that is spoken. If it is not spoken, that then can’t be materialized in our hearts, in our lives.

When the Archangel Gabriel appeared there and told Mary that the Son to be born would be on the Throne of David,8 notice, he spoke the Word; and yet that hasn’t been fulfilled, but it was spoken.

Now, that same thing that was spoken there —by that Archangel who wasn’t incarnated—, comes now and God speaks it through human mouth; and that is going to be fulfilled soon. In other words, what he spoke there, now He comes and emphasizes it again; and He comes and fulfills that part of: [WMB] “He announced the Second Coming of the Lord also.”9 And he left.

Now, what will happen to that Word that wasn’t fulfilled when he was here? Where then is that promised Son?

—“No, that he… it was fulfilled in him.”

But if it is parallel in everything, you have to look there for an Archangel and you have to look for a son. If not, then there is something that doesn’t add up, and it wouldn’t be parallel in everything.

There must be a son born through that Word, for that promise to be fulfilled; and that is the Overcomer. That is the one to whom God gives the Morning Star; that is the one to whom He gives the fulfillment of His Second Coming.

And so God had it in His Plan! And His Words can’t fail; whether people like it or not. It is His Program.

And from then on, that is when the Scripture of Psalms is fulfilled: “Honor the Son, lest He be angry, and His wrath come suddenly.”10 It couldn’t have been at the First Coming, because He came as a Lamb; and it didn’t refer to that Son (see?) at His First Coming. It refers to the promised Son… There when Revelation 12 speaks of the Son who is born to the woman, which is the Church, that Son is the one who comes as the Lion. There really is wrath there!

You will not see wrath in a Lamb, but you will in a Lion.

And now they are not going to honor the Son, the gentiles; and instead of then God having all that time of mercy…

As it happened there: The Hebrew people rejected Him; but the wrath didn’t come there, He came as a Lamb to redeem. But now, if they don’t honor the Son: now they will not go through all that time again, but now it is the wrath of God poured out upon the kingdom of the gentiles.

The same thing that the Hebrew people did: they rejected Him, here the gentiles reject Him; but instead of receiving mercy, they receive judgment.

There indeed are fulfilled those words that: “A blasphemy against the Son of Man at that time was forgiven; but in that Day it shall not be forgiven.”11

That same One who said: “I am…,” as Isaiah says:

Isaiah 52:6

6 …that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I.

Of course we see Him present! He is the one who is working everything. And then, afterwards, in each one of us in all His fullness.

That is why he was saying in this…: [WSS] “That we will be… we will have that power? Of course we will! Everyone will have that power.”12 For if He is going to be poured out… Did He not pour Himself out in tongues of fire, pillars of fire, there on the Day of Pentecost?13 So He is going to pour Himself out in all of us, in every one of us. And there it truly is a mighty Army of the Lion of the tribe of Judah!

That will be something glorious that God will do in those days. And after 30 to 40 days, with those that are coming, which is a reinforcement [laughs], and when that reinforcement comes, then the world will know the power of God manifested in children of God, led by the ministry that God already has there at that time.

There is something tremendous there. Because look, the blessing that has fallen upon us, we still don’t know even a little bit of how great you and I are in the Divine Program. That He has been pleased with people like us, that we are not even worthy…; but He has made us worthy, and He has been pleased to dwell in our hearts.

He is already doing it! Because He is the Word. If it were not so, He would be jealous and say: “No, I am not going to speak this to them.”

Why don’t many receive him? I say “many” because there are many. We receive Him, and many also receive Him. But why do some not receive him? Because they are not worthy to receive God; because God is Word.

And you may say:

—“No, how can it be!? I have God in my heart.”

—And why do you reject him?

Do you see the way to reject God too? God is Word, and if you don’t receive that Word…

What’s more, some have already said that all that (of knowledge) “that it poisons me” or “it pollutes me,” something like that. Imagine! To be saying to the God Creator of the Heavens and the Earth “a poisoner.” They are lacking in understanding: to speak to God like that.

And these things make the Son angry, because of these kinds of things. That is why at some point the time will come when the Word will be spoken and things will be happening; because there are times when one says: “Look! Enough is enough.” But there will come a time when: Enough is enough! And that is when you will see Who is in the midst of the people.

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