The Work in the Most Holy Place Part 2

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The Work in the Most Holy Place Part 2

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Monday, January 23, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

That is why John, brother Branham says that (in the book of The Seals) he was told: [WMB] “John, let it pass; don’t write it, ’cause they’ll stagger over It.”1

And if “they will stumble over it” (you see the word “stagger”) it is because it must be by means of a veil of flesh. And also when it speaks of “imitation,” it is also because there is a veil of flesh involved.

If they were going to stumble over what John was going to write there, it was because the fulfillment of what God was going to be showing and fulfilling in the midst of the Church-Bride was through a veil of flesh, which in the human mind was impossible for such a great thing to be fulfilled.

That which would give the Rapturing Faith, the Faith of Transformation to the chosen ones, who could be seeing in that end time that Mercy Seat (that is only where there is mercy)… And knowing that that Angel that is there with the prayers of the saints2… But notice where… (because the Throne that is in Heaven is of judgment). Those prayers are added, but they come to be placed in the Mercy Seat provided by God; that is, a new Mercy Seat.

Now, all of that, since it is what was in the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple, now becomes a reality in the midst of the human race; as it was a reality in the Temple of Mercy in Jesus.

See how the Throne of Mercy then comes to be in that Throne which was of mercy before and now is Throne of Judgment, but that mercy then comes to be in that human Throne in this end time.

And in that human Throne is also where the divine judgment is.

In other words, there is judgment and there is mercy. Mercy for the chosen ones (because there must be mercy, because we are in these bodies). And there is the divine judgment, because then God doesn’t see mankind through the Throne of Mercy, but when He sees mankind He sees it through the Throne of Judgment; and therefore, the Throne of Judgment then imparts judgment.

“But wait, the chosen ones are still there, My children are there.” Then God keeps His children, He sees them through those ministries, He protects them; He gives them then… at that time at night, when they were eating that lamb quickly, because death was about to appear, and they had to eat it quickly; the angel of death was about to appear; that is, the divine judgments, the great tribulation.

And therefore, we had to be eating that; which at this time is the Word, the revelation, the Rapturing Faith, eating it fast so that the divine judgments of the great tribulation don’t touch us, and God takes us out of here and we are taken to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

That is why the great blessing that a chosen one of God is receiving and is going to receive, is something that there are no words to thank our heavenly Father for the mercy that He has had with us; that God sent him again, so that God, through that ministry that he left… because he says in a message that: [WSS] “He left the ministries of Moses and Elijah, and that is why it is not going to be denominationalized.”3

And we thank God for William Soto Santiago. God allowed that powerful Archangel to return and do the Work relevant to those days that God allowed him to be here; which was a very, very great Work.

Apparently it was the greatest silent time that this mighty Archangel, this messenger, had; but it was the greatest Work, it was the greatest Work that this mighty messenger did on Earth. It was in that time that He asked for more time and came back in our midst4: that was the greatest Work that He did. Because – we are already going to see why that Work was the greatest Work that He did.

In the most holy place there was no movement, nothing could be seen when the high priest entered there; which was a work for that coming year: all that work depended on the reconciliation of the people. But notice, no one knew what was going on in there; it was total silence.

And in that silence was that God was doing and carrying out a Work. The greatest Work that God was carrying out at that moment was the work that the high priest was doing in the temple, there in the tabernacle of Moses and also the temple of Solomon.

That work that the high priest was doing at that moment was the greatest in that time of silence; where the people —apparently alone— remained in expectation of what was happening there.

Now it is a great Work that God is doing in the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of the Lord (which is His Church) in this end time; and it is the Work which the adoption of His children, the adoption of the elect of God will depend on; and it is the most important Work that God is doing in this end time in the midst of His Church.

Many will not know what is happening in that spiritual Temple, His Church; even if they are present, they will not know. For it is the veil that blinds them. And since they can’t see through the veil, they can’t know what is happening in the Most Holy Place.

In the Most Holy Place, only those who are of the Most Holy Place will understand, will comprehend —and are seeing— what is happening there; because they have passed the veil! And by passing the veil, one can already see what is happening there.

The veil is always the instrument that God is using in every age and in every dispensation.

To pass through the veil, to cross past the veil, is to see that manifestation of God, to believe it, to receive it; and then you automatically become part of the work that this veil of flesh is doing in the Most Holy Place.

All that is seen in Revelation 8 and Revelation 15, where the Temple is seen open, and all that is there is seen; but all that can only be seen by the chosen ones of God.

When the veil was torn from top to bottom there,5 you could see inside and you could see the Mercy Seat; and you could see Who it was that was there, from that moment on, to fulfill the purpose for which that Mercy Seat came: which was Jesus. And the believers in Him, at His First Coming, could see that Mercy Seat, could see what was behind the veil, because it was torn and it was opened.

And now, at His Second Coming, when that veil is torn, opened (“the veil of the Temple was opened,” Revelation 15 says there), they can see and look who that new Mercy Seat is and where that new Mercy Seat is; and they can believe in him, and so they can prepare for their adoption.

Without this time, the knowledge of where the mercy of God is, and where the Rapturing Faith is, and where the promises are… and all the work that is being done and all the work that God would be doing in this time in which we are living; without knowing that, then the person must go through the great tribulation.

The same thing he told us: that if he didn’t return and ask for more time, we would have to go through the great tribulation.

And one says: “But he is gone again!” Well, he was telling us the great work he came to do in those days when God allowed him to return; because it was with that work that our adoption and transformation depended.

He left —in those days that he was here with us— the way already prepared for the one who was going to continue that work, the relevant Divine Program to give you the Rapturing Faith. That is why he said: [WSS] “If I didn’t return, you had to go through the great tribulation.”6

See the very important work that he did when he returned; because there was something that happened so that the Divine Program would go forward; and that Scepter, that Title Deed, leave it here on Earth, so that through the one to whom that Title Deed was given, the Work would be carried out in the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of the Lord, which is His Church.

Without him returning then we had to go through the divine judgments.

But thank God that our brother William Soto Santiago asked for more time and returned! Because this way you and I can be here enjoying the blessings while we are in these earthly bodies preparing for our adoption, our transformation.

It is the Work of the Most Holy Place which God is carrying out in this end time, so that we may obtain all the blessings contained in the Work of the Most Holy Place; and that Work is only being seen by those who will obtain the benefits of the Most Holy Place.

And it is the Pillar of Fire, the Shekinah, it is the presence of God that will be very soon in all its fullness in all the children of God.

Just as tongues of fire were distributed there on the Day of Pentecost, it is from Him and part of Him that we will also receive, but not in first fruits but in all His fullness. It will no longer be little rays of Light, but it is the total Light, the complete Light, the Sun of Righteousness; the whole essence of God in us.

The blessings that God has for us is something so great and so glorious that we can’t say anything else but:

Thank You, Lord! That You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to us; for so it pleased You, Father.

So it pleased You: that I would be predestined, a child of Yours, chosen since before the foundation of the world, to soon be in the image (which we already are) and likeness (that is, all in one body).

We have the image, but we lack the likeness. In the image and likeness of God the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, we will soon be.

So God has blessed us greatly and will continue to bless us until His promises are fulfilled in us.


It is the topic that we gave this morning’s talk, and now… here I am with the button pressed! I was going to give a few words there to our brother Miguel and our sister Ruth, over here, which I was talking with her, to also tell brother Miguel, there who is with him, about what we talked this morning; but I pressed the button to record what I was going to write, because I was going to write too much; so I preferred to press the little button, to… here of the cell phone, to better record what I was going to write.

And everything we have talked about, well they are blessings that God has for His children, for us; and we thank God for that.

May God bless you, brother Miguel, greatly; may God bless you, Ruth, also greatly; and all the ministers and all the brethren, greatly, may God bless you.

And may you continue to hold on to the Word, the Message, in this preparation that God is doing in the midst of His people, which is: giving us the Rapturing Faith, His Word; in other words, giving us of Him, because God is Word.

And since we are also Word, well, the Word and the Word are coming together: Heaven and Earth are kissing7, God and His children are coming together.

Well, may God bless you, God keep you.

God bless you, Ruth, and God bless you, brother Miguel.

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