Words to Rev. Miguel Bermudez Marin

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Words to Rev. Miguel Bermudez Marin

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

God bless you, brother Miguel, God keep you. God has been helping us, brother Miguel, in everything.

And as all the Scriptures, as we say… we have said in these days, reading from brother William those writings, where he says that [WSS] “those Scriptures have multiple fulfillment,” and (the last thing we read recently) that [WSS] “they have also multiple revelation.” And that is something very tremendous, because from different angles one can see how God fulfills, also, all the promises that He has promised for His Church in this time.

As for example: The Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels, which is His Second Coming, look how He fulfills that under… (let’s say) since that veil of flesh was born there in 1940; he comes to have his trajectory as a baby, as a child, as a young man. Already as a young man, you see that there on that day of February 28, 1963, how there was a powerful manifestation of that heavenly dimension, where a ministry begins: which is the ministry of the Seventh Seal, which is the ministry of the Mighty Angel, which is the ministry of the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord; it begins to be fulfilled in 1963, and that ministry begins to fulfill His Coming.

How does He fulfill His Coming? He brings that powerful Message; because the Son of Man comes with His Angels; but then, His Angels are that final part of the Seventh Seal that also fulfills His Coming. In other words, He also has trajectory Scriptures to get to the culminating part of the Tent.

He comes (yet another Scripture) and appears to the Hebrew Church; in other words, He appears to the Church, let’s say, to the Hebrew Elizabeth, to the Hebrew Church Elizabeth; and that Archangel appears there. He gives her the news that she is going to have a child, and He gives her the news of everything that this man of God was going to perform (those ministries), He even gave her the name.

He also appeared to Mary —Mary, the one who had the promise that she was going to give that son through the Holy Spirit, who would overshadow—, and He showed her there everything that was going to be that Work, that ministry, that Work, that Work, which was the Work of Redemption.

And notice how also, when He appeared here, both to the Church of the ages…, represented there in the different occasions that He appeared to the Reverend William Branham… since his birth!, because notice that there was something there with the mother: before giving birth she saw that Light. See? There was also a visit to brother Branham’s mother.

And here, do you see how also another Scripture fulfilled in that part of the multiple fulfillment? He also appears then to the Church-Bride, to the Mary also, and gives her a Message, gives her a news; and then, later on, He fulfills then that news: in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision already in fullness; in other words, it is already a final ministry of the Work of the Coming of the Son of Man.

In other words…, everything, different angles. One can’t take a Scripture and focus it on one thing and leave it there, because it has different angles, different revelations, as he wrote there on one occasion.

And how the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels, which is the Seventh Seal and the Sixth Seal… Just a little while ago we read that the Seventh Seal and the Sixth Seal are united, intertwined. And all that, we are going to see how God has been showing us that the Coming of the Lord, His Second Coming, when it is fulfilled in… (let’s say) already at the beginning of His ministry: 1963, which came the fulfillment of the Second Coming in human flesh in William Soto Santiago, He comes fulfilling that Work, that labor, with that powerful Message that has brought to us the Voice of the Archangel. See? He comes fulfilling all those Scriptures.

And at the end, then: The Trumpet of God, which is the one that Moses and Elijah proclaims at the end; but he also, on the one hand, says that: [WSS] “with the Great Voice of Trumpet calls and gathers the elect.” See that they are different angles that the Scriptures have fulfillment?

And that is something that we have been seeing in these days: how God has been vindicating that Word written and spoken… or spoken first and then written; and we see how God has been showing us all that in the fulfillment of what would be being manifested in the Tent Vision; which is not a single day, but that carries backwards and forwards, that day that brother Branham saw.

In other words, what he saw was already in a culminating part, a part where everything was already being carried out at a very high level; but before that, to reach that day, he had to come ascending, ascending, ascending, ascending; that is, until he reached that day; in other words, it was something progressive. And each time we see how all this is progressive, progressive, until we reach that day that brother Branham saw.

And after that day: everything that will happen after that day, which we will be seeing, surely, when we are already adopted, transformed, we will already see everything that will be happening there.

That is why many may stumble as to the things that are being spoken; but one must have an open spiritual mind to look at everything in the different angles and see it in the different revelations that God is giving in those Scriptures, which are being fulfilled since ‘63 (let’s say)…; because we can say since 1906 and 1909, which are important dates: 1946 and 1940. In 1963 that ministry of the fulfillment of the Coming of the Lord in that powerful prophet where the Son of Man comes with His Angels already begins.

And later on, from ‘74, ‘77, it already enters fully into that hour of His Coming, and all that is being fulfilled, until the hour of His Coming is fulfilled and another stage begins where that end of the Seventh Seal, which is the one that joins with the Sixth Seal, there that Sixth Seal, which are the ministries of Moses and Elijah, begin to emerge.

Although he says over here that he is coming… [WSS] “When you see the Angel of the Lord, you will see that he will be with the ministries of Moses and Elijah,” and that is so too. See? And at the end we see that those ministries: “No, wait, those ministries are not for the Church, they are for the Jews. The miracles take place is for the Jews,” that those are Moses and Elijah. See? It also has another fulfillment; and it has to have a trajectory also, so that God fulfills the Work corresponding to the Sixth Seal at the end of the Seventh Seal, which is the one that is intertwined with the Sixth.

And God will be fulfilling each promise, each prophecy, as He goes further and further in the Divine Program, in the final part of the Seventh Seal with the Sixth Seal.

The Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels, which is the Seventh Seal for the Church, is the Seventh Trumpet for Israel; but everything is in an intertwine, and that intertwining is done in a Great Tent Cathedral, where already there, God operates those ministries.

In other words, the one who is working in these final days is: The Holy Spirit, the Pillar of Fire. And whose ministries are they? God’s. God is the God of the spirits of the prophets, and He can manifest the ministry that He desires.

Therefore, many may stumble with that; but for us, the elect, we have the blessing of being able to see the fulfillment already in the final part, of the Coming of the Lord with His Angels.

God bless you, brother Miguel. I wanted to tell you these little things, so you can see where it is we are going. Although I know that – I know that you are well aware of everything, but so that you have a little summary of this part that I wanted to talk to you also; which is a great blessing; all this stage is being a blessing, where, not only we know this mystery, but we are also knowing how He wants each one of us to be, to be able to reflect that sixth dimension, which will soon be opening in our midst.

Because a person can’t wait for his theophany to come from that dimension, when he still has in his body things from the fifth dimension; in other words, “by elimination” it can’t be like that. Each person will receive the spirit and will enter the dimension to which he is reflecting.

Those who will not reflect the sixth dimension, well, will go straight to the fifth dimension, which will be opened – which is being built here on this planet Earth, and will be opened for all those who will stay. But for us, the chosen ones: the sixth dimension is opening to us, and that is what we are leaning towards: to reflect the sixth dimension.

Well, brother Miguel, God bless you. Forgive me for taking these minutes, but I wanted to talk to you about these little things to keep you and me updated on these things, which, with much love and affection I express them.

May God bless you, Miguel, greatly, may God keep you; may He keep you healthy, strong; may He also bless Ruth, your girls, your son (Moises), and everyone there.

And soon we will no longer have this limitation of talking to each other like this, but rather it will be in person; because with that eternal body we will have no limitations.

God bless you, brother Miguel, God keep you; have a beautiful day.


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