Youth preparing themselves to enter the promised land

Youth preparing themselves to enter the promised land

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Thursday, August 11, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon to all who are gathered there in Venezuela, in the state of Bolivar, and also Amazonas state, with Reverend Everaldo Peña, the congregation “WILLIAM, THE LIBERATOR”; and all those who are gathered today Thursday, August 11 of this year 2022; all those who are presenting the different topics that you are developing for growth; and confirming in faith all the young people who are there; and continue preparing yourselves for your transformation.

The way to the promised land is always the way in which God traces through the Angel of the Covenant, the Pillar of Fire… Which He did back in the time of Moses, when He took them out of Egypt; He, through the Pillar of Fire, was guiding them to the promised land.

But the same Pillar of Fire that brought them out was the same that led them through different places and different sites, in which, to pass to the promised land, they could pass in a short time; but the same Pillar of Fire led them through another course, apparently, but it was the course in which God wanted to test them: whether or not they would serve God, Him.

Therefore, on the way to the promised land, there are many tests, which the children of God, the chosen ones of God go through; and as we are the predestined ones to enter, we will pass all those tests.

Now, at this moment, in front of the Jordan… because we are now in front of the Jordan. We are not on our way there; but we are already in that stage of Joshua, when he was there in front of the Jordan putting everything in order and sanctifying the people.

In other words, it is already a time where the people of God has to fulfill all those requirements to be able to enter the promised land on that occasion, and at this time it is the promised land of the new body and the promised land of the glorious Millennial Kingdom.

And all those requirements have to be fulfilled. They can’t be half filled, but they all have to be filled —those requirements— in order to obtain the adoption from the Tutor. When the Tutor is going to adopt a child, he has to have (that child) all the requirements filled.

So, youth: Keep holding on to the Word, and studying and searching; because this is the Word, this is the Manna of the Most Holy Place, which is being poured from those tubes that Zechariah shows us there; which are those two branches that represent: in Heaven, Gabriel and Michael, and on Earth, Moses and Elijah.1 In other words, it is that spiritual food, which is being imparted to the people of God, with which we are going to obtain that Rapturing Faith.

Hold on to that Word; and what you don’t understand now, you will understand later; but without that knowledge none of you can go in the rapture. 

In other words, the mystery, the great mystery of the Second Coming of the Lord at this time, everything will revolve around the knowledge of the Second Coming, or the order of the Second Coming, which is the Seventh Seal manifested on Earth according to how God has already programmed it.

It is not enough to believe in one part and not in another; you have to believe in the entire Second Coming, so that you may obtain the Rapturing Faith.

So God bless you, God keep you; and be prepared, be ready, for your transformation.

Turn away from earthly things, which will lead you nowhere; but will lead you (the earthly things) right into tribulation. For all earthly things and all vices, and all those things, and all those influences and fashions, and all those things, belong to the kingdom of darkness.

In other words, you, young people, don’t get caught up in all that, which perhaps shines more than what is (apparently) there in the sixth dimension; what is in the fifth dimension shines more; because if you notice, all the ornaments and all those things come and are generated from that fallen archangel, which is Luzbel (Luzbel or Lucifer); he was a very beautiful archangel.

In other words, all that beauty and all those things, paints and all those things, come from that fallen archangel; and we want to reflect rather the sixth dimension, we want to reflect God. And God, if you notice, the only thing He reflects is white, it is the only pure color; everything else is perversion.

So don’t let yourselves —and I reiterate— be influenced by all those things that are harmful, the vices and all that; and neither the fashions… All that is not going to lead you to obtain the Rapturing Faith.

And also aware that it is not to enter into fanaticism, it is not to go to extremes. Everything has an order in His Program; and we try, on this planet Earth, to honor the heavenly Father, to please Him in everything, knowing that we are in this kingdom, we are not from here; so we look for a way to fulfill (you, young people) the commitments that you have at home with your parents, and your studies, which you shouldn’t leave them either. You should follow the careers and studies that you have already programmed in your lives, because that is what the messenger has always advised us; if the rapture is tomorrow, then may tomorrow take us with the responsibility of each one of us: either the adults with their jobs, and the youth and children with their education.

So God bless you, God keep you; and to all of you too, teachers, if there are any over there… And I see over here in the picture sent to me some young people too. I don’t know if the one sitting there in the picture is Daniel. If it is Daniel: God bless you, Daniel, I haven’t seen you in a long time, God keep you; and to all of you also, who have come from the Amazon, please take my greetings as well.

God bless you, God keep you all.

1 EBN Module 03 “The Mystery of the 7 Lamps and the Two Olive Trees”:

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