Greetings from the LGCC grounds

Greetings from the LGCC grounds (Pouring a concrete section)

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Good morning. A very special greeting to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin and to all the ministers and all the brethren, today Wednesday, July 20 of this year 2022.

We thank our heavenly Father that He has sent at this time His Angel Messenger William Soto Santiago, with the Message of the Great Voice of Trumpet that has called us, has gathered us and has sealed us; and with that Message and through that Message, He is preparing us for our transformation.

We are very grateful to our heavenly Father that He has placed us to live in this time, and to be those who compose the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of the Lord, of His Church; which in this time is completed with living stones, cornerstones, which would become and form the Most Holy Place, the Age of the Cornerstone.

So we are very grateful to the Lord that we were the first ones that He thought of at the beginning; in other words, we are the first ones that were in the Mind of the Lord, and now we have been given the most important part. That is why we can say that the first shall be last, and the last shall be first1; we are the first children of God who, being alive, experience at this time that promise of the transformation of our bodies being alive.

We already saw it in Enoch: when he was caught up to Heaven,2 and in Elijah.3 In other words, there is evidence that while a person was alive, he didn’t die, but was taken to that dimension where those two people went at that time. In other words, the time in which we are living is a time where all of that will be a reality: that being alive we are going to be transformed.

We are here, in this concrete area, in this part of the road, pouring this other concrete section; this road connects, as I was telling you, the south and north part of this west area of the building. We will also be… maybe, next week, it all depends on how advanced is the progress there at the entrance (of some things that were still missing), to then continue the opening and the work corresponding to the concrete that is missing for the connection of the main road. So we are here and there at the same time. In other words, we are in both places, and in other places as well where other works of The Great Tent Cathedral are being developed.

May you all have a day full of great blessings today, each and every one of you, also our brother Miguel over there; and also our brother Andres, who has an activity today, which they will be having during the morning; and there already you can place yesterday’s words for today’s activity; and in other places where you will be gathered, you can use them; and tomorrow and Friday as well.

May God bless you greatly, and may you continue having a day full of great blessings.

1 Matthew 20:26, Mark 10:31

2 Genesis 5:24

3 2 Kings 2:11


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