Report from The Great Tent Cathedral grounds

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Friday, May 19, 2023
Cayey, Puerto Rico

(First Activity)

Good morning. Greetings to the missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin, and to all the ministers and all the brethren in the different countries.

Today, Friday, May 19 of this year 2023, we glorify the Name of our heavenly Father; and we thank Him for life, for health; and for having placed us in this wonderful time and for being part of His Program.

Today, according to the gentile calendar, I am turning 49 years old.

And I thank God, that after receiving the fulfillment of His First Coming, and the benefits of His First Coming, making contact with eternal life and receiving eternal life…, in other words, receiving that theophanic body and thus obtaining eternal life; then: work in His Work.

All of God’s chosen ones, in this end time also thank God that on the day of their birthday He has allowed you to live in this time, and make contact with eternal life, and to work in His Work.

So for me it is a very special day, in which I thank God for allowing me to live in this time and to be part of this great Program that He is developing.

And in this end time we are seeing, and will be seeing, all the promises corresponding to this time; and we will also be seeing the corresponding part that each of us has to fulfill in His Program, that each one of us has to carry out on this Earth.

So continue having a day full of great blessings.

And later in the evening we will be speaking again, under the topic that already last night, in the evening I was telling you: “LATIN AMERICA AND THE MOST HOLY PLACE OF GOD’S TEMPLE,” and it is already announced as well; and thus continue preparing for that glorious event of our transformation.

And maybe later on we will have some chats; so be vigilant for all that God will be giving us in these days, which will be of great blessing and spiritual growth for all of us.

God bless you and God keep you all.

Good morning.

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