The Seven Dimensions

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The Seven Dimensions

Rev. José Benjamín Pérez
Saturday, July 2, 2022
Cayey, Puerto Rico



[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Good morning to all of you present here, and also to those who are connected through the Amazonas satellite or the internet. May God on this occasion speak directly to our souls, to our hearts, may He open the Scriptures to us, and may all this Word be incarnated in our lives; and thus today be Word incarnated in a portion in our lives. In the Eternal and glorious Name as Son of David, King of kings and Lord of lords, William. Amen and amen.

For this occasion, we read in First Peter, chapter 4, verse 17 and on:

17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

18 And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

19 Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] (I don’t know if the audio… are you hearing okay? We will try to speak a little bit slower, because of the rain. You see? We are already being blessed!

In this subject that we have for today, of today Saturday, July 2 of this year 2022: “THE SEVEN DIMENSIONS,” Reverend William Branham tells us on page 75 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 640:1

640 20 Now, when we come along, we remember that we live here in three dimensions, and I don’t know if I can name them or not. One of them is [WSS] «1» light and the other is «2» matter. How many remember what the third is, huh? Atoms? «3» Time. Right. Now, light, matter and time and our five senses contact them dimensions. Our sight contacts light. Our feeling [WSS] «touch» contacts matter and so forth. 22 Now… But we have contact through science, the «4» fourth dimension, as it was. / 23 «5» Now the fifth dimension is where the sinner, the unbeliever dies and goes to. The fifth dimension is kind of the, well, the horrible dimension. Now this man… when a Christian dies, he goes into «6» the sixth dimension and God is in «7» the seventh dimension.”

[JBP] And on the side: [WSS] «The 7 dimensions».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On page 79, paragraph 674, there he also narrates… (so that you already have a foundation). On page 674 Reverend William Branham says, forerunner of the Second Coming of the Lord, with the spirit and power of Elijah in his fourth manifestation; he says [Quotations]:2

674 45 And we live now in here what we think we call three dimensions. I might not call these right. I think the three dimensions is called (some of you kids out of high school might be able to correct me on this), light, air, and thought. Three dimensions. Now… Or is that right? Light, air, and thought — that’s the three dimensions, isn’t it? I think that’s right. All right.

46 Now we have — know there is another dimension which is the Fourth Dimension, because science has probed into it and found it, and it is radio [WSS] «wave». There’s no sense of our body can detect radio or television over that ether wave, yet right through us now is coming people’s voices. Right through here’s come television pictures, but we have nothing in us, no way at all, to contact that in ourselves. It takes a crystal of some sort or a magnet to contact that, but it speaks that there is another dimension. Now that’s four dimensions.

47 Then I think the Fifth Dimension is where the sinner dies where he goes. Now, I think that when the sinner dies he goes to this Fourth Dimension. Notice! The first thing, he cannot go into the presence of God because he is a sinner, and his time is up on earth.

48 If I would type it for you it’s like trying to go to sleep and you’re in a — can’t be sleep and you’re in a nightmare. You — hideous things ‘you’re screaming ‘ you’re just all … that’s the state of the wicket dead. He cannot go in the presence of God because he is a sinner. He cannot return back to earth because his time’s up, and he’s caught between the two things in the Fifth Dimension. He’s got a soul and it cannot go in the presence of God because it’s not covered by the blood ; he’s a sinner. He cannot wake himself up because his time’s up on earth, so there he is in a tormented nightmare. Think of that now before you enter. A nightmare! Scream!

49 Many of us has had nightmares. It’s just because (we’re told) — because the two consciousness are passing, sub- and first conscious, and it catches between and that’s the nightmare [WSS] «the 5th dimension / nightmare».

50 Now, the sixth dimension is in Christ, the saints, dead saints, or, resting saints, who is completely, work finished on earth, and has entered into rest with Christ under the altar, beautifully [WSS] «under the altar». If you would parallel it like a wonderful dream that you didn’t want to wake up. It ain’t a dream, it’s natural. It’s real ([JBP] that is, it is natural). But I’m just making a parable to you. And course, the seventh dimension is God alone [WSS] «7th dimension».

[JBP] And at the beginning of the excerpt he writes: [WSS] «The soul. The 7 dimensions».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And our brother and friend William Soto Santiago, dispensational prophet of the Dispensation of the Kingdom, of the Age of the Cornerstone, tells us…; and he is the one forerun, in whom the Coming of the Lord was fulfilled, in whom the Seventh Seal was fulfilled, in whom that Angel that was different from the others, who appeared on February 28, ‘63 to our brother Branham, and was the one who raised, lifted up, brother Branham, was incarnated.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, May 24, 2015
Cayey, Puerto Rico

There are different dimensions:

1. We have the dimension of light (number 1).

2. We have the dimension of matter (number 2).

3. (Number 3) We have the dimension of time or of the time.

It is in these three that we normally move. With our sight we make contact with light, with our touch we make contact with matter, and so on.

4. Now, we also have the fourth dimension, which is the dimension of the waves, where radio and television transmit their programs; they transmit audio, photos and videos, and live activities; that is the dimension of communications.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And here, on page 80, on 681 says [Quotations]:3

681 150 Then, when we know that our actions is exactly with the Word, we know our teaching is perfect with the Word, adding nothing or taking nothing, just the Word. And we see the same results, that others who anchored to the same Word, living up in our life, then your anchor holds. The life of Christ being reproduced in almost an incarnate way, through you, as it was in Christ…”

[JBP] He goes on to say [Bible study]:

5. We also have the fifth dimension

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Now, let’s (before moving on to the fifth)… in the fourth, look at the fourth, there is something here on page 9, it says paragraph 80 [Quotations]:4

80 39 Now, this morning we’re going to talk—talk about demons in spiritual form in the soul. They’re in the soul the same as they’re in the body. And we are bound to admit that we see them in people’s body, such as cancers and—and different diseases that’s in the human body. 40 Just recently, even cancer has been declared to be a fourth-dimension disease, that it’s in another dimension. Sure, it’s demonology. Every disease is a fourth-dimension disease, the beginning of it.”

[JBP] And he writes [WSS] «The sicknesses = of the fourth dimension».

[Rev. Jose B Perez] And on 85, page 10, says [Quotations]:5

85 26 Now, it isn’t me. You say, ‘Brother Branham, can you tell me what’s wrong with me?’ No, sir, I cannot. That’s right. But if—if you will believe it with all your heart, now, not imagine it, but believe it with your heart, God will tell you about it. But now, I don’t know what I’m saying. I can hear myself, but I’m in another world—another… It’s a—it’s a sixth sense, or a fourth dimension, it’s—or whatever it is. It’s in the dimension that these pictures and things…?… in now. We will just take it like that for a discussion sake.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «A 6th sense.

Dimensions. The 4th dimension».

[WSS] «another dimension, 4th dimension».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And our brother William goes on to say (page 1) [Bible study]:

5. We also have the fifth dimension. That is the dimension where the sinner goes, because he did not take advantage of his time to receive Christ and be cleansed with the Blood of Christ, and therefore, he has to go to that dimension.

Reverend William Branham says: “The fifth dimension is a horrible place.” It is the dimension where people are like in a nightmare (and nobody likes to be in a nightmare).

6. But God has placed life (which is Christ) and death before the human being; he who does not choose life in order to live eternally and so that when he dies he will not have to go to the fifth dimension… but will go to Paradise, to the sixth dimension, which is the dimension where the believers in Christ go when their physical bodies die here on Earth.

[Rev. Jose B Perez] On page 95 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 818, it says:6

818 “And so, he said, ‘You can’t see Him now, He’s still higher.’ See, it was below the alter yet — the sith place where man goes, see—not the seventh where God is. Seventh, it must be the sixth; and they were all there and they were passing by, and it looked like there were actually millions of them.”

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «The 6th dimension = under the Altar».

[WSS] «The 7th dim. = where God is».

[Rev. Jose B Perez] And in the book of The Ages, on page 169, it says [pages 153-154 in Eng.]:

“There it is. Jesus Christ came forth, died upon the cross, and accomplished Redemption (restoring to original owner by means of purchase, or paying the price) and thereby PLACED US AS SONS. He did not make us sons, for we were already His sons, but He placed us as sons; for as long as we were in the world, in the flesh, we could not be recognized as His sons. We were held captive by the devil. But we were sons, nonetheless. And hear this: ‘AND BECAUSE YE ARE SONS, GOD HATH SENT FORTH THE SPIRIT OF HIS SON INTO YOUR HEARTS WHEREBY YOU CRY, FATHER, FATHER ([JBP] in the Scripture it says: “Abba,” “Abba, Father!”).’ Upon whom did the Spirit fall at Pentecost? Sons. At Corinth? Upon Sons while they HEARD THE WORD.

What is the Baptism with the Holy Ghost? It is the Spirit Baptizing you into the body of Christ. It is the new birth. It is the Spirit of God coming in and filling you after you have repented, (having heard His Word) and been baptized in water as an answer of a good conscience toward God.”

[Rev. Jose B Perez] And those children are the ones that go to that dimension, the ones that make contact with eternal life and receive the Lord in His First Coming, in His Work of Redemption; that Work having been carried out there, on Calvary’s Cross.

It goes on to say on page 2 [Bible study]:

That sixth dimension is where everyone wants to go when their physical body dies. One can go: by receiving Christ as only and sufficient Savior. It is the opportunity that God gives to the human being to be reconciled with God, and when he finishes his days here on Earth, he passes to the sixth dimension, the dimension of the theophany, of the theophanic bodies, of the angelic bodies.

([JBP] And 7):

7. And what else is there after the sixth dimension? The seventh dimension, where God is. In that seventh dimension is where Christ is as High Priest making intercession for all those who receive Him as their only and sufficient Savior.

It is the dimension where Christ will come out of the Throne of Intercession, where He is seated since He ascended to Heaven; of which He spoke in Luke, chapter 22, verse 69, when He said that the Son of Man, He, would sit at the right hand of God.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, September 13, 1998
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

And now, see why Christ had to come to Earth to carry out His Sacrifice. Why? Because the Temple of God in Heaven has an Outer Court, it has a Holy Place and a Most Holy Place; and that is why He showed the prophet Moses how to make the temple, in such a way that it would reflect, represent the Temple of God in Heaven.

And do you know what the Outer Court of the Temple of God is? It is this earthly dimension. Here, on this planet Earth, we have the Outer Court, and place of the sacrifice of the goat for the atonement, which represents Christ; and that is why He had to carry out His Sacrifice on this planet Earth, the Sacrifice of the Atonement, to atone our sins.

But just as the high priest took the blood of the atonement and passed through the holy place, and then passed into the most holy place with that blood, and presented it before God; you see, Christ passed from the Outer Court, He passed through the Holy Place; in other words, He passed through where the Old Testament saints were, there in Abraham’s Bosom; and when He passed through there, the Old Testament saints were delivered from sin; when Christ already shed His Blood on Calvary’s Cross, they were already delivered from their sin.

And the question is: “And did they have sin?” Of course they did, but they were covered with the blood of the little animals that they sacrificed before God to cover their sins. And those sacrifices and that blood that they offered to God for their sins was type and figure of the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary’s Cross and His Blood shed on Calvary’s Cross. Therefore, they had the type, that is, the shadow, of Christ and His Sacrifice that He would carry out on Calvary’s Cross.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Thursday, November 16, 2000
Buenos Aires, Argentina

So that you have a clear idea of what that fifth dimension is, and why every human being needs to receive Christ as his Savior…; because otherwise, when he dies, he goes to that dimension, to the same dimension where the rich man went, that Jesus mentioned when He spoke of the rich man and the beggar Lazarus.

Notice, the rich man went to hell and the beggar went to Paradise, that is, to Abraham’s Bosom, which was close to the fifth dimension, but there was a chasm, an abyss, which is a… (cima [summit, peak], with “c”, is above; and sima [chasm, abyss], with “s”, is below); that is to say, we would say: an abyss (to differentiate it better); an abyss between hell (the fifth dimension) and Abraham’s Bosom; but they could see each other from one side to the other according to how Christ mentions there.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, May 27, 2001
(Second activity)
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Notice, people who die and go to hell, later they would like to have the opportunity to be on Earth again to have a chance of salvation.

Nobody gets used to it there; nor did the rich man get used to it there, and asked for even a finger dipped in water; and being so rich he did not even have enough to buy a glass of water there in hell, because there is no water there.

So no matter how rich a person is, if he loses his soul, it has been of no use to him to live on Earth, for when he dies he passes into hell, where the rich man went.

Now, since the Sacrifice of Christ had not yet been made, Lazarus then had to go to Abraham’s Bosom, which was in a certain place close to hell but with an abyss that separated them; an abyss that separated them, but they could see each other from one side to the other.

And now, this was so because —on account of them having their sins covered with the blood, by still having their sins— they could not go to the presence of God, they could not go where the New Testament saints would go.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Thursday, July 1, 2010
Medellin, Colombia

But what will become of those who are not believers in Christ? Well, when they die they go to a place that no one would want to go; and that already, through the preaching of the Gospel, they have heard that those who do not serve God go to that place; it is the fifth dimension.

And if you want to hear it in more common words: it is called hell. Of which Christ spoke in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus the beggar; wherein he showed that the rich man died and went to hell, and Lazarus the beggar died and went to Abraham’s Bosom.

At that time, since the blood of animals does not take away sin, but only covers sin, they could not go up to Heaven; they went to a place called Abraham’s Bosom, but it was very good; and from there they could see into hell or the fifth dimension; and all that is under this Earth.

[Rev. Jose B Perez] And in this notebook that he left (I don’t know if it was here in the…), look at something very, very important, it says… he places several Scriptures (later you will see them there when we place it). He writes:

[WSS] «Ezekiel, 1 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Isaiah 6;

Revelation 4:1, 5:1-11, 11:15-19, 15:1-5, 8:1-5;

Mark 14:61-64; Matthew 26:64».

[WSS] «The 7th dimension = God.

That is the Third Heaven and it is infinite».

[WSS] «The 6th dimension = Paradise.

That is where the born-again believers in Christ who died physically are; it is 12 feet high».

[JBP] So, it is… Just to give you an idea, this platform is 12 feet off the floor; so it is at that height, the sixth dimension. And you see that brother Branham when he was in the Tent Vision, he was above the audience (so you can see about where he was) standing, looking at everything that was going on. He was trying to (his feet) put them down, and he couldn’t, because he was in that dimension; he was 12 feet away from where you are sitting now.

[WSS] «The 5th dimension = hell».

«The 5th dimension has different sections, which are:

1. Abraham’s Bosom [Luke 16:20-25].

Where Abraham was and Lazarus went. It is still in function, and there go the foolish, foolish virgins, when they die; and there are ([JBP] that is, they are there) those who were not the chosen ones of the Old Testament, but who died saved; and there are the Jews martyred by Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, etc. They are under the Altar of the Old Testament…».

[Rev. Jose B Perez] And… a pause there in the reading of that notebook. In The Seals, page 310 [page 365 in Eng.], there he tells us about those martyrs (in this other one, in the blue one). Page 310 of the book of The Seals, it says:

284 Notice, in the time of Daniel. Now remember, Daniel was told that, “The Messiah would come,” the prince, “the Messiah,” rather, “and He would prophesy. Israel still had seventy weeks left. And in the midst of the seventy weeks, the Messiah would be cut off, and the daily sacrifice taken away.” Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] “But there were still three and a half, weeks determined.” In this block, He takes the Gentile Bride.

285 Now, She goes up. And when She goes up, two prophets arise to Israel. See?

286 And those souls that’s been martyred, now, down through here, real, true Jews down through there; that had their name on the Book, that lived the right life and done the right thing, lived Judaism to the dot. They, they were martyred by Eichmann and many others. Honest people, millions of them down there! And them Germans shot them to death, and murdered them, and killed them, and hung them on fences, and burnt them up, and cremated them, and everything else. That bloodless, or blood-hearted, hungry Hitler, and Stalin, and Mussolini, and all them people that hated them Jews!

287 I think that’s the one of—one of the things that’s holding this nation together, ’cause they’ve always respected the Jew, that’s right, given him a place. You honor the Jew, and God will honor you.

288 Now, there’s a bunch of Jews that’s renegades, just like there is Gentiles the same way.

289 But the real Jew, God has put his name on the Book before the foundation of the world. And here he was, murdered down in this time ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «the Jews written in the Book of Life»). And remember, think of it now, how perfect this is. Right after them millions of slaughtered Jews, innocent people, by the nations of the world; here the Scripture says, right in this time, that they’re each one under the altar, realize what’s happened, and they’re given white robes.

[JBP] See? At this time white robes are given to them, and now they are there, under the altar.

[Rev. Jose B Perez] He goes on saying here, in this writing [notebook]:

[WSS] «…there are the Jews martyred by Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc. They are under the Altar of the Old Testament. That is where the foolish virgins who will die in the great tribulation will go, and they appear with palms in their hands in Revelation 7:1-11 and 15:1-6, and the 144,000 Hebrews».

[JBP] So that is where those two groups go: the foolish virgins and the 144,000.

[Rev. Jose B Perez] It goes on to say in the message [Bible study]:


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, April 4, 2015
Cali, Colombia

And we find that when Christ died, He passed… after going and preaching to the imprisoned spirits in that region of the fifth dimension, then He passed to Paradise, Abraham’s Bosom, to bring resurrection to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob and to all the saints of the Old Testament, who were waiting there for the Messiah, the Lord, to come.

The same is true of those currently in Paradise, who are waiting for the Coming of the Lord there, to bring them to Earth, resurrect them in eternal and glorified bodies, and then go with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

[Rev. Jose B Perez] On page 131 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 1165:7

1165 162 And I was thinking, tonight, ‘two hands, out of the hundreds, that’s left,’ when we used to sing that song around the tabernacle, and join one another’s hand. Blest Be The Tie That Binds. I’ve buried a lot of them, right up here in the cemetery. They’re waiting. I’ll see them again. I see them, once in a while, in a vision, when I look beyond the veil. They’re there.”

[JBP] And above he writes:

[WSS] «Brother Branham saw them from time to time in Paradise». «They are waiting in the 6th dimension».

[Rev. Jose B Perez] And in the book of The Seals, on page 320 [pages 377-378 in Eng.]… This was when… on one of the occasions that he went to visit, and God allowed him to look over there, behind the veil. (You can read from before, from page 319). Let’s look at 320, it says:

387 And I heard a noise. And looked over this way, and here come a bunch of men, young fellows, all in age about twenty. They had dark hair, and blond hair. And they all had white robes on, and barefooted. And they run to me and begin to hugging me, hollering, “Precious brother!”

388 I thought. And I turned back around, and there I was, still laying there. And I thought, “Well, now, this is strange.”

389 And just then a Voice went to talking to me. I never did see the Voice. It said, “You have been gathered, you—you have been gathered to your people.” And then some men picked me up, set me way up, on a big high thing like this.

I said, “Why did you do that?”

Said, “In earth you was a leader.”

And I said, “Well, I—I don’t understand this.”

390 And that Voice talking to me. I never could see the Voice. Now, It was just above me, talking to me.

391 I said, “Well, if I—if I have passed on, I want to see Jesus.” I said, “I…He was so…He was all my life. I want to see Him.”

And so He said, “You can’t see Him now. He is still higher.”

392 See, it was below the altar, yet, see, the sixth place, where men go, see; not the seventh ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «in the 7th dimension»), where God is, seventh dimension. The sixth!

393 And they were—and they were all there, and they was passing by. And I said…Looked like there were actually millions of them. I never seen them…And, when I sat there, these women and men still running by and hugging me, calling me “brother.” And I sat there.

394 And then that Voice said, “You’ve been gathered to your people, like Jacob was gathered to his people.”

I said, “All these, my people? Are all these Branhams?”

He said, “No. They’re your converts to Christ.”

395 I looked around. And there was a real pretty woman run up. She looked just about the same. She threw her arm around me, and she said, “Oh, my precious brother!” She looked at me.

396 I thought, “My! She looked like an Angel.” And she passed by. And that Voice said, “Didn’t you recognize her?”

I said, “No, I didn’t recognize.”

397 Said, “You led her to Christ when she was past ninety.” Said,

“You know why she thinks so much of you?”

I said, “That pretty girl was past ninety?”

398 “Yeah.” Said, “She can never change no more now.” Said, “That’s the reason she is saying, ‘Precious brother.’”

399 I thought, “Oh, my! And I was afraid of this? Why, these people are real.” They, they wasn’t going anywhere. They wasn’t tired, being There.

And I said, “Well, why can’t I see Jesus?”

400 Said, “Well, now, He will—He will come someday ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «from the 7th dim – to the 6th dimension»). And He’ll come to you, first, and then you’ll be judged.” Said, “These people are your converts that you have led.”

401 And I said, “You mean, by being a leader, that I… that He’ll judge me?”

Said, “Yes.”

402 And I said, “Does every leader have to be judged like that?”

Said, “Yes.”

I said, “What about Paul?”

He said, “He’ll have to be judged with his.”

403 “Well,” I said, “if his group goes in, so will mine, ’cause I’ve preached exactly the same Word.” That’s it. I said, “Where he baptized in Jesus’ Name, I did, too. I preached…”

404 And millions screamed out, all at once, said, “We’re resting on That!”

405 And I thought, “My! If I had only knew this before I come here, I would make people come here. They can’t afford to miss this. Why, looky here!” And then…

406 And He said, “Now, someday He’ll come [WSS] «Rev. 11:3-9», and then… Now, in here, we neither eat, drink, or sleep. We’re just all one.”

407 Well, it isn’t perfect; it’s beyond perfect. It’s not sublime; it’s beyond sublime. There is no name can… You can’t think… There ain’t no words in the vocabulary to say it. You’ve just arrived, that’s all.

408 And I thought, “Well, this, this would be perfect. And then what are we going to do next?” [WSS «(In the 7th dimension)».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “REVELATION, CHAPTER 4, PART 1,”8 it says on page 33 [page 29 in Eng.]:

178 Elijah represented the dead saints… I mean Moses, and be resurrected. Elijah represented the translated bunch ([JBP] by a Pillar: by the Pillar of Fire). Remember, Moses was first…

[JBP] So when you see that Pillar of Fire, you already know that that represents the Rapture, because that is how it was with Elijah. And where was the Pillar of Fire seen descending into a little wooden room? In the Vision of the Great Tent Cathedral. In other words, during those days all that series of prophetic events will be taking place, promises that God has for us, which is the resurrection and our transformation, and 30 or 40 days, and the Rapture; in other words, everything would be traveled in that time, in that period of time.

[178] Moses was first, and then Elijah. Elijah was to be the messenger of the last day, that with him and his group would come the resurrection… would come the… well, it would come the Rapture, I mean. Moses brought in the resurrection and Elijah brought in the Raptured group. And, there, both of them was represented right there.

[JBP] That is why there he wrote: [WSS] «Rev. 11:3-9», on page 321 [page 378 in Eng.].

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On 322 it says [The Seals] [pages 378-379 in Eng.]:

409 Said, “Then, when Jesus comes, and we’re… and He judges you, or for your ministry, then we go back to earth and take up bodies.” Well, I—I never thought about it then. That’s exactly the Scripture. Said, “Then we go back to earth and take up bodies, then we eat. We don’t eat here, neither do we sleep.” Said, “We eat down there, but we go back to the earth.”

[JBP] And he writes above: [WSS] «The resurrection and its order».

410 I thought, “My, isn’t this wonderful! Oh, my! And I was afraid of it. Why was I afraid of dying, to come to this? Well, this is perfection, plus perfection, plus perfection. Oh, this is wonderful!”

411 See, we was right under the altar. See? That was it, see, right under the altar, waiting for the Coming, see, for Him to go get the ones that was sleeping in the…the—the bodies sleeping in the dust, to raise us again; come by, raise us up.

412 Like Jesus come through paradise, and brought up Abraham, Isaac, and all them, you know, was waiting the first resurrection. They entered into the city and appeared to many.

413 It’s perfectly Scriptural. The vision was that, or whatever it was, it was perfectly Scriptural.”

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «The resurrection today of the New Testament, as it was with the saints of the Old Testament».

[JBP] On 323, in the middle of the paragraph, he says:

427 Which, it could have been a vision. Said… Now, I don’t want to say, “translation.” If Paul… If I was caught up into this first heaven ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «1st Heaven = 6th dimension».) and seen that, what about Paul that was caught plumb up into the third heavens? ([JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «3rd Heaven = 7th Dimension».) What was that? He said he couldn’t even talk about it, see, if he was caught up. If it was a catch-up, I don’t know. I can’t say. I couldn’t tell you.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say where we left off, here on page 5 [Bible study]:

Now, we can see the similarity between the time of Jesus, His crucifixion – His ministry, His crucifixion, resurrection and His ascension to Heaven, and all that He has been doing from the time He is seated on the Throne of the Father until the present moment.

Now, no one would like to go where Christ went. Well, do not worry, we do not have to be there because He took away our sins; and that place is for those who had sin. And Abraham’s Bosom is no longer there either: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and all those saints of the Old Testament, went up with Christ in the rapture (which is the first with eternal life), because they died and resurrected to never die again; that is why it is called the first resurrection, because it is to eternal life.

Now, there we have the teaching of what happened when Christ died and went there to hell, which is the fifth dimension, where the spirits… He went and preached to the imprisoned spirits, who are waiting there until the Final Judgment; in other words, they still have to be waiting there.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On page 21 of the Book of Quotations, paragraph 171, it says:

171 [402] The wicked is alive. He’s in a place of torment. He’s in a place where he don’t know… That’s how these spiritualists and mediums call up these spirits of the people that’s gone on, some kind of frolic and dirty jokes and things they crack, if you’ve ever seen any of it.”

[JBP] And he writes [WSS] «5th dimension».

[JBP] And on 172, right down there, it says [Quotations]:9

172 [406] And if there by chance be a sinner here tonight, think that over a minute. Someday this Gospel that you’re hearing preached right now, you’ll have to witness by It. Somewhere you’ll bow your knee, regardless of who you are. It may be ten thousand years from today, it may not be until the… in the morning. Whenever it is, you’re going to bow somewhere, and you’re going to hear this same Gospel preached right back to you. 407 For after those souls were in prison, that repented not when Enoch and when all of them preached, and Noah… and for the longsuffering of God, like it is now, waiting for that time to come. And Noah and Enoch and all of them preached, and those people laughed and made fun of them. And they were in the prison house, and Jesus went and preached to the souls that were in prison.”

[JBP] And he writes above: [WSS] «5th dimension = souls that are in prison».

[JBP] And below he writes: [WSS] «the prison house».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say, in the message “THE JUDGMENT WILL BEGIN IN THE HOUSE OF GOD,” preached on April 23, 2005 in Sao Paulo, Brazil…

But first let’s read here, in the message “SOULS THAT ARE IN PRISON NOW”10 page 51, it says:

368 Now, Lord, I’m com-…

369 With the breath of your nostrils right around you! If the tape people could only see what’s going on out here now; just crowding over one another, crying, coming from everywhere.

370 Could that vision, when I was a little boy, is it the hour? Is this the time when them weary-looking, gloomy… hell being created right here on earth?

[JBP] And brother William writes:

[WSS] «the 5th dimension – hell on Earth».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in 147, paragraph 1309, it says [Quotations]:11

1309 191 Look at all the televisions and things getting these fictitious things in order. It’ll come a time, I predict, that people will be completely, totally insane, the world will be. The Bible speaks of such hideous sights as they show in movies today, of some prehistoric creature’s eggs that’s lived in the earth for so many thousands and millions of years, hatch and come forth to some… That’s just a minor thing, to what’s going to happen when hell is opened and the devil comes out with all of his mysterious things, of women…or locust with hair like women, and teeth like lions. Why, the world will be completely, totally insane. It’s not but just about one degree from it now.”

[WSS] «The world will be crazy seeing the 5th dimension» [JBP] he writes there.

[JBP] And above: [WSS] «prehistoric age / hell will be opened / plagues».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It says, page 6 of the Bible study:


(Ministers Meeting)
Dr. William Soto Santiago
Saturday, April 23, 2005
São Paulo, Brazil

And now, because hell has opened on Earth, people will be living on Earth who can no longer be saved.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And let’s see here what it tells us in the book of Quotations, page 162, paragraph 1447; it says:12

1447 112 Look, the whole world proves it is insane. Look at the murders and things that are going on now in the world — insanity! 113 The whole thing is coming to fulfil Revelation — we may get to it this week — where those hideous things … Those are not natural; that is spiritual things that make people scream to the rocks and the mountains and everything else to fall on them. 114 The complete total insanity this world will go into right away!”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In the book of The Seals it speaks of that… 369 [pages 435-436 in Eng.] of The Seals:

360 Notice the last verse of the Sixth Seal, opened. Those who had laughed at the preaching of the Word, of the vindicated Word of the living God [WSS] «Elijah»; when them prophets had stood there and performed miracles, closed the sun, and everything else, and all down through the age. See, “They cried for the rocks and the mountains to hide them,” see, to hide them from the Word that they had laughed at, ’cause they seen Him come. “Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb.” He is the Word. See? They had laughed at the Word. And here the Word was, incarnate. And they had made fun of It; laughed at them, made fun of them…

[JBP] Let’s see here (this same page, in this book; that there was a little… to read). Look, that is what it says there:

…And here the Word was, incarnate. And they had made fun of It; laughed at them, made fun of them. And the incarnate Word had dropped forth! ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «in the Angel of Jesus, Moses and Elijah»).

361 Why didn’t they repent? They couldn’t. It was too far, then. So, they knowed that, the punishment. They hear It. They had sat in meetings like this and knowed about It. And they knowed that the things of those prophets, had predicted, was looking them right in the face, the thing that they had rejected. They had spurned mercy for the last time.

362 And when you spurn mercy, there is nothing left but judgment. When you spurn mercy; just think of it.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And also on page 149, it says… 159 first; paragraph 1413 says [Quotations]:13

1413 22 And then when we open up those, the Lord willing, on those Seven Vials and show those hideous things. Men will be so insane, after a while, till they’ll imagine they’re seeing ants the size of a mountain. It’ll be tormenting women; be locusts come upon the earth, with long hair, to torment women who cut theirs off; hair like women, hanging down; and long teeth, like a lion; stingers in their tail, like a scorpion, and—and so forth, to torment men upon the earth. But then it’ll be too late to do anything about it.”

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «the 5th dimension / the 7 Vials / Rev. 11:3, 19: ».

[WSS] «Plagues in another dimension».

[WSS] «The imagination: a sense of the spirit» [JBP] he also writes next to it.

[JBP] And in 149 he says, paragraph 1332 [Quotations]:14

1332 182 You know, in the last days there is supposed to be them plagues repeat again. And remember, an adulterer, in the Bible time, his penalty was death by stoning. And the unbelieving church will be stoned to death, with hailstones, was once God’s way of punishment. He’ll stone this unbelieving world, this adulterous generation. He’ll stone it from heaven, with hailstones weighing a talent apiece, which is a hundred pounds.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The plagues will be repeated. Revelation 11:3-6, 16:3-21. (The unbelieving world)».

[WSS] «The church = will be stoned: the plague, with stones of about 100 pounds».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It goes on to say here in the study, page 6 [Bible study]:

When Christ finishes His Work of Intercession there will no longer be salvation for people, because Christ will no longer be in Heaven as Intercessor, to forgive the sins of the people and with His Blood to cleanse us from all sin; He will no longer be as High Priest, but He will be as Judge, as King of kings and Lord of lords, and Judge of all the Earth.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And right here, on this same page that we are on, 149, paragraph 1328, it says [Quotations]:15

1328 103 So we will set up those Vials and those Trumpets, I want to place them in. I told you I would. They come under another thing. So does the Vials come over, the sounding of trumpets…”

[JBP] And he writes [WSS] «Revelation 11:15-19».

[JBP] And above he writes: [WSS] «The vials and the Trumpets».

[JBP] And next to it he writes: [WSS] «Tent».

[JBP] And in 161, paragraph 1432 [Quotations]:16

1432 [12] And I’m anxiously waiting for the hour to where we can all congregate in one place and preach on those Seven Plagues, and Seven Vials, and the Trumpets, and so forth. They all happen right in a cluster.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The 7 Plagues, the 7 Vials, the 7 Trumpets / The Tent Cathedral».

[JBP] And on page 113, paragraph 993, it says [Quotations]:17

993 [115] And as the Father sent Him to preach to the living; to those who had hope and then present the same Message to those who had no hope, it seems fitting at this time that that will have to be done; because the Spirit of Christ living in us does not change the nature of Him, or doesn’t change God’s system. He must be the same in every generation. He must be the same. Said, ‘As the Father sent Me, so send I you.’ The ministries must be the same ([WSS] «Revelation 7:2-5, 11:3-6, 14:1»).”

[JBP] And on page 155, paragraph 1387, it says [Quotations]:18

1387 16 Now, in doing this, I have come here for the purpose of teaching the last Vials, last Seven Vials, and the last Seven Trumpets, and the last Seven Thunders, of the Book of Revelation, tying them together in this hour that we’re now living; to follow the opening of the Seven Seals, the Seven Church Ages. So, we couldn’t get room to do it. So I—I hope that, soon as I can, we’ll… can get a place sufficient for that, either here or in Louisville, New Albany, or either put up a tent, so we can just stay as long as the Lord leads us to do.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The teaching in the Tent = the 7 Thunders, the 7 Trumpets».

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «the 7 Trumpets.

The 7 Vials.

The 7 Thunders».

[JBP] And above, here he writes: [WSS] «a Tent».

[JBP] And he writes there beside it:

[WSS] «2002, Tent», he wrote that year there:

[WSS] «2002, Tent».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And he goes on to say on page 6 [Bible study]:

And when Christ rises from the Throne, that ministry that He will be using on Earth will become the ministry through which He will speak all these things, these judgments that are to come. And under that ministry, Christ in Holy Spirit, through the instrument that He has, the Holy Spirit will preach to the lost who no longer have a chance, because the Door of Mercy will have already closed.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On page 161 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 1433:19

1433 [30] And I kept praying until one day… 31 Before I started the Seven Church Ages, I couldn’t get that 1st chapter straightened out right. How could a Man, thirty-three years old, resurrected in the same body that apostles recognized Him, knowed Him to be; and how could He be way up, maybe an eighty or ninety years old, with great white wool over His face, and His beard white as snow? 32 I had read over in the Book of the… of Daniel, where he came to ‘the Ancient of Days, Whose hair was as white as wool.’ Then I seen that Ancient of Days. He was that Ancient of Days, the same yesterday, today, and forever. See, it was a symbol, then.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «The Ancient = Jesus».

[JBP] And also on page 114, paragraph 1008 [Quotations]:20

1008 [346] Yeah, they will. They’ll go right on, just the same. 347 But, remember, all this time, Noah was in the ark. The Bride is sealed in with Christ, the last member has been redeemed. The Sixth Seal has produced itself. The Seventh Seal brings Him back to earth. The Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him, and set down and claimed what He owned, what He had redeemed. That right? It’s always been that Third Pull. 348 Three is perfection. The ministry come to its perfection when it reproduced Christ again in natural, amongst human beings [WSS] «the 3rd Pull»…”

[JBP] And here, he writes above:

[WSS] «The 3rd Pull / 7th Seal = brings it to Earth».

[WSS] «Moses and Elijah. Rev. 11:15-19, 8:1-5, 6:12-17».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say, page 6, the last sentence [Bible study]:

Christ will have already risen from the Throne of the Father, therefore, there will no longer be Mercy at the Throne of God; and therefore, what God through Christ will be speaking from His heavenly Throne, will be the divine judgment that will come upon the human race. And the judgment will begin at the House of God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on this page 114, paragraph 1002, it says [Quotations]:21

1002 – “[205] ‘The woman that lives in this worldly condition is dead while she is living.’ And if she rejects mercy, she can cross the separating line where there is no place for her no more. And then where is she at, with her painted eyes, her cut hair? And she’s across the line, with no way to come back, and there’s got to be a ministry preached to her [WSS] «Revelation 11: Moses and Elijah». But remember, at that time, it’s all over. It’s done. It’s just a haunting. 206 There will be a ministry [WSS] «Revelation 11:3» that will show great wonders, Joel said so, but there’ll be no time for redemption. It’s all over. The Lamb has done took His Book, and His redeemed is over. As Jesus first preached and was rejected, and then went and haunted those that were in there, preached to them that were in prison, could not repent, no time for salvation, that same ministry [WSS] «Moses and Elijah» will have to repeat again. What if that could be the Third Pull? to the Eternal lost. What if it is there? I hope it’s not. What if it is? Think of it just a minute now. What if it is? God forbid. I got children. See? But it sure looks pretty close here.”

[JBP] And he writes:

[WSS] «Revelation 11:1-19. The ministry that will preach to the imprisoned souls / 5th dimension».

[JBP] On that same page… 1006, says (page 114) [Quotations]:22

1006 – “[267] (First was the healing of the sick.) The Second was the prophecy that went forth, and it knowed the secret of the thoughts, when the Word Itself was made manifest. Which, that’s grace. 268 But, remember, the seventh is the finish. Could this be the finish Pull, it’s all over? Could it be? Think of it now. Just think. Where you at? See? Seven is always the finish. Three Pulls! 269 Jesus’ ministry consisted of Three Pulls. [270] His First Pull was healing the sick. / 278 The Second was rebuking the organizations, and prophesying; what they had done, what they were, and what was coming. What is, what is, will come; and what was, what is, and what will come. That’s what He done. Is that right? 279 But His Third Pull was when He preached to the lost that couldn’t be saved no more. / 284 Sodom and Gomorrah! Jesus referred to both of them as coming. ‘Before the coming of the Son of man, so shall it be like the days of Noah, so shall it be in like it was in the days of Sodom.’ He referred to Noah. 285 Noah had Three Pulls, and his Third was to the lost after the door was shut.”

[WSS] «The 3rd Stage = for the lost».

[JBP] On 1007 it says:23

1007 – “306 But it’s been years since I’ve come off the field, four, about five years since I come off [WSS] «5 years». What is it? What’s done this? Has that been why that it was like in the beginning, in Genesis, ‘God’s longsuffering’? / 309 Has it been so long, that God’s longsuffering, the ministry constantly, through tape and everything else, has combed across the world, to see if there is one more? But maybe that last one come in just recently. Has it been the iniquity that’s been—been so long? If Jesus is the same, which He is, Hebrews 13:8, His Message must be the same. (Fixing to close.) His action must be the same. 310 If the First and Second Pull is without question! Is there a question in your mind about the First and Second Pull? Did it come to pass just like He said? Then why question the Third? ([JBP] that is, the Third Pull) See? Why would you question It? The first two was identified by the Scripture. I’ve proved to you this morning that the Third is identified by the Scripture, too ([JBP] the Third Pull is scriptural). / 312 Remember, these seven peaks up there, they could tell you.”

[JBP] Above he writes: [WSS] «The 7 peaks = seven mountains»

[WSS] «The Third Pull = 7th peak».

[JBP] And on page 101 [Quotations]… Look at this glorious thing brother William writes here. Paragraph 879 (this is the message “STANDING IN THE GAP”):24

879 – “141 And He said, ‘I’ll give you an everlasting sign,’ again. He said, ‘Look westward from where you’re at.’ / [142] And I looked, and I just saw a mountain with white caps on it. I said, ‘I don’t know, see no everlasting sign about that.’ 143 He said, ‘Your name is wrote [WSS] «William» all over it.’”

[JBP] And look at what he writes above:

[WSS] «The name William would be in all stages of: the 4th Elijah and the 5th Elijah, for the 3rd Pull of the Tent». Glory to God!

[WSS] «Isaiah 59:17-21».

[WSS] «The Name on the Mountain».

[JBP] He goes on to say:

879 – “[148] There was seven peaks on top of a mountain, one mountain, that run for several miles. The last mountain before you go into the other country; no more mountains after that.”

[JBP] And he wrote at the bottom:

[WSS] «The 1st Coming of Christ and His Name came from the East. The 2nd Coming of Christ to the heavenly Israel came from the West: His Church, and His New Name».

[JBP] And there he wrote a little something, but it seems like the paper is worn out (it seems), and then, it can’t be seen.

879 – “[148] no more mountains after that. And it was running from east to the west, the mountain set, and it was snowcapped on top. 149 The first two small peaks, and then a large peak; and then another small peak, and then a larger peak; and then a small peak, and then a great, large, long, snowcapped mountain. And I said, ‘Lord, I do not understand what that means.’ 150 He said, ‘How many peaks are there?’ 151 I said, ‘There is seven.’ 152How many letters is in your name? ([JBP] and brother Branham says there:) B-r-a-n-h-a-m, M-a-r-r-i-o-n B-r-a-n-h-a-m.’”

[JBP] That is why when I told him… that he said to me: [WSS] “Read,” and I am reading, and there he stops me, and says: [WSS] “Marrion is not a name… Branham is not a name…”

879 – “‘How many letters is in your name?’”

[JBP] And brother William writes: [WSS] «W-I-L-L-I-A-M»

879 – “153 And there was three outstanding peaks. He said, ‘Those three peaks are the first, second, and third pull. The first one was your first part of your ministry, small hill; then your first pull, pretty high.’ You know, sign in the hand. Then there was a little interval in there, the time that I was taken off from being too tired. Many of you remember it. And then come the discernment, the second pull. Now I’ve had another, about a few years here of just kind of little peaks, see, back like my ministry wasn’t yet, and then come the third one.”

[WSS] «The name William and the 3rd Pull».

[JBP] And there is something there, which is why he said: [WMB] “I will take this to the grave” brother Branham said: [WMB] “A human being in this world will never know it.”25

And brother William also had said… I think it was in Austin, around ‘98 (you can look for it), where he said that… he even… he says: [WSS] “If this is for me… or if I will have to give it; if not, I will keep it, and sometimes I glance at it…,” the message says something like that; I think it has been placed on the satellite, the ones that have already been placed26; and he quickly put it away. And that which he wrote there is what is here, which is what brother Branham saw there; but that there would be a ministry in that time, who would know all of that, in order for everything that was seen in that Vision that was shown to Reverend William Branham to be operated.

And that is not going to be talked about until the Tent Vision is fully fulfilled so that imitations don’t emerge and they don’t start trying to imitate; that is why they can’t – they won’t be able to accomplish that.

On page 53, paragraph 462, see here something we have been talking about; it says [Quotations]:27

462 – “96 But there’ll be a one-man system come forth with the power and the anointing of Elijah, to fulfill the prophecy. Hallelujah! He’ll shake it. And, remember, he prophesied to them, and prophesied, and told them all the things, and God worked with him. But his final Message was attacked on the White House. […]

97 Then what happened after that? Listen! After that attack, his voice became quiet, nobody heard him no more. God called him off the scene, said, ‘Elijah, you’ve done made your Message known to all of Israel, they know It. Now come up here in the wilderness, get away from them, separate yourself ’cause I’m going to do something. I’m going to show them what it is to turn My Message down.’ What set in? War, famine, starvation.

98 THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, “Watch what’s coming! Watch what’s going to follow! There was a famine, there will be a famine!” Oh, maybe not for bread, but for hearing the Word of God and His Truth ([JBP] he writes: [WSS] «famine and hunger, spiritual plagues»). […]

100 When God sends forth a Message and tells the people, and they don’t receive It, then He withdraws His servant and sends His plagues: famine, death (spiritually speaking, physically also). You watch for a depression, brother [WSS] «a depression». You think you’ve seen something, you just wait after while.”

[JBP] On page 59, paragraph 517, it says [Quotations]:28

517 – “[98] Khrushchev is not a sign to the world. No, sir. Hitler wasn’t a sign to the world. But somewhere, someplace, God has got a humble prophet waiting for the hour. He’s the sign. He’s the sign that will condemn the world and will save the Church. The prophet!”

[JBP] And next to it he writes: [WSS] «The prophet saves the Church and condemns the world».

[JBP] And above: [WSS] «The prophet = the Sign».

[JBP] He goes on to say [he continues reading the previous quotation: Quotations, page 53]:

462 – “[100] You haven’t seen nothing. You think you are dying for a good spiritual revival, you wait till after a bit. You just wait, long and cry to hear the Word of God. The Bible said so! “There’ll be a famine in the last days,” said the prophet, “and not for bread and water alone, but for hearing the true Word of God.” But that voice will be quiet, in the wilderness somewhere, hid away. […]

102 Then one day, after sin had took its toll, and God had brought His people to their knees…Jezebel took everything, she wiped it all up, and she’ll do it again! That’s THUS SAITH GOD’S HOLY BIBLE, “She’ll do it again.” She’s right on the throne now, behind the figurehead; twisting it anyway she wants to, nobody’s going to stop her. Certainly, nobody’s going to stop her now, because what they couldn’t get in the religious circles they cut it—cut it all into politics, and there they done it. Uh-huh, that’s exactly what they done. Which, the political will be a boycott just exactly back to the mark of the beast, as sure as I’m standing here… […]

104 Watch! Elijah stayed up there ([JBP] and he makes a little drawing of the Cornerstone) until God moved him. He had no revivals. He preached not against nothing. He just stood up there with God alone, out in the wilderness, ’cause he was a wilderness man. He was raised in the wilderness. So was John raised in the wilderness.

105 He went out in the wilderness alone with God, took away from the church after he give his Message. […]

107 But, one day, God called him out again [WSS] «5th Elijah»! Here he come out [WSS] «5th Elijah, 5th time». Listen close now, and don’t get angry with me. I’m saying, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD!’ When he come out [WSS] «5 Elijah», what did God do? He sent him to a widow woman. […]

[112] And what happened? When the rest of the world was languishing and dying in hunger, her and her children and her household all eat three good meals a day, Divine revelation on the Word.”

[JBP] And on page…, let’s see here (we will continue here where we left off later): on 7-B, paragraph 72 [Quotations]:29

72 – “29 And you know, I had a vision not long ago, a few weeks ago, that I was preaching from the sun [WSS] «Elijah», and I had a great audience. And it will come to pass. And I was preaching, and my audience was a—a—a cathedral in the forest.”

[JBP] And brother William writes: [WSS] «Both climaxes of Elijah.

The Tent in the forest and the sun».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message “SHALOM30 (this was the one preached on January 19, ‘64), page 25, says:

143 How would you know what’s right? The manifestation of the spoken Word of God being made manifest, Light of the hour. Certainly. There is what the evidence of the Holy Spirit is, believing the Word of God when It’s manifested. He was the Word, manifested. And some of them denied It, laughed at It, made fun of Him and called Him a—a fortuneteller, some evil spirit; there is evidence, speaking in tongues, there is evidence of the fruits. The only evidence there is, is when man believe the written Word. When It’s vindicated, walk in the Light of It. Jesus was the Light of the hour because He was the promised Word of the hour, and tried to tell them so, but they were too—too much in darkness to understand It. So is it, today, now ([JBP] and he makes a little drawing of a pyramid, and draws sun rays on the Cornerstone).

[Continues with the reading in Quotations, pages 7-B, 8-B]:

72 – “[29] And the sun that I was standing in was shining down on many places. I had two climaxes to make ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «4th Elijah and 5th Elijah», that is, the climax of the fourth Elijah and the climax of the fifth Elijah), and I was showing them about Divine healing, about visions, and how that God had promised, and everything. And they was rejoicing.

30 But then, when I got down to make my first climax ([JBP] and there, well, he writes: [WSS] «4th Elijah»), was to tell them that all these things was the Word.”

[JBP] And at the bottom he writes:

[WSS] «The afternoon Sun: Elijah.

The morning Sun: Moses and Elijah. The 2nd Coming».

[30] And when I got to say that, everybody got hungry. I do preach awful long. But they got hungry, wanted to go get something to eat, and they started going away.

31 I said, “Wait a minute. You haven’t heard. See, I want to tell you where it comes from. It’s the Word, the Word.” And when I started to say it, talk it back about the Word, and how it was done by the Word, everybody left. Well, that’s the way it’s happened. Hmm. When I stand there, the Scriptures come to me, in the vision setting in a chair, about nine o’clock one morning at my home.

32 And then, you know, our Lord, when He was, His young ministry, when He was healing the sick and everything, that young Rabbi from Galilee, He was a great fellow. But one day He begin to get down on the Word. And when He got on the Word, the people walked away. The seventy left Him. And then He turned and said to the twelve, “Will you go also?” Hmm?

33 And then I happened to think in my vision, “Yes, that’s right. See, I got another climax [WSS] «5th Elijah», a great climax I’ve got to make. See? But the sun’s shining bright now [WSS] «4th Elijah». But the evening shadows will be falling after while. They’ll all be coming back again. Then I’ll make this other climax [WSS] «5th Elijah».”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And in the message SHALOM,”31 the one he preached on January 12, ‘64, on page 25, it says:

110 But, the Elected, what about the Light now? I’ve been talking so much on the dark, and I got half my time up, eleven-thirty. Now let’s turn it back around; gross darkness is upon the people, now what about the Light? He said gross darkness would be upon the people, but there would be Light, “Rise, and shine, for the Light has come.” How can there be darkness and Light, it’s got to be separated. And only one thing separates it, the Word manifested, separates, It presses it to the other side of the [WSS] «the East»… Here’s the darkness on the earth, but when the manifested Word of God, the sun, which it was spoken into existence by the Word, shows itself, darkness runs to the other side. And that’s what’s taking place now, darkness separating itself from the Light. Now to the elected Church in this dark hour…Which, we could stay on that for hours, but I think I’ve said enough till you understand what—what the Scripture means, when I said, “gross darkness upon this people.” [WSS] «Isaiah 60».

111 Now I say to the Church, “Shalom. God’s peace.” Peace! Every true Hebrew, when he meets another one, “Shalom.” Other words, “Good morning! God be with you! God’s peace go with you!” It’s a “Good morning! How do you do?” It’s breaking day [WSS] «The Dispensation of the Kingdom», Church. It’s darkness upon the people, but it’s “Good morning” to the Church. Christ is appearing among us. “Shalom. Peace.” Hallelujah! “Shalom.”

112 When we see darkness settling, darkness just before day, we know that the morning star ([WSS] «Moses and Elijah. Messenger from the East» [JBP] he writes. And before, when he says “darkness just before day,” he writes: [WSS] «the eighth day, the Millennium») is hanging yonder to introduce the coming sun [WSS] «Christ». It’s, that’s when the morning star shines. It’s—it’s—it’s the going-between. It’s always darkest just a few minutes before day, the blackout comes, the moon [WSS] «Church» fails to shine. The darkest before day, is because the light is pressing the darkness. But the morning star comes out and says, “Good morning. Shalom.”

113 That’s Him among us, His Word being identified. Shalom. The great day is fixing to break [WSS] «8th day, the 50th Year of Jubilee», when the morning breaks Eternal, bright and fair, when His chosen ones shall gather to their home beyond the sky. When the roll is called up yonder [WSS] «the Book of Redemption…», I’ll be there [WSS] «the Book of Redemption is opened and the name is called». Our names are on His Book, we’ll be there. “Shalom. Good morning. Peace be unto you.”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And he continues to say here where we left off, here on page 8-B [Quotations] (a little before that to connect them), it says:

72 – “[33] ‘But the sun’s shining bright now. But the evening shadows will be falling after while. They’ll all be coming back again. Then I’ll make this other climax ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «5th Elijah»).’”

[JBP] And on page 75, paragraph 642 it says [Quotations]:32

 642 – “80 One of our deacons here (…) he said, ‘I—I had a dream, a funny dream.’ He said, ‘I—I dreamed I was trying to find my way upward towards Heaven ([JBP] and he draws the Cornerstone, and an arrow towards the Cornerstone).’ He said, ‘I seen a man coming with a black robe on and was a—a—a reading a book.” And said, ‘I—I got to this man, and I asked him, ‘Which a-way to Heaven?’ And he said, ‘Ask the man ahead of me.’ And that was a—a pastor of a church that he had went to.

81 He went a little farther and he met another man, he had on a black robe and was singing songs, going on. And that was another pastor. Both them pastors are personal friends of mine. And he said… And fine man. And he said, ‘Which way do I get up the top of the mountain here?’ He said, ‘Look here.’ Said, ‘See, standing way up there on the top, that little bitty guy?’ ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «Elijah»; and makes the drawing of the pyramid, and on the Cornerstone he writes: [WSS] «5th Elijah»). I said, ‘Yes.’ Said, ‘There stood a guy with a pair of overalls on, wearing a little cowboy hat ([JBP] and above he writes: [WSS] «Elijah at the top of the mountain»).’

82 Someone said, down in Kentucky, said, talking about me down there, said, ‘That guy looks anything like but a preacher.’ Might look like a farmer or something, but—but, you know, it ain’t looks.

83 And said that it was me standing up there [WSS] «Elijah». And he—he climbed up till he got to me, and said I got him by the arm and led him on up till I got top of the hill. And there was a wilderness to go through. And I said, ‘Tony, I must leave you here and you must walk some of this by yourself.’

He said, ‘Brother Branham, what can I do from here on?’

84 Said I said, ‘Come here, Tony, look down there. You see them barefooted tracks with Blood in them?’ I said, ‘That’s what I’ve followed all the way. Just stay on That.’ That’s the only thing I know to point man to; not to a creed or a sensation of some sort, but to those bloody Footprints that leads to the Bible, the Blood of Jesus Christ.”

[JBP] And he makes a little drawing of the pyramid and feet in red, like blood footprints, up to the Cornerstone.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on that same page, on page 645, it says [Quotations]:33

645 – “[129] I—I’m here tonight, I… by Your grace. And I—I don’t know when You’re through, but I know this has to come to this. But when it comes that time, I—I don’t want to be a coward. I want to stand like the rest of them stood. But, God, if—if—if I have to seal my testimony with my own life, or whatever it is to be done, Lord, crown it then. Not crown me; crown the ministry [WSS] «4th Elijah, 5th Elijah» that I’ve preached, Lord, it’s Your Word.”

[JBP] And below he writes:

[WSS] «The 5th ministry of Elijah and the coronation of the ministry of E» ([JBP] the “E,” because it is cut off) «and the Age of the Cornerstone in the coronation (the 7 Ages) of the Church».

[JBP] It goes on to say here… I am on 8-B, paragraph 72 [Quotations]:

72 – “[33] I raised up my hand, said, ‘Glory to God. I won’t have to study no more, because my commission in the beginning was stay with the Word, and I’ll stay with that. And then when I start again [WSS] «5th Elijah», I’ll just background what I’ve said, and then wait for this climax.’ And I thought, ‘I mustn’t forget it.’ And I come out of the vision. I don’t know what—what text I had. But there’s another climax coming, um-hum, just as sure ([JBP] and he writes next to it: [WSS] «in Moses and Elijah»).”

[JBP] And on 668… Everything is like a puzzle. On 668, page 77, it says [Quotations]:34

668 – “288 Day before yesterday morning… I had a vision. / 290 And I thought that I was the happiest person I ever seen. I was standing in the sun, s-u-n, and was—and was preaching the Gospel to a large, mammoth congregation.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «preaching on the sun – Elijah»; and he makes a little drawing of the pyramid, and of the seven ages; and the Cornerstone above, and he makes a lot of streaks of light, and he writes: [WSS] «Sun».

668 – “291 I just wanted to see if it was being taped.(…)

[292] and they were setting in a forest. And streaks of the sun was shining down on them, just here and there, getting It, getting the Word.

293 And I’m, as usual, always too long ([JBP] and he writes: [WSS] «the 5th Elijah, 3rd Moses and 3rd Jesus were reflected in the 4th Elijah»), too late, preach too long. And I preached so long, until the congregation become hungry for physical food. And they, some of them, got tired. So they just got up, went out to get them some food, started going out.

I said, ‘Don’t. Don’t.’

294 I had two climaxes I wanted to meet, I wanted to meet, in my sermon.”

[JBP] And he writes above:

[WSS] «4th Elijah — The first climax in the evening.

5th Elijah — The second climax in the night».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] Here he, in this other one… It was around the same date that he related this event in two different messages.

The one which I read first was, “CONVINCED AND THEN CONCERNED,” which was on November 25, ‘62. And here in “BLASPHEMOUS NAMES, here it doesn’t put the date… Ah, here it is, over here brother William wrote it: [WSS] «November 4, 62», he wrote it very small there: November 4, ‘62; and here 11-25. So it was… this one was first, he told it here first; but I wanted to read it to you because there… what he wrote here, and he detailed it with other teachings. He says:

668 – “[294] I had two climaxes I wanted to meet, I wanted to meet, in my sermon. And the Lord had give it to me. And any preacher knows, when you really know it’s God has give it to you, you just burning to tell the people ([JBP] like a little burning inside).

[295] And I was just preaching, Charlie, just as hard as I could preach, just laying it on, you know, and say, ‘All these great things, this what God is doing. Look at this. He discerns the thoughts of the heart. What is It? The Word.’ And go like that. And, oh, I wish I could remember what I would say ([JBP] that is, in the vision) and what my text was. I can’t think of it. See? But I was just preaching away.

296 And I was watching myself do it. And then when I was standing there, looking, and watching myself preach It.

297 And I was just preaching, to-who-wouldn’t-have-it. And after a bit, I raised up, you know, and I thought, ‘Glory to God!’ I said, ‘Look at these wonderful things, and this, that!’

298 Directly, I noticed the people begin to get like they was physically hungry. And so they had enough spiritual, so they started walking away ([JBP] in other words, they were sleepy). And some of them [Brother Branham yawns—Ed.] started walking away.

I thought, ‘What’s the matter with everybody?’

299 And—and I looked, and here some young couples going along, to my side. I thought… I said, ‘Just a minute, friend! Just a minute! You’ll be back again when the evening shadows fall.’ See? I said, ‘You’ll be back again. But let me give you this first climax. Where does all these things come from, that I’ve showed you? Where are they from?’ I said, ‘Here they are. They are in the Word of God. They are THUS SAITH THE LORD, His promise. Cause,’ I said, ‘all of you bear me record, witness this, that my commission is, ‘Stay with the Word.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter with all of you? Can’t you understand the Word? You must understand It.’

300 And some of them said, ‘Man, I’d like to have some biscuits,’ and so like that.

301 Well, I just thought, ‘Well, glory to God! If they want biscuits, let them go get them.’

302 So I—I turned around. I thought, ‘Oh, but, you know what? The shadows is going to fall, after while, right away ([JBP] and he writes next to it: [WSS] «you have to understand the Word»).’ I said, ‘Then, tonight, when that congregation gathers in again, I’ll put the climax to them, and told them that the things that they have seen me do is found in the Word of God, not in some mythical book or some organization. It’s found in the Word. See? Every bit of it, in the Word, ’cause I’m commissioned to That.’

303 I thought, ‘You know, they’ll, every one, be back tonight, so here is what I’ll do. I’ll background, kind of background.’ You know the way I do it on these church ages and things, say what I said before. ‘I’ll background it, on the Word, and then this great, marvelous climax.’ I said, ‘What a time it’ll be! Praise be to God!’ And I seen myself getting real little, and heard that, ‘Praise be to God.’ I seen myself fading up like that. And here I was, standing there.

304 Now, here is the interpretation thereof. See? The first thing that I have done, the things that’s been done, has been mystical to the people, most of them. I don’t mean the Full Gospel and saints of God, but, I mean, in most the people. […]

309 And this first Message, when they’d see It, everybody rallied for It, said, “Oh, glory to God! Oh, if I could see this, that, and the other.” And they go right away, the same way they come in. See? […]

[310] Brethren set down and say, “Well, what would I do if I…?” See there? They won’t stop long enough to recognize It’s the Word that God promised, being manifested. See? And they walked away.

311 But, don’t worry, the shadows are close at hand, see, when I return to the field.

312 You remember, the other night, of the Message that He give me back there when I was laying the cornerstone? Just exactly. Said, “Do the work…” Said, “When you come out of this vision, read Second Timothy 4.” […]

314 But, remember, then, the other night, when I never did read the rest of it. The thirty-something years that I’ve preached in this tabernacle, never one time did I ever go any farther than that, and I don’t know why.

315 I often wonder, till, one day, I seen where Jesus picked up the Scroll and begin to read, and read half of the prophecy, and stopped, and said, there in Capernaum, He said, “And this day, this prophecy is fulfilled.” Why didn’t He read the rest of it? It pertains to His second Coming. See? […]

[316] Paul said, ‘I…All men has turned against me. There’s no man with me. Demas has forsaken me; loving this present world. And I now…’ […]

319 But, Paul, poor little Paul. What was it? God always let’s a ministry get like that, and then crowns it. […]

321 It always gets that spot where it seems like it’s real, real weak, just about gone, then God crowns it. O Lord, let it happen. Let it happen, Lord.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «When the ministry comes to seem to be weak, then God crowns».

[JBP] And below he writes: [WSS] «The crowning of a ministry. Weak».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And here to continue, already concluding paragraph 462 [Quotations]:

462 – “[112] I hope you see it, friend… 114 Now we haven’t got time to take the rest of the story out, you know, how he had to come to a showdown with Baal. He’ll do it one of these days, don’t you worry. When he comes stomping out of that wilderness, you watch what takes place.”


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Thursday, September 15, 1994
(Second activity)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since the sixth dimension is not visible to human sight, for that reason we find that human beings have not been able to have contact normally or scientifically with the sixth dimension…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on page 20 of the book of Quotations, paragraph 156, he says:35

156 – “The veil is the flesh. The veil is what keeps us from seeing God, face to face in this church. The veil is what keeps us from seeing the angels at their positions this morning, standing by the seats. The veil is what keeps us from seeing.”

[JBP] Everyone’s angel encamps round about them that fear Him, and defends them36; that is, they are there beside you, your angel.

[JBP] And he writes [WSS] «The veil = prevents us from seeing the other dimension».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He continues to say here page 7 [Bible study]:

…but through the biblical history we find a great manifestation through the history of the human race, of the sixth dimension…

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And on page 2, paragraph 15, says [Quotations]:37

15 – “[11] And I just wonder, that if when we’re coming… Even death is hard. Jesus fought against it: “Is it possible this cup should pass?’ But when we’re coming right down to the end of the road…And I watched my wife when she went. And I—I wonder, when we get to the end of the road there, if God just doesn’t say to mother or some of them on the other side, ‘Look, daughter’s coming home this morning. Go down there at the bank of the river, watch for them.’ We get to see them…”

[JBP] There also, when brother Branham once went and Sharon received him, and she said: “Mom is waiting for you up there, in the house over there, go. I’m going to stay here to wait for Billy,” her brother, Billy Paul.38 And here he says… See how he says?

15 – “[11] …there, if God just doesn’t say to mother or some of them on the other side, ‘Look, daughter’s coming home this morning. Go down there at the bank of the river, watch for them.’ We get to see them when these eyes are becoming transformed from the natural to the supernatural. In that vision, when it’s catching on us… It’s a fog just dries away there, and we can look the other side and see them coming down to the river. I hope that’s so ([JBP] I hope so too, that we can look and see). I don’t know. I couldn’t say it’s true; I don’t know. But I’ve seen that many times.”

[JBP] And brother William writes: [WSS] «The river and the resurrection».

[JBP] And there is another place, I don’t have it at hand, but I remember that (later on we will find it), that he wrote:

[WSS] «a valley, a river, and a tabernacle».

[JBP] And here he writes [WSS] «The river and the resurrection».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He continues saying, on page 7 [Bible study]:

…which we find that it rules over this earthly dimension. And that dimension influences in and upon this dimension, upon the human race, upon the children of God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On page 6, paragraph 47, it says:39

47 – “[37] You cannot be here a spiritual being, sinner or saint without having an influence from the underworld [WSS] «5th dimension» or from the above world [WSS] «6th dimension». If you are influenced from here, you’re from above ([JBP] writes: [WSS] «6th dimension»). Your celestial body is waiting up here. But if you’re wicked, and hypocritical, and indifferent, your celestial body is down here ([JBP] and writes: [WSS] «5th dimension»), regardless of how much you think it’s up there ([JBP] in the sixth dimension); because the fruit that you bear before people proves where you’re from ([JBP] that is why Jesus said: “By their fruits you will know them”40). So you are here what you are somewhere else. Your life that you live here is just reflecting what your inheritance is when you leave here.”

[JBP] And he writes above:

[WSS] «There is also a body of the 5th dimension».

[WSS] «Theophany = body of the 6th dimension».

[JBP] And on page 76, paragraph 647, says:41

647 – “[56] But then there is a true representation in the spiritual realms of the other dimension. From being in the three dimensions, then the sixth dimension has its representation. I’m so glad of that.”

[JBP] And he writes: [WSS] «dimensions, representations».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say on page 7 [Bible study]:

The fifth dimension also influences, and the fifth dimension is hell; it also influences the human race.

And from those two dimensions comes an inspiration for human beings. One dimension inspires human beings towards the good, towards the things of God, towards the Program of God; another dimension inspires human beings against the Program of God.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] On page 5, paragraph 41 [Quotations],42 it says… Later you can read it all… Let’s read it all so that it remains, because all this excerpt is very important to place it here. Paragraph 41, it says:

41 – “191 Here, let’s give a little picture here, a little mental picture. Here is a stream right through here, right down through this way, coming down through life. Now watch. It’s a channel. Give me your undivided attention now, so you won’t miss this. Right down like this. Now, in this little channel here dwells mortal beings, you and I. Now, in there, let’s look what it is. It’s a mass of folly and everything else, but once in a while you’ll see a light. You see blackness and streets, that’s gaiety and carrying-on, devils getting the people. Oh, they dress fine, my, and highly cultured as they can be, polished scholars, but still the devil. But there’s born-again sitting in there.

192 Now, these people in this channel is influenced from two different sides. Now, on this side going this a-way, there’s a trinity. And on this side going this a-way, there’s a trinity.

193 Now, when, now the first place, on this side, is souls of the unjust, when a man dies he goes into a place waiting judgment. Jesus went and preached to them souls that were in prison there [WSS] «1st Peter» ([JBP] He writes there). The next is demons. The next, is the devil in hell. Going up, the first, now, them in there is ghosts, spirits of dead men that never repented. They’re waiting for the Judgment. The only thing they know is folly and what they did.

194 Now, up here, these Christians are influenced from Above. This is parable. Up here is another Ghost, the Holy Ghost, the Ghost of a Man, Christ Jesus. The Holy Ghost [WSS] «the 6th dimension», the Holy Ghost influences His Church in this realm of mortal.

195 The devil, by these spirits, influence man [WSS] «5th dimension». Now, look, the next is Angels. The next is God [WSS] «7th dimension». Now, every mortal here is influenced by one of these worlds. You see what I mean?

196 Now what that woman done, she broke into that realm. And she is speaking to those demon-possessed men who were, beginning, the spirits of those fallen angels that repented not back yonder in the beginning, and allowed their beings to be possessed of them. And they’re waiting for Judgment.

197 And these over here are influenced and born again by the Spirit of God. And the devil has his prophets, and God has His. See what I mean? It’s influence, and there we go. Stop to separate it. Jesus, when He was here on earth…

198 Now, today, he cannot break into that realm and get a righteous man out of that realm. He couldn’t do it, ’cause righteous men are not in there where they used to be, in Paradise. No, sir. Paradise was done away with, when the Blood of Jesus took it away.”

[WSS] «Paradise used to be a part of the fifth dimension».

[WSS] «Luke — Lazarus and the rich man». [JBP] He writes “Luke,” but it is the Gospel according to Saint Luke.

[WSS] «Matthew 27:50-54».

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say on page 7 [Bible study]:

And one must be in contact with the dimension of God, with the sixth dimension, to which the theophanic body of each one of us belongs, the Angel of the Lord, who encamps around those who fear Him and defends them.

An angel, a messenger, a theophanic body, for each child of God; that is the theophanic body that each one of you will have in the new body; and it is already guiding you, and me too.


Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, February 8, 1998
(Second activity)
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Now, there is also something that we are all called to consider, and that is to be prepared or be ready to be transformed and raptured in this Last Day.

(…) We must be consecrated to Jesus Christ our Savior, living according to the things of the Spirit of God, and not according to the things of the flesh, so that we may be prepared for our transformation; and we must always be receiving the Word, so that the Word becomes flesh in each one of us as we receive it, because the Word becomes flesh in the person as he receives it.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] In book number 1 of excerpts of “The Tent Vision,” on page 95 our brother William Soto Santiago tells us… page 94 at the bottom. It says:

Dr. William Soto Santiago
Sunday, December 25, 1977
(Tent Service)
Cayey, Puerto Rico

Remember to have your life prepared; because that is an angelic body, that is a heavenly body, and if you are not prepared, it cannot come close enough to you to transform you. See? So let’s be prepared. At any moment, something is going to happen.

Of course, we all wish it was this year. I’m the first one to wish for it. And if you were to ask our beloved brethren of past dispensations, what do you think they would say? If you were to ask the messengers of the seven ages, what do you think they would say? “We would like to go back right now!” But the Scripture says that they are waiting for us, until we reach perfection.

I believe we are getting there, I believe we have very little time ([JBP] and I believe it too, and we all believe it). And when we get there completely, each one as individuals, then the saints of the past ages have to come. That is what the fourth Elijah said. It can’t be otherwise.

So our part is up to us. God’s part is God’s part.

Let us be ready, let us be prepared. If everything should hold out, and we couldn’t be transformed this year, it would only be because of one thing: because we are not ready; and we would then have to wait for the next year. If we were not ready next year, we would have to wait another year.

But we want Him to perfect His Work in us, and that this very year, if He can finish bringing us to perfection, to what we lack, we would like Him to do it ([JBP] we would like it too!). What for? So that then we will be transformed, we will be translated, and we will leave here… even if we stay here. Do you understand?

Because when we leave here, we will not be far away: we will be right here but in another dimension. So we can work more than we have worked, we can preach better, we can do more things than we have done. So the Work will go on, and this Earth will be cleansed to then the Millennium begin after that ([JBP] that is, the great tribulation, cleaning the Earth).

These things that we are talking about, you already know that they are a material that was stored by the fourth Elijah, but now we are using it. It was stored for us to use. For what? For the Work of this New Temple that is being built, and we are already in the last part of this New Temple. We are in the most important part, the part of laying the Cornerstone to that Temple, that Temple of God.

Therefore, we are being prepared, we are all being prepared. Let yourself be prepared by God, so that you may rejoice greatly when God fulfills the rest of the things that are yet to be fulfilled. Let us be in expectation.

Remember that a day like yesterday ([JBP] they were there…) and today, the 24th and 25th, was when brother Branham departed. He left at 5:49 in the morning. He also, when he came to this Earth, he also came in the morning, and he left in the morning.

The Evening Light appeared here in the morning and left in the morning. So remember that it was a 24 to 25 of December. So that would be December 24, sunrise 25th. In other words, 5:49 of that morning already belonged to December 25, as far as I can see. If it were otherwise, I will tell you sometime; but as I have seen it, it has been that way.

So, for the world, yesterday and today is a time of worldly rejoicing; but for God’s people it was a time of sorrow and sadness, because the fourth Elijah left us for the sixth dimension, where they were waiting for him. But he said he would return. He will come back in the resurrection, we will see him again; and he said he was a young man of 18 to 21 years old. Therefore, one day he will be with us; so we will have him one day with us in this Tent.

This may seem like a dream, but it is not a dream. He saw himself in another dimension, in a higher dimension; but he said he came to a tent, but people couldn’t see him. So someday you will also see that fulfilled in the resurrection. We are waiting for all of them!

Throughout the whole world, the minister who can have the proper anointing upon him to minister to a people the Word that they need to come to perfection, with that group God will bring the dead in Christ. They will have to come; and then they will have to appear to that group ([JBP] Glory to God!).

Now, remember all the ministers have desired that. And all the ministers with their congregations have wished that the first place that brother Branham would visit when he is resurrected would be their congregation. Therefore, he said that when he was in another dimension, he went down to a place where there was a tent. See? So we know that something is going to happen someday, something has to happen. They are not far away; they are very close to us, they are watching us, but they can’t pass here, and we can’t pass there, until we come to perfection.

We have been placed in the environment and under the influence of the sixth dimension, but we still can’t look and see over there with our eyes; but someday we will look and we will see; and they can be with us and we with them.

Those are things that are promised; because when the Lord was resurrected, He was with those who were prepared.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] He goes on to say here (page 8) [Bible study]:

For example, something that he has not heard and has not received cannot become flesh in the person. For example, if a person has not heard and received the revelation of who will be transformed at the Last Day, and does not know that they will be God’s elect of the Last Day, then that person, since he does not have the revelation of who will be transformed, may think or say: “Someday the transformation will come for a future generation,” but he will not realize that it is for people who are living in this end time.

But when the person obtains that divine revelation, that Word becomes flesh in the person; and when one speaks of those who will be transformed, he raises his hands and says: “I will be transformed!”

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] And… I think it’s here in the book of Quotations, from the message THE MASTERPIECE.”43 Page 128, paragraph 1137:

1137 – “I want a Masterpiece for the Master. I might have to tear a few out and like this, but I’ll have a Masterpiece some of these days if I keep it right on this Word.”

[JBP] And he writes [WSS] «A Masterpiece for the Master».

[JBP] And he makes a little pyramid drawing; that is, a little cornerstone [WSS] «as Church», a little cornerstone [WSS] «as Message», a little cornerstone [WSS] «as messenger» and a little cornerstone [WSS] «as individuals». He makes those little cornerstone drawings, which are us, cut by the Master’s Hand, cut as cornerstones.

[Rev. Jose B. Perez] It has been a great privilege and a great blessing to be able to read all these excerpts, which we hope God will allow us to understand all that has been brought on this occasion, in the subject: “THE SEVEN DIMENSIONS.”

Tomorrow we will be talking about “THE MYSTERY OF THE REDEMPTION.” So be praying that God also —in the introduction, and also in the message—, allows us to understand all those mysteries; because there, in that Word that the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ has brought us, William Soto Santiago, is everything, there is everything we need, what you and I need to obtain soon that Faith of Translation, that Rapturing Faith.

And we thank God that He has sent us at this time His Angel Messenger: William Soto Santiago; for which we give a big round of applause to our heavenly Father. Who is, as we have seen there, very close, but very close, to us.

We are going to have our brother, Reverend William Perez, to thus sing a song and then be dismissed in prayer, and may God take us safely to the places where we are going to go. And may He allow us to be here tomorrow morning, enjoying the praises, which is a very important part. That is why it is good to always arrive early and prepare ourselves: praying to the Lord, meditating to the Lord, entering in that environment of the sixth dimension, so that when the service starts: we are already in quietness and we are already ready to receive from the Lord all that He has.

There is a part where I was reading that he writes that when one goes to the pulpit, he says that it is not good…; he makes an anecdote (I will see if I can get it); no… he says that when he goes to the pulpit he doesn’t talk to anyone (he says), because the Spirit leaves, the Spirit of God leaves; he writes something like that there.

So it is with us, too: we should always try to be early in the morning, so that that Spirit…, that environment is around us; and so God’s blessings can come upon us.

Very important —as we have already heard from brother Branham and brother William— that part of the preparation before the beginning of the service: The worship, the preaching, and at the end the prayer – the song with the prayer.

Well, God bless you, God keep you; and thank you very much for your kind attention.

God bless you.

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